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 Azada: In Libro

Azada: In Libro

A Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer
Copyright 8/21/2013

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Walkthrough
  002a. Chapter 1
  002b. Chapter 2
  002c. Chapter 3
  002d. Chapter 4
  002e. Chapter 5
003.  Credits

001. General Information

This is a walkthrough for the game called Azada in Libro. 
This is the third game in the Azada series of games. To 
contact me about this guide, use my email address:

002. Walkthrough

Start the game by clicking the play button. There are three 
different difficulty settings.

002a. Chapter 1


The game begins with our character arriving in Prague! A 
distant family member wants to give us an inheritance!  
That's nice. Talk to the notary, and he will leave. 
That's...not so nice.

An optional tutorial begins, teaching you how to play the 
game. You can find objects that are added to your diary in 
the corner of the screen. For example, look at the paper on 
the steps here to learn that Prague has been plagued by 
natural disasters recently.

You can also zoom in on certain areas. Click on the left 
side of the door, near the bottom. Here, you can pick up a 
bottle of milk. Use it on the milk bowl to get the cat to 
come out. Now that the pet door is open, you can look 
inside it for a bell rope.

Examine the bell (on the right side of the door). Use the 
rope on the bell to ring it, and the door opens. Go through 
the door. Click on the cat, and it runs away.

A man appears. He reveals that the entire inheritance was a 
trap! He pulls off his disguise and sends you crashing to 
the basement.

Here, click on the mirror to meet Titus, a character from 
the two previous Azada games. He needs you to go through 
the various worlds of Azada to put things right.

Azada is the name of the book below the mirror. Click on 
the book and flip the page. Click on the glowing area to 
enter it.

The Alleyway

Titus appears. He explains that his uncle, a magician, is 
probably behind the problems in Azada. You need to find the 
three guardians of Azada and get their keys. The first 
guardian lives in this city.

You're in an alleyway at the moment, and the exit is 
blocked by a shadowy octopus-like creature.

Look against the left wall to find a brick. Behind that is 
a bracelet. Take both of these items. Look against the 
right wall, and you'll see an apple in front of some bars. 
Pick it up.

Open the trash can. Dig through the garbage until you find 
a bicycle chain link. Zoom in on the bicycle and use the 
chain link on the bicycle for a puzzle. In this puzzle, you 
want to put the chains on the bicycle, so each piece is 
next to a piece of the same color. Click on a piece to 
rotate it.

For this puzzle, the color shades don't matter. You can put 
a dark green piece next to a light green piece. Since 
they're both green, they count as a match.

All the pieces you need are on the screen. Some are inside 
the wheel spokes. I believe there are multiple solutions to 
the puzzle, and when you solve the puzzle, you get the 

A gust of wind will blow away the shadowy monster leaves. 
You can read a piece of paper on the left, warning everyone 
to stay inside and protect themselves from the shadow 


Go forward through the alleyway. A note from Titus is on 
the ground. He says that the Guardian of Azada, who you're 
looking for, is inside the building in front of you. The 
door is locked with a puzzle. You must find all the parts 
of the doll that looks like the Guardian.

To start with, let's go right to the docks. Move the small 
cart on the tracks to reveal a moneybag. Open it for a 

Go up the dock, to the ship. Examine the message board and 
take the skirt in the upper/right. Click on the board, and 
a copy of the notes here are put in the diary.

Board the ship now. Examine the rope on the right to get a 
coin. Go into the hole by the mast, then look in the side 
of the couch for a candle.

Leave this area, then go into the Captain's Quarters. The 
captain is smoking a pipe. Use your candle on the pipe to 
lit it. Also, zoom in on the captain's hand and take the 

Go backwards twice, to the message board and crates. Use 
the crowbar on the crates to get a screwdriver and a board.

Go backwards again. There is a metal plate, covering a 
crack on the wall here. This is left of the machine on the 
left. Zoom in on this section of the wall and use the 
crowbar on the plate to get it.

Zoom in on the machine now. It requires two coins to 
operate. One coin was in the rope on the ship, and the 
other was on this screen, behind a cart. Use the coins on 
the machine to start it. The clue to this puzzle was on the 
message board.

You want to pull the levers and spin things around, until 
they show the message on the message board. That would be 
1, a spade, and A. Pull the left lever twice and pull the 
right lever three times to solve the puzzle. When the 
puzzle is solved, you get a code wheel. 

Go back onboard the ship and go down to the lower floor. 
Examine the wine rack. Use the brick on the odd bottle of 
wine to get a code: heart, clover, spade, heart. Use the 
code wheel on the trunk here and input that code to get a 

That's it for the docks area for now. Leave the docks, and 
go left, to a tram. Click the ladder to move it against the 
tram, which allows you to examine the lantern. Put the 
candle in the lantern, then take the lantern.

Examine the dark area under the tram. Use the lantern here 
to find a pig. Use the apple on the pig to calm it down. 
You can now get a board. Take the lantern after you get the 

Step back and climb onboard the tram. The tram has four 
seats. Pushing them down or up affects the lock in the 
floor. Push the bottom/right seat down, and push the 
upper/left seat down. When those seats are down, while the 
other two are up, the puzzle is solved and you get a wing.

Examine the device on the left side of the tram. It has 
four screws. Use the screwdriver on all four screws, then 
remove the plate. Pull the lever and you get a gear.

Inside one of the horse skeletons that are pulling the 
tram, you can get a metal bug.

Leave the tram. When you're back in the main area, scare 
away the bird in the alley by clicking on it. You can now 
zoom in here. Use both boards and the metal sheet on the 
broken ladder. You can climb the ladder to get a brush.

Go back to the tram area. See the drainpipe? Use the brush 
on the drainpipe to get fishing line.

Go back to the docks and board the ship. On the left part 
of the ship, there is a device which looks like a bird 
skeleton. Zoom in on it. Use the gear and the chain on the 
device. This starts a puzzle. You want to arrange the 
gears, so the red lever goes counterclockwise.

To solve the puzzle, put the four larger gears in the four 
corners. The smaller gears go on the smaller pegs. Push the 
left arrow to solve the puzzle and get a hook.

Go into the Captain's Quarters. There is a fishing pole in 
the corner, past the sofa. Use the fishing line on the 
pole, then use the hook on the pole. You get a finished 
fishing pole.

Leave the docks and go back to the main area. Zoom in on 
the area which is left of the door. Use the fishing pole to 
get the anklet here.

Now zoom in on the door which leads to the next area. Put 
the skirt, hat, bracelet, wing and anklet on the doll to 
start the puzzle. You want to move things around, to make 
the doll look like the picture in your diary. Every time 
something is in the correct position, one of the tumblers 

Unlock all the tumblers to open the door. Go forward to 
enter the new area.

002b. Chapter 2

You don't need to leave this area, in this chapter, unless 
you forgot to get the lantern under the tram, or the metal 
bug on the horse skeleton on the tram. Go back and get 
those things, if you do not already have them.

The Right Rooms

The door to the right room is locked. Go forward to the 
lobby and move the skeleton's hand to get clippers. Return 
to the hall and zoom in on the right door. Use the clippers 
on the door's chain to get inside.

Examine the cabinet on the left. A piano scroll is on the 
top, while a gun barrel is in the middle. Examine the 
cabinet in the far part of the room for a pestle, and 
examine the log pile by the fireplace to get carbon.

Go forward to the bathroom. Pick up the towel on the side 
of the bathtub, and go through the hamper to find a puzzle 
piece. Zoom in on the bathtub and take the rubber duck. You 
need to find a way to turn off the water here.

Examine the sink for a bar of soap. Use the soap on the 
bucket of water underneath the sink.

That's all you can do in the right rooms for now. Go back 
to the main hallway. Take the sulfur from one of the 
mailboxes on the right, then go left.

The Left Rooms

The three doors in this room are locked. Examine the 
picture on the right wall. Move it to find a faucet, for 
the bathtub.

Zoom in on the piano. Take the bullet from on top of the 
piano, then use the piano scrolls on the piano. This will 
unlock the two doors on the right. Go through the left door 
to a bedroom.

Move the chair aside to get a hammer, and search through 
the hamper to get a puzzle piece. There is a towel on the 
wall here. If you didn't pick up the towel in the bathroom, 
you can pick up the towel here.

Examine the side table by the bed. There is part of a gun 
here, along with saltpeter. Take the saltpeter, then 
examine the bed. Pull on the blankets twice to reveal a 
magnet and a spring. The spring is stuck.

Leave the bedroom and go to the main hall. Go forward to 
the lobby and look in the desk drawer of the front desk to 
get a knife. Return to the bedroom and use it on the spring 
to loosen it.

Examine the clock in the bedroom. Open up the face and use 
the spring here to start a puzzle. The goal of the puzzle 
is to get the spring's ends into the holes. Go up twice, 
right three times, down five times, left twice, up twice, 
left and up. Solving the puzzle gets you a bird.

Leave the bedroom, then go through the other room on the 
left part of the building. This is a library. Move the 
right chair to get a mop, then zoom in on the top of the 
desk. Take the pouch and the puzzle part here.

A recipe for gunpowder is here. You should have all the 
ingredients at this point. Put the saltpeter (from the 
bedroom), the sulfur (from the mailbox) and the carbon 
(from the fireplace's log pile) in the mixing bowl. Use the 
pestle (from the cabinet in the right room) on the 
ingredients and use the pouch on the bowl to get the 

Examine the globe in this room. Put all three puzzle parts 
on the globe. You got two parts from laundry hampers, and 
the third part was on the desk in this room. Putting the 
parts down starts a simple jigsaw puzzle. Put the pieces 
together to form a circle. Another puzzle is underneath, 
but you need metal bugs to solve it.

Return to the bedroom. Zoom in on the cartridge on the side 
table by the bed. Use the gunpowder on the cartridge, then 
use the bullet on the cartridge. You can now pick it up.

The Upper Area

Go back to the main hallway and go forward. Use the hammer 
(from the bedroom) on the lock to the right to go 

Use the lantern to light up this area. Zoom in on the area 
to the left for a puzzle. In this puzzle, you have to use 
the towel to cover all the holes. You must move the pieces 
down/right, up/right, down/left, up/left, left and 
down/left. Solving the puzzle gets you a metal bug.

There's another area here, but the floor is covered with 
oil, so you can't reach it. We'll have to fix that.

Go back two screens and go right two screens to the 
bathroom. Use the mop on the bucket below the sink to get a 
lathery mob. Zoom in on the bathtub and use the faucet to 
drain it. Zoom in on the drain to find a magnet puzzle. 
With the magnet from the bedroom, you can solve this 

Use the magnets to repel or attract the bug. Move the bug 
up, up/left, left, up, up/left, up/right, down/right, and 
up/right. Move it left, down/left, up, up/right, down/right 
and right. Finish by moving it up/right, up/left, down/left 
and up. Only use the blue parts of the magnets if you are 
going down/left or down/right.

You now have the three bugs. Return to the study on the 
left side of the building. Use the bugs on the bug puzzle, 
inside the globe. You want to move the bugs around until 
they all fit into the three colored holes. Each bug goes 
into a hole which is the same color as it.

Solving the puzzle unlocks the bookcase to the left. Look 
in it to find a chicken and a diagram. Leave the room and 
zoom in on the piano. Put the three birds on the nests, 
according to the diagram. That is, from left to right, put 
down the cuckoo, the chicken and the duck. This opens the 
door near the piano.

Go into the room. The Guardian of Azada here is trapped by 
a shadow monster. Examine the small desk on the right to 
find a gun cylinder.

Leave the bedroom and return to the hallway. Go forward 
twice to the basement. Use the mop on the stairs to clean 
them. Zoom in on the far side of the room to find a gun 
handle. Put the gun barrel down, then the gun cylinder. Put 
the cartridge into the gun and click on the barrel to close 
it. Take the revolver.

Return to the room and use the revolver on the window. This 
gets rid of the shadow monster. The Guardian of Azada comes 
out to thank you, and she gives you her key.

Go back to the main hallway and go forward. Use the key (in 
the key box right of your inventory) on the gate to the 
elevator. Step inside the elevator, and you return to the 
basement in Prague.

Talk to Titus in the mirror, then look at the Book of 
Azada. Flip the page and step into the book to reach the 
next area.

002c. Chapter 3

You start off in a cave. The cat here is the one you saw in 
Prague, at the start of the game. Click on it, and it 

You can examine the water here to see the Guardian of Azada 
in this area. She needs your help.

Examine the plant in the lower/right, and you can take a 
flower. Now, examine the bat in the upper/right. It says 
that the cave only opens with the Z key. We have that key, 
so click on the mouth of the cave. Use the key (in the key 
box) on the lock to open it.

Click on the cat again, and it runs away. The bushes on the 
right, where the cat was, have a feather for you to take.

Fixing the Cabin

Go left to a cabin. Search in the haystack to find a glove. 
Zoom in on the window. You find a note which says the cabin 
is cursed, and you also find a ring. Use the ring on the 
cabin door to unlock it.

Go inside. You need a horseshoe here to get rid of the 

Leave the cabin and head towards the castle in the 
distance. You see a fairy gnome. Click on the building on 
the left, which is a horseshoe shop for centaurs. Click on 
the giant snail, and it leaves slime on the door. You need 
to clean off the slime before going through.

In the castle courtyard, go forward (to the area left of 
the tower and right of the centaur shop). Here, you talk 
with Titus for a bit. Zoom in on the grinding wheel on the 
far right and take the ladder. Zoom in on the cart on the 
far right and move the paper to get a fruit.

Back away to the castle courtyard. Zoom in on the area to 
the right. Use the ladder here, so you can get the watering 
can. Take the ladder again, then go back to the cave and 
use the can on the water pool here to fill it with water. 
Go to the centaur shop and use the watering can to clean 

You can pick up two notes here, as well as an axe. Then, 
look at the horseshoe display. You have a puzzle, where you 
must find the horseshoe without a match. Solve the puzzle 
three times for a horseshoe.

Go back to the cabin area. There are logs in the 
upper/left. Zoom in on them and use the axe on a log to get 
a splinter. Then, enter the cabin. Put the horseshoe on the 
hook in the upper/right.

Now you can do things in this room. Zoom in on the 
fireplace to get a note. Use the splinter on the fire to 
get a burning splinter. Zoom in on the stump on the left 
and use the burning splinter on the spider to get a brush.

Examine the bucket by the table. This starts a puzzle, 
where you must place the outlines on the board and get rid 
of mushrooms. You can only get rid of mushrooms, if the 
outline is over three mushrooms of the correct color. Solve 
the puzzle to get a mushroom.

Examine the top of the table. You can take the paper here, 
as well as a nail below the paper. Put the fruit on the 
cutting board and use the knife on the table on the fruit. 
Seeds are placed on the paper in the lower/left. Click on 
the paper and use the watering can on it. Click on the 
paper again and take the grain.

Leave the cabin and return to the cave. Zoom in on the area 
in the lower/left. Use the brush here several times for a 
puzzle. To solve this puzzle, put all the gems in place.

Start with the purple gem, which you can move right to get 
into place. Then click the red gem, which you can move 
right into place. Select the blue gem, which you have to 
move right, then left into place. Finish with the green 
gem, which you move right, left and right into place.

Solving the puzzle gives you a rough diamond.

The Castle Area

Time to explore the castle in more detail. In the 
courtyard, zoom in on the statue. Take the arrow from the 
sling and open the pack to find a mosaic part.

Zoom in on the building to the right. Using the glove (from 
the haystack by the cabin), you can pick up the glass.

Go to the left of the tower to the main area of town. The 
cart on the left has a scoop for you. The second-from-left 
stand has bottles and a pipette for you. The third-from 
left stand has a...uh oh! It breaks when you touch it.

Use the pipette here for a puzzle. Click on a color, and 
the piece in the upper/left changes into that color. Do 
this over and over again, until the entire board is one 
color. You must do this in under 26 moves.

Solving the puzzle gives you acid. Return to the cabin and 
zoom in on the log pile. Move the top log to find a small 
locked container. Use the acid on the container to open it. 
This gives you a mosaic part.

Go right. See the plant in the lower/left? Use the scoop 
here to get a root.

Return to the castle courtyard. Go into the center tower 
here. There is a dandelion you can take from the portrait 
of the Guardian of Azada here.

Go up the stairs. The third chimera has a grindstone. Take 
it, then return to the castle market. Zoom in on the 
grindstone to the right. Put the grindstone on the device, 
then put the rough diamond on the left side of the device. 
Click on the foot piece of the device, and you get a 
finished jewel.

Return to the castle tower. See the stand by the chair? Put 
the diamond in the stand. You can now look at the 
bookcases. Read all three books in the right bookcase, and 
get the mosaic part from the left bookcase.

Zoom in on the fire here. Use the nail on the eye of the 
dragon to get some amber. Now, using the notes in your 
diary, make potions.

From left to right, the four potions need mushroom and 
grain, dandelion and feather, flower and amber, and root 
and glass. Use your bottles on the four potions to get 
them. If a potion is correctly made, the liquid changes 

Go upstairs. Use your mosaic tiles on the mosaic at the top 
of this area. Put the pieces on the board to form a picture 
of sun, wind, rain and frost. Those four symbols appear 
above the chimeras. Use the four potions on the chimeras to 
open a gateway.

Enter through the gateway. The evil that is blocking the 
path ahead gets vanquished. Hooray!

002d. Chapter 4

Gnome Fairies

Examine the water here and take the fin. Examine the tree 
on the right. Use the ladder here to get the pineapple. 
There is a stump here with an item, but birds are 
protecting it.
There are more fairy gnomes here. They left a note for you 
on the left. Read it, then take the left path to their 
village. On the rope bridge is a caterpillar. Take it, then 
go back two screens. Give the caterpillar to the bird for a 

Go forward twice to the fairy gnome village. The flowers on 
the ground are parched, so use the watering can on them. 
This starts a puzzle. Rotate the flowers with red centers, 
by clicking on them. You want every flower petal to touch a 
petal of the same color. A white outline appears around a 
flower, to indicate that it does not need to be moved any 

When you're done, go into the treehouse in the upper/right. 
The character here has been turned into copper. Inside the 
case on the left, by the table, is a talisman. Take it, 
then go backwards twice.

Zoom in on the dark tree, by the fork in the road. Use the 
talisman on the parts of the tree that resemble faces. 
There are nine of them in total. When you're done, the tree 
is fixed and you get a handle.

Return to the treehouse. Use the handle on the locket, 
around the neck of the copper character. This starts a 
puzzle, in which you must figure out the direction the 
figure is facing. Get the right answer three times in a row 
to receive a stake.

The Waterfall Area

Go back two screens, to the crossroads. Take the right 
path. A monkey is in the upper/right corner. Use the 
pineapple on the monkey to get the hammer.

Zoom in on the building to the left. Use the stake on the 
sword, then use the hammer on the stake. You get the short 

Go forward, on the path by the house. The cat is here. 
Click on it, and it leaves. You can't follow the cat, but 
you can grab the rope in the lower/right.

Go back a screen. Go through the waterfall. In the 
upper/left, there is moss. Use the brush here to find a 
fin. To the left of the small pool, there is a box you can 
zoom in on. Use the arrow on it to get a matchbox.

Go forward to the tree on the right. This has the elevator 
which you can use to exit! Look at the elevator and take 
the fin left of it. Zoom in on the right side of the tree, 
which has fireflies. Use the matchbox here to capture them.

This starts a puzzle. Get yellow bugs into all of the 
holes. You can push bugs with bugs. For example, click on 
yellow bugs until you have one in the top row. Then, click 
on the upper/left bug, until the yellow bug is in the 
upper/right. Click on the upper/right bug to push it into 
the hole there.

When you're done, you have fireflies. Return to the gnome 
fairy dwellings. Zoom in on the bridge. Use the rope and 
the bell on the bridge to fix it, then use the matchbox of 
fireflies on any of the lanterns.

The gnome fairies thank you for fixing their home, and they 
give you a stone symbol. Before leaving them, zoom in on 
the thorny tree to the left. Use the short sword on the 
thorns to get a net.

Go back and right. Zoom in on the fish. Use the various 
fish fins you have on the fish to start a puzzle. In this 
puzzle, click on the various waves to make them go away. 
Get rid of all the waves to solve the puzzle. You get a 
pearl as a reward.

Go through the waterfall. See the symbol on the wall in the 
middle? Put your stone symbol there, and put the pearl 
there. This gives you the antidote.

Go back and then go forward, down the path by the house. 
The antidote kills snakes. Kill all nine snakes and go 

The Guardian of Azada is being held captive here. Zoom in 
on the hand-like thing on the right. Use the sword on it to 
get a cart handle. That makes two cart handles. Zoom in on 
the bubble to the left. Click on it to break it, and use 
the net here to get a saw.

Go backwards three times and zoom in on the cart. Put both 
handles on the cart. It still needs a wheel. Return to the 
treehouse in the gnome fairy area and use the saw on the 
table for a wheel.

Go back to the cart. Use the wheel on the cart so you can 
move it. Go forward to the Guardian of Azada and use the 
cart on the swamp. The rocks in the cart are used as 
stepping stones, so you can get close enough to take the 

Go down twice, then right twice, to the elevator. Use the D 
key (in the key box right of the inventory) to open it. Go 
inside to return to the basement in Prague.

Talk to Titus in the mirror, then look at the Book of 
Azada. Flip the page and step into the book to reach the 
next area.

002e. Chapter 5

First Screen

You start off, inside a large skull. Take the ladder from 
the lower/right and read the message. Only the D key 
unlocks the door. Use the D key on the lock above the 
teeth, and use the ladder on the gap in the teeth to climb 

The Fire Area

A fire imp appears. Click on it, and it goes in the 
direction of the Black Magician's castle. Paper will blow 
through the area. Click on the piece of paper to read that 
it is a copy of the order, from the Guardians of Azada, 
that the Black Magician be sentenced to stay here in this 

We might as well start by exploring this world. You can go 
right here to the labyrinth, and you can go forward to the 
crossroads. Go forward and click on the fire imp. It goes 
to the castle.

Here at the crossroads, take the skull in the upper/left. A 
cobra is here, and you can charm it once you have an 
instrument. As the signs show, you can go right to the 
train or left to the river.

Go right to the train. The train tracks lead to the castle, 
but there's something stuck between the rails, and the 
train is on the wrong set of rails.

Go inside the train. Open the first aid box in the 
upper/right to get a bottle and a hammer. Open the trapdoor 
to get two gems. There is a lamp puzzle here that needs 
parts, as well as a locked engine.

Go left twice to the river. On the left side of this screen 
are chains that you can't reach. On the ground, near the 
center, is a patch of dirt. Take the seashell here. When 
you have a shovel, you can dig something up.

Go forward to the dragon skeleton. It has the shovel you 
need in its jaws, but the jaws are shut. Take the ribs, 
which are left of the dragon's head. Go back two screens. 
Zoom in on the bridge and use the ribs here to help support 
the planks.

You can now go forward to the castle. Zoom in on the rock 
in front of the door. Move it to find termites. Use the 
bottle on the termites to collect them.

The door is locked, and the lever does nothing. Take the 
broom from the lower/right, then take the puzzle part from 
the left window.

Go backwards two screens. Now, go right to the labyrinth 
area. Zoom in on the place to the left and use your broom 
here to find the labyrinth map.

Go forward. There are two statues here. Use the skull on 
the base of the right statue for a flute. Use the seashell 
on the base of the left statue for a bucket.

Look under the bench on the left for a lamp. Put the 
labyrinth map on the post to the left, and you can go left. 
The labyrinth leads to a well. Take the cane from the 
purple mushrooms in the lower/left. We'll return to the 
well later.

Go backwards three screens, then forward. Use the flute 
from the labyrinth on the cobra to get knitting needles and 
yarn. Go left to the river and zoom in on the left cave. 
Use the cane here to get the chains.

Go backwards two screens, right to the labyrinth, then 
forward and left to the well. Zoom in on the well. Use the 
termites on the wood to destroy it, then use the chain on 
the well, and use the bucket on the well. You get a bucket 
of water.

Go back three times. Use the bucket of water on the flaming 
things to the left and right. The right one has a rod, and 
the left one has a lamp piece.

Go forward and left to the river. Go forward to the dragon. 
Use the rod on the dragon's skull to get the shovel.

Zoom in on the puzzle in the upper/right. Use the puzzle 
piece here. In this puzzle, you want to move pieces around, 
so the blue pieces on the top have the same designs as the 
red pieces on the bottom. Solving the puzzle gets you a 

Go backwards a screen. Use the shovel on the dirt in the 
middle to get a barrel. Zoom in on it for a puzzle. In this 
puzzle, swap pieces until you get a completed picture of 
fruit. When you're done, you get a barrel of honey.

Go back two screens, then right. Give the barrel of honey 
to the rat. You can now look in the building on the right. 
Pick up a file here, and use the bucket on the coal to get 
a bucket of coal.

We're almost done with this area! Back away, then go 
forward twice to the castle. Use the file on the lever to 
get it. Then back away and go right to the train.

Let's fix the tracks. Zoom in on the tracks and use the 
knitting needles to get the lamp. Then, zoom in on the 
track switch. Use the lever here to switch tracks.

Go into the train. Now that you have all the lamp pieces, 
zoom in on the panel. Put the three lamps here to start the 
lamp puzzle. Move pieces around so all the lamps are 
connected. The piece without a lamp goes one spot right and 
one spot below the upper/left corner. When a piece is put 
in the correct spot, it snaps into place and cannot be 

Use the wrench to open the engine. Put coal inside. Then 
pull the levers on the right. The train goes forward, into 
the castle.

The Black Magician's Castle

Click on the fire imp. It leads you forward, to the Black 
Magician. First, let's get items from this downstairs area.

Zoom in on the skeleton and use the scissors to get the 
lockpick. Zoom in on the yellow windows to get a glass 
shard. Then, go down the stairs.

In the lower/left, you find a sponge. Take it, then go back 
a screen. Use the sponge on the mirror on the left to find 
a lock locking spell.

Go back down to the basement. Zoom in on the robot on the 
left. Use the wrench to open its heart compartment and get 
a stone heart. We need to fix the heart.

Leave through the right exit. Zoom in on the unicorn and 
use the scissors to take a lock of its hair. Take the 
mirror shard by the unicorn as well. Zoom in on the 
lower/right part of the screen for a mechanical heart. Put 
the two gems and the unicorn hair into this device to fix 
it. Take it with you.

Now, look at the cage with the cyclops. Use the lock 
locking spell on the lock, then use the lockpick on the 
lock. You can zoom in on the creature's bowl to get a 

Go back a screen. Take the jar of lightning from the shelf 
on the right, then zoom in on the robot. Put the mechanical 
heart inside, and use the jar of lightning on the heart. 
The robot works again, and you can take the puzzle part 
from its hand.

Zoom in on the pile in the middle of the screen. Take the 
mirror shard. Use the spoon on the flower, then use the 
yarn on the flower. You have some sticky pollen, but 
there's nothing you can use to transport it.

Go backwards a screen, then through the door up the stairs. 
Click on the fire imp. On the left part of this screen are 
books. Move them around to find a brush and a diary that 
explains how the Black Magician cursed the first two worlds 
of Azada.

On the right side of the screen is an indentation. Put the 
heart there for a puzzle part. Go backwards and down the 
stairs. Zoom in on the junk pile and use the brush to get 
the sticky pollen.

Go back a screen and up the stairs. In the center of the 
screen is a mirror. Use the mirror shards on the mirror, 
then use the pollen on the mirror. This starts a jigsaw 
puzzle. Put the pieces on the board to form a mirror. The 
pieces cannot be rotated.

When you're done, you get a mirror. Now it's time to fight 
the Black Magician! Go forward through the door and talk to 
him. He prepares a spell, which will trap you. Use the 
mirror on the magician so the spell rebounds on him and 
traps him instead.

Go onto the bridge on the right. Use the puzzle parts here 
to find a puzzle. The four pieces with three tiles go in 
the four corners of the board. Every other piece can fit, 
when you turn them vertically.

There's another thing blocking your way to the right! This 
is a Sudoku puzzle. You have nine symbols here. Make it so 
no symbol repeats in any row, column or three-by-three 
group of squares.

Solving the puzzle gets you the "A" key for Azada. Click on 
it to take it, then look at the key in your key box to end 
the game.

003. Credits

This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2013.  If you want 
to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions 
under general information).

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