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 Bioshock 2 FAQ

Bioshock 2 FAQ

|Bioshock 2              	  |
|By: Valkskorn AKA TFU	        |
|thefallenuser@gmail(dot)com	  |
|Copyright 2010 Valkskorn	  |
|Version 0.96 March 31, 2010    |

Table of Contents
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1. Introduction.......................#01
2. Copyright..........................#02
3. Contact Info.......................#03
4. Bioshock 2 Introduction............#04
5. The Game...........................#05
5.01 Adonis Luxury Resort.............
5.02 The Atlantic Express.............
5.03 Ryan Amusements..................
5.04 Pauper's Drop....................
5.05 Siren Alley......................
5.06 Dionysus Park....................
5.07 Fontaine Futuristics.............
5.08 Persephone.......................
6. Items and Enemies..................#06
6.01A Weapons.........................
6.01B Power To The People Stations....
6.01C Research Camera.................
6.02 Plasmids.........................
6.03 Gene Tonics......................
6.04 Enemies..........................
6.05 Audio Diaries....................
7. Versions List......................#07
8. Credits............................#08

1. Introduction #01

Hello, I'm Valk (Valkskorn) also known to some as TFU. This guide is for 
Bioshock 2 (obviously). 

I hope that the guide can help you with any and all of your questions.

This is still a work in progress obviously, if you're having trouble with any
of my instructions, or if you need help with something I haven't covered yet. I
advise you take a look at

He's got videos put up of the entire single player mode. 
2. Copyright #02

This guide may not be placed on any other site besides GameFaqs, Neoseeker, or
Supercheats. Any other public or private online usage is against copyright.

Sure, you can print it or save it to your computer. I don't mind, but don't try
to sell it for money or pass it off as your own.

Also, if you're from a site other than the three listed above and would like
to place this guide on your site, send me a message and I'll see what I think.

No matter what, may never use my guide!
3. Contact Info #03

If you've got a question, information, or anything else that concerns
this guide and would like to contact me about it then just e-mail me at the
above listed address and I'll answer you. I can't assure you that it will be in
a fast period of time, but it will happen.

DO NOT hand out my e-mail to anybody else!
4. Bioshock 2 Introduction #04

Bioshock 2 stars Delta. The first Big Daddy from the Alpha series to be bound 
to a Little Sister. A girl named Eleanor who Delta is searching for throughout
the course of the game. Along the way Delta is assisted by a number of people
and fights against Doctor Sofia Lamb in order to find Eleanor once more. Armed
with a Drill and other utilities, Delta explores areas of Rapture that were
never before encountered.

The game takes place 10 years after the events of the first game, which means 
the year is 1970. In addition to new plasmids, tonics, and weapons. There are
also new enemies to face, including a more powerful "Brute" splicer. AND a new
type of Big Daddy, the Rumbler who can lay mini-turrets and specializes in
defensive combat and taking on multiple targets at once. 

5.01 Adonis Luxury Resort

Rapture - 1958

Once you start the game and it finished loading, a cutscene will begin to play.
The game starts off with a rather familiar sight, a little sister's pipe in the
wall. You're viewing the scene through the eyes of Delta, the original big
daddy. He bangs on the side of the hole, and a little sister named Eleanor 
comes out. Eleanor is clutching a makeshift big daddy doll, and addressed Delta
as "daddy". Behaving like any typical little girl, she grabs onto Delta's hand
and starts to walk down the corridor. Upon reaching a corpse she drains it of
any ADAM, and drinks some of it. Looks like she senses more "Angels" as she
runs off before Delta can follow. 

Here's a taste of Rapture before it fell, Delta chases after her through an 
illustrious party, full of Rapture's masked wearing denizens, albeit not quite
the same homicidal lunatics you've come to enjoy. Suddenly Eleanor screams and
Delta starts to run towards the sound of her voice. Four angry splicers have
crowded around her and stolen the syringe full of ADAM. Okay, so maybe they are
homicidal lunatics after all... But they don't know who they're messing with.
Delta leaps over the balcony and crushes the first splicer beneath his feet.
He then quickly dispatches the other three, as a very stern looking woman shows
up and grabs Eleanor. She is Sofia Lamb, she claims to be Eleanor's mother and
tells Delta that Eleanor is HER daughter, not his. She orders him to remove his
helmet, and hands him a Luger pistol. She then instructs him to put it next to 
his head and shoot, all while Eleanor is watching, terrified. Having to obey,
Delta shoots himself through the head as Eleanor screams and runs towards him.

(Thanks to someone who wrote me an e-mail, I was able to correct the fact that
Sofia hands him a Luger pistol, instead of a Revolver.)

12 Years Later
Rapture - 1970

You start off in front of a vita chamber, looks like someone disabled the locks
regarding Andrew Ryan's genetic code. Good news for Delta, though I have to
wonder how he wasn't just a set of bones in a suit after all that time. Take
a minute to look around, familiarize yourself with the controls, try using the
drill. If you simply click the mouse Delta will swing it forwards to bash any
people or items in his way, but if you hold down the button the drill will
begin to spin. Take note of the meter in the bottom left, the drill does NOT
have infinite ammo, you don't want to use up all of your fuel before you need
to fight. The red and blue bars in the upper left section of the screen are
your health and EVE meters. EVE is used to power plasmids, if you run out you
will have to resort to using conventional weapons. If you pause the game you'll
see two additional counters in the bottom left and right. These show how much
money you have, and how much ADAM you have for purchasing new plasmids and gene

Now that you've checked out the HUD and controls, you can move out. You're in
the Adonis Luxury Resort, as is evident by the large sign in front of you that
reads "Adonis Luxury Resort". You can investigate the alcoves on either side,
but there's nothing of value there. Proceed past the sign, and up the stairs to
the picture collage. There are flowers strewn about the ground there, seems as
though they're fresh. The stairs to the left are obviously destroyed, so turn
right and head up the other side. Pink coral adorns many of the walls and rails
in this area. If you do a drill bash, you can break off some of the coral. Walk
around the edge of the room, and you'll find a doorway entirely blocked off by
coral. You know what to do, bust through it all with your drill and walk into
the next room.

A fallen pillar blocks your path, it can't simply be drilled through or knocked
aside. Crouch down and walk underneath, then approach the doorway on the right.
As you come to the doorway, a dark figure with a glowing red light leaps across
the next chamber, and knocks a pillar down before disappearing into the depths
of the resort. Enter the baths and take a look into the pool in the middle. A
large message is drawn across the floor of the pool, it says "Lamb is watching"
That's kinda ominous, if you walk to the right of the pool, you'll see that the
door won't open. The power seems to be out, Rapture needs a handyman, but it 
looks like you'll have to take care of it yourself. Walk back around to the 
left side of the pool, and up to the sparking generator. Pick up the audio 
diary from the pillar and listen to it. Sounds like you need to give it a shock
so you can be on your way. Now walk past the generator and all the way to the
door at the back that says "Plasmid Therapies". When you're close enough, a 
woman starts to rant about various things, saying she "needs this". From the 
sound of it she isn't too friendly.

Walk through the door and take a left at the fork, a woman comes running out
into the hallway and is promptly gunned down. Walk through the doorway and
towards the leadhead splicer, hit him a few times with your drill to kill him.
Search his corpse for some money and a first aid kit, and pick up the EVE hypo
on the planter next to you. Now that there's no danger, walk back to the fork,
go past the doorway to the baths, and up to the locked door. There's a keypad
on the wall next to the door, it requires a code to unlock. Coincidentally the
room is a sauna, and the code was rubbed onto the door window. It's 1540, but
backwards. Enter it into the keypad and the door will slide open. Search the
corpse, pick up some money and drill fuel, then get the audio diary on the 
bench. Head back to the room with the dead splicers. Jump over the counter on
the left, search the register, and activate the EVE dispenser. You can get as
many EVE hypos as you want, so fill up (max is 5) and keep going towards the
end of the room. As you approach the machine a vision of Eleanor will flash
up, the message on the wall says "From Eleanor" and on the ground is another
message saying "Hurry daddy". Walk to the Gatherer's Garden and take the 
plasmid for a cutscene.

Delta picks up the electro bolt plasmid and injects himself with it. The shock
causes him to collapse, as he stands back up a little sister approaches him.
She says that he was sleeping for a long time, and he needs to find Eleanor to
be better again. Suddenly the figure from earlier in the baths reappears, and
picks up the little sister, runs down the room and through the door, and shuts
it behind as it escapes.

Now you can use electro bolt. Since you have an unlimited supply of EVE hypos
from the dispenser, you can experiment with firing the new plasmid at objects.
There's some money on the chair in the room on the right, and a corpse with a
few dollars in the room on the left. Now go back across the room to the shut
door and use electro bolt on the fried door control. Go through and back into
the main bathing room. There's a splicer standing on the diving board, and one
next to the generator. If you want, you can shock a splicer and use your drill
while they're immobilized for massive damage. Once they're dead, shock the gold
glowing panel on the generator to turn on the power. 

Now that the power is on, you receive a radio message from Tenenbaum. 

Tenenbaum: Ahh -- at last... a signal! You, who are bringing this dead city to
life, listen. My name, it is Tenenbaum. I know who you are... and I am in much
need of your help. Please -- find me in the Atlantic Express train station.

A damsel in distress? What game would be complete without one! Well, now you
know where you need to go. Go to the newly opened door, and as you pass the
junk in the corner of the room you can pick up some more drill fuel. Go through
the door and into the next room. Ahead of you, through the huge glass window is
a Rosie doing something out on the sea floor. Keeping with cliche game trends
is the horror game bathroom area! The Men's room's doorway is blocked off, so
you have to go into the Women's room. Upon entering make a left, walk through
the cascading sheet of water and to the stalls. There's a locked stall that
requires $5 to open. Pay up and you'll get $14 from the ground inside. As you
go back out to the other part of the bathroom a splicer will ambush you. If you
want you can lure her into the water and use electro bolt to witness how the
plasmid works with watery areas (just make sure you're not also standing in it)
Walk down the other hallway and pick up some drill fuel and your third audio
diary. Exit the bathroom and walk towards the window.

Make a left at the window and head through the door. Shock the pool of water in
front of you to fry both splicers, and Sofia Lamb broadcasts a message through
some kind of huge intercom system. Listen to her idealistic egotistical rant
while searching the corpses. There's a bench next to the door you came in from.
If you're facing it from the pool it's on the left, pick up the audio diary on
it. Continue past the bridge into a hallway with a dead Rosie and a jammed door
trying to shut itself on a rivet gun. Search the Rosie and pick up the gun to
open the door. There are two splicers in this room, personally I prefer using
the drill. If you want to test out the rivet gun I suggest you shock your 
target before shooting, otherwise they will run away and you'll waste some of
your ammunition. Grab the EVE hypo if you need it, and the first aid kit in the
chamber on your left. There are some rivets on the ground at the beginning of
the right hallway. Head down the hallway to a closed up Bathysphere Station.
Grab the audio diary on the ground and follow around to the right side and to
the end of the area. Search all of the luggage, while you're doing that a
splicer will walk in behind you and stop to investigate the area where the
audio diary was. You can run up and impale him before he has a chance to react.

Now proceed through the central doorway, past the sign reading "Metro". There's
a little sister in the dark in front of you, harvesting ADAM from a corpse. She
stands up after noticing Delta, and begins to approach him. The thing who took
the little sister earlier jumps down and says something along the lines of 
"Big Sister does not want you playing with her". So this thing is a Big Sister.
She does a backflip across the room and a fight starts upon her landing. 
How convenient, she landed in a puddle of water! Immediately hit her with an
electro bolt and pull out your rivet gun. She'll shoot fire at you and hit you
for some pretty heavy damage should you get too close. Just keep shocking and
shooting. Once she reaches half health she'll bust down a door and run away.
Explore this room now, there are two first-aid kits, a bunch of rivets, some
drill fuel, and food. In the backside of the central section is a vita chamber.
Should you have died in the fight you'd have respawned there. On the counter
near the chamber is another audio diary, after you listen to it follow the Big
Sister through the door she opened. 

Once you enter the Demeter's Banquet Hall, the Big Sister will jump past the
doorway on the right a few times. There's a first-aid kit in front of the door
you entered from. Head across the room and down the hallway, into the large
open watery area. Jump down into the dining area, and the Big Sister shows up
again. She leaps across the window making huge slashes in it and then runs off.
Seconds later the window breaks open and a wave of water floods the chamber.
Luckily you're a Big Daddy! Just like that Rosie you saw outside earlier you're
equipped to survive in conditions such as these. Head towards the open window
and Tenenbaum will radio you again.

Tenenbaum: In that suit, even the ocean cannot harm you. This is good. But
Rapture is the death of many great men. Alone, you will not last long. You can
still reach the train station -- find me there.

Pfft, don't worry about it, you'll be fine. The Resort sign crashes down in
front of you as you cross the ocean floor. Before you jump over it look in the
wrecked bathysphere to the left. Search the corpse inside to find an audio
diary. Now you can jump over the sign that fell over and approach the window
in front of you. There's a Little Sister being attacked by some splicers, but
luckily her Big Daddy is there to protect her. This is your first look at the
new type of Big Daddy, the Rumbler. The Rumbler can deploy turrets and is more
suited to taking on multiple enemies at a time. After he finishes off the 
splicers, head right past the window and back through more underwater areas. 
Keep heading around the ocean floor, there's an EVE hypo somewhere, but you
probably don't need it. Keep going until you reach a cliff with a big Rapture
sign in front of you. "Welcome To Rapture, Your Beautiful City!". Yeah, it does
look pretty beautiful, from the outside. Jump off the cliff and head down the
slope towards the Atlantic Express Maintenance Depot. The Big Sister jumps up
onto the sign, and up into the dark water above the city. Walk into the
building and activate the air lock, the room will drain, and the next level 
begins to load.
5.02 The Atlantic Express

As the level begins Tenenbaum sends Delta another radio message. 

Tenenbaum: Ah, Herr Delta... you arrive, as the little ones said you would.
Come upstairs to the ticket booth, and I will offer what I know of you.

Well that's pretty straightforward, let's head to the ticket booth and get some
answers. Walk down the hallway and check the lockers on the sides. Head up the
stairs and around past the vita chamber. There's a splicer through the doorway
in front of you, if you walk up to him the door will shut and you'll receive
another message from Tenenbaum. 

Tenenbaum: Now, most who survive are like this. Splicers. They are drug addicts
vicious animals.

With that way blocked off, head through the door on your right to enter tool
storage. Pick up the hacking gun and the hack dart. Use the dispenser on the
wall to fill up on ammo, and shoot a dart at the glowing panel on the wall
behind the door. You can shoot through the broken window from where you pick up
the gun. This starts the hacking minigame, simply stop the needle on the green
section, you DON'T want to stop the needle on any white sections or you'll get
hurt. You have four seconds on each stage of the hack, you can also buyout the
terminal for a large amount of money, but there's no reason to do it. Once you
finish the door will open, go back around and head through it. There's a bot
on the ground when you enter. Walk up to it and initiate a hack. You'll see
that in addition to green sections, there are some blue sections. If you land
the needle on a blue section the bot will do extra damage when it's activated.
Now that you've hacked the bot, it activates and begins to follow you around.

Continue down the hallway and take note of the splicer's shadow. Walk towards
the next area and approach the train workshop. The suspended train will bust
off and drop to the ground with a crash, this summons a few splicers. The bot
will shoot at them once they come within range, and you can just leave it to
finish them off. Melee splicers are almost powerless against security bots. 
Sofia comes onto the PA again with another "morale" rant. Head into the closest
doorway to the left of the train. On the wall next to the entrance is a health
station. You can heal yourself for a fee, and you can also hack it. If you get
the needle to stop on a blue section you'll get a free first-aid kit upon 
finishing the hack. Hacked stations not only cost less, but injure any enemies
in the area that may run to them and attempt to heal. Now that you've taken
care of that, go into the adjacent room. Check the desks for some food and ammo
and pick up the audio diary on the far wall. Walk back to the main room and 
over to the area marked "Gate Control". Activate the glowing switch and the
lights all go off. The monitors glow for a while, and Sofia Lamb shows up.

Sofia: I know you. That symbol on your hand marks you a dead man. Ten years,
Subject Delta, since I watched you put a gun to your head -- and pull the
trigger. But take heart... Out of your pain, Paradise was born. I don't know
how you survived, but your suffering is over now. These men will ease your
burden. Please understand that like all I have done, this... is an act of love.

If there was any doubt before, it's obvious now that Sofia Lamb is psychotic.
The panels behind the controls slide down, and some splicers show up to shoot
out the windows. You can't fight back against them, and Tenenbaum radios you.

Tenenbaum: It is Sofia Lamb! She has found you!

Gee, ya think? Once the windows are shot out, you can shoot back for a bit.
But fires will start and begin to hurt you, you can't die from them though. The
floor will collapse under Delta and you'll fall down into a maintenance area
full of water. Head away from the big window, through the tunnel. Tenenbaum
radios you again.

Tenenbaum: Now you know of the enemy we share. Sofia Lamb. The camera in your
helmet allows me to watch through your eyes -- and help you to fight her.

That's pretty cool, she sees what Delta sees! Crouch under the wall and walk up
the stairs, out onto the ground once more. Walk past the fan and crouch through
to the Administrative Storage section. Walk through the room and into the next
doorway. There's a red security camera on the wall, Tenenbaum has some info on

Tenenbaum: Careful! Security cameras belong to Lamb. But, if you are clever,
they can be made to serve you.

Take out your hack gun and shoot a dart at it. Hacked security cameras will
sound an alarm if they see any hostiles and some security bots will come to
attack the enemies. If you land the needle in a blue section during the hack,
the camera's alarm will last longer. As soon as you're done hacking the alarm
should go off. A countdown appears on the left side of your screen. Go forward
and take out the splicers, or let the bots kill them. The bots that are called
by the alarm have yellow lights, if you get close to one you can hack it and
it will follow you around as a friendly. You can search all the desks in the
area, on the left wall near the end is a bot shutdown panel. If you had tripped
the camera yourself, you could use the panel to shutdown the hostile bots.
At the end of the hallway you can look through to the left at some splicers,
but you can't go there yet. Turn right and step through the doorway.

Eleanor appears in another vision, she's left the plasmid there to help you.
So that her mother can't hurt you again. Pick up the Telekinesis plasmid and
equip it to one of your available slots. Telekinesis is the most useful plasmid
in the game. One of the reasons it's so good is how EVE is consumed. You can
use it as much as you want to pick up, carry around, and pull items to you from
across the room. The only time that EVE is used is when you release the plasmid
button to launch whatever you're holding. The reload button can be used to drop
the items, so you can pull things around and drop them without using any EVE.
Before moving on, backtrack through the previous rooms until you reach the 
water. Face the moving fan, equip Telekinesis, and pull the audio diary to you.
Now head back to the room where you got the plasmid. If you want to practice
catching things you can activate the pneumo-tube. Food and drinks will shoot
out from the pipe on the wall. Once you're done, walk through the next doorway.

Go up the stairs and onto the balcony overlooking some splicers around a fire.
If you want to have some fun, pick up one of the explosive tanks next to you
and launch it at them. All three will be thrown to the ground, lit on fire, and
severely damaged. I advise against tossing another tank at them because now 
that the fight has started, your bots will be up close and would be destroyed
along with the splicers should you toss another explosion at them. Finish them
off with a few shots from your rivet gun. Three more splicers will filter in
from different parts of the room. You can let the bots take care of them if you
want. Proceed along the balcony and grab an audio diary from the desk on the
left. Jump down onto the floor and loot the corpses. Look at the area under the
balcony you were on, shock the sparking interface to open a shortcut back to
the records office.

Head into the door marked "Cafeteria". Hack the health station, and walk down
the hallway on your right to an EVE dispenser if you need it. Walk back and
enter the Cafeteria proper. Walk over and around the counter into the kitchen,
and then into the storage room. This will spawn some splicers you'll run into
once you exit. Pick up the audio diary on the floor at the end of the storage
room. Exit back through the kitchen, once you get back to the dimly lit room
before the exit, two splicers will yell and run to attack you. Quickly fire off
a bolt at them to fry them in a single hit. Turns out they were standing in the
streams of water running through the rotten floorboards. Once in the main
chamber, walk across to the matress near the wall. It's directly in front of
you if you kept going forwards after coming down the balcony stairs. Grab the
food and stuff, then pick up the audio diary.

As you approach the large door at the end of the hall, it slams shut. If you
look through the window on your left you'll see a splicer jam a pipe into the
door gears. Tenenbaum has some wisdom on this matter, she always does.

Tenenbaum: Ach, Sofia Lamb is using the splicers against you... most Big
Daddies are like her slaves, guarding the Little Ones... but someone has
awakened you...

Walk back into the closest doorway and head to the broken window looking into
the gear room. Use Telekinesis to pull the pipe out of the gears, drop it and
return through the now open door. This message brought to you by psycho hag!

Sofia: I know of your bond with Eleanor, Delta. To save yourself, you will come
for her. But Eleanor has a destiny... one you cannot share. There is no place
for you in Paradise.

We'll see about that, go up the stairs on the left and pick up an audio diary
from the cabinet there. If you need rivets, search the area a bit further, near
the gears that got jammed. Go back out and across the room to the vending
machine. Search the corpse slumped against it for some cash, then start a hack.
Hacking a vending machine not only drops the prices, but opens some items up to
be bought. If you inspect this one, you can't buy hack darts unless the machine
has been hacked. Additionally, if you stop the needle in the blue section at
the final phase of the hack, a free item will come out. Head up the stairs next
to you and a Big Sister will jump down. Ignore her, or rather, watch her jump
around all crazy-like. Looks like things are about to heat up 'round here.

Tenenbaum: Quickly. Head for the elevator!

Easy Miss Lady! Still got things to do. Fire at hacking dart at the camera on
the right wall. As you start to go around to the right, a mob of splicers shows
up. Good thing you hacked the camera, take care of them however you want. Now
I'd advise running back to the Circus Of Values to buy another hack dart, and
some drill fuel if you used any. Now finish crossing the room, enter the 
elevator, and push the button. As you turn back around, another group attacks.
You can shoot if you want, but the door shuts as you start to go up. Tenenbaum
explains your goal.

Tenenbaum: Now... here is what the children tell me... You are a very old Big
Daddy... bonded for life to a single Little One. When you are apart for too
long, your body begins to shut down. Like a coma. As long as the girl is in
Rapture, you are trapped here as well.

The name of your Little One is Eleanor Lamb. Daughter of Sofia. She is kept at
Fontaine Futuristics, on the other side of the city. You must go there and save
her... before it is too late.

Okay, as the elevator nears the top, you'll see a splicer looting a corpse in
front of you. He notices your arrival and runs up the stairs right into a trap
rivet. When you exit, pick up the rivets on the cabinet, and the ones in the
walls and floor, just look at the ends where they're anchored and pick them up.
Go up the stairs and left to an office, pick up the audio diary wedged inside
one of the filing cabinets. There's a first-aid kit next to the door, go in and
hack the vending machine. Go through the big door at the end of the chamber.
There are some more trap rivets at the bottom of the stairs, and a splicer 
mumbling something crazy. Take the rivets and go over to the ticket booth.

Tenenbaum: Here. In the ticket booth. Press the button so we can speak face to

Press the button and start the sequence. The windows open, revealing Tenenbaum
and a couple little sister.

Tenenbaum explains that she must stop Lamb and end the production of Little 
Sisters, or the sins and nightmares of Rapture will continue forever. Lamb pops
up on the speakers and orders splicers to attack Delta. Once you regain control
run back up onto the stairs and shoot some trap rivets. As the splicers come up
you should shock them and shoot some normal rivets. Once you're done, pick up
any trap rivets that weren't tripped, loot the corpses, and head through the

Tenenbaum: Thank you. Now... I must leave you, and I am sorry for this. But
there are others I must help before the city drowns. This man - Sinclair... he
is an ally, and will guide you to Eleanor. Goodbye, Herr Delta... and good luck

Sinclair? If you're familiar with the first game's diaries, Sinclair is an odd
man who was involved in a lot of oddities(hehe). He founded Sinclair Solutions.

Sinclair: Well, look at you... a bona fide knight in armor - complete with iron
horse. The name's Augustus Sinclair, sport. Esquire. Ol' Tenenbaum an' I share
an interest in the ol' Fontaine buildin' - the very same place you'll find
Eleanor Lamb.

I think you an' I can do business. Take the train to Ryan Amusements... I'll 
see you shortly.

Alright, there's a security camera past the doorway, hack it and hack the
vending machine. There's an audio diary at the end of the left bench along the
middle. Hack the health machines if you need any first-aid kits, and board the
train on the right. Press the button to lower the track gate and start moving.
5.03 Ryan Amusements

MONKEY FIGHTIN' PLANE! - Snakes On A Plane TV Edit.

That's a great motto, only switch snakes with splicers, and plane with train.

for now, I can stop using caps lock. As the train pulls up to the next door,
you'll notice it's completely iced over. Lucky for Delta, Sinclair's got an 
idea about a solution.

Sinclair: As you can see, chief, the station here's iced over. To reach Eleanor
Lamb at Fontaine Headquarters, we'll have to clear the way. Now, in order to
melt that ice, you'll need a plasmid like a handful o' hellfire. We used to
sell a fine old product called 'Incinerate' in the amusement park up yonder. Go
on an' find a way in -- I've already been on all the rides.

Okay, looks like you're goin to "yonder" amusement park. Step off the train,
search all the luggage, and head through the working door. There's some food
on the ground to your right, go through the next door and pick up the audio
diary on the crate right in front of you. Head left and hack the machine, then
kill the single splicer running around. The main door is jammed, so enter the
room on the left side. 

Sinclair: You're a rare old model, son - "Alpha Series," I believe. Now, 
Rapture's full o' scientific wonderments just like you - an' if we can sell 'em
to the world at my price, well - curin' your condition oughta be a cakewalk.
Once we find Eleanor... the sky's the limit.

Walk through the first security room with the desks, then walk down the hallway
to your first Power To The People station. Whatever you upgrade is up to you,
however I chose to upgrade drill damage since I'm not a fan of the rivet gun,
AND the damage increase applies to normal melee attacks as well as revving up
the drill and thrusting at enemies. After upgrading, go left and down the ramp
to the vita chamber. Make another left and down the next set of stairs to enter
the Manager's Office. Grab the audio diary on the table in front of you and go
to the broken window on the right.

Sinclair: Hack the door controls, that'll pop it open.

Okay, pull out your hack gun and shoot a dart at the glowing panel. If you land
the needle on an orange section it sets off an alarm. If you feel like it, you
can do this on purpose and when the bots come, shock and hack them. After the
door opens go around and up to the desk. Take the ticket and take note of the
Little Sister on a corpse through the window.

Sinclair: Jim Dandy. That'll getcha in the park. But buyin' Incinerate's gonna
cost ADAM -- it's a sorta genetic goo that lets you rewrite whatever God gave
you. The Little Sisters carry the stuff, as you may recall -- so you'll need to
locate one. I heard whisperin' near the El Dorado Lounge. Have a look.

Head back to the admissions area now. After you pass the weapon's upgrade box
you'll see a splicer distracted in front of you. He broke open the window that
was holding a machine gun. After you kill him pick it up and the box of ammo
inside as well. The machine gun is okay, but it has a lot of recoil. Once you
walk through the next door, you'll run into a group of splicers. Take them out
with your rivet gun and some electro bolts, if you go in for melee or let them
circle around you they can lay a lot of hurt on ya. Now put your ticket in the
glowing section next to the door and walk through.

Pick up the gene tonic that comes up onto the podium in front of you. Gene 
tonics provide passive bonuses to a variety of things. This tonic is Sports
Boost, with it equipped your movement speed is increased. Head left, you can
check out the audio scene things if you want. Walk over to the middle set of
seats. Pick up the audio diary from the ground and walk downstairs. Hack the
health station and the vending machines, two splicers will show up on the upper
floor. Once you kill them, head behind the wall and through the center door to
the lounge. Take out the splicer that runs out at you and walk down the central
hallway. Another vision of Eleanor appears, saying she's doing all she can by
leaving you gifts. Pick up the diary and the Drill Power tonic. Drill Power
(obviously) increases drill damage. If you chose the damage upgrade for the
drill at the upgrade machine, now you do even MORE damage.

Continue down the hallway and up the stairs through the door to the lounge.
As you enter a message pops up informing you of the Little Sister and Big Daddy
up ahead. If you opted to get security bots by tripping the alarm earlier, and
you still have them, then they'll help you. If you don't have two bots with you
then you can get the disabled on on the ground in front of you as you enter.

When you come into sight of the Big Daddy, Sinclair radios you.

Sinclair: Now, that Big Daddy won't bit until you do, but to get to Lil' Sis,
you gotta put the old boy down for good...

Check around the lounge for supplies. Hack the health station and the vending
machine, and pick up the audio diary from the table in the back middle of the
area. While you're walking around take note of the areas with water on the
ground. One possible strategy is to shoot the Big Daddy, lead him into water,
and shock him, then shoot with the rivet gun. You can also shock him and start
drilling. You'll use up a lot of fuel and get hurt quite a bit, but you can get
some fuel back from searching the corpse. Just keep shocking and drilling.

Sinclair: Take a breath, son. You did it. Now, just let her ride on your
shoulders and she'll trust you like her own Daddy.

Walk up to the Little Sister and press the indicated button to adopt her. Delta
picks her up and places her on his shoulder.

Sinclair: We're in business. Now, there are corpses all over Rapture, and Lil'
Dimples there can sniff out the ADAM on 'em. Find one.

Well, let's head out. Exit the lounge and return to the main lobby. Jump down
onto the floor in front of the vending machines.

Sinclair: She's got a juice one! But when she starts drainin' out the ADAM, the
splicers will come runnin'. Be ready before you set her down on that body.

Walk up to the corpse and set the Little Sister down on him.

Sofia: That is a child of the Family, not a toy for you to exploit and discard.
It is fitting that you expire here -- one more forgotten curio in Ryan's shrine
to the self.

Once she starts harvesting, splicers will begin to run into the room.

Sinclair: Here they come! Keep the splicers off her now 'til she's finished, or
they'll never give up the hunt!

Splicers will run down the stairs, or jump off from the upper floor. Your bot
will help a lot assuming you still have one after the fight with the Big Daddy.
When she's almost done harvesting, the door in front of the corpse will blow
up and two more splicers will show up behind it. Once you've killed everyone,
pick up the Little Sister and loot the corpses. You get 40 ADAM for your 

Sinclair: Now you know the stakes, son. But a plasmid costs a bit more ADAM yet
Keep it up.

Go through the newly blown up door. It's time to get a secret achievement and
have some fun. Walk past the desk with the Andrew Ryan dummy on your left. Use
telekinesis to pick up the golf club in the corner behind the filing cabinets.
Aim at the Ryan dummy and fire the club at him to unlock 9-Irony. People who've
played the first game will understand this. Head forward to the tour ride and
kill the splicers who run out from the tunnels at you. Walk down the track and
go into the office on the left. Pick up the heavy rivets and the audio diary.
Heavy rivets do extra damage to everything. Exit and walk to the large ramp. As
you go up a splicer will yell and knock the vehicle down at you. Once you kill
him, ascend and make a right over the little water area. Hack the health area
and pick up the anti-personel rounds. These alternate machine gun rounds do 
extra damage to unarmored targets, which means normal splicers and not security
bots, turrets, or Big Daddies.

If you continue along the track, you'll come to a farm house. If you want you
can bust off the heads and limbs from the robots. There's an EVE hypo on the
roof you can pull down with telekinesis. Keep going and walk over the ramp, 
you'll be attacked by a couple of splicers. After they've been disposed of, go
to the door at the end of the alcove on the left. Use the switch next to it to
activate the maintenance stairs. This opens a shortcut back up to the main 
lobby. Now go back across the track and through the door with the oil slick in
front of it. Behind the window in front of you is a splicer trying to get a
disabled turret working. Pick up the hack dart from the crate if you need it,
walk to the side so you have a clear view of the turret, and shoot it with the
dart. If you manage a blue section needle stop while hacking, the turret will
do increased damage. Once you finish hacking, the splicer next to it is in for
a big surprise. Hack the health station, the Ammo Bandito on the other side of
the room, and pick up the audio diary on the floor next to the splicer corpse.

Get ready to defend the Little Sister from another barrage of splicers. Luckily
you have the turret to help defend. You may want to take the advice that pops
up on the screen, use some trap rivets for crowd control. If too many splicers
show up at once things could get ugly. Once you finish setting up, set her down
and Sofia Lamb will chime in. One good strategy is to get on the crates in the
corner between the entrances, opposite the turret. 

Sofia: I do not hate you, Delta... indeed, I care for you in equal measure to
any other sentient creature. But I cannot sacrifice a thousand of my children
for one rebellious son.

When the girl is done, pick her up and search the corpses, heal up, get ammo,
and break open the health station if you want a first-aid kit now that you're
done with the area.

Sinclair: All right, chief, we've almost got enough ADAM now. To get the rest,
you'll have to take care o' that Little Sister. There should be one of the air
vents they favor in the workshop. Bring her down there.

Exit onto the track and make a left. Walk over to the falling water and get the
audio diary from the table. Go along the track and before long you'll see a
splicer painting something on the wall, score an easy rivet kill and go through
the hole in the wall. Go up the stairs and when you're at the balcony, equip
telekinesis. Aim towards the balconies across the way and pull a bunch of ammo
and stuff over to you. Go through and pick up the diary from the workshop table
Now go back down the stairs. If you jump off you take some damage. A splicer's
waiting on the tracks, make your way to the scientists display. Go around the
debris, and past the artist display. There are two splicers on the track ahead.
Once you kill them, go down the stairs on either side and hack the health and
ammo bandito. Go back up, head forward a bit, and enter the workshop doorway.

Sinclair: Now Tenenbaum would have ya turn that Sister human again. You'll get
just enough ADAM for our purposes, an' the girls'll likely try to repay ya
somehow. But Rapture's a high-stakes town, son -- an' she's a jackpot. You just
have to be willin' to take it all. You'll harvest more ADAM than the price of
one Plasmid... so the rest is gravy. Think about it... down here, it's your
survival or hers.

Oh I knew there was a catch, well screw Sinclair. To quote our favorite dead
visionary, "A man chooses, a slave obeys." So what's it gonna be? If you
harvest the girl you can get more ADAM now, but you don't need it. If you save
her, you'll get less for now, but it will pay off in the end. Go down the hall
and through the doorway. Head through the puppet workshops, and you'll see a
safe on its side in front of you. This is new for you, walk up and initiate a
hack. If you land the needle on a blue section, you'll get even more cash once
you complete the hack. As you can see, in addition to money, safes will usually
contain quite a bit of special ammunition. Go down the stairs and to the water
covered floor. There's a vending machine if you need it, go around the corner
to the Little Sister vent.

If you were to harvest her, you would get 160 ADAM and Sinclair would tell you,

Sinclair: Euthanasia, son. That's all it was. You have more than enough ADAM
now. Head to the Hall of the Future an' splice up with Incinerate.

But for the purposes of this guide, we're gonna save every Little Sister we get
our hands on. For saving a girl, you only get 80 ADAM, but it's enough. 
Although Sinclair seems pretty disapointed with your apparent morals.

Sinclair: Well, our tin man had a heart all along. Personally, I call that a
liability - but you have enough ADAM now... barely. Head to the Hall of the
Future an' splice up with Incinerate.

Backtrack through the puppet workshop, once you come up the stairs and get to
the open rooms a group of splicers will leap out and attack with tommy guns.
To take care of them as quickly as you can, I suggest pulling out your drill
and shocking them as you run forwards. Afterwards heal up, loot, and exit to
the track again. Follow the track to the family display, enter the prop room
on the right and jump on the big prop hand. Go up it and around the wall to get
an audio diary. Walk out onto the ledge and a splicer will come walking along
below you. Wait a bit and he'll crouch down to the robot child, use that 
opportunity to score an easy rivet kill. Go back down and through the big door.

There's a splicer messing with the Power To The People Station in front of you.
Shock her and go to the alcove on the right for a vending machine and an audio
diary. Now you should use the upgrade station, you can choose whatever you feel
would help you the most, but I decided to get the rivet gun power upgrade. 
Because even though I love the drill, there are some cases where melee is a bad
idea. On that note, I'd rather do more power instead of be able to carry more
ammo. When you walk around the corner a splicer will jump out of his chair and
attack. Take him out and hack the safe on the wall. Go out the big door back to
the ride. When you pass the next bunch of debris a splicer will pop his head
up from behind some crates. Shock and shoot him to avoid wandering into the
security camera's sight. There's a bot shutdown panel underneath the camera, so
instead of hacking, trip the alarm and then turn it off. Now hack the camera
AND the bots that showed up. There's a wood wall in a little alcove underneath
the camera area, melee it and pick up the audio diary.

The next section of the ride is the last, a watery area with a big lighthouse.
Just like the entrance to Rapture seen in the first game. The track ramp is
closed off, so enter the Employees Only door. Pick up the audio diary from the
filing cabinet on the ground and go down the hall. Flip the switch on the wall
to open all maintenance doors. Take care of the couple splicers out the door to
the lobby, then walk back down the stairs to the ride, and over the tracks to
the newly opened door. Take out the splicer there and pick up the Booze Hound
tonic. While not that useful, you have open space for it so might as well use
it. With Booze Hound equipped, drinking alcohol restores EVE instead of taking
some away. Coincidentally, the entire room is FULL of booze! Drink it all and
you'll get totally smashed, the screen starts to slide around. Pick up the 
diary on the shelf and listen to it while the effects go away.

Head back across the track and up to the main lobby. Go up the stairs and 
through the left door into the Hall of the Future. Go up the next ramp and you
can see two splicers arguing about a turret. Hack it while they're distracted.
Once it kills them, go forwards to the wall painting.

Lamb: So... you would drain the people of their life's blood. Rapture is a body
Delta. I am the voice... and Big Sister is the hand. When Rapture speaks of you
it says only this: Sleep now. Your day is done.

Continue through the door, and the Big Sister will swim down past the window.
Turn the corner and pick up the audio diary from the crate next to the vita
chamber. Go around to the Gatherer's Garden and use it. Get the Incinerate
plasmid (AGES 12 AND UP, mind you...) and you'll have enough ADAM left over to
get the health upgrade and the EVE link tonic. EVE Link makes it so that when
you use a first-aid kit, you get some EVE along with your health. You have one
spot open for gene tonics, so equip it and walk back down the hall. One of the
robots will actually come alive and attack you. Go through to the doorway full
of ice. Use incinerate to melt it down to water, and go through. There's a
Gatherer's Garden here, but you're all out of ADAM. You should be fine with 
what you got from the first one though. In the kitchen section are a few 
special rivets in some ice, melt it and grab them, then exit back to the main

As you're leaving the Hall of the Future the lights will go out, the rooms will
shake, and suddenly you'll be sucked towards the door. As you enter the lobby
the Big Sister will jump down and attack. It's time to use your heavy rivets.
The best strategy is to shock her, shoot some heavy rivets, rinse and repeat.
When she pulls up a ton of boulders, get behind one of the corner pillars or
you'll get hurt, BAD. Once she's done Sinclair will send you a message. You 
also get 40 ADAM for winning, just save it for later.

Sinclair: Holy Moses, son -- not even a Big Sister can keep you down! Well, 
come on back and melt the ice, an' we can say goodbye to this two-bit carny

Before going back to melt the ice, go through to the last part of the park. The
Gift Shop. Take out the splicers and get the audio diary from the crate near
the safe on the wall behind the counter. Hack the safe and go through the door
to the second section. Go into the Men's bathroom and check the crates in the
corner, this triggers one of the stalls to open. Go and check the toilet bowl
for an EVE hypo. ... ... ... OMFG A SPLICER'S RIGHT BEHIND YOU! If you haven't
turned around yet or heard her speak in your ear, whip around and take her out.
Go across the hall and zap open the Womens' room. Take the audio diary from the
table in front of the Sofia Lamb picture, pick up ammo if you need it and exit.
Go all the way back to the lobby, and exit the park. Lamb comes on over the
speakers and gives another speech about all sorts of stuff that nobody cares

Once you're back at admissions, melt the ice in the corner under the waterfall.
Grab the audio diary and whatever else you want, and leave through the next
door. Go to the iced door and melt it, Sinclair is pleased.

Sinclair: Outstandin', sport. You're provin' to be quite a windfall. Now just
open the train tunnel from the security booth there, and I'll come out an' jump

Go to the booth and activate the glowing switch. The door locks on you, and
Sinclair comes out and gets on the train. Then Lamb radios you with a message.

Sofia: I had thought you some golem of Sinclair's, brought here to hold 
Rapture's arms while he rifles through her pockets. But no... You are aware of
your plight. Who, I wonder, would be so cruel? To force a mirror on a man with
no face...

The door opens, and splicers start running in. Light up the oil slick near the
Park door, take out the splicers in your way, and run to the door on the other
end of the area. The room where Sinclair came out, get the audio diary and then
jump on the train while your bots (if you have them) occupy the splicers. Hit
the switch to start the train. That's it for Ryan Amusements.
5.04 Pauper's Drop

As you pull in to Pauper's Drop, you'll notice a new kind of splicer on the
train tracks in front of you. This is a Brute splicer, they are more powerful
and can take much more damage before going down. The brute takes out the other
splicer and jumps onto the train. The door in front of you won't open, and
Sofia Lamb comes onto the PA and sounds an alert to everyone. (Something she
says that's actually relevant for once.)

Sofia: Attention. Subject Delta is now trapped in Pauper's Drop. All railcar
travel is suspended until he is found. Remember -- the enemy is alone. We are
the Family.

Looks like this is your stop, Sinclair radios you with an idea. 

Sinclair: Lamb's tryin' to box us in, kid -- this is a god-damned city-wide
lockdown! To keep the train movin', you need the security override key from the
local "governor"... Grace Holloway. She kicked me out of my own hotel down here
The Sinclair Deluxe. Find her, an' get that key.

Search the area if you want, there's a trap rivet behind the train if you go
around the front and down the side. Hack the door control when you're done and
go through the next room. There's a Rosie corpse on the ground, in the next
part is a Gene Bank. Gene Banks can be used to swap out for new plasmids and
gene tonics, or change the order of your plasmids. Since you don't have any
extra tonics or plasmids that can't fit in your available slots, there's no
point in switching anything. Head up to the next door and there will be a trio
of splicers standing beside an altar in front of a Little Sister vent. In case
you hadn't noticed, if you upgraded your rivet gun damage, a headshot is enough
to take out a splicer in one hit. At least, splicers in this level. Around the
bend in the room is another couple splicers. Go down the hallway into the 
street and Grace Holloway the Governor will send you a message.

Grace: I remember you, monster. You stole Eleanor from me... twisted that baby
girl into a thing so sick it can't even die... And now you come swanning into
my neighborhood looking for me? Wront turn, Tin Daddy. When we hang you from a
streetlight, and you're choking out your last.. I want you to remember my face.

Hack the vending machine on the right, and walk around to the left of the diner
past the hotel door. There's a splicer with security bots under her control, if
you kill her the bots will deactivate. Hack them and go up the wood ramp to the
roof. There's a turret and another splicer or two on the roof. Hack the turret
before your bot and it start fighting. If you go to the other side of the roof
and look down while facing the bridge, you can see a security camera right
below. Crouch down and hack it from there. There should be a Big Daddy near,
walk across the bridge and pick up the Hacker's Delight tonic, and the diary.
Hacker's Delight makes it so when you hack something, you get healed a bit. I
suggest replacing Booze Hound because there's not enough alcohol for it to be
nearly as useful. 

Drop down and enter the Flower Emporium beneath, get the audio diary from the 
table. Go around the backside of the diner and enter, head through the kitchen
to the front room and pick up the shotgun from the corpse in the corner. The
lights go out and splicers start to burst in from the ceiling, the front door,
and the back room. Once you take them out if you check the back door, there are
trap spears blocking it. You can shoot the anchors, or pull them out with 
telekinesis. Now time to take out the Big Daddy. This one is a Rosie, Rosies
specialize in range combat, so you can't simply stay far off and shoot. But
beware, if you get too close, he'll simply bash you with the gun. There are two
very good strategies for this fight. You can lure him to the security camera 
and get some bots to fight. While they're fighting you can shoot the Daddy.
Or you can shock and shoot heavy rivets, whatever you feel like doing. Once 
you're done, pick up the Little Sister and hold down the respective button to
be directed to a corpse.

The first corpse is between the ticket booths and the vending machine. You know
what to do. Take note of the pool of water on one side, and the oil slick on
the other. After picking the Sister back up, head past the Gatherer's Garden
and towards the King Pawn. A brute will run out, jump down, and attack. Brutes
have a LOT of health. They can toss boulders and other objects, charge from 
afar, and can run surprisingly fast. Here's a good opportunity to use those
anti-personel rounds with your machine gun. Once you hurt him enough he'll run
away. Go around the corner and the wall will blow up, revealing two more 
splicers. After killing them, the brute will reappear, finish him off and head
to the other (left) side of the Pawn to find a vending machine. Pick up the
audio diary in front of Fontaine's Clinic on the left, it says the door code
is at the Fishbowl Diner. In the corner opposite the Pawn is a little shrine
for Prentice Mill, go over and get the audio diary. Now that this room is done
(for now,) set your Little Sister down on the corpse and defend her. (Note: 
Some splicers will stand on the balconies you can't get to, and possibly throw
bombs down.)

After you've finished and picked her back up, return to the Fishbowl Diner. As
you head back out of Downtown, rescue her at the vent on the other side of the
wall from the Gatherer's Garden. As soon as I finished rescuing her, a Rosie
came along and pulled another Little Sister out. However, your mileage may vary
so if you see another Rosie, you may want to hang around until he goes to the
vent. One surprisingly effective Rosie tactic is shock and drill. If you shock
a Rosie and run up to drill, he will knock you back but won't hurt you. Then
you can shock and drill again. It takes a lot of EVE and drill fuel, but you
take barely any damage. If you look inside the Diner, on the ground next to the
corpse you got the shotgun from is a newspaper with 0047 on it. This is the
clinic code, but before you return to explore, go through the Sinclair Deluxe
door to the left of the diner.

Take a left at the fork and go through to the entrance of the hotel itself. As
you pass through the center door, a brute splicer knocks down a pile of debris,
blocking the passage. Sinclair is not at all happy with his hotel's destruction

Sinclair: Well, sport... I guess Gracie's home... but that big lug just dropped
half my damn hotel in your way. Now, to break through that mess, I expect
you're gonna have to work out how he got so burly.

How're we gonna work that out? Oh wait, Sinclair forgot to mention the second
part of his idea.

Sinclair: Find yourself a genetic research camera, son. You can pick up any
number o' tricks from a splicer with one o 'those. Try the pawn shop downtown.

To the King Pawn we go! But it was locked when we checked it earlier... Well,
check the rooms on either side, there's an audio diary on the left, with a safe
further in through another door. The room on the right has some ammo and food.
Also, in front of the debris is a fuel station on the wall. If you use it, your
drill fuel is completely restored. Now head all the way back to the Diner room.
Since you have 200 ADAM, now might be a nice time to check the Gatherer's 
Garden for some new abilities. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY, reccomend you purchase the EVE
saver, and Armored Shell tonics. Along with those, you should get two gene 
tonic slots to put them in. You could replace some of the other tonics you have
but you'll need more slots anyway. Finally, get another plasmid slot so you can
have four. After purchasing the tonics and slots, you should have 15 ADAM left.
Head through the alley to the Downtown area. When you get near the King Pawn, 
Sinclair starts cracklin on the radio.

Sinclair: Use that code you found on the keypad outside the clinic. Should 
getcha up on the rooftops.

What, when, where, how... How does Sinclair know you found a code? Eh, if you
don't remember, the code is 0047 (it will appear when you bring up the keypad
anyway). Open up the door and go on in. There's a first-aid kit and an auto
hack dart behind the counter. As you near the stairs, a splicer up top will
toss a flaming "something" down the stairs at you. Run away and let it crash,
then climb up and take him out. There's a security camera pointed at the stairs
which also sweeps around the room. Take care of it and hack the health station.
Ignore the hole in the wall for now, go through the door under the "Dr. Tjan"
sign. On the roof right across from you is a turret. Drop down into the shop
and get the research camera from the counter you drop to. 

Sinclair: That thing's a miracle in technicolor, kid. Works like a movie
camera. Start the film rollin' before you open fire on a splicer, and then
anything you hit him with tells you more about his Dee-En-Ay. Let's give it a
dry run, shall we?

Go out the door and down the hall to the entrance. There's a splicer distracted

Sinclair: Easy now. Looks like you got the jump on this fella. Start your 
camera recordin' him, then hit him with a lil' bit of everything... plasmids,
firearms, whatever you can dish out!

You heard the man. As you may notice, when the research camera is equipped,
enemies you can research are outlined with a yellow glow. Start recording 
through the door. Once you start, he turns around and breaks open the door and
starts to attack. Take care of him and the other splicers in the area. You'll
see that once you get enough research points, your research level goes up on
certain enemies and you get bonuses against them. Go back up through the clinic
and through the hole in the wall. Go across the bridge and into the building.
Hack the Ammo Bandito and use the Power To The People Machine. You can pick
whatever upgrade you want, I chose the shotgun clip upgrade. Go through the 
hall and enter the first office on the right. Take out the splicer and pick up
the Shorten Alarms tonic, and the audio diary on the desk. Go down the hall 
and the rooftop of the Clinic is across from you. There are three splicers at
an altar there, once they're gone you can pick up the diary in the corner.

Sinclair: Remember, son -- without usin' that Research Camera, we can't get to
Gracie... an' that means we're stuck here. Get one of those big apes on film,
then work 'im over.

Go across the roof, hack the camera, and drop down to the bridge going to the
Pawn's roof. From the roof of the King Pawn. Go through the opening in the wall
on the right. Go into the room down the hall, kill the splicer, and pick up the
diary from the dresser to the right of the entrance. Hack the safe and the 
owner of the apartment will walk in. Return to the Pawn's roof and enter the 
large metal door. Go up the stairs and loot the room. There are some armor-
piercing rounds for the machine gun. These do extra damage to machines and Big
Daddies/Big Sisters. Now go out the big metal door to come out onto the same
roof you were at earlier. Walk up to the corpse slumped in front of you and
start the harvesting process. This is a chance for a LOT of research points.
If you light up the oil slick and then finish off the splicers with shotgun
blasts or other attacks, you'll get a ton of points.

Make your way down to the ground and go down the stairs to the door leading to
Skid Row. Make a right through the next door. Sinclair's got some advice.

Sinclair: Usin' that camera's a bit like tellin' a joke. Each time ya tell it
the same way, it gets a little more stale -- so you gotta change it up to keep
it fresh.

Moral of that is, don't just kill every splicer by shocking him and shooting a
rivet through his head. Change it up. There's a Big Daddy ahead gettin beat up
by some splicers. Start recording him and join in if you want extra points.
Once you clear the area of enemies, fire a hacking dart at the camera across
the way, and hack the vending machine on the left. Enter the pharmacy in front
of you and to your right. Hack the health station and go to the back room. Jump
on the boxes and crouch under. Hack the safe in the back, pick up the diary on
the counter, and hack the panel to open the door. Head down the tunnel on the
left, pick up the diary on the crate in the alcove with the dead Rosie. 

Proceed further down the tunnel and as you go around the bend you'll see a
brute at the window across the way. 

Sinclair: There's one of those big goons now. Start your camera rollin' on him-
and then let 'im have it!

Go forwards a bit and hack the camera on the right. Start recording the Brute
and as Sinclair put it, "let 'im have it!". After finishing him, you'll get the
Drill Dash move. Hold down the attack button and press your melee button to
dash forwards very quickly.

Sinclair: Look at you, sport - a regular junior shutterbug! An' it appears
you've picked up a new trick from that big galoot. Now get back to the Sinclair
Deluxe and jus' bust through that mess blocking your way.

Hack the vending machine on the wall and go down the ramp and into the Limbo 
Room. Pick up the Hypnotize plasmid and equip it. There's a pair of splicers
on the stage in the next room over. Hypnotize one and watch them attack each
other. Hop on the stage and go right through the door. There's a Power To The
People station here. I chose the shotgun damage increase because the shotgun
is not only really cool, but it's very useful with the tesla upgrade. Anyway,
go back out and to the dressing room down the hall. Pick up the diary from the
dresser. Exit the Limbo Room and go down the tunnel on the right. There's an
ammo vendor on the wall. As you approach the next open area, Lamb radios you.

Sofia: For Grace, the paradise of Andrew Ryan was most unkind... she spoke
against him in song, and he had her blacklisted... it left her penniless. But
in the Family, she has found hope -- a reason to draw breath. Ask yourself,
Delta... do you deserve to take it from her?

Go down the alley on the left, and up the stairs past the watery wall. When you
come to the bridge with holes in the walls, look out the right side. There's an
auto-hack dart on an air vent. Pull it over with telekinesis and continue to 
the door. Go around the corner and pick up the audio diary on the other side
of the couch. There's a corpse to harvest as well! The hallways are narrow, so
put up some trap rivets if you want and initiate the harvest. Once you're done,
go down the hall and make a left. There are probably some splicers on the 
bridge ahead. Pick up Fire Storm from the ground on the left. If you want you
can switch out Drill Power or something else for it.

Cross the bridge and enter the little room on the left. Pick up the diary and
then drop down into the Pharmacy. Go to the Little Sister vent near you and
take care of her. Once you do, a Big Sister is summoned. Once she shows up,
begin researching her and start fighting. Since there's a pool of water next to
the vent, you can easily shock her. Additionally, part of the first research
level that you'll gain right away is a vulnerability to armor-piercing rounds.
Even better, the camera in the area will summon bots to help you fight. As long
as you keep her in the water you can keep her relatively incapacitated and you
can work with the bots to wittle her down. Search her corpse for some ADAM and
leave Skid Row. As you exit, a splicer lights up the oil slick and blows up
the boxes near you. Chase her down the tunnel and through the door. A group of
splicers ambush you once you enter, take them all out and take the shortcut
through the next door. Earlier this was blocked off. Go through the door on 
the right to enter the Sinclair Deluxe, now that you have the drill dash, use 
it on the pile of debris.

Sinclair: Just rev up that drill o' yours an' slam right through that pile o'
junk blockin' your way.

Once you clear the debris, a bunch of splicers scatter and then run down to
attack. Take advantage of the drill fuel on the wall if you want.

Sinclair: Now, Gracie was on the top floor... get on up there an' persuade her
to give ya that override key.

Go up the right staircase and around the balcony to the first room. Go down the
left and into the bathroom, pick up the diary and exit the room. Now go down
the main hall behind the stairs. The splicer propped against the middle jumps
up as you approach. There's a health station down the hall on the right, when
you enter the dark hall in the middle, your light comes on. If you care to 
double check that no more splicers will jump up, use telekinesis. If you can
pull the body, it's obviously just a corpse. Walk forwards to the open door on
the left. There's a splicer in front of the safe. Once you walk in another will
come out from the side, and a third will attack from behind. If you trip the
alarm while hacking, hide in the bathroom corner. Leave the room and enter the
next one on the right. Grace alerts the splicers of your presence. Go around
to the left and wander through the rooms. The final room has a hanging splicer
and three other fakers on the ground. Exit and double back around the corner.
Hack the turret and enter the little room on the right. Use the Power to the
People machine (I finished upgrading my shotgun at this point).

As you go back down the hall, a splicer jumps through a hole in the roof. Pick
up the Freezing Drill tonic from the altar at the shrine up ahead. Just stick
it in the gene bank. There's a gene bank and an ammo bandito up ahead. Go up
the stairs in the side room and edge around the hole you come out to. Pick up
the diary next to the crate, drop down, and go up the ramp. Enter the first
open door and rifle through the rooms. Go back out and hack the vending machine
then shock the splicer crying in the water up ahead. Enter the right room and
hack the turret behind the shelf, followed by the safe. On the backside of the
shelf is an audio diary, pick it up and advance through the far hall. Really
dramatic music starts to play, as you near the central hall again, a Brute
splicer busts out of a pile of debris. Make sure you research him before you
begin fighting. Take advantage of the water pool to stun him. Now cross the 
hall into the newly opened room. Go left into the butterfly room and pick up 
the audio diary on the desk, then go back across the room and up the splintered

Sinclair: Gracie's room is just up ahead. Now, she's been sendin' all manner o'
unkindness your way, so I'm not particular as to how you take that key away
from her... but she's old... an' this grudge against you was based on a 

Does, Sinclair have a heart after all? Climb up past the bathroom and once in
the hall, hack the camera. Some splicers will attack, go around the right side
of the balcony and pick up the diary at the end. Now go back around to the left
side, towards Gracie's room. As you enter, Gracie states that "(you're) both
gonna die tonight). Pick up the tonic from Eleanor's room on the left. You NEED
to equip it, replace Drill Power or Fire Storm, whatever you think is best.
Keen Observer will help you finish up your research very quickly. Anyway,
before you move on, look under Eleanor's bed to find a hidden audio diary. In
next room, Grace's bedroom, pick up the diary from the bed. Remove the torn
Lamb poster and press the switch to open a door in the closet. Crouch under the
pipes and go examine the glowing window. Gracie sets down the card and lets you
in, saying for you to finish her off.

Sinclair: Your call, friend. Gracie's unarmed, for what it's worth.

Now, we're not gonna kill her, we're gonna get the good ending. Besides, she's
far from evil. If you WERE to kill her though, Sinclair would say:

Sinclair: (Whistle) Swan Song. Well... I back your survival instinct, chief. In
Rapture, a bleedin' heart tends ta bring in the sharks. The override key is
right there, son -- whatever you do to Gracie, don't forget why we're here!

But we're not doing that, so just pick up the key and leave her room.

Sinclair: You're a bigger man than I am, chief. Maybe next time, she'll think
twice about pointin' fingers before all the facts are in. Now let's be on our
way. Eleanor's waitin'.

Leave Grace's apartment and she'll radio you for a bit.

Grace: You had me under a gun... yet you just walk away? No monster alive turns
the other cheek. No monster does that. A thinking man does that. I know that
Doctor Lamb is no liar, but she's got to be wrong about you. It doesn't seem
right now, letting you walk into that bush whack waiting outside. I can't call
off the Family, but I can whisper a bit and improve your odds.

As you step onto the balcony, the door on the right opens. Go through and drop
down the hole, then drop down the next hole. You're near the exit now. Two
special security bots show up, they're much more powerful.

Grace: These whirlybirds are custom jobs... by an old friend. I'm afraid this
is all I can do... for now.

As you descend the stairs to the first floor, a few splicers will come out of
the elevator. Shock the water to make quick work of them. There's a turret in
front of the exit. Looks like the Family really had some time to set up! Go out
and take the right path, as you go through the next door you'll encounter two
more splicers hiding behind barriers. Cautiously approach the door leading to
the Diner room, there's a turret aimed straight at it. Hack it and kill the
splicer next to it, and the two splicers on the left. Now go up the stairs to
the roof. A brute splicer will climb up, the reason for the roof is simple.
You should still have a turret from way back when. Start researching, shock him
shoot him, whatever. The uber-bots and the turret will unload. You should 
easily get at least a thousand research points and level up your research. Once
he's dead, search his corpse for an audio diary. Before you leave, you should
take advantage of the special bots Grace gave you. Check the diner for a Big
Daddy, if there is one then you should fight it for the research points. The
bots can distract the Rosie for a long time. I finished the fight and still had
a bot left, they're nigh indestructible. As you leave Pauper's Drop to return
to the train, Grace sends you a message.

Grace: Well, sir - I don't know what to call you now. You've done more than
just spare my life, you've opened my eyes. I need to put a few questions to
Doctor Lamb.

Sinclair: Head back to the train station, sport.

Once in the train station...

Sofia: By sparing Grace, do you seek to gain my trust? A feeble ruse. Your 
crocodile tears may poison her with doubt, but I am not so easy a mark.

Sinclair: Just take that override key, an' slot it into the control box in the
ticket booth there. That'll open the gates.

Head through the door to the booth behind the train, put the key in the glowing
panel and then jump on the train and hit the switch to head to Siren Alley.
5.05 Siren Alley

As the train travels through the open ocean, a message comes in on the radio.

Father Wales: Hear me, O ye who would murder the Lamb of God! Ye shall never
reach her garden!

A torpedo comes zooming along out of nowhere, blowing up the train, and sending
Delta flying out into the ocean.

Sinclair: Kid? Come on, wake up now... there you are - I thought you rode that
torpedo into the great hereafter! I'm in Dionysus Park now... train car's a 
shambles, leakin' air. Whole damn place is flooded and sealed. But there's a 
pumpin' station back there in Siren Alley -- an' I believe you could jerry-rig 
it to drain the park out. That'd letcha stroll right inside. Get to those pumps
and hurry.

If you approach the hatch to Dionysus park Sinclair reminds you of your task.

Sinclair: The park is sealed, chief -- you aren't gettin' in there just yet.
But if ya get down to that pumpin' station in Siren Alley and drain the place
out, this airlock'll letcha in.

Turn around and start to go across the ocean floor. Up ahead shortly on your
left is a slug on the coral, you can pick it up for 10 ADAM. As you near the
windows on the right, a Rumbler Big Daddy walks past.

Sofia: I see Father Wales has parted you from your craft, and yet you cling to
life. Congratulations. Today, Delta, you meet a man who has no fear of death.
And for Eleanor... he would burn with a smile?

As you go around the large metal corner, check it for another slug. There's a
third slug in the first pipe on the left as you approach the Siren Alley door.
Once you grab it, go in and drain the water. The door opens and two splicers
run past the stairs in front. Go out and start researching the Rumbler Big
Daddy they're attacking. Approach and wait for it to come down the stairs, now
attack. The Rumbler will toss down mini-turrets to attack you as well as using
his own gun. It may take a couple tries to kill him, but a few clips of armor-
piercing rounds and electrobolts will eat right through his health. Search his 
corpse to get some mini-turrets you can deploy with the hack gun. Go back to 
the entrance and pick up the diary next to the painting. Now go to the right 
and hack the ammo bandito next to the vita chamber. Hack the vending machine to
the left of the plaza, then hack the health station in the hall next to it.
There are two splicers at the end who'll attack. Pick up the phosphorus buck
from the ground next to the corpse and back out into the street. Go to the end,
and a splicer yells at you before jumping onto the roof and disappearing.

Sinclair: Mother o' Mercy, I think that was Simon Wales. What's he done to
himself? He and his brother were Rapture's architects, but when Doc Lamb came
along, Simon got religion. He's got a... kinda church down in the pumping
station. Expect a reckoning when you arrive.

Go back down the street towards the entrance, back down the hall, then go up
the stairs on the right. Enter the first room and drop down the big hole. Go
through the door you land in front of, get the diary and the tonic. Handyman is
one of the best tonics in the game. It allows you to repair hacked machines,
and even name them. Stick it in the gene bank for now, you'll equip it soon. A 
splicer outside sees you, and starts to make his way around to where you are.
Kill him, go out and melt the ice for some ammo, then go to the next room and
hack the door controls and leave. Go down the street to where you met Wales,
buy a tonic slot from the Gatherer's Garden on your left, and equip Handyman
with the Gene Bank. Go up the stairs and search all of the upper balconies.
Then go and start an ADAM harvest on the corpse at the top of the stairs in
front of the room with the hole in it. This is a particularly nasty harvest
area, the splicers come from all around the balconies, down the streets, up the
stairs, etc. Once you finish, stock up on health and what-not, and enter the
Mermaid Lounge, it's the room on the right side of the first street.

Kill the splicer messing with the Jukebox, another one will come out of the
room on the right. Search that room, and the room on the left. Go back into the
bathrooms and melt the ice, pick up the audio diary and head up the stairs to
the left of the Lounge entrance. Go through to the slot machine room at the 
back. There are two splicers here, playing Rock, Paper, Scissors and whining 
about each other cheating. Dispatch them and pick up the audio diary from the
table. Go back out and enter the other room on the left, go to the back and
hit the turret control switch on the wall. Splicers will come into the slots
room and get wrecked by the newly revealed turrets. Go back out and go to the
front of the counter, shoot a hack dart at the door control to open it. Go
through and hack the safe. Drop down the hole in the next room and pick up the
audio diary, then use the Power To The People machine. (I upgraded Drill Fuel
Efficiency) When you try to exit, the door slides shut in front of you and a
splicer runs over. Back up to the corner, as he'll light up the oil slick. Then
he runs in and lights himself up like an idiot, finish up the other splicers 
and leave. 

Go down the street and to the Gatherer's Garden and Gene Bank. There
is another harvestable corpse here. I advise setting down a mini turret in the
street as splicers will stream down from the balconies. If the patrolling 
rumbler comes over he can be a big help, as the splicers may enrage him. As the
harvest finishes, the first spider splicer will show up. You can tell because
of the hooks on his hands, make sure to research him, and try to do a bolt and
shoot combo to hopefully hit the first research level. Pick the girl up and
take care of her at the nearby vent. Once you save her, Eleanor contacts Delta
and informs him that because of his actions, a gift is being left to reward him
at the Gatherer's Garden. Turn around and search the teddy bear in front of
the Garden for 80 ADAM, some money, and the Proud Parent gene tonic. Buy a new
tonic slot and equip this NOW. With Proud Parent, you get slightly more ADAM 
from each corpse that's harvested. You've got a lot of ADAM now, so it's time 
to pick up some more stuff from the Gatherer's Garden. It's a good idea to get
Electro Bolt 2. I also purchased an additional Plasmid slot, and then I got
Winter Blast, Winter Blast 2, and a health and EVE upgrade. This left me with
25 ADAM. You can make your own selections of course, but I highly suggest at
least getting Electro Bolt 2. Winter Blast will be very useful if you decide to
pick it up. Also, I'm going to assume you DID get Winter Blast and include it
in strategies.

There's one more thing to do before moving on, go track down another patrolling
Rumbler. The Rumbler is a perfect target to test Winter Blast on. Just remember
you HAVE to charge it up, or else your targets won't drop loot. Once you find
the Rumbler, freeze him, and start attacking. The drill works especially well.
Along with his health bar, is an ice bar. When it runs out, the enemy thaws.
When the Rumbler thaws, immediately start charging Winter Blast and back up a
bit to avoid any punches. Freeze him before he has a chance to attack, and go
back to killing him. Now that you've got another Little Sister, it's time to
finally go through the main door opposite the gatherer's garden and gene bank.
As you go in, Eleanor tells you to hurry, and you'll see a new plasmid in the
wagon on the right. Pick up Security Command and equip it in place of Hypnotize.
You can't afford not to have the other plasmids equipped. Security Command can
be thrown at an enemy, and all machines in the area will direct their attention
to the target. There are some splicers on the balcony up to the right. Toss
the security command at one and the camera will likely notice it and summon
bots. Hack the health station and the vending machine and go up the stairs.
There's a turret at the top, if you use winter blast on the turret it won't 
shoot, AND the hacking needle goes MUCH slower. Go around the balcony to the
door. You need a code to get in, pick up the audio diary from the table.

Sinclair: Looks like the good Father's kept up the code locks. Time was, only
way to join with Doc Lamb was to beg an audience with him first... Must be
some sign o' that number lyin' around. See if you can find us a lead.

Grace: I've got the maddening notion that I owe you my life, stranger... such
as it is. I'm sending a care package to the Pneumo along your way. I'd
appreciate it if you didn't tell Doctor Lamb.

The audio diary mentions that the code can be found in The Pink Pearl. Go back
into the plaza, and make your way over to the Pink Pearl. As you approach, a
Brute will run out and attack. Once you kill him, search the glowing Pneumo for
some special ammo, and enter the Pink Pearl. Pick up the spear gun from against
the wall. This is the most entertaining weapon in the game, any spears you fire
will actually lodge themselves in the walls, and you can go over and retrieve
them. Search the Rumbler and the body next to it for some spears, then pull out
the spears lodge into the wall, and the one in the splicer pinned next to the 
Gene Bank. Walk around to the main lobby door, if you look up ahead to the
second floor, two splicers show up and start talking. Scope up for better aim,
and fire a spear through her head. Her body gets pinned to the wall, and the
male splicer freaks out and jumps around. Take him out with another spear and
remember where they were so you can pick them out once you go upstairs.

Sinclair: The Pearl was among the ritziest lodgings in Rapture. But durin' the
war, the residents put themselves up for sale... Daniel's office is on the top
floor, I believe.

Go around to the right for a first-aid kit on the desk, hack the health station
for another, and go through the door in the back left. Search the drawers and
pick up some ammo from the shelf, then grab the diary from the main desk. Exit
to the lobby and head for the stairs. As you start to go up, a spider splicer
"scuttles" across the roof in front of you. Make a right and enter the first
room. Make a left down the hall and take out the arguing splicers in the bed-
room. Go back out and keep to the left side of the balcony for now. There's a
turret at the end of the first hall, hack it and dispose of any nearby splicers
then go right and enter the door. Go around the wall and kill the splicer 
coming out of the bedroom. Search the corpse on the bed, and pick up the audio
diary from the dresser. Now go back out and down the hall, to the corpse you
can harvest. Remember you can heal not only your security bots, but also the
turrets, in case it got injured while you were hacking. You should put a mini-
turret down to help. A great spot is on the broken desk right next to the body.
Use some trap rivets if you want, once you set up for it, initiate the harvest. 
a couple spider splicers will show up during the harvest. Remember to research
them before you kill. About 1/2 or 2/3 of the way through the harvest, a Brute
will come crashing down the hall. Try to lure him into the hall your turret is
in. Get up close, unload on him with your drill, and keep him shocked. The
combined damage of your drill and turret will level him while your bot and mini
turret shoot other stuff. When you're done, go to the stairs and someone will 
throw some fire, and set two traps across the doorway. 

Sinclair: That has to be Daniel -- hunt him down an' pin his ears back, kid!

Shoot the trap anchors before a stupid bot flies right through them. Go up 
after Denial, pull out the camera and deal with the spider splicer. Don't go up
to the balcony yet, pull out the camera and start researching the other spider
hanging over it. Shoot him and he'll jump up and run at you, shock and kill for
as many points as you can. Go around the corner to the right, along the balcony
and as you near the hole in the roof, a splicer will laugh and blood will rain.
If you look up, you can see a corpse. Go up to the ammo bandito and hack it,
turn around, and a spider splicer will drop down and attack. Go down the left
hall, a splicer gets dragged off through a hole in the left wall. The right
door is locked. At the corner, fire a hack dart at the camera at the end of the
wall, and kill the two leadheads. Go through the door on the right into the
peep show room. Open one of the windows and shock the door control. Go back
around and enter the room, search everything, and hack the safe. If you enter
the peep show room again, you'll catch a splicer standing there. Go down and
over to the other hallway, and enter Daniel's office.

Daniel runs down the hall, throws some more traps up, and jumps down a hole.
There's some money and an EVE hypo under the bed in the room off to the right.
Remove the traps and enter, move to the corner as a spider splicer will jump
out and attack. One of my favorite methods for getting research points, is also
very amusing to watch. Charge up a winter blast and freeze him, then shoot 
some phosphorus buck on him, and enjoy the fireworks. Before dropping down the
hole, go through the door into his office. Search the desk and drawers, and get
the diary from his desk. Hack the safe, you can intentionally trip the alarm if
you want to get some bots. Go back out and jump through the hole. There are two
turrets up ahead, fire a charged winter blast at one, hack the other one. Then
get the one you froze first. Repair them if you need to, then go pick up the
tonic behind one of the chairs. If you still have the first Hacker's Delight
equipped, replace it. I had already replaced it with the Deadly Machines tonic,
so I stuck this in the bank for now.

Go out, and Daniel runs down the hall. Go right and down the back hall to your
turret. Go up through the hall towards Daniel, and he sends a spider splicer,
some leadheads, and some bots at you. He's easy to kill, just has a lot of hit
points. Once he's done, repair bots, heal, etc.

Sinclair: Go ahead and check Daniel's pockets for that door code, chief.

Search Daniel to get an audio diary that automatically starts playing. 1919 eh?
Leave the Pink Pearl and you'll run into a Brute chasing another splicer. I
suggest attempting a frozen phosphorus barrage on the Brute. He should be hurt
already from fighting the other splicer. Pick up another tonic slot from the
garden and equip something, then go through the door.

Sinclair: Ah, now through this junction is the rest o' the Alley, includin' the
very pumpin' station we're after. Father Wales has been recruitin' Holy Rollers
down there for Lamb.

Go up and put the code into the door, as it starts to open, everything goes
dark and Lamb comes onto the speakers, telling Father Wales that she's trapped
you, and that Delta has killed his brother Daniel.

Sinclair: They've cut the power on ya -- you're stuck 'til the back-ups kick in
I'll help you hold 'em back! Check the pneumo!

Wales: Know this, Beast... Daniel's body may go cold... but his souls rest with
the child of the Lamb. You shall roast and blacken in the pit, and it'll be a
grieving brother sends you there...

Check the glowing pneumo for some ammo, and more importantly, mini-turrets.
Throw down a couple, one at the corner next to the door, the other, opposite it
at the top of the stairs. 

Wales: Your sin itself marches to mee you, Beast -- and its name is Legion!

Spider splicers will drop down from the roof and all around. In fact, spider 
splicers are the only kind that attack. You'll likely get a research level from
them. At the end of the fight, a Brute emerges. Wait until he jumps up to you, 
freeze and blast him with phosphorus. Once the generators kick in, the door
will open and the lights come back on.

Wales: Eleanor Lamb is our salvation, demon... you shall not rob us of our
final reward!

Sinclair: Atta boy, sport... I think you're closin' in on Simon's underground
"temple." Now get down to Pumping Station #5 and drain out the park here.
Oxygen's runnin' thin in this train car, and I'd sure hate to see our
partnership cut short.

Sofia: Ask yourself, Delta... you, who have suffered beyond measure at the
hands of men like Ryan... what is the cost of paradise? To end pain... to end
sin... what must we pay? Eleanor is my answer.

Loot all the splicers and head through the door to the Hedone Plaza. Go down
the stairs on the pipe, hack the ammo bandito, and note the ADAM corpse there.
Toss down a mini-turret and start harvesting. In addition to the balconies and
the street, some splicers will come out of the closed door on the left. After
you pick the girl up, take care of her at the vent just to the right. Now, it's
time to get the last Little Sister. There's likely a Rumbler patrolling in the
area, if not, try going back to Little Eden until you find one. After you get
the Little Sister and are back in Hedone, go to the right of the entrance, on
the second floor. Go into the building and past the ADAM corpse, into the room
on the right. Get the diary and go back to harvest. You'll be attacked mostly
from the door right behind the corpse, a good spot for a turret is the broken
desk, it can't look out the door, but it won't get in your way. If you're lucky
you may finish spider splicer research from this assault. If you do, make sure
to equip the Fountain of Youth tonic. As long as you're standing in some kind
of water your health and EVE regenerate. I actually went back and bought a new
tonic slot to stick it in.

In the next room from the corpse are some smuggling crates, search them and go
up the stairs. Go out the first door and across the bridge, pick up the rocket
spears from the ground. Rocket spears will impale enemies and carry them for a
bit before blowing up. Go back across and through the other doorway. Go down
the stairs and hack the turret in the next room. Kill the splicer and hack the
vending machine. Go through the door, hack the safe, and pick up the diary. Go
out and walk out the other doorway. Hack the security camera as a brute runs
out of the orphanage. Once you kill the brute, go back to the room with the 
turret and vending machine, stock up, toss a mini-turret if you want, and start
harvesting the corpse. I reccomend not taking the girl to the vent until later,
some people have reported sound issues after fighting the Big Sister where the
dramatic music keeps looping until you leave the level.

Return through the rooftops and down to the first floor of the plaza. Go down
the street and down a little alley on the right. Go around and down the stairs,
and pick up the tonic at the end, and the diary from the blocks. Go back out to
the street, a splicer's standing in front of the alley. Kill him and enter the
grocery store a bit further down the street. There's a splicer yelling at the
door inside, kill her and press a switch behind the counter. Go through the
door, kill the splicer across the room, and hack the turret. Go through the
doorway on the right, keep going forwards, and hack the camera. You can check
the office for some money and ammo, then drop down, hack the ammo bandito, and
go through the door next to the turret. The room will be lit up by a TV. Search
the desks for some ammo, there's an audio diary next to the TV as well. Then,
go through into the next room and pick up the Cure All tonic. With it, health
stations restore EVE as well as health. As you pick it up, a spider splicer
jumps down. When leaving the lab, another splicer attacks at the top of the

Upon exiting to the street, go pick up the diary from the boxes, and hack the
vending machine. I decided to get a health upgrade and two EVE upgrades from
the garden. Enter the orphanage, check the desks, go upstairs and a splicer
runs past and jumps up to the roof. Hack the health station on the left and go
through the right hallway. A splicer will laugh and run up the stairs through
the fence on the right. So go through the left door into the bedroom, go to the
end and pick up the diary. The lights in the building blow out, and as you exit
more spider splicers will run around. When you enter the central room again,
the door shuts and some spiders go around and taunt. A brute will run up to the
main door and force it open. For what it's worth, here's when I finished my
Brute research, but I got lucky with research points. Leave and go through the
door to the pumping station entrance. Go through the door over to the right and
kill the fighting splicers. Hack the vending machine, go into the hall on the
left, hack the health station, and go up the stairs. Go along the balcony to
a fence (which oddly enough security bots can simply fly through), shoot a hack
dart through the fence at the door control. Hack the safe and pick up the diary
then drop down off the balcony and go through the door. Pick up the diary from
in front of the pictures of Jack's hands and go through to the next room.

As you go down the stairs you can overhear Father Wales preaching about Delta
and how evil you are and all that. Go into the room on the left, use the Power
To the People station (I upgraded spear damage), get the diary from the cabinet
next to the other doorway, and go through to hack the safe. Once you're done,
save before going through the door in the main tunnel. As soon as it opens, the
fight begins. If you're fast enough you can hit Simon with a spear, I got him
with a rocket spear which lit him up for a bit. Some spider splicers will drop
down around you, and leadhead splicers will shoot from the pews. Oddly enough,
my bots went after Simon when we ran in. Before long a brute shows up, take him
out with phosphorus buck and then focus on Simon. A combination of shocking or
freezing, phosphorus buck, and drilling gets the job done, I also had my bots.
Once he's gone search his corpse for the key.

Sinclair: Pump control oughta... be in the back. One thing though... once you
transfer the suction to Dionysus Park... we've got a tiny window of opportunity
to get you inside. I don't have much air left, but I'll hang in there -- make
sure you're ready before you throw that switch.

Okay, before moving on, loot everyone, get the audio diary from the altar, and
go hack everything. There's a health station and ammo bandito upstairs and a
normal vending machine back behind the pews. Go through the door into the
pumping station. If you still have your Little Sister like I suggested, a 
window pops up saying to deal with her now as you're about to leave. As it
happens, there's a vent right in front of you. Believe it or not, this is a
great place to fight a Big Sister. Dispose of the girl to summon the Sister,
and toss down a mini-turret (or even two). You might even have bots left. When
the sister comes, the confined quarters actually make the fight easier. You can
dodge around the middle pillar to avoid any telekinetic attacks. Just remember
to research her! If you stand back in the corner away from the door as she runs
in, you can minimize the chances of her running back into the church. Once 
you're done, get the ADAM from her body and activate the pumping station.

Sofia: Do you think me a Tyrant, Delta, vying for control of a dead man's
dream? The city is nothing. Rapture must die, so that Eleanor may rise from its
body. Allow me to demonstrate...

The pipes burst and water begins to floor Siren Alley.

Sinclair: Lamb's overloadin' the pumps! The place is comin' down! Get to
Dionysus Park!

As you leave the church, Lamb just keeps talking.

Sofia: Subject Delta, I want you to commit this moment to memory for me -- this
howling, brutish slog through the dark. This is who we are.

Once you get to the turbine room the power shuts down and the door across to
the right will open.

Sinclair: Get outta there, kid!

Go through the door and come out in Plaza Hedone, near the entrance. Go up the
stairs and a splicer will pop up and attack. Go through the door into the room
where Wales sent splicers to ambush you. As you near the entrance to the first
plaza, the door crushes under the weight of the water, and the entire level
gets flooded.

Sofia: Look, Delta, it is the world for which you strive. You... alone... among
the dead.

Make your way down the street and out into the ocean where you came in. Go to
the Dionysus Park airlock, past the ominous screeching Big Sister. Go in and
throw the switch to drain the chamber and enter the next level.
5.06 Dionysus Park

Step out of the airlock and Sinclair will explain what Dionysus Park is.

Sinclair: Dionysus Park was owned by Sofia Lamb, chief... sort of a private
retreat for her social experiments. One night it flooded -- killin' all her
guests. Papers said it was "cult-related." Come on up to the train station,
let's rendezvous.

Go to the right, down the tunnel. A shadow moves across the wall, if you look
behind you, a red burst of smoke appears. Keep going and a door will slide shut
so turn right. Go to the end and more smoke appears, head left to the vending
machine and hack it. Enter the big room with falling water, go around to the
left and hack the health station next to the door. Once you make it around the
room, a houdini splicer will appear on top of the platform. Start researching
her right away, and then attack. Houdini splicers can teleport around, as well
as use elemental attacks like fireballs. Because of their teleportation, it's
a good idea to use immobilizing plasmids like electro bolt or winter blast.
Once she's dead, all the doors open up and Lamb comes on over the speakers.

Sofia: Attention: Subject Delta has drained and infiltrated Dionysus Park. His
death is our rebirth -- the life of the People's Daughter is in your hands!

Now go through the central door in the watery room and pick up the diary from 
the shelf in front. Go up the stairs to the right, you come out in the main 
room again. Before you go through the door on the left, go down the stairs in 
front of you and grab the diary, this is the diary that reveals the basement 
door code. It's 1080, make sure you listen to the diary, Billy left a "gift"
for the yellow-eyed girl. Drop down and open the door next to the vending
machine, put 1080 into the keypad on the door. Use the station (I upgraded the 
speargun zoom) and pick up the audio diary. Look at the bouncer corpse, there's
a present on the ground. If you examine it, it's a gift for the yellow-eyed
girl, with a rose inside. BAWWWWWWWWWWW, now go back through the big room and
up the stairs. This time, go through the first door and hack the camera. Go up
around the stairs, when you come up to the next room a splicer will stumble out
of the room on the left and run through a trap wire. Hack the ammo bandito and
snipe the splicers in the statue room. Go pick up the trap spear and remove the
active one. Trap spears work just like trap rivets, but they're spears. Pick up
the diary from the base of the statue to the left. Check the alcove on the
right and go through the main door.

Sinclair: Well, the good news is, I've located a new train car. But the
station's still locked down, an' we're not alone in here... I see a shadow in
the security booth. I'll lay low while you have a gander.

Stanley: Well, hello boys. The name's Stan Poole -- Rapture Tribune. Quality
paper... before the locals stopped readin' and started findin' other uses for
it. Anyway, I'm looking to cut a deal, fellas. Come by the train station, I'm
here in the booth.

Step forwards into the Promenade and go across to the Gatherer's Garden. Get
Keen Observer 2 and equip it, but keep the first one on. While it may seem like
you've done most of the research, this will help greatly. I also decided to get
two more tonic slots. This put me at 12/18 slots for gene tonics, and lastly I
got Security Command 2. This is entirely optional, but for the price it's very
useful. I have a slew of machine tonics equipped like Handyman, Deadly Machines
and what-not, so it's even better for me. However, even without those it can
be worth it, as you can summon security bots. Enter the door to the left of the
garden, there's an ammo bandito to hack just inside the door on the left, go to
the back and pick up the diary from the ground where the water's coming out of
the door. Through the crack in the door, slightly behind it is the EVE Expert
tonic, with it you can carry an extra EVE hypo, but IMO it's not worth it. So 
go through the other door into Lamb's Garden. Hack the health station and go up
the stairs to the balcony, pick up the mines and return to the promenade. Go 
into the carousel and pick up the diary. The door to the piano bar is shut, so 
go through the maintenance tunnel. There are three splicers in the next room, 
once you kill them Lamb and Stanley will radio you.

Sofia: Dionysus Park was my home, Delta... an experiment in social unity, cut
short by human folly. You dishonor its memory with every step...

Stanley: Now that -- see: Lamb knows you're here, but I'm incognito. Thing is,
since you drained out the Park, the Little Sisters are already startin' to nose
around, lookin' for ADAM. And I can't have that.

Go up ahead and search the corpse and the ground for some solid slugs. Go in
and dispatch the splicers. There's a health station, vending machine, and safe
to hack. The safe is a very difficult hack, only two seconds in each stage and
a very fast needle. It's best to use an auto hack dart to open it. If you want,
you can use the Power To The People station now, but the new weapon is just a
bit further. Go through the door and a splicer will be walking along the tunnel
as you go through. In the next room Eleanor contacts you, walk up to the wagon
and pick up the launcher. Now if you want, go back to the upgrade station and
check out the upgrades for your shiny new toy. I actually decided to get the
final speargun upgrade. Now go through the next door from the launcher room.
There are two splicers tinkering with a turret, kill them and hack it. (Or vice
versa for some surprise turret action) Go across to the booth to meet Stanley.

Stanley: Okay. So dead men tell no tales, right? Wrong. See, with ADAM involved
every stiff's got a story -- and Lamb knows how to read it. If that stuff makes
it back to her, I'm an obituary. So I want you to take the story of Dionysus
Park... and bury it. Get rid of the Little Sisters for me... your way. Do that,
and I'll unlock the station here. Scout's honor.

Sinclair: Well I'd say "he's hidin' something'" -- but he sort o' took the fun
outta that one. He's locked in the security booth, however -- so we'll have to
play along. Find those sisters.

Go to the right of the booth, through the little door are a few registers with
cash in them. When you walk towards the other door in this room, opposite the
train, a houdini splicer will jump around and disappear. Hack the ammo bandito
and go through the door. Go up the stairs on either side and through the next
door. In this large chamber, hack the health station on the left, the vending
machine on the right, and get the audio diary from the water behind the first
statue. Disregard the passage to the left of the entrance, continue across the
chamber and enter the next section. Go through the doorway on the right and
hack the health station. Some splicers are yelling, and one comes running out
on fire. Go through and look to the left, start researching the houdini and
attack. I was able to get all the way to level 2 by letting him throw some fire
at me, having my bots shoot him a bit, freezing him, shooting some phosphorus
buck, and hitting him with my shotgun. Before proceeding, double back across
the room. When you near the door, a pair of splicers cut through and come in.
Now you can easily return to the promenade section with the Gatherer's Garden.
Now hack the ammo bandito and pick up the audio diary from the grand piano. Go
back across the bar and enter the room off of the area where the houdini was.

There are three splicers in here, one hitting some ice, one patrolling in the
back, and one patrolling in the front. Snipe them if you want, hack the vending
machine, and melt the iced door on the left side of the room. Enter Imago Fine
Arts. This area has a lot of security, hack the turret in front to the right.
Then run and get under the camera to the right of the entrance to hack it
safely. Melt the ice under the camera to get some mines, if you set off any
alarms in this room, there's a shutdown panel in the entrance, so it isn't a
big deal. Go to the left hallway now, there's a turret you can't see yet. Run
and get under the camera and just fire an auto-hack dart at the turret to avoid
taking any serious damage. Hack the camera above you and melt the two ice
patches for a rocket spear and mini-turret. Now fire a normal dart at the
camera at the other end of the hall, go down and hack the turret on the right.
Finish up with hacking the last camera and melting the ice beneath for a diary
and phosphorus buck. In the ice on the corner is a cat named Schrodinger. He's
neither dead, nor alive, until you melt the ice. There are two EVE hypos in the
ice to the right of the vent. Go through the door and break the frozen splicer,
go through the frozen rooms and pick up the ammo and the tonic at the end.
Hardy Machines increases bot and turret health, being a machine afficionado I
equipped it. Use an auto-hack dart on the safe, it should have some more inside
along with other rare ammo.

Once you return to the main art room with the security, a houdini shows up. 
When you get back to the exit, a group of leadheads and a spider are waiting at
the door. Try to run out into the tunnel room because the gas spraying out in
the little hall makes it hard to see anything. Now enter the J. Fischer Gallery
and upon seeing the Big Daddy, Stanley will radio you.

Stanley: There she is... get her! Hope that bodyguard ain't one of your long-

A houdini splicer will attack, just don't nick the Big Daddy. Hack the ammo
bandito near the entrance, and fire a dart to convert the camera in the back
corner. Go up the stairs to the right, hack the health station and walk to the
room in the back. There's a tonic, Drill Specialist, and an audio diary in the 
crates to the left of the tonic. Drill Specialist greatly decreases how much
EVE it costs to use plasmids, but you can only use the Drill, hack tool, and
camera. Since there's a gene bank in the room though, you can test it out on
the Big Daddy if you want. Now you're finally ready to initiate the fight, go
back out and start it. The Daddy may have wandered out into the large chamber,
once you finish it off and get the girl, go back into the Gallery and start a
harvest on the corpse in front of the gene bank.

Stanley: Smark -- see, you put her to work, and all that ADAM ends up in you!
But you're sort of a silent partner, so that's tops with me.

Unfortunately, no houdinis in this barrage, just spiders and leadheads. Go back
out to the Promenade and there's another harvestable corpse next to the statue.
Start harvesting, this was particularly difficult for me. But I didn't set up
a mini-turret, there should be a single houdini among the others, though it may
be difficult to get a lot of points when you're busy fighting the others. Once
you're done, deposit her in the nearby vent and Eleanor appears in a vision.

Eleanor: Father, this ADAM you've found contains memories from all the bodies
here. Normally, only a Little Sister can see them... but I can show you what
Stanley's trying to hide... When mother was taken away, Stanley was left in
charge of Dionysus Park... he spent all her money, threw these mad parties --
it was like he was trying to ruin her...

So that's why Stanley doesn't want Lamb to get her hands on the ADAM.

Stanley: You okay there...? Keep your eye on the brass ring, brother. Find the
rest of them Sisters.

As you exit this part of the Promenade, Sofia and Stanley both radio you.

Sofia: You mistake my nature, Delta. I wish no ADAM for myself. Eleanor is the
dream... and she needs neither weapons nor parlor tricks.

Stanley: Subject Delta's just a serial number, amigo. I did a lot of diggin' on
you for a feature once. They used to call you Johnny Topside -- found the city
all on your own in a divin' bell... real shame what they did to ya.

Go out through the piano bar, there are a few more splicers there now. Go out
the right door and back through to the Gallery Entrance. Walk down along the
right wall, and go through the door right after the health station. Up ahead
is a turret, hack it and kill the splicer if he isn't already dead. Hack the
ammo bandito in the back right corner and enter the cinema.

Sofia: ADAM is Rapture, Delta! The finest minds of Paradise in a single,
sublime mosaic. Eleanor. Consider the genius you deny her with every drop

If you shock the door control for the ticket booth there are some proximity
mines on the counter, and a first-aid kit, EVE hypo, and some money in a
briefcase on the floor. Hack the health station to the left of the entrance, go
across to the lounge to the right of the entrance. After the second turn, hold
back and pull out the camera. There's a pair of dancing houdinis up ahead. With
a bit of trouble, and reloading my save, I was able to finish research on them.
If you don't, you will soon, but once you do you will get the Natural
Camouflage tonic. WHEN YOU GET IT, NEVER TAKE IT OFF! For just standing still
a few seconds, you turn invisible. Anyway, hack the health station in the
alcove to the left of the lounge entrance. Search the backside of the bar to
get some food, and go hack the door control on the right. On the inside wall to
the right is some phosphorus buck and a first-aid kit. There's a diary on the
barrel in the corner, and a safe to hack. Once you hack the safe you can hear
some more splicers have come into the lounge. Go out back to the lobby. Go down
the stairs to the counter and search the shelves for some food. Go through to 
the theater, there's a Big Daddy with a Little Sister near the stage. 

Stanley: There she is... lil' tyke wants to be in pictures. Real cute. Now get
rid of the muscle and deal with her.

Take him out, while you're fighting one or two spider splicers may show up, but
it's not hard. Go through the door to the left of the stage and pick up the
diary at the end. (There may be a splicer in here, oddly enough in a series of
subsequent save reloads it seemed to be random. Showed up four times, didn't
appear five times.) Return to the area in front of the stage, there's a corpse
to harvest in one of the aisles. A great place for a mini-turret is on the
stage. Some splicers will attack from the seats above, but security bots can
easily take care of them. When you're done, go out and make a right to go up
the stairs, ignore the first door and walk out to the upper seating area. Pick
up the audio diary on the ledge, and a spider splicers will come crawling along
the roof. There's another corpse to harvest in one of the aisles here, get to
it. This is an exceedingly simple harvest, jump onto the seats on the side of
the aisle, there's a big pool of water along the front part of this area. Shock
it to take out some splicers, and shock others. When you've finished, there's a
vent right in front of the corpse where you can take care of the girl.

Eleanor: That's me, there... I confronted Stanley -- said I'd tell mother what
he had done. He panicked -- took me away and sold me to an orphanage. I tried
to fight back... I remember biting his hand, but... Father, he's the reason I
was turned into a Little Sister.

Stanley: Now, you were just a deep-sea explorer with iron cojones, pal... the
public gave ya the nickname. But Ryan was sure you were a spook. So his people
locked you up... erased your damn name! Goodbye Johnny Topside -- hello Subject

Sinclair: When all this is over - an' we're divvyin' up Rapture's bounty, you 
an' I will be holdin' court on a private island, son. Think of it -- each world
power on bended knee, holdin' a bouquet made o' money!

Eleanor will inform you of another gift from the Little Sisters, it's waiting
for you at the Gatherer's Garden back at the promenade. Exit the upper seating
area through the other doorway, the one without a vent in it. Go through the 
door to the Projector's Booth and hack the camera to the right. Go down the
hall to the left and grab the audio diary from the rubble on the wall. Continue
through and hack the ammo bandito, then go through the door. Pick up the diary
from the ground across from the entrance. Some splicers will have likely
triggered an alarm from your camera. Go back out and on the way, search the
room through the door on the right, opposite the rubble. There's a lot of rare
ammo on the shelf. Exit back to the ground floor of the Cinema, on the right
side facing the exit, are the bathrooms. Go in past the gene bank and a splicer
will walk out of the women's room. Once you kill her, go to the far stall with
some coral and pick up phosphorus buck. Go back out and this time into the 
men's room. Pick up the Electrical Storm tonic and kill the splicer behind you.
Exit the cinema, as you leave a houdini should run into the lounge, chase it
down if you need the research points.

It's time to go to the Gatherer's Garden, all the way back to that section of
the promenade. Go back down the tunnel to the big chamber with the statue. Go
left down the way, there are some splicers hanging out around the end. Take the
shortcut through the piano bar, killing any other splicers in the way, and once
you reach the carousel, go over to the Gather's Garden and search the gift.
There's a tonic that reduces how long it takes for the Sisters to harvest, some
money, AND a large chunk of ADAM. I had 610 ADAM at this point, but as I've 
said before, your mileage may vary. I chose to pick up another health and EVE
upgrade, and my 13th tonic slot to stick Demanding Father in. There's not much
worth buying here, and you want to save up your ADAM for the next level. Go 
through the door to Lamb's Garden, right next to the Gatherer's Garden. Make a
right and go through the other door. 

Stanley: Alright, there's one. Clobber the big palooka and grab the Sister.

I found two Big Daddies in here, don't know if that's consistent or not. If so,
wait a little bit for them to spread out so you can tell which one to kill. If
you haven't tried this yet, pull out the launcher you got. Use telekinesis to
find a corpse and pull it over to you. Lay all your proximity mines on it, pick
it up, and throw it at the Big Daddy. I put all six, and it was a one hit kill.
Now that you've got another Little Sister, there's a corpse to harvest on the
other side of the pool in the middle. This is your first chance to experience
the epic win that is the Demanding Father tonic. Don't bother with a turret,
just set her down and run back and up the stairs to the balcony. Most of the
splicers will attack you up there, if any harass the girl you can just shoot
down at them. The harvest goes by very quickly, after finishing, go back to the
carousel room. There's another corpse to harvest on the ground between the
carousel and the stairs leading to the Piano Bar. Start harvesting it, and go
up to the stairs to have a good vantage point. Take advantage of the water
pooling around the room for some easy electro bolt kills. The best vent that's
nearby to use is the one in Lamb's Garden, the room you just got the girl in.
It's a large open room, but it isn't too big, there isn't any room for the Big
Sister to hide, but you still have room to dodge around. But most importantly,
there's the pool in the middle to shock her in. Deal with the girl at the vent.

Eleanor: With me gone, Father... Stanley just let mother's followers turn into
animals. When word came that she was returning, he knew they would blame him --
so he found a way to silence them all... And now he's trying to cover it up...

Stanley: That's it -- now all that old dirt stays underground, and Lamb'll be
none the wiser! Hey, come on back, I've unlocked the train for ya! But remember
if Lamb catches ya, mum's the word.

Lamb comes on and says that since Eleanor's upset by your feud, the guys she's
sending to kill you aren't gonna make you suffer. Gee, how kind of her.

Sinclair: Doc Lamb's turnin' up the heat, chief. Head on back to the train
station, let's hit the trail!

Now the Big Sister shows up, when the fight's over, head for the train station.
But don't forget to loot her body for the ADAM. You can go through the close
door in the carousel section and run through the tunnels to the station. There
are a whole bunch of splicers who've spawned in your way, try and rush through
with some freezing or shocking and drill dashes. Once you get to the station...

Sofia: Subject Delta... I have known for years of Stanley's betrayal here, and
had forgiven him. But in compromising Eleanor now... he seals his fate. You see
it was Stanley who turned you in to Ryan. He is responsible for what you have
become. The security booth is open now... you may have your revenge.

The booth door opens now.

Stanley: Sweet Jesus... Lamb knew...? And she's just let me hang myself out to.
oh god... now-now-now c'mon pal, the train's ready, just... just let me live!

You can choose to kill him or not, but pick up the audio diary from inside. If 
you DO kill him, well... Just jump on the train and go away.

But I don't see any reason to kill him, fact of the matter is... What's he done
to warrant it? He flooded the park to kill all of Lamb's followers, that's a
pretty awesome job on his part. He was responsible for Eleanor's conversion,
but she's the whole reason you're on this crusade in the first place. And as
for turning you in to Ryan, that's water under the bridge. Besides, I'm sure 
the splicers won't be content to leave him there now. There's some consolation
if you'd rather kill him. He's a pathetic coward, so I left him alive. Plus,
if you leave him alive, you'll be able to kill the next person and still get
the good ending. If you spend enough time in the level without going on, 
Eleanor will confirm that Lamb isn't lying, he really was responsible. Jump on 
the train and head out to Fontaine Futuristics, just don't forget the audio 
diary in the booth. 
5.07 Fontaine Futuristics

Sinclair: This is it, chief... end of the line. If I'm right, Eleanor's momma's
usin' ADAM to force all Rapture's minds an' memories into the poor girl... Lamb
reckons it'll make that child a saint. Now Eleanor's in a deep dark place
beneath Fontaine Headquarters... and to keep you alive, we need to sneak in an'
find her.

Exit the train and go through the gates, there's nothing in the control booth.
Go through the central door past the Vita-Chamber and pick up the diary from
the crates on the left. Go forwards and down the stairs to the right, kill the
duo of splicers lounging around the shrine, and go through the Employees Only
door. Pick up the Damage Research tonic from the wagon in front of you. Be sure
to equip it, all damage bonuses from research are increased. Walk down the ramp
to the right and when the camera sees you, a message begins.

Alex: October 9th, 1967. Hello. (Ahem.) My name is Gilbert Alexander, and by 
the time you hear this, I will be clinically insane. I-I am recording these
diaries in advance, as a... last-ditch effort to assist anyone I might...
threaten... in dealing with me. My next message awaits you beyond the security
checkpoint. The bio-scan will ensure that you're sane enough to need it.

Sinclair: Hmmm... Gil Alexander... as I recall he was involved in Big Daddy
development from the beginning. Likely had something to do with you an' Eleanor

Enter the airlock and hit the switch. When the chamber's been flooded, go out
and head right over the ocean floor. About halfway across you'll see some metal
frames and crates. There's a frame to the right with a corpse laying on the
ground next to it, also there is a slug you can pick up for 10 ADAM. Keep going
across and enter the next airlock. Once it cycles through, exit and go up the
stairs, "Alex The Great" starts yelling over some kind of speaker system. Stop
and watch, the security bot kills two splicers after Alex yells at them more.

Sinclair: Alex the Great?! Oh hell, that has to be Gil Alexander, same man who
left that message we're followin'. He sounds mad as a March hare now.

Other splicers will attack now, once they've been handled, hack the health
station on the other side of the wall from the Gene Bank, and then the vending
machine. Go up the stairs and activate the bio-scan. The system has Delta
listed as 'Deceased' and Gil's bot comes out to investigate. After talking for
a bit, the bot flies up towards a hole in the wall and rockets fly out. A weird
Big Daddy comes out, one of the Alpha subjects. Being so old, it is weaker than
the other Big Daddies, kind of like Delta is. Start researching him and attack,
they can use different elemental attacks, but usual tactics are great. When the
bio-scan finishes, the door opens. Go through and Alex's next message plays.

Alex: Hello again. I... I have been exposed to a massive dose of substance ADAM
By the time you hear this, I will have armed this facility's defenses en masse.
You, my friend, must therefore penetrate them... and... kill me. Please believe
that if I could have done it myself... Ah... and on that cheery note, you may
use the diary lying near this screen to bypass the vocal print locks ahead and
enter the security office. The password if... "Agnus Dei."

Pick up the diary and supplies from the wall next to the monitor. There's a
safe behind the desk you can hack. Go around to the side and activate the voice
check to play Gil's diary and open the door. Alex is not at all pleased to find
you've gotten through. Go around to the back of the security booth and try to
open it. Gil's bot shows up and interrupts you by singing into the speaker.
He tells you to go scrub the bathrooms, and zaps open the doors leading to the
next area, revealing two splicers.

Sinclair: Aw, he's jammin' the voiceprint lock with that awful croonin'! See if
you can find some way to sabotage his control of building security.

Go through and loot the wall in front, there are a bunch of spears as well as
the corpse and briefcase they're pinning. Pick up the diary from the bench to
the right and head across the room, past the Gatherer's Garden, and around the
corner to a Bot Shutdown panel with a glowing thing.

Alex: Don't you dare touch that signal relay, Delta... its value is ten times
your own!

Go on, do it. >:D

Alex: I'm very disappointed in you, Delta... destruction of a Fontaine asset is
punishable by summary dismissal! Shall I simplify that for you? Fired! Fired!

Did... Did Delta do bad? Alex activates an alarm, you can just wait it out with
the camouflage tonic if you'd like. Check the room with a window looking to the
lab, the room opposite the first relay, on the other side of the Gatherer's
Garden. Hack the health station and pick up the heat-seeking rockets from the
Alpha series corpse. Go back and hack the vending machine next to the middle
and the ammo bandito near the bathrooms on the left side of the room. Go to the
right hall and the door will open up and confetti will fly out, hack the turret
at the end and some splicers will attack. Now, go visit the Gatherer's Garden.
See why I said to save up ADAM? The level 3 plasmids cost a ton. I had 745
ADAM when I reached this garden, scroll down to EVE Saver 2 and get it. Yes, 75
is quite a bit for a tonic, but stacked with the first EVE Saver, plasmids use
a very small amount of EVE. That's really all that's mandatory, however, I
decided to get Electro Bolt 3, Winter Blast 3, Security Command 3, and two more
tonic slots (15/18), leaving me with 55 ADAM.

Now, there should be a Rumbler skulking around with a Little Sister, track him
down and take care of him. If you've got Winter Blast, try freezing him and
shooting four rocket spears at him before he's thawed. If all goes well, it
should take him out in one blow. Once you've got the girl, go upstairs and pick
up the diary from next to the Little Sister vent. Go across to the other end of
the room, around the wall is a turret. Hack it and enter the office, an Alpha
Daddy attacks the moment you go in, remember to research it. Go around the
corner to the right, and destroy another relay. Go across the office around the
other corner, turn the Boar mount to open a secret compartment. Pick up the
audio diary and hack the THREE safes there. Harvest the corpse in front of the
desk. The only real place enemies can come in is the front door, and you happen
to have a turret out there. If you upgraded to Winter Blast 3, you can see how
useful it is now. You just have to press the button to freeze them in a block,
instead of holding it. After harvesting, leave the office.

Sofia: Each new Tyrant ventured here in search of conquest, Delta. Fontaine.
Ryan. And now you. But every aspiring Caesar must learn to fear the knives of
his fellows. Ask yourself... what does Sinclair stand to gain in guiding you

Time to finish exploring downstairs. Go into the bathrooms, both rooms have
health stations, the women's room has armor-piercing rounds in the far stall.
Be careful entering the men's room, the corpse on the ground isn't really dead.
It will jump up and attack you, there's a first-aid kit in one of the stalls.
Cause that's totally what I want, bathroom bandages. Go out and across to the
Plasmid Showroom, before entering, go down to the turret you hacked and look
through the hole in the wall. The writing above the corpse has the number 5254
on it. Enter the theater, there's some stuff on the couches on the right, go
through the Employee door on your left. Some splicers are at the far end of the
room to the right, snipe them or something and key in the code to the door next
to the Incinerate! prop. Crouch under the wreckage, turn left and pick up the
Careful Hacker 2 tonic, now turn around and grab the audio diary from next to
the crate near the corpse. Return to the theater and walk over to the Gene Bank
in the middle. There's a corpse to harvest there, the location is great because
of all the water and the electro bolt testing machine. If you shock the big
metal piece next to the gene bank, it sends an electric shockwave out, dealing
massive damage and electrifying the water. Hack the health station and initiate
the harvest. An Alpha series should come running out and attack. A great place 
to stand once you kill him is on top of the panels in the corner if you look 
back towards the entrance to the area. Next to the stairs, you can jump up them
and shock the water. Get rid of the girl in the vent right there, and go to the
next room.

A splicer's tinkering on the Ammo Bandito up ahead, wait and he'll blow himself
up. Pick up everything that came out and Alex shows up on his bot again. Raving
about how they tested plasmids on you, and all kinds of stuff. Then the curtain
rises revealing a spotlight. Hack the Bandito and stock up, I actually suggest
activating the alarm before you do the hack right even if you have bots. Once
the hack is finished the bots won't attack, but they can't escape. Weird eh?
Step forwards and the back area is closed off. Alex flies around the theater
looking for volunteers, but they're all dead. Except one woman in the back, she
teleports in and attacks. After she's dead, even more houdinis teleport in and
start flinging fire around. Soon enough, an Alpha series shows up behind the
seats. After a bit more of Alex's talk, it jumps through the glass and attacks.
When the event ends, go up and destroy the third relay. You can also search the
corpses in the seats for some stuff, then go out into the central area.

The game has a habit of spawning a splicer on the second floor with two bots
when you go back after exploring the other sections. If there is one, be wary.
In the wall to the right of the Little Sister vent is a hole, crouch through to
a flooded tunnel. At the end of the tunnel is a turret, when you hack it, keep
going through and drop down into the plasmid lab. There are some rocket spears
on the nearby desk right in front of you. Around the left corner, opposite the
flooding pipes is a health station. There's a corpse on the table with EVE
hypos and an audio diary on it, also on the table is the Drill Power 2 tonic.
When you pick it up, a bunch of proximity mines are launched at the window.
After a few seconds, they blow up and splicers start attacking. Once you're
done, go back up once more to the second floor, but this time go left to the
marketing administration room. Stop in the doorway, and you'll see three 
apparently dead splicers sitting in the chairs up ahead, but if you try to pick
them up with Telekinesis you'll see they don't budge. Fire a shot at one to
initiate the fight. Go around to the right and hack the health station, then
shock the door control and go in. Search the room and hack the safe, then try
and pick up the Unstable Teleport Plasmid.

When you first try to pick it up, it disappears like a houdini splicer and pops
up again on the same desk. Try again, go back out and it will materialize on an
upturned sofa near the entrance. Pick it up and go around the corner to the
other room. The water in this room is periodically charged with electricity.
There's a diary on an upturned filing cabinet to the left of the entrance. If
you fire a hack dart through the hole in front of you, you can hack the panel
electrifying the water. Go around and hack the camera, then destroy the final
relay. Some splicers will come in behind and attack you, there's some ammo in
the room and some hypos among other things scattered around the various desks
in the office. Go back out now and to the central portion. The unstable tonic
shows up on a broken support pillar in one of the corners. Go downstairs and
try picking it up again, this time from next to the vending machine. The last
place the tonic spawns is on one of the sofas next to the entrance to this area
from where the security booth is. When you attempt to interact again, you lose
control of Delta and the tonic teleports you around the level. It begins to
float, and even chases a splicer in one section. You even, get teleported to
an underwater area, where you can see an ADAM slug if you look carefully. Then
you get placed in a dark room with a bunch of statues in front of you, and a
tonic on a pedestal. Pick up the Vending Expert 2 tonic and wait, momentarily
the cameras around you will flash, and you'll appear at the beginning of the
level. Go forwards and up to the security booth, now that the relays are gone
you can play the password without Alex butting in. Go in and get all the loot,
as well as upgrading a weapon with the station there. I decided to reduce my
machine gun's recoil.

Gil: Hello again. I must assume by now that you're willing to help end my life.
In exchange, I have prepared a friendly security escort for you. Ah, now...
there's a switch in here which will allow you access to the real laboratories,
where... where what's left of me awaits you. Please - use it.

Use the glowing switch to open the laboratories and start heading for the air-
lock. It's near the bathrooms, next to the ammo bandito. Splicers should flood
out and attack, as well as two Alpha series enemies. As mentioned before, if
you are capable, freezing and shooting rocket spears will quickly dispatch any
Alphas. Go through to the airlock and down the stairs, on the table next to the
Gene Bank is an audio diary. Up ahead is a health station to hack, go into the
airlock and cycle through. Once you're in the open ocean, follow the path to a
hole, drop down and go up the metal stairs to your left. Keep going up until
you reach a cliff overlooking the area you dropped from, there's an ADAM slug
near the edge of the cliff. Now jump down and through the hole, then follow the
other path like normal.

Sinclair: As I recall from my time doin' business with the owners... that Oxy-
Fill station out there's just a front for a kinda hidden passage leadin' down
below. If Lamb's hidin' Eleanor from ya... that's where she'll be.

There's a crate near the oxy station with some stuff in it. Head into the 
airlock and flush out the water, proceed to the dark room. There are a bunch of
plants in here, crouch down and go forwards. There's a rocket on the path, as 
well as a first aid kit, enter Specimen Containment.

Gil: I'm afraid the lights in here sting my eyes terribly now. Until you arrive
to deal with me, they will remain off. Please, locate the breakers and flip
them, and then return here to restore power.

Gee thanks Mr. Alexander, nothing we like more than traipsing through a secret
laboratory full of homicidal maniacs, headed by an insane genius! Stay on the
floor you're on, go right to hack a vending machine, and left to hack an Ammo
Bandito. There's also a mini-turret sitting in front of the vita-chamber near
the Ammo Bandito. Go down the stairs to either side of the central controls.
Turn back around and walk down the other ramp to the Gatherer's Gardens, pick
up the diary from next to the Garden. Turn around towards the tank and go left,
around a kind of pillar is the first circuit breaker, glowing. There's an audio
diary on the ground as well, pick it up and activate the breaker. Track back
around to the other side of the room, the other circuit breaker's position 
mirrors that of the first. When you activate it, go back up the stairs to the
central control panels and activate the power.

Gil: Sofia and I knew that to create the first true Utopian would come at a
high cost, my friend. We needed someone to be host to all that ADAM...
Rapture's finest minds. A willing subject. That is to say... myself.

-The lights come on-

Gil: Whatever you may have seen inside the tank, that was indeed me. I fear the
fate of Eleanor Lamb will be less physical, but no less grotesque. This tank 
for deep sea life is the ideal way to... to dispose of me. But first, you must 
retrieve enough ADAM-infused plant life to lure me out. The slugs feed on the 
stuff, and it's... all I seem to want now. I have left a sample here so you
know what to look for.

A plant on the controls will light up now, pick it up. You're gonna need to
find three more. But now Alex starts yelling and sends Alphas after you.

Sinclair: Well listen son, those override keys you've been huntin' are
genetically encoded. And to get to Eleanor, you're gonna need one from "Alex
the Great" in there. First thing's first -- we gotta pin him down. Find those
plants he mentioned and lure him back out.

On either side of the tank is a health station, hack them and go down the left
stairs. There's another health station before the door, and a crate with some
loot under the stairs. Now you can enter the door, two splicers up ahead have
blown open some hypnotic plants and are now fighting each other. When you enter
they attack you instead though. There's a security camera in the back left
corner to hack, and the booth on the right has an audio diary in it. This room
also has a bunch of health kits. Go down the stairs on the left side of the
room and hack the health station. Go through and search the area, pluck the
ADAM flower from the corner and try to leave. The door shuts in front of you,
back up back into the other room and the second door shuts. The room begins to
fog up, and Alphas and splicers spawn. It fogs up again, and an Alpha charges
you. When the enemies are done, the doors open again and you can leave.

Sinclair: Poor things -- what a life. Marchin' around playin' Daddy until some
splicer manages to kill off their Sister... and then if the coma doesn't take
'em they turn maniac... nothin' left to do but scream. Uh, no offense intended,
son. We better get you to Eleanor on the double.

Sofia: Your body begins to tear itself apart; the compulsion to find Eleanor
will drive you to madness or coma. You have no claim on her -- your design was
among Rapture's greatest sins -- and yet you persist. Why?

Exit to the tank room, now there should be a Rumbler roaming around with a
Sister to take. Get her and go to the corpse right in front of the tank. It's
between the tank and the Gatherer's Garden. All of these harvests should have
Alpha Series enemies in them. Retrace your steps to the Showers area, there's
another corpse to harvest in there. It's in the first room, so the camera will
aid you by activating alarms. When you finish that one, stick her in the vent
and go back out once more to the tank room. Cross over through the room to the
stairs leading to the Testing Facility. For your information, underneath the
floor you're standing on now is a hostile turret. Up ahead near an Alpha corpse
is an oil slick and patrolling splicers. You can light up the oil to wreak
havoc, or opt for a stealthier approach. Step down the stairs and hack the
turret on the right, underneath where you were. Do the same with the Ammo
Bandito, and health station on the pillar. Look through the left of the two 
doors. There's a group of splicers fighting a rumbler. Be careful not to use an
upgraded electro bolt or it may strike the Big Daddy. Focus on the splicers
first, then the rumbler. Pick up the girl, and search his corpse. You may 
notice, this is not an ordinary Big Daddy, he is Mark Meltzer. The man who came
down to Rapture, looking for his daughter Cindy. On his corpse is a diary, so
make sure to search it. Walk down to the end of the hall and hack the health
station on the right, then double back one section and turn left. The third
plant is between the tables and restraints.

Sofia: She was not meant to have a father, Delta. She was to be an heir to my
life's work. And this is where they changed her, bonding her to you. The child
she was... died in this room.

Continue across and make a left at the split. Hack the vending machine and go
back down the other way. At the end, around the corner is a security camera.
it's easy to run under and hack. Now fire a dart through the broken window to
hack the door control for that room. Turn back around and grab the diary from
next to the vent. Now jump down the hole to the cell, a splicer outside opens
the door and attacks. Go out and turn right to the end, open the exit and then
open the next closest cell, inside is the final plant.

Sinclair: All right, sport, time to feed the fish. Head on back to Alexander's
tank and put those plants in. 

Sofia: Poor Gilbert. It was his will to die, Delta. To serve the majority by
protecting them from his lunacy. Your entire journey here is based on your
refusal to do the same. Will you grant his request, knowing that he served the

Sinclair: Rebirth, hunh? Sure, you live forever, but minus your body. I like my
body, kid. I don't feature the idea of my memories an' personality bein' stored
in the head of some saintly child... like just one more dusty ol' book in the

An Alpha attacks, along with numerous other splicers from the hallway outside.
Before you go out the exit, check the other rooms. There's a health station at
the end, next to the vita-chamber. If you go into the room to the right of the
station there's a mini-turret and health kit, you can walk through the hole
and get stuff from the cell with the broken door. Go back out and open the door
to the left of the health station. There's a turret inside, once you hack it
and loot the cell, walk out the back corridor where the turret is, and over to
the frozen cell. Use Incinerate! to melt the ice that's ON the door. Go back
out and enter now, melt the rest of the ice. There's more ammo, and a diary.
Exit out and go back to the tables and restraints. There's a corpse to harvest,
take care of it as usual, but be careful since there may be a Rumbler around
that could attack if you nick it. Go back out to the next room, more splicers
confront you. Before you harvest the Alpha corpse there, go into the newly
opened booth, pick up the diary from next to the window, and use the upgrade
station. I decided to upgrade my machine gun's damage with this. NOW, go back
and start the harvest. You might want to toss down a mini-turret since there's
another one in the booth you can pick up.

Time to leave the area, you can take the Little Sister to the vent upstairs.
Eleanor says there's another gift at the Gatherer's Garden, return to the tank
room and search the gift, another 250 ADAM! Soon the Big Sister will show up,
it's here that I finished my research completely. Take her out and get the ADAM
from her corpse, I actually had 955 ADAM here, so I just decided to get another
tonic slot, swapped out my research tonics, bought a new plasmid slot, and got
Insect Swarm to put in it. I got all three levels of insect swarm, and bought
an EVE and Health upgrade, lastly I upgraded Telekinesis to level 2. That left
me with 380 ADAM, still quite a bit. But there are still a few new things in 
the last level, coming up shortly. Now that the fighting's over, go up to the
control panel in front of the tank and transfer the plant samples. A horde of
splicers and elite Alphas attack, big surprise. These Alphas can be more easily
taken down with solid shot as opposed to regular buck. I spammed insect swarm
all over the place to distract all the enemies. When they're all dead, Alex
cries some more, and you can take a gene sample from the control panel.

Sinclair: (Quick Laugh) Perfect son, you reeled him in - now, use that console
there to take a gene sample. It should print up a genetic key automatically!

Hit the switch, and when the sample shows up.

Sinclair: The key's all ready, go on and take it!

-Pick up the key-

Sinclair: You got the key to Lamb's hideout, sport -- Eleanor's down there! Now
just head out to the Oxy-Fill station and use it.

Gil: It is done. The sample disposal button on the panel in front of you will
administer a massive jolt of electricity to the tank, more than enough to kill
me. Whatever I may say to dissuade you, do not listen. The man whose voice you
hear now is long gone. As my mind fades, I find my thoughts turn to the
suffering that Eleanor will be made to endure, and I am overcome with pity. But
I can only offer my feeble prayers. Perhaps after my death, you can do more.
Now please... I ask you to grant me peace. Goodbye, my friend, and thank you.

Well, Alex starts begging, saying he'll leave, go live outside. I have no clue
how he'd manage that, but Gil in his sane mind put himself in that tank so that
he WOULDN'T be able to go anywhere, to protect other people. The game treats
letting him live as the "Good" choice, so if you want the trophy or achievement
for leaving everyone alive, you have to let him live, or make an alternate save
at this point. But, the really "Good" choice is to kill him. As is made evident
through all of the messages he left, he wants nothing more than to die and be
free of his insanity, so he can't hurt anyone. And, if you've been diligently
collecting the audio diaries you'll know that he's far from an evil person. Yes
he worked on the Big Daddies and Little Sisters, but he had no connection to
you as a person, and he didn't know about Eleanor until it was too late. Even
the experiment which turned him into a monster, he only volunteered because he
thought he could help, and maybe make up for everything he'd done. So press the
switch, and the tank glows with electricity. Now that it's done, go out through
the tunnel behind you and cycle through the airlock.

Sinclair: This is the Oxy-Fill station, chief. But don't be fooled by the
facade. This is the way in. Use that key now.

Approach the station and use the key on the glowing section, the wall behind it
will slide down, revealing another airlock. Go in and cycle through, there's an
audio diary on the right side of the tunnel ahead. Go up to the elevator and
activate it.
5.08 Persephone


As the elevator reaches the bottom, you near the entrance to the Persephone
Detention Facility, this is the final level of the game.

Sinclair: Persephone... we're finally here. Find Eleanor, son -- and fast. Her
momma's got all Rapture dyin' to keep you two apart...

Walk through the door in front of you, take a right around the check-in and
walk down the tunnel. The view out of the walls is rather ominous, it's like a
huge prison, or asylum. There are some crates on the side of the tunnel. Near
the end, Lamb contacts you.

Sofia: I wonder, Delta, do you know why you are here? Have you any idea what my
daughter has given you? As I watch you now, I envy your ignorance. You still

Go through the door, and keep heading forwards. There's a Power To The People
station up ahead on the left, I finished upgrading the machine gun here. When
you reach the fork, hack the vending machine and ammo bandito on the right.
This bandito has every type of ammo in it, so stock up. There won't be much
more use for money as we continue. Go left now, deeper into Persephone. Enter
the room on the right and pick up the diary that's propped on the floor next to
the Vent. There's nothing else in the rooms besides some loot. Return to the
hall and go around the corner, go through the door ahead into the Atrium.

Sinclair: That's her, son! Eleanor Lamb. No matter what you might be feelin'
right now -- this is business. Get that cage open - she's comin' with us!

Before you do so, go over to the right and hack the vending machine, you may
need it. Now go and open the quarantine.

Sofia: How will she remember us, after this moment? I have placed my pieces on
the board, as expected -- as have you. Is this what she hoped for? Mother and
Father, locking eyes... yet still we are blind. Goodbye, Subject Delta -- and
take heart, for you at least, have escaped your legacy...

TWO Big Sisters attack, but you should be able to only fight one at a time. One
of the easiest ways to deal with them is to keep up a continous stream of 
electricity while firing armor-piercing machine gun rounds through. You may
have to run to the vending machine and get health or EVE before fighting the
second one. When they're both done, the quarantine opens.

Sinclair: Hurry now -- quarantine chamber's waitin' on you! Get in there!

Enter the quarantine and it seals behind you.

Sinclair: Your signal's breakin' up... I can't see or hear a thing -- something
about that room is blocking me!

The gas begins to clear away and you can see Sofia and Eleanor inside. During
the following dialogue, the speakers count down how much time is remaining for
the quarantine.

Sofia: Look at her, Delta. Ten years, and still she dreams of you. Do you know
why Eleanor brought you here? She wanted a Father. So she found a way to
restore you in body and mind. 

Scenes flash, of Delta shooting himself, and then Eleanor sending a Little
Sister to him, and of Delta being revived in the Vita-Chamber.

Sofia: And she has been watching you ever since, exalting your every act as

More scenes flash, of the people Delta chose to kill or spare, and his actions
towards the Little Sisters.

Sofia: The girl lying on that bed is no longer my child, nor my life's work.
She is a monster, shaped by you alone. Just as she has always wanted. But there
is one detail of your mutual bond she failed to account for. Your body was
designed to lapse into a coma when her heart ceases to beat. Eleanor... forgive

Lamb picks up the pillow and begins to smother Eleanor, the quarantine opens up
but Delta isn't able to get to her in time, he collapses to the floor.

Sofia: Watch him. His body is shutting down now, naturally... but if he dies of
trauma, he will return elsewhere. Full restraints at all times. No one enters
this room until he expires.

-Delta wakes up-

Eleanor: Father... it's me, Eleanor. I'm so sorry... Mother stopped my heart,
long enough to sever our bond. Staying near me won't stop you from dying now...
or worse. But I can still help you escape! This Little Sister's brought you
something that will allow you to take control of her. 

-The Sister stabs him with her syringe-

Eleanor: I know this feels a bit strange, Father, but now you can see through
her eyes and tell her where to go. This is how I brought you back without
mother catching on. Now... first, let's get you out of here. Crawl through the
vent there.

Well, now you see why the Little Sisters act so strangely in a dingy world full
or homicidal maniacs, corpses, blood, grime, and all the wonderful stuff that
makes up Rapture. Go to the vent and enter it, you come out in the atrium.

Eleanor: Good. Now. Inside mother's office, there's a way to unlock these
chambers she's holding us in. Find a way to slip in there.

Go over to the vent next to Lamb's office doors and climb through.

Eleanor: You're in. There should be a lever in here somewhere. Pull it, and it
will unlock our cells.

As you walk through Lamb's office, she says over the speakers that Sinclair's
come into Persephone, and orders the Family to catch him. Go down past Sofia
and activate the switch.

Eleanor: What mother did to me left me very weak, or I would do this part
myself. To save your life, I'm going to have to change... to be like you. From
here, you should be able to locate the pieces of a Big Sister suit... please,
bring them to me.

Go down the other hall now, and pick up the diary at the end, then go up the
stairs on the left. The grate up the stairs back behind the statue is shut. Go
through the doors on the left side of the room, up ahead is an "Angel". Now you
see why the girls call them that, you can actually harvest it for ADAM. When
you do though, you'll see that the girls' conditioning falters to reveal the
gruesome reality of Rapture until the harvest is over. Now go back and down the
stairs, a splicer in the cell offers to help you. (In possibly the creepiest
voice imaginable I might add.) When you approach him, the real Rapture breaks
through again and he tries to grab you. Go right now, past the cells and up the
next staircase. 

Eleanor: There's a piece of the suit in here, Father. Find the rest and bring
them back to me...

Go right into the room and over to the wall, the hallucination fades again and
you see a Big Sister body piece, pick it up and go back out, continue through
the next set of doors.

Eleanor: Ten years, Father, stuck in this... this fever dream. Mother kept me
sedated in order to 'perfect' my mind with ADAM. To her, the ideal child is a
genius, serving the common good without questioning it. You have saved me from

In the next area, the doors on the right slam shut, so climb through the nearby
vent to get in. Harvest the "Angel" and activate the circuit breaker to exit.
Go down the hall and make a right towards the big statue. The image fades,
revealing a Big Sister helmet, pick it up and also grab the diary from the
table there. Go up the stairs next to the table and around to the open area.

Eleanor: The other Sisters are made from me, in part. As they grow up in
Rapture, I feel it all. When you were with the little ones, they trusted you as
their Father, because of me.

There's a third angel in the second cell on the left. Go through the far door
and then down past the hall on the right. Turn right at the corner and get the
Big Sister gloves and weapon from the wall, then go back and down the side hall
through the previously shut grate to the big room again.

Eleanor: Mother was right about one thing. I have been watching you, Father...
studying the way you have treated others. And now I know who I am...

Go down the stairs on the right, next to the big statue is one of the toy subs,
and it has an audio diary in it. (Somehow I only saw this on my way back) Leave
the room and go back through Lamb's office.

Eleanor: I am free -- after everything mother has done to me -- I am alive and
sane enough to be curious about the sun. When you rescued my new Sisters, I
felt every one. And it gave me hope for the first time in years...

Keep going through the office, and out to the Atrium. You can enter the
quarantine chamber now, before you give the suit to Eleanor, look behind her
bed. Pick up the diary poking out from under it, then deliver the gear.

-Eleanor dons the suit, and frees the Little Sister of her parasite-

Eleanor: We've done it, Father. I'll be there soon...

The view returns to Delta, looking out the window at a brute splicer, who then
gets mowed down by fireballs, Eleanor runs in and begins to free Delta of his

Eleanor: These suits always did make me think of you. Father -- I guess I still
remember you in shining armor. But now it's my turn to fight for you. Take this
Plasmid -- you can use it to call me to your side in a fight.

Walk over to Eleanor and retrieve the plasmid from her hand, this is the last
plasmid of the game. With this, you can summon her. If you've actually got an
open plasmid slot, equip it. Otherwise, you should decide which one you'd like
to swap out, because having this plasmid makes some upcoming fights very easy.

Go out and right, down towards the atrium again. Some splicers file out and 
move over to you, it's best to stay still, let camo kick in, and spear them
when they're close, because then two brute splicers attack. Now's a good time
to summon Eleanor, when she shows up, she starts kicking them every which way.
You can help by shooting, but a much more amusing method is to freeze them and
let her finish them off by herself. The health stations should be hacked from
the earlier fights, so they can't use them. I'm figuring you've already done
all research on the brutes, but if not then you should finish it now. Once
they're dead...

Sofia: Subject Delta... I know you can hear me. You have stolen my life's work,
and with it -- my only daughter. But Rapture is the house of monsters. The
surface will not have us. Tonight, we shall be buried as a family. Side by

Eleanor: Oh god... she's going to drop this building into the trench... it's
miles deep! We have to find Sinclair!

The door on the right side of the room opens up, and weak splicers come out. 
If you need first aid kits, break the health stations, you're not coming back
this way again. Go through the hall to the hatch leading to Inner Persephone.


As you exit to Inner Persephone, Eleanor walks down the hall to the right. Past
the hall, near the vita chamber is some buck and a first aid kit if you need.

Eleanor: Upstairs, Father, quickly.

Go down the hall and around to either side, then up the stairs.

Eleanor: This is Sinclair's Lifeboat, Father, out the window here. It's our
only chance of escape. From what I know of Sinclair, he wouldn't just abandon

Sofia: Yes, Delta, what of Sinclair? The man who would sell Paradise... and
where is he now? This facility hangs over an ocean trench, Delta. The Family
has activated timed charges within its foundations. Surrender before detonation
or we shall fall and be crushed in the abyss below.

-Doors and hatches close-

Eleanor: Mother has locked all of Persephone down, including the gangway
leading to the lifeboat. We can reverse it from the Holding wing, if we hurry.
Come on! Use the Plasmid if you need me, Father... I'm going to have a look

On the right side of the room, looking back towards the entrance are stairs to
the second level. Next to them is a vending machine if you need anything. Go
up the stairs and hack the health station. Therapy is locked as of the moment,
so continue up and Lamb comes on over the speakers and orders an attack on 
Delta and Eleanor. A brute will climb up and attack, as well as a couple 
leadheads, dispose of them and hack the ammo bandito. There's a turret in the
middle of the walkway across, hack it and walk over to the Gatherer's Garden.
The other door is locked as well, so your only option is to go through to 
Holding. The only new thing in the Garden is the third level of Telekinesis.
If you've got the ADAM, it's worth getting just for fun. You can pick up live
enemies and throw them around at will. Since we're near the end of the game,
you may wish to buy out all of the level 1 plasmids for an achievement/trophy
if you haven't already. You can always save, buy them, and reload once you've
got it.

Go through to Holding. The door's locked, but the window's broken, revealing a
hackable control panel.

Eleanor: You can hack that door open, Father. Give it a go!

Oh, wow, thanks for being here to tell us that Eleanor. Cause, we totally
wouldn't have come to that conclusion all by ourselves. I mean, it's not like
we haven't done it a dozen times before, without your help, on our journey to
save you. Nope, definitely haven't. Anyway, hack the door and go through. As
you advance through the tunnel, Delta begins to convulse.

Eleanor: We have to get you out of Rapture Father. It's the only way I can save
you now...

In the next room, go between the desks on the left, and turn around to go in
the other door, through to where the control panel was. There's a bunch of ammo
on the desks as well as an audio diary. Return to the second room, and cross
over to activate the glowing button. An Alpha Series appears at the window.

Sofia: Don't you recognize Sinclair, Delta? Now, he is what you should have
been: one final Alpha Series, ready to die for the Family. As Persephone's
former owner, he is the ideal man to put you back in your cage.

Eleanor: Mother's controlling Sinclair, Father -- and he's got the master key!
Catch him!

Sinclair: Kid... Lamb's in my head... I can't help myself... have to fight just
to talk... left me my goddamn tongue to torture the bomb codes outta me... she
wants me to stop you leavin' ... I... I'm sorry...

Go through the newly opened door, there's an Ammo Bandito around the corner on
the left. Go down the stairs to the right and enter the food area. There's a
camera on the wall to the right just inside, and a few splicers, as well as a
brute. A bit further in, on the right is a corpse on one of the tables. There's
an audio diary next to him, and a lot of alcohol. Next to the kitchen entrance
is another vending machine. Enter the kitchen now and walk past the counter and
go around the corner, down to storage. A brute will attack, and there are some
proximity mines frozen in the corner. 

The next doorway is dark, go in and trap bolts appear. There's a splicer corpse
in front of you, draw it to you with telekinesis to break the wires.

Sofia: Eleanor, I know you can hear me. I am inside Sinclair's lifeboat now.
Delta cannot reach me here -- but you can. You need not die with him. We... we
shall return to the surface together, if you only step inside and accept your
duty. Remember, Eleanor... Mummy loves you.

Eleanor: Ah yes... mother's testing me. One last game. Fortunately, by now I'm
the world's foremost expert at breaking her rules... I've made my choice,
Father... and if needs be -- I'll die for it.

Ahead is the laundry room, there's a splicer looking in the bins. A second
splicer's around the corner, patrolling. Loot in here is negligible. Proceed up
the stairs to the next cell block. Across from the entrance is a splicer in the
showers. Kill her, but again, there's nothing of real value there. Once you
step into the cell block, the doors slam shut.

Sinclair: Kid... I'm sorry... I've... I've locked you in here... Lamb's makin'
me dance on her goddamn strings... I can't stop... you're gonna have to break
in here an'... an' put me down. Wish there was... another way... but I'd rather
die a man than live like this... 

Eleanor: God... he's right, Father. Mother's betting you'll die in here, or
that I'll abandon you before the bombs detonate. We can't save Sinclair now...
we need that key from him! Find the code to the watchtower, or work out a way
to draw him out.

Hack the vending machine, and go down the stairs to solitary, the dark section
from the stairs to the right from where you entered.

Sinclair: Son... I built this place, an' I did rent you out to those Plasmid
Trials up at Fontaine... an' now... now I'm paying for it. Wish I had time to
make amends... I - take the lifeboat, it's all yours, just don't leave me like

Go down the other stairs, and check the third cell on the left. In the hole is
the Elemental Vampire tonic. Level 3 elemental plasmid attacks will replenish
your health with this equipped. When you turn around in here, there will be a
splicer standing there. He disappears, and the lights turn off. Then he pops up
again with more splicers, then they all disappear. 

Sofia: Free will, Delta -- Eleanor's gift to you, and with each decision, you
twisted her into your own image. Sinclair has no such choice -- yet in its
absence, he serves the world unerringly. He is now the better man.

On your way out, in the first solitary block, the splicers appear and attack.
If you picked up telekinesis, you can pull them around and use them as shields
or toss them. Go out into the cell lobby and up the stairs, then to the door.

Sinclair: When you... when you do me in, kid... don't blame yourself... I won't
be able to stop from tryin' to gun ya down... but it helps to know that you'll
stick it to Lamb after... an'... an' let young Eleanor see the sun... I'd tell
you the code to that... that keypad if I could... it's like Lamb's put... walls
up in my head... but, but the prisoners here mighta worked out the number.
Check the cells... and please hurry... hurts to keep singin' out without say-so
an' I'm startin' to forget the words...

Hack the health station, and go over to the bathroom. Pay the $5 to get in and
melt the ice, then crouch down and enter.

Sinclair: You're in the tunnel... oughta give you some kinda jump on me... I

Sofia: Do you not see, Delta: you were a thing of beauty when first we met --
non-conscious, yet utterly vital to your city. The flaw was only in your
masters' intent. It is an error we have corrected in Sinclair. He is bonded to
the entire Family.

At the end of the tunnel is a mini-turret and an auto-hack dart. If you don't
already have two bots, you can hack the one inside Sinclair's room through the
window. You can also drop a turret through the window, and it will attack him.

Eleanor: Sinclair is moving, Father. Track him down, we need that key!

Go back out through the tunnel and go in the open door. Take care of him
however you'd like to, and use the Power To The People station. (With very few
options left, I upgraded rivet gun clip sizes)

Sinclair: (horrible choking cough) So long... kid (cough)... thank you...

Eleanor: Sinclair is dead, Father. I'm so sorry, I don't know if you were close
When you're... ready, take the key.

Before you grab the key, we need to explore the rest of the area. That's the
best way to deal with Sinclair in my opinion, but there are numerous others.
Go down the stairs and through to the next cell block, opposite solitary. Run
under the camera and hack it, then go into the second open cell on the right.
Past the splicer is a hole in the wall, crouch through and pick up the ammo and
an audio diary. The diary states the last two digits at 73. Return to the north
block and go up the stairs, this time past the bathroom. Enter D block and hack
the turret, then go in the small cell to the right of the entrance when facing
it. There's a diary there that states the first two digits to be 26. So that's
2673. There's another audio diary in the cell next to the turret. Go out and
continue along the walkway to block C.

The left cell upon entering has another splicer in it, she won't attack, like
some of the others encountered so far in Persephone. But when you turn around,
away from her, she jumps up and tries to kill you. Go through the second cell
on the left, through the hole, into the dark cell block. The first cell on the
left has a hanged splicer, search his body for a diary. Enter the cell with the
High Security door ripped off. There's a tonic in the corner, Elemental Sponge.
If you get hurt by an elemental attack, you get EVE. On the cell wall is the
code for the door. Backtrack to the walkway, go through the door to the upper 
section of the south quad. There's a brute pacing around in block A, kill him 
and search the cells. Pick up the diary which says the door code is hidden in
the bathroom toilet. From the walkway, or the hole in the left cell, you can
fire a dart at the control panel to hack it. Now that you've finished exploring
go back to the room where Sinclair's body is, grab the diary from the desk, and
loot him for the key.

Eleanor: Now, Father, I'm afraid that ending the lockdown means releasing all
the prisoners. So please, be ready before you use that key on the override

6. Items and Enemies #06

This is my attempt at a comprehensive list of all types of items and enemies.
Including locations, descriptions, scripts, strategies, etc.
6.01A Weapons

(NOTE: All of the third upgrades require the first two upgrades to have been
obtained in order to use.)

1. Bouncer Drill - Starting weapon, Delta has this when you gain control of him
   at the start.

   The Drill runs on fuel, if you click the attack button you will swing it 
   forward and bash the enemy for a nice amount of damage, this is the default
   melee attack and does not use up any fuel. If you hold down the attack
   button instead of swinging it, Delta will rev up the drill and thrust it
   forwards into anything in the way. This does massive damage, and consumes
   fuel very quickly.


   1. Drill Fuel Efficiency - Cooling nozzles lubricate the Drill, reducing the
      speed of fuel consumption.

   2. Damage Increase - Increases both spinning, and melee hit damage with the

   3. Drill Reflector Upgrade - A large electromagnetic dynamo is powered by
      the Drill's rotation. Incoming projectiles will be reflected back at
      attackers while the Drill is spinning. Any bullets that fly at you while
      your drill is spinning will be knocked back at them. The only problem is
      that the only time you should rev the drill is when you're in close 
      proximity to your targets.

2. Rosie Rivet Gun - Found under a closing door after the Courtyard in the
   Adonis Luxury Resort.

   The Rivet Gun is very powerful, but somewhat hard to aim with. One very 
   effective tactic is to stun an enemy with the electro bolt, and then fire
   rivets at them while they're stunned. You can also aim down the sights with
   the gun if you're having trouble hitting your targets.

   Starting at the end of The Atlantic Express you can collect trap rivets.
   If these are shot at walls, desks, or other props, they will extend across
   the room and anchor into a surface opposite from where they were shot. If a
   splicer crosses the line, the rivet goes off and cripples the enemy.

   Another type of rivet ammo is the heavy rivet. Heavy rivets simply do more
   damage to ANYTHING they're shot at. Very simple. Heavy rivets can first be
   obtained after getting to the Journey tour ride at Ryan Amusements.


   1. Damage Increase - A higher-pressure firing mechanism provides greater 
      penetration and damage.

   2. Clip Size - A larger magazine increases the clip size, resulting in 50% 
      more shots before reloading. This means you'll have 24 rivets per clip.

   3. Heat Upgrade - An internal heating mechanism heats rivets to a white-hot
      temperature before they are fired. CAUTION: May ignite living creatures
      on repeated shots. As if 24 powerful rivets in a single clip wasn't 
      enough, now they can set people on fire. Fire is always useful.

3. Hacking Tool - Found on a table near a locked door at the beginning of The
   Atlantic Express.
   The hacking tool makes taking care of cameras and turrets much easier. Even
   more now that hacking doesn't pause the game. You can shoot a dart at any
   hackable object to initiate the hacking game. You can also get auto-hack
   darts which will bypass the hacking procedure completely. In addition, you
   can get mini-turrets to place that help you fight. You can first obtain
   turrets after encountering the Rumbler.

4. Machine Gun - Found in the broken security case after obtaining a ticket
   for Ryan Amusements and returning to the admissions.

   The machine gun (or gatling gun) is surprisingly useful, I underestimated it
   at first and didn't choose to upgrade it until the end of the game. Anti-
   personel rounds can easily take down mobs of splicers, and armor-piercing
   rounds will eat through Big Daddies if you keep them shocked. One of the
   best weapons to use while your Little Sister is harvesting.

   The first instance of anti-personel rounds for the machine gun is after
   getting to the Journey tour ride in Ryan Amusements. These rounds do extra
   damage on unarmored targets.

   The first instance of armor-piercing rounds is in the storage room/loft
   above the King Pawn in Pauper's Drop. Enter the large metal door on the roof
   and go up the stairs.


   1. Damage Increase - Reinforced barrels allow for increased muzzle pressure
      and a higher damage output.

   2. Recoil Reduction - A stabilization cylinder reduces the kickback of the
      Machine Gun, resulting in more accurate fire. While kickback is GREATLY
      reduced, it is still not a good idea to simply hold down while shooting.

   3. Ricochet Upgrade - A high density electrical field prevents shots from
      breaking up on first impact, causing them to ricochet. Despite the
      electric field, this upgrade will not cause shocking or stuns. But
      because the bullets don't break up, they penetrate and ricochet around.

5. Shotgun - Next to a corpse in the front corner of the Fishbowl Diner in 
   Pauper's Drop. You must enter through the back door of the diner to make it
   around to the front. After picking it up, a group of splicers will attack.

   Phosphorus Buck is first available in the beginning of Siren Alley. On the
   ground next to a corpse in the first hall off the left of the first street.

   Solid Slugs are anti-personel rounds, they're found shortly after the
   promenade in Dionysus Park. (However, phosphorus buck are still incredibly
   powerful as anti-personel)


   1. Damage Increase - A sawed off barrel increases damage of all ammo types.

   2. Increase Clip Size - Double revolver mechanism increases Capacity to 6.

   3. Tesla Upgrade - Kinetic energy from firing is used to charge several
      dynamos, randomly generating an electric shock. This effectively makes it
      so all shotgun attacks have a chance to stun the enemies.

6. Research Camera - On a counter beneath the hole in the ceiling of the King
   Pawn in Pauper's Drop. Go through the Fontaine Clinic (Code 0047) and drop
   through the hole to land next to a counter with the camera on it.

7. Spear Gun - Next to the Rumbler corpse after entering the Pink Pearl.
   The best part of the spear gun is the ability to recover ammo. If you shoot
   a spear, it lodges into the wall, and you can go take it back out. They are
   incredibly powerful and headshots will kill or seriously wound normal foes.

   Rocket spears will impale enemies and carry them around to other enemies 
   before blowing up. Very useful when fighting multiple enemies at once. Also
   first encountered in Siren Alley.

   Lastly, you can obtain trap spears. These work like trap rivets, but they
   CAN injure you, should you walk into them. They're first found in Dionysus


   1. Zoom Increase - Additional scope provides increased zoom, allowing you to
      aim with pinpoint accuracy.

   2. Damage Increase - A rotary mechanism adds spin to the spears, resulting
      in greater penetration and damage.

   3. Acceleration Upgrade - A reinforced firing spring and retooled barrel
      allow for much faster spear travel and decreased refire time.

      Spears will reach their targets much faster and pin enemies at longer
      distances. The description says it all, they fire faster and move faster.

8. Grenade Launcher - In Dionysus Park, left as a gift.
   The primary ammo for launcher are grenades. But there are also heat-seeking
   missiles and proximity mines. A great strategy with the launcher is to lay
   a bunch of mines on a movable object, then pick it up and throw it with
   telekinesis to inflict MASSIVE DAMAGE! (On the weak point, duh.)

   While proximity mines show up along with grenades and the launcher. Heat-
   seeking rockets aren't found until you reach Fontaine Futuristics. They work
   just like they're expected to, fire and the rocket will seek out enemies.
   They work kind of like rocket spears.


   1. Clip Size - A larger ammo box means more bang for the buck. Also
      increases the amount of each ammo type you can carry.

   2. Damage Immunity - A shaped deflector prevents splash damage from your own
      explosives. (If you are going to use the launcher at all, this is CRUCiAL
      to not getting seriously injured!)

   3. Cluster Bombs Upgrade - Additional munitions are screwed into each shot,
      triggering secondary explosions in a wide radius. Perfect for clearing a

6.01B Power To The People Stations

Each weapon has three possible upgrades. There are six weapons. This means to
upgrade every weapon fully you need 18 Power To the People machines. However,
there are only 14 (unfortunately). It mainly comes down to which weapons you
prefer. For example, the launcher isn't that useful. So I can kind of ignore it
when deciding what to upgrade. That leaves one upgrade I won't get, maybe you
don't think the drill reflector upgrade is worth it, or the electric part of 
the shotgun. If you don't ever use the grenade launcher, even for Brutes, 
Big Daddies, or Big Sisters, you can opt out of upgrading it. However you 
prefer to use your weapons, you can upgrade them as you want.

Ryan Amusements

1. At the end of the first hallway upon entering the Security center to the
   left of the admissions center for the park. 

2. In a small room near the end of the Journey tour ride, directly after the 
   area with the family display. The floor of the room is covered in water.

Pauper's Drop

1. At the end of a hall in a building reached by crossing a wooden bridge from
   a hole in the wall in the second floor of the Fontaine Clinic (code 0047).

2. In the Limbo Room in Skid Row. Go right off the stage and through the first
   door. On the left once inside is the machine.

3. In a room next to a turret at the end of a hallway near the ramp to the 3rd
   floor of the Sinclair Deluxe.

Siren Alley

1. In the Mermaid Lounge. Go upstairs, hack the door control from over the
   counter, walk through and drop down the hole.

2. In Sofia Lamb's Office, off to the left of the tunnel leading into Wales'
   church in the maintenance area.

Dionysus Park

1. Next to the vending machine near the very beginning, the door code is 1080.

2. In a cave on the way to the train station.

Fontaine Futuristics

1. In the security booth. You can only access it once you destroy all four
   relays in the area.

2. In a booth in the Testing Facilities at the Plasmid Lab. Go around to the
   part where you enter the holding cells, shoot a hack dart through the broken
   window to open the door.


1. In the entrance tunnel to the facility. Impossible to miss, before actually
   getting anything done.
6.01C Research Camera

To clarify, the research camera is on a counter in the King Pawn in Pauper's 
Drop. For a more detailed explanation on how to obtain it, check the weapons

Augustus Sinclair on the subject of the research camera:

"That thing's a miracle in technicolor, kid. Works like a movie camera. Start 
the film rollin' before you open fire on a splicer, and then anything you hit 
him with tells you more about his Dee-En-Ay. Let's give it a dry run, shall we?"

The way the Research Camera operates is quite different from the first Bioshock
game. Instead of taking pictures, this camera records videos. Before fighting
an enemy, pull out the camera and start recording. Once you're recording, fight
the enemy just like usual. Once you finish off your opponent, the camera stops
recording and you get research points. To get more points, try and use variety
in your attacks. Use weapons AND plasmids, and use different kinds.

Lighting people on fire, or shocking them, and THEN attacking can get tons of

The technique I've found to get the most points so far, requires Winter Blast
(preferably level 2) and Phosphorus buck. Charge up a winter blast and freeze
the enemy, then shoot three or four rounds of buck at it while it's frozen.
The points skyrocket. 

Thuggish Splicer

Level 1: 

-Increased Damage +

-Thuggish Splicers vulnerable to Anti-Personnel Rounds.

Level 2: 

-Increased wallet cap - you can carry more cash.

Level 3:

-Increased Damage.

Level 4: 

-Acquired Tonic: Scrounger.

Leadhead Splicer

Level 1: 

-Increased Damage +

-Leadhead Splicers vulnerable to Anti-Personnel Rounds.

Level 2:

-Evade cameras more easily - they're slower to spot you.

Level 3:

-Increased Damage.

Level 4:

-Acquired Tonic: Thrifty Hacker.

Spider Splicer

Level 1: 

-Increased Movement Speed +

-Spider Splicers are vulnerable to Anti-Personnel Rounds.

Level 2:

-Spider Splicer Organs can be used like first aid kits.

Level 3:

-Increased Movement Speed.

Level 4:

-Acquired Tonic: Fountain of Youth

Houdini Splicer

Level 1: 

-Increased Damage +

-Houdinis are vulnerable to Anti-Personnel Rounds.

Level 2:

-Easier to predict Houdinis' movements.

Level 3:

-Increased Damage.

Level 4:

-Acquired Tonic: Natural Camouflage

Brute Splicer

Level 1:

-New Ability: Drill Dash! Devastate your foes with this powerful dash attack!

Level 2:

-You now do more damage with melee attacks.

Level 3:

-Increased Damage.

Level 4:

-Acquired Tonic: Armored Shell 2

Big Daddies

Level 1:

-Increased Damage +

-Big Daddies are vulnerable to Armor-Piercing Rounds.

Level 2:

-Permanent 50% increase to drill damage.

Level 3:

-Increased Damage.

Level 4:

-Acquired Tonic: Arms Race

Big Sisters

Level 1:

-Increased Max Eve +

-Big Sisters are vulnerable to Armor-Piercing Rounds.

Level 2:

-Your Little Sister restores your health after Gathering ADAM.

Level 3:

-Increased Max Eve.

Level 4:

-Acquired Tonic: Drill Vampire

Alpha Series

Level 1:

-Increased Damage +

-The Alpha Series is vulnerable to Armor-Piercing Rounds.

Level 2:

-Increased ammo carry capacity.

Level 3:

-Increased Damage.

Level 4:

-Acquired Tonic: Elemental Storm


(A great way to get security research points is on neutral-friendly bots. By
this I mean bots that are summoned by a friendly alarm, but aren't hacked yet.
You can't research friendly bots, but if a splicer trips one of your alarms,
you can start researching the bot, get points for the damage it does, shock it,
and hack for even more points.)

Level 1:

-Increased Damage +

-Security elements are vulnerable to Armor-Piercing Rounds and electricity.

Level 2:

-You find double ammo on destroyed machines.

Level 3:

-Increased Damage.

Level 4:

-Acquired Tonic: Deadly Machines

6.02 Plasmids

The first line of every plasmid description is the actual description from the
game, followed by my explanation and other information.

Plasmid slots can be purchased for 40 ADAM (+10 for each successive slot). 
Starting at Pauper's Drop. There are three open slots from the start, and up to
five more can be purchased.

The second level of each plasmid provides a new effect that can be used by
holding down the attack button and charging the ability, then releasing. As the
third level also adds a new effect, the ability obtained from level 2 becomes
the new click ability. For example, with Electro Bolt 2 you can click to fire
lightning, or you can hold down and then release to fire chain lightning. But,
if you then upgraded to level 3, simply clicking would fire chain lightning,
and holding down would fire a continuous stream of electricity.

1. Electro Bolt - Found in the Gatherer's Garden in the Plasmid Therapies room
   at the back end of the baths area of the Adonis Luxury Resort.

   Electro Bolt 2 - First available for 120 ADAM from the Pauper's Drop garden.

   Electro Bolt 3 - First available for 225 ADAM from the Fontaine Futuristics
   Shocks enemies, rendering them immobile for a short amount of time. Can also
   be used to shock enemies standing in water. Activates mechanical panels such
   as door controls. Disables security bots and turrets allowing time to
   approach and hack. (In addition to being immobilized, enemies who are 
   shocked will take increased damage). The second level can shock multiple
   enemies like chain lightning. The third level attack can be held down to
   fire a continous stream of lightning.

2. Telekinesis - Found in a room at the end of the records office after exiting
   the water tunnel you're dropped into.

   Telekinesis 2 - First available for 100 ADAM from the Pauper's Drop garden.

   Telekinesis 3 - First available for 250 ADAM from the Inner Persephone

   Pulls tables, lamps, crates, etc. Also pulls consumable items, audio diaries
   and corpses. Pulling and carrying items does not consume EVE. If you release
   the plasmid button while carrying something you will fire it away from you.
   Firing items consumes EVE, to drop items and retain all of your EVE, press
   the reload button. Level 2 allows for stronger attacks when throwing items.
   Level 3 allows you to pick up and throw live enemies, exceptions being Big
   Daddies, Big Sisters, and Brute splicers.

3. Incinerate! - Purchased from the Ryan Amusements Gatherer's Garden after
   collecting enough ADAM from story events.

   Incinerate! 2 - First available for 120 ADAM from the Siren Alley garden.

   Incinerate! 3 - First available for 200 ADAM from the Fontaine Futuristics

   Incinerate lights people on fire. It can also be used to light up oil slicks
   on the ground. Additionally, it can be used in combination with other 
   plasmids to create traps that light people on fire. Furthermore, it is used
   to melt ice. Level 2 allows for a larger fireball to be launched which can
   ignite multiple enemies at once. The level 3 attack can be held down for a
   continuous stream of fire, like a flamethrower.

4. Decoy - First available for 60 ADAM from the Pauper's Drop garden.

   Decoy 2 - First available for 100 ADAM from the Fontaine Futuristics garden.
   Decoy 3 - First available for 120 ADAM from the Fontaine Futuristics garden.

   Creates a DECOY that draws attacks away from you. It's as simple as the
   description says, if you throw out a decoy, enemies will attack it instead.
   Upgrading Decoy to higher levels makes it much more than a distraction. The
   second level decoys will inflict damage back on the attacker when it gets
   hurt, while the decoys from level 3 will actually heal you when it hurts

5. Winter Blast - First available for 60 ADAM from the Pauper's Drop garden.

   Winter Blast 2 - First available for 100 ADAM from the Siren Alley garden.

   Winter Blast 3 - First available for 200 ADAM from the Fontaine Futuristics

   Freeze your foes in place. Shatter them into a thousand pieces! If enemies
   are killed while frozen, they shatter. Shattered enemies yield no loot at
   level 1, so it isn't very useful until you can upgrade it. Level 2 can 
   encase enemies in solid blocks of ice. Even more importantly, enemies killed
   after being encased in the ice block will leave behind a box full of loot.
   The level 3 attack will fire ice continuously when held down, these not only
   freeze, but also do a lot of damage. Plus, enemies who are frozen by #2 or 
   #3 Winter Blast will shatter into shards that can freeze nearby enemies.

6. Cyclone Trap - First available for 60 ADAM from the Pauper's Drop garden.

   Cyclone Trap 2 - First available for 100 ADAM from the Siren Alley garden.

   Cyclone Trap 3- First available for 140 ADAM from the Dionysus Park garden.

   Create TRAPS that launch Splicers into the air - and hurt them badly on the
   way down! Multiple traps can be placed at once, and upon upgrading the 
   ability, you can charge traps with other plasmids like electro bolt. Level 2
   allows for plasmid combinations with cyclone. Level 3 allows traps to be 
   placed on the roofs, or on walls, to allow for elaborate combinations.

7. Hypnotize - Inside the entrance to the Limbo Room in Pauper's Drop.

   Hypnotize 2 - First available for 120 ADAM from the Siren Alley garden.

   Hypnotize 3 - First available for 160 ADAM from the Fontaine Futuristics

   Causes enemies to become HYPNOTIZED and attack anyone nearby! Like Enrage
   from the first game, if you hypnotize a splicer it will attack any other
   enemies nearby. Great for handling multiple enemies at a time. Level 2 will 
   temporarily convert the target to friendly status, like hacking, while Level
   3 does the same, but allows for conversion of Brutes, Alphas, and regular
   Big Daddies.

8. Scout - First available for 40 ADAM from the Siren Alley garden.

   Scout 2 - First available for 60 ADAM from the Fontaine Futuristics garden.

   Move through the world as an invisible, Plasmid-wielding SCOUT! As a scout
   you can't be injured, but you can still attack with plasmids. However, when
   you're away from your body, it is still vulnerable. You can't move very far
   away, and after a couple plasmid attacks you return to your body. Higher
   levels allow for greater range and more plasmid attacks. In addition, level
   2 scout allows for hacking while in ghost form.

9. Insect Swarm - First available for 60 ADAM from the Siren Alley garden.

   Insect Swarm 2 - First available for 100 ADAM from the Dionysus Park garden.

   Insect Swarm 3 - First available for 130 ADAM from the Fontaine Futuristics

   Release a swarm of stinging INSECTS That seek out enemies. The insects will
   damage enemies over time, burning down their health while you attack them
   with guns or other plasmids. Insect Swarm 2 increases the size of the swarm
   and will attack multiple enemies. The third level swarms will infest enemies
   once they're dead, and will emerge to attack if additional foes pass by.

10. Security Command - After going through the door opposite the Gatherer's
   Garden and Gene Bank at the end of the entrance plaza in Siren Alley.

   Security Command 2 - First available for 75 ADAM from the Dionysus Park

   Security Command 3 - First available for 100 ADAM from the Fontaine
   Futuristics garden.

   Retarget CAMERAS, BOTS and TURRETS at your whim! Security Command can not
   only be used as offensive, but also as defensive. If you trip an alarm and
   toss it on a Big Daddy or something, the bots will attack it instead of you.
   In addition, Rumbler mini-turrets are also affected, and can be turned on
   the Rumbler who laid them. Level 2 can summon friendly security bots by
   charging the plasmid. Bots summoned by the third level are more powerful,
   dealing more damage and surviving longer.

11. Summon Big Sister - After finishing the Little Sister collection sequence
   near the end of Outer Persephone.

   The title says it all, it summons a Big Sister who appears and helps fight.
   She's super powerful, and pretty much wins the fight for you. Be warned
   though that it does consume an entire bar of EVE.
6.03 Gene Tonics

Next to each tonic name will be a star. One star (*), two (**), or three (***).
This indicates how useful I feel that the tonics are for gameplay. A lot of
tonics are subject to the player's preferences. If you don't particularly enjoy
using the drill, then you may not want to use Drill Power or Drill Lurker. It's
the player's preference, these ratings are just how useful they are in relation
to their effects.

All Gene Tonic descriptions are the official descriptions from the game. My
notes and explanations on ratings are beneath the descriptions, enclosed in

From the start, there are four open tonic slots. But there are 14 more that can
be purchased for 25 ADAM each, starting at Pauper's Drop. Every couple slots 
you purchase raise the price by 10 ADAM.

In addition, tonic effects will stack. So you can equip both Armored Shell 1&2
for extra defense. Or both Keen Researcher tonics for even more points.

Ryan Amusements

1. Sports Boost(**) - Gift presented on a podium when entering the park through 
   the front door.

   You move slightly faster.

   (Moving faster is always good, you can get places faster, and escape from
   enemies faster. The amount of must have tonics isn't that large, so Sports
   Boost can be put in along with a few others as an afterthough.)

2. Drill Power(*) - Gift from Eleanor in the bin in the hallway leading to the

   Your drill does more damage when you spin or swing it.

   (Drill Power is good for drill users, but otherwise there's no point in
   having it.)

3. Booze Hound(*) - Behind an Employee Access door at the start of the Journey
   tour ride. Opened only by the switch at the end of the ride which opens all
   maintenance doors.

   Drinking ALCOHOL restores a small amount of EVE, rather than draining it.

   (Booze Hound is almost like a novelty tonic, the idea is cool, however it
   really isn't that practical. There isn't a lot of alcohol around, and tonic
   slots would be much better occupied by other, more useful tonics.)

4. EVE Link(**) - First available for 30 ADAM from the Ryan Amusements garden.

   FIRST AID Kits also give you EVE.

   (Very nice, one of the first tonics you can and should get. It helps cut
   down on required hypos, and since you need to heal anyway, you might as well
   get some EVE out of it. Not a must have, but incredibly useful.)

5. Armored Shell(***) - First available for 45 ADAM from the Ryan Amusements 

   Reduces all physical damage.

   (A FANTASTIC TONIC. Armored shell, like EVE Saver is a MUST HAVE. There
   should be no need to explain why.)

6. Careful Hacker(*) - First available for 25 ADAM from the Ryan Amusements 

   The hacking needle moves slightly slower.

   (Unless you're really having trouble with reflexes and timing, there's no
   use for this.)

7. Extra Nutrition(*) - First available for 20 ADAM from the Ryan Amusements 

   You gain a little extra HEALTH From SNACKS and BANDAGES.

   (Just not worth a slot over other more useful tonics.)

Pauper's Drop

1. Hacker's Delight(*) - Found across a wood bridge leading from the Diner roof
   after first entering Pauper's Drop.

   Every time you HACK something, you gain a little HEALTH and EVE.

   (This tonic is okay, but it's not hard to get health and EVE, and there 
   aren't THAT many things to hack. They're not prevalent enough to warrant
   using this tonic.)

2. EVE Saver(***) - First available for 50 ADAM from the Pauper's Drop garden.

   Plasmids use less EVE.

   (One of the best tonics. This should be bought ASAP and always equipped. The
   description says it all, all of your plasmids use less EVE. This means less
   money spent buying hypos, more overall plasmid attacks, more attacks before
   you have to consume a hypo, it goes on and on.)

3. Drill Lurker(**) - First available for 30 ADAM from the Pauper's Drop garden

   Quiets your footsteps, and increases DAMAGE from melee attacks on UNAWARE
   opponents, especially with the DRILL swing. (On it's own, this would only
   warrant a single star rating, however regardless of drill use, your steps
   are still quieter.)

4. Machine Buster(*) - First available for 45 ADAM from the Pauper's Drop

   Increases DAMAGE you deal to CAMERAS, BOTS and TURRETS.

   (The description in and of itself should explain why this is near useless.
   If you're doing it right, you should very rarely need to damage machines.
   And you certainly don't want to do extra damage with friendly fire.)

5. Short Circuit(*) - First available for 35 ADAM from the Pauper's Drop garden

   Your electrical attacks disable security devices much longer.

   (Unless you're running low on EVE, or you have no clue what you're doing,
   there's no need to have machines disabled longer. If you don't get to them
   to hack in time, then shock again.)

6. Headhunter(**) - First available for 35 ADAM from the Pauper's Drop garden.

   Your headshots do more damage.

   (This earns two stars because it makes sniping much easier and efficient.
   But it is not reccomended for players who enjoy using the big guns.)

7. Shorten Alarms(*) - In the first office on the right after the Power To The
   People machine in the Downtown section of Pauper's Drop.

   Reduces DURATION of camera ALARMS.

   (You should not be tripping security alarms, simple as that. Not worth 
   enough to waste a slot on.)

8. Fire Storm(**) - Next to a corpse in the upper area of Skid Row. Go up the
   stairs in the alley, or past the room with the harvestable corpse in it and 
   go down the other path to the rooftops, it's on the ground before crossing.

   You emit a burst of FIRE when struck by melee attacks, damaging all around

   (This barely earns a two star ranking because it can light up multiple foes.
   If you want to equip it or not is completely up to you. It can help when
   fighting multiple enemies. I personally enjoy it, but if you feel the slot
   would be better occupied by another tonic, then just stow it in the bank.
   If you plan on using Fire Storm, you may want to get Walking Inferno as soon
   as you get to Siren Alley, enemies who are lit up by this may cause some
   damage to you, or light up any oil slicks you might be standing on or near.
   With Walking Inferno it isn't as dangerous to use.)

9. Freezing Drill(***) - On an altar at a Little Sister vent shrine in the
   Sinclair Deluxe at the end of the first set of rooms.

   You FREEZE enemies for LONGER and all DRILL attacks have a chance to FREEZE
   the target. 

   (This tonic's full potential is unleashed if you use winter blast. However,
   even if you don't have that, it makes taking down large single enemies easy.
   If you use the drill a lot, you may or may not want to have this on. Since
   killing frozen enemies won't yield loot, any enemies you freeze with the
   drill will need to thaw first before you can finish them off. In that regard
   constant drill users may wish to leave this alone, or reserve the drill for
   more powerful opponents. Which is where this comes in handy, when fighting
   Brutes, Daddies, Sisters, etc. It helps if you freeze or shock them first,
   and then dash in for a drill attack. Once you're close enough, rev up and
   just keep going. You can do ridiculous amounts of damage, just make sure you
   stop attacking and let them thaw once their health gets really low. Don't
   want to miss out on any loot.

   Thanks to Deathman Kenshin for having me reconsider and find this to be very

10. Keen Observer(***) - On a table in Eleanor's room, on the left after going
   into Grace Holloway's apartment at the top of the Sinclair Deluxe.

   Increases research bonuses, allowing you to progress faster at research.

   (The moment you get this tonic you NEED to equip it, don't take it off until
   every research category hits level 4. You really want those damage bonuses,
   EVE upgrades, and tonics. With this equipped you get many more points, a
   big help for Big Sisters, Big Daddies, and Brutes.)

Siren Alley

1. Handyman(***) - Go down the left hall from the start, go up the stairs and 
   drop down the hole in the first room. Enter the door in front of you and 
   pick it up from the counter.

   Repair (and name) friendly bots and turrets by interacting with them.

   (Security bots {and to a lesser extent, turrets} are immeasurably useful for
   fighting, especially for fighting Big Daddies, Brutes, or large groups of
   splicers. Being able to use some EVE to repair your bots and keep them with
   you is very important. And as a bonus, they can be named, just for fun.)

2. Electric Flesh(**) - First available for 35 ADAM from the Siren Alley garden

   You take NO DAMAGE from ELECTRICITY. You deal more DAMAGE when you use
   ELECTRICAL attacks.

   (Since Electro Bolt is one of the most important plasmids for battle, this
   can greatly increase its abilities. It can deal extra damage in addition to
   shocking, and with Electric Flesh on, you can stand in water and not take
   damage from shocking it.)

3. EZ-Hack(*) - First available for 55 ADAM from the Siren Alley garden.

   Hacking success zones become a little larger.

   (If, later in the game, you're finding hacking to difficult. Use Careful
   Hacker instead of this. A slower needle would be more advantageous in 
   achieving successful hacks. Plus, it's 30 ADAM cheaper.

4. Medical Expert(**) - First available for 25 ADAM from the Siren Alley garden

   You can carry one more FIRST AID KIT.

   (You can never have too much health. If you can afford an extra slot, and
   don't have another, better tonic to equip, get this.)

5. Security Evasion(*) - First available for 45 ADAM from the Siren Alley 

   Cameras and turrets take longer to see you.

   (If you can't manually hack, or fire a dart and get out of range, you're
   doing it WRONG. Not worth the tonic slot or the ADAM.)

6. Walking Inferno(*) - First available for 40 ADAM from the Siren Alley garden

   You take less DAMAGE from FIRE and inflict more DAMAGE when you use FIRE.

   (If you enjoy Incinerate! and have the upgraded versions, then you would
   likely benefit from Walking Inferno. Otherwise, Incinerate! isn't used as
   much as electro bolt, so it's just your decision.)

7. Hacker's Delight 2(**) - In the dark room with two turrets you drop to from
   Daniel Wales' room.

   Every time you HACK something, you gain a little more HEALTH and EVE.

   (It's just the first one but better, if you're still running the first in
   your lineup, replace it. Otherwise, if you get a new slot, put it in.)

8. Vending Expert(**) - Go down an alley to the right on the street in Plaza
   Hedone, go around to a flooded room, it's hanging in a noose.

   Reduces PRICES in VENDING Machines.

   (While money shouldn't be an issue, this is good for what it does, so it
   gets two stars.)

9. Cure All(**) - At the end of the illegal plasmids lab. Go to the grocery
   store, hit the switch behind the counter to enter the lab. Go through the
   door past the turret, and through the dark TV-lit room to find it.

   HEALTH STATIONS also refill your EVE.

   (Hacked health stations are cheap enough as it is, with EVE restoration they
   become even more useful as they can cut down on money spent on both first-
   aid kits AND EVE hypos.)

Dionysus Park

1. Ice Storm(**) - First available for 35 ADAM from the Dionysus Park garden.

   You emit a burst of ICE when struck by melee attacks, with a chance to
   FREEZE foes.

   (In a way, this is better, and worse than Fire Storm. If the enemies freeze,
   they stop attacking and you can easily kill them. However, killing them
   while frozen doesn't yield any loot. You're far enough along in the game
   when this is available though, that loot may not be an issue to worry about
   not getting from the odd melee splicer.)

2. Keen Observer 2(***) - First available for 50 ADAM from the Dionysus Park

   Increases research bonuses even more, allowing you to progress faster at

   (The only reason NOT to get this tonic is if you don't feel like spending
   the ADAM. Fact is, once you get to Dionysus park, you should have everything
   except Big Daddies, Big Sisters, Alphas, and Houdinis researched. If you
   don't want to bother, you can just forget about it. But the Houdini reward
   is fantastic, so I highly, HIGHLY, recommend getting this and stacking it on
   the first one for even more points.)

3. Quik-Hack(**) - First available for 45 ADAM from the Dionysus Park garden.

   Hacking has fewer stages.

   (First of all, this is a waste of ADAM and a tonic slot in my opinion. But,
   it's more useful than some of the other tonics that aid hacking. Faster
   hacks mean less opportunities to get jumped by some annoying houdini, and
   fewer risks to trip an alarm. If you really want it, it's actually useful.)

4. Shorten Alarms 2(*) - First available for 50 ADAM from the Dionysus Park

   Further reduces DURATION of camera ALARMS.

   (To reiterate my opinion of Shorten Alarms #1. If you are setting off alarms
   and CAN'T find a shutdown panel, OR kill/hack/hide from the bots, and you
   need this to survive, you seriously need to rethink your strategies. No
   point in wasting a tonic slot or ADAM for this.)

5. EVE Expert(*) - Behind the door with water flowing out of it in the room
   leading to Lamb's Garden, off of the Carousel section of the Promenade.
   There's an ammo bandito in the room, and an audio diary at the same door.

   You can carry one more EVE HYPO.

   (Okay, by the time you find this, you've already been through a good two
   thirds of the game. How often {if ever} have you run out of EVE? It would be
   nice to carry a sixth hypo, but there's no need to, especially if you have
   EVE Link and EVE Saver equipped {which you should}.)

6. Hardy Machines(***) - In front of a safe at the end of Imago Fine Arts. Melt
   the ice in front of the door in the tunnel leading to J. Fischer Gallery.

   Hacking a turret or bot raises its max health.

   (If you're going to use this, you're likely using other machine tonics like
   handyman and deadly machines. If you are, then this becomes even better. 
   While it's still worth using by itself, with handyman you don't have to
   repair as often, so you save EVE. Plus, in big fights you don't always have
   time to find your bots and repair when under fire.)

7. Drill Specialist(***) - In the back room of the J. Fischer Gallery.

   Significantly decreases cost of Plasmids but limits weapon selection to the
   Drill, Hack Tool and Camera.

   (For people who use the drill a lot, and have all of the upgrade tonics,
   this is the best tonic to use. Sure, you can't sniper or shoot from far away
   but you can use plasmids for that, and security bots. For what it does, it's
   incredible. But useless if you don't combine it with the other drill tonics
   and actually like that playstyle.)

8. Extended Reel(*) - In the Projector room in the Cinema, the room at the end
   of the hall with the security camera. On the floor across from the entrance.

   Research sessions last a bit longer.

   (This is an okay tonic, but by the time you get this there should only be 
   Big Sisters and Alpha Series to research. The amount of extra points you can
   get from having this equipped isn't that great. If you have one or both of
   the other research tonics on you'll get many more points, and for those
   enemies, if you're doing it right to get a lot of points, you'll kill them
   before any benefit from having an extended session would come into play. But
   just in case, it's a good idea to swap this into your tonic loadout before
   fighting a Big Sister.)

9. Electrical Storm(**) - In the Men's section of the Cinema restrooms.

   You emit a burst of ELECTRICITY when struck, shocking all around you.

   (This is better than fire storm, you don't have to worry about your victims
   lighting YOU up or running away somewhere to heal. The only issue with this
   is if you're standing in water and don't have the Electric Flesh tonic on.)

Fontaine Futuristics

1. Damage Research(***) - In a wagon near the beginning of the level. Exit the
   station and go past the shrine, through the Employees Only door.

   Increases the value of the damage bonuses from research.

   (By the time you get this, almost all research should be completed.
   Depending on the difficulty you're playing on, this is more important. But
   even on Easy or Medium, it's entirely worth it. Even if you don't have
   trouble killing your enemies, killing them faster preserves ammunition.)

2. EVE Saver 2(***) - First available for 75 ADAM from the Fontaine Futuristics

   Plasmids use even less EVE.

   (While this is quite expensive, even more than some plasmids, it is well
   worth the cost. Even better, it can be stacked with the first version to
   conserve even more EVE.)

3. Hurried Hacker(**) - First available for 45 ADAM from the Fontaine
   Futuristics garden.

   Landing in a BLUE BONUS zone ends a hack instantly.

   (This is possibly the best hacking tonic, but it still isn't worth using. By
   the time you would get it, you should already be running the camouflage
   tonic. At this point in the game, hacking is increasingly difficult, but if
   you trip an alarm, you can wait it out invisible. Also, you can't be killed
   by hacking, so you can keep failing. Plus, if you just CAN'T complete a hack
   then it's time to use an auto-hack dart.)

4. Short Circuit 2(**) - First available for 65 ADAM from the Fontaine
   Futuristics garden.

   Your electrical attacks disable security devices permanently.

   (Short Circuit earns two stars because for what it is, it IS very good. You
   can just shock a turret or camera and hack it without worrying. Good if a
   mob of enemies attack and you're preoccupied with avoiding turret fire or a
   camera. But in my opinion, it's not worth using.)

5. Careful Hacker 2(**) - In the flooded section off of the Plasmid Theater.
   The code to the door is 5254. Go through and crouch under the rubble, the
   tonic can be seen from outside through the hole next to the turret.

   The hacking needle moves slower.

   (Not much to say, it's not worth it for the same reason as the other hacking
   tonics. You can just keep trying to finish the hack as the alarm blares,
   while you're invisible! That's why the camouflage tonic is wonderful.)

6. Drill Power 2(***)  - On a table next to a corpse and audio diary in the 
   Plasmid Lab, drop through a hole in the tunnel leading off from the second 
   floor. The tunnel is accessed from a hole in the wall to the right of the
   Little Sister vent after coming up the stairs.

   Your drill does even more damage when you spin or swing it.

   (Depending on whether or not you've got a spare slot, this is worth using
   even if you don't use the drill all the time. Sometimes a quick melee strike
   is all it needs to finish off an enemy without wasting ammo. What makes it
   even better is being able to stack both Drill Power tonics with the Drill
   Specialist tonic.)

7. Vending Expert 2(***) - Found in a secret room at the end of the Unstable
   Teleport Plasmid sequence. Refer to the Fontaine Futuristics section of the
   walkthrough for information on the sequence.

   Further reduces PRICES in VENDING Machines.

   (Yes, three stars actually. The reason is, there aren't THAT many tonics
   that should always be used. Also, depending on your setup, you'll have extra
   ADAM left over that you can buy tonic slots with. Even though money isn't
   really an issue, it's still worth using just because you can.)


1. Elemental Vampire(**) - In the second set of solitary holding cells. In the
   third cell on the left.

   Your Level 3 elemental streams siphon off HEALTH from your enemies.

   (This occurs when using electro bolt, incinerate!, or winter blast 3. While
   the effect is nice, getting it this late in the game makes it not so useful.
   But it should still be equipped as it will make the last fights easier.)

2. Elemental Sponge(*) - In the ruined cell block off of block C. The cell
   with the High Security door ripped off.

   When you are damaged by elemental attacks, you gain a small amount of EVE.

   (Unfortunately, the problem with this tonic, just like Vampire, is that you
   get it simply too late for it to be of much use. If you had it earlier when
   fighting houdinis and Alpha Series, it would be useful.)


1. Scrounger(**) - Reward for reaching the 4th Thuggish Splicer research level.

   When SEARCHING containers or corpses, you can search again to get DIFFERENT

   (FAR more useful back in Bioshock 1 as U-Invent components could be more
   easily obtained with this. Only gets two stars because it's one that's
   actually worth putting in an extra slot over some others.)

2. Thrifty Hacker(*) - Reward for reaching the 4th Leadhead Splicer research

   HACKED vending prices are EVEN CHEAPER.

   (FACT: If you are searching every body, cabinet, crate, and other containers
   that you find... You should be full of ammo and money. If you need first-aid
   or hypos you can buy them and should still have plenty of money left over
   in case you somehow need ammo.)

3. Deadly Machines(**) - Reward for reaching the 4th Security research level.

   Your hacked bots and turrets do more damage.

   (Great if you're a fan of using security bots. Even better if you're using

4. Foutain of Youth(***) - Reward for reaching the 4th Spider Splicer research

   Standing in water slowly restores HEALTH and EVE.

   (One of the best tonics, as long as you're standing on some kind of puddle
   or pool of water, even water pours from a wall in some cases, your health
   and EVE regenerates. Helps save money on First-Aid and EVE hypos.)

5. Armored Shell 2(***) - Reward for reaching the 4th Brute Splicer research

   Further reduces all physical damage.

   (ONE OF THE BEST TONICS! Less damage is obviously great. It can be equipped
   along with the first Armored Shell tonic for increased damage reduction.)

6. Natural Camouflage(****) - Reward for reaching the 4th Houdini Splicer
   research level.


   (This is just, by far, the absolute best tonic in the game. If you stop
   moving for a couple seconds, you fade away and nothing can see you. Even
   when hacking you can turn invisible. Trigger an alarm? Just stand there,
   invisible, while the bots fly around and do nothing.)

7. Arms Race(**) - Reward for reaching the 4th Big Daddy research level.

   You are able to salvage more ammunition from bodies and containers.

   (This is better than scrounger, and possibly worth a spot, but remains
   fundamentally pointless. The only kind of ammo you really can't get enough
   of are things like special spears and shotgun buck. Fact is, these don't
   occur enough anyway to warrant using a tonic to get a bit more when you 
   actually can.)

8. Elemental Storm(*) - Reward for reaching the 4th Alpha Series research

   You emit a random burst of FIRE, ICE, or ELECTRICITY when struck by melee
   attacks, damagin all around you.

   (This may seem like a better tonic than the individual storms, but it's not.
   Fact is, you've got more to worry about. You're not using Ice Storm in the
   first place if you want loot from the enemies, and if you're going to use
   either of the other storm tonics, you'll want to have protector tonics on to
   minimize risk of damage from being lit up or shocked depending on the
   situation. With this tonic on, you'd have to have even more tonics on.)

9. Drill Vampire(***) - Reward for reaching the 4th Big Sister research level.

   You gain small amounts of HEALTH and EVE when inflicting damage with the

   (Really, all of the drill tonics are fantastic. This is incredible when used
   with Drill Specialist and all the others, the only downside is how late in
   the game you get it. If you managed to get one research level on every Big
   Sister you still couldn't get it until the end of Dionysus Park. But if
   you're running a Drill setup, this is great.)


1. Proud Parent(***) - Obtained from the first Little Sisters gift. For saving
   4 Little Sisters.

   Your adopted Little Sisters gather slightly more ADAM.

   (What more can be said? If you're harvesting ADAM, you want more of it. More
   plasmids, tonics, slots, etc. It's a must have.)

2. Demanding Father(***) - Obtained from the second Little Sisters gift. For
   saving 8 Little Sisters.

   Little Sisters gather ADAM more quickly.

   (Faster ADAM harvesting means less ammo, health, and EVE lost. There's no
   reason not to have this equipped.)
6.04 Enemies

1. Thuggish Splicers - Thuggish splicers attack with melee weapons. They are
   encountered in all areas. As they can't attack from afar, they are easy to
   snipe or simply kill without being in danger.

2. Leadhead Splicers - Leadhead splicers attack with guns. Some have pistols,
   others (starting in Ryan Amusements I believe) carry machine guns. In some
   sections, they even have shotguns. (Not sure when that first occurs) Also,
   they double as Nitro splicers from the first game, as they can toss bombs at
   you (which can be plucked from the air and thrown back with Telekinesis).
   Leadhead splicers are encountered in all areas.

3. Spider Splicers - Spider splicers first show up in Siren Alley. They have
   hooks on their hands that they can slash with, or even throw. With their
   hooks they can climb up the walls and across the ceiling, dropping down on
   you from above. However, if hit by an electro bolt, they will fall down.

4. Brute Splicers - Brute splicers don't appear until Pauper's Drop. True to
   their name, they are more powerful than regular splicers. They also have a
   variety of attacks. They can charge forwards like a drill dash, they can 
   pick up debris and throw it, and they can just punch you. For their size,
   they can be surprisingly fast.

5. Houdini Splicers - Houdini splicers have a fitting name. They can teleport
   around the area, a burst of red smoke marks where they're heading. Try to
   shock or freeze them to prevent the teleportation. They can even use 
   elemental attacks, like fire and ice. Houdinis don't appear until Dionysus

6. Bouncer Big Daddy - Bouncers carry drills, and as such are helpless against
   long range attacks. Security bots are especially helpful as they will have
   a hard time destroying the bots. The bouncer can charge forwards, and its
   drill attacks are lethal. It's important to attempt to either lure one into
   water and keep shocking it, or to find higher ground while fighting. 
   Bouncers patrol the Adonis Luxury Resort, Ryan Amusements, and Dionysus
   Park. There are also Elite Bouncers, they are more powerful and have more 

7. Rosie Big Daddy - Rosies carry rivet guns, and can throw proximity mines at
   their targets. They are only found in the Adonis Luxury Resort and Pauper's
   Drop. Unless you have a lot of armor-piercing rounds or other special ammo
   to blow on a Rosie, it's important to have security help. Just remember that
   a Rosie can easily dispatch any attacking bots, so it's necessary to attack
   while it's distracted, instead of fleeing.

8. Rumbler Big Daddy - Rumblers can attack with melee for a decent amount of
   damage, but their real power lies in mini-turrets. Rumblers will deploy mini
   turrets to distract their enemies, and then shoot grenades to finish the
   fight. It's important to take out mini-turrets ASAP so you can focus on the
   Rumbler itself. (On that note, it is NEVER a good idea to ignore the turret)
   The mini-turrets can be hacked though, and it is a fast process. They can
   even be picked up with telekinesis, along with the grenades the Rumbler will
   shoot. (Another important fact is that Security Command affects the turrets)
   Rumblers are seen but not fought in Adonis Luxury Resort. The first battle
   against one is in Siren Alley, and they are later encountered in Fontaine

9. Big Sister - Big Sisters are unique among the enemies you face. They have
   the ability to use plasmids (sort of like a boss class Houdini splicer). 
   They will usually appear after saving or harvesting the last Little Sister 
   in the level. Like Bouncers and Brutes, Big Sisters can charge at you, and
   stab with her arms. The real danger lies in her use of Incinerate! and 
   Telekinesis. She uses an upgraded version of Incinerate! to launch multiple
   fireballs. When she uses Telekinesis, she pulls in all of the items in the
   immediate vicinity, and throws them at you. If you see one starting to use
   this attack, run and try to put yourself behind a pillar or some other
   barrier so as not to get pummeled. It isn't difficult to fight a Big Sister,
   but they are VERY fast. Unless you want to waste a lot of ammo, don't shoot
   unless you've just shocked her. (Each Big Sister corpse contains 40 ADAM)

10. Alpha Big Daddy - Alpha Big Daddies attack you as soon as you encounter
    them, just like splicers. They have many of the same weapons as Delta does,
    and can throw grenades. In addition, flames, electricity, or ice auras will
    come out of their bodies, affecting any close targets. They aren't quite as
    dangerous as other Big Daddies, and may rival the Brute splicer in threat.
    Alphas are not encountered until Fontaine Futuristics.

6.05 Audio Diaries

The audio diaries are listed in the order they're encountered, in each area.
I provide the title, the location, and the script for each diary.

Adonis Luxury Resort

1.'Big Kate' O'Malley - Attention: Workers!    
   Found on a pillar next to the sparking generator to the left of the pool in
   the resort bath chamber.                                
   Lesson one, mop jockeys: You are under the ocean now. If you feel the soft
   patter of rain on your hat, you're already fired.

   Lesson two: you can jumpstart a dead generator with a direct spark, but clear
   the guests outta the pool first!

   Scares these rich pricks to watch a workin' stiff hurlin' thunderbolts, ya
   follow me?

2. Rachelle Jacques - Fitness

   On the bench in the sauna room. The code for the keypad is 1540.

   My husband is such a perfect idiot. Throws away all his spending money on
   Gene Tonics to affect a look of physical fitness... so that he'll have an
   excuse to sit on his rear all day listening to radio serials!

   "Stephen," I tell him, "if you want to be fit, come swim laps with me, the
   old fashioned way. It's your mind that's atrophying." Maybe I'll start
   sneaking some Brain Boost into his daily regimen... 

3. Sofia Lamb - To My Daughter

   At the end of the first hallway of the women's restroom after restoring
   power to the Pool Spa room and going through the door.

   To my daughter, Eleanor. Soon, you will be born -- and Rapture will be your
   home. You shall be raised as I was -- to advance the common good through
   social psychiatry.

   This city's potential is immeasurable, Eleanor... yet our beliefs are
   unwelcome here. Life will be difficult. But the price of revolution is
   always dear.

   If we are patient with her... Rapture will come to us.

4. Brigid Tenenbaum - Return

   On a bench to your right upon entering the bridge courtyard room.

   I am back in Rapture, after so many years. The Little Ones I rescued are
   grown up, and think of me no more. After what I once did to them, it was a
   joy to be forgotten.

   But now, all around the world -- children vanish by the sea. Kidnapped, And
   so, I return... In fear of what I already know:

   Someone is making new Little Ones... continuing my work, my sins. Even if I
   am to die for it -- I must stop them.

5. Mark Meltzer - They Called It Rapture

   In front of the closed down Bathysphere station down the hallway to the
   right of the Resort/Metro lobby.

   Barely made it down alive, but here it is -- and it's real. Rapture. This is
   where that thing took my... my poor baby girl. From what I saw in the sub,
   most of the city's in ruins. But there were lights here and there.

   And shapes, moving... I'm rambling. Scared, I guess. But maybe - if I find
   this "Doctor Lamb" I keep hearing over the PA... I'll find Cindy too.

   (Author's note: You have to respect this guy, imagine what he went through.
   His daughter was kidnapped by some weird creature, taken away to a ruined
   underwater city full of homicidal maniacs, and he had the guts to come down
   after her.)

6. Andrew Ryan - Generation

   On the back counter near the vita chamber in the room where you first fight
   the Big Sister.

   (short sigh) Diane insisted that we spend a weekend at the Adonis, and
   already I find myself seeking a respite from my vacation. When she deems it
   necessary to chide me for working, the words dissolve into an endless,
   animal bleat.

   I founded Rapture to be free of law and god... to live among those for whom
   work is our wage!

   Yet, when Diane speaks of bearing my child... I am given pause. Until now, I
   had never considered my legacy. Perhaps... perhaps after the New Year.

7. Sammy Fletcher - Escape From Rapture 

   Found on a corpse in a wrecked Bathysphere shortly after entering the first
   underwater segment, right next to the fallen Resort sign.

   Sammy: All right, Diary -- last entry! ...Lizzy and I... we found a 'sphere
   and we're going home! Ain't that right, baby? Next stop, topside!

   Lizzy: Oh, I love you. It was you who saved us, Sammy. It was you, button.
   I -- what was that? What's that sound?

   Sammy: She's seen us! It's Lamb! Torpedo!!! ...I'll try to -- (Screaming)

The Atlantic Express

1. Andrew Ryan - The Great Chain Rattles
   On the desk in the Workshop on the left side of the train room after the
   train falls.

   I am told that the people grow tense and isolated in the absence of the sun.
   Now... they clamor for a psychiatrist.

   Do they miss the state censor, I wonder? Wartime seizure of private assets?
   Or the Cheka police, vanishing them in the night?

   Regardless, this Lamb woman is said to be the foremost practitioner in her
   "field." Fine. If she can quiet the rattling of the great chain's weakest
   links... I will leave her to it.

2. Eleanor Lamb - Mr. Tape Recorder

   Behind a moving fan after exiting the water area you fall into after Lamb's
   splicer attack. Requires Telekinesis to have been obtained from a bit later
   on in the level.

   Hello Mr. Diary. Want to play?

   'Actually, I'm quite busy right now, miss Eleanor. Maybe later.'

   Well, all right. But do you mind if I take you apart while I wait? I promise
   I'll put you back together!

   'What? You can't do thaaaat ...noooo.....waaaaiiiit, wait Eleaaanoooorrrr...

3. Prentice Mill - Just A Fad

   On a desk on the balcony overlooking the trio of splicers in the next room
   after getting Telekinesis.

   There would be no Rapture without me. No city without the Atlantic Express.
   Ryan took his first grand tour of Rapture on my flagship coach!

   But these days, personal bathyspheres are all the rage. My rails only
   connect the oldest parts of Rapture now, and the city's just... just left me

   Plenty of cash in the bank, though. This private vehicle craze will blow
   over soon.

4. Sofia Lamb - Ryan VS Lamb: Reality

   Found on the floor of the storage room in the Cafeteria. 

   Ryan: White is not black, Doctor Lamb -- down is not up, and straw is not
   gold. Look around you. Rapture is no miracle - it is a product of reason,
   impossible unless one and one are two, and A equates to A.
   (crowd murmur, tense, some agreement)

   Lamb: And yet... alone, each man is a prisoner to bias. Dream, delusion...
   or the pain of a phantom limb -- to one man, they are as real as rain.

   Reality is consensus... and the people are losing faith. Take a walk, Andrew
   It is raining in Rapture... and you have to simply chosen not to notice.
   (angry half-cheering in agreement)

5. Mark Meltzer - What Happened To The People?

   Found next to a matress in the Workshop. Directly in front of you if you 
   walk down the stairs from the balcony.

   These... people are hooked on some kind of genetic wonder-drug called ADAM.
   I've read the word "Splicers" scribbled on walls like a warning. One of them
   cornered me, and Christ, his face - I had a gun, but I choked - and then out
   of nowhere we both heard this... singing and he took off like hell on wheels

   It sounded like a kid - a little girl! Cindy's alive... I know it in my gut.

6. Sofia Lamb - Know The Beast

   On a cabinet in the room opposite the Circus of Values machine after opening
   the door jammed from a pipe in the gears.

   In ethical psychiatry, we must account for the role of evolution. Depression
   fits of panic, sexual pathos -- all responses to ancient selection pressure.

   The irony is that this theory is why Ryan's people invited me here. They
   mistake my study of natural law for the worship of competition.

   Remember, Eleanor -- one must know the beast before it can be slain.

7. Gil Alexander - Improving On Suchong's Work

   In the half open drawer of a filing cabinet after ascending the elevator at
   the end of the station.

   Doctor Suchong's death was a nasty blow to the Protector program, but I'm
   gradually settling into his role, picking up the slack that his carelessness
   left behind. We are gaining steam again, but I'm not satisfied. Yes, the
   "Big Daddy" defends the girl... but he is programmed only for the fight,
   like a sheepdog who wanders off unless a wolf is tearing at his flock.

   When no agressor is present, he regards his Little Sister as he might a
   common houseplant.

   We need something more, something stronger; an unbreakable physiological 

8. Brigid Tenenbaum - The Situation

   On a bench in the station after meeting Tenenbaum and fighting off the 
   splicers. Go through the doorway and check the middle benches down the way.

   Sofia Lamb has taken Rapture, and is responsible for stealing children from
   the surface. Her splicers destroyed my submersible and forced me to run.

   But the ticket booth here is secure... and though I cannot trust him, 
   Sinclair is a valuable ally. I have already rescued a few of the new Little
   Ones from Lamb. They all want to know how we will get home. I wish I had the
   right words for them.

Ryan Amusements

1. Sofia Lamb - Eleanor's Progress

   On a crate directly in front of the entrance to Ryan Amusements after 
   exiting from the train station. Next to the wall drawings.

   Eleanor is progressing brilliantly. My physical participation in her birth
   was... minimized, of course -- it is vital that I am unhindered by nature's
   crude bias.

   I will be, above all, her intellectual progenitor... loyal not to her, but
   to the people she will ultimately save.

   But, I admit, it is with some measure of pride that I review her marks in
   standard intelligence tests.

   As an agent of our beliefs... she may surpass even me.

2. Carlson Fiddle - The Old Sheepdog

   On a table in the Manager's Office, before entering the actual park. Right
   after the first Power To The People station.

   I was hired to engineer a park the likes of which no man has seen, and now
   all I do is watch over it like a grizzled sheepdog. My first line of
   mechanical puppets made the children here coo with wonder. But Ryan thought
   my vision was immature... "antiquated," he said. This place could have been
   something magical, but instead he's turned it into a school... no, a 
   cathedral. Dedicated to himself.

3. Nina Carnegie - Volunteer

   On the floor next to the seats in the middle of the amusement park lobby.

   I love the kids in Ms. Englert's third grade class, but boy, I had NO idea
   what I was getting into, volunteering to chaperone this New Year's sleepover
   party at Ryan Amusements...

   Donny... Donny! Get down off of that exhibit, and I told you, spit out that
   gum! You'll choke!

   (Sigh) The kids' parents deserve a night off to enjoy New Years, but I'm at
   my wit's end -- Donny! I TOLD you --

4. Eleanor Lamb - Eat Dog

   In the bin in the central hallway after the lounge door you go through from
   the lobby room.

   : In ethical psychiatry - [sound of tape interrupt].

   Eleanor Lamb: (giggle) Eleanor Lamb speaking. Mum says I'm not to play with
   the other children, because they're 'being raised on a diet of dog-eat-dog'.

   I wanted to see these dog eaters... so I waited until Mum was gone... and
   went out to find one... and guess what?

   The dog eaters wear human skins... it makes them look just like us!

5. Mark Meltzer - "Child" And Guardian

   On a table in the back middle section of the El Dorado Lounge.

   I found one of those children at last. Filthy dress, all alone. I approached
   her... praying that it was my little girl.

   But she was... gorging herself on blood from a corpse. It wasn't her. I
   stared, just, just reeling, and then that skinny... armored freak that took
   Cindy jumped me, shrieking like an animal!

   I escaped but... could Cindy have become one of those... things? I've got to
   find her, now more than ever.

6. Nina Carnegie - You, Me, And 1959

   In the office on the left after going onto the tracks for the Journey ride.

   I think all of the children have finally fallen asleep. And now that the
   park is all quiet... I can't sleep myself! I guess it's just you and me, Mr.
   voice recorder. You, me, and 1959. I wonder what the new year will -- What..
   what was that? Something's happened, the lights are going out. Kids, stay in
   your sleeping bags, it's going to be fine...

7. Carlson Fiddle - Escape Plan

   On the floor next to a splicer corpse that must be harvested in the Journey
   tour ride.

   I been rationing my supplies ever since the park got cut off from the rest
   of Rapture. Gotta stay strong. I'm holed up in this workshop, surrounded by
   these wailing brats, tryin' to beat their way in. They want my food, my guns
   they want it all! But I've got a plan -- gonna fix up the transport sub
   that's been rustling in the maintenance bay. Then I'm gonna get the hell out
   of this hole. These animals want Rapture? They can have it.

8. Andrew Ryan - Lamb The Problem, Sinclair The Solution

   On a table next to falling water along the Journey tour ride, near the room
   where you harvest ADAM.

   Lamb is becoming a problem. The woman is a damned collectivist -- here, in
   Rapture -- how could the concil fail to see it?

   Worse, to hide her intent, she gulls these "patients" of hers into religious
   frenzy. A new Kremlin will rise and swallow the council house before they
   realize they've been had!

   I will not have my city swindled by the parasite, whatever its guise. It is
   time, I think, to call Sinclair.

9. Sofia Lamb - Truth Is In The Body

   On a workshop table after going up some stairs past the painting splicer in
   the Journey tour ride. You will cross a white balcony when entering the area
   and the entrance to the stairs is right before a tour stop with Andrew Ryan.

   Rapture is a paradise of the ego, Eleanor. Under Ryan, the voices of an
   entire city sing the virtues of greed and pride.

   But truth, rather, is in the body. Already they grow weary of struggling
   against one another in fruitless competition.

   Observe the bent backs, the drawn faces. 'Ryan promised us more', they seem
   to say. 'In what shall we now believe?'

   And Eleanor... it is our task to answer.

10. Nina Carnegie - Deterioration

   On the ground after running up the giant prop hand in the prop room to the
   right of the family display near the end of the Journey tour ride. 

   Two weeks at my last count... two weeks since we were trapped in this rotten
   park. I haven't been eating... the children need all the supplies we've got
   left. Need them more than I do. I...

   I don't know what's going to happen. I can feel myself getting weaker. The
   children have noticed the condition I'm in, of course... What will happen
   once I'm gone? They'll be... all alone...

11. Stanley Poole - Working For Sinclair

   In an alcove to the right in the room with the second Power To The People
   station near the end of the Journey tour ride. 

   I uh... met with Sinclair today, of 'Sinclair Solutions.' It's this pseudo-
   legal firm he set up to take problems Ryan doesn't want to admit he has, and
   make them go away.

   I could fill forty front pages at the Tribune with stories about this fella,
   if he wasn't payin' me not to.

   And he's got work for me, right? I ask what, and he flashes me these
   thousand dollar Steinman teeth, sayin' this job'll quote change history end

12. Mike Novak - Doctor Lamb

   Behind a breakable wood wall in an alcove under the security camera found
   shortly after the second Power To The People station.

   Third session today, with this amazing limey shrink. Doctor Sofia Lamb. She
   said that all Ryan's horseshit about always looking out for number one is
   turning us little guys against each other.

   And what we need is unity. Solidarity! Then she held up a mirror. Turns out
   I wear my hair and moustache just like Ryan.

   So today, I'm spreading the word about Lamb. And tonight I'm shaving my
   whole stupid head!

13. Andrew Ryan - Efficacy

   In a filing cabinet on the ground in an Employees Only corridor right after
   the "Escape to Rapture" lighthouse display at the end of the Journey tour.

   I know this facility is vital to the preservation of secrecy in Rapture. But
   seeing myself transformed into that... lurching, waxen nightmare... do
   children truly respond to this?

   Still, I spoke to a young man exiting the park after the grand opening, 
   asking him what, if anything, he had learned here.

   He said his chores didn't seem so bad anymore -- as long as mother wouldn't
   send him to the surface.

14. Devin Lemaster - Dating Tip

   On a shelf in a room behind an Employee Access door at the start of the 
   Journey tour ride. Opened only by the switch at the end of the ride which 
   opens all maintenance doors.

   I've got a little dating tip for ya, Jimbo, it'll get you out of that lonely
   hearts club for good. This scheme works 100 percent of the time, guaranteed.
   First, find some Betty and take her to Ryan Amusements. Then ya go to the 
   gift shop, buy her a teddy bear - this is key, I aint' kiddin' around.

   Then... ya buy her a ticket on "Journey to the Surface." Soon as you hit
   that first scare? Bingo. Tunnel. Of. Love.

15. Gil Alexander - A Father's Love

   In a crate next to the vita chamber in the Hall of the Future room with the
   Gatherer's Garden.

   We lost another of the Alpha Series Protectors today in testing. Somewhere
   outside the city limits, he simply vanished. For these men, Rapture has no
   walls. We must find a method of conditioning them against abandonment of the
   Little Sisters.

   Something physical... possibly even lethal. The lab aides are starting to
   call them "Big Daddies"... perhaps there's some genius to that. Bonded pairs
   connected by a love that kills.

16. Silas Bantam - Cutting Corners

   In a doll crate next to the safe in the back of the Gift Shop.

   Useta be there was no margin in runnin' the gift shop -- I couldn't hardly
   sell off this tourist crap for a penny more'n it cost to mannafacture! Then
   I met this straight-shooter name'a Sinclair, and hel aid a sweet deal on me.
   Said he's got some hard-luck folks down in Pauper's Drop can whip up this
   junk at half the cost I useta pay. Yeah, I've had to pick a needle or two
   out of the shipments, but all in all, nobody's the wiser... an' I'm all the

17. Sofia Lamb - Rapture Is Deliverance

   On a table in front of a Sofia Lamb picture in the Womens' Gift Shop 

   I know the surface, Eleanor. I spent half a lifetime there, in service of
   the common good. But then, I heard my own words twisted by fat old men,
   squatting over the embers of Hiroshima.

   Were the modern world a patient in my care, I would diagnose it suicidal. On
   perhaps that point alone, Andrew Ryan is correct. Rapture... is deliverance.

18. Grace Holloway - Disappeared

   He's gone. James was the only man I ever loved... and now it's like he never
   even came to Rapture. He heard me sing at the Limbo Room, came up all

   He liked hearin' songs about what it's really like to live in this town...
   I think he's been trying to organize folks against Ryan, and now he's gone,
   and I'm here, singing 'Rise, Rapture, Rise'... scared to death they're gonna
   come for me!

19. Augustus Sinclair - Wooden Nickels

   In the room Sinclair was holed up in, in the train room of Ryan Amusements.
   Once you clear the ice and open the door he'll come out and get on the train
   while splicers attack. BEFORE GETTING ON THE TRAIN, go to the room he was in
   and pick up the diary.

   Andrew Ryan. He reckoned the free market was some kinda holy spirit gonna
   lead us all over the rainbow -- and I reckon it's a big fat hooker too dim
   to spot a wooden nickel.

   So old Andy went an' became his own ghost, and I whittled nickels 'til I
   made a mint.

Pauper's Drop

1. Grace Holloway - Better Times With Lamb

   Found across from a wooden bridge leading from the diner roof after first
   entering Pauper's Drop.

   My folks lived in the St. Louis Hooverville in '32... and the Drop is worse
   by a mile. Nobody's supposed to live down here, city pissing on us. Never
   dry. Ryan doesn't care. And Fontaine's a damn crook.

   But Doctor Lamb cares. We're still people to her. She's offering free mental
   counseling on Sundays. When I go, I get the feeling she's got a plan for
   Rapture... and for me.

2. Sofia Lamb - Ryan VS Lamb: Religious Rights

   On a table in the Flower Emporium, on the right wall of the first large room
   you enter with the diner in it.

   Ryan: Religious rights, Doctor? You are free to kneel before whatever tribal
   fetish you favor in the comfort of your own home. But in Rapture, libery is
   our only law -- A man's only duty is to himself. To imply otherwise, 
   therefore, is criminal.

   Lamb: Ask yourself, Andrew -- what is your "Great Chain of Progress" but a
   faith? The chain is a symbol for an irrational force, guiding us towards
   ascension -- no less mystic than the crucifixes you seize and burn. 

   (angry applause, shouting)

3. Tobias Riefers - Clinic Code At The Fishbowl

   On the ground right next to the entrance to Fontaine's Clinic. In the 
   Downtown section of Pauper's Drop, the building to the left of King Pawn.

   What did they expect? You keep enough drugs stashed in this clinic to splice
   up a rhinoceros, of course every poor soul in the drop's gonna start beatin'
   down your door. It's my job to think up a new key code to keep 'em out. 
   Seems like every other day now... Nuts... I'll mull it over for a while at
   the Fishbowl Diner.

4. Prentice Mill - The End Of The Line

   On a shrine for Prentice Mill in the corner opposite the King Pawn in the
   Downtown section.

   This is it. It's over. I built this railroad from nothing... played by Mr.
   Ryan's rules. But then he asks me to sink my own cash reserves into the
   banks to give Rapture some breathing room, and now Austen Goddamned
   Bathysphere wants to buy me out. Decomission the whole line!

   I have no family... and no time for friends. I am the Atlantic Express...
   and this... this is the end of the line...

5. Augustus Sinclair - Wrong Side Of The Tracks

   On a desk in the office to the left of the obstructed doorway at the front
   entrance of the Sinclair Deluxe.

   Ol' Pauper's Drop's the worst neighborhood in Rapture -- but it's a hell of
   an opportunity to raise up some ah, affordable housin'. When Atlantic 
   Express was constructin' their luxury passenger line, this place was 
   hollowed out beneath as flophouses for the railway crew.

   Nobody was s'posed ta reside down here long-term -- but when you're broke in
   this town, you're not exactly swimmin' in alternatives. I don't favor
   spendin' more than an hour or so down here at a time.

   There ain't a side of the tracks more wrong than under 'em.

6. Rock Flanagan, P.I. - Camera In Hock

   In the first office on the right after the Power To The People machine in
   the Downtown section. 

   Another day, no clients. Atlast and Ryan start goin' at it hot and heavy,
   and all my business dries up. Used to be easy: put the eye on some spliced-
   up dame's wandering husband and rake in the dough. Now it's got so bad I
   hadda put my camera in hock at King Pawn. Makes a guy consider splicin' up
   himself... if I had two dimes to rub together, that is.

7. Sofia Lamb - Arrangements

   In the corner of a shrine on the rooftop of the Fontaine Clinic. Get to the
   roof through the building with the Power To The People machine.

   Lamb: Now Eleanor, Mummy has to go away for a while. You shall be staying
   with Aunt Gracie.

   Eleanor: Mummy, don't go... (edge of crying)

   Lamb: Eleanor, you are better than that. Do you remember what I told you?

   Eleanor (miserable): I am very special.

   Lamb: That's right. And what else?

   Eleanor (still sad): I was born to change the world.

   Lamb: Yes. And when Mummy returns home... the world will be very different

   She will make it ready for you.

8. Sofia Lamb - Therapy With Grace 1

   From the rooftop of the King Pawn, head through the hole in the building on
   the right. Go down the hall and through the door, on a dresser against the
   wall directly to the right of the entrance.

   Grace: Doctor Lamb. Sofia. I came down here to sing, and to start a family..
   But I just don't fit with these people. Look at you. You fit with them.

   Lamb: Grace... in Ryan's Rapture, I am the pariah. You and I share unpopular
   ideas -- but I wonder... how devoted are you to the Rapture people?

   If you wish to know more, wear this butterfly brooch at our next session. If
   not... no harm done -- we shall never speak of it again.

9. Mark Meltzer - Blood And Lamb

   On a counter in the room adjoining the Skid Row pharmacy. Go into the back
   room and crouch on the boxes to get through to the other side.

   This Lamb woman's powers of manipulation are almost scary... her people are
   using the girls from the surface to gather ADAM from Lamb's followers...
   it's in the blood - and eventually they give themselves over, like dying is
   an honor.

   I'd almost feel sorry for them... if they didn't have my daughter. I'm going
   to find Lamb... and take Cindy back, one way or another.

10. Stanley Poole - Mole

   In an alcove next to a dead Rosie in the tunnel to the left of the entrance
   to Skid Row.

   I wish I could publish this stuff. It's newsman paydirt.

   Sinclair says Ryan's making a move against Sofia Lamb, and they want to cut
   me in on the action. They're building a case that Lamb's a closet pinko.
   Sort of an undercover thing -- so, I cozy up to this guy Wales who works for
   Lamb, makin' like I want to join up. 

   Then I found out whether he grew his beard for Jesus... or Karl Marx.

11. Grace Holloway - Closing The Limbo Room

   In the dressing room in the Limbo Room. Down the hall from the stage.

   That's it -- we have to close down the Limbo. Bomb goes off in that fancy
   place uptown, and everybody panics... pulls their money out of the banks...
   a whole city tuggin' on the same dollar bill.

   So the banks fold, and maybe one in ten got their savings out... who's going
   to come hear me nightingalin' about how broke they are?

   How am I going to provide for little Eleanor?

12. Jackie Rodkins - Sunday Services

   In an apartment in upper skid row, next to one of the harvestable splicers.

   Been hearin' rumors. Sounds like somebody name o' Wales is startin' up 
   worship services down in Siren Alley, believe it or not. All faiths and 
   creeds welcome, they says. They got big promises... salvation, immortality.
   A way outta here. I don't care how crazy it sounds -- a way outta Rapture's
   music to my ears. Next Sunday morning... I'll be there.

13. Andrew Ryan - Pauper's Drop

   In a small room on the Pharmacy roof. Cross a bridge from the upper section
   of Skid Row to get there.

   Do you remember what you told me, Bill? A marketplace of ideas... that was
   you. If I submit to the debates with Lamb, we defang her. I have done so.
   And have you been to Pauper's Drop, Bill? Listen:
   (the sound of Grace singing in a nightclub)

   Between each song, these Oblomovs hand out her manifesto. Her face adorns
   every wall. Saint Lamb. You made her, McDonagh... and now you will convince
   the council to sponsor her silence.

14. Grace Holloway - A Gift From Lamb

   The first room in the Sinclaire Deluxe. Go up the stairs and around the
   balcony to the right. On the floor in the bathroom.

   I know it's wrong to feel so fine right now, but I can't seem to quit this
   grin. Doctor Lamb came to tell me that Ryan's finally going to lock her up.
   It's going to gut the believers. And I should feel the same.

   But. Sofia remembered that I... that I was barren. And she asked me to take
   care of her baby while she's gone -- baby Eleanor Lamb!

   Gorgeous, clever little girl. I have a child, now, and it's goign to put the
   whole world aright.

15. Augustus Sinclair - Profit Coming, Profit Going

   On the floor above the shrine at the end of the second floor of the Sinclair
   Deluxe. Go up the stairs next to the ramp and edge around the large hole.

   Now I'm a modest man. But my piecemeal needle scam's an outright 
   masterpiece: some slob shacked up here buys a box of syringe parts from me
   for twice what it's worth. He assembles 'em in his rathole, and I buy back
   the finished product... for a dime against the dollar that I'll get from

   Profit comin', profit goin'. Ol' Andy rambles on about the Great Chain... I
   got people shellin' out to pull it for me!

16. Gloria Parson - Where Has Harry Gone?

   On the backside of a shelf blocking a turret in the room next to the vending
   machine on the third floor of the Sinclair Deluxe.

   Another day waiting for Harry to come home. I told him not to speak up
   against Mr. Ryan's policies, and now he's missing! Just never came home! I
   went by the bookstore and all his books are gone too. I don't know what to

   Now I have to deal with that awful Sinclair just to have a roof over my head

17. Gideon Wyborn - The Butterfly

   In the Butterfly Display room at the end of the third floor of the Sinclair
   Deluxe. It's a side room off of the area where the Brute bursts out of.

   The blue morpho bounces off the glass as I watch. I fold these paper
   effigies as secret badges, for the faithful. The morpho caterpillar doesn't
   spin a coccoon... it just grows armor on the inside... before the change. It
   is us.

   To wear a butterfly is to support Doctor Lamb and the Family. Before long,
   Rapture will split wide... and take wing. Imago is coming.

18. Elliot Nelson - What A Snap

   On the right balcony at the top of the Sinclair Deluxe, before Grace's room.

   ...and that's a hundred! What a snap! Give Sinclair a few bucks for a load
   of vials and needles, then it's evenings putting these syringes together
   while I listen to the radio... sell 'em back to Sinclair at twice the price!
   Whatta racket! A few pin-pricks here and there's nothin' to complain about.
   Gonna be back on top soon. Thank you, Mr. Sinclair... sucker...

19. Eleanor Lamb - Barbarism

   Under Eleanor's bed in her room in Grace's apartment.

   I got in a fight with a dog eater today. His name is Amir, and he was 
   picking on a smaller boy... we called a truce when his nose went red.

   But Mum says I'm becoming a barbarian. So I said, "Eleanor eat dog now too..
   Barbarian happy!"

   And Mum said they only think they're happy, because they're selfish and

   Hmmph! "Eleanor think ignorant sound like fun!"

20. Grace Holloway - Failing Lamb

   On Grace Holloway's bed, in her room at the top of the Sinclair Deluxe.

   Empty house. Only an echo to my name. Eleanor, baby... where are you? I 
   turned my back, and someone took you - it happened so quick. I'm not even a
   half-momma to you, girl. I couldn't protect you...

   This poster of Doctor Lamb in my room is staring me down like it knows I'm
   ashamed... I've always been loyal to your real mother, Eleanor... always
   trusted her with my secrets.

   But I lost you - what will the Doctor think of me now?

21. Leo Hartwig - Field Trial #1

   On the body of the brute splicer which attacks upon reaching the Fishbowl
   Diner after escaping from the Sinclair Deluxe and dealing with Grace.

   'Survival of the fittest.' That's the rule in the Drop, the only rule. These
   numbskulls can't see the potential in leftover drops of Sports Boost, 
   Armored Shell, the tonics for increasing muscle mass and density... but I
   see the king of the jungle.

   First field trial of my new formula. Subject: Hartwig, Leo. Here goes...
   Ughh... urghh... rrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRAAAGHHH!!

Siren Alley

1. Father Wales - A Silent God

   Next to the Plane Crash painting at the entrance to Siren Alley.

   Lord... what more do ye wish of me? Your wretch of a servant waits for word.
   I have followed the letter of the Holy Mother Lamb, though she will not tell
   me of the day of your return.

   I watched as ye smote down the false Father, Andrew Ryan -- who tempted us
   away from your radiant gaze. But ye would not speak to me, Lord!

   I have built for ye this great temple and gathered your flock, yet still you
   are silent. Will ye not strike me poor brother blind so he may at last
   behold your glory, as was done to Paul on the road to Damascus?

   I am alone, Lord. Alone... and waiting for a sign.

2. Eleanor Lamb: Well, Mr. Diary - Mum's got a new security system, to stop me
   from seeing Amir and the other kids. But security's just made of bits and
   bobs, like you are - and now we're the best of friends, isn't that right?

   Anyway, Amir's got a whole book about the surface - it has India and Ireland
   and... and everywhere!

   Yes, all right, Mr. Diary - if you must know, I do think Amir's kind of
   pretty, for a dog eater. (gasp) Oh no! Retreat!

   Sofia Lamb: Eleanor! Come back here at once!

3. Gil Alexander - The Rumberl

   In a frozen block of ice in the bathroom of the Mermaid Lounge.

   The rate of Sister loss has become unacceptable as Big Daddies are brought
   down like elephants under a pack of hyenas. In response we've begun
   production of a newly-designed Big Daddy model, nicknamed the "Rumbler."

   He launches high explosive munitions to disperse groups of Splicers,
   followed by miniature automated turrets to mop up the stragglers. Our tests
   find that the Rumbler's performance is highly effective, if messy. In
   Rapture's arms race, Splicers aren't the only ones that are evolving.

4. Jamie Byass - Plasmid Shipment

   On a table in the slot machine room in the back of the second floor of the
   Mermaid Lounge.

   Listen, my supplier's got a new shipment of plasmids comin' in, and I need
   you to pick'em up from the lab in Hedone Plaza. There's a hidden switch to
   open the back door -- it's tucked away under the cash register in the 
   shopfront. And don't let nobody see you do it! Otherwise we'll have splicers
   crawlin' all over the damn place tryin' ta get a taste.

5. Augustus Sinclair - Farther To Fall

   Next to the Power To The People machine in the Mermaid Lounge. Go upstairs
   and hack the door control from over the counter, go through to the next room
   and drop down.

   I do love Siren Alley. The kinda place you go to scratch an itch you're
   ashamed of -- even in a town with no laws.

   But that's not why I favor it. The place started out as the mason's quarter,
   all builders an' architects, proper as you please. An' it just tickles me
   when someone in a fancy hat falls in the mud.

   Like a lot of the ladies down here, Siren Alley was born with a more
   respectable name... but only God remembers what it was.

6. Father Wales - Lamb's Salvation

   Next to the locked door you need a code for to get to Hedone.

   Daniel... you and I drafted Rapture's blueprint together... 'Wales and Wales
   Architects.' Do you remember? But Andrew Ryan led us astray, my brother...
   turned us from the Almighty.

   Doctor Lamb offers you salvation, Daniel. I ask only for proof that the
   barest flicker of faith remains in you. I left a gift for you at the Pink
   Pearl, in your... offices. Find the code on it, brother, and we shall pray
   together for your sorry soul.

7. Daniel Wales - 'Father Simon Wales'

   On the desk in the back office on the first floor of the Pink Pearl.

   Blasted Simon. So Rapture leaks... cryin' about it's only gonna add to the
   surplus o' moisture. Isn't it?

   Nothin's to say it's our design, but Simon goes to see Doctor Lamb anyway-
   beset by guilt 'cause we can't find another contract... And he comes out the
   other side sayin' he's always wanted to take the orders -- he's 'Father
   Simon Wales' now!

   If I ever see that Sofia Lamb in the street I'm gonna give her the back o'
   me fuckin' hand and a nut on the head besides!

8. Dusky Donovan - Double Standard

   On the dresser in the bedroom with the dead splicer on the bed. The second
   floor of the Pink Pearl, past the turret.

   Sure, I've had some Johns in my time and they've all got their kinks, but I
   think Rupert beats all. Keeps wanting me to splice up "in the act"... says
   it'll heighten it for both of us. I said honey, I ain't doing it for the
   heights, I'm doing it for the scratch. Besides, Daniel would have a fit if I
   started needling. He does it himself, of course. But what's good for the
   gander gets the goose thrown off the Drop!

9. Daniel Wales - Wales An' Wales

   On Daniel's desk in his office at the top of the Pink Pearl. The door is
   next to a hole in the floor.

   (Sigh..) Fuck it, I'm proper drunk and feelin' introspective.

   Now, in the motherland, Simon and I designed Cathedrals together. But I was
   the black ol' sheep back there, never believin' a word o' the Jesus bollocks

   Then Andrew Ryan says he wants Wales an' Wales for Rapture -- a Cathedral
   with no God, befittin' the ascent o' man.

   Now I'm runnin' girls... and Simon thinks he's saving souls.

   Father Wales -- ha! Can ya believe I shared a womb with such a sap!

10. Daniel Wales - The Date Is The Code

   On Daniel's body after killing him.

   Tonight, I had a pain in me head, and this time it wasn't the whining of the
   whores. So naturally I came up to me office to murder it with a drink.

   And there on me liquor rack... was a bottle of sacramental wine from me dear
   brother Simon. And of course, the vintage date on the label is the code to
   enter his territory.

   Nineteen - nineteen. I should pass his bleedin' wine through me system and
   send it back warm.

11. Andrew Ryan - Bury Her Memory

   In the room to the right of the ADAM corpse in the right building in Plaza
   Hedone. From the entrance to the plaza, go across the bridge on the right
   and enter, go in the second door, or the first and past the ADAM corpse to
   the kitchen-ish area.

   Sinclair, I don't care how you accomplish Lamb's removal from the public
   eye. Indeed, I'd rather cease contact with you altogether.

   But allow me to make this plain. I don't want to see Lamb on the streets
   again, peddling her Bolshevik fever dreams to my people. Bury her memory,
   Sinclair. Bury it, and salt the earth.

12. Mark Meltzer - Lamb's Operation

   In the Smuggler's Hideout room in Plaza Hedone. Go up the stairs to the
   third floor through the right building. There's a turret and vending machine
   outside of the room, as well as an ADAM corpse.

   Lamb's followers are blinded by her promises, but it's clear that this
   'religion' she's cooked up is an elaborate front for some insane science

   She's twisting these girls into worker bees... bringing this substance back
   to Lamb's science facility, "Fontaine Futuristics."

   I've got to find it... I've heard the splicers mumbling that Alexander is
   the ferryman...

13. Sofia Lamb - The Requirements Of Utopia

   On some boxes in an underground section near the Vending Expert gene tonic.
   Go down the street on the first floor of Plaza Hedone and go down and around
   the little alley on the right, into a flooded tunnel.

   Rapture... the keenest minds in the world, united under the ocean... yet
   somehow expected to subscribe to the same model of self-interest? Ryan could
   be staggeringly naive.

   As individuals, no matter how brilliant -- each was a prisoner to his or her
   own ego; a sea of dreams in constant flux.

   But in ADAM, their genes remain, ready to be tested against a moral vessel.
   Utopia cannot precede the Utopian. It will exist the moment we are fit to
   occupy it.

14. Frank Fontaine - An Empty Niche

   In the illegal plasmids lab hidden in the grocery store. Press the switch
   under the counter and go through the next couple rooms, through the door
   past the turret. On a table in the very dark room with a TV in it.

   This Lamb twist went after Ryan all cockeyed. Solidarity angle was smart at
   first. Poorhouses and breadlines? High-grade bunko.

   And that religious rights debate -- hahahaha! Gotta wonder if she staged it
   just to watch Ryan squirm up there in his monkey suit.

   Lamb's only problem is she really buys into the whole song an' dance! Savin'
   the world - hah! Rapture just ain't her town.

   Ryan's got her on ice somewhere now... and I figure that opens up the
   charity angle for the professionals.

15. Gil Alexander - The Pair Bond Mechanism

   On some boxes in the street of Plaza Hedone, in front of the Orphanage.

   The Pair Bond is a success! If somehow an Alpha Series wanders too far from
   his Little Sister, our physical failsafe kicks in: a chemical trigger that
   induces coma.

   It is a symbiotic relationship, enforced by the girl's pheromone signature.
   The first successful candidate was... Delta I believe.

   It is unfortunate that poor Dr. Suchong will not be here to raise a glass.

16. Eleanor Lamb - My Name Is Eleanor

   At the end of the bedroom in the Little Sister's Orphanage on the 2nd floor.

   I'm all alone here. Mr. Diary. You're my whispering friend.

   A doctor keeps coming to see me. He says Rapture needs me, and tomorrow I'll
   be leaving with him. I ask why... and he just smiles.

   I'm not an orphan. Mum's alive somewhere. And Aunt Gracie is still probably
   looking for me.

   But I can't wait for them. I'm going to escape and find Amir, and we'll
   steal a submarine.

   Before it's tomorrow, I'll know what sunshine feels like...

17. Sofia Lamb - Shackled To The Great Chain

   After entering the maintenance room with a shrine and balcony, go up and
   around to the left onto the balcony. Use a dart to hack the door control
   through the fence, on the ground next to the safe inside.

   Until ADAM, the human animal was a slave to the gene... the inner Tyrant.
   Lust... greed... rage -- self-obsession was etched into our DNA.

   We were not pulling the 'Great Chain of progress,' as Ryan believed - but
   shackled to it.

   But now, in theory, we can redraft the human blueprint. Serving the common
   interest can become as natural as breathing.

   The tyrant will simply go extinct.

18. Father Wales - Guidance Of Lamb

   In front of the pictures of Jack's arms in the second room after entering
   the maintenance area from the door near the orphanage.

   Andrew Ryan left us wandering confused and alone amongsth yesterday's
   wreckage. But Sofia Lamb shows us that we are not alone, we are together, as
   a family. So when you see a man brought to his knees, recognize that he is
   your brother, and pull him up.

   Sofia Lamb teaches us: What is in common is good. What is irreducible is

   She guides us all to the indivisible, along a river of ADAM. Rapture's
   Daughter, Eleanor, shall be our vessel, in her we shall be reborn!

19. Sofia Lamb - Therapy With Grace 2

   Poking out of a cabinet in Sofia Lamb's office on the left of the tunnel in 
   the maintenance area before reaching Father Simon Wales. 

   Grace: All right, Doctor... I'm here. But don't think wearing this butterfly
   means I'm happy.

   Sofia Lamb: Grace. I know you all too well. Want of child defines you. But
   biological loyalty turns us against the rest of the world, whom we ought to
   love in equal measure. Your poverty is testament to that... but your voice
   inspires the people.

   I am asking you to join a much larger family. Though your body failed you...
   you shall live on in us.

20. Father Wales - The Creed Of The Faithful

   On the altar in Wales' church at the end of the maintenance area.

   We believe in the Daughter of the Lamb, hallowed savior and anointed vessel,
   whose blood with our blood, sin with our sin, mind with our minds, life with
   our life, lifts us up from the depths, transcends base temptation, and
   delivers us all from ego.

   We commend ourselves to the New and Unknown, borne by our common strength,
   and guided by the Lamb.

Dionysus Park

1. Stanley Poole - Patronage

   On a shelf in the Basement Storage room that opens after encountering the
   first Houdini Splicer.

   Well, I'm in -- yours truly is the newest member of the Rapture Family. I
   fed Wales a line about how the Tribune was stopping me from telling the
   people what's what -- and without a word, he hands me an invite to this
   "artist's retreat" here at the park.

   Lamb bought my frustrated novelist act... she's even sponsorin' me to ink it
   while I'm here. Except my story's all about her... and I don't think she's
   gonna like the way it ends.

2. Billy Parson - A Gift From Billy

   On the broken stairs in the central basement room. Go up the stairs in the
   side room and when you come out, go down the broken stairs in front.

   Dear yellow-eyed girl: My name is Billy and I saw you the other day at the
   merry-go-'round. I think you are very pretty and I like your blue dress and
   the songs you sing about angels. My mom says your dad is scary but I think
   he is strong and nice like a comic book hero. I got you a gift and put it in
   the basement where nobody would find it. The secret code for the door is 
   one-oh-eight-oh. I hope you like it. I will wave the next time I see you so
   you know it's me.

   (There's a gift for the yellow-eyed girl in the basement room if you search
   it, the gift has a rose in it.)

3. Andrew Ryan - Lamb's Time Is Over

   In the Power To The People machine room near the very beginning of the area.
   The code is 1080, it's on the desk next to the machine.

   I am told that Lamb has been seen in the streets... one of the Alpha Series
   was killed in the incident, and his bonded Sister stolen.

   But the council has no time for a manhunt; Atlas swells the ranks of his
   marauders by the day. Regardless, Lamb's name has already faded among the
   people. She is no more than a ghost who has forgotten to die.

4. Andrew Ryan - Lamb's Idea Of Art

   On the base of a statue on the first floor after exiting the basement. Go
   into the statue room and look to the left, it's on the first statue.

   Dionysus Park. Lamb mocks me in the naming of this place. She knows
   precisely how I feel about this celebration of "unconscious art."

   The Artist reflects the world as it ought to be, not as it is damned to be
   by some spasm of the lower mind. But I shall not censor. The park is Lamb's

   However... if the case we are building against her proves true -- I will
   return with a sledgehammer.

5. 'Big Kate' O'Malley - Dionysus Park's Weakness

   At the base of the door at the back of the room to the left of the garden in
   the promenade. The door has water leaking through.

   McDonagh, listen: there's a helluva structural flaw here in Dionysus Park -
   a leak in the primary drainage pipeline could flood this whole joint. Faulty
   pressure locks would seal in every sorry soul.

   One clumsy Big Daddy knocks open the wrong pipe and hey presto! Lamb's
   little art show turns into fish city.

   God forbid the wrong element finds out...

6. Mark Meltzer - Lost And Found

   In the carousel in the middle of the promenade.

   I found her... found Cindy, by this... this rusted carousel. But she was
   just standing there, staring, waiting for the music.

   She doesn't even recognize me... what have they done to her? Listen to her..
   ...Listen, if anyone hears this, I have to know how to cure her, I --

   No! Get back! She's my little girl!

7. Stanley Poole - Lamb Flouts The System

   In the water behind the first big statue in the huge chamber with a gene
   bank and vending machine. The room is right after the train station.

   Doctor Lamb's trying to take the city by sponsoring the artsy types here...
   big thinkers, to speak out against Ryan in their work.

   And all of it is right here in the Park galleries, open to the public. Lamb
   ain't even chargin' for it... and in Rapture that's just... brazen, like
   some kinda naturist camp where everybody wears pope hats and nothing else!

   Won't be long before Ryan's cronies can move in... and I can finally stop
   holding my breath.

8. Sofia Lamb - The Voice Of The Self

   On the piano in the piano bar. First enter from the tunnel leading to Imago
   Fine Arts and the J. Fischer Gallery.

   Awareness of self is no miracle, Eleanor... it is a trick of the gene, an
   endless inner refrain, asking: "What's in it for me?"

   To serve the world, we must grow deaf to the self. Are you ready?

   Now, stop listening to my voice. Stop listening. Stop. Difficult, isn't it?
   Human verbal cues are defensive coloration - camoflage.

   Play this recording until you no longer hear the words. Then you may observe
   the people for who they are.

9. Frank Fontaine - Falling Into Place

   In a patch of ice under the back right camera in Imago Fine Arts. Melt the
   ice over the door in the room leading to the J. Fischer Gallery to enter.

   New face. I have a new goddamn face -- who'da thought? Rapture... paradise
   of the confidence man.

   I gotta keep revising the Atlas voice. I figure the accent gives me an
   excuse to lock myself in a room with a bottle and count the cash.

   War's on in full now, boy... and I've got a hell of a surprise for Andrew
   Ryan. Long time comin'. And right about now, I expect the prodigal son is
   bookin' his flight...

10. Stanley Poole - Gotta Keep It Together

   In some crates against the wall to the left of the Drill Specialist tonic in
   the back room of the J. Fischer Gallery.

   Ryan's goons are sweating me to prove this place is a closet commune, but I
   need time. And Lamb's kid keeps staring me down like she knows that I'm a

   I keep thinking of Johnny Topside, though. Took real guts to find Rapture
   like he did... makes it easier not to crack if I sort of... imagine that I'm

   It's a good thing I can't tell Lamb about that. She'd probably say I got a
   secret need to fall into his arms and make wild whoopee!

11. Sofia Lamb - Learning Poker

   On a barrel in the safe room of the Cinema Lounge. Hack the door control
   behind the lounge counter, the barrel is in the corner opposite the safe.

   You must learn to play poker, Eleanor. Like anyone, I am flawed, and have a
   fierce genetic bias towards competition.

   But each Saturday, I read the other players... and I pick a man who will
   benefit the most from victory. By the final hand, I ensure that he takes
   home my entire stake, and that of the others.

   I win nothing but the feeling of conquest over myself, and the wealth of my
   competitors is slowly reshuffled according to their needs.

12. Gil Alexander - A Secular Saint

   On a shelf at the end of the rooms behind the Cinema Stage. Go through the
   door to the LEFT of the stage, then turn right and go to the end.

   The genius of Sofia Lamb is a thing of empathy, a profound moral sense; I
   can only describe her... as a kind of... of secular saint. But dividing her
   loyalty evenly across the world at large spreads it so thin as to be
   invisible to some. Love... I have found, is... beneath her.

   Naturally, Ryan arrested her... gave her to Sinclair to incarcerate
   somewhere. But upon her escape, she took the city.... and changed my life

13. Sofia Lamb - A Spy

   On the ledge at the front of the upper seating area in the theater. Go up
   the stairs on either side of the hall before entering the lower seating

   At last, we have our Judas...

   One of my own people has been feeding Ryan evidence of my activities, and
   now I am to be detained.

   As a religion, they merely monitored us. But as a commune, they would see us
   crucified. And yet... thought he will be the last to see it, Andrew Ryan has
   already lost the people. Wherever I am sent, Rapture will follow.

14. Gil Alexander - Growing Up

   In rubble on the right side of the hallway leading to the Projector's Booth
   in the Cinema. The hallway with the security camera in it.

   The Little Sisters are getting older... which is troubling. As they reach
   adolescence, they become aggressive, feral. Worse, the ADAM they ingest
   contains traces of lethal Plasmids left over from the war.

   The splicers are becoming far more effective predators as well

   Our Big Daddies are falling left and right. Perhaps... perhaps the elder
   Sisters could be trained to sniff out the lost ADAM, and reclaim it for us.
   Yes... from what I've seen, they certainly wouldn't have to wait for the
   culprit to die...

15. Stanley Poole - A Plan

   In the ticket booth Stanley's hiding in, once it opens at the end of the
   level, in some dirt across from the controls.

   So. Lamb broke out, and she's coming back. Wow. OK. Didn't see that coming,
   but OK. That is going to be... what am I gonna do!? And I... I've heard some
   of these, a lot of these people down here, talking. Some of them I know saw
   the thing with Eleanor, and who knows who knows what. You can't just stop,
   you know, a whole... cult... from, from talking. Can you? Maybe you can.
   Yeah. Maybe you can.

Fontaine Futuristics

1. Andrew Ryan - Alone At Last

   On some crates on the left after entering the first door from the station.
   The door is just past the Vita-Chamber.

   This facility belongs to the city now -- to Ryan Industries... at least
   until the rioting subsides. While it is unfortunate that such measures had
   to be taken... I must admit, it is gratifying to see this building
   condemned. Fontaine is gone. Lamb is gone... or close enough.

   I am alone at last... alone with my city.

2. Gil Alexander - Agnus Dei

   Next to the monitor and camera to the left of the desk after the bio-scan.
   The diary is required to continue through the level.

   "Agnus Dei."

3. Sofia Lamb - Means Of Control

   On a bench to the right in the large room after the Security Booth. Alex
   opens the room after blocking your entry to the booth, next to the man
   pinned to the wall.

   Prison, it seems, was a blessing -- Ryan is now dead by his own son's hand.

   But far more interesting is the program of compulsion bred into his child,
   coded "W-Y-K." It was some manner of verbal "trigger phrase," which the boy
   would obey as an order, unerringly.

   In a way, this sad thing, this... half-man had escaped the self. Highly
   intelligent, but devoid of so called "free will," with all its convenient
   blind spots.

   What if it had been instructed to uphold the common good? What if he were a

4. Eleanor Lamb - Life After Sisterhood

   Next to the Little Sister vent in the large room with the first Gatherer's
   Garden, the vent is upstairs.

   This is Eleanor Lamb speaking. It's been many years since my last Diary.

   Mother found a way to rehabilitate me psychologically, but she can't remove
   this... this thing inside my body. I look in the mirror, and I see a freak.

   I remember very little -- just an artificial sense of peace and a compulsive
   hunger for ADAM. Doctor Alexander is trying to help me adjust. He's
   responsible for part of my condition, but he wants to make amends.

5. Frank Fontaine - Goodbye To Fontaine

   In a secret section of Fontaine's office, turn the Boar Mount on the wall to
   open the section with three safes and the diary.

   Every time Ryan turns up the heat, I know I'm a little bit closer to beatin'
   him at his own game.

   But now the game's changin' - Ryan's boys are comin' in heavy - lookin' to
   knock down my door and take what's mine. Like this is the first time I had
   to dodge a bullet.

   They're comin' to my house expectin' a show, but they're gonna get a
   disappearin' act.

   Say goodbye to Fontaine... and hello to Atlas.

6. Gil Alexander - Prototype

   Next to a crate near the corpse in the flooded section of the Theater. The
   code is 5254, the area has the Careful Hacker 2 tonic as well.

   Our hope was to bond a Little Sister to a single Protector, so she had to be
   expendable in case of error. As we were fabricating a Father-bond, we
   couldn't really afford to have the girl's parents asking around. So,
   Fontaine's orphanages provided, and the procedure was an unprecedented

   If I had only known who the child was... Eleanor... I'm so sorry.

7. Sofia Lamb - A New Cognitive Model

   On top of a corpse in the Plasmid Lab. Drop into the lab through a hole in
   a side tunnel from the second floor. Get to the tunnel by crouching through
   the hole on the right wall from the Little Sister vent.

   This... this calls everything into question. Even as I record this, I can
   scarcely believe... Psychiatry has been my continual study... to chart
   consciousness in all its strata.

   But intelligence does not require introspection... the son of Ryan was more
   effective than all his self-aware rivals. He lived without questions.

   I could end the self... and save the world.

8. Gil Alexander - Source Of Volunteers

   In the electrified water office room on the second floor of the first area.
   On an upturned filing cabinet to the left of the entrance.

   Anyone in the plasmid business ultimately requires the use of human test
   subjects. It's our dirty little secret, and to be frank, Rapture doesn't
   really want to know, provided the end product is sound.

   Volunteers were... scarce, even as the economy buckles. A man named Sinclair
   approached us with a seemingly limitless supply. He... rented them to us,
   bound and sedated... no questions asked.

9. Gil Alexander - Abort The Experiment

   On a table in front of the Gene Bank in the second airlock, leading to the
   laboratories after accessing the security booth.

   I was to be Sofia Lamb's greatest achievement - a living composite of all
   Rapture's genius in the body of a single man... unfettered by self-interest.

   Now, I am nothing more to her than a failed experiment. My scores on tests
   of intelligence and moral reasoning are still noteworthy... but declining
   sharply. She has abandoned me... and I do not have long before psychosis
   takes me.

10. Sofia Lamb - Gil'S Place In The Plan

   Next to the Gatherer's Garden in the Secret Plasmid Laboratory.

   Dr. Alexander has agreed to accept both measures of the New Utopian project.
   He will become a kind of genetic chimera, host to all the minds of Rapture,
   accessing their talents and memories via the ADAM we have gathered.

   And, deriving in part from project W-Y-K, I have developed a new set of
   behavioral constraints; Dr. Alexander will live to promote the common good..
   his love and loyalty shall be spread evenly across the entire human race.

   For me, that is discipline, at great personal cost. For him, at last... it
   will be instinct.

11. Gil Alexander - Solving For X

   On the floor at the left circuit breaker in the central tank room of the
   Plasmid Lab.

   Sofia believes the perfect human altruist is 'just a formula, waiting on us
   to solve for X.'

   Intelligence and consciousness are not the same, she argued. Awareness of
   self naturally becomes obsession with it.

   So if we could suppress my sense of self, but imbue me with the cognitive
   capacity to serve the common welfare... we could thereby generate the first

   And then, Sofia said... at long last... Utopia would follow.

12. Gil Alexander - Outlived Usefulness

   In a booth in the first room of the Showers section, off the Plasmid Lab.

   Well, that's the end of the Alpha Series. The Pair Bond simply worked too
   well. That madwoman Tenenbaum bit the company hand, turning some of the
   bonded Sisters human again. Others were... lost to Splicers. Either way, the
   trauma proved too much for the bonded Protectors, resulting in unreasoning
   rage, or coma. We can harness their suicidal aggression as foot soldiers...
   but no more, I'm afraid. Today I saw one kneeling near a Gatherer's Garden
   and... and crying.   

13. Sofia Lamb - Meltzer's Choice

   On a Big Daddy corpse, should be the Big Daddy in the testing facility.

   Lamb: Ask yourself, Mr. Meltzer... is it better to be summarily executed as
   an outsider caught within these grounds, or to be united not just with your
   daughter Cindy, but with the Rapture Family as well?

   The choice is yours... I urge you to accept the Protector program. You will
   live by her side, and remember nothing beyond your love for her.

   Meltzer: ...I wasn't the first to find Rapture, you crazy bitch. And I won't
   be the last. You do... whatever you want to me... as long as I'm with Cindy.
   I'm... I'm a happy man.

14. Eleanor Lamb - Goodbye, Dr. Alexander

   Next to the Little Sister vent in the Testing Facilities.

   Mother has destroyed Doctor Alexander... she tried to splice him into some
   kind of living saint who would calculate the common good and adhere to it
   tirelessly. But now he's become... something unspeakable.

   Mother's philosophy is just as corrupt as Ryan's. By her standards, it would
   be better to have the entire world equally miserable than to allow us to
   strive in our own behalf.

   I have to get out of here.

15. Andrew Ryan - Betrayal

   In the frozen holding cell under the Testing Facilities in the Plasmid Lab.
   Go through the cell to the left of the health station, and through the back
   hall to melt the ice on the door.

   I... visited Eve's Garden today... it ended poorly. My seed... sold to the
   enemy. The motive of the whore, as yet, eludes me. But Atlas approaches...
   and come what may, I will not be made a slave.

   I wonder... in recording, do I confess? Just now, Sinclair saw me in the
   corridor, perhaps reading my face. The bastard looked me right in the eye...
   and suggested I make an appointment with Doctor Lamb.

16. Gil Alexander - Big Sister

   In a booth in the Testing Facilities at the Plasmid Lab. Go around to the
   part where you enter the holding cells, shoot a hack dart through the broken
   window to open the door.

   We put our eldest Sister through a new regimen of physical and mental
   conditioning, and suited her up with modified Protector equipment of my
   design. The younger ones have dubbed her a "Big Sister."

   Sadly, this is a stopgap. Between rogue splicers and the aging of the girls,
   we'll run out of viable Little Sisters soon. After that... the surface may
   be our only source...

17. Sofia Lamb - The People's Daughter

   In the tunnel leading to Persephone after cycling through the airlock behind
   the Oxygen station.

   Eleanor's condition may be a blessing in disguise. Early splicing tests
   indicate zero genetic damage due to her condition as a Little Sister. It
   appears that she... is our new vessel.

   This will be no mere personality schism, though... Rapture's genius will be
   held within her new DNA, able to shift into desired patterns at will.

   A Utopian cannot be confined to a single throw of the genetic dice. When
   needed, she is a composer. A dancer. An engineer. She truly will be the
   People's Daughter.


Outer (Listed as Lamb)

1. Augustus Sinclair - Selling Ryan Short

   Propped next to a Little Sister vent in the first room on the right after
   the fork with the vending machine and ammo bandito near the start.

   Persephone... secret home o' Sinclair Solutions. I bet against Andy Ryan's
   vision o' harmony in Rapture -- offered him a quiet place to send anybody
   who wasn't workin' out. And now I'm sittin' on my own private think tank.

   Technically, Utopia shouldn't have much use for a detention facility... but
   if you do business as long as I have... well, you learn to pick a brand name
   from the writin' on the wall.

2. Sofia Lamb - Withholding Visitation

   In Sofia Lamb's office, down the second hall past the cell lever and her
   desk, can be obtained as a Little Sister.

   Eleanor is changing as Delta draws closer. In her sleep, she mutters about
   having witnessed... moments from his journey here.

   She is beginning to resist the moral conditioning. Eleanor's bond with Delta
   is turning her from the Daughter of the People back into a rebellious child,
   whose voice I do not recognize.

   Worse, I suspect Eleanor of... direct involvement in his return. I fear that
   to separate them... I may have to... to take measures for which I will be...
   unable to forgive myself.

3. Eleanor Lamb - Behind Mother's Back

   On the table with the Big Sister helmet, near the Stanley statue.

   I've been quarantined, but Mother's unaware of the extent of my connection
   to the new Little Sisters. I don't just empathize with them, I can control
   them directly.

   They are my hands and my eyes, now.

   Better yet: we have found Father's body, and took a gene sample. The girls
   are hiding the samples inside those dolls we used to make.

   It's only a matter of time before I work out a way to rig one of those vita-
   chambers to seek his genetic signature... and then... I can't wait to see
   Mother's face...

4. Eleanor Lamb - Blessing In Disguise

   In a red submarine next to the statue representing Delta's encounter with
   Gil Alexander.

   Mother says that my condition is a blessing in disguise; she constantly
   reminds me that I was born for the express purpose of promoting her ideals.

   And now she's trying to convince me to begin splicing with the same cocktail
   that drove Dr. Alexander mad! She thinks that my condition makes me immune
   to the damage...

   The surface is my only chance at freedom. But mother took the one person I
   knew from above and murdered him in front of my eyes... Father. If I could
   only find a way to bring him back...

5. Eleanor Lamb - Freeing Father

   Under Eleanor's Bed in the quarantine chamber, look behind to see it.

   We've done it. Father is back... right under Mother's nose. I've contacted a
   woman named Tenenbaum through my Sisters. We worked out a way to free his
   mind inside that suit... to awaken the man inside the monster.

   Mother's entire belief structure is corrupt -- and if I know one thing about
   Father, it's that he will believe in escape.

   Lamb: Eleanor. It is time for you to accept your duty to the people. When
   you awake, you'll understand...

   Eleanor: No! Get away from me!

Inner (Listed as Persephone)

1. Warden Nigel Weird - Out With The Old

   In the front office of the Holding section. After hacking the door, go 
   down the tunnel to the next room, left, and back through the second door to
   the office.

   Looks like Sinclair's been ousted. He wasn't slick enough to avoid the boot
   this time, but at least it wasn't a firing squad. Lamb proved she's got the
   ear of the general population down here, so it would probably be prudent to
   play along for a while, see where this goes. She says she'll let me keep my
   little fiefdom here in holding, as long as I agree to help supply her
   "therapy sessions." No qualms there. These sorry buggers could use some

2. Thomas - Definition of Despair

   On a table in the food section of the holding cells, next to a corpse.

   This place is the absolute definition of despair. Here we are, locked away
   from outside world, suspended over a pit with no hope of release. And what's
   our charge?! Ryan has no room for differences of opinion in his precious
   Rapture? I hope the whole place comes crashing down around his ears.

3. Connor - Last Two Digits

   In the south cell block. Second open cell on the right, crouch down and go
   through a hole in the corner.

   I caught a glimpse of the warden entering the code to the tower today. Last
   two digits were seven and three. Didn't catch the rest... maybe I can just
   figure it out, trial and error. Wonder how long that'd take.

4. Mattson - First Two Digits

   In D block, the first tiny cell on the left.

   The warden's ignored my warnings for far too long. I'm taking this into my
   own hands -- I've secured a hack tool to nullify his turrets and subvert the
   bots. I also figured out the code. It's twox six... (Warping Sound)

5. Dodge - A Trade

   In D block, the cell next to the turret.

   Hey Murphy, it's Dodge. A little birdie told me you found out the Warden's
   code. Send a message to my cell in Block A telling me where you hid the code
   and I'll consider your debts paid.

6. Parson - No More Hope Left

   In the ruined cell block off of C block, on a hanged corpse in a cell.

   It's time to leave this place. I held out hope for months that I'd see my
   family again, but it seems like this rope is my only ticket to freedom. I'm
   sure Ryan has seized the bookstore, no telling where Gloria and Billy will
   have to... live... Can't seem to form a complete thought anymore. Can't
   sleep with that glow coming in the windows. Things out there watching us.
   Maybe I'll get to sleep now...

   (There are diaries by both Gloria and Billy Parson. #16 in Pauper's Drop,
   and #2 in Dionysus Park)

7. Murphy - A Generous Offer

   In block A, the cell on the right.

   Gee Mr. Dodge, that's quite a generous offer. I hid the code in the
   community bathroom, in the tank of the last toilet on the left. I also
   stashed some other loot there for a rainy day. It's all yours. Good luck
   usin' the code.

8. Warden Nigel Weir - Magic Sauce

   In the Warden's Office, on one of the desks.

   Lamb's attention seems to have drifted from my prisoners to her daughter.
   Guess she figures they're irredeemable. Now I got guys clamoring for their
   next fix of ADAM, and I've gotta pull teeth to squeeze any out of the good
   Doctor. Guess I'm lucky her treatments kept them too weak to storm the
   tower, or they'd have my guts for garters.

7. Versions List #07

Version 0.1 February 9th, 2010: Started guide. Wrote out my estimated outline
for the guide. Finished the Adonis Luxury Resort, started The Atlantic Express.
Listed the weapons, plasmids, and audio diaries obtained so far.

Version 0.2 February 10th, 2010: Finished up The Atlantic Express, went about
halfway through Ryan Amusements.

Version 0.3 February 11th, 2010: Added the Youtube link. Finished up Ryan

Version 0.35 February 12th, 2010: Not much work today, started Pauper's Drop.

Version 0.4 February 13th, 2010: More Pauper's Drop. Improved the Tonics
section a lot. Added section for Research Camera.

Version 0.5 February 14th, 2010: Finished Pauper's Drop.

Version 0.6 February 15th, 2010: Started Siren's Alley.

Version 0.65 February 16th, 2010: More Siren Alley work. Did enemies section.

Version 0.68 February 17th, 2010: -_- Didn't finish Siren Alley. Didn't do much
work at all today. Eh, still progressing though, even if it's slowly.

Version 0.7 February 18th, 2010: Finished Siren Alley. Yes, I'm terribad fail.
But TF2's eating up a lot of my time. That and life. o_o But that's life...

Version 0.73 February 19th, 2010: Started Dionysus Park, up to ticket station.

Version 0.75 February 20th, 2010: Only did a bit, up to first Little Sister.

Version 0.78 February 22nd, 2010: Took care of first Little Sister, explored
the rest of the level exept Cinema bathrooms and boxes, got 2nd Little Sister.
(Spent the night playing L4D2 :| But I rarely get to play with my friends, so.)

Version 0.8 February 23rd, 2010: Finished Dionysus Park.

Version 0.83 February 26th, 2010: Up to Fontaine's office, 2 relays destroyed.

Version 0.85 March 2nd, 2010: Up through the Plasmid Theater, 3 relays. (Been
playing too much L4D2)

Version 0.875 March 3rd, 2010: To the Plasmid Laboratories Airlock.

Version 0.89 March 4th, 2010: Got all four plants for Alex.

Version 0.925 March 6th, 2010: Finished Fontaine Futuristics, finished Little
Sister part of Persephone.

Version 0.96 March 30th, 2010: Went to Inner Persephone, finished Sinclair
8. Credits #08

Myself for making this guide.

CJayC for creating this site, and SBAllen for running it.

2K and everyone else involved in creating the game.

The Bioshock wiki for some useful bits about Big Daddies I was not aware of.

str00py for sending me a message about his Youtube page with a lot of good
videos on single player.

HUGE thanks to Murintz. He took the time to send me an email with a lot of
weapons information. While I will be altering what he has sent me as I go
through the game, to better fit with my formatting and to provide more in-depth
strategies, I AM VERY grateful to be able to include this so that over the 
weekend while I'm working on this, any readers can see a bit more about weapons
that I haven't covered yet.

Thiral for the idea to make an entire section on the Research Camera. Also for
mentioning the slugs at the beginning of Siren Alley.

Roniellio for informing me of a possible saving issue so I could include it.

Deathman Kenshin for some research information, and some great ideas for Ice
Drill. An extra special thanks for taking the time to try and present them as
I do in my guide. And another thanks for suggesting I mention stacking tonics
and using Walking Inferno in combination with Fire Storm.

data1880 for informing me that I had missed the EVE Expert tonic in Dionysus
Park. Luckily I obsessively keep saves of every level, so I was able to go
back and get info for it.

Alex for mentioning I had listed the Decoy plasmid twice, and thus had thrown
off my count.

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