Darkness Episode 1 Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Darkness Episode 1

Darkness Episode 1


She is in the bedroom right now and the doorbell rings, i wonder who 
that could be! walk to the front door by clicking on the door and 
then on the front door. Egad!!! A Hand!!!

Click on the blue cabinet and remve from it, a flashlight (thats 
useless) and some rubber gloves.

On the desk there is a video tape, grab it. Walk OUt Of The Room.
Down where it says it is suddenly dark in here or something along those
lones, click to go to the toilet. There Will be a red towl, grab it 
but don't put it in your inventory, click on the mirror and it will 
sipe the fog off of it. Oh NO!!! A FACE!!!

The Soap will be knocked over, and in it's place a KEY!!! yay. walk out
of the toilet. It's a key to the master bedroom, unlock it and walk in.
YOu can't do anything but the t.v will turn by its self, so walk out and
go back to the toilet. (the shower door will not open right now) turn to
the clogged for two days toilet. Go to your inventory and get the rubber
gloves, get the key to the red chest in your room. Now grab the toilet 
paper and put it on the toilet paper holder thing.

Ah Another Hand!!!

Turn to the shower. ir you want you can examine the handprint, but you 
can click on the shower door now, and it will open, creepy. Look hair 
in the drain, click on it and quickly start pushing spacebar until the
ghost thing goes away. ( if you die, you will go back to your room and
you can just go to the toilet and try again.) if you got her away, good
job. Now leave the toilet and go to your room. Open the chest to get 
out the already used candle, now go back to the shower and get the 
shower nob thing and go to the master bedroom. (when you look in the 
drain in the shower, the hair is gone, wow creepy.)

Inthe bedroom, the thing under the tv you cant open it, use the shower 
thin you just got and use it. It will reveal a VCR. Get the tape and 
put it in, click on the tv screen to play the tape. if you click on 
yourself on the bed, she will say something, but there is a light inder
the bed, click on it and RIGHT WHEN YOU CLICK ON IT BEGIN TO PRESS 
SPACEBAR OD YOU WILL DIE. you may not get it on the first try, so just
go back and do it again. Now click under the bed to get the dresser key, 
that is next to the bed to get matches. go to the hall way and use the 
matches on your candle, now you can go down the hall to the front door.

OH NO!!!

Good Job, you just beat the game.

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