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 Beast II

Beast II



A  -  Lets you ask a question
S  -  Lets you see how much money you have and your score
O  -  Offer whatever object that is currently being pointed to.

F1->F4  Choose different objects you may holding.

For those of you who have become very frustrated with this new Psynosis
game, here is a simple walk through to get you along, Iīm doing this from
memory so it might not be absolutely perfect.

    1) Activate the cheat by going right as soon as the game starts and
       ask the first pygmie: TEN PINTS

    2) Now go all the way left until you reach this guy who is being
       captured by a gargoyle and shoot the hell out of the gargoyle until
       it releases him.  Then ask the man about: TRAPS.  The man will tell
       you somewhere in the statement either: Upper Switch or Lower Switch.
       Remember which one it is, you will need to know later!

    3) Go down through the branches and make the first left into this
       tunnel and as soon as you see a gargoyle fly over your head, follow
       it to the hanging rope and kill it fast.  If you donīt kill it, it
       will cut the rope which will screw your game up.  Once you kill it
       then wait at the very edge of the tunnel facing toward the left and
       wait for the guy pushing the stone.  Only when the guy reaches the
       edge, start shooting at him and he will die.  You can only kill him
       when he when he has reached the end of the tunnel.

    4) Go left into the tunnel until the disk drive turns on.  Once the
       drive stops loading you should see a gargoyle flying above you.  Kill
       it and take the key he throws and then continue going left.  Ignore
       the gargoyle that is next to the see-saw and go up the rope and then
       jump to the right.  Use the key to open the iron door and continue
       right until you reach a wall with two switches.

    5) Hit the switch that was told to you by the guy that you saved
       earlier (See step 2).  Be very carefull not to hit the wrong switch!
       Once you hit the right switch, the elevator will fall, get inside,
       and it will take you up.

    6) Now, this part you have to be very carefull.  Go right until you
       get to the chain and get on the chain.  If you climb part of the way
       down the chain you will see a sleeping gargoyle and on the wall will
       be two switches.  Climb all the way up the chain, and jump right
       against the wall.  When you do this, you will fall straight down
       into the pit where the sleeping is.  Once you land, you have to act
       very quickly.  Once you land, turn around, fire a QUICK shot or two,
       make a SHORT jump and while in the air fire as many shots as you can.
       If you are successful, the gargoyle will not hit the upper lever on
       the wall and fly away, if you are unsuccessful, the gargoyle will
       hit the upper lever and the chain will retract and you will be
       trapped in that pit.  In either case the gargoyle releases that
       animal, but the cheat will protect you.  Once the gargoyle flies
       away hit the LOWER lever (You always hit the LOWER lever), jump
       on the chain, and get out of the pit.

   7)  Once out of the pit go right, go up the second chain, jump to the
       upper ledge, and get the gold coins (shoot the chest).  The coins
       only stay for a few seconds so pick them up quick and from now on
       every time you come across a chest you must shoot it and get the
       coins.  Later in the game you need every single coin (36 of them
       in all, 6 coins in each of the 6 chests throughout the game).

   8) Once you get the coins jump down and go right again and pick up
      a key on the far table at the end of the hallway.  I have solved
      the game and at no time actively used this key to open any doors, but
      get it anyway just in case it does something without you knowing
      about it.

   9) Now you can leave area all together by going all the way left
      and getting back into the elevator and pushing down on the joystick.

  10) Once you get back down go left, down the rope, and keep going left
      and you will notice two pits of acid, one of them should have a
      bridge across it (that is why you had to hit the lower switch in the
      pit with the sleeping gargoyle; it puts the bridge their).

  11) Keep going left and you will find a wall with three switches on it and
      a large stone.  Do not break the stone with your mace!  Use the
      switches to move and lower the grapling hook over the top part of the
      stone.  Use the upermost switch to close the hook and grapple the
      rock.  Once the fastened on the rock lift the rock and move it to
      the right (all the way up and all the way to the right).  Use the top
      switch to release the rock and drop it on the ground on the other side
      of the exposed acid pool.  The rock will land on a spike and break.

  12) Push the remaining fragment of the rock (just walk against it), up to
      the left side of the see-saw.  Climb the rope almost 3/4 of the way
      up and jump to right.  If you do it right the rock will fly up.  Run
      quickly over to the left and get in the elevator.  The elevator will
      take you up.

  13) Go left and you will find Ishram, an evil dragon.  Kill Ishram and
      shoot the sack that is hanging from the branch.  When you release
      the prisoner, he will tell you a password you will need, either:
      NECROPOLIS, SUNSTONE, ETERNITY, or OBERON.  You are done with
      this area!  Go right, then down the branches, keep going right all
      the way down the hallway to the entrance of that tunnel.

  14) When you reach the rope, go down and jump right.  When you get to a
      hole in the ground with braches in it, go down.  Then go right again.
      You will reach a stone gate and you will see a dragon head that will
      ask you for a password.  Type in the password given to you by the
      guy to rescued from Ishram (See step 13).

   15) Once you enter, go up the rope and you will meet Barloom, a good
       dragon.  In front of him is a parchment that has a spell; take it.
       Then back track, go down the rope and go to the right.  Get the
       coins from the chest (#2).  Go left and leave.

   16) Once you get out go back up the braches and go left, cross the pool
       of acid and keep going left.  When you come to this big guy, you
       canīt kill him, you have to hit him to push him to the left and knock
       him into the acid.  Keep going left and you will find another one of
       those guys, do the same thing, knock him into an acid pool behind
       him.  You will also find your thrid chest; get the coins (#3).

   17) When you get to the Karamoon Oasis, go inside.  Once inside go to
       the left, up the stairs, and get the jug.  That is the only thing
       you need here. Exit and go all the way back to the place where the
       game started you off.  You are now done with the entire "Left Side"
       of Karamoon, as I like to put it.

   18) Once you get to the pygmies, cross their forest, keep going right
       until you get to this place where there is a rock above the ground
       and right under the rock, on the ground, you will see this thin
       green piece of grass that is covering the entrance to the Crystal
       Caverns.  Before I tell how to get in, you have to get something
       first.  Go to the right and when you see these rocks that progress
       like steps, jump from one to the other going up and to the left as
       you jump, until you find this green monster.  Kill the monster and
       after you kill him, he drops an axe.  Get the axe but donīt use it,
       your going to need it in the Cavern.  Your going to be carring too
       many things, so put the arrow on the parchment, you donīt need that
       for now, and walk over the axe to get it.  Donīt forget to get the
       coins in the chest (#4).

  19) Go up the little rope, jump over to the rock, and go up on the ledge.
      Break down that green column type thing with your mace.  Go right
      and get the chest with the coins their (#5).  Now go all the way
      down to the entrance to the Caverns.

  20) Before you go in the Caverns, you should have: MACE, Wierd Key, AXE,
      and the JUG.  The way you get in, is you have to jump a whole bunch of
      times on this thin layer of grass. Just keep jumping up and down
      and it will break and you will fall through.  Go down into the hole
      and switch disks when it ask you to.

  21) Once you are in the Caverns, go left and you will find the last
      chest (#6), by now you should have 36 coins.  Stop going left when
      you reach the right edge of the stone bridge.  Now, switch you weapon
      from MACE to AXE but donīt push the joystick button, because axe only
      last for a few seconds.  Run Left as fast as you can and donīt stop
      until a stone wall falls and blocks you from continuing.  Ignore the
      little goblin who starts to run, just follow him and when that wall
      comes down, push the joystick button and start firing the axes at the
      top goblin (the one who is retracting that iron draw bridge).  Once
      you kill the top goblin, kill the one directly behind the wall.
      You must hurry because the axe only last for a few seconds and the
      bridge, in the mean time, is retracting under you feet.  Remember,
      kill the top goblin first, and the bridge will stop retracting, then
      kill the one directly behind the wall.  Ignore the two goblins above
      you, their not worth the effort of killing. Use your mace to break
      down the wall and get through; it will take about 10 to 15 hits to
      break down the wall.

  22) Once you get through the goblinīs outer defenses, you have to left,
      then go to the chain that leads upward and go up it.  You will then
      see a switch that says: Spikes.  This switch shuts off the spikes
      in the hallway directly to the left of you for 10 seconds.  The
      cheat protects you, so it doesnīt matter.  Go left across the
      hallway, until you reach a locked door.  Kneel and use your mace to
      hit the lever on the other side of the door, this will release a
      chain that will allow you to escape later.  Now, run back across
      the hallway, go down, and then go down the other chain into a room
      with four goblins.  Go right and get the key on the little table.
      Then go left and allow yourself to be captured by walking under
      that cage hovering above the ground.  You are supposed to be captured.

  23) Once captured you will be led to a cell and locked up.  Put the arrow
      on the jug and press īOī for offer.  You offer the jug to the guard
      at the table and he drinks it and falls asleep.  Now, with you mace
      break the door down (you have to hit it a lot).  As soon as the door
      breaks, VERY QUICKLY jump on the chain and climb up and kill the
      goblin guard at the top.  If you donīt kill the guard at the top of
      the chain, he will kill the prisoner that is trying to escape.

  24) Once you kill the guard at the top of the chain, you will see the
      prisoner come within seconds behind you and he will jump on the
      right ledge and start pulling on a door.  Leave the prisoner their,
      go back down, and kill the sleeping guard.  Get the key he releases
      and free the other prisoner from the cell that was above yours.

  25) Go all the way up the chain and you should see both prisoners
      waiting in front of the door.  First jump left and go left and get
      the RING. Then go back to where the prisoners are, move the arrow
      to the one remaining key that you have, and push the joystick button.
      The door will open and both prisoners will begin running.
      second prisoner, he always gets hit by the spikes, but the first
      prisoner is saved as long as you run right next to him.  At the end
      of the hallway, this prisoner dissapears.  I donīt know what the
      significance of trying to free the prisoner is, but I suppose it is
      must be important, even though he gives you nothing in return.

  26) Once you get to the end of the hallway, keep going right and leave
      the Cystal Caverns.  You are done with this part of the game.

  27) Once you get back to the surface, go back up and get the parchment
      you left their earlier.  Then go right, to the rope, and go down the
      rope and on to the stone in the waterfall.  Jump right, from stone to
      stone, kill the ugly monster that greets you at the third stone.  And,
      when you jump from the third stone their will be two small stones
      next to each other, the first one is a creature, so donīt jump on it.
      Jump on the second of the two stones and then jump to the rope and
      climb up it.  Cross over that strip of land and get to the second
      rope.  Climb down that rope and half way down jump right to land

  28) You will now get to a bridge and on the other side of the bridge
      will be this brownish/gold guy with a sword.  DO NOT KILL HIM.  Lure
      him to the left back across the bridge and when he gets to this weak
      spot on the bridge, it will colapse making a hole in the bridge.
      Jump over the hole for now and go to the right and greet the old man.

  29) Offer the ring and the parchment to the old man and he will make you
      a weapon.  Pick up the weapon and go back to the bridge and fall
      through the hole in the bridge.  After you get sucked down the
      whirlpool, you will be in a new place.

 30)  In this new place, all the way right, fall down, and keep going right
      and pick up the HORN. Once you have the horn, go down the rope and
      jump right.  Go right and when you get to the snail ask him about:
      KARAMOON.  He will ask you if you want to go thier.  Say YES.  He
      will tell you it will cost you 36 coins and will ask you if you
      want to pay it.  Say YES.  He then takes you back to the surface
      and leaves you right where the old man used to be.

 31)  Go right, use the MACE to kill the two guys with the shields.  Keep
      going right and fall off the edge into the swamps.  Keep going right.
      Past the tree trunk with the snakes.  All the way to the edge of
      the land where the sea begins.  Point to the HORN and push the
      Joystick button and a sea monster will appear.  Climb on its back
      and it will take you across the channel to an island.  Jump off onto
      the island and go to the castle and enter.

 32)  Go into the castle, taking the upper stairs lead you to a locked door
      so donīt bother going that way.  Just go right, all the way right.
      You will find THE MAGE!  Kill the MAGE with the new weapon given to
      you by the old man.
   GAME OVER!!!!!!!!
    Written by:  Sheglyn Hack
    Solve by: Cygnus, Sheglyn Hack
    Call Hemispheres (305) 931-7107 (Soon to go public again!!!)

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