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A Little Bit of Story - In the beginning there was power, raw
and unformed. Power beyond imagining yet free and unchecked. The
power sought order. (As it is the way of all things to proceed from
order to chaos and from chaos to order in a perpetual cycle.) Power
formed vessels to contain itself and beings to watch over them.
Thus the gods were created to watch over the vastness of worlds that
power had become. Some of the worlds were barren, however, and
nothing sprung from them although they were still beautiful because
they contained the least choas. The watchers of these orderly
worlds grew tired of their vigilance over the unchanging, orderly
vessels. In time, each came to believe that these static worlds did
not need to be watched, and as they came to this realization they
left their vessels, seeking the choas which had birthed them.
They sought worlds with diversity and change, the most chaotic and
imperfect worlds they could find. When they encountered the
watchers of these worlds they appoached in many guises and were
often accepted as a co-watcher for one reason or another. Many were
humble and begged to be accepted. Others decieved the watcher into
thinking that they were created to help the watcher, and still
others came and struggled with the watcher until some agreement was
reached. {the watchers like people have all the same desires and
weaknesses but on a more simplified scale. Some of them wanted many
planets and some of them would ruin their vessel, release all its
power and move on.} well anyway, Rhorkhad creates a helper race
known as the dwarves (because they were smaller than he) which were
hearty enough to carry out the tasks that the god asked. Palelil
tried to mimic Rhorkhad but ended up creating the twisted Taldor
race which was more bent on destruction than creation and
preservation (each of the races represent the most prevelant trait
in their god). This angered Palelil because it revealed his short-
comings. He vowed to destroy Rhorkhad and the dwarves he had
created. [The history gets really complex in my mind from here but
you can probably piece together some of it by reading the Magic Item
descriptions.] It basically goes something like this: Palelil
gets mad at Rhorkhad, so he makes Mukora, a magic axe, which he
gives to Grefrin, the first Taldor. Rhorkhad makes an axe,
Khamalkhad, [interesting note here, Rhorkhad copies Palelil because
he doesn't know anything about weapons of destruction] and gives it
to Dalkhad, the first Dwarf. Dalkhad kills Grefrin and takes
Mukora. Palelil kills Dalkhad, and takes Mukora back. Rhorkhad
takes Khamalkhad back. They don't fight for eons, and during that
time, other gods arrive and begin fighting over the world.
Eventually, Rhorkhad (the original watcher of the planet and thus
the most powerful) gets fed up with all the fighting and imprisons
all of the other gods in various ruins left from all the battling.
The gods band together and use their remaining power to band
together and banish Rhorkhad from the planet's surface. Thus, he can
only appear on the planet in the form of visions (like a burning
bush) and even that requires tremendous energy. When Rhorkhad
imprisoned the gods , he said that if any creature wished to see
their god, they could if they uttered a sacred word in the tomb of
the god. The sacred words were to be inscribed on the alters of the
gods. In the game, Rhorkhad can, and is, summoned that way also.
The Houses of the Gods : In the time of the gods, every god had a
house of rest where he resided. These houses were where the dead
worshippers of the god went. Once in the house, the god would
determined the fate of his follower as he saw fit. In the house of
Rhorkhad, the Castle Entemar, those who were worthy became Dokari,
Windhirs, and Firelords on the upper levels while those who were
not, became Yeti and other creatures who worked the lower levels in
the ice caves.
Notes on Objects
Khamalkhad - The mighty axe was given to Dalkhad so that he would be
able to defend himself from Grefrin the Taldor. It was made of a
methreal shaft and a bloodstone head. Bloodstone is the hardest
stone known to dwarf and it is said that it is actually the blood of
Rhorkhad himself. The stone is impossible to mine so it must be
excavated around.
Aroten - The axe the hero starts with was made by the dwarven smith
Arogus and the wizard Morg'ten Kara. The magic axe has long been the
prized possession of the Hoprus dwarf clan for untold years. The
axe is the symbol of the clan leader and was created at the clans
Fireglobe - devastating clay ball filled with an unknown, highly
volitale substance.
Methreal Armour - Made from a metal requiring tremendous heat to
work (more than current technology allows).
Dwarven Chain - Better than normal chain and worse than bronze plate.
Axes - Do slightly better damage than the sword of the equivalent
category (A great axe does slighty more damage than a greatsword, etc.).
Mapflask - Lets you see a map in the dungeons. Requires Alabaster.
Aster tile - Looks like space ship from asteroids.
Berat tile - Looks like Bear claw
Otala tile - Looks like Oval
Dunha tile - Looks like a Dunce cap
Henta tile - Looks like a chicken foot
Totems - Smorca, in Kafari tells who sells spell totems, she's like
their sales rep.
Cities and their Regions
Sartuma (Shatlam) (this area is talked about in the Galaq tavern)
Magic Items in the Area
Bent wood: (for hull) - can be bought in Sartuma from
woodworker. Only one bundle is needed.
Zlmnrdra - Created by the metal weaver bigrbi for the tlengle
highlord, it was used to kill Bloogridpr. A tlengleian forged
magic sword. It was stolen by tlatol and later recovered, but
in the attempt to return it to the northern isles, the party was
mysteriously obliterated and the sword lost. It's history after
this point is unclear, but Mikalat, the hermit, in Shatlam has
it. He will part with it for the hide of the azure sky shark,
which can be found in High Temple. The sword does double damage
to bazards.
The Iron Crown - Made of polished iron, encrusted with diamonds,
the crown is nothing special except that represents great
wealth. It is located in the High Temple. It is one of the
treasures that should be given to one of the chiefs, from now on
they will be referred to as point treasures. Narcoti in Galaq
used to own it, but lost it while adventuring in the dungeon.
(yes he was dumb enough to take it every where he went).
Important Places
Sartuma [62,109]: On foldout map.
High Temple [56,115]: Southwest of Sartuma in the snow by the
Mikalet's camp [46,104]: Along the northern shore.
Mory's camp [29,115]: West southwest along the western coast in
the grass.
Mushroom Patch [53,106]: Northwest, by the coast.
Teleportal [39,125]: Western side of western mountain range in a
box canyon.
Shrine [74,151]: (To Palelil) In hills surrounded by mountains
to the south on the main range.
Grove [48,142]: In a little forest surrounded by hills south
southwest of Sartuma.
Important Topics
Palelil (the Taldor God) - Pale was the watcher of a far distant
planet which he destroyed on a whim. He came to Tarq searching
for another plaything. When he saw the planet that Rhorkad
controlled he was drawn by its beauty. Later, when Rhork
created a race, Pale tried to also but he was underskilled and
his creation was tainted. Since that time, he has been
imbittered and strives to destroy as he cannot create. When the
party finds him, he will be dormant watcher law states that he
must reward those who summon him to the world so he will give
the party aid but as he is bitter, it will be in the most
useless skills. Layel gives a small amount of history and Pran
knows temple location. Temple is deep within the mountains in
Shatlam. Palelil rests in the Dark Temple.
Rulaan (Pasenta)(this area is talked about in the tavern at Galaq)
Magic Items in the Area
High Mitre - The mitre was worn by the high priest of Rhorkhad
before he was killed by Quem warriors. It represents the
highest seat of religious authority in Dwarven thinking. The
man who wore the mitre was the high priest. This point treasure
is located in Kireini Tower. Doroma tells buried location if
party gives him the book of flower arrangement.
Delatna - Carved from a living trimmick, the magic crossbow was
the symbol of the unity between the trimmicks and the
barbarians. Later, when a barbarian queen burned down a whole
forest because she said it was unsightly. Hostilities resumed
with increased fervor after that. Delatna, also called "The
Living Crossbow" had the special ability to disrupt the physical
manifestations of ghosts. (it does double damage to them) They
could not stand the bows living essence. However, the ghost's
soul would still be trapped on the plane and must still be
"Restsoul-ed". Lost to the antmen who raided a barbarian village
from underground, it is now located in Naluun Tower.
Important Places
Rulaan [76,167]: On the foldout map.
Kireini Tower [44,186]: on the foldout map. In a clearing,
southwest of Rulaan. The word to enter is Palatigo. The location
is given by Katrina in Rulaan. She will give the word to open
it if given the Silver Arrow of Galaq.
Mushroom Patch [42,208]: Near the coast, by the forest that is
south of Kireini Tower.
Magic Camp [83,167]: East of Rulaan.
Gruth's Camp [30,200]: Southwest of Kireini as you follow the
line of trees.
Shrine [66,177]: On the shore of the lake to the southwest.
Grove [16,172]: In a forest west of Rulaan, by the ocean.
God [31,176]: - Hantaknor the Fire god lives in a room in the
Hataan Coastal Range. Dorein in Rulaan knows of a temple
location, to the northwest of Hataan. He rests in a valley west
of the lake that lies southwest.
Important Topics
- Dorein in Rulaan sells the spell totems, Chalta and Entus and Fanorl.
- The Amazon princess has been kidnapped by the antmen and now
awaits rescue from the top of Naluun Tower.
Galag (Amqal)
Magic Items in the Area
Kastapha - A magic sword prized by human warriors. Tito,
Protector of the Weak, forged it for his followers from pearl
and ebony. Predictably, they lost it in battle. It was first
stolen by Barbarian women, who then lost it to a tribe of Quem
who stuck it in a chest in Kireini Tower. It does double damage
against quem and trimmicks.
Silver Quarrel of Galaq - Tanro in Galaq owns it. It has been
handed down in his family for generations and is indestructible.
Bartender in Galaq tells about Tanro's desire
for a special writing quill to preserve his memoirs. Tanro will
trade the arrow for the quill.
Golden needle - The etched golden needle is actually made of a
methreal alloy, making it the strongest needle known. It is the
only needle that can sew the all weather canvas into sails. It
is located in Kireini Tower.
Important Places
Galaq: On foldout map.
Groval's Camp [110,155]: On the otherside of the western range,
slighty south, along the mountains.
Shrine [109,131]: (water god, Melmalon) To the west, along the
west coast of seahorse bay.
Shrine [91,144]: (human god, Tito) On the other side of the lake.
Grove [100,128]: Follow the river that goes northwest out of
the lake and it's in a forest by the ocean.
Important Topics
Tito, Protector of the Weak - Rests in the High Temple. His
temples are near Galaq and Rulaan. Raran and Tula know the
Hikar (Toren)
Magic Items in the Area
Ceremonial Gold Plated Whistle - Carmine in Hikar must be
offered 500 gold and he will give it to the players. The whistle
is useless really but both chiefs want it so what can you do.
Important Places
Hikar [146,122]: on the foldout map.
Mushroom Patch [130,102]: North through the pass, in the snow.
Dark Temple [155,109]: Eastern side of of the eastern mountains,
in the snow.
Lockpick Camp [109,99]: Small island west of the big island
with the grove.
Denatrius' Camp [130,102]: Northwest of Hikar.
Grove [119,97]: On the big island to the northwest of Toren
Important Topics
- Dark Temple
- Shipbuilding: On the northern coast of Toren lives a solitary
figure, Denatrius. He is quite mad, claiming that he once
traveled across the sundering seas in a magical craft that
swept him across the waves to an island far to the northeast
of Tarq. His fellow citizens, sick of his ramblings, cast him
out of society. At first meeting, he will tell how he can
help the party find this lost land. When they have collected
all the necessary items (see below), he can then teach them
construction of the ship, but only for a sum of 3000gp.
- Rhorkhad the dwarf god - lives in the upper levels of the ice caves.
Temples in in Hikar and in Sartuma. Simka in Hikar and Anshus in
Sartuma give lore.
Phoroshe (Kalased & Seneret)
Moon Scarab - The Scarab is said to bring death to the enemies
of those who possess it. The Taldor have it in the hopes that
it will help them in their fight against the dwarves. Point
treasure in Pradaqa. Clued by Fazil in Haraza.
Mukora - This magic axe was created by Palelil the Taldor god so
that Grefrin, the first born of the Taldor race could smite the
creation of Dalkhad (the first born of the dwarven race. [Dal =
son, khad = of the god). With unearthly strength and magical
fire the axe was forged from the metal in a fallen star, with a
shaft of petrified oak. Once created it was given to Grefrin and
Palelil quested him to destroy the beautiful creation of
Rhorkhad (rhor = dwarf). Rhorkhad saw the acts of the jealous
god and made Khamalkhad for Dalkhad. The two battled and Dal
won but before anything else could happen, Pale killed Dal and
took Mukora by the dwarves and succored in Delqafi. In hroom at
19,26 on 3rd level. Double damage against Yetis who are the
servants of Rhork.
The Bowl - The bowl belonged to the fattest dwarf that ever
lived who became a famous folk hero. It is said that the owner
of the bowl will never go hungry. It is seem by the dwarven
people as a symbol that the chief will be able to provide for
them. Point treasure in Delqafi. Dilkatek in Tulara knows
location. He will tell it if asked directly about 'bowl'. No
red word clue. Forzo also in Tulara says that his uncle used to
be a bowl collector, but refuses to say who his uncle is.
Important Places in Senerat
Mushroom Patch [101,164]: Southeast of Galag, west of Phoroshe
over the mountains.
Grove [145,174]: South of Phoroshe, in a forest by the mountains.
Delqafi [110,180]: In the hills between the mountains southwest
of Phoroshe. The word is Frazintot. Layel, the repentant
Taldor knows of the caverns, as they are an ancestral home of
the Taldor. She thinks that there might be another renegade
Taldor somewhere near Hirieni tower. In fact, Pran, the other
Taldor, lives just to the south in Unamar, but he does know the
word and will join the party. However, he will only give the
word when the party is in a tavern (i.e. he is drunk). Tulara
generics clue how he babbles when he is drunk. Rakan in Kafari
also tells the party to research 'Taldor' at the Tulara
loremaster, which tells more about how they babble when drunk.
Important Places in Kalesed
Haraza [194,157]: on the foldout map.
Phoroshe [143,159]: on the foldout map.
Pradaqa Tower [157,138]: on the foldout map. The word is
Vuntista. Location from Haraza and Phoroshe generics. Word from
Borton in Phoroshe. Will tell it when he is given the herb, Lilten.
Mushroom Patch [175,150]: Northwest edge of the forest,
northwest of Haraza.
Teleportal [150,160]: Northwest of Pradaqa
Shrine [189,152]: Northwest of the forest, before the forest.
Grove [146,140]: In the forest north of Phoroshe and west of Pradaqa.
Important Topics
- Trillax in Phoroshe sells Ashard and Chalta.
- Rivalry between Morin and Tamar clans.
- Melmalan the Water God - Lives in Sea Temple. Temple in
Phoroshe and one in Amqal. Pakrr knows about the location.
- Hammer of nail driving - in Delqafi.
Hazara (Asarene & Tanala)
Aquilla Brooch - The Brooch of Drimmor the ranger. It is said
to increase the charismatic abilties of the wearer. (Drimmor
was quite a lady's man!)
Point treasure in Naluun. Buried, but Talya knows where.
Important People
Barbarian Princess: Captive in Naluun Tower
Important Places in Haraza
Haraza Loremaster: teleportal combinations for Shatlam and Hataan
Entemar: Togarnak - in Khamalkhad text
Important Places in Asarene
Starting Cavern [199,179]: In the mountains between Haraza and Kafari.
Mantar's Camp [199,181]: Outside of starting cavern.
Trading Camp [219, 174]: Southeast from Haraza along the coast
before the bridge.
Grove [208,192]: In the forest northeast of Kafari.
Important places in Tanala
Naluun Tower [231,109]: The word is Bastirand. It is in the
center of the island. Location from Hblktra in Noriin. Tells
that someone wiser than she knows how to get in. That person is
the priest, Rnjrnet, in Marat. He will not give a red word
prompt for the word, the player must ask directly. The Noriin
generics lament the fact that no Shaman lives in their town.
Hblktra in Noriin tells that someone who sells spell totems in
Marat knows the word to open the tower.
Mushroom Patch [229,133]: On the southeast tip, by the mountains.
Teleportal [230,122]: East of the Tower.
Shrine [217,87]: In the snow northwest of where the mountains cross.
Grove [207,123]: In the forest on the south of the great bay.
Important Topics
- Rivalry between the Tamar and the Morin
Kafari (Dormani)
Natal - A magic axe created by the Water God from the bones of a
million dead fish for the merman Bloogridpr who was killed by
the tlengle highlord before he could receive it. It was later
found by Dablak the earth god and sequestored in a chest in Sea
Temple on level 2 at 33,16. It is +damage and to hit vs.
firelords, killgrills, zapposentities.
Death Mask of Rhorkhad - Point treasure in Sea Temple (16,1
level 3). Tyal in Haraza tells to look in Tulara library for
mask info. Shedara in Kafari tells to look for the blind dwarf
and to ask him about 'mask'. The true name of the mask must be
known before Logartus the blind dwarf in Hikar will reveal its
resting place and how to get in. Researching Death Masks at the
loremaster's in Tulara will reveal the true name (Thro-Shikhad
meaning the "death face of the god"). The mask is said to have
been made by Rohrkhad himself from the tears he cried for the
first dwarf that died.
Hide of the azure sky shark - The reason for this treasure is
that the hide must be prepared in a special way for it to be
preserved. This is the only hide that has been treated by that
process. treasure in an hroom Sea Temple near the god room.
Important Places
Kafari [194,204]: on the foldout map.
Mushroom Patch [188,211]: Southwest of Kafari, between two forests.
Sea Temple [197,223]: Along the coast, by the tundra south of Kafari.
Grove [179,226]: In the tundra forest south of Kafari.
Important Topics
- The legend of Khamalkhad
- The story behind the island that holds Castle Entemar - i.e.
why it is far away and no one really knows about it. Some
background from Denatrius
- Rivalry between the Tamar and the Morin
- Ziphanu the Air God - Lives in Air Temple. Enric the dwarf
knows this. There is a temple in Kafari and one on the island of Tanala.
Tulara (Unamar & Hataan)
Rinwen Orb - The orb is actually the polished silver eye of
Highgelfor a giant, living, steel statue made by Rhork to guard
his island home during the first Tarq War. The single eye of
the statue was said to be able to to see the whole of Tarq. It
was plucked out by a human hero who snuck up behind the statue
using a magical cloak and hit the back of the statue's head
with a battering ram, popping the eye into the ocean. It was
recovered by Bloogridpr, the merman hero who used it to find
the hidden shrine of the Tlengle god, and defile it. Then he
gave it to the air god for safe keeping.
Point treasure in Air Temple. Location from Pleitan in Kafari,
who also knows of the Air God who lives there.
Important Places in Unamar
Tulara [154,208]: on the foldout map.
Pran's Camp [133,207]: Over the mountains to the west, in a forest.
Mushroom Patch [134,211]: South of Pran's Camp.
Teleportal [116,223]: On the northernmost point of the first
forest beyond the western swamp.
Grove [135,227]: In the forest of the western swamp.
Important Places in Hataan
Air Temple [71,204]: In a field, surrounded by forest, east of
a bridge.
West of Tulara and South of Rulaan.
Tracking Camp [59,230]: In a forest to the far west by the coast.
Tula's Camp [67,222(227)]: Northeast of the tracking camp.
Mushroom Patch [91,209]: In a forest, in a valley without a river.
Shrine [63,229]: Hantaknor (the fire god)- by the mountains,
east of the tracking camp.
Grove [80,223]: Along the west wall of a valley with a river
Important Topics
- Manteki in Tulara sells Belfon
- Tulara Library has teleportal combinations for two regions.
- History of the Taldor and why they are the mortal enemy of
dwarves Tulara Loremaster (clued by Manteki in Tulara).
- Rivalry between the Tamar and the Morin
- Dablak the Earth God - Lives in Delqafi. Temples in Tulara
and near Haraza. Clued by Fazil in Haraza and Notama in Kafari.
Marat (Balat)
Magic Items
Writing Quill - Buried on level 2 of Anforn. Clued by Etenak in Sartuma.
Sceptre - The Ancient Sceptre of Komin Madin. He was one of the
last of the tough humans. With his death, the humans went into
their cosmic slump. The sceptre symbolizes leadership. If the
dwarves have this they will use it to show how they are to be
the ones to rule over all. - Point treasure in Anforn. Karana
in Phoroshe gives background and general location.
Important People
Rnjrnet - sells Gimlai and Demmock
Important Places
Anforn [112,10]: Nakritos is the word. Anforn is located in the
tundra to the north east of Marat. It is the site of an ancient
massacre which was responsible for killing all of the islands
previous inhabitants. It is in those caverns that so many of the
ancient race were killed that it is said the gods closed the
doors to their homes and refused to accept the dead. This is why
so many dead reside in Anforn and Marat in general. The undead
should be called "lost warriors" they are viewed as the pathetic
souls spurred by the gods and denied their rightfully earned and
honorable death. They are bitter because of this and will attack
all they encounter. Only now that their gods have reopened their
doors (people die now) can they be freed by "Resting their
souls". Talya, the captive Barbarian princess, knows the word to
get in. Therefore, the party can't get here until they have
done Naluun.
Rif's Camp [111,35]: "Across the mountains in the northerthern
part of the forest to the east."
Swimming Camp [120,59]: Along the eastern edge of the island,
just a little south of Marat.
Mushroom Patch [63,91]: On the second isle away from the
southern tip of the island.
Teleportal [99,43]: to the east
Grove [95,12]: In the forest to the North. "to the south, in a
forest west of a little patch of hills."
Important Topics
The dead walk the earth
Noriin (Noromi)
Important Places
Noriin Loremaster - Why they don't use wood (also Frfrfr in Marat)
The civilization of Tlengle - where they came from and their
rivalry with Tlatol, their uncivilized cousins.
Tlengle culture (also Rif, Pakrr, Kenit).
Teleportal Combination for Unamar (the fringes of clan Morins
domain) and Kalased (the domain of the Tamar clan).
Mushroom Patch [28,58]: Southwest fo the southernmost bridge,
by the mountains.
Teleportal [46,36]: To the east by the mountains.
Grove [55,36]: to the east along the coast.

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