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Level 1 - Pop Me:
This is very easy. Just aim at the remaining balloons each time.

Level 2 - Pop Me 2:
Again, quite easy. Do arcs inside the mass of balloons to hit the 
most each shot. Vary their height so that you get more, and spend 
less time in the gaps.

Level 3 - Surprise:
In the first shot hit one of the Pin balloons to get rid of most of 
the balloons. In the remaining two, get as many of the remaining ones
as you can.

Level 4 - Triangles:
Try to do an arc involving the left, top, and right triangles. After 
that, simply try to get as many more as you can, using the arc for 
maximum efficiency if required.

Level 5 - Starburst:
In your first shot hit any of the Pin balloons to get rid of all but 
one balloon. In your second shot, try to get the remaining balloon, 
although it isn't necessary.

Level 6 - The Iron Curtain:
Arc over the metal barrier, with slightly varying heights and angles 
to hit the most. This can be a bit tricky, but you can always retry 
the level if you don't manage it at first.

Level 7 - Dart from above:
With your first shot get the Triple-dart, along with a few other 
balloons. Then, go through the pack with your three darts, making
sure to hit the other triple dart with one of them. With your 
remaining shots, try and clear up as much as you can.

Level 8 - Holy Moley!:
Hit any of the brown pieces to destroy it, and then hit the visible
Pin balloon to burst all of them.

Level 9 - Boing:
Fire through the top pack to hit the rubber wall, bouncing off it to 
hit some of the bottom pack. If you got enough from the bottom, you 
can now use your remaining darts to get as many of the top darts as 
you can. If you didn't get enough from the bottom, you can go for a 
few more by bouncing of the wall, and then get as many as you can 
from the top.

Level 10 - Parallel:
Fire straight up through the line nearest to you with a fair amount of
power, such that the dart will bounce off the wall and hit as many of 
the other ones as possible. If there are some left, go for them either
in a direct hit, or, for more of them, by bouncing off the rubber again.

Level 11 - Tack-tile:
The aim here is to bounce off the horizontal piece of rubber near you,
into the wall of rubber furthest from you, and then to hit a pin in the
pack. Try various shots until you find what works for you, and then try
and clear up with your remaining darts.

Level 12 - Arc:
Do large arcs in the path of the balloons to hit as many as you can,
whilst avoiding the Ice balloons.

Level 13 - Reservoir:
Arc into either the furthest hole, or the 2nd part of the middle hole, 
to hit one of the Pin balloons. Replay until you can do this within your
first 2 shots. With your remaining shots, try and get as many balloons 
as you can through the nearest, largest hole, although this isn't 

Level 14 - Maze:
Fire into the pack, trying to bounce off the far wall to go down a 
level. Make sure that you get the Dart balloon for a bonus dart before
finishing, and repeat until you have used all off your darts.

Level 15 - One in a hundred:
With your first dart, get the Boomerang balloon, trying to get as many 
other balloons as you can, using an arc through the main pack if you 
wish. With your boomerang shot, send it flying to the top-center of the
pack, very hard.

Level 16 - Boomer:
Get the Boomerang balloon, whilst also popping as many balloons from the 
same pack as you can. With the boomerang, aim hard at a little beyond the
middle pack.

Level 17 - Shapes:
All you have to do in this is hit at least one Pin balloon from each pack,
exploding them all. As you have one fewer darts than packs, you will have 
to get at least two in one of the shots.

Level 18 - Chain Reaction:
The idea here is to first of all get rid of one of the brown wall pieces, 
and then get the Pin balloon above it. This will set of a chain reaction 
exploding all of the balloons. It is much easier if you try to go for the
one a little to the left of directly above your head.

Level 19 - Light the Fuse:
Here, you just need to hit one of the pins, and everything will go!

Level 20 - Loopy:
Do an arc between all three packs, trying to hit the Pin balloon in each.

Level 21 - Throwback:
Hit the Pac-Man, and then move him around the metal wall and then through 
the gap to eat all of the balloons.

Level 22 - Round-a-bout:
Get the Boomerang balloon with your first shot. Swing the boomerang around 
the Ice balloons, avoiding them, starting on the left with a fairly powerful
shot, and then get as many more as you can with your final dart.

Level 23 - Ouchie:
This one's fairly tough. The easiest way to do it is to try and arc through 
the layer of balloons between the Mine balloons and the Ice balloons and 
then bouncing off the rubber wall into the Pin balloons. If you don't hit
the Mine or Ice balloons at all, but you do get the Pins, you'll get a good
enough score, and even if you hit a few of the Mine balloons it's not too 
hard to bounce into the Pin balloons and still pass. If you hit one of the
Ice balloons, however, it is unlikely that you will get very many balloons.

Level 24 - Monsta:
With your first shot, try to get the Pin balloon and Triple-dart balloon 
above you, along with a few other balloons. Next, try and bounce off the 
top left platform into the area on the left with the Pin balloon, getting 
the triple-dart if you are lucky. If you didn't get the triple-dart on the
left, go for it now. With the triple-dart shot, replicate what you did on 
the left on the right, bouncing off the platform, hopefully getting the 
Triple-dart balloon. If you have any shots left, use them to get any more
balloons you can.

Level 25 - Demolition:
In your first few shots, do long arcs through the top row of Mine balloons. 
After getting all of the mine balloons, try and get a few of the available 
balloons near the bottom if you have any darts left.

Level 26 - 2 Paths:
With your one shot, aim almost straight at one of the side walls in order 
to bounce back and get most of the balloons at the top. Hopefully, your 
dart will fall down one of the sides and set of a chain reaction, getting
as many balloons as possible. This comes down to a little bit of luck, but
if you don't succeed, you should be able to after a few replays.

Level 27 - Bouncy:
In your first shot, get all of the Ice balloons in one long shot. In your 
second shot, bounce off the frozen balloons to get the big block of balloons,
where, hopefully, your dart will find enough balloons.

Level 28 - Big Ball:
This is another tricky one. The easiest way to do this is to do an arc each
shot, always missing the Ice balloons, each one either slightly higher or 
lower than the previous, wherever the balloons still lie. Don't forget to 
get the balloons under the Ice ones!

Level 29 - Air Raid:
This is much easier! With each shot, hit one of the bombs. Make sure you 
don't forget to aim slightly higher for the further away ones, as the dart
will fall.

Level 30 - Ice Bounce:
In your first shot, hit the top Ice balloon, whilst also getting a few 
balloons below it. The easiest way to do this without bouncing back off 
the rubber is to aim about half-way down on the right of the Ice balloon,
with quite high power. Make sure that after the shot there is at least one
frozen balloon to bounce off next. If not, reset the level. To bounce off 
the frozen balloon you will have to try various shots, most of which work 
best with a medium-low power, but once you do it right, you'll bounce into
the bombs, exploding the pack of balloons. If you end up with not enough 
balloons, it is because you did not explode enough whilst going for the 
tope Ice balloon.

Level 31 - The Cell:
Try and get to the bomb second from the right. You will need to break five 
brown wall pieces to do this, in an S shape. Once you have hit the bomb, 
on your sixth shot, hit one of the pins to explode many balloons. Finally,
do an arc to get the extra few balloons you need.

Level 32 - Backwards Glance:
Get as many of the balloons as you can without hitting any of the ice 
balloons. Make sure you get the 2 extra darts! On your last shot, fire 
straight left at the ice balloons. You may need to angle your dart the 
tiniest bit up. The dart will go straight through 7 balloons (6 of them
ice) here, so you need to have at least 36 before this, which is very 

Level 33 - Danger!
This level looks simple, but due to the Ice balloons it isn't. In the 
first of your three shots, go for the block on the right. Arc over the
Ice balloon, getting a few balloons and hitting the Pin balloon on the 
right. You should aim to have about 10 balloons by now. For the top-right
block, try to hit the Pin balloon on the right, getting other balloons on
your way to it. You should aim to have more than 20 balloons by now. For 
the top-left block, hit the Pin balloon on the right. Get other balloons 
on your way to it, as you should be able to get about 10 balloons from 
this block.

Level 34 - Igloos:
This one is a nice and simple break from the others. First of all, get 
rid of the bottom block by exploding the Bomb balloon (you can aim straight
at it). If you received a boomerang from the bottom block, waste it by 
throwing it away somewhere. In this shot, hit the bomb in the top block, just
like you did before. It is important that you go for the bottom block first, 
because the top block would freeze some of its balloons otherwise, which would
obstruct you from the bomb.

Level 35 - Fuggetaboudit:
With your first shot, get the Boomerang balloon and the Bomb balloon in the 
same arc. The bomb will get rid of the Ice balloons. With your boomerang shot,
try and get as many of the balloons as you can, and then use your last shot to
get more if you need to.

Level 36 - Chalice:
With your first shot, hit both of the Mine balloons, getting 14 more balloons,
including 2 extra Dart balloons. With your next two shots, break one of the 
brown wall pieces and hit the Pin balloon beneath it to set off another chain
reaction. The easiest ones to try are the second and third blocks from the 

Level 37 - Pacatak:
With your first shot, do a low arc to get the available Pac-Man balloon. Get 
to the top-left Pac-Man balloon with him, and then eat that. Continue right, 
eating all of the balloons, turning down when you have finished the row. Get 
the next Pac-Man, above the pack of balloons, and eat as many of them as you 
can before getting the next Pac-Man. Move up, get the remaining balloons from
where the pack of 4 was, and move on to the next Pac-Man on the right. With 
him, eat both columns of balloons at the same time, by positioning yourself 
in the middle. You will have to be quick to get enough balloons with each 
Pac-Man. If there are any balloons left over that you can try and reach with
your remaining darts, do so.

Level 38 - Bouncebomb:
The aim here is to explode the Pin balloon. you can do this by making a long
arc over the rubber, or by bouncing on the rubber, which you may find easier.
After that, use your remaining darts to try and get any left-over balloons, 
including unexploded Ice balloons, if they are not near normal ones.

Level 39 - Lockdown:
This level comes down to luck more often than not. The best way to get as 
many balloons as possible is to aim your darts up at the vertical rubber 
wall, so that you will lightly touch the right side of it. If you set your
power high enough, the small change in movement will have a big effect by 
the time it comes back down, and the dart will bounce all over the place. 
One shot where you can nearly always get 5 or 6 darts is shooting right 
and a very, very small bit down, at the block of six balloons near the 

Level 40 - Ice Cave:
This level is a bit of a trick one, as the way to beat this level is to 
get the Ice balloons. Start with a shot getting lots of Ice balloons at 
the top. If you don't make it too powerful, it'll drop down the back, 
bounce up and get a few more balloons. Don't let it be too weak, though,
as then it will bounce off the frozen balloons and not get very many. 
In the next shot, focus on the lower Ice balloons, Trying to get the 
long top row first, and bounce back to get some of the bottom row.

Level 41 - Myriad:
There are various ways to beat this level, so feel free to experiment. If
you get stuck, you can read this. First of all, get the Triple-arrow 
balloon, and also destroy the bottom-left corner brown wall piece. Fire 
the triple-arrow to the right, going through the large pack and into the
Pin balloon, which will trigger the Mine balloon, triggering the Pac-Man
balloon. Eat as much of the enclosure's balloons as you can before time 
runs out. With your next dart, destroy the middle-right piece of the wall,
and then explode the bombs. Get the Boomerang balloon with your next shot,
and use it to get the triangle of balloons at the top-left of the screen.
Use any remaining darts to get stray balloons.

Level 42 - Chilly Chips:
With your first shot, try and get balloons in the central segment, without
hitting any of the Ice balloons on the left. If you hit ones on the right,
it is not so important. Get as many of the Triple-dart balloons as possible,
along with the Ice balloon to their right, and as many of the normal balloons
to their left as you can. With the triple-dart shot, get as many of the 
balloons in the leftmost segment as you can without hitting any Ice balloons.
Finally, go straight for the line of Ice balloons to get a maximum of 6 more 

Level 43 - D in the D:
Try and do a long arc with your dart to hit as many of the top row of Mine 
balloons as you can. Next, bounce a dart down the rubber-walled enclosure 
to get as many of the balloons there as you can. Do another small arc to 
try and get all of the balloons above the Ice balloons, and then go straight
through all four Ice balloons in your final go. If you have very many Mine 
balloons remaining, instead of getting the balloons above the Ice ones first,
freeze them with the Ice balloons and bounce off them to get to the Mine 
balloons more easily.

Level 44 - Showertime:
With all your darts here, the aim is to bounce them off of the far rubber 
wall into the nearer one, and then into the Mine balloons. To bounce them 
off the far wall, you have to aim straight at the wall and a little bit up,
to avoid the near wall. The same tactic can be used for any balloons that 
aren't covered by brown wall pieces.

Level 45 - Not So Hot:
You can achieve the 20 balloons needed to pass this level without breaking 
any walls by getting all three Dart balloons and the Pac-Man balloon. With 
the Pac-Man balloon, head straight right through the brown wall pieces and 
then up as soon as possible. Position yourself quickly between the two 
columns of balloons nearest to the right, and move up, eating both columns.
You can eat 18 balloons here, if you turn left when you have finished the 
columns, and added to the 4 outside, you have passed. With your remaining 
darts try to get balloons by breaking through the wall.

Level 46 - Ears:
With your first shot, do a very small arc over the leftmost Ice balloon, 
getting at least 8 or 9 balloons. Do another arc over the center, coming 
down between the wall pieces and the Ice balloon. Finally, go for the 
largest block of balloons, which is likely to be at the bottom.

Level 47 - Bloon of Damacles:
With your first shot, destroy the single brown piece, along with a few 
surrounding balloons. With your next, hit the bomb to destroy a few more
balloons, and then hit the Ice balloon. Bounce your dart off the frozen 
balloons into the Mine balloon, which will fall onto a Pin balloon, and 
destroy the remaining balloons. It is possible to hit the Bomb balloon 
in one shot without destroying the block, or to not hit the Bomb balloon
at all, but it is easier if you do. Feel free to try out other methods!

Level 48 - The Matrix:
This level is quite simple, but very fun. Get the Pac-Man nearest to you
with your shot. Proceed to munch up all of the top Mine balloons, until 
you get transported down as you burst another Pac-Man balloon. With this
one, eat the next Pac-Man, along with a few balloons if you wish, and go
back to the top to finish eating the top row of Mine balloons. When you 
eat the last one, you will hit a lower-down Pac-Man, and be able to eat 
all of the balloons at the bottom.

Level 49 - Wrong Side:
With your first shot, hit the top Ice balloon such that you carry on going,
and hit into a Pin balloon. This will explode the top section of balloons, 
and if you are lucky, the bottom will also be hit and explode. If not, 
bounce a dart off the frozen balloons at the top, and it will, if aimed 
correctly, hit into the Pin balloons at the bottom. Use any remaining 
shots to finish off any balloons that you might have let out.

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