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 Barrow Hill - Curse of the Ancient Circle FAQ

Barrow Hill - Curse of the Ancient Circle FAQ

Barrow Hill:Curse Of The Ancient Circle
By:Puzzle Master (Randy Taylor Jr.)

In Barrow Hill there are some things in the game that might or might not
happen (in other words random)

1) Sometimes you will get a call from Emma.
2) Sometimes when you talk to Ben in the Office you might hear a different
3) If you happen to go down the road or down a trail and see a big stone in
the middle of the road or trail this is the "Sentry Stone". Do not I repeat
DO NOT touch it,if you do you die. When you die you will start back
where you died. If you happen to see the "Sentry Stone" just turn around
and go back,then turn back around and see if the Sentry Stone is gone.
But like I said you might or you might not see the Sentry Stone through out
the whole game. (When I played the Sentry Stone rarely appeared.)
4) Also the Motel Room's #1,2,3 Codes are random,so I can't give you the answer

Your driving down the road listening the Emma Harry on BHR (Barrow Hill Radio)
Night falls you turn down a country dirt road,then all of a sudden your car
dies,you try to crank it but it won't start. You step of the car.

Go forward until you come to "Barrow Hill Service Station" Turn left and go
towards the red mailbox. Read the postcard. Go back. Turn right and go past
the "Barrow Hill Service Station" sign and turn left. Go to the driver side of
the silver Mercedes-Benz. Look on the ground and take the WAX CRAYON. Move
the cursor to the bottom right of the screen and examine the pile of rocks 
(or dirt) and take the FUNGUS GUIDE.

Go back. Turn right and examine the trashcans. Look inside the trashcan on the
right and take a box of MATCHES. Go past the trashcans,turn right and enter
the Service Station. You will hear a man talking,examine the blue Office door
and knock on the door. Listen to Ben. He seems to be scared out of his mind.
I wonder why? Go back,turn right and examine the postcards and brochures on the
shelf on the left wall.

Pick up the "Pagan & Wiccan Magic" brochure,flip it over and read about the
"Dryad Slumber". Go back,turn right and examine the bulletin board. Examine the
drawings of the 7 stones on the bottom of the bulletin board. Flip it over and 
read what's written on the back. Keep this in mind or write it down. Go back,
turn right and examine/click on the "Alter Stone Jigsaw Puzzle". You can put
this puzzle together if you want but it really serves no purpose.

Go back,turn right and enter the Cafe (on the left) Go forward,turn around
and go forward. Turn around and examine the cash register. Take the note
from underneath the cash register and write down the code for Motel Room #2,
the code will be random. Put the note down,go back,turn left and enter the

Wow it's dark! Turn right and examine the yellow lantern. Turn the top handle
to turn the gas on,then turn the lantern towards you. Use the Matches to light
the lantern,then take the LANTERN. Turn around and open the blue fuse box.
Look inside.

[ The Fuse Box ]

Read the note on the back of the fuse box door.

Fuse's Left to Right

1) Lobby
2) Cafe Lights
3) Cafe Main
4) Kitchen Lights
5) Kitchen Main

We need to turn on the kitchen lights. Press the red button (on the bottom)
to turn the power off to the fuse box. Then click on the 4th fuse from the left
twice. Click on the spool of wire three times. Click on the 4th fuse again and
press the red button to turn the power on.

Close the fuse box and turn right. Go towards the kitchen sink and examine
the radio. Turn the power on and turn to channel 15. Listen to Emma Harry.
She will give you her phone number 585......we can't here the rest of the
number because of the static. Turn the radio off,go back and turn right. Open
the cabinet and take the BASKET. Close the cabinet and look underneath the
cabinet. Open the box and take the EGG CUPS. Exit the kitchen and go back
to the cafe.

Go to the table on the right with the three red flowers in a vase and two menus
Click on the menu that's standing up to lay it on the table. Pick up the salt
shaker and use the Egg Cups. Take the SALT OFFERING. Exit the Service Station.
Go forward past the gas pumps,turn left,forwards and left. Examine the pile of
rocks (or dirt) beside the silver Mercedes-Benz.

Pick up the bottle of hair tonic. Use the Egg Cups. Click on the top of the
bottle to open it. Take the FISH OFFERING. Go back,turn left,forwards and left.
Go towards the picnic table,turn left and go to Room #2.

Motel Room #2 Puzzle
Use the clue you found on the letter from inside the Cafe,underneath the cash
register. The code will be random so I can't give you the answer. Enter the
code in the keypad and if it is correct the door will open.
Go inside and examine the dresser. Open the green tool box and take the TROWEL.
Open the 1st drawer and take the mobil phone that's low on battery. Turn around
and put the mobile phone on the charger sitting on the nightstand. Turn around
and examine the radio. Turn the radio on and turn it to channel 15. Listen to
Emma Harry,you will hear her phone number 58521.....we still can't hear the
rest of the number.

Exit the motel room and go back inside the cafe. Examine the cash register and
use the Trowel to open it. Take the POUND COINS. Surely that mobil phone is
charged by now. Go back to Room #2,enter the code and take the MOBIL PHONE
off the charger. Exit the room and get back on the road. Go forward past the
"Barrow Hill Service Station" sign and the swing set (playground) Turn your
lantern on and continue going down the road.

Enter the red phone booth and pick up the phone. Listen to some strange
voices. Exit the phone booth and continue going down the road until you come
to a wrecked military Jeep. We'll examine the Jeep in a minute,turn left and
go up the trail to an old barn. Go towards the barrel on the ground and click
on the wooden crate,turn right and click above the barrel to put the wooden
crate on top of the barrel.

Climb up on the wooden crate and you will be inside a loft. Go forwards.
BOOM!!! Ouch! Turn your Lantern on and go up the ladder. Examine the items
on the desk. Look in the pot and pick up the camera. Turn the camera on
and scroll thru the pictures. When your done looking,put the camera down and
turn left. Examine the right windowsill.

Pick up the green binoculars and look thru them. Turn the binoculars to the 
right to see a set of stones and the moon. Put the binoculars down. You can
read the journal if you like. Go back. Examine the left windowsill. Take a 
ACORN. Turn around and go back down the ladder. Turn left and look inbetween
the wooden crates/barrel and the gas tank and take the RUBBER TUBE.

Turn left and examine the wagon. Take the GAS TORCH from inside the wooden
crate. Turn around and examine the gas tank. Attach the Rubber Tube to the
coupleing. Attach the Gas Torch to the end of the Rubber Tube. Turn the knob
to turn the gas on. Use the Matches to light the Torch. Go outside,turn right
and go back down the trail to the Jeep.

Look at the items laying on the ground beside the Jeep. Pick up the PDA.
Go back. Look inside the Jeep (driver side) Pick up the radio and press the
round button to turn it on. Press the down button to turn to channel 15.3.
Listen to Emma Harry. She will give you the phone number to BHR 5852131.
Turn the radio off and go to the back of the Jeep. Write down the license plate
number 4 x 68578. Turn around,go back down the road,back to the Motel Rooms.

Motel Room #3 Puzzle
Examine the PDA and click on Notes. Read about the Motel Door Code (room 3)
Enter the code in the keypad. The code will be random.
Enter the room,go towards the bed and turn left. Read a piece of journal that's
underneath the pillow. Read about the artifact fragments and the GPS 
coordinates. Put the piece of paper down and move the cursor to the left of
the screen. Examine the trashcan. Take the ripped up note and rearrange the
pieces. The note reads "My briefcase combination code is now reset. I've used a
solution that can be found on my jeeps number plate". A clue! Go back. Turn
right and examine the briefcase laying on the desk.

The Briefcase Puzzle
According to the piece of paper from the trashcan "the solution can be found
on the jeeps number plate". And the numbers were 4 x 68578. Looks like a
math problem to me. So take a calculator and enter 4 x 68578 = 274312.
On the briefcase press the top of the combination to move the numbers up and
press the bottom of the combination to move the numbers down. Enter the
combination. On the left side:274. On the right side:312.
Look inside the briefcase and pick up the "Barrow Hill Excavation" scientific
report. Turn to page 1 and read "Trench Two Finds Tray 2" Read about the
Blackberry,Gooseberry and Pear. Keep this in mind. Put the book down. You can
read the letters and look at the photos in the yellow envelope if you want.
Exit the room and get back on the road. Stand beside the red mailbox. You
should be facing the way you came it (where your car broke down)

Go forward three times,turn right and examine the bush. Take the BERRIES.
Continue going down the road until you pass a red and white ?divided highway?
triangle sign on your left. Turn right and go up the wooden steps,turn your
Lantern on and go forward twice. Turn right and examine the red mushrooms.
Take the DRYAD SLUMBER. Turn left and go forward three times,right,forward
three times. Volia! We're back at the Motel.

Go to the Service Station. Turn right,go past the silver Mercedes-Benz,turn 
left and go towards the playground. Turn left and click on the white board on
the fence to move the board to the right. Go around the back of the Service
Station until you see a trashcan with a newspaper sticking out. Turn left,
turn the volume all the way up on your computer,go towards the metal trashcans.

Turn right and look inside the window. Ben is really freaking out! Go back.
Turn left,forward and left. Look behind or to the right of the trashcan with
the newspaper sticking out and go up the steps. The gate is locked and we
don't have a key. Don't worry,just look down and crawl thru the bottom of the

Telecommunications Puzzle
Open the box and read the little piece of paper or sticker. "This base station
operates between 830 and 865 MHz. Open the small silver door.

[A]  [F]    [Number]

[B]  [G]

[C]  [H]

[D]  [I]

[E]  [J]    [Red Button]

The object is to get the number inbetween 830 and 865.

Solution#1: Press C,D,H,J (In any order)

Solution#2: Press A,F,J (In any order)

Solution#3: Press A,I,J,E (In any order)

Solution#4: Press A,F,G,E,J (In any order)

Solution#5: Press A,G,C,D,J (In any order)

Solution#6: Press F,H,J,E (In any order)

Solution#7: Press A,F,C,I,J,E (In any order)

Press the red button.
Take your Mobil Phone and call Emma 5852131. Go back around to the front of
the Sevice Station. Enter the Service Station. Oh no! Something has happened
to Ben! We better make sure he's alright. Go outside and go back around to the
back of the Service Station. Wow! I wonder what made that big hole? Enter the

Turn left and click on the VCR's to watch the surveillance tapes. The 4th tape
from the top is creepy! Go back. Go forward and turn right,open the top filing
cabinet. Read the letter and write down the Motel Room #1 code. Close the
filing cabinet. Turn left and examine the desk. Open the left drawer and take
the BATTERYS. Open the right drawer and take the PAPER. Go back.

Turn right and open the door. Turn right,forward and turn around. Examine the
"Mini Casino" slot machine. Use the Pound Coins,then pull the lever until you
get a match. Take the 50 PENCE COINS. Go back. Go forward,right,forward,
right and forward. Turn right and look down. Take the LENS from the headlight.
Turn around,go forwards and pick up the broken ladder. Turn left and place the
ladder on the side of the roof,climb up the ladder on to the roof.

Turn left,forwards and climb up the small ladder. Open the skylight and go
inside. Turn right and enter the Office. Examine the items laying on the desk.
Pick up the red oil can and use the Egg Cups. Press the pump above the handle
to put oil in the egg cup. Take the OIL OFFERING. Exit the Office,turn right
and go down the ladder. Turn around,go past the car,turn right and unlock the

Go back to the Office (where Ben was) Go to the blue door with a vent and
unlock the door. Go back to the Motel. Go around the porch to the drink
machine. Use the 50 Pence Coins and get a BLACKBERRY DRINK,GOOSEBERRY
DRINK and a PEAR DRINK. You have to use the 50 Pence Coins each time you get
a drink. Turn around and go around the corner to Room #1.

Motel Room #1 Puzzle
Use the clue we found in the Office. The letter in the filing cabinet. Enter
the code in the keypad. The code will be random.
Go towards the dresser and turn around. Take the GPS UNIT from the Zephyr
Geodetic Antenna. Go back outside. Take the GPS Unit and hit Activate. Don't
forget about the coordinates we read on the piece of paper in Room #3 
underneath the pillow. 2778.446 by 7854.445. On the GPS the longitude and
latitude numbers are searching for a signal that's why you can't read out the

As you move so does the numbers,the closer you get to the signal the numbers
will start clearing up. Go towards the gas pumps and look for a white fire
extinguisher on the side of a support beam. The numbers on the GPS should
be clear. Raise the fire extinguisher and take the 1ST ARTIFACT FRAGMENT.
You can deactivate the GPS Unit. Enter the Service Station and go back to the

Go towards the stove and turn right. Go to your Inventory and click on the
Basket. You will automatically put the Berries,Dryad Slumber and the Acorn
on the cutting board. Put the Berries,Dryad Slumber and the Acorn in the 
pestal and click on the mortor to crush them together. Use the Egg Cups
to get PLANT MIXTURE OFFERING. Turn right and go towards the blender
(where the yellow lantern was sitting)

The Blender Puzzle
Remember in Motel Room #3 when we solved the Briefcase Puzzle,we read
"Barrow Hill Excavation" report. It said "......Blackberry,Gooseberry and Pear.
Curiously there are twice as many Blackberry......" Take the lid off the top
of the blender and pour 1 Gooseberry Drink,1 Pear Drink and 2 Blackberry Drinks
into the blender. Use the Egg Cups and take the FRUIT JUICE OFFERING.
Exit the Service Station and get back on the road. Go down the road (turn your
lantern on) pass the red phone booth until you come to a red and white sign
with a black exclamation point on your left. Turn right and go over the wooden
fence pass the scarecrow. Look down infront of the three wheeler,there's a 
name tag attached to a collar, "Wincey". Go back.

Continue going forwards over the wooden fence,go down the wooden steps into
the swap. On the walkway,go forward once,right and forward 6 times. Enter the
BHR (Barrow Hill Radio) station (the camper) Examine the "Self-Assembly
Metal Detector" box,look to see how the metal detector is put together. Put the
box down,go back and turn right. Examine the bed.

[ Assembling The Metal Detector ]

Take the grey round piece (looks like a dumbbell) put it on top of the shaft.
Take the small black piece and put it on the bottom of the shaft.
Take the black square box and put it on top of the grey piece (the dumbbell)
Take the big round piece and put in on the bottom (on the small black piece)
Take the wire and put it on the shaft

Pick up the METAL DETECTOR and open the box,insert the Batterys and close the
box. Turn around,look on the counter and read the "Metal Detecting Beginners
Guide" when your finished reading turn around and examine the laptop.

The Laptop Puzzle/Password
The password should be obvious. What is the name of Emma's dog? 
Type in Wincey and click OK.
Click on "Personal Blog" and read about Emma finding a piece of artifact.
Click on "Internet Browser" Emma must have dial-up internet connection. Click
on Favorites. is just about the radio station. is about the Mountain Cake. shows that Emma lost the bidding on the Collector Malt
Whiskey and Adventures of Charlie Clown but she won the Metal Detector. shows the weather for Cornwall. shows a list of common and scientific names
for Chemicals,Fish,Trees and Plants.

Go back. Exit the radio station and go forward (on the walkway) 5 times,right,
forward 4 times,left,forward twice and left. Go forward behind the grave stone
and turn around. Examine the bottom of the grave stone. Use the Trowel to open
the back of the grave stone (or hidden compartment) Examine the red book,you
can read it if you want. Take the METAL ARTIFACT. Go straight across the
walkway to the Chapel (or what's left of it)

Look down to see a pile of rocks. Use you Metal Detector (turn it on) and move
the rocks out of the way. Use the Trowel to uncover some items. Click on the
Metal Detector (right bottom of the screen) and turn it off. Take the 2ND 
ARTIFACT FRAGMENT. Pick up the letter and read it. Now go all the way past
the Service Station to where you found the Berries. Continue going forwards
past the red and white triangle divided highway sign. 

Turn left and go down the (stone) steps. Turn your Lantern on and enter St.
Anneka's Well. Turn left,open the can and read the journal about different
people leaving messages about what they think of St. Anneka's Well.
When your done reading,turn right,go towards the well,turn right and forwards.
Use the Metal Artifact in the "key" hole in the wall. Turn right and take out
the box from inbetween the rocks.

Open the box and examine the piece of paper on the top left. It shows a drawing
of a man holding something and a man with his arm stretched out towards the 
stone with a handprint. Put the paper down. Pick up the paper towards the 
bottom of the box. It's a song.

from the bluest heights,
descend to our brown earthly soil.
Bring your blessing of sacred water,
so that we may grow again.

Put the box back and go examine the 5 candles above the well.

The 5 Candles Puzzle
Use the clue we just read,the song. What two colors do you read in the song?
Use the Matches and light the Blue Candle (in the middle,left) and the Brown
Candle (lower right) Use the Egg Cups to get the BLESSED WATER OFFERING.
Exit St Anneka's Well,turn left,forward and left. Turn your lantern on to see 
a stone with some writing on it. Use the Paper to put it over the writing,then
use the Wax Crayon so you can make the words out. Take the LEGEND RUBBING.
Turn right,go straight across the road and go up the wooden steps. Turn your
Latern on and go forward 4 times,left forward 3 times. You should get a call
from Emma.

Go towards the first stone you see on the left. Use the Paper to place it on
top of the stone,then use the Wax Crayon. Go to the next stone,use the stone
row rubbing (top of screen,Inventory) to place it on top of the stone and then
use the Wax Crayon. Do the same exact thing on the next two stones and take
the STONE ROW RUBBING, The drawing sorta looks like a light coming from the
stone,shining down on another stone.

Continue going down the trail until you come to a tent. Go past the tent and
examine the mound of dirt next to the sieve. Turn your Metal Detector on and
use the Trowl to uncover a flask. Click on the Metal Detector and turn it off.
Pick up the flask and use the Egg Cups. Take the WHISKY OFFERING.
Continue going forward until you can see 7 stones (the digging site)

The Barrow Hill Stone Circle Puzzle
SAVE YOUR GAME!!! The object of the puzzle is to use one of the offerings on a
stone. If you get it correct you will hear a man say "The ancient land has 
awoken. Balance must be restored". But if you get it wrong a lightning bolt
will strike the stone and you will have to go back and get the offering again.

Remeber in the Service Station on the bulletin board,the drawings of the 7
stones? On the back it said "Barrow Hill Stone Circle-from Left to Right"
and a list of names for each stone. Starting with the stone on the left going
clockwise. Also all you have to do is stand if front of the stone and click
on a offering to use it.

Baligo-Fish Offering
Melkah-Oil Offering
Dolment-Plant Mixture Offering
Hammer Stone-Whisky Offering
Henrik-Blessed Water Offering
Gavrok-Fruit Juice Offering
Cailleach-Salt Offering
Exit the way you came in,you will get a call from Emma. Go forward,pick up
the 3RD ARTIFACT FRAGMENT and read the note laying on the ground. Save your

Bad Ending
Turn around and go back to the Stone Circle. Go around and examine the digging
site (where the shovel is) Use the Trowel to uncover an engraving. Use the
1st,2nd & 3rd pieces of the Artifact Fragments on the engraving. Enjoy the 

Good Ending
After picking up the 3rd Artifact Fragment,go forward twice,turn right and go
all the way down the trail. You will see a flat stone on your left and a 
vertical stone (in front of you) on the left and right. Stand in front of the
vertical stone on the left and examine the top of the stone. Use the Lens in
the hole. Go back. 

Turn right and examine the engraving on the flat stone. Use the 1st,2nd & 3rd
Artifact Fragments on the engraving. Go back. Examine the vertical stone on
the right to see a (white) handprint. Click on the handprint. Pick up the
RESTORED ARTIFACT and go back to the Barrow Hill Stone Circle.

Go to the digging site and use the Trowel to uncover....oh no!!! Look in the
center of the room and examine the large round engravement. Use the Restored
Artifact. Enjoy the ending.

Easter Eggs
Go past the Service Station towards the Gents and Ladies bathroom and turn
right. Examine the poster. It says "Monolith a photographic exhibition by
Pete Crowhurst @ Fetch Rock Lighthouse" Fetch Rock Lighthouse is from
Jonathan Boakes game "Dark Fall 2:Lights Out".

Enter the Ladies bathroom and sit on the toilet for a few seconds. Stand up
and you will hear the toilet flush.

On Emma's laptop you can click on obviously this is

Also while on look on the left side of the screen, it says
"Buy Art With E-Bidding" Some of the Art you see are also from Jonathan
Boakes game "Dark Fall 2:Lights Out".
Originally wrote this guide on 11/02/09

Started rewriting this guide on 8/16/10

Finished on 8/25/10

Thanks to Matt Clark and the Clark family,Jonathan Boakes,Shadow Tor 
and Got Game Entertainment for making this game.

Thanks to CjayC for posting this guide on Gamefaq'

Thanks to Dennis for posting this guide on

Please do not steal my guide.

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