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 Bloons Players Pack 1

Bloons Players Pack 1


Lvl 1: hit the pin bloon at the bottom, it clears out 
everything but the one behind you, then with your next 
arrow hit the last bloon.

lvl 2: keep aiming for pin bloons until you have some 
stray ones left. then get the boomerangs and finish the rest.

lvl 3: I beat the level by aiming for the bottom left corner 
of the triangle and then having the dart bounce over the bomb
and hit the second and third corners. As long as you hit the 
bottom two corners before the bomb, you will pass.

lvl 4: first hit the bombs in the middle. then hit the bombs on
the bottom (don't hit the ice). then hit any of the pin bloons.
the last bloons of the heart should look like this:
o o
o o o o
o o

make an arc to hit all of them but the two on top.

lvl 5: pop the first single mine. (not the couplet)

lvl 6: aim for the top pin bloons and hit one of them. then when
the pacman comes up, eat the last normal bloon and then the bomb.

lvl 7: aim to the right while hitting the triple dart. then with 
the triple dart, aim for the bigger pile on the left.

lvl 8: hit the lightsaber, and then get through the hole and hit 
the mine.

lvl 9: aim a full power shot through the normal bloons, then a 
full power shot through the ice bloons.

lvl 10: aim a shot straight up so that it hits the mine and 
the first wooden block

lvl 11: aim a kind of straight arc so that it hits the first 
triple dart bloon, but nothing more. There should be two clumps
of bloons. aim for the pin clump. you will get the other triple
dart as well. then aim for the other clump.
If you get 92 or 93, just keep doing it until you pass.

lvl 12: I hate this level. I got it by throwing the darts vertically
and getting them column by column. also, you have to hit the 4 in 
the back to pass, so don't forget that. if you have a better way, 
then use it.

Lvl 13: start at the right most pin bloon. when pacman appears, go 
and get the pin up top btwn the bomb and lightsaber. when the 
second pacman appears, eat the pin, then the frozen lightsaber,
then the normal lightsaber.

lvl 14: with your dart, aim at the top pacman, and throw it so that 
it hits the pins in the back as well. with the top pacman, eat an 
ice. soon the second pacman will appear, and you will have to eat 
as many bloons in the "ship" as possible.

lvl 15: with the first dart, throw it over the bomb so it hits the 
pins and bounces back to hit the bomb. the second throw should hit 
the light saber, the third hits the boomerang, then throw the 
boomerang over so it comes back and hits the pile. with your 
last dart, get the last 2 bloons.

lvl 16: just trial and error. aim straight and keeptrying until 
the dart bounces into the bloon, or hits the side rubber, then 
the bottom then the bloon.

lvl 17: hit the first bomb, then the second bomb, then a staight 
arc to hit all the mines.

lvl 18: for each throw, hit the dart bloon, then make the thrown dart
bounce back and hit a normal bloon. after you have no more "reloads" 
aim a vertical shot to hit as many of the rest as you can.

lvl 19: for each throw, aim for the third rubber block from the center 
(monkey) you just need the right power, and like lvl 16, just keep trying.

lvl 20: your shot should go through the lightsaber, top left corner and 
mine bloon first, then come back to hit the top right corner and the 
third to the left from the same corner on the way down. (sometimes the
pin doesn't pop one on the left side, but you can't do anything about 

lvl 21: the ice bloons make the three paths that you should throw. 
(Each throw should bounce off the normal bloon).

lvl 22: first, throw the dart through the top gap. the dart should 
fall in and pop alot of bloons, and also at least four or five on the
"stairs". then with your next darthit the bottom wood block, and with
the last one go into the passageway to get the remaining bloons.

lvl 23: go one by one clockwise starting from the one right under the 
monkeyand hit the pin. you should have enough by the time you get to 
the last one, and if not, aim for a clump of ice bloons.

lvl 24: throw it at the right power, so it hits all of the bloons 
and doesn't skip any or die out on you.

lvl 25: with the first dart, aim to hit the boomerang, and over the
mine, so it bounces back and takes alot of normal bloons from the 
bottom. then with the boomerang, hit the mine, and make it come back
to get more at the bottom. with the last one, bounce it off the wall
to get as many as you need.

lvl 26: bounce the dart off the wall so it hits the mine, bounces, 
then hits the triple, the hits the other mine. with the triple, aim
for the clump of normal bloons at the bottom. with the rest of the 
arrows get whatever stray bloons you need.

lvl 27: with your first throw, hit the two mines and the extra arrow,
and let the dart bounce around in the little pit. with the second dart
get all of the rest of the bloons in the pit. onlt the frozen 
lightsaber should be left at the end.

lvl 28: you have to get the perfect power to follow the path of bloons.

lvl 29: with your first throw, go through the pins tin the two leftmost
clumps at the top. then go through the clump on the bottom left next 
to the monkey. with the last throw, go through any remaining clumps 
to pop the rest.

lvl 30: throw it over the topto hit the middle mine. when the bomb 
breaks the hole open, hit the pacman and get the rest from the bottom.

lvl 31: throw the lightest throw at the bottom to get the first pit. 
then a medium one to get the second one, and then a hard one to bounce
off the wall into the last one.

lvl 32: aim a straight line right over the left wood and under the 
right wood. it should hit all of the pins, and leave you with just 
a few. For me it was 53, and with the next throw, I got my last bloon.

lvl 33: you have a lot of darts. first hit the lone ive at the bottom.
next, bounce the dart off of the newly frozen bloons to hit the pin. 
then with the rest, you just have to hit the two lightsabers.

lvl 34: with the first dart, go through the mine and the bloons on 
the left. with the second one, hit the lightsaber on the right. then
with the rest, bounce the dart to get the ones under the monkey.

lvl 35: you have to be ready for the pacman. hit a powerful shot off 
the rubbers to hit the mine. right whrn the pacman gets hit, you have
to move it to the pin. to finish the level bounce your darts into the
ice bloons that look like a lake.

lvl 36: first throw: hit the mines and the extra arrow; with the pacman,
et every bloon in the bottom. Second throw: hit the extra arrow in the 
back.third throw: hit the bomb on top. fourth throw: hit the boomerang.
fifth throw: hit the arrow in the middle top and a bomb in the back. 
sixth throw: hit the three bloons and the last bomb.

lvl 37: a high vertical-ish throw to go under the ice and hit the bomb.
then finish the rest of the bloons you need.

lvl 38: you need to throw it straight up, so it hits the top of the side,
falls in, and keeps bouncing straight up and down, in and out, until it 
hits the third pin.

lvl 39: you have to go through the pins at an angle where the ice bloons
are exactly parallel with the dart. the two left most groups get one dart
each, but you have to pair two groups together on the right side.

lvl 40: sraight up, full power, so it bounces over every wall to the 

level 41: go through the pins, not the bomb, and land falling into the 
bottom right bunch with the pin. with the triple, aim so that one of 
the darts hits the pin in the top left, while the other two bounce off
and hit the top right. with the last pin hit the bottom left.

lvl 42: with the first throw, make an arc through the pathway and hit 
the mine. thenhit the boomerang and the rightmost wooden block. with 
the boomerang, get all of the bloons in the rectangle. then with the 
last throw, hit the rubber wall full power, and let it bounce until 
the bombs.

lvl 43: first throw: hit the five bloons on the right side and let it 
bounce down and hit all ten bloons in that line. next, a soft throw off
the corner of the single block and back down the line of four. then hit
the remaining horizontal line.

lvl 44: you have to hit the normal bloon first then the ice. on the 
bottom one, bounce it off the block, to hit the normal ones, then hit
the lightsaber.

lvl45: you need to hit the first pin bloon and make an arc to hit the
back pins without hitting the lightsaber.

lvl 46: go through all of the mines, then bounce the dart from the 
fist and second ones togeter.

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