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:-FAQ/Walkthrough by Sack
Version:-Commercial Version..Updated 2008

******* **** ******  ****    *** ****** ****     **  *****   ****** *******
**  ***  ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **     ** **    ** **   ** ***     **
*****    ** **    ** **   *   ** ****** **   **  ** ******* **      *******
** ***   ** **    ** **       ** **     **    ** ** **   ** **      **
**  ***  ** **    ** **       ** **     **     **** **   ** **      **
**   **  ** ** ** ** **       ** **     **      *** **   ** ***     **
******* **** ******  **       ** ****** **       ** **   **  ****** *******

Walkthrough and Hints by Sack.


               ===================For PC==============================

Biomenace,all the charecters,figures,graphics are related to
Apogee Software.



Welcome to my walkthrough for the game Biomenace.This is basically a
Microsoft DOS game and can be played on any PC.
My name is Sack(I would not like to disclose my full name).
How I came to write this Faq is completely a secret.
But one thing I saw was that nobody had ever written an Faq for this
game before, in Game faq's.So I decided to write it.
I would not be able to give an entire walkthrough of this game as it is
basically self explanatory.
My theme of this faq would be hints,tips and other secrets in this game.
However I would explain in detail a bit.
Also this is my first walkthrough....


         Rules for E-mailing me

1)You can E-mail me regarding this game only.
2)Comments,extra suggestions and other tips are warmly welcomed.
3)If you want to E-mail me then please include the name of the game
in the subject line
then the chances of me reading it is more.
4)Please excuse me for any spelling,grammatical error and language
5)No rude comments are entertained.
6)My Email id is


            Copyright Info

No reproduction of this copy can be made.It is solely for public use
and recomondations.No part of this work may be copied,re-written,
re-transmitted or anything like that.This guide cannot be used for
public profit and for personal benifit.For printout you are permitted
to take out only on copy!!This Faq can be used as a book..and may be
seen only in



 |Sl No|           Description                |
 |  1  |         Introduction                 |
 |     |                                      |
 |  2  |      Rules for E-mailing             |
 |     |                                      |
 |  3  |         Copyright Info               |
 |     |                                      |
 |  4  |           Contents                   |
 |     |                                      |
 |  5  |            Story                     |
 |     |                                      |
 |  6  |           Controls                   |
 |     |                                      |
 |  7  |   Stuff/Weapons/Threats/Enemies      |
 |     |                                      |
 |  8  |         Hints by Level               |
 |     |                                      |
 |  9  |   Hints/Secret Battle Moves/Cheats   |
 |     |                                      |
 | 10  |           Credits                    |



You are Snake Logan,(remember the name as I've used it throught)a top
CIA operative who likes to do things his own way.
Metro City has fallen under the attack of the hideous mutants.
Your mission is to fly recon over the city and report back.
While circling over the city you are shot down by hostile forces and
forced to crash land on the streets of metro.
Grabbing what supplies you can find you are out to discover the source
of these mutants and especially the guy who shot you down.

There are three versions of Biomenace
* Dr Mangle's Last stand
* The Hidden Lab
* Master Cain

The First version deals with the plots of Dr Mangle whom you are
ultimately going to destroy.
The Second episode deals with the encounter and the nuclear bomb which
has to be planted.
The Third episode is of the dangerous villan, Master Cain posing
deadly weapons.



The Controls are all simple.
You can manually configure them by choosing configure in the
main menu.

Forward Arrow:-Move Forward/Opens doors/Climb ladders
Backward Arrow:-Move backward/Descend ladders.
Left Arrow:-Move Left
Right Arrow:-Move Right
Alt key:-Fire enemies
Ctrl key:-Jump
Enter:-Throw grenades
Backspace:-Status bar

In the main menu of new game you have four options.
Practice a level for 15 mins
Begin an Easy game
Begin a normal game
Begin a hard game



There are a lot of stuffs in the game to reward you.I would explain
each one of them.

1)Machine Gun:-90 rounds of continous fires.
2)Grenades:-These are very useful in blowing stuffs and hard to kill
3)Super bullet/Plasma gun:-Does more damage than ordinary gun.
4)Land mines:-Waits for an enemy to destroy.
5)Shard:-Key that acts like a switch to open up areas.
6)Keycard:-Turns off electric beams and electic volts.
7)Key:-Opens up doors
8)Exit key:-Key to exit area received from hostages in each level.
9)Special key:-Opens special doors.Found in certain levels only.
10)First Aid Kit:-Replenishes some of the lost health
11)Gems:-Collect 50 of them to get an extra life
12)Invincibility portion:-A pink coloured solution which works for
30 secs against enemies.
13)Secret Level Gem:-Find these to get to secret level areas.
14)Oneup man:-Find these in doors to get an extra life.
15)Robopal:-Gives Logan extra fire power.

There are a variety of threats and enemies in this game.
I would like to go from the first episode.

1)Pink slimes:-(Difficulty:2)These are easy to kill with a machine gun
but are little annoying pests when present in large numbers.

2)Green goblins:-(Difficulty:2)These are also easy to kill but can be
dangerous when they are in a close range.

3)Fire devils:-(Difficulty:3)These are hard to kill enemies with a
machine gun and even with grenades as they use up all ammunition
and cause lot of damage.

4)Missiles:-(Difficulty:3)These are silent killers and cause lot of
damage when they spot Logan, by jumping on him.

5)Giant Frogman:(Difficulty:4)-They are seen in level 2 of Episode 1
which fire rapidly from their gun.
They cause a lot of damage to Logan's health.

6)Porcupines:-(Difficulty:-2)A machine gun is enough to kill them.
They are first sighted in Level 3 of Episode1

7)Snakes:-(Difficulty:-4)These are one big trouble as they cause lots
of damage by their poison they spit.
Always stay away from them and shoot from a large distance.

8)Giant goblins:-(Difficulty:-4)They must be targeted from a long
distance to avoid their throws.

9)Stagnant Cave Droppers:-(Difficulty:-3)Watch out for the liquid they
drop from the roof!!

10)Rotating Spike Beams:-(Difficulty:-1)Just avoid them to be in safety.

11)Green Slimes:-(Difficulty:-3)These have to be destroyed only by
grenades or Land mines.Seen in South side.

12)Giant mutant robots:-(Difficulty:-5)These have to taken down by
powerful weapons or shot down several times.
As these robots cause fire and explosions which take up health very

13)Jumping Robots:-(Difficulty:-2)Just keep shooting them...!!

14)Shooters:-(Difficulty:-3)They are fixed but cause lot of damage.
Just tackle them by jumping or other such actions.

15)Blue Rollies:-(Difficulty:-2)Just shoot them..!!
They are seen in level 10 of Episode 1.

16)Moving Cave Droppers:-(Difficulty:-3)Just move about and when
they fall on the ground quickly take them off.

17)Ants:-(Difficulty:-3)Shoot them before they can reach you.

18)Rolling Trashes:-(Difficulty:-2)Same as above

19)Jumping Beetles:-(Difficulty:-3)Avoid them and take them down.

20)Killer Pilers:-(Difficulty:-8)These are hard to track down and kill,
so stay away and find some place to be safe and kill them.

21)Skull man:-(Difficulty:-8)Concentrate on the Skull man's head and
shoot it to dispose him off quickly.

22)Dr Mangle:-(Dificulty:-9)The only means to kill this guy is by Land
mines or Grenades.

23)Trash boss:-(Difficulty:-7)Stay tucked in a safe area and kill him.

24)Queen Ant:-(Difficulty:-7)Same as above.But be cautious of the flying nymphs.

25)Blue men:-(Difficullty:-3)Shoot them dowm.They are seen in
Utility maintainence.

26)Self Exploders:-(Difficulty:-4)Stay away frm them as far as possible
cuz when they get too near they self explode and take away the health.

27)Goliath:-(Difficulty:-9)The only way to destroy this mutant is by
using Plasma gun or by other means stay tucked in a safe area and finish it.
Watch out for its power!!

28)Shootin Guards:-(Difficulty:-5)Dont lurk too near.Finish them from
afar as they drop bombs.They are seen in level 2 of Episode 3.

29)Cyborgs:-(Difficulty:-5)These are one of the dangerous as they carry
missiles.Dont combat them face to face.

30)Fire carrying missiles:-(Difficulty:-4)They are one of the deadliest
so far in the game as they can be taken down easily but on contact take
away all the health causing instant death.

31)Falling Blocks:-(Difficulty:-0)In certain levels you'll come across
falling blocks.They can cause insant death when it falls on the head.
So the best way to get across is just avoid them.

32)Master Cain:-(Difficulty:-10)He is the most difficult boss in the
game as he can take out Logan's health in seconds.
(I've discussed the hint in killing this boss in the next sections)

The sole aim of the game is to rescue hostages in each level.
They'll hand over a exit keycard to Logan which is used to advance
to the next levels.At the end of each Episode you'll have to fight a
boss who is responsible for all the troubles...

             Hints by Level


1)Downtown Metro:-Flip the switch on the third(if i remember)balcony
to activate a platform at the left end of the level.
Climb this platform to get a medpack and 5000 level bonus.
After receiving the keycard from the hostage and turning off the exit
beam flip the switch near the exit to get to a platform just above you
where you can find gems.

2)High rise:-Take robopal at the end.First clear out the fire devils
and then get robopal to destroy the frogmen.
Watch out for missiles.!!

3)City Park:-Get the secret level bonus gem at the very top of the first tree.
Up in the trees are lot of snakes so watch out.
At the right end of the same level get the 5000 bonus from the platforms.

4)South Side:-Press a switch to activate a platform in the middle of
the level.Then ride all the way to get the whopping 50000 bonus.
Watch out for falling platforms.!

5)Sewer:-Stay away from the fire and green slimes..Take your step slowly.

6)Cave area:-Get the secret level gem above the rotating spike beam.
Watch out for Cave droppers!

7)Skull man:-Take all the goodies in the doors before reaching the Skull
man as you wont be able to return back when you face this boss.
Target the Skull man's head as it is easy to destroy the boss by this
way.Dont go for the floating hands.

8)Elevator:-The skulls at the beginning of the level are placements for
blocks underwater.By jumping on these blocks you can get to the other
side of the level.Then use the green shard to stay at the right end
of the level where you can take down all hard enemies with ease.

9)No Man's land:-Get the secret level gem above the hostage at the end.
If you can't take down all the robots in this level just make you're way
to the end and concentrate on your goal and mission.

10)Computer Core:-Take the secret level gem at the second ion cannon
from the left.Use the grenades to destroy the robotic mutants.
Do not combat face to face as this level can be very dangerous.

11)Mangle's Last Stand:-Stand on the entrance door to view the colour
code.Then enter this at the right end of this level to get all cool
goodies including the Land mines to accomplish your mission in Episode 1.
Also,destroy Dr Mangle by placing Land mines and throwing grenades
where you'll be safe on the platform above Dr Mangle.
(There are two doors in this level for the purpose of safety)


1)Outer Woods:-Search for gems behind trees as they are hidden all over
the level.

2)Main Corridor:-Get the secret level gem at the bottom of the level
above the exit door by entering the wall.
View the colour code correctly and enter it to get cool stuffs including
medpacks.If the color code goes wrong then you will be stuck in an area
of killerbees..!.Jump the ladders carefully lest you fall in the acid.

3)Ant Caves:-You can get free stuffs by entering the colour codes near
the exit.To view the colour code travel all the way down and wait for
the glowing(appearing)platforms.Then travel all the way to view the
colour code.

4)Ant Town:-Ride the fist fall block to get the secret level bonus gem
at the bottom right below the entrance.Be wary of Ant attacks!

5)Queen Ant:-The safest way to tackle this boss is to be at the left
corner of the level and concentrate onthe queen rather than targetting
the nymphs.At this spot you can take the queen and her flying nymphs by
staying protected in the safe area.If its necessary go and take the
machine guns at the bottom of the level.

6)Trash Dump:-Be wary of rolling trashes and pins which will work
together to rip you down.

7)Trash Boss:-Jump up the platforms and finish the trash boss by
throwing grenades.
It might cause some damage to combat the boss face to face.
Use your machine gun and stay tucked in a safe area to avoid his attacks.

8)Genitics Lab:-Be wary of shooters and Electric currents(blue) at the
junctions of two platforms.

9)Specimens lab:-Get the secret level gem in the Apogee Room at the top
of the level.Be careful not to shoot the game developers as they carry
lethal weapons.This room has plenty of cool stuff to reward you
including the 50000 bonus.(If I'm correct).
Also get the Nuclear bomb in level needed to plant in the level 12..or
else you will ultimately lose your mission in the end since
Logan will not be able to destroy the lab....

10)Killer Pilers:-The best way to get through this level is to go the
top of the level.Clear out all the enemies and come back with all
the supplies and guns to take down the killer creatures.
Watch out for Fire carrying missiles!!(Explained in the enemies list)

11)The Enforcer:-Be sure to plant the nuclear bomb before making an exit
of this level.
As otherwise you will fail in the mission.
Approach the Encounter and take him out quickly by constantly shooting
him as this boss too has many supplies with him to toast Logan.


1)Barricade:-Be wary of 'Enemy Land Mines' in the beginning of the level
as the take up all the health before u reach the actual level itself.
This level has lot of snakes so approach very cautiously.Also at the
top of the level there are three/four ladders above the electric beams
level to get to the left end of the level.
Do not go there as it is hard to go and Snake Logan will be instantly
killed when he falls on the electric beams.
The light blue shard which you get is also a deathtrap as it is guarded
by radioactive zone.

2)Fort Entrance:-Dont jump in the pit at the top of the level to
get the 50000 bonus gem.Its actually a death trap.
This level has a lot of shootin guards and shooters.
Get health packs quickly whenever your health goes low.

3)Guard tower:-Get the secret level gem at the left end of the level by
jumping into the wall at the top gun turret.
Take the route of the falling blocks where you can get to the right
sideof the level in safety.Otherwise if you take the top area of the
level you'll have to face many Robotic guards,mutants and shooters.
There is also an Invincibility portion at the right end of the level.

4)Cyborg Trouble:-Watch out for Fire Missiles and Cyborgs as they make
this level hard to clear.So advance slowly and attack slowly.

5)Goliath:-Press the switch to activate an upper platform.Ride all the
way up to collect all powerups and medpacks.At the top end destroy the
mutant robot with grenades before facing goliath himself.
Then carefully ride down the same platform and attack goliath.
The best way to finish this boss is that do not approach him directly.
Collect all goodies at the top of the level and then come down.
Also be wary of his missile shooters and try to avoid it.
There is also a mutant robot behind goliath,so don't rush after killing
goliath to exit the level..!

6)Armory:-This level has lot of Snakes..So watch out for your health
and don't make it to go too low.Keep searching for Medpacks.

7)Mutants Attack:-This level has lot of enemies..So stay on guard
and protect yourself.
Orelse you are bound to lose lives which is hard to replenish in the
later levels.

8)Robots Attack:-Robots,Robots everywhere and they are hard to kill.
So better approach slowly and destroy each one of them at a time.

9)Utility Maintainence:-Get the secret level bonus gem inside the wall
above the exit door.Be wary of the radioactive zone which will
instantly kill Logan.!

10)Main Control Centre:-In this level you'll come across many
selfexploders.So take care of all these enemies and stay on guard,
as, the chances of losing lives is more in this level when compared
to others.

11)Circle of death:-In the beginning of the level destroy all the
Fire Missiles before advancing further.
Also at the top wait for the appearing platforms to climb onto them.
Get the secret level gem at the floor second down from top right by
jumping in the roof.At the end be cautious of the Mutant Robot and

12)Master Cain:-This is one toughest level in the entire game as
you'll have to battle Master Cain under whose control were the
other two mission bosses.
Ignoring electric blasts from Master Cain run to the right end of the
level and collect all powerups(stuff).Then destroy Master Cain.
This boss has two attacks:
The first is,he sits and shoots at you and the next is he stands and
shoots.You'll have to do the other way round to defeat him.
Protect yourself at all costs.
Watch out for porcupines and snakes.You could also collect the
5000 bonus gem by climbing the platforms.
When you're done with the level run to the exit to finish the level..

Congratulations!! You've just finished playing all the versions of
At the end, Master Cain and all his forces are captured and Cain
accepts defeat for all thatwhat he had caused.Try playing in a higher
difficulty mode..

         Hints/Secret Battle moves/Cheats


1)In each level look for hidden treasures,ammunition,medpacks in various
places.Some rooms contain plenty of cool stuff and even certain walls
aren't as solid as others.
Eg:-In Downtown Metro there is a room in which you can find plenty of
stuff in a wall.

2)There are color codes in cetain levels which you can view, and enter
it in the area.
You'll find plenty of cool powerups and stuff if you've remembered the
right color code.
If by chance your color code goes wrong you'll dropped in a place
where it is impossible to get alive.

3)There are also large stone blocks which you can push in the game
to avoid fires from enemies and stay protected in a safe area.
Eg:-In the level Outer woods of Episode 2 first push the block towards
the gunned robot,then clear out the entire level.
Otherwise it is difficult to avoid the enemy fire.

4)When you find an Invincibility portion use it when there are a lot of
enemies around you to protect yourself.Do not take it if there are no
mutants lurking nearby.

5)The secret level gems found in certain levels can be very helpful and
But certain secret levels aren't as good as the others.So it is a double
edged knife.
Eg:-When you find a secret level gem in the Main Corridor of Episode 2
you'll be warped to a level where it is difficult to come out alive.
Also this room does not contain as much bonuses as the others do.
There are lots of enemies and once you fall into their trap its gone.
The secret bonus gem taken in Computer Core of Episode 1 one warps you
to a level which contains many oneups..So try to get it!

6)Do not pick up the landmine weapon unless and until you're ready to
use it.Since this weapon gets first priority in the grenade inventory
and you wont be able to use any grenades until you've used up all the
Use this powerful weapon to kill hard enemies while you stay in a safe
Eg:-Use it against Dr Mangle while you stay tucked in the safe platform
above Mangle.

7)While battling bosses do not combat them face to face.
Always look out for a safeplace then try to attack them as some bosses
fire very rapidly which can cause instant death.Also keep an eye on your
health.Always try to avoid enemies and other mutants when your health
goes too low.Be on a constant look out for medpacks and save you game
at a restart beacon where you'll be reverted back when you get killed.

8)Its to your advantage to explore a level completely.
Certain levels contain cool stuff in places which seem very normal
and unimportant.
There are gems hidden behind trees in certain levels.
Eg:-Barricade and the City Park.

9)Always attack an enemy when its facing away from you or when it is at
a far off distance.This gives you a greater advantage of being

10)Fire Grenades explode on contact with a target.
But if you throw them in such a way that they land in front of the
target they'll produce a circle of flames and destroy anything and
everything that comes in their way.This helps in combating multiple
enemies at once.

11)There is also an option of Save game and Load game in the main menu.
You can save a particular level and play it back whenever you wish.
This helps to avoid playing the game all from first and starting from a
particular level to continue it.

12)There are secret battle moves in the game which may be useful
Plasma Power:-Hold down the up arrow key until you hear a ringing sound
and then press the fire key to launch a plasma powerup.
This weapon is very powerful and may take away some health.
So use it wisely....

Fire Power:-Press the right and left arrow keys in succesions rapidly
and press the fire button.There will be a burst of six/seven fireballs
in both the directions to kill any nearby enemies.

Electro Shield:-Press the right and left arrow keys in succesions
rapidly but this time press the jump key.It gives a grey shield of
protectionfrom enemies.

Cheat Keys:-Press the three keys'CAT'simultaneously to get 99 rounds
of machine gun or any other gun and 99 grenades.
This can be used any number of times as you wish.
Remember that the three keys have to be pressed simultaneously
(all together) and not seperately.



I shall give my credits to:-

-Apogee Software for bringing such a nice game and the hints sheet.

-To all the others in Game faq's whose walkthroughs I've read for other
games.As this helped me in writing my own Faq.

-The game itself as without it I would not have been able to write it.

-All the people for reading this Faq!!!

Walkthrough and hints by Sack...
Biomenace is a game by Apogee software.

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