ButtonHunt 3 Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 ButtonHunt 3

ButtonHunt 3

1. The red button is already in the middle of the screen. Just click on it.
2. Drag the bottom of the scroll down to reveal the button.
3. Use the torch to light the two torches, revealing the button.
4. Drag the quarter to the coin slot. Click on the lever. Click on the door.
5. Light the rocket, and click on its explosion. Hurry!
6. Click the power button (lower right), then the flash button (yellow 
   lightning bolt), then take a picture (shutter button on top).
7. Click on the clock button (lower left of the five action buttons), then 
   type 0 1 0 on the keypad, then click on the start button (middle of the 
   five action buttons). Wait 10 seconds. Then click on the door release 
   button (below all the buttons).
8. Pull out the cork. Set the cork on the table. Click on the wine bottle, 
   then drag it to pour. The filled glass is your button.
9. Drag the egg to the cup. Turn on the heat lamp.
10. Drag the balloon to the helium tank. Drag the dart to the balloon.
11. Boss encounter: Limitive Thinking. Right click on the left box so there’s 
    an outline around the button. Then click on the button before the menu 
12. Shoot the paper the man is holding.
13. Click on the electrical box. Then drag the bottom red wire to the top.
14. Click on the palm tree. Drag the rock to the fallen coconut. Click on the 
15. Move the scalpel past each of the yellow lines on the forearm. Use the 
    tweezers to take the button out of the arm.
16. Move the cloud over the seed. Move the sun over the seed.
17. Click on the wing.
18. Drag the baton from one side of the screen to the other.
19. Remove the nail from the poster. Click on the tunnel. Click on the button 
    when it appears at the top.
20. Drag the slide onto the microscope. Hover your mouse over the eyepiece. 
    Click on the adjustment knob on the right side three times.
21. Boss Encounter: Deceitful Thinking. Click on the latch on the left and 
    right sides of the case. Then, click on the top of the lock in the middle.
22. Drag the green liquid into the flask. Drag the yellow liquid into the flask.
    Drag the red liquid into the flask.
23. Drop the egg on the right off the cliff.
24. Turn down the temperature. Then, turn the temperature to the middle.
25. Drag the base into the assembly area. Drag the L.E.D. into the assembly area.
    Click on the L.E.D. Drag the glass into the assembly area. Drag the outline 
    into the assembly area.
26. Drag the black can of spray paint up and down to shake it. Draw the circle on 
    the wall with it. Drag the red can of spray paint up and down to shake it. 
    Fill in the circle on the wall with it.
27. Drag the snow cone cup out of the dispenser. Click on the shaved ice box to open
    it. Drag the scoop into the shaved ice and then onto the cone. Drag the snow cone
    under the syrup. Click on the top of the syrup twice.
28. Drag the recipe to the left. Drag the flour into the pot. Drag the butter into 
    the pot. Click on the egg carton, and drag the egg into the pot. Click on the 
    red coloring and drag it into the pot.
29. Click open. Click again. Click alert the military.
30. Boss Encounter: Frantic Thinking. When the arrow goes over the dot, click.

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