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 Beyond Good and Evil

Beyond Good and Evil

BBB   BBB EE           YYYYY     OOO      OOO  NNNNNN   NNN  DDD    DDD
BBB   BBB EE            YYY      OOO      OOO  NNN   NNNNNN  DDD    DDD
BBB   BBB EE            YYY      OOOO    OOOO  NNN    NNNNN  DDD    DDD


*** Walkthrough, FAQ, Pearl Guide, and Photo Guide.
*** By Khyron
*** Version 1.0


I.   Basics
     A. Characters
     B. Move list

II.  Items
     A. Usable Items
     B. Key Items
     C. Photo List
     D. Pearl List
     E. M-Disk List

III. Walkthrough

IV.  Credits and other info.


===   Section I - The Basics   ===

A : Characters


Weapon - Dai-jo Staff

Tools - Camera, Disc Launcher.

Jade is the main character of a story. She was orphaned by the war against 
the Domz. When she came to Hillys, she set up a shelter for other orphaned 
victims, in a Lighthouse. Jade is a freelance action reporter, willing to do 
missions for anyone willing to pay her for them. She's a strong fighter, with 
a strong will and kind heart.

Jade attacks with her Dai-Jo staff, which can charge up to do a powerful 
attack, hurting anything in range of her. It can also be upgraded to fire 
energy as she performs the energy-charge attack.

Her main tool is her camera. She can use it to make money and complete 
objectives. Once Jade has found a special glove, she can fire small discs, 
useful to distract guards or to make precision shots at enemy weak points.


Weapon - Cutter Hammer

Tools - Cutter Hammer, Jet Boots.

'Uncle' Pey'j is a close friend of Jade's. A portly pig-man, he's wonderful 
at fixing things, and more of a mechanic than a fighter. When things get 
tough, he can attack by propelling himself at the enemy with his trusty Jet 
Boots, an invention he made himself. Pey'j always looks out for Jade, 
sticking by her side and helping her through sticky situations as best he 

Pey'j can use his Jet Boots to fly up into the air, then slam down into the 
ground. This can knock enemies on the ground, into the air, and can flatten 
those he lands on. Soon after acquiring the boots, Pey'j will pick up his 
Cutter Hammer, allowing him to cut through bolts and bash enemies over the 

Double H

Weapon - Power Hammer

Tools - Power Hammer, Hillyan Army Armor

Double H is a member of Iris, the 'terrorist' network which opposes the Alpha 
Sections. A very dedicated soldier, who takes everything seriously, and works 
as hard as he can to oppose the Alpha Sections and expose the truth behind 
the DomZ attacks. As a member of the Hillyan Army, he is protected by sturdy 
armor and can walk through laser beams which Jade cannot. He's always quoting 
doctrines from Carlson Peeters Manual, which Jade seems to know as well...

When attacking, Double H has the same energy shield that the Alpha Section 
soldiers do, and uses a power hammer much like theirs. His super ability 
strikes the hammer against the ground, much like Pey'j's Jet boots attack 
can. As a special ability, he dons his army helmet and charges head-first 
into a barred or mesh grating. (He can also charge into Alpha Sections from 
behind, to damage their air tanks)


A heavily-accented holocron, part of Jade's computer. Secundo digitizes items 
for Jade, makes wisecracks, and helps her find work. He's also a master at 
computers like himself, and can help Jade and company whenever they need help 
running or repairing a computer they come across.


Hahn, Nino, and Mei. These three are the primary driving force behind all 
IRIS actions in Hillys. Hahn is the leader of the group, but not the chief of 
all IRIS activities in Hillys (The chief relays instructions from afar). Nino 
is the editor and spokesperson behind the IRIS network, the one who produces 
all the issues of their Newsletter. Mei is your main contact in IRIS, a cute 
feline girl. She's the one you speak with most of the time via E-mail, and 
the one you're sending your photos to.

Alpha Sections

These shady soldiers are said to be the main fighting force against the DomZ 
attacks, but why is it they always arrive late? And the kidnappings by the 
DomZ seem to be getting worse, even with their protection... their leader is 
a sinister-looking General who leads a propoganda campaign. You'll see, and 
hear him, quite often in the game...

B : Moves List

On foot : 

Movement - Arrow keys, WASD.


Crawl / Sneak - CTRL

Use object - Q

Buddy Action - E

Attack - Left mouse button

Dodge / Forward dive - Right mouse button

Camera view - Shift, or Numpad 0

Take Photo - Left-mouse-button while in camera view.

Toss Disk - Right-mouse-button while in camera view.

Combos - there are two combo attacks in the game. One is a short, fast combo 
that consists of tapping the mouse button twice. The second, is a longer, but 
more damaging combo. To execute this one, tap the button twice, pause a sec, 
then start tapping it rapidly. Jade should hit twice, then start spinning 
with her staff, finishing with a roundhouse kick and a vicious staff blow.

Backwards handstand - Face away from your enemy, hold down towards them and 
attack repeatedly. Jade should do a backwards handstand to kick the enemy. 
Sometimes she may just thrust her staff behind her to attack whomever is 

Charge Attack - This comes in two flavours. Regular, and strengthened. When 
you use it, hold down the mouse button to gather energy in the staff. When 
all the particles are in the staff, it will glow purple. Release the attack 
button to release a huge amount of energy in a wide circle. When you get the 
super-attack strengthener, after you release the attack button, tap it wildly 
to release globes of purple energy which home-in on enemies. These globes are 
the best for taking out alpha sections and alpha section flying robots.

===   Section II - Items   ===

A : Usable Items

Starkos - Starkos are small food items that restore 1 unit of health.
(Cost from vending machine : 150)

Box of K-Bups - Box of food that will restore ALL of your health when used.
(Cost from Vending machine : 300)

Boost Unit - Initiates a burst of speed while riding in the Hovercraft.

POD repair unit      - Heals 1 wrench for the Hovercraft.
(Cost from vending machine : 150)

Set of PODs          - Heals all wrenches on the hovercraft.
(Cost from Vending Machine : 300)

B : Key Items

Active Principle (PA1) - Increases your health by 1 heart.

PA1 - Lighthouse bathroom
PA1 - Entrance to Black Isle Mines
PA1 - Inside the Black Isle Mines (1500 Credits)
PA1 - Buy from Nouri in the City (1500 credits)
PA1 - Ming Tsu's shop (1500 credits)
PA1 - Nutripills factory, the generator area in the electrical room (Knock a 
mech into the electrical field to get to it)
PA1 - Nutripills factory, in a cabinet guarded by two alpha-sections.
PA1 - Nutripills factory, after defeating robot boss.
PA1 - Slaughterhouse, in the North Wing, protected by 2 Alpha Section 
soldiers and mines!
PA1 - Slaughterhouse, North Wing, up a mined ramp with an Alpha Section 
guarding the door.
PA1 - Slaughterhouse, East Wing, after travelling under the crate 
transportation area.
PA1 - Lunar Transmitter, in the Vending Machine.

Meca Impulsers increase the vehicle health by 1 wrench

Meca Impulser - Mammago Garage (1500 credits)
Meca Impulser - Mammago Garage (1500 credits)
Meca Impusler - Ming Tsu's shop (1500 credits)
Meca Impulser - Slaughterhouse Trolley section.
Meca Impulser - Volcano's Treasure

Animal Detector - Ming Tsu's shop (1000 credits) - Lets you see where on the 
map animals are, for you to photograph.

Pearl Detector - Ming Tsu's shop (3000 credits) - Shows you where pearls are 
on the map, that you don't have yet.

Super Attack Strengthener - Ming Tsu's shop (2000 credits) - When you use a 
super attack, this will shoot out orbs at enemies.

Gyrodisk Launcher - Nutripills factory, secured locker - Allows you to throw 
disks to hurt some enemies, set off traps and mines, cause a distraction, and 
to push buttons from far away.

C : Photo List

A list of all the species in Hillys, as well as how much the science center 
pays per photo.

Homo Sapien - 150un  - Everywhere! Well, the lighthouse, town, and Double-H
all count.
Adalia Octopunctata    - 200un  - Flying bug in Lighthouse
Capra Sapien           - 350un  - Goatlike children in Lighthouse
Canis Canis            - 100un  - Dog (Woof) in Lighthouse
Larus Albus            - 400un  - Seagulls
Priodontes Campestris  - 150un  - Field Armadillos outside of Lighthouse
Lampyris Campestris    - 300un  - Fireflies by Tree at night, Lighthouse
Sus Sapiens            - 600un  - Pey'j
Lutra Erectra          - 1000un - Otter above Lighthouse
Dipneustes Trilineatus - 400un - Fish swimming around (Lighthouse Hangar)
Rhinocerous Sapiens    - 300un  - Rhino guys in Mammago Garage.
Teratosaurus Imperator - 2000un - Wormlike Domz Boss (Mammago Garage)
Rascax Caeruleus       - 300un  - School of fish outside of the Garage area.
Aquilus Sapiens        - 300un  - Birdlike man selling newspapers
Walrus Sapiens         - 300un  - Walrus shopkeeper in Ming-Tzu's shop
Taurus Sapiens         - 350un  - Bull bartender at Akuda Bar
Carcharodon Sapiens    - 400un  - Sharklike people in the Akuda Bar
Astacus Erectus        - 400un  - Plated animals outside Black Isle Mines.
Musca Saprophagia      - 150un  - Flies found all over Hillys
Lycoperdon Fugiferus   - 400un  - Orange balloon creatures in dungeons.
Anemonia Mutabilis     - 500un  - Large purple anemonies in dungeons.
Crochax Velox          - 1000un - Flying enemies that grab hold of you
Polypody Amoeba        - 750un  - Amoeba found inside the Black Isle Mines
Cyanea Urtica          - 700un  - Green jellyfish-like creatures in dungeons.
Alicia Splendens       - 300un  - Waving tentacles found on walls of caves
Pelagia Pachydermis    - 800un  - Mutated green jellyfish - strong defense.
Spongus Gluanteus      - 500un  - Sponge at the bottom of Black Isle Mines.
Helix Rupestris        - 500un  - Large Nautilus snail in Black Isle Mines.
Papilio Pilosus        - 300un  - Pink Slug on a ledge at the mines entrance
Planaria Rupestris     - 500un  - Flying green creature in Black Isle Mines
Nautilus Fluoreus      - 500un  - Flying nautilus in the Black Isle Mines.
Palinurus Rupestris    - 900un  - Small squat monsters in dungeons
Pterolimax Gigantea    - 3000un - Black Isle Mines boss.
Arachnis Viridis       - 350un  - small spider creatures in dungeons.
Felis Sapiens          - 400un  - Feline girl (Mei) in the Iris HQ.
Bufo Erectus           - 450un  - Frogs outside of Vorax Lair.
Macropodia Omnivora    - 400un  - Little worms found outside dungeons.
Vorax Nocturnus        - 500un  - Flying blue enemies, huge fangs.
Rattus Giganteus       - 200un  - Rats, in many dungeons.
Cyclopeus Palustris    - 3500un - 'Reaper' enemy in the Nutripills factory.
Sarcophagus Domzii     - 900un  - 'Sarcophagus' Domz in various dungeons.
Rattus Albus           - 750un  - White rat found in the Nutripills factory
Blabera Gregaria       - 700un  - Small insects found in empty cabinets.
Aedes Raymanis         - 800un  - Mosquito in the Nutripills Laboratory.
Manta Cyanea           - 700un  - Manta Ray that flies over Hillys.
Manta Magnificens      - 850un  - Manta Ray that flies around Lighthouse.
Megaptera Purpurea     - 2200un - Giant whale behind the Black Isle.
Megaptera Borealis     - 2000un - Giant whale behind the Lighthouse.
Anguilla Bifida        - 600un  - Worm swimming around in slaughterhouse.
Trilobites Saltans     - 1100un - Crawling around in the Slaughterhouse.
Ignis Ignifera         - 700un  - Little flame creature in the Slaughterhouse
Timorea Saponifera     - 800un  - Little blue creature in the slaughterhouse.
Amoeba Saltans         - 500un  - Green amoeba in the Slaughterhouse.
Aurelia Magnificens    - 500un  - Jelly creature in the Volcano's Treasure.
Megaptera Anaerobia    - 800un  - Space-whale, encased in ice.

D : Pearl List

A list of all of the 88 pearls in Hillys, and where they're found.

#1 - Domz Lighthouse Monster
#2 - Domz Sea Serpent
#3 - Looter's Bounty (Looter's Cavern 1)
#4 - Science Center : Film of Animals 2
#5 - Victory in the Disk Game (Akuda Bar)
#6 - Rufus' Booty (Akuda Bar)
#7 - Science Center : Film of Animals 3
#8 - Race 1 Victory
#9 - Race 2 Victory
#10 - Domz Pterolimax (End of Black Isle Mines)
#11 - Science Center : Film of Animals 4
#12 - Pearl Crochax (Vorax Lair, behind Mammago Garage)
#13 - Taken back from the Alpha Sections (Shed behind Nouri's shop)
#14 - Bought from Nouri
#15 - Bought from Ming-Tzu
#16 - Taken Back from the Alpha Sections (From the 'Transit' sector, unmarked 
door in the Pedestrian district)
#17 - Science Center : Film of Animals 5
#18 - Looter's Booty (Looter's Cavern 2)
#19 - Taken Back from the Alpha Sections (Nutripills Factory - Lab)
#20 - DomZ Robot at the Factory (Nutripills Factory - Boss)
#21 - DomZ Torture Machine (Nutripills Factory)
#22 - Reaper (Nutripills Factory)
#23 - Hillyans' Donations (Complete Nutripills factory - Get from IRIS)
#24 - Hillyans' Donations (Complete Nutripills factory - Get from IRIS)
#25 - Hillyans' Donations (Complete Nutripills factory - Get from IRIS)
#26 - Hillyans' Donations (Complete Nutripills factory - Get from IRIS)
#27 - Hillyans' Donations (Complete Nutripills factory - Get from IRIS)
#28 - Science Center : Film of Animals 6
#29 - Taken Back from the Alpha Sections (Found in the Alpha Section HQ, 
behind the Laser fence in the Fountain Square)
#30 - Taken Back from the Alpha Sections (Found in the Alpha Section HQ, 
behind the Laser fence in the Fountain Square)
#31 - Taken Back from the Alpha Sections (Found in the Alpha Section HQ, 
behind the Laser fence in the Fountain Square)
#32 - Taken Back from the Alpha Sections (Found in the Alpha Section HQ, 
behind the Laser fence in the Fountain Square)
#33 - Taken Back from the Alpha Sections (Found in the Alpha Section HQ, 
behind the Laser fence in the Fountain Square)
#34 - Taken Back from the Alpha Sections (Found in the Alpha Section HQ, 
behind the Laser fence in the Fountain Square)
#35 - Taken Back from the Alpha Sections (Found in the Alpha Section HQ, 
behind the Laser fence in the Fountain Square)
#36 - Taken Back from the Alpha Sections (Found in the Alpha Section HQ, 
behind the Laser fence in the Fountain Square)
#37 - Taken Back from the Alpha Sections (Found in the Alpha Section HQ, 
behind the Laser fence in the Fountain Square)
#38 - Taken Back from the Alpha Sections (Found in the Alpha Section HQ, 
behind the Laser fence in the Fountain Square)
#39 - Taken Back from the Alpha Sections (Crochax pearl in the forbidden 
#40 - Taken Back from the Alpha Sections (Crochax pearl in the forbidden 
#41 - Taken Back from the Alpha Sections (Crochax pearl in the forbidden 
#42 - Alpha Sections HQ (Barred area in the Pedestrian Sector)
#43 - Alpha Sections HQ (Barred area in the Pedestrian Sector)
#44 - Alpha Sections HQ (Barred area in the Pedestrian Sector)
#45 - Victory in the Disk Game (After the Slaughterhouse)
#46 - Bought from Nouri (After the Nutripills Factory)
#47 - Bought from Ming-Tsu (After the Nutripills Factory)
#48 - Taken back fromt he Alpha Sections (Inside the Slaughterhouse, east 
#49 - Looter's Booty (Looter's Cavern 3)
#50 - DomZ Sea Serpent (After the Slaughterhouse)
#51 - Looter's Booty (Looter's Cavern 4)
#52 - Taken back from the Alpha Sections (Inside the Trolley area in the 
#53 - Hillyans' Donations (Collected from IRIS, Post-Slaughterhouse)
#54 - Hillyans' Donations (Collected from IRIS, Post-Slaughterhouse)
#55 - Hillyans' Donations (Collected from IRIS, Post-Slaughterhouse)
#56 - Hillyans' Donations (Collected from IRIS, Post-Slaughterhouse)
#57 - Hillyans' Donations (Collected from IRIS, Post-Slaughterhouse)
#58 - Hillyans' Donations (Collected from IRIS, Post-Slaughterhouse)
#59 - Hillyans' Donations (Collected from IRIS, Post-Slaughterhouse)
#60 - Hillyans' Donations (Collected from IRIS, Post-Slaughterhouse)
#61 - Hillyans' Donations (Collected from IRIS, Post-Slaughterhouse)
#62 - Hillyans' Donations (Collected from IRIS, Post-Slaughterhouse)
#63 - Hillyans' Donations (Collected from IRIS, Post-Slaughterhouse)
#64 - Hillyans' Donations (Collected from IRIS, Post-Slaughterhouse)
#65 - Taken back from the Alpha Sections (In a crate behind the laser 
barriers in the main canal)
#66 - Bought from Ming-Tzu (Post-Slaughterhouse)
#67 - Taken back from the Alpha Sections (Triangle door, just outside of the 
Akuda Bar)
#68 - Taken back from the Alpha Sections (Triangle door, just outside of the 
Akuda Bar)
#69 - Taken back from the Alpha Sections (Triangle door, just outside of the 
Akuda Bar)
#70 - Taken Back from the Alpha Sections (Slaughterhouses, protected by 4 
Alpha Sections, North Wing)
#71 - Race 3 Victory
#72 - Race 4 Victory
#73 - DomZ Sea Serpent (Aerial version, after you get the Beluga Working)
#74 - Volcano Crochax (Volcano's Treasure, on top of the Black Isle)
#75 - Volcano Crochax (Volcano's Treasure, on top of the Black Isle)
#76 - Volcano Crochax (Volcano's Treasure, on top of the Black Isle)
#77 - Volcano Crochax (Volcano's Treasure, on top of the Black Isle)
#78 - Volcano Crochax (Volcano's Treasure, on top of the Black Isle)
#79 - Volcano Crochax (Volcano's Treasure, on top of the Black Isle)
#80 - Volcano Crochax (Volcano's Treasure, on top of the Black Isle)
#81 - Volcano Crochax (Volcano's Treasure, on top of the Black Isle)
#82 - Volcano Crochax (Volcano's Treasure, on top of the Black Isle)
#83 - Volcano Crochax (Volcano's Treasure, on top of the Black Isle)
#84 - Volcano Crochax (Volcano's Treasure, on top of the Black Isle)
#85 - Volcano Crochax (Volcano's Treasure, on top of the Black Isle)
#86 - Volcano Crochax (Volcano's Treasure, on top of the Black Isle)
#87 - Volcano Crochax (Volcano's Treasure, on top of the Black Isle)
#88 - Volcano Crochax (Volcano's Treasure, on top of the Black Isle)

E : M-Disk List

A list of all the M-Disks in Hillys.

1  - Game Save
   - You start with this!

2  - Mr De Castellac
   - You get this at the lighthouse, after restoring power.

3  - The Pearl and The Currents
   - Given to you by IRIS, to detail your mission.

4  - For Jade
   - Given to you by Pey'j in the Nutripills Factory.

5  - Surveillance Camera
   - Found in the Nutripills Factory

6  - Hillyan Army Databank
   - Found in the Nutripills Factory computer room, near where you found #5

7  - Beluga Check-Up
   - Found in the Hangar after you open it up and find the Beluga.

8  - Animal Species
   - A collection of all the Animals that you photographed. (Given once you
 find all photos!)

9  - Iris 511
   - First Iris disk from Ming-Tsu.

10 - Iris 512
   - 2nd Iris disk. Details your report from the Black Isle Mines.

11 - Iris 513
   - 3rd Iris disk. Details your report from the Nutripills Factory.

12 - Iris 514
   - 4th Iris disk. Details your report from the Slaughterhouse.

13 - ???   (Unknown, possibly get 1st place in all Races?)
   - ???

14 - Pearl Game
   - Reward for finding all 88 pearls

===   Section III - Walkthrough   ===


After the intro finishes, start attacking the Domz as they come near you.
This is an easy fight, just keep combo'ing each one in turn. There are two
different combos you can do : First, tap the mouse button 3 times in a row,
and you'll hit twice, followed by a powerful third blow. Second, if you tap
the mouse button twice, then pause, then start tapping some more, you'll
start a spinning attack, dealing MUCH more damage. Either way, you should
have no troubles here.

Once you've defeated the Domz, Jade is taken belowground to confront a very
large, dangerous Domz. Pey'j runs in to rescue her. As this battle starts,
charge up your Dai'jo staff (Hold down Attack) to break out of the spikes
that hold you. Run up to the boss, and attack his Eye. After a few hits,
spikes rise up and the boss's eye will rise out of range. When this happens,
charge up the staff and hit him with a charge attack to knock him down. Hit
him a few more times until he rises up, then charge-attack him again. Repeat
this until he dies.

Grab the pearl, and an Alpha Section soldier will come down to let you up,
and to tell you that it's save above. Float up, out of the cavern.

After the cutscene, grab your Camera. Your camera is used as one of your 
primary moneymakers. You need 350 units to charge up the shield, and there 
are plenty of things to photograph inside the lighthouse. Start by taking a 
photo of the child with glasses, and the insect (150 and 200 units, 
respectively). This will be enough to get the power back on, and the shield 
turned on.

Turn around, go into the kitchen. There's a Starkos on the counter. This will 
refill one heart. Take it, then take the 3 in the fridge. Go to the stove, 
kick it open, and take one more. Turn around, and run up the ramp to the 
second level.

Up here, take a photo of the goatlike child with horns (There are 2) for 
another 350 units, then take a photo of the large dog for 100 more. To the 
right of the dog, is Jade's room. Enter there, and run up the ramp, to get 
another starkos. Head out, then make an immediate left. Push the button on 
the wall to enter the bathroom, and get an Active Principle, which increases 
your health meter by 1 heart. Run out, hit the other button on the wall, and 
run outside to the shield. It's easy to take a photo of a Seagull out here 
for 400 units. There's a two-legged otter above the shield, but I wasn't able 
to take a photo of it. You need the zoom feature, which we can't get yet. 
Head back down to the dog, Woof. Try to take the item from his mouth, and 
he'll run outside, chase him out there. Run up to him, and hit Mouse2 to dive 
at him. When you grab him, he'll stop and you can take the Box of K-Bups, 
which restores ALL your health.

Take a photo of the field armadillo for 150 unts, and if it's nighttime, you 
can go move down by the tree to get a photo of Fireflies, worth 300 units (If 
it's not Night, just wait, it will be eventually :) If you use your camera 
and look for Solaris, you can watch the sun set! ). Head back up, run into 
the door that Pey'j went into, the one by the spinning, floating beacon. 
Follow it into the hangar, then into Pey'j's Workshop. Take a photo of Pey'j. 
This will give you a full roll of film, which rewards you with the Digital 
Zoom. Run over and grab the Mdisk, then play it at the MDisk player that 
Pey'j was working on. Run outside.

Run back up the lighthouse to snap a picture of the otter. It's worth a cool 
1000 credits. Back in the Hangar, grab the two Boost units and two POD repair 
units from the workbench, then start pushing the motor. Pey'j will help you, 
and you'll power up the Hovercraft. Before you leave, make sure to snap a 
photo of the fish down in the water of the Hangar!


Jump in the Hovercraft, then head out to the open waters. Look for a building 
with smoke pouring out - easy to spot. That's the garage. You won't be able 
to make it there, the hovercraft will break down, but you'll get towed in. In 
the garage, are three rhino-people. Take a photo of any of them, it's worth 
300 units.

Run in and buy the Speedcraft Motor for 1 pearl - the only thing you can 
afford, for now! It's automatically installed on your Hovercraft. Turn 
around, to the K-bups dispenser. There, you can buy a Meca Impulser which 
increases your Hovercraft's health gauge by 1 wrench. It costs 1500. If 
you've taken every photo so far, you have 3200 units, so buy it! Don't buy 
anything else, though. Run to the back of the store, to the space engine. The 
dispenser there has another Meca Impulser, for 1500. Head back out, and into 
your hovercraft.

Now another powerful Domz will attack. It's a FAST moving wormlike doms that 
hovers over the water. Try to take a photo if you can, for a good 2000 units, 
then fight him off. He's fairly easy. If you stay in one spot or move slowly, 
he'll rush you, giving you ample opportunity to shoot his head. If you 
accelerate behind him, just stay behind him and fire like mad, he goes down 
fast. Successfully defeating him nets you a 2nd pearl.

After defeating him, snap a photo of the school of fish. An Alpha Section 
flying machine will stop you if you go to the right, so go left into the Main 
Canal. Here, travel straight until you come to a 4-way intersection, then 
make a right, to the pedestrian district.

In the Pedestrian District, head around and up the ramp to the bird man at 
the newspaper vendor. Snap a photo of him for 300 units. A walruslike person 
wanders around here frequently, look for him and snap a photo for 300 more. 
Head up the alley across from the newspaper vendor, and enter the Akuda Bar. 
In here, snap a photo of the bartender (Bull-like man) for 350 units, and one 
of the Shark people for 400, bringing you up to 3850 units and finishing a 
2nd roll of film, granting you a pearl.

The shark person in the booth, talking with the woman, has a code for Room 2 
on the paper in front of him. If you get too close, he'll cover it up. Try to 
get as close as you can without him covering it, and jot down the code. Run 
upstairs to room #2, and use the code. Inside, grab 3 boost units, then kick 
open the locker to take the pearl. Head outside, and go into Room 1 to get a 
ticket from the goat man there.

Upstairs, you can play the pearl game for cash, or downstairs you can play 
the pellets game against the shark. If you wager 1000 units against the 
shark, you can win a Pearl. Try it if you want, then head back outside. Head 
right, then down the ramp to the Street Vendor. Buy the PA1 from her, and if 
you can afford it, the pearl as well (PA1 costs 1500, Pearl costs 3000. You 
may want to play the games in the Akuda bar to earn money for these). You 
can't go further because the guards block your way, so head back to the 
hovercraft. From there, use your compass to head to the Black Isle.

Black Isle

Talk to the chauffer, then save your game. Run up until you see a small 
alcove to your right, and enter it. Inside is a vent to jump into. There, 
you'll find a group of odd plated animals. Snap a photo for 400 units, and 
grab the Starkos and the boost unit in this area, then head back.

In the large area with the beetles, to your right is an AP1 you can't reach 
yet, and in front of you is a closed door. Stand on one arrow and tell Pey'j 
to stand on the other with the Action key, to open the door. Run inside to 
the Mine. Plenty of things to photograph in here. Start with the fly in the 
first area for 150 units. Run over to the broken ladder, and then talk to 
Pey'j when he calls you over to him, to view the Jet Boots. Hit E to send 
Pey'j flying up... then falling down. Run over and stand on a button, and 
tell Pey'j to use the super action to launch you up. Run over to the gear 
between two boards, and use the action with it to drop the two ramps.

Snap a photo of the map and Analyze it to get a map of the area. Then snap a 
photo of the orange balloon inside of the spiky shell. The latter is worth 
400 units. Run up to it, then have Pey'j use his Jet Boots attack to pop one 
out. You can hit it in any direction, but aim it at the crates of explosives. 
One will open an alcove containing a boost and two Starkos. The other leads 
you to a large, purple anemone. A photo of it is worth 500 units. Run up and 
start smacking it to get Materia crystals from it - each crystal is worth 5 

A grate will block your path - turn around and enter the alcove to your 
right. Here, attack the materia crystal on the ground to get a bunch of 
crystals, and send two balloons flying - Aim one one balloon at the 
explosives in the cart, and the other balloon at the larger materia crystal. 
Gather the small crystals, then run up the ramp you just dropped. Head right 
to get in a fight with a flying Crochax. Try to snap a photo for 1000 units. 
Kill it and grab the Materia. Past it, push the Cart until it's next to the 
wooden barricade, then use the small gear in the corner. Jump up onto the 
ramp you just lowered.

In this new shaft, snap photos of the green jellies for 700 units, a photo of 
the waving tentacles on the walls for 300 units, and the jellies covered with 
brown shells for 800 units. (This should finish Roll of Film #3 and grant you 
another Pearl) Kill all the monsters in this area for money. At the end, 
stand on the two arrows to open the door.

In this area, kick open the lockers for a Boost Unit, Box of K-Bups, and 
Pey'j's cutting hammer weapon and tool. I'd recommend buying all the starkos 
from the vending machine, and saving the game. Now Pey'j can open up the 
grates with his tool. Run down the path, and make a LEFT at the evacuation 
map. Photograph the huge creature at the bottom (the Spongus one) for 500 
units, then run past and wait for the creature to emerge from its shell, and 
take a photo of it for 500 more units. Head out of this shaft using the 
tunnel to the right of the evacuation map.

Head all the way back out of the Secondary Shaft, down the ramps, and this 
time let's backtrack all the way out to the mine entrance (Not a long run, 
really). Remember the vent? We're going in again. This time, tell Pey'j to 
use his action on the grating. Run to the end of the vent, and snap a photo 
of the pinkish slug thing that you see across the yard, netting you 300 
units. Jump off the vent and you'll land on a ledge with an AP1. I'd 
recommend giving it to Pey'j, but that's your choice there. To give it to 
pey'j, open your inventory, go into the S-A-C, select it, then move the 
cursor to Pey'j and drop it on his picture.

Head back into the mine, down to the grating that barred your path before. 
Open it with Pey'j's cutters, then buy everything in the dispenser machine 
(Another PA1 is here!). Head down, Jade will hug the wall under the ramp. 
Pey'j will stay behind, but he can still do his super action. Use it once to 
hit the crystal with an orange balloon creature, then run up the ramp and 
push the cart all the way over. Head back down and hit the cart with an 
orange balloon guy, to knock down the ramp for Pey'j. After fighting off the 
enemies, run back over the ramp to the hole in the wall it was covering. At 
the top, take a photo of the amoeba (750 units). Heac back out, and use 
Pey'j's jet boots to catapult you up on the switches, just like at the mine 
entrance. Jump into the new room and press the button to open the door. Save 
the game on the Mdisk machine. In the corner of the room, kick the power box 
to turn off the lights. Then, grab your camera, and look up towards the 
middle of the room. There should be a greenish creature circling there! Snap 
a photo. Open the grate, and head out.

Take a photo of the flying nautilus shells, nabbing 500 units, then jump 
down. After Jade steps on the eggs, take a photo of the creatures you fight 
(900 units). If you use Pey'j's super action, he can knock these into the 
air, just like the orange balloons. Use this ability to hit the large materia 
crystals and ramps, as you fight. Make SURE you knock down the ramp, to gain 
access to a Mdisk player and three crystals you can hit with your staff! Run 
to the gear and have Jade use it, to lower a platform. Buy everything in the 
dispenser unit again, then move on. Make your way past the anemonies until 
you find one that's on the ground instead of a wall. After hitting it until 
the tentacles retract, use Pey'j's super ability to smash it flat. Run past, 
and be ready for the boss. To your right, is the photo you need to take, of 
the two creatures. Wait until they both pop out, then snap a photo. The boss 

There are 4 holes the boss can pop out of. When it appears, take a photo 
(3000 units!), then have Pey'j stun it with his super attack. Do a combo, 
then kill the jellies that pop out. Use Pey'j to stun it the next time it 
pops out, combo it, then kill the flying creatures. Now the boss will fly 
over you and attack with a laser. Charge up your staff to hit it when it 
comes near you. Once you hit it, it drops down again. Repeat this process 
(Combo it, then charge attack when it flies over) until the boss bites the 
dust. Another pearl is yours! As is a cool 3000 units for a job very well 


After the cutscene, jump into your hovercraft and head back to town, to the 
Pedestrian district. At the newsstand, you should have more than enough 
credits to subscribe to both newspapers. Do so if you want to. Across from 
the vendor, is a door. Head in. You'll be blocked by red beams, but you can 
snap a photo of a spider there for 350 units. Head out, then into the Akuda 
bar. Save your game. I'd recommend doing the pellet game for a pearl - you 
have plenty of money to spare. If you lose too much cash, just load the game 
and try again. It's tough, but the pearls are very necessary. Be sure to 
practice in the 'training' mode a couple times before you play for the pearl!

Head upstairs and talk to Peepers. Give him the password, then play his game. 
It's very easy. This gives you a ticket, jot down what the code is. Use the 
code to enter the Iris base. Once in there, watch the cutscene and take a 
photo of the cat girl (400 units). This should net you another pearl. Go 
down, watch the cutscene, then grab the mdisk and watch it. Save your game, 
then head out. Now that you have a city pass, go back to the square where the 
guards stopped you before. Buy the AP1 and Pearl from the street vendor, if 
you didn't before. At this point, doing everything I've told you (If you 
didn't lose too much money getting the pearl from the pellet game), you 
should have around 11000-13000 units.

Head back out to the main plaza, past the guards, and enter the door leading 
to 'Transit'. Here, kick the materia box for some units, push the locker 
aside, and crawl through the opening. You can crawl under lasers that are 
high, and dive (Right-mouse-button) over the low lasers. The point of this 
area is to reach the pearl at the top. To do so, you'll need to follow the 
conveyor belts until you reach one that has a small nook to the side, where 
you can jump to another. Be sure to dive over the low lasers, crawl under the 
tall ones, as you go. The closer to the pearl you get, the harder it will be! 
If you get lost in this area, stop on a nook, take out your camera, and plan 
the route to the pearl. Once you grab the pearl, exit the area, then enter 
Ming Tsu's shop.

First, talk to the storekeeper and give him the Password. He'll give you two 
MDisks (Iris newsletter issues) and subscribe you to the Iris NewsFLASH that 
e-mails you with the headlines. Second, take a photo of the fish in the tank 
next to him :)

Buy a pearl detector (3000 units), animal detector (1000 units), Pearl (3999 
units), then you have your choice - buy a super-attack strengthener for 2000 
units, or buy an AP1 and Meca Impulser for 1500 each. I'd suggest the latter, 
as I didn't find the super-attack strengthener all that useful. It's up to 
you. I'd suggest coming back after you get more cash to get it.

Head back to the Mammago Garage. You can easily afford the Neutralising 
cannon at this point, it's only 5 pearls. It's installed automatically, and 
this IS needed to complete the mission. Once you head out, the Domz attack 
again! This is a good opportunity to test out the cannon. Only fire it at the 
ships that have GREEN contrails.

Now you should have 4 pearls if you've followed my directions and done 
everything so far. We can still get 5 more at this point.

1) Do the hovercraft races 1 and 2. Winning nabs you a pearl and 1000 
credits, for each race.

2) Straight out from the Mammago Garage is a beach, with a cavern leading to 
the Looters Cavern 1. Follow the Looter through this cavern to get a pearl. 
Shoot at boxes along the way to get extra materia crystals for extra money. 
Avoid the red beams - they'll damage your Hovercraft. If you don't think 
you'll make it through a door, use a speed boost. At the end, shoot him to 
get money and a crystal!

3) Across the bay is a cavern to the Vorax's Lair. Enter this area and snap a 
photo of the frogs (450 units), then press the button on the cabinet and grab 
two boost's and an AP1. I'd suggest giving this to Pey'j so you have 6 life, 
he has 4. Save and enter the cavern. Use Pey'j's super attack to knock some 
of the small enemies into the air, and knock them into the ramp and materia 
crystals around. Run up the ramp and kill the jellies, then use the orange 
balloons to knock down the ramps and hit the materia. Cross the ramp leading 
to the 2nd balloon to knock down another ramp, get more materia, etc. Head 
back, then run down the ramp and attack the materia crystal for money. Jump 
over and kill all 3 Crochax for a pearl!

4) Head out and to the right, down the water passage guarded by an Alpha 
Patrol ship. Since you have the Neutralizer cannon, you can destroy it. AFter 
it's dead, shoot the crates in the water for money, then enter the Looters 
Cavern 2. Use the same tactics as the LC1 to get another Pearl.

Head down the channel further. Another alpha ship appears, and tows you away. 
Shoot it down, then enter the cavern near it. In here, take a photo of the 
little worms (400 units), then kick 'em for a few units. You can't enter this 
door yeT, so head back out to the channel. After getting all five (2 races, 2 
looters, 1 vorax lair) pearls, head down to the black isle area. You'll see a 
huge pipe leading to the Nutripills factory, with another Alpha Section ship 
guarding it. Blow the ship to peices, then enter the factory.

Nutripills Factory

At this point, You should have 5 PA1's. I would recommend giving one or two 
to Pey'j. Otherwise he'll get whiny about it :) Once you've given some to 
Pey'j, jump up a couple steps and turn around. Take a photo of the flying, 
fanged creature, the Vorax (500 units). Keep hopping up until you see a bar 
code in red. This is the serial number you need to send the governer. Just 
take a photo, get the code, enter the door. It's that easy. Now you're inside 
the main area of the factory.

First, have Pey'j open the gate, and run through. The rats here are easy 
enemies. Kick 'em for 1 materia (5 units of money), or dive on 'em with the 
right-click, for 2 materia. Take a photo (200 units), then run over to the 
red lasers. Dive over the first, then crouch under the second, then dive over 
the third and push the button to turn them all off. Next, you need to push 
the crate into the groove on the floor, then over to block the electricity. 
Save your game now, at the Mdisk player. Next to the elevator, is a broken 
piston. Pey'j can fix it, but it doesn't have any power to move, or a fuse. 
That's your next step.

Turn to the right, and enter the Laboratory. The second you open up the 
elevator, you'll be attacked by tons of mechanical spider things. Since 
they're not living, don't bother with a picture (They're hard as hell to 
photgraph, too). The ones in red, are the ones about to attack, wait until 
they get in range then swipe at 'em once. Get on the elevator, then ride it 
up. At the top, run towards the electricity. A Security robot shows up. You 
can't kill it with your staff alone, but if you combo it, the laser will aim 
upwards so you won't have to worry so much about damage. The goal is to knock 
it into the electricity, which damages the electrical field. Once you do 
so... run through the door. Here you'll find Double H being tortured by the 
DomZ. Take a photo as evidence, then turn around and photograph the serial 
number. Since you got the evidence, the governer will send you the code. Use 
it, to get the Gyrodisk Launcher. Turn around, and use it on the Domz machine 
to free Double H, and earn a pearl. Walk up to the Grate, and have Double-H 
do his special action for a way out, and a laugh :) Run around to the other 
side, and save, a boss battle is coming up next.

Wallhug your way back to the main elevator room, and you'll be attacked by a 
huge green critter, who grabs Pey'j. Take a photo first (3500 units!). He'll 
jump up to the side of the room. Zoom in your camera, use a Gyrodisk to make 
him jump back down. While he's up on the side of the room, he'll fire green 
shots. Just stand between two of them to avoid getting hit. Be sure not to be 
around him when he lands. After he lands, fire another gyrodisk to make him 
cover his eye. Run up, and smack him around with your staff. He'll take a 
beating, then jump back up. Repeat this process : Hit him with a gyrodisk 
when he's up on the ducting on the wall, avoid him when he lands, fire a disk 
to blind him, then hit him with your staff. Do it three or four more times, 
and he should let go of Pey'j, and die.

After he dies, backtrack across the crate that's blocking the electricity, 
all the way back down to your ship. Once in the ship, head through the tunnel 
in the top of the screen to reach the pearl that the creature drops. Head 
back up, and once you jump back over the crate to the main elevator area, 
make a sharp right, to enter the electrical room. Time your run past the 
electrical arcs, until you reach the room with the fan. This part is easy : 
Hit the fan a couple times with the gyrodisk to make it power up the button 
out of here. Be sure to bnuy the kbups from the vending machine, then push 
the button to enter the dynamo area.

Circle around to the back of the dynamo (Generator), and grab the keycard. A 
robot will attack. You can stun it briefly by having Pey'j use his jet boots 
attack with E, or whatever you bound it to. If it starts glowing red, it's 
going to roll at you, so dodge out of the way. Smack it when it's not red, 
until it dies. It's a bit tricky, but you'll get the hang of it. After you 
kill it, grab the keycard and circle back around to the front of the dynamo. 
Five more will attack you (What a pain!). Be SURE to have Pey'j use his jet 
boots attack, and knock one of them into the electricity! That way, you can 
get another PA1! Once they're all dead, use the key on the triangular button, 
to turn off the power. Now grab the fuse. When the power comes on, turn it 
off again, then quickly run behind the generator, to grab a second fuse! Run 
back to the elevator.

Use one of the fuses in the elevator, then look up at the cable that's been 
severed in two. The support for that cable is damaged. Toss a gyrodisk up at 
the damaged support, and the cable will drop down, gaining power from the 
electrical field below! Now you can use the Elevator to head up. I'd advise 
saving your game before you head up. Once you're ready, go to the top of the 
elevator, to the upper hall. Once you hit the top, Pey'j gives you a disk. 
Run up to the double-doors, and have Pey'j push one button, while you push 
the other. THey both have to be hit at once. Once inside, the Domz attack! 
Try to take a photo if you can, it's worth 900 units. 




Once they're dead, climb up the machinery and kick open the grate. First, 
walk (DO NOT RUN, or you may trip an alarm!) over the pipe to the middle. 
Turn around, and you'll see some crates going through an X-Ray machine. When 
they pass through the machine, you'll see a skeleton appear. Photograph that 
skeleton for the first report! WALK over to the far side of the pipe, and 
enter that room. There's a grate with a white mouse, jump down and walk down 
the ramp. At the bottom, is a map of the factory. Photgraph it, and analyze 
it, for the map of the area. Then crouch, and SNEAK up to the white mouse to 
grab a photo. Then head back to where Pey'j is.

Bummer, Pey'j is gone now. And WILL be gone, for almost the rest of the game. 
You will find ONE PA1 that Pey'j drops. If you gave him 2 or more PA1's, then 
you get ONE back. So you CAN lose PA1's if you're not careful here! Push the 
crate underneath the slit in the door. Jump on top, then throw a disk through 
the slit, and hit the button to open the door. You can't pass the lasers, so 
kick open the grate next to them, and crawl through. After a very brief 
conversation with Double H, crawl through, past the guards, then kick the 
rats as they come out of their holes for a few credits. Be prepared for some 
stealth maneuvers, as now you're up against Alpha Sections, who are VERY 
strong, VERY tough, VERY good fighters!

If you missed the report with the X-Rays earlier, here is another place to 
get them. First, throw a disk at the air tank on the soldier watching the 
crates. The second soldier will be alarmed, so stay out of his sight! When 
the second soldier runs to help the first, throw a disk at HIS air tank! Now 
they'll both be helpless. Run up and kick them to kill them. Alternatively, 
sneak slowly past them to avoid detection. If they detect you, run back to 
entrance to the area, and jump into the small nook. There you can avoid 
getting spotted.

In the second room, do the same :) Either nail both of the Alpha Sections in 
the air tanks with disks, or crouch under the small wall, wait until the 
patrolling guard turns around, then run into the next area. In this area, 
there's only 1 patrolling guard, but nowhere to crouch. Either sneak behind 
him carefully, or just toss a disk at his back and kick him to kill him. I 
recommend the latter. In the final area, Double H needs your help to get past 
the flames. You need to use the Gyrodisks to hit the buttons under the 
flames, 1 at a time, starting from the left. Be quick! Once you're past, save 
the game, and have Double-H push the button to lower the lasers. You can 
watch Pey'j's Message if you want (Touching...). Also, I'd recommend giving 
Double -H a PA1 or two. Don't worry, he won't vanish like Pey'j did. Run down 
the corridor, and you'll find an alpha section soldier blocking your path! 
Don't bother trying to fight him, jump up on the machinery, and run OVER him. 
Then kick him from behind :) You can sneak away, but why not get an extra 
kill, and 5 more units? :D

In this next area, you have two options. Either sneak past the two guards, or 
KILL 'EM! I definitely suggest the latter, as this is a hard part to sneak 
past... but if you can get past the area they're both at, you can open a 
cabinet for another PA1, a set of PODs (Think of it as a box of K-Bups, for 
the hovercraft :) ), and a Box of K-Bups. Run out, and around, to the X-Ray 
verification room. Turn off the lasers here, and you can return to the 
entrance where they kidnapped Pey'j. However, there's no need to go there 
yet, except to save if you want. Now, see those boxes moving across they 
conveyor belt? The object is simple - keep a box between you and the Alpha 
Section guard at all times. Sneak past him by staying behind a box, it's that 
easy :) Another alpha section guard will be ahead, but don't bother. You 
can't sneak past him, and killing him wastes time. To your right is an alcove 
of boxes, run over there. Don't worry if he sees you, it leads to another 
area, he won't follow.

In the closet, kill the rats if you want, then run around to the vending 
machine. Buy the K-Bups, and the starkos if you want. Make sure you have at 
least one starkos! Head over to the cabinet in the corner. It's empty! Put a 
Starkos in, then be ready to photograph the little insects that come out... 
another 700 units in your pocket. Head out, then climb up the boxes and enter 
the Nutripills vat area. Press the button on the pipe next to the rat, to 
make the guard come investigate. After he checks the pipe, sneak past him, or 
use a disk to disable him as he returns to his post. I always suggest the 
latter ;) Run past him. In this area, you can hit the spiders with disks for 
some money, if you want. Push the button next to the conveyor for the MDisk 
inside, and open the cabinet for Pey'j's Jet boots, and a starkos. Take a 
close look at the bottom of Pey'j's boots! Here are two codes... run past, 
and two robots will attack. Combo both of them to make them aim up, to avoid 
damage, then knock each one into an electrical field. In the room with the 
cabinet the boots were in, run through the door to the Computer Room. Open 
the cabinet for another MDisk.

If you haven't watched Pey'j's message by now, watch it now. The codes on the 
bottom of the boots, are the codes he mentions! Also, watch the surveillance 
mdisk, and if you want, the hillyan army databank mdisk. Save the game, while 
you're at it. Head out, then through to routing. Two routes are currently 
blocked off for you, so go though the hall with the blue lasers. Jump/duck 
past them, then push the button to open the door. quickly run up to the red 
lasers, then crawl under, and dive under through the door. Time to be 
STEALTHY. Crouch under the blue lasers and stay crouched behind the barrier 
until the guard turns away. Then crawl underneath the platform he's on. Head 
around to the back, and toss a disk at him when he's turned away, to kill 
him. Ride the grav shaft up.

This part can be tricky. You've got to sneak behind one of the soldiers, and 
avoid the attention of the other. If you're lucky, you can toss a disk and 
the two soldiers will walk very close to each other, making it VERY easy to 
move behind them. If you get caught, run away to the little niche in the 
corner, and hide there until they don't notice you anymore. Sometimes they'll 
call a probe to scan the area for you, if so, DO NOT BE CAUGHT IN HIS LASERS. 
You will be instantly killed. Once past these guys, you'll find an area where 
boxes are being moved from one conveyor to another. What you're SUPPOSED to 
do, is to crawl past the guard by using the box as cover, then use the crane 
to move across the conveyors to the other side. Myself? I killed 'em with 
disks, but it was a DIFFICULT fight... If you absolutely have to, try to 
remember that the staff's super-charge ability is the BEST way to take out 
these guys, as it often hits their air tanks.

Once you're on the far conveyor belt, head through the door. To get past the 
electricity, just be sure to duck, and once you're past, save. Wall hug past 
the window, and you'll see your next objective... the Alpha Section soldier. 
You've gotta take a picture of him, but you can't from where you're at. At 
the far side, you can see the button on top, but you can't reach it. Hit it 
with a disk, then get on the platform. Once on the platform, hit the button 
with another disk, then QUICKLY duck under the electricity. Crawl through the 
duct, and you'll see a lone alpha section soldier guarding this area. Stay in 
the duct, however, and you'll see an opening to shoot his tank easily, once 
he turns away.

The next area has some blue lasers that slowly move up and down. Just dive 
over the ones that are down, and walk under the ones that are up. Easy! Now 
you can finally take a photo of the Alpha Section, to finish your report! 
Move along, and you'll find two alpha sections patrolling. Try to nail 'em 
both with disks, one at a time... Moving along you'll find ANOTHER patrolling 
Alpha Section... easy pickings for you and your disk launcher! :) In this 
third section, crawl down to the landing, but NOT all the way down the ramp. 
Before you move on, make sure that BOTH soldiers are looking away, or you may 
end up being caught on the ramp. Once they are, either sneak past them, or 
just kill 'em both. Of course... I suggest the latter. In the corner of the 
room, is a vital keycard, inside a cupboard. Grab it, turn off the lasers, 
and head on through. Now you will see a door to use your new keycard on. Do 
so! You'll end up behind the alpha section guarding the door. Since you're 
behind him... well, you know what to do! :) After he's been dispatched, take 
a photo of the lock he was guarding, and send it to missus mayor for the 

Head through, and it's boss time! To kill this boss, hit its leg so that it 
lifts. Double-H will come down to help you. Essentially, you must tell him to 
attack with E (Or whatever you bound it to), and then attack as well. Be sure 
you're attacking the leg with the DomZ growth on it, and Double-H will attack 
the other. Once the boss falls over, toss a disk in to hurt it. Repeat this a 
few times to get yet another pearl! Head past the broken electrical barrier, 
and grab another PA1. Save your game, then head down the elevator. Head down 
to the bottom of the service elevator area, then go into the laboratory. Push 
the containers into the small slots on either side of the electrical barrier, 
to open it up for you. Inside, take a photo of the mosquito on top of the 
cow, then take the pearl inside the machine. Time to head all the way out to 
the elevator room, and save!

Head out, then over the bridge to the barred room. Double-H can break through 
the bars, openning a path for you. You should have one fuse left, put it 
in... now you only have a few minutes to get Double-H back to IRIS! Head back 
to the hovercraft (Don't get too far away from Double-H!), then out of the 
factory. In this part, use CTRL to zoom past most of the mines. Just dodge 
the mines as best you can, and rush to the city. Lead Double-H through the 
city to the Akuda bar, then up to the IRIS hideout. After the cutscene, grab 
the pearls. You'll get 5 pearls for finishing the Nutripills mission!


First and foremost, save your game! You've just completed your first mission, 
and your next big one is coming up. Head outside. (I personally LOVE how the 
people start to back you up after you complete the mission :) ) At this 
point, you have several keycards, and can start reclaiming pearls from the 
Alpha Sections. Just outside of the Akuda bar, is a door with a triangle. Use 
your key to enter. Inside, kick the materia box for some cash, then push the 
BIG box with Double-H's help. Crawl under the beam, then get ready for a 
TOUGH descent! I'll go through it step-by-step.

First, after crawling under the blue beams, drop down and hang on the edge 
where the ladder is. Don't fall until the lasers start to power down!
Second, drop down when the lasers are at the top and left, respectively.
Third, wait for the two lasers to pass you, then crawl to the next barrier.
Fourth, simply move past when the lasers go down.
Fifth, crawl to the left until blocked by the laser. Don't worry about the 
one chasing you. Just keep moving left. When the laser blocking your path 
powers down, move again. The laser that's chasing you shouldn't get a chance 
to touch you.

Last, drop down each area individually. Wait until the laser moves past, then 
follow it. THe last laser is FAST, you may lose a heart.

Down in this area, is a new problem you'll have to face. See the two floating 
turrets? By thsemselves, they won't be able to touch you. But, when you get 
caught by a guard, they'll instantly kill you, and force you to restart the 
area. VERY annoying, but nothing you can do about it... Move down the shaft 
with the blue lasers to enter the area. Your goal is to get up the ladder and 
into the vent. I wouldn't recommend even TRYING to kill the alpha sections in 
this area, you'll end up dead instead. Just follow one of them as they walk 
through the lasers, until you reach the vent, then jump up. Kick the rats to 
get past. Move ALL the way down the vent, and shoot the button through the 
broken glass. Then move back to the opening, and shoot the button there. All 
the lasers should be off now. Now you're 3 pearls richer! Move along, and 
kick the materia crate for cash, then press the purple button. Time to exit, 
which (Unfortunately) isn't any easier than entering was!

This next section only has ONE alpha section patrolling, so go ahead and take 
him out with disks. Crawl under the lasers to the button, then press it to 
open the door. Quickly CRAWL over to the door and through it. I had FUN with 
this part :) The elevator goes up. Along the walls, you'll see lighted 
channels. This means that an alpha section will appear there. Duck behind a 
crate so that he can't see you. Keep moving behind the crates, until the 
alpha section guard gets on. After he gets on, ride to the very top, avoiding 
both him and the other guards in the niches along the wall. If you get caught 
even ONCE, the hover-turrets will instantly destroy you. So don't. At the 
top, let him walk away, then follow him slowly and at a distance. Once he's 
beyond the barrier and out of sight, jump onto the crate, then through the 
vent, and out. Grab the two K-Bups in the area, then push the button to exit 
the area.

Head back to Nouri's shop, and buy the latest pearl from her. Behind her 
shop, on the 2nd level, is a door locked with the square key. Head inside. 
Remember the ticket you got in the Akuda bar? That's the code you need to get 
this pearl. If you didn't get the photo of the starkos-eating bugs, you can 
do that here, too. Head out, and into Ming Tsu's Shop. The only thing to get 
here is another Pearl, and (If you want) give him the passcode to get a copy 
of the report you just completed! Save and watch the report, then head all 
the way out. Now, look around for the barred door, which Double-H can knock 
open. Enter this area.

Get in the elevator, and have double-h push the button. At the bottom, keep 
going until you reach a guard. He's alone, so don't hesitate to take him out 
when he looks away. You can go through the route he was guarding, or you can 
turn around, jump down, over the sewage, then jump up to reach the room that 
was blocked before. Inside is a materia crate and two Sets of Pods, so I 
wouldn't pass this up! Once you grab 'em, continue past the area previously 
guarded by the alpha section. In the next area, once again, there is only 1 
guard. But this time, there are also floating sensors to avoid. Hit him with 
a disk, then walk past the sensors and kick 'im. In the next area, kick the 
crates, then move up to the button on the floor. When you stand on it, the 
door opens. RUN until the laser is next to you, then crawl under the laser. 
then run to the door. Dive over the lasers, and through the door! Whew...

Tons of Materia boxes in here, as well as another Pearl! There's 10 boxes, 
worth 50 units each. Once you've gotten them all, time to do ANOTHER laser 
run... same idea as before. RUN until the laser is close, duck under the 
laser, and run until you hit the door. This time, though, there's two 
lasers... your reward? Two more pearls! Not bad at all! Head up the elevator, 
but be ready. This is a FUN Chase, in my opinion! The second you move past 
the lasers, you're chased by an alpha section soldier and a bot. Just run, 
and avoid the sensors along the way. Keep going, until you reach a 
cul-de-sac, where you have to turn and run up the screen instead. Follow the 
path until you can jump up two crates, then head out. Now you're done here, 
let's head back out to the hovercraft. 

Time to head back to Mammago's! This time, pick up a Jump kit when you're 
there. Buy repair pods or whatever you want to, then head out. Head back into 
the main canals, and now you can jump the laser barrier on the left, and gain 
another pearl from the crate! Head back out, to the lighthouse area. Before 
we jump the barrier, head over to the area where the looter's cavern 2 was. 
Head down this water channel until you find a gate to the left, leading to 
the Alpha Sections' underground HQ. Save the game, Photograph the worm guys 
if you haven't, then head up and through the door. A Crochax has a pearl! 
Head through until you meet the little egg-shaped robots again. Double-H can 
pop 'em into the air just like Pey'j could, do so to hit the electrical 
barriers. Disable BOTH barriers (Use the button to get another robot), then 
head through to the right of where you entered. You'll find a black security 
robot guarding a cabinet. Knock him into the electricity, then open the 
cabinet. Inside the cabinet - a Meca Impulser, and two speed boosters... Grab 
them all! The buttons in the next area summon robots, which you'll need to 
get past all the electrical barriers. Use one, then knock the black robot 
into the barrier, then get two more egg robots to get to the crochax. Two 
more will appear, fight all 3 for 3 more pearls. Head back out to the 
hovercraft, then out to the canal.

Head left, towards the black isle, then behind it. There you should see 
Megaptera Purpurea, a giant whale. Take a photo when it jumps up! You can 
also get Manta Cyanea here, the flying Manta Ray. Head back through the 
channel, to the area outside of Mammago. Use your new jump kit to hop over 
the laser to get out to sea. Out there, take a photo of the whale you see 
there, and the red flying manta. Turn left, and enter the cave on the small 
island. Welcome to Looter's Caver 3! Use the same tactics as before, to net 
another pearl. My advice is to save the speed boosts until you're SURE you 
won't be able to make it... There are more than a few places where you'll 
need to jump over red beams. Try to avoid them at all costs!

Back out to see, you'll see two destinations. The Hovercraft races on the 
left, and the Looter's Cavern 4 on the tiny island to the right. Head to the 
LC4 next. You'll get a message you're leaving territorial waters - you can 
enter the LC4 without fear. (If you try to leave the area, you'll take a bit 
of damage and turn around) In this area, it's very easy to hit mines and lose 
time, so BE CAREFUL! This is the hardest yet, so don't worry if it takes you 
a few tries. As a general rule of thumb, if it's red, avoid it. Once you 
finish up here, let's head back to the Lighthouse. In the lighthouse, open 
the two panels (One in the hangar, one on the 2nd story, where the children 
were sleeping) and enter the two codes from Pey'j's Jet Boots. Once they're 
both entered, push the red button on the panel in the Hangar, to open up the 
area with the Beluga. Grab the MDisk and the first Flight Stabiliser. You'll 
need another to get the Beluga up and going, but you can't get one yet, so 
head out.

Time to enter the Slaughterhouse! To do so, you'll need to do the 
Slaughterhouse races. I recommend doing each one once, to get the pearl for 
each. If you manage to break a record, you will also get 500 extra cash. Once 
you're ready, enter the third race. Midway down the track, look for some red 
laser beams on the LEFT side of the track, right after a speed boost panel. 
The object is to jump these with your new jump jets. IT'll take QUITE a few 
tries, so be glad we got all these repair pods and such! Once you're 


Welcome to your third mission from the IRIS network. This is a TOUGH mission, 
the toughest in my opinion. Doing it isn't so bad, reaching it is... to 
start, follow the road! Easy as that. As you go down, the large spider robot 
will attack. Do your best to avoid it. When you reach the area with the 
fires, try to jump as you go up the ramp to avoid them. If you fall at any 
time, you'll take damage, but get sent back a bit so you can try it again.

The next area, the slaughterhouse quarter, is far more annoying. First, 
photograph the worm in the water. Next, see the patrolling boat with the 
light? What you have to do, is get into the light, to get the boat to drop a 
torpedo. Then lure the torpedo through the cave, to the mines. The torpedo 
should automatically attack the mines, clearing the way. Sound easy? It 
isn't. Prepare to get hurt a LOT doing this... after you're through, buy some 
repair PODs and the K-Bups, and save the game. To proceed, you and Double-H 
must open the gates manually... by pushing. Some DomZ attack before you can 
push it open, but they're easy to kill, especially if you can get off a super 
move. Once the gate's open, get back into the hovercraft, and jump up and 

In this area, the first part has you avoiding the red lasers. Blast open the 
crates for some speed boosters, then try to avoid the lasers and pass. If you 
get hurt, you should have some repair pods now. once past, let the fan blow 
you through to the main area. Blast the crates for cash, and use the 
Neutraliser Cannon to destroy the mines floating there. Be quick about it, 
they respawn after a few seconds! Clear a path to the ramp, then head up. Use 
CTRL (Run) to move past the fans quickly, and be careful not to fall off. As 
you move past, you'll come to a watery area with 2 fans, filled with mines. 
You can blast the mines if you want, but I found it easier to just dodge them 
and move on. The goal is to move between the two fans at the end. Once 
through, blast the mines and move into the vents. Here are the BIG mines, the 
ones you can't just blast. To get past, you'll need to push the steel crates 
into them. One crate is right here in front of you. For the other, you'll 
have to search. Before searching, though, look for an entrance to the races 
from here. This will open up a shortcut, between the entrance to the races, 
and this area.

When you're ready to continue, head through either of the two side-by-side 
openings (One is broken). You'll enter an area with 3 passages. Two are 
blocked, so head up the ramp. Here, knock down the second crate to get past 
the second mine. Continue down this channel, to get to the slaughterhouse 
entrance. Once here, dock and turn left. Crawling on the rubble you should 
see a Trilobite to photograph. Also, photograph the frogs if you haven't done 
so outside the vorax lair. Then, toss a disk up to the button on the far wall 
to open the gate. As you go through, you're trapped here until you complete 
the mission! Don't bother to photograph the serial number yet, the Mayor 
won't help you...

The next area is the Surveillance room. Head out of the hovercraft, then wall 
hug past the pipe. The best way to kill the flying DomZ robot, I have found, 
is to use your super weapon's abilities to toss out little purple shots. Just 
charge up after he stops firing, then tap the mouse button like mad as you 
fly up into the air. These have a VERY HIGH chance of hitting one of his 
tanks. Do it a few times and he should go down! Don't bother crossing the 
laser field yet. Just run over to the fence, and try to hit the button with a 
disk. Then jump down to the hovercraft, and drive to the other side. Dock on 
the other side, and now Double-H can follow you up! Save your game here.

Now, go into the middle laser area. Double-H can disable these lasers with 
his super action, have him do so! Enter the door the flying robot was 
guarding, to reach the Trolley Area. Here you can gain the map of the area by 
photograpping it on the wall. Exit the area. Head over to where the button 
that lifts up the gate is. To the left, climb up all the pipes, then onto the 
gate, and have double-H push the button to lift you up. Run to the other 
side, and enter the passage to reach Ventilation. In here, kick all the rats. 
Shoot a disk at the button, so that you can take a photo of the Ignis 
Ignifera. Head back out, and have Double-H push the button to raise the gate. 
Run across while the gate is still up, and jump up onto the platform. If the 
gate lowers before you get there, have Double-h lift it again. Jump down, 
then into the hole in the wall. Knock the robot into the electricity, then 
run past to get a set of Pods and a Meca Impulser. Jump up into the hole in 
the wall next to the cabinet, and run through to get back to the main area 
and grab Double-H.

Push the crate to the hole in the wall, and jump up. Head through, then to 
the area you fought the robot in. Have Double-H hit the grate to open it up. 
Inside, is an Alpha Section! You'll HAVE to fight him, but double-h will 
help! My advice, is to use a super move, and he should fall easily. Now, see 
the bubbles? You gotta photograph that little thing! But if you pull out the 
camera, it hides... shoot a disk at the rubble. Eventually you'll scare it 
out, and it heads over to the OTHER rubble... you have to take a photo while 
it scurries! If you miss, just toss a disk to scare it again. It's a pain, 
but this is all about getting 100%, right? Plus, money is money... head into 
the trolley by pushing the button.

On the other side, buy some K-Bups, then head into the next area. 3 little 
robots attack, and there's 3 barriers! And Double-H can knock them into the 
air with his super action.... well, you can figure out what's next :) Grab 
the keycard from the third robot. Since you already have one, give this one 
to Double-H. If you need more little robots, push the switch. Once you open 
up all 3 barriers, run through the open passage to get a pearl, and save your 
game. Remember how I told you to give Double-H a triangle key? Well, now you 
need it to open the door... he puts his in, you put in yours. Do it 
simultaneously and the door opens. Run inside, and have Double-H use his key 
to turn off the lasers. DASH through! Then do the same in the next area. Be 
quick, or be dead! Once past all the lasers, disable one of the alpha 
sections, then kill the other - it's easier with Double-H's help - with a 
super move or two. Kick open the crates and lockers for goodies, then take a 
photo of the area in the middle - the one with humans going up the tubes. 
1/3rd of your report is done!

Head out, back to the vending machine. Across from it, is a button! This 
button pops up an amoeba for you to photograph. Since you can't pull out your 
camera fast enough, photo it by hitting the button with a disk! Go back 
through the trolley, past the broken electricity, through the wall, and back 
to the hovercraft. Whew! Save your game before you get into the hovercraft, 
and then move on. Turn RIGHT to knock down the grille, so you can bypass the 
gate in the future. Then, let's head to the Interior Moats.

Head left, and continue until you see a green waterfall. Next to it are some 
bones - Head up there, and dock the hovercraft. Move inside. Save your game. 
You can't proceed past the lasers at the bottom, so wallhug past the pipe at 
the top. You'll come to a room with an alpha section on a platform. Shoot the 
button, don't worry about alarming him! He'll get knocked off by the 
electricity. When you go across, you have to dive and then crouch, to get 
past the electricity. It's tough, but you can do it. In the next area, you'll 
see a huge amount of fog on the ground... and an instakill laser floating 
above. Fun! What you need to do, is crawl through the fog. The Alpha Sections 
can't see you in the fog. They'll see you when you go over a bump in the fog, 
so don't go over any inclines unless they're DEFINITELY not looking. Failure 
means death, and restarting the area.

Once past this annoying area, comes an easy one. Here, you just need to kick 
the power box on the left, then dash to the fuse and grab it! Just run and 
dive over the only low lasers, it's easy. Put the fuse into the empty box 
next to the elevator, to power it up. Head up. Two laser barriers, two robots 
- you should be used to this by now. Grab the starkos and the box of K-Bups, 
then head over and kick the crate. Opposite of the crate, is a doorway. 
There's 2 alpha sections here, a whole lot of mines, and a floating sensor. 
Toss a disk at one alpha section, the other should come running. If you're 
lucky, you can hit them both. If not... keep trying until you do. It's SO 
much easier with both of them out of the way! Just run to the opposite side 
of the room, and avoid the mines. This will net you a PA1, speed boost, and 
cash. Head out, back to the main area.

Head through the broken electric field, and you'll see a pearl protected by 
lasers. Since you can't go in this way, go around. Avoid the mines (Duh...), 
and you get to... a VERY difficult part, in my opinion. Here, you have 
floating death lasers, and FOUR alpha sections patrolling. You need to crouch 
behind the first crate, follow the walking alpha section as he moves away, 
then as you reach the OTHER moving alpha section, move behind him to avoid 
detection, then move BACK to the area the first was patrolling, and into the 
hole he was guarding. It's hard, and you'll die a few times, but persevere. 
In this area, grab the pearl and the Starkos, then exit by the lasers. 
Congratulations, now you have to do the four-guard area again! You might want 
to back-track, and save your game. The You have two doors - one protected by 
lasers, one without. Enter the one without, and save. Push the box to expose 
a hole in the wall. Enter the hole, then toss some disks at the mines to 
destroy 'em. Once all the mines are gone, return to the other room. Kick the 
power box, then move through the hole quickly, and grab the fuse! It's easier 
now that the mines are gone. Return to the other room, and save.

Head out, then use the triangle button to turn on the elevator and head down. 
There's an alpha section soldier guarding the door, crawl over to the door 
and make a CAREFUL shot to his back. Since he's facing to the side, it's 
tough. Once he's disabled, hit the mines with disks, then run up and kick 
him. Enter the room he's guarding for a PA1, speed boost, and some cash. Exit 
out. Crawl through to the left. This alpha section guard doesn't have an air 
tank, but he patrols right on a moving platform... remember the last guard 
that was on a moving platform, near electricity? Once he's... dispatched, 
move on the platform, hit the button, and crouch to avoid the electricity. 
Moving on, is a tough area with 3 Alpha Sections... but no instakill laser. 
Still, be careful if you choose to fight, they fight HARD... One past them, 
use a fuse in the box to proceed. Turn off the lasers, then save.

In the next area, sneak past the two guards on the left, and kick the one on 
the far end. Then, as Double-H keeps the two busy, Use a super-attack to kill 
them off (Isn't the super-attack strengthener great? Those purple orbs are 
the BEST way to kill Alpha Sections!). Once they're all gone, move to the 
window and photograph the humans being unloaded from the shuttle, to fill in 
the 2nd part of your report! Only 1 part left... the toughest to get to by 
far. Head back out, past the lasers you took down, return to your hovercraft.

Time to head to the far side of this area. Two BIG mines. Torpedo-launching 
lights. Remember how we did this before? This time, it's trickier, the lights 
don't launch the torpedos... Lure a torpedo to the big mines, and you're in. 
This section is tough - the mines regenerate FAST. You only have a couple 
seconds to clear a path. Don't even bother trying to kill them all. just make 
a path along one side or another, until you get there. There's a vending 
machine at this dock, with repair pods to repair any damage you got. Head 
inside, to the East Wing.

Here is one of the hardest parts of the game, IMO. First, have Double-H kill 
the alpha section by using his super attack twice. The MDisk is blocked by 
electricity. Kick the box, and run in to save. Then, have double-H charge it 
to get back out. All routes are blocked by lasers, except one... a ladder 
leading up to a vent. Head in there. As you come to the alpha section guard, 
you find he's alone... easy pickings. One disk to the back later, push the 
button. Head through the door, and move down the corridor. Grab the two speed 
boosts from the cabinet, Move along the area, to the end to talk to Double-H. 
Now for the hard part...Drop down when the guard isn't looking. There's an 
instakill laser here, so you can't be seen at all.

Move past the first guard, down to the other two. You have to CAREFULLY sneak 
past them on the right. Expect to die here often. Once you're behind the 
machinery on the right, wait until the guards aren't looking, and sneak 
past... and pray. a lot. I died here often, so don't be worried if you do 
too... What's worse is if you accidentally touch the guard as you try to 
sneak past... 'INTRUDER! INTRUDER!'. Best of luck...

One trick you can try, is to kill the guard on the far left, then avoid the 
alpha section that comes to check on him. Then, you can frequently stand in 
his area to lure the patrolling guard with a disk... then kill him when he 
comes to investigate. When he's dead, the third guard will come up... one by 
one they fall. Be careful, and take your time in this area.

Moving on, you'll see a wooden box and an elevator. Push the box onto the 
elevator, then take it down. Kick the power box to get the fuse, then use the 
box to get back up. Use the grav shaft to go to teh second level. There are 
three more guards here, but no laser, so take them out as you see fit. 
Myself, I disabled 2 with disks, then took on the third with super moves. 
It's up to you how to proceed. Past them, you can take a pearl, a couple 
crates, and save the game. Keep moving until you turn off the lasers, then 
put a fuse in the box. Move under the new opening. In this area, jump onto 
the right side of a crate in the middle. The arm will pick you up, and drop 
you on the other side of the lasers. Head under the crate area, and you'll 
find a cabinet with two speed boosts and another PA1. Head back, and turn off 
the lasers to exit this area. Blue lasers bar the path, so exit through the 

Kick the power box to disable the electricity, then jump down and save the 
game. The disks can take out the mines, and a kick takes out the crates for 
cash. Move down the hall, and prepare to fight a TON of annoying 
troglodites... Jump up the pipes and have Double-H turn off the electricity. 
In the next area, are 3 alpha section guards. No laser this time, so don't 
hesitate to take them out if you have to. Move past them to the central hall. 
Toss a disk at the guard to take him out, then move past the lasers to a 
vending machine (Only starkos in it? Bah...). Beyond is another guard to take 
out the same way. Moving past is your last report objective, and two guards 
to kill. Easy as pie... take them out with disks and kicks, and then take 
your final photo. Once the last photo has been taken, grab the fuse and put 
it in the box to exit. Now the governer will give you the serial number to 
leave the area. To exit, just power down the lasers, and use the button.

Head back to your hovercraft, then all the way out. Take a photo of the 
serial code once you reach the gate, and the governor will send you the code. 
Dock, and use the code to leave. Use the shortcut out of the exterior moats, 
to the Races 3 and 4. And now... that's it! You've finished another Report!


You SHOULD by this time, have enough pearls for that second Flight 
Stabiliser! Head out from the races, and another attack... finishing with 
ANOTHER worm down, and yet another pearl is yours! But Mammago doesn't have 
the flight stabiliser in stock, so we're not going to be heading there. 
Instead, go back to the main canal. Head back to IRIS HQ. Before you go in, 
Ming-Tzu's has a new pearl, and you can see a copy of the report you just 
finished. Outside the bar, everyone is supporting you. Most people even seem 
to know that you're Shauni...

Inside the Akuda Bar, Francis (The shark by the pellet game) has another 
pearl for you to win, if you feel like playing. (Why not? A pearl, is a 
pearl... and you should have more cash than you know what to do with, by this 
time :) ) Inside of the Iris Den, you meet the Governor face-to-face, and 
learn of the Chief of the IRIS. She'll also give you a star keycard. After 
the cutscene, you get pearls from the population, and an e-mail from Mammago, 
saying they got the flight stabilizer in! Grab the pearls, and head out to 
the city square.

Use your new keycard to enter the Alpha Sections HQ. Once again, you're on 
your own here... And with this many alpha sections... you haven't got a 
chance of fighting. Not one. Be stealthy, be sneaky... your life depends on 
it. Go slowly, and watch the alpha sections as they patrol. There's always a 
blind spot for you to slip past...

For those who REALLY need help... crawl under the bridge, then wall-hug past 
the first guard. Jump up to the second story while the patrolling guard is 
moving away, then wallhug until he comes back. Move slowly behind him, until 
you get to the niche. Be VERY CAREFUL HERE. He'll stop for a split second, 
and that is the ONLY time it is safe to wallhug inside the niche. He'll move 
past, quickly, BUT QUIETLY, move around the corner. You have ZERO room for 
error here. Jump up to the next area. Jump and hang off the edge here. Two 
alpha sections patrol here. Move past the first as he moves away, then do the 
same for the second. Jump up to the top level. Two MORE alpha sections here. 
Jump and hang off the ledge as the first turns away. Stay there, watch his 
movements. Move past him carefully. Jump onto the dumpster, then up to the 
ledge. Move past the window when the Alpha Section isn't looking. (Be 
thankful that you don't have to start ALL THE WAY FROM THE BEGINNING if you 
get caught! Also, be thankful that these guys have ZERO peripheral vision...) 

Once you reach the room with the patrolling Alpha Section, you can finally, 
FINALLY kill him with a kick. Push the button, go in the door. SAVE THE GAME. 
You do NOT want to do all that again, do you???

Grab the pearls! Your reward, for ALL THAT WORK... is 10 more pearls! As you 
exit... the BEST CHASE SCENE IN THE ENTIRE GAME ENSUES! The head of the Alpha 
Sections chases you down, while you frantically duck and dodge away. The 
whole hassle of doing all the work to get those pearls, was totally made up 
by how awesome that chase scene was... well, in my opinion :D After you're 
done oohing and aahing, head back to the Hovercraft, then to Mammago's. Time 
to fix that plane! Buy a Flight Stabiliser, for a cheap price of 20 pearls. 
Once you have it, time to head to the lighthouse... once inside, head to the 
very top, for a sad cutscene... 

After it's done, head down. DomZ robots attack. You'll need to use your 
super-attack to take them out, any other way is WAY too difficult! Once 
they're all gone, Go to the hangar and open the door. Install your new flight 
stabilizers to get the beluga back in the air! A DomZ attacks, but it's no 
match for your aerial neutralizing cannon! Grab the pearl.

Now, let's head up to the top of the Black Isle mines. Once you're over the 
water-filled crater, let go of the hovercraft with a right-click. Enter the 
Volcano's Treasure! Dock, and grab a Meca-Impulser from the cabinet, and some 
speed boosters. Take a photo of the jelly-like thing on the wall (If you've 
followed all my instructions, you'll be just ONE photo away from the final 
Mdisk from the Science Center!), and save the game. Continue in. You should, 
by now, be an expert at this - wallhug over to the balloon, Double-H hits the 
ground, balloon pops up, hit it towards the ramp to continue. Fight a few 
crochax here, to get 3 more pearls... then another crochax for one more 
pearl... then knock the balloon into the far ramp. Fight a couple more 
Crochax, for two more pearls... then four more for four MORE pearls... then, 
across to get the LAST FIVE PEARLS! Also, you'll get a MDisk from Mammago's 
garage! This is just a fun little Pearl game you can play.

Now, go back through the world. Photograph any species you've missed (Don't 
worry if you're missing just one, the last one is found in space...). Collect 
any pearls you haven't gotten. Load up on K-Bups at Nouri's place, I would 
suggest at LEAST ten of them. The last boss is VERY VERY DIFFICULT. Once 
you're ready, buy a space engine, and head into outer space...

Moon - Selene

First, shoot the whale that's flying around tossing ice at you, until the ice 
is COMPLETELY gone. Take a photo! This gets you the final photo... and the 
Mdisk from the science center. Then just point to the moon, and drive 
straight... once there, aim at the transmitter's bottom area, and fly into 

Inside of the transmitter, kick open the materia crates, and buy EVERYTHING 
in the vendor, you'll need it all. On the wall by the vending machine, is the 
map to analyze. Save the game. Push the button on the floor to get the crate 
to come over. Hop up the machinery until you can jump onto the crate, then 
have Double-H push the button. Jump off when it stops moving, and you'll land 
on top of the Beluga. Jump up, and toss a disk to the far button to bring the 
OTHER crate up, then toss ANOTHER disk at it, and quickly jump on board. 
You'll end up on the other side. Use the gear in the corner, to lower the 
bridge for Double-H. This will serve a purpose later, I just like to get it 
out of the way now :) You don't have 3 things to hold down the buttons, so 
run the OTHER way, into the elevator shaft. You stand on one button, Double-H 
on the other.

Welcome to the DomZ base... reminds me of Aliens. Run over to the mirror 
that's beaming the light towards the elevator. Next to it, is a mirror on a 
pedestal. Grab it. Across from the door, is a place to put the mirror, insert 
it. Run over to the mirror that's currently shining the light. Tilt it over 
to the mirror you just placed. Then, tilt the mirror you just placed, to the 
LEFT, until you light the crystal over there. This lets you get a second 
mirror. After grabbing it, head back to the mirror you turned, and turn it to 
the doors to open the next path. Run through, but don't bother with the 
mirrors yet. Keep running, to the Cloister where Pey'j is imprisoned. Run to 
the door behind him, and save. Only Jade can fit through here...

In this next area, to the right, are two alpha sections guarding a grav shaft 
leading down. In the open, like this, they're a CINCH to kill with the super 
attack! On the left of where you entered, is their ship, with some materia 
crates, if you want them. After you're done collecting whatever crates you 
want, and killing the two, head down the grav shaft. Circle around the Great 
Crypt until you find the door, then run inside. Hope you don't get vertigo! 
Your objective is to get to the green shaft. Look around you, and map out 
where to go. It's not too tough! All paths lead there, in the end... once 
there, take the last photo you need... now head all the way back to Pey'j. 
(You want the DARK BLUE shaft to get back up)

Head back to the beam of light. You need to reflect that all the way to 
Pey'j! Put the mirror you picked up, into the pedestal under the beam. Now, 
if you want more money, reflect it over to the right to get the materia 
crystals. If not, reflect it to the left, to the mirror in the other room. 
Here, you have to reflect the beam from the left mirror, to the right mirror, 
to the middle mirror, and then across all the crystals. It's done with the 
Disk launcher now! Shoot two disks at the right-side of the left mirror, and 
it should spin and hit the right. Hit THAT one with two disks, and it should 
hit the middle. THe middle one only need to be hit with one disk. Run back to 
the Cloister. Here, turn the mirrors so that all the crystals on the OUTSIDE 
ONLY are lit up. Next, turn JUST the mirror that the beam of light is hitting 
from the outside. This should light up all the middle ones, without having to 
turn anything! Lastly, tilt the same mirror one more time, to light all the 
inner crystals, and expose Pey'j. Double-H can break Pey'j free.... but 
sadly, it's too late...

(For the detail minded... shouldn't Pey'j be missing his suit and boots? Yet, 
he has them... heh, call me anal retentive for noticing the minutia like 

Head out of the Cloister, back to the DomZ base. You'll get a message, from 
Mei... and look who's back! Head back to the ship, now. The area that you 
opened up before, now you can open the door there, since you have 3 people! 
Head inside, and you're attacked by a turret. To get past, you need to duck 
to the side while it's firing, and run when it stops. Once beyond the turret, 
enter the trolley to head to the radio transmitter room. Take a photograph of 
the serial code here, then input the code you get, and enjoy!

After the Long cutscene, head back to the trolley, then to the ship. As you 
exit the base, you're attacked by the Alpha Section General. His ship can 
take a huge beating, and has several attack modes. Listed are each mode and 
how to beat him. You can only use the neutralizer cannong for this, but that 
just makes it easier... this is, FYI, my favorite fight :)

First mode - no sweat! Just fire at the glowing targets.
Second mode - aVoid the center engine area, it fires at you. Between shots, 
fire like mad at it!
Third Mode - Avoid the white streams of energy and fire at the glowing 
targets. You don't have to aim STRAIGHT at them.
Fourth mode - Stay away from the center area, but watch out for the mines he 
tosses back at you. Between shots, fire at the center.
Fifth mode - Stay towards the edge of the screen, and take out the glowing 
Sixth mode - Just like the fourth, only this time you don't aim at the 
center, you aim at the glowing targets.
Seventh mode - Stay clear of the white lines and the electricity by staying 
at the far edge of the screen. Fire at the glowing bits.
Eighth mode - Last mode. Don't worry about taking damage here, one shot will 
kill him. Aim at the center.

Once he's down, blast the two mines in the middle, by either using the black 
floating barrels, or luring torpedos in. Inside, save and move in. 3 Alpha 
Sections will attack, but your friends should be able to distract them long 
enough for you to get off a few super moves to destroy them. Head up the grav 
shaft, to see the last words of the General... head back to the hovercraft, 
then to the ship. When you head back to the base, you're attacked by a huge 
force! Use the neutralizing cannon to shoot down as many as you can, until 
reinforcements arrive. The battle looks AWESOME, doesn't it? :) Then head 
GIVE THEM TO JADE! Trust me, it helps a ton. Once you're ready, head into the 
Great Crypt. Be sure you have tons of K-Bups prepared. This is the hardest 
fight in the game...

+++   FINAL BOSS   +++

For the first part of the battle, just kill the DomZ Sarcophagi that attack 
you. Then, as the boss moves away from the statue, back up and use a couple 
super-attacks to hit him with the purple orbs. He should retreat back to the 
statue. Now he'll guard himself with huge materia spikes, and attack with 
clones of Pey'J! That bastard! Double-H's super attack can pop the pey'j 
clones into the air, so you can knock them into the materia spikes. Get rid 
of the spikes in the middle, then send a pey'j clone flying into his body to 
hurt him. Beware, every time you kill a pey'j clone, a Sarcophagi attacks... 
Once you hit the body with a Pey'j clone, and kill all the sarcophagi, 
Double-H is taken...

This part is tough, but the boss ALWAYS attacks in a set pattern. Each time 
you miss or mess up the pattern, he'll hit you and take off 2 whole hearts, 
which is why I said to stock up on the K-Bups! If you know the pattern, 
you'll know where he appears. The pattern (Relative to your position) is :

Left, up, right, left, up, right, above, down, right, up

(Above means you have to charge your Dai-Jo staff to hit him)

So, if I say left, he'll appear to your left, and you have to hit him there. 
Once he's been hit several times, he'll send in a bunch of clones of Double-H 
to attack... PLUS he shoots green lasers at you, and killing a clone releases 
a sarcophagi! Kill all the clones (Super attacks work best), then kill the 
sarcophagi. Ignore the lasers, as best you can.

Now, it gets trickier.... he reverses your controls! Right is left, up is 
down... but he's almost gone, and things slow down, giving you more reaction 
time. He'll send in a few Sarcophagi, get used to the controls... now he'll 
attack again, appearing in a different pattern this time. The pattern which 
he appears in, is...

Left, right, left, Right, above you, right, up, above you, DOWN.

Remember, you controls are reversed, so if he appears to the left, you have 
to press RIGHT to hit him. Once you lay the final blow on him, you win the 
game! Congratulations!

===   Section IV - Credits and other info   ===


Q. How do I get the 13th M-Disk?

A: At the time of writing this walkthrough, I have no clue. I suspect you may
 need to beat the record on all four races.  The M-Disk itself is in plain
 sight, at the cabinet in the Akuda Bar, however at this time I have no
 information on how to get the code on openning that cabinet. Once I find
 out, I shall be sure to update the FAQ with that information.

Q. Where did you get all this info?

A: I played through the game. Beat it 5 times, went through by hand
 documenting every single twist and turn I made. Some parts were so hard I
 cursed a lot, some were easy. I didn't use any other FAQ's, guides, books,
 or any other info to make this. But, I will admit, the animal/pearl
 detectors were an AMAZING help.

B : Credits, and thanks.

This guide was written completely by Khyron (Chris Bingham) by hand. No part
of this FAQ was copied from any other FAQ, guide, or book. Special thanks go
to Ubisoft, for making this great game, and to the entire design team of
BG&E : 

Michel Ancel
Yves Guillemot
Jacques Exertier
Sebastien Morin
Christophe Heral
Yoan Fanise

And everyone else who's names I missed because the credits were going by too
fast ;)

This FAQ is copyright 2003
Chris Bingham (AKA : Khyron)
E-mail :

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