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 Bioforge FAQ

Bioforge FAQ

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        Unofficial Walkthrough and FAQ
             by Nicolas L. Clement
           | written June 1th 2008 |
                   1.0 FINAL 


I decided to write this walkthrough and FAQ about this old game dating
1995 and created by Origin since I felt it was a classic and should not
be forgotten by the younger generations.

I have never been a big fan of legalities since I am a partisan of the
philosophy that knowledge should be available to everyone and quite 
often the law goes against or complicate this philosophy. Regardless, 
I will "copyright" this as of 2008 and make this available on Gamefaqs

As I personally only released this on, if you find this 
anywhere else, they probably got it from gamefaqs.

I personally do not care if you modify this document if you want to
add some details to it. I am also not adding an email address to this
not to get bothered.

It is the final version, I will not update this.

My only hope is that it will help someone finish this difficult game.


1. PREFACE       -  My short review Bioforge
2. INFORMATIONS  -  General advice about the game
3. KEY CONTROLS  -  The keys to control your character
4. WALKTHROUGH   -  Spoilers galore

* 1. PREFACE *

Bioforge is a survival adventure game in the same breed as other great
classics such as "Alone in the Dark (1-2-3)" or "Resident Evil (1-2-3)"
in the way they are designed graphically and gameplay wise. The only 
difference is that instead of being a survival horror game, Bioforge 
is a survival Sci-fi game.

Even though a great game, it has some cons. Notably it is pretty linear,
short and totally unforgiving. In clear, there is ONE way to finish the
game and you are not permitted to make any errors.

It also has many things to read which might annoy a few players.

Despites all this, the atmosphere is so incredibly rich that you will
remember this game even after years of playing it. So it is truly
a gem not to be forgotten.

As an aside, in 2008 it is very difficult to play this game under
Windows XP or Windows Vista. I would thus recommend the latest version
of DOSBox to emulate it. This is how I did it, and it worked perfectly
for the completion of this game.


-Difficulty Level-

There are 3 difficulty level choices they ask you at the beginning.
Normally being a computer game geek veteran I always start off as
normal difficulty and if I feel it's too weak I'll boost it to hard.

In this game though.. I had heard the controls were clunky and the
combat sequences annoyingly hard so I went for "easy" and didn't regret
it one bit. Even at easy, some enemies remain a nightmare to kill.

I'm not sure if you'll get a "better ending" if you set it to hard,
but I dont believe it changes anything. So I'd advice you go with
easy mode unless your prepared to bitch against Bioforge.


Something you will soon realize is that this game is VERY unforgiving.
If you forget to grab an item, quite often there is no way for you to
backtrack and get it back. Your only solution then would be to reload
a past savegame. Also there are tasks you need to be done which require
you to be very precise. Objects that need to be activated that are
pixel-related so you need to be on the perfect spot to activate them.

The game combat are hard as well and there are few times you can heal
yourself so you need to be pretty flawless in your fights.

Finally, there are some actions that NEED to be done and if you fail
them, you might see the bad result only a few hours away of gameplay.
Which *again* will force you to reload a very old previous savegame
and re-do everything from that point on.

So basically, save a lot. Multiple times, before a "big change" is made
so that if you mess up somewhere, you will have those old games at
least to save yourself.

If you really dont want to mess up and dont mind too much spoilers,
follow this FAQ precisely and you'll reach the ending.

Good luck!


You can die easily in this survival game as there are few times when 
you can heal yourself, so try to survive as best you can.

If you need to heal yourself, go in Diagnostic mode "D" and hit the
BIOLOGICAL REPAIR *ACTIVE* key. This will consume energy, but you
will get back in good shape. You will be able to replenish your energy 
gage at specific points in the game when you find a new battery. This
only happens roughly twice in the game, so be careful.

If you find an healing spray, it will restore 6 hitpoint bars per use.
There are two healing spray in the game for a total of 9 usages
(you will need to keep one intact for a quest).

-Character Choices-

One interesting thing to note is that the actions that you take during
the course of the game will affect your identity at the end of the game.
Thus if you want to be a badass, just kill everyone but if you want to
be another type of character, try to act differently. I tried to note
down the character choices I believe marks a difference when you play
and thus giving you multiple choices.

-Informations & Story-

You will note that in this game there is an INCREDIBLE amount of 
literature you can get your hands on. Most players will be turned off
by all of this reading, but trust me. If you take the time, this is 
really where you will enjoy the game at it's full potential. The
atmosphere of this game is simply amazing and to really understand what
is going on, you really need to read all of these things.

Furthermore, some clues and access codes are found among this reading
and you have no other choice than to read it to find these to continue
the game.

Also if you hit the "j" (journal) key, you will get a lot of good
inputs on what your character is thinking. It's quite interesting to
read as well.

Just think of it as if you picked up a very good book and reward 
yourself with some fine literature every now and then throughout the 


Many people have problems understanding the controls of this old game
(No manuals anymore hey?) ;p

So here goes:

NUMPAD	| MOVEMENT	Use the numpad to move your character around and
			to make the fighting moves by using the ALT and
			CTRL combos while in "Combat Mode"
			(Sorry for everyone on laptops..)

SPACE   | ACTION	Use Spacebar to interact with your environment
			(Doors, computer screens, etc..)

	| USE ITEM	Also use spacebar if you have an item selected in
			hand to be able to use it
			(read a logbook, use a fork, etc...)

ENTER   | TAKE/DROP	Will take objects in hand or drop them

SHIFT   | RUN		Hold SHIFT plus the numpad to run

C	| COMBAT MODE	Very important to hit this when you want to fight
			otherwise you can't punch or kick

ALT	| PUNCH		Hold ALT + one of the keys on the numpad

CTRL	| KICK		Hold CTRL + one of the keys on the numpad

ALT + 1 | SIDE DODGE	Defence
ALT + 2 | BLOCK		Defence
ALT + 3 | DODGE		Defence
ALT + 4 | LEFT JAB	Low Attack
ALT + 6 | RIGHT JAB	Low Attack
ALT + 7 | LEFT HOOK	High Attack
ALT + 8 | TWO-HANDER	Strong Attack
ALT + 9 | RIGHT HOOK	High Attack

CTRL + 1| L LOW KICK	Low Kick
CTRL + 2| BACKFLIP	Defence
CTRL + 3| R LOW KICK	Low Kick
CTRL + 4| L MED KICK	Medium Kick
CTRL + 6| R MED KICK	Medium Kick
CTRL + 7| R HIGH KICK	High Attack
CTRL + 8| HEADBUTT	Strong Attack
CTRL + 9| ROUNDHOUSE	Strong Attack

ALT + 5 | SHOOT GUN	Shoot the blaster pistol
CTRL + 5| SHOOT GUN	(If you found it) ;)

P	| PAD		Gives you access to your datapad
D	| DIAGNOSTIC	Gives your health and energy level
J	| JOURNAL	Gives you infos about your objectives
I	| INVENTORY	Shows your inventory menu
			(If you have an item in hand it will place it in 
			 your inventory)

S	| SAVE		Save Game
L	| LOAD		Load Game

O	| OPTIONS	Gives you the Game Options (sounds, etc)
R	| CREDITS	Shows the Credits of the Bioforge team (worthless)



This walkthrough may contain spoilers obviously. So if you really want
to be spoiled-free, try to finish it on your own. Use this FAQ only
if you get stuck.


Your first objective is to get rid of this nurse robot, the only way
is to fight. So hit the "C" key to get in combat mode and start to
bash it with ALT+numpad and CTRL+numpad combos.

Eventually the bot will start spinning across the room, give it one
last kick in the power bars and it will short circuit them, enabling
you to escape when they flicker off.

Before you go, dont forget to grab on the floor with "ENTER" key


Second objective is to check on your cellmate Caynan (AKA Mr.Blue)
who lost his arm trying to escape. Thus, grab his arm from the floor
and enter his cell when the power in the bars short circuit long
enough. You will soon fight out he's completely mad so...


1) Drop the piece of meat on the floor, he will grab it and eat it
   in a corner. When you get the fork though he gets violent again
   so run away and leave him in his cell.

2) You can fight him. When he's down, search his cell for:

-Caynan's logbook

Exit his cell, and try to force the big doors open. You might be
a strong cyborg, but you can only move them an inch. Which will on
a positive note spark the circuit board next to the door. Open up the
circuit board (spacebar) and next select the fork from your inventory.
Use the fork on the circuit board and complete the small puzzle by
re-aligning the bars together. The door will now open.


When you enter the next room, you hear that some marines are about
to arrive and that the alert has been sounded. Ok fine, don't worry
about that for now and simply push the red button at the corner of the
room so it turns back to green.

Next, you need to open up the remaining celldoors. So go at the back
of the room (on the little up-floor) to access the 5 monitor screens.
Each have the option to turn the cellbars off, do so (but bear in mind
that you wont be able to open up the cell #2 or get that blaster gun
for now. You will return for it later).

Then go to cell #4 and grab the
-Dane's logbook

(BTW, remember that you can start looking up at your inventory items 
more in detail by selecting them from the inventory menu and when
you have them back in your hands hit the "spacebar" to use them. You
will discover you can play the flute even with those big ugly fingers of
yours and most importantly you will get some informations from the 
logbooks of the other prisoners).

What you need to remember from all of this reading is an entry in
Dane's logbook that mention the SECURITY CODE *27588* that you will 
use in a moment (I believe this number change from game to game!).

Another optional idea would be to use one of the 3 monitors on the
security desk to repair all the systems that you can (lights, etc).

To open up the big doors, you will need to do the following. 

a) First drop the blue arm on the floor, somewhere where you got a
   good camera angle to see it

b) On the security desk there are 3 monitors, one of them activate a 
   nurse bot so put it in manual mode and start to drive it back where
   you left the blue arm. Then use the command to pick it up. Your
   nurse bot should now be carrying the blue arm. Continue to drive 
   the bot next to the hand scanner near the door and leave it there.

c) Then go to the other monitor that got "ACCESS" as one of its option
   and input Mr.Blue's security code 27588. This should unlock the door.

d) Go back to the nurse bot monitor and ask it to drop the arm back on
   the floor.

e) FINALLY, grab the arm yourself and with it in hand use it on the 
   hand scanner. This will finally open the door! Go through it and
   if you need to open the door again, use the hand scanner on the 
   other side of the door with the same grim procedure.
(I would recommend you leave the arm on the floor from this point
on so when you return to the door, it's easily accessible).


You cannot destroy the military bot so far so dont try it. You can
outrun it though by sprinting toward the back cryogenic room.


Since he's a very stupid bot after all. You can exploit a bug in
the game and sidestep (numpad 1 and numpad 3) all the way to the
cryogenic room without any harm. :)

We will return to the robot eventually to kill it.


The next room is a cryogenic freezing room. Notice one of the four
sarcophagus have been breached already...

a) First step is to go near the back of the room and open up the iris
   bottom trapdoor by using the button nearby.

(BTW: If you go down the ladder, you will only be eaten by a big
      monster so.. to avoid that)

b) Second step is to turn the valve to pour off the cryo-juice off the
   chambers. It will alarm you that chamber #1 is reaching critical
   levels. So go check on the monitor at the entrance to check on it.
   Give it a bit of time as this will trigger the occupant of the first
   sarcophagus to escape. Great.. it's a cyborg velociraptor.

c) Third step is to fight it. I find that an alternate combo of kicks
   work good. Eventually it will be knocked out for a moment.

d) When he's down, run to turn off the valve and to close the iris
   trapdoor. Lure it back where you are and fight it a second time.

e) The trick is to knock it out directly over the iris trapdoor. When
   he falls knocked-out there, quickly open up the iris with the button
   and the raptor will fall down below.

f) This will trigger the other big monster down there to attack, so when
   you see "You hear a battle below" appear, quickly turn on the valve
   to flood both of them in cryo-juice. Flood them for a few seconds and
   turn the valve off.

g) Finally you can get down the ladder by using it and you'll see both
   monsters frozen solid. Good job. :)


Follow the tunnel till you reach a left and right path (along with
a downfall pit). And climb to the right path (using spacebar).

You will end up back in cell #2 where an enemy guard await you.
Quickly enter combat mode and kill him.

Finally grab:
-The Blaster gun!

You can shoot with it (unlimited ammo) without needing to be in 
combat mode by using either ALT + 5 or CTRL + 5 

Now exit back the way you came. DON'T use the left path, as you will
fall down to your death!!!

Instead go back to the cryo-frozen monsters, climb the ladder back
up and exit the cryo-chambers.

Time to kill this military robot now... :)


Ok this will not be as easy as it seem. Mostly because you have a 
blaster gun and he shoots MISSILES. But if you ruse it a bit, you'll

The trick is to simply catch its attention while you leave cryo-room
and then return to the cryo-room quickly (side-step works good here).
Then side-step back to the corridor using the side of the door as
cover which *should* get hit by the missiles instead of you.

On the other hand, you have access to shoot the robot at your leisure
with the blaster gun. About 6 to 10 hits and he should be done.

Finally we can get off this floor. Hit the red switch next to the
elevator and climb in.


Activate the elevator and go to floor 1 (your on floor 2 now). And stay
close to the edge of the door. Soon you will be greeted by 2 security
flying robots. Shoot them with your blaster with the same cover trick
we used with the big military robot. You will notice here that this
sweet gun shoots energy that rebounds off certain walls. Use this to
your advantage to rebound the blasts off your gun toward the 2 security
robots (just be careful not to get hit by your own blasts hehe).

When you've taken them out, exit the elevator and you notice there's 
four more droids weee... Use the same trick. About 2 shots each should
kill them.

Alright coast is clear, go on either side of the elevator and then
you'll find Roland the guard who seems quite afraid of you. Punch him 
once to show him you mean business and he'll activate the big Cannon 
for you. Quickly get on it and shoot BOTH marine dropships.

This will take care of reinforcements.


1) You can leave Roland alive for a more peaceful character

2) You can kill Roland the guard if your feeling vengeful...

Go back to the elevator and this time go on Level 3 BUT make sure
to access the panel on the other side of the elevator as the door
to floor 3 opens on the other end of the elevator. If you don't you
will be shot in the back by a mecha military robot on arrival.

FLOOR 3 - The Mad Doctor

Stay at the corner of the elevator wall, and turn around a bit to take
on the military robot with rebound tricks by shooting directly 
INSIDE the elevator (the walls of the elevator rebound) and if you
aim correctly, you will be able to easily dispatch the bot from a safe

Ignore the first door to your right for now, and use the left one
instead. A scene will play out (and you will loose your blaster gun
as a sad result.. back to fisticuff mates)

When the scene is done, you can grab from the floor:
-Healing Device (5 Healing Doses)

Also read the monitor logs and you will learn you must be one of those
people in the files. Unfortunately I haven't found the codes for the 
doctor's protected files so no idea how to access those or if it's 
even possible.

Dane (another cyborg prisoner) will also be there on an operation
table and begs you to kill him. 


1) You can end his misery by using the control panel on the operating 
   table (on his right side). This will give you an extra battery with 
   an extra 100 energy. For now you can drop that extra battery on the 
   floor somewhere if you don't need to refuel your energy yet.

2) You can walk away and leave him in pain (no battery).

FLOOR 3 - The Enviro Suit

Go back to the corridor and enter the top room. A guard will wait you
there so run to him and kick his butt. When he's dead grab:
-Guard's logbook

Alright prepare yourself for a lot of reading as there are a total of
12 computer monitors in this room!!!

Near the guard there are two monitors

1) MAINTENANCE Data logs (serves no purpose other than infos)
2) REACTOR MONITOR (gives you the important reactor access code)

At the bottom of these little stairs you got:

3) REMOTE CONTROL LIFTER BOT (just like you did with the medical bot)
4) EMERGENCY LOG (info same as #6)

On that same level near the windows you got:

6) EMERGENCY LOG (info same as #4)

Finally near the entrance of this room. at the bottom pit you got the 
last 3 monitors (luckily they all say the same thing) 


What truly matter off all this info is that:

The Reactor Access Code is 345 (btw this change every new game!)
The Lifter Bot can be remotely controlled with the computer #3
The 3 HANGAR DATA FILES computers can lift down to the Ikarus ship

With that in mind, go into the machine near the dead guard and this will
wrap your body in a sweet metallic enviro-suit. A good thing of this is
that now some guards will also think you are one of their own with your

This suit will protect you from biohazard, so with it go back to the
corridor where you will meet a guard armed with a blaster.


1) Approach the guard just like if you were a friend and when close
   enough kick his ass quickly before he can retaliate. This will
   earn you a brand new blaster! (recommended) 

2) You can leave the guard alone, which may be friendly. But wont give
   the blaster you *WILL* need in the next level.

When that is done, go back to the 12 computer rooms and activate 
computer #3 to control the lifter bot. Set it on manual and drive it
to the corridor and into the room on the left (the reactor access).
There it will proceed a small decontamination corridor, another door
will automatically open and it will face a Mark II military bot that
is technically impervious to your blaster hits if ever you had the
folly to go head-to-head with it. Simply use the lifter bot to push
it off the cliff and your now rid of it. Good job! Log off the

Final deed to do in this objective is to check out the ikarus ship.

To do so, go to one of the 3 HANGAR DATA FILES computer in the pit
and switch the Ikarus Access tag, this will lower the platform on
which you stand. Upon arrival a guard will walkie-talkie the good
doctor of your presence and attack you. Simply shoot him with the
blaster a few time to down him and after that grab:


You'll hear a message over the walkie-talkie from a woman. With that 
done, search the front of the Ikarus ship to get the 
-Alien Battery 

Replace it with your own (this one got 500 energy points).

Finally before your done, get behind the ship and grab the 
-Alien Cube

It has been strangely left on the FLOOR there...

And we are done with this objective! :) Go back up the way you came
and now is the time to fix this reactor, so head for that door.

FLOOR 3 - The Reactor

Ok you can finally enter the first door on the right when you first
came in through the elevator. Since you have the Enviro-Suit on, you 
can go in the contaminated area without dying.

When you leave the little decontamination corridor you will be at the
spot where the Mark II military bot was. There's a control panel to
activate the platform, so do so and cross to the other side of the
pink bridge.

When you do an alarm sounds and a timer begins, you have to be quick
here! On the other side is an alien (dont bother trying to fight it
it's unbeatable and will only slow you down). So when you cross the
bridge make a quick turn right and deactivate the right pylon lever
(Don't worry about the alien you got enough time for this.)

Next you might be tempted to drop the left pylon but dont do it as it
will prompt the alien to cross the bridge and leave you trapped. To
get rid of him we will use the same trick on him. So shoot him twice
with the blaster to piss him off and then run away back to the first
side of the bridge, he will stupidly follow and when he's on the 
bridge, deactivate it with the control and it will fall to its doom. 
Reactivate the bridge and run back once more to the other side.

Time to drop the left pylon lever and at this point you should have
mere seconds left. Use the computer and as the countdown goes down,
enter the Reactor Access Code (345 in my game) and it will deactivate
the reactor.. weee that was close. :)

You will hear the woman speak again on the walkie-talkie, so to reach
her you need to get the elevator and finally leave this floor. 


Ok right off the bat you won't be happy. There's a military bot that
stops your progress right at the beginning of floor 4 and unlike the
other bots, this one is super deadly... In fact, it can kill you in
only ONE shot. So do NOT get in it's way when he shoots.

Btw, you WILL NEED THE BLASTER GUN HERE! If you don't, I have no idea
how to help you, punches and kicks seemed worthless....

The only strategy I could come up with after reloading my game over
ten times was to avoid the first shot by running around a bit left
and right and then quickly fire a shot with your blaster gun. When
you do, he normally pauses a little. Wait for him to shoot again, run
left or right to avoid it and shoot again. Rinse repeat. On easy combat
mode it took me 3 shots to kill him.

When he's dead you got an annoying puzzle to deal with. On the door
panel, it ask you to push some light patterns on it (9 buttons). The
basic idea is to make a circle pattern. Thus all edge buttons lighted
and the only unlighted one being the center button. Sadly, I cannot
give you a solution for this as the beginning patterns appear random,
so all I did was push buttons randomly like an idiot hoping I'd get
lucky. After 2 minutes of jerking off on it, I got it to unlock.
Stupid puzzle if you ask me...

Enter the door and your now outside!


When your outside you got two possible place to go, the landing pad
where 4 bots awaits you (avoid this place) or toward the left area
where an elevator is located. Push the elevator button and ride it
down. When you arrive downstairs you will be on a ledge with a bunch
of flying security droids that start shooting at you.

They are HARD HARD to kill as the camera angle is AWFUL here so I
would advice instead you run like the wind in zigzag. They should
miss you as you run past them.

Now unless you feel like exploring a bit you can continue all the way
to the corridor and get a few log entries in your journal. But the
real point of interest is to drop on the two blocks that you saw
previously while zigzagging through the security bots. Drop on the 
bottom block near the green acid pool and seemingly you'll think to
yourself "ok.. now what". Now is the time to activate the alien cube.
It will levitate you toward the platform in the middle of the pool.
Activate the cube a few times to hop from one platform to the next
until you reach a bunch of blocks that you can climb. When all that
mariobros fun is done, you finally reach a spaceship.


This is one of the dropships that you blasted earlier with the big
cannon and next to it is some sort of huge monster in the acid lake
that is for now indestructible. So enter the ship.

On the floor there is a
-healing spray

*IMPORTANT* You WILL need to keep ONE healing spray dose for later.
            So bear that in mind!

Alright, a though battle will soon arrive so be in full health and
go toward the end of the ship, nothing seems to be there, but when
you turn your back the door opens and the captain of the marines steps
out armed with a big gun. A hand-to-hand battle will occur which is
challenging. The best strategy I came for was to first RUN upward to
avoid his initial big gun shot (which is pretty deadly) and after that
beat him up to a pulp with CTRL+7 (High Kick) for about 30 times.
Your blaster gun wont work here no matter how many times you shoot at
him so kick him until he's dead. When he is grab:

-a device with a button (key device)

Now that gun is even better than the blaster pistol as it is strong
and can effectively be used as a club when you ALT+9 with it. Just
be careful not to shoot with it too fast as it can overheat.

Next use the key device on the door of which the marine captain came
in and use the computer screen. You'll see it's the missile console
for the ship that is still partially operational. You'll use this to
destroy the big nasty monster outside. You cannot aim the gun so
don't bother with that just arm it and shoot missile one. It will
go blast at a pillar in the back, which will in turn grab the attention
of the stupid monster who will go investigate. When he's close to the
pillar, arm missile two and shoot. This should kill him in one shot.
If not you got a third missile to over-kill him. :)

When your done go outside the dropship and check the missile lying on
the floor. It will set a timer bomb and you need to run around with a
walking bomb to go destroy the big locked door on the ledge where the
sentinel droids were. Now since you cannot go back the way you can,
you'll need to run with your bomb the way the big monster was and use
the alien cube to jump from platform to platform.

Now... since this bomb has a time limit and the game cuts you VERY
short, you may first think that you have to make every mili-seconds
count. After much deliberations though, I understood that this was
not the case as the timer is event-based. This doesn't mean you should
jerk around with a bomb in your hands, but if you move to a decent
speed there wont be too much problem. 

1) I would first advice that you are FULLY healed. It is not time
   to be be limping here!

2) My second advice is that before you pick up the bomb, you make the 
   trip there with your big gun in hands to first get used to the
   terrain and secondly to drop your big gun somewhere on the ledge
   near the security droids. In fact you should clear those off with
   your big gun to make sure they dont disturb you. The reason you
   should drop your big gun on that ledge is because you cannot carry
   the big gun and the bomb at the same time... So you have to go
   back to the spaceship anyway or another. So do this step first
   and go back to the ship. SAVE your game.

3) Now for the hard part. First get your alien cube ready as to not
   waste time and then use the missile to dislodge the bomb. As soon
   as you get it, the timer starts. But remember this is EVENT-BASED
   which means that regardless of how fast you are, you will always
   be left with 7 seconds at the end. Here's how it's run down:

   + When you first get the bomb it will automatically tell you that 
     you have about 80 seconds. Use these to run where the big monster
     was, use the alien cube to cross the acid lake, climb the blocks,
     use the alien cube again, etc.

   + Just before you climb your last block, un-equip the alien cube
     with the "i" key (many people seem to drop the cube instead of
     the bomb and we don't want that).

   + Climb the last block and your now on the ledge. Now regardless
     of how fast you got there the timer will tell you that you have
     20 seconds left (remember it's event-based).

   + So continue running on the ledge and turn left to the corridor
     and reach the big door. You need to drop the bomb straight next
     to the center of that door with the "enter" key.

   + This will tell you that you got 7 seconds left on
     the counter. And as insane as it seems our hero will continue
     looking at that stupid counter for 3 or 4 seconds, which will
     make your escape IMPOSSIBLE!

   + *IMPORTANT* So in order to make it possible, keep your finger
     close to the "ESC" key and as soon as you see that 7 second timer
     left, hit ESC! That way you won't waste those PRECIOUS 3 or 4

   + You can then run away from that corridor, get out of the way of
     it and watch it blow up with flames bursting off the corridor.
     (Don't stay in the way of the corridor blasting off). :p

And there you have it. The most annoying part of the game finished.
Tons of people keep having problems with that part, precisely because
they think (like I did) that you have to run super quickly and that
the game cuts you too close to manage it. The real important thing to
remember here is the finale when you drop the bomb and hit the ESC key
to give you enough time to run away. If you don't hit the ESC, then
you most probably won't have enough time to escape unless your really
lucky. With the ESC key trick though, I managed to get off the way
and actually WAIT a second or two to see the bomb blow up.

When your done, grab your big gun again and enter the newly blasted
big door. :p


At the end of the corridor is a enviro-suit machine, enter it. When
your back inside, your back to your beautiful self :p. And there seem
to be a dying woman on the corner... Dr Escher!

There's a big bug on her though and when you approach Dr Escher the
bug attack you. The best way I found to kill it was shoot a blast with
your big gun and when it curl up, roundkick it with CTRL+9. It takes
about 4 or 5 combos and it will explode.

Back to the doctor, she's wounded so grab a healspray and use it when
your next to her. You will stabilize her wounds and as thanks she will
give you an:
-alien translator machine.

That being done, you might be tempted to stay in this area and explore
a bit the other corridor. You certainly can, but if you want some more
background info on the Phyxx alien race, since you got a brand new
translator, you can do the following first.

Go back to the enviro-suit machine and head back outside once more.
Get off the corridor and go down the path until you reach the blocks 
that you crossed earlier when you were carrying the bomb. This time 
around though, go at the back of the screen toward the alien temple.
Use the alien cube as necessarily and be careful when you fall down
the ledge at the back as there is a small puddle of green acid there.

You will enter the alien temple and the only thing to do here is to go
see the 3 big cubes on the edges of the room and use your translator
device on them. Translate the text and read it. I'm not sure if there's
a point to it, but it is interesting reading for sure.

When your done with that research, leave the temple and trek your way
all the way back to DR Escher. Now is the time to visit the other


When you enter the big room at the end of the corridor, one of the 
walls will crumble and the alien from the reactor core will burst out
of it (and you thought you killed him in the lava pit...). In case
you haven't figured it out yet, this is the escaped prisoner of the
cell #2 that's been making a mess of the station so far by making
holes in the walls all over the place and killing everyone.

Get in combat mode and get in a fist fight with him. He IS unbeatable
though, but if you kick him a good few times, he will eventually run
away. Follow him back to Dr Escher's room and you will see he will
use some sort of transporter device near the good doctor.

Alright, go back to the room where you fought him and you'll notice
that there is a sarcophagus ready to be opened. When you do, you will
see it's occupant is locked under a forcefield. So activate the puzzle
and I hope you like the rubbik's cube...

The basic idea is that you have 4 rubbik cube patterns. The only ones
that matter are the top and bottom ones (the two on the side serve
no purpose). What you have to do is match the patterns of the top and
bottom so they are identical. Like so:

                   2 3
                  4 5 6
                   7 8

                   2 3
                  4 5 6
                   7 8

So, again have fun pushing whatever buttons in random orders until
you get lucky and solve it (or find the logic of it and have fun).
It's not too hard.

When you solve it, you'll get an
-alien talisman

Which is used to transport via the same grav-tube that the alien used
in Dr Escher's room. So go there, use it on the blue button and you 
will get sucked in the tube. When you exit your in a strange alien
room with a center structure and other grav-tubes.


At the center of this room is a control device that activates the
grav-tube transporters. You will also notice that there are 4 of these
tubes (including the one you came from) and four also on the ceiling.
Take note that on each of these grav-tubes is a big redish symbol next
to it.

The way to activate the various grav-tubes is to activate the central
control device and input a few symbols so that it forms the shape of 
the final symbol you desire (this symbol will appear in the center). 
It is confusing but here's an example you might understand:
- with _ would give =

So basically make forms and click the center button. What you need to
unlock are the other 3 grav-tubes at the bottom and AVOID opening the
ones at the ceiling as these will only spur bugs that will attack you

I'll give you the solution here:

                   2 3
                  4 * 5
                   6 7

First tube: 	4+5+8
Second tube: 	3+4
Third tube:	3+4+8

When those are opened, head through the first tube that is located
directly to the right when you entered (The one shaped like a Y).


This is quite interesting as you are in a zero gravity room! And the
only way to navigate is by using your gun to burst you off like a 
reactor. Sadly since you probably have the big gun by now, it can 
overheat very quickly so dont burst like a maniac and do controlled
bursts. :p The idea is to get on the opposite side of the room from 
which you entered.

When you achieve that you will be in a blue alien room where you must
fight cellmate #2 for the final time. This time he activate a blue
personal shield in a desperate mood to win the fight, but by the time
your here, a good few kicks and punches should drop him dead. When he
is, he will drop the blue shield device so grab:

-Reflective cube

Ah yes, in this room is also a pressure plate on the floor. You
probably step on it on your way to fight the alien but if you didn't
walk around until you press it. It's not important now, but it will be
in a bit later. For now, there are some walls to be read with your
translator if you want some more infos on the Phyxx.

When your done with that, turn on your blue shield device that will
encase you in a cool life support protective shield and then enter the 
blue glimmering area at the back.

There is a computer device on your left so use it for another confusing
puzzle. There are some colored buttons on the panel so push them in
this order:

Green-Red  Blue-Red-Green-Red  Blue-Green-Blue  Green-Orange-Yellow
Violet-Yellow-Orange  Blue-Yellow-Green-Yellow

This will alert a friendly alien of your presence and a weird ship will
arrive where you will meet Leader Gen of the Phyxx alien race. After
the nice conversation, he will give you:
-a fully charged alien battery (500 bars)

You will need to KEEP this battery to powerup your ship when you have
to escape so do NOT use it much. In clear when you reach your ship
you will NEED to have it charged at 75% or more. So be sporadic if you
heal with it or if you use your arm gun.

Yes the cool news is that with this new battery installed you finally
have access to your arm-gun. To activate it go to diagnostic mode "d"
and activate the PFD PROTOTYPE.

Now this will be very annoying... because you cannot keep the big gun 
and the extra battery at the same time. But you obviously need the gun 
to escape the zero-g room. So you wont have any other choice here but 
to install the new battery in yourself and leave the old one behind. 
What sucks is that you really need to conserve power on that new 
battery so if you need to heal yourself with the old one, do that just 

Ok, nothing left here to do so put on your personal shield again and 
step back to the blue room. Now a thing to be careful here is that the
floor is now unstable for some reason so you need to walk on the metal
rims on the floor (not the center of the tiles) or you'll fall to your
death as the floor collapse.

For some reason, your gun wont work in there. Thus making you 
trapped in zero gravity forever.... until you reload your game.

Back in the Zero-G room, propel yourself with your big gun back to the
gravity-tube and your back to the central room.


Use the pink alien block computer next to the blinking portal and it
will show a viewscreen of the alien temple with two marines. There
are two buttons on this screen that lift and lowers the ball. So lift
it up and wait a while for the first marine to investigate and peer
down the hole. Perfect moment to lower the sphere quickly and crush
his head with it!!!

Lift the sphere again and the second marine will throw a grenade down
the hole which will land at your feet. Grab it (enter) and use it on
the blinking tube, it will go back to the marine and blowup in his face.

With these guys taken off, you can enter the last gravity tube which
will take you to a Gravity Ring that is cluttered with debris. The
idea is to walk on the arrows on the floor and align the highlighted
segments (marked in pale blue lines on the sides) into a single line.
You can make that line on any orientation you want, as long as you
got a single line of the blue marked glyphs.

When that is done, an animation will play out and you can leave the
grav tube back to the nexus. 

Final thing you SHOULD do before leaving is to go back through the
gravity tube where Dr Escher was. One of these annoying beetles bots
will be there so kill him (shoot and roundkick still works good). And
then you will notice that DR Escher is gone.. but where she was a 
logbook is. So grab

-Dr Escher Logbook

When you read it, you will get the final part of this great story
which is the same log from Dr Escher you probably read already on one
of the computer, but there is one notable difference among all of it.
It has the big payoff: The MEDICAL ACCESS CODES for the Dr Mastaba's
files in the surgery room which will tell you your identity when you
access those before your escape on the 3rd floor!

The medical access codes for my game was 99622

When your done reading, go back to the nexus and finally head through 
the grav tube where the guards threw a grenade to get back to the 
alien temple.

Make SURE your wearing the reflective shield on before you step on
the tube (otherwise you die in the planet's atmosphere).


You are now back in the alien temple with the dead guards. Notice that
if you try to fire your big gun it will not work since the reflective
shield is messing up with it. You can thus say farewell to your big
gun and drop it if you want (or keep it as an effective club). If you
want to fire you will need to manually charge up your wrist-gun in the
diagnostic menu "d" and shoot. It has one shot per charge but it's
really powerful! (Keep in mind, dont drop your battery below 75%).

Now exit the alien temple, go back to the blocks and use the alien
cube as needed. You need to get back to the ledge and to the corridor
that you blew up with the bomb. There some guards will try to stop you
but with your new reflective shield, wrist-gun and leet combat skillz 
there's not much they can do to Mr.Bio-Cyborg now. :p

So kick his ass and continue your merry way pulverizing another marine
foolish enough to stand against you. When your done, a ship on the
landing pad will open fire at you, time your run correctly because if
one of these cannon blasts hit you, your dead.

When you reach the elevator, press the button and get on it. When you
reach the top another foolish marine will try his luck on you. Beat
him up. You can get his logbook that tells you of the code for the
airlock (they changed it from the circle pattern of earlier). It is
now two horizontal lines.

So access the panel next to the airlock and the final annoying stupid
no-sense puzzle of the game will be revealed. You have to make two
horizontal lines (one on top and one at the bottom) appear. So press
a bunch of random buttons until you finally get lucky and unlock the
damm door.

Get in the corridor where the flaming bot is still flaming and get on
the elevator. Get to the 3rd floor and run to the end of the corridor
where a final marine will try to stop you (they don't learn hey?). 
Obviously kill him and now you can either enter the computer room to
escape or if you got the codes from Dr Escher's logbook, you can go
to the surgery room, access the medical computer and with the codes
unlock the secrets of your origins!

When your done discovering the little bits of your past, you can then
finally go to the computer room at the end of the corridor, down the
little stairs, activate one of the 3 computers and go down to the
Ikarus spaceship.

I hope you kept at least 75% of your alien battery intact otherwise
your gonna get stuck here for a long time... So take your old battery
that is probably still laying here on the floor to get your alien
battery in hand. And the final task of the game...

...put the alien battery at the front of the spaceship.

Enjoy the finale of the game and hope you enjoyed this FAQ. :)

Copyright 2008
-Nicolas L. Clement

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