Bionic Commando - Rearmed Secrets Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Bionic Commando - Rearmed Secrets

Bionic Commando - Rearmed Secrets

             ,.                                                    '.         
              ::,.                                                .;c,         
              'c,c:.                                          .';ldoc.         
               :;xOdc,'.                                 ..';ldxO0Kd;          
               'co000kddc;,'..                  ...''',;lddxk00000kl.          
                 .cdKK0ld0K0xccx00d00kdO0ox00xoK0dx00d000KO.  .okl.            
                  ::0XONMWXo:.ckNXdXNc.xNdkNNKkNNxkNXdXNNNd.  .xd:             
                  'coWX0XWWKxcckWNdXNc.xWxkWWWWWWxkWXdXWWN:  ;0Ol.             
                 .cll, ,ll:.,c  ,c.c:''cl,cl,,ll.:c.'l.,llc..:ll,              
                           ...     ..   ...                                   
             o000O'      'OKKXKK0:.';;,,,''.....:O000d'...;O0000000000O,       
             xMMMWOd:  :dOWWX000Oxo:''lkkkkkkkkk0WMMMO'...lNMMMMMMMMMMN;       
             xMMMN, ,NMWNKxxkkkxxddl;,'';xKKKKKXXK0:.'::;;;::cllllddolc.       
             xMWWX; ;XWK0kddddxkkxxxxd;''''''',,,''''lXWWWNNK,                 
             ':'  xMXxdxkkkxc;,',okkkxoclxOkxxkkkxd;.;looo;                    
                  xMXxdxkkkkxd:  ':lxkkkkkOkddlc::;.......                     
                  o00Okkxxddol,    .coxkxolllc.                                
                  ..:0KNWx.           ;oc.                                     
                  xMk  xMx  ,loddlcllc.                                        
               .odc:'  kMx  :xxxxkkkxdc;,.                                     
               ,NNl'.  kM0;,ldxxxkOd:;;;,.                                     
               ,NWkl,  xMN0koclddol,   ....                                    
               ,XX;   .xNKxo'         :dxkkc.                                  
                .'d000O:....:l,    .lodxxxdddo.                                
                  '::::ccc::od:    .dkkkxxdxkxl:'                              
                       cOkkxxd:    .;:dkkkkxxxxkc                              
                   .   :xxkkxxc       ;loxOkxdxx:                              
                .'co;  cxxxxkkl.        .:dxOOxd:                              
                .'lxdoodxxkkkxc       :ddxxxkd,.                               
              ...';:lxxxxl,'''.      .';;::;;,.                                
             ...''..,cl::'          ........                                   
           ...''''.....             .......                                    
           .'...''''...           .........                                    
           ...''''.....           ...........                                  
           .....',oko,...         .........,dd'                                
           ......'oko'....          .......,dd,.                               
             .............             .   ... .                               

I suck at ASCII so I used a crappy converter. The person who sends me better
looking replacements gets infinite points.

1. Table of Contents 

1.	Table of Contents
2.	Guide Version
3.	Introduction
4.      Layout
5.	Secrets
        A. Area 01
        B. Area 04
        C. Area 05
        D. Area 02
        E. Area 06
        F. Area 03
        G. Area 08
        H. Area 09
        I. Area 07
        J. Area 10
        K. Area 11
        L. Area 12
        M. Area 00
        N. Area A
6.	Credits/Thanks
7.	Legal Crap
8.	Contact Information

2. Guide Version  

1.00 - 8-16-08 - Initial version. I plan to update this one so long as people
send in strategies and suggestions and whatnot.

3. Introduction 

First off, I'd like to say, thank you everyone at GRIN and Capcom that worked
on this game, Ben Judd, Simon Viklund, other people I don't remember, you guys
rock! Keep on rocking!

Secondly, I'd like to mention that I was NOT a Bionic Commando fan before
playing this game. I bought the NES game at a mom 'n pop shop a while ago and
never played past Area 1. On day one of release of Rearmed, I beat it, on day
two, I beat the original on my NES. Although I played the game briefly when I
was little (never even beat the first screen, traded it back in when I was
like 10 for Kirby's Adventure) and read the book when I was little, too, I am
most certainly not "nostalgia-biased" for this game. It's just straight up
fun. I thank this game for getting me into Bionic Commando and am looking
forward to the 3D sequel, now. 

I'm writing this guide because no one else has done one yet, and I figure this
will help players find secrets they might be missing for achievements and
unlockables. I'm afraid the lack of guides for the game might put-off people
from purchasing it, so I decided to work this sucker up. I hope this inspires
many more Bionic Commando fans helps propel Bionic Commando into one of the
most memorable series of all-time even more than it was before. If these go
well, I might consider doing a challenge and boss guide, and maybe a super
hard mode guide, considering I've already gotten 200/200g for this game. 

4. Layout

***(Insert Area No. Here)***

(Insert Secret Number Here): 

Reward - (Insert item obtained by secret here) (If Yashichi, insert which
number it is I got in order)

Requirements - (Insert items you must have to complete secret here)

How to - (Insert description of how to obtain item here)

5. Secrets 

A. Area 01 - 

***Secret 1***

Reward - Yashichi (1/12)

Requirements - None

How to: On the very far right of the first area of the screen, beyond where
you can see, is a series of light-posts. Make your way up to the far-right
area where there is a soldier hiding behind a little piece of concrete and in
front of a door. Latch yourself to the corner of the beam above his head and
launch your way to the right, being extra careful to time your bionic arm's
extension just right as to latch the first light post. Grapple from the next
two and make your way up a couple of platforms to find your first Yashichi. To
make your way back, drop and immediately grapple the platform you found the
Yashichi on, then hop your way back to the right, using the down+b grapple to
grab the first post. If you can't survive, no big deal, you at least got the
Yashichi and that's all you really need to do. 

***Secret 2***

Reward - Secret Challenge 1

Requirements - Grenades.

How to - After beating the level for the first time and obtaining grenades,
return to the level. Upon reaching the second area, descend [b]all the way[/b]
to the bottom and travel as far right as possible (don't go up towards the
boss, however!). You'll find a soldier with a bazooka on the far right (again,
not the one near the boss). Kill him and then toss a grenade against the wall
he was near, it should blow up. Behind it is a secret zone with Secret
Challenge 1.

B. Area 04 - 

***Secret 1***

Reward - Secret Challenge 4. 

Requirements - Grenades

How to - After making your way to the first (and only) communication terminal
in the level, there will be three enemy soldiers immediately to the left on
(each on different platforms). On the third you come across, toss a grenade
behind him and up against the wall. It will explode, and reveal a secret zone.
Enter it to pick up Secret Challenge 4.

***Secret 2***  

Reward - Yashichi (3/12)

Requirements - Rawket Lounger

How to - Once you get the rocket launcher, return to the stage. Not far from
the first secret area, advancing further up and further left, you'll find a
close combat guy. Take care of him, then latch yourself to the ceiling and
fire a rocket straight to your left, this should open up a new path. Once
inside the path, you'll have to do some somewhat tricky bionic arm work to
make yourself to your third Yashichi. For those of you struggling with this
one, don't give up! Try and imagine where Radd will be pointing the arm and
time your swings just right. 

C. Area 05 - 

***Secret 1***

Reward - Yashichi (2/12)

Requirements - None

How to - This one apparently confuses some people, it was actually my first
Yashichi and one of the very few I found on the first time in a stage... I
thought you were SUPPOSED to go that way, hahaha. Continue ascending through
the level for a short while until you reach a platform that has a blue barrel
on the far right of it. Make quick work of the barrel (i.e. throw it off the
edge lol) and then latch yourself onto the bottom of the platform. Make sure
you don't latch right onto the corner, however, try to latch a bit to the left
so you have momentum for a swing that will get you a good distance. Once
you've got yourself swinging fairly powerfully (if all else fails, latch the
corner and fire the shotgun to get yourself swinging faster), detach and go as
far right as possible. With luck, you'll land on a cement block. Continue
heading right, grab the Yashichi, and then swing your way back over. If you
can't make it back over the cement block, you can always pause, call for
extraction, then restart the stage. 

***Secret 2***

Reward - Secret Challenge 5

Requirements - None. 

How to - 3 platforms below the 2nd communication terminal, you'll notice a
locked door. Remember this door. Now, continue making your way up, up, and
away until you reach the boss door, but do NOT enter it. On the right of the
platform you should be currently standing on is a blue block, drop off the
platform and shoot the block on the way down (with any weapon). Now, return to
that door I had you remember... In it, you'll find Secret Challenge 5. 

D. Area 02 - 

***Secret 1***

Reward - Yashichi (4/12) 

Requirements - None

How to - Advance right and do nothing but that until you reach the very first
pit you see.. and drop down it! But be careful, you're going to need to
immediately do some tricky grappling. Continue advancing to your right until
you reach a lift, then take it up just a teensy bit and continue your journey
right (hey, it's a 2D game, right?) to find a Yashichi. 

***Secret 2***

Reward - Grenade Upgrade

Requirements - Grenades

How to - Above the boss door (very far to the upper left of the stage), there
is a tank in front of a little tunnel. No, the tunnel isn't of any
signifigance, just using it as a landmark. Go to your furthest left and drop a
grenade straight down, which should go through the floor. Wait a second, and
you should hear a noise. Go back down to where the boss door is and you should
notice a significant portion of the floor blew up, which will let you grapple
up towards the secret zone. Say hello to your first weapons upgrade!

***Secret 3*** 

Reward - Secret Challenge 2

Requirements - None

How to - Drop all the way straight down from the right of the boss door, for
starters. Your objective now becomes going upwards and... leftwards. Advancing
up two lifts, you'll come on a fork to go either left and right. You're going
to have to go both ways to get this secret, but I suggest going right first
because fly droid bugger is obnoxious (there's another one of these jerks
further up and left, too). After pulling both, go up and right until you hit a
lift, then travel up it and keep going till you hit a door. Enter that door
for a new Secret Challenge Room. 

E. Area 06

***Secret 1*** 

Reward - Yashichi (5/12) 

Requirements - None

How to - It's in the first part of the stage, once you've passed the third
drone guy. You'll notice a couple of lightposts seemingly reaching into
nowhere. Now, this one is pretty tricky, I have to say. If your skills in the
game aren't that great, I recommend coming back to this one later. You're
going to want to grapple the first lamp post on the far right side of it, then
grapple to the top of it. Be careful! You'll immediately slide down. Now,
grapple the next one in the same way you did this one and quickly grapple the
third and allow yourself to swing back and forth. If you absolutely cannot
grapple the second lamp post this way, when you retract your swing, make sure
you are facing left. Now, quickly detach and reattach several times (be
careful not to hold up after reattaching, as you'll prematurely climb up)
until you're on the right side of the post. Now, when you climb up, you'll
slide from the right side, allowing you to grapple the third post easily. Once
you've grappled the third post, simply swing to the left and grapple (straight
upward to) the platform and the Yashichi is yours!

***Secret 2*** 

Reward - Plasma Rifle

Requirements - Plasma Rifle Upgrade

How to - This one is in a pretty inconspicuous place and will likely cost you
at least one death. In the second part of the stage, make your way over to the
bottom floor of the barrel-tossing-area and go all the way to the right.
Quickly, carefully, fall off and then grapple about a block's space to the
left directly underneath the platform. Retract, and then fall straight down.
With some luck, you landed on a platform, if not, try and try again. Once
inside, blast a couple of tank droids and switch blocks then make your way
into the newly opened door for an upgrade. 

F. Area 03

***Secret 1***

Reward - Yashichi (6/12)

Requirements - None

How to - After making your way to the communication terminal in the second
part of the stage, grapple the ceiling to your upper right and keep grappling
along that path until you get to a platform you can ascend above. Once there,
it's a fairly simple path to the 6th Yashichi. Congrats! You're halfway there,

***Secret 2*** 

Reward - Secret Challenge 3

Requirements - Hyper Bazooka

How to - Continue ascending the snowy area until you get to the close quarters
guy closest to the exit. Go to the right of him, on the platform to the right
of the one he's on, and launch a rocket then curve it up. This will open a
complex little path of destroyed wall. Don't pay it any mind, and just go down
and right until you get to the opening. Inside the secret zone, you'll find
the final secret challenge, which is a ludicrously hard one. 

G. Area 08

***Secret 1***

Reward - Shotgun upgrade

Requirements - None

How to - This one is actually pretty close to the beginning of the level. Make
your way up and right a little bit until you come across a grenade guy, kill
him, and all surrounding guys. You'll notice, above a red barrel in the
background, there is a little segment to latch onto. Latching onto this one
can be a bit tricky, but just swing off the lower ceiling to your left to get
to it. Now, you're going to have to get on the far left of that little square,
detach, and then reattach to the far right. After that, swing to the left and
attach straight upward, then detach, and reattach to swing left. If you can't
do that, rapidly detach and reattach while attached the little square, which
will move you back, little by little. This will allow you to detatch and
reattach for a swing easier without having to get it directly on the far left.
Anyway, once you're up there, enter the door for an upgrade to your shotgun!
Too bad it's still a useless piece of trash except for when you're fighting

***Secret 2***

Reward - Yashichi (7/12)

Requirements - None

How to - This one is located right above the second communication terminal in
the level... or the first, depending on how you travel about it. Either way,
it's above the one in the blue area with a moving platform at the bottom of
it. simply latch the visible ceiling, swing to the left (or right, depending
on where you are), and grapple your claw straight upwards, there you are!
Yashichi 7! Wasn't that easy?

H. Area 09

***Secret 1***

Reward - Yashichi (8/12)

Requirements - None

How to - Now here's an unnecessarily complicated one. Upon the first fall in
the level, be careful to grapple to the far left. Continue along that path,
fall down, and then make your way right again. You'll notice a bolted wall,
get rid of it. Now, make your way to the first communication terminal. You'll
notice a blue switch to your left. Hit it. And now make your way upwards and,
here's that word again, "leftwards", so that you can take care of each of
those. Once you've hit them all, return to where you took care of that bolted
wall. Enter the door, and you'll be rewarded with a new Yashichi.

I. Area 07

***Secret 1***

Reward - Secret Challenge 6

Requirements - None

How to - Above and to the right of the first (and only) communication terminal
in the level are some light posts. Latch onto the closest one, swing to the
next lowest one, swing to the one to the upper left of that one, pray you
grappled the right side of that lamp post and climb upwards, quickly latch
onto the on the right, then swing your way to a secret zone with a secret

***Secret 2***

Reward - Yashichi (9/12)

Requirements - None

How to - Just before the boss door is a little platform that juts out to the
right. Latch onto it and swing to your left, and, on your way down, grapple to
the left to swing into a secret area. Bam! Easy Yashichi. 

***Secret 3*** 

Reward - Joe's Machine Gun Upgrade

Requirements - Joe's Machine Gun

How to - At the very beginning of the level, drop straight down the hole and
then quickly grapple to the right. From there, it's a very linear and simple
climb upwards until you get to a switch activated by Joe's machine gun. Step
inside, and you've now got a bigger clip for it. 

J. Area 10

***Secret 1*** 

Reward - Vector Cannon Upgrade

Requirements - Vector Cannon

How to - This was the first secret weapon upgrade I found, boy did I feel
embarrassed when I found out how many I missed after beating the game and
getting the dossier. Anyway, once you get up to the sprinkler cannon right
next to the area you ascend and first meet the purple blobs, stop and destroy
that cannon. Latch onto the beam in between the area you ascend and the area
where the sprinkler cannon was and then launch yourself to the right. While in
midair, turn around and latch the platform to your left. You'll smack into the
wall! Ha! Now keep mashing B smashing back (and your face into the wall) until
you finally are on top of that platform swing to the left and start firing
your vector cannong around till you hit some switch blocks, then enter the
newly opened room for the vector cannon upgrade, one of the most useful
upgrades in the game (especially on higher difficulties).

***Secret 2***

Reward - Yashichi 

Requirements - Shotgun or Joe's Machine Gun

How to - Personally, I found this secret to be absolutely hilarious. After
killing the only drone guy on the stage, keep going down and to your left,
you'll see a guy beind a barrel and a bunch of spikes on a very low ceiling.
Toss the barrel at the guy and get either your shotgun or Joe's machine gun
out (shotgun is much faster, especially if you have it upgraded). Now, crouch
next to the spikes and face left and just... shoot... a bunch. Eventually,
you'll be propelled all the way to the right for your 10th Yasichi. Pretty
neat, huh?

K. Area 11

***Secret 1*** 

Reward - Secret Challenge 7

Requirements - None

How to - This one is a teensy bit tricky. After reaching the forst
communication terminal, make your way to the right and wedge yourself up
against the concrete barrier. Launch your bionic arm to the upper left and
just let yourself go flying to the left. Keep going left and fall down a pit,
then make a quick grapple to the left. From there, dismantle the screw on that
door, and make your way back up to where you were earlier. Do the same first
jump, only grapple to your upper left at the end of that jump and then let go.
Once again, fall down, grapple left, quickly, and then make your way to the
secret zone. With this, you'll get secret challenge 7. 

***Secret 2*** 

Reward - Yashichi (11/12)

Requirements - None

How to - Just like with the last secret, wedge yourself up against that
concrete and jump and grapple to your upper left. This time, you'll want to
retract, drop, quickly reattach, then swing to your right and grapple a little
poll that's sitting there. Make sure you're on the left side of the poll,
climb up, then quickly grapple straight upwards, getting another poll above
you. Climb up it and grapple again, either to the left or right (the poll or
the platform) and then grapple your way onto the ceiling for a long series of
bionic swings over to a Yashichi. If you're having trouble with this one, use
the positioning trick I've mentioned before, where you clickly detach then
reattach so that you move back a little bit to the position you want before
ascending a poll. Just one more Yashichi! Almost there! Fortunately, you'll
never need to get either of these secrets again, unless, of course, you're me,
and you're writing a guide about how to get them and need to remember where
they are and redo everything so you'll have an accurate explanation. 

L. Area 12:

***Secret 1***

Reward - Yashichi (12/12)

Requirements - None

How to - The final Yashichi! This one is very early in the stage and the only
secret in the stage, as well. As soon as you descend the lift, head to your
left and enter the door. In here, you'll find a few droids (sprinkler and
mini-tanks), take care of them. Grab the extra life, and then grapple to your
right, then straight up. Detach, then swing to your right, then straight up
again. Then detach and swing to the right once more and BAM! All secrets
complete! Well, not really. You still need guided rockets for a secret back in
Area 03, but you don't ever "have" to get that secret for achievements. There
are also a few secrets left that don't count towards "secrets per stage" I'll
list below. 

M. Area 00: 

***"Secret" 1***

Reward - "Purple Matrix" 

Requirements - All 12 Yashichis

There's a door on the far right of the screen that opened with your last
Yashichi. Enter and collect the mysterious "Purple Matrix," which gives you an
unlock code for an item in the upcoming sequel. 

N. Area A (Albatross): 

***"Secret" 1***

Reward - "BC Prototype Weapon"

Requirements - None

There's a long series of switch-pulling you have to do to complete the indoors
segment of the level after you get inside from the trap-doors of doom. After
pulling all the necessary ones there will be an additional one, afterwards.
Pull that switch and backtrack to the room you entered to pull two switches,
there's a long corridor to the left of that. Continue all the way down there,
and you'll be able to obtain the "BC Prototype Weapon," which gives you an
unlock code for an item in the upcoming sequel. Its symbol is that of the FSA.
Pretty impressive little graphic for something you only see once. 

6. Credits/Thanks  

All credit goes to me for making this guide and GRIN and Capcom for making
this game. Hooray!

Special Thanks go to 

Naburus (Kenny) for giving me the points to get this game, even if I had to do
some of his papers, hahaha. 

Sotenga (Mike) of The Third Moon (and HG101), Klatrymadon (Mike) of The Third
Moon, Dire 51 (Rob) of The Third Moon, and other dudes on The Third Moon all
for getting me into Bionic Commando. 

Check Sotenga's page on HG101 for BC! It's going to be updated soon with extra
Rearmed info. - Go here - 

Read Dire 51's God damn book about God damn video games, God damn it! He
deserves more sales than whatever's he's gotten, I guarantee it's a good read.
Buy here -
Also check out his Splatterhouse fanpage, West Mansion -
and his site, the OPCFG (Organization for the Preservation of Classic 
Forms of Gaming, turned 10 recently!), while you're there, submit a 
review -

Visit The Third Moon! It's better than your forum, period! -

Also, thanks, again, to Capcom/GRIN/Ben Judd/Simon Viklund (even though he
stole my Mega Man shirt)/everyone that worked on Bionic Commando: Rearmed and
the original. 

7. Legal Crap 

This guide is copyright me, the game and all materials from them are copyright
Capcom. This guide may be redistributed and reposted freely, but please, give
me credit and pop me an e-mail or IM saying you're using it. You don't HAVE TO
but it would be nice, I'm not going to be a jerk and try to make this
"exclusive" or act like I should "own" it. I made this guide for anyone
playing the game and I hope anyone who needs it gets ahold of it. 

8. Contact Information.  

You can get ahold of me to say thanks, just chat, or make suggestions at - 

AIM – Dualisacat 
PSN - Dualisacat 
XBL - Dual is a cat 
MSN – 
E-mail – 
SteamID - DualGreen

Also, in case you want to donate anything, that would be GREATLY appreciated.
Even if it's just a dollar. Again, no need to here, it'd just make me feel
good about myself, hahahaha. 

Paypal -

Blah Blah BLah Copyright 2008 DualGreen

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