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 Darkened Skye

Darkened Skye

Submitted by: Dj Simo

1. Lynlora
When you materialize you will see Drakk in front of you. Get
the rune mine behind you 1st then go talk to drakk, fight
the guys in front of you turn right go 1 intersection and
get the rumble stone turn around the way you came stay to
the left and you'll see a tree in the road examine it and
you'll find a red breasted northern butt smiler after that
you'll see the portal that drakk came through. Keep heading
in the same direction and you'll see 3 guys one with a key
over his head kill them and get grunks key. Take the next
left and go into the village keep in mind to avoid grunks
arrows head past the catapult and take a right into the
market place talk to the 1st guy his name is Eeb he'll
eventually say show him the bunny then give him the butt
smiler and he'll give you the lamp fish turn around and go
out staying behind the catapult and the tree and turn right
at the end of the path you'll see some different height rock
formations jump on the lowest and work your way up to !
the cave (feel free to grab all the potions on the way) once
you get to the cave equip your lamp fish and go in the cave
you'll see a tuning fork on the left (don't mess with it or
lose any sleep over it, it comes into play later on in the
game) on the right go to the pile of rocks and use your
rumble stone and move back or you'll take damage after it
blows up you'll see a message that skye says is in backwards
writing (It's the pass word to get to gannish send us all to
prism) get the rock for the catapult. Head back to the
catapult and use grunks key on it and go to the front of the
catapult and aim it at grunk go to the back of the catapult
and put the rock in and keep firing until you hit grunk.
When you've hit him go pick up the message under the tree
and read it. Then go to gannish's door push e and read your
notes for the pass word then push e again and skye will say
the pass word. After talking to gannish you'll be back out
in the village use your true sight and you!
'll see the sacred circle on the left by the tree towards
the entrance
of the village Dorian will appear for the 1st time he'll
talk to you then get on the sacred circle and you off to
Ogmire Archipelago.
Notes: don't worry about the tuning fork of the tree that
you encounter in this level they come into play later in the
game. There is no magic in this level so don't be alarmed.

2. Ogmire Archipelago
Go into the cave and talk to Veng he will give you the
pendant turn around and go out the other opening and push
the button. (It's best to dodge the flying monster at this
point it's hard to hit with your staff.) Go to the water and
you'll see the stones you activated. Jump across and push
that button jump across the new line of stones and go to the
island with the horn looking stones. (The outside stones
have buttons that activate other stones to various islands
go to these to get helpful items). Kill the two birds as
soon as you get on the island. Look to your left and you'll
see a yellow skittle on an island and a big whale turtle
looking thing that opens its mouth, go around the outer edge
to pickup your spongite. (Be aware that there are monsters
in the water by the edge and the flying monster so be quick
I did not fight them until after I got the skittles I'm
telling you to get) Use your spongeite to go across and pick
up the yellow skittle now go up the little ledge a!
nd when the whale thing opens its mouth jump in. (definitely
a quick save move f2) It will spit you out and you will have
the green skittle. (BIG note after the cut scene look
straight across and you will see a button on the side of a
mountain across from you which cannot be reached.) Open your
inventory and activate your prismatic pulse spell with the
yellow and green skittle. Hit the button I just told you
about in parentheses use your spongite and go back to the
main island and you can kill the pesky monsters now to get
your helpful items. Return to where you got the skittles and
jump across the stones. Make sure you bring spongites with
you. On the new island go straight push the button on the
rock, go straight and follow the path killing the monsters
on the way push the other button on the rock and a cave will
open go in the cave turn right kill push the switch and
you'll get a message "Follow where the heart may lead" go
back in the cave turn right get the stuff there!
now go back where you started and go in that cave and push
that button and go out and enter the new cave ahead and
after you exit turn left and head straight push the button
across from the flashing sign go around and quick save then
start jumping across the rocks (there are a lot of water
monsters that pop out of the water and will knock you off of
the rocks so save often and be prepared use prismatic
pulse). Once you're on this island follow the path and along
the way you'll see a button on the right push it and head up
the trail on the hill. Jump in the hole (make sure your
health is pretty full you'll lose some in the fall) push
that button turn around walk close to the edge of the water
and kill the water worm monsters (I think they are 6 of them
they will knock you of the spongite and you'll drown) use
your spongite to exit turn left and take your 1st left
(after you get all the other goodies on the surrounding
islands) jump across the rocks (it's best to kill the birds
with prismatic pulse while your on the rocks). Okay I've
seen a lot!
of emails on this one. Remember the pendant that Veng gave
you in the beginning of the level? Load that on the screen
with your quick inventory so you can see it all the time and
you'll see 6 buttons with symbols on them 4 out of 6 match
your pendant push them in order top to bottom and she'll say
"Yeah I ordered the combination plate" you'll see a cave and
it's all the way to the end under the tower on the hill.
Enter the cave and exit picking up your health plants and
follow the trail up the hill and you get your cut scene and
you're off to Tikniki forest!
Notes: The flying monsters in this level can be a pain there
will be more I've noticed that prismatic pulse works the
best against these creatures you have to hit them 3 to 5
times and they will die dropping health and mana plants when
they fall

3. Tikniki Forest
To me this was the hardest level those lily pads just kicked
my butt!
Turn around and run to the end and get the fish. Go back and
talk to Nenu turn left and go to the edge of the water and
kill the flying bugs (from a distance I find easier). You'll
see a lily pad and an island with grass on it and 4 or 5
lily pads after that. (This takes a little practice and can
be frustrating just keep trying and use your quick save a
lot). Jump across aver to the other side and kill the 2
birds and you'll see a tikniki on the right and the entrance
to the forest. Go in the right entrance and stay to the
right and kill everything along the way and you'll come out
the other end, jump on the turtle and jump off on the bridge
(jump on the lily pad and then to the bridge) turn right and
follow the bridge ump to the other bridge go to the end and
jump on the turtle it takes it a little while to make full
circle go to the island that has a shell floating on it get
the shell wait for the turtle to come back and get back on
and go back to the bridge. Follow the br!
 idge back to where you came from and jump across the 2 lily
pads to the little island with the bug singing on it go to
the bug push e and pick it up and get the fish while your
there now turn around and go back to the bridge again and
jump on the turtle. Jump off at the forest again. (What
we're looking for is the green rain anytime you see this use
true sight and a path will appear) Turn right and you'll see
green rain this one has a red potion. Coming out of this
turn right and stay to your right and you'll find another
green rain this one has a musical bug next to the water. Now
go back to the entrance of the forest and face the forest
and take the far left entrance and you'll find the last bug
in that green rain (this section of the forest is by it self
it will take you back to the entrance). Face the forest
again go in the middle entrance and take your 2nd right and
you'll find your last green rain by a rock use true sight
and go in and use the shell with the bugs on t!
 he heart of the forest you'll get your cut scene. Pick up
the 2 skittl
es and you'll get another cut scene from the bad guy and all
the monsters re-spawn go back to the entrance of the forest
again killing the monsters along the way. Now is where the
fish come in that you have been picking up, if you have not
don't worry. Over by the Tikniki opposite of the entrance of
the forest you'll see a fish jumping around just keep
running back and forth until you have 3 give them to the
tiknikis and they will give you spongites keep doing this
until you have 4 spongites and at least one fish in your
inventory. Now go behind the tikniki (opposite the forest
entrance) and you'll see 4 lily pads and a turtle that will
swim by ( I found this quite hard just keep trying) time it
to where you will land on the turtles back after the 4th pad
and then jump off at the other Island and you will fight a
bunch of birds. After killing them you'll see a tikniki
fishing on a little island use your spongite to get to him
and talk to him after the cut scene give him the !
 fish in your inventory and he'll give you the fishing pole.
Pick up the spongite on this island and jump across to
neenu. She will tell you to face the buoy when you do that
use your fishing pole you have to do this 3 times before
anything happens after you catch the mud skuttle use again
and then you'll get your last cut scene in the level and
then you're off to Ogmire City!

4. Ogmire City
You will now have impede and shadow vision in your magic
As you look through the gate you'll see a switch on the side
of the staircase run straight past that and play hide and go
seek with the little guys and kill them with distance spell
prismatic pulse. There are 4 switches you need to pull to
open the gate on the stairs. 1. Stair case 2. Behind it on
the left 3.From that switch turn right and left 4.At the
entrance facing the gate to the left when you're on the
inside. I ran around and killed all the bad guys in each
section when they got in the way of finding switches from
now on I'll just mention where the switches are and let you
kill the bad guys when you want to. (Now we're looking for
stone switches) Go through the gate at the top of the stairs
hang a left go in that direction and hit the switch (2 bad
guys above you) turn around and go up the stairs turn right
and leap across to the top of the entrance (make sure your
at full health the leap takes a lot of health from you) push
that switch and jump down and you back wher!
 e you started go back up both sets of stairs and keep going
straight and you'll drop on some plat forms but you won't
fall when you get to the bottom kill the bad guys and push
that switch go through the opening turn left jump across and
go back down to where you started and go to where the 3rd
wooden switch was and you'll see stone platforms to jump
across now. Jump across turn left just before you go through
and go push that switch go back and go through and jump up
the stones sticking out of the wall and time the moving
platform and go into the tower get the red skittle and push
the button next to it go out and the platform on the right
is working now. Go over to it and jump across it. (At this
point you can turn right and do a little side quest jump
over and push the switches and use shadow vision in the dark
tunnel and it unlocks the locked gate near the stair case
near the beginning. When you go back up jump on the plat
form when it is going up if you jump on it when !
 it's going down you'll drown). Jump across the 2 plat forms
and go aro
und and push that switch. Now go back to the beginning to
the 1st set of stairs and you'll see a new platform quick
save and jump across, go through and you can go down and get
some goodies in the cave thing go back up and jump up the
stones sticking out of the wall turn right run across (I did
not find fighting the guys very rewarding) go out turn left
jump down the stones (Beware a mini boss is waiting on you)
kill the mini boss and pull the switch on the right, left
and the right now your gate is open jump in the hole and the
game will load. (Quick save).

Ogmire Dungeon.
In this section there is a positive bug when you flip the
switches for the coin and the skittle if you keep doing it
over and over you can keep getting the skittle. Go straight
the doors coming up it doesn't matter which door you take
you'll end up in the room with the little guy that has a key
over his head this is what you're looking for. After you
kill them use the key on the locked door get the goodies and
go to the 2 wooden switches. Left twice right 3 times and
left 5 times and she says yeah I ordered the combination
plate (again) turn around get the key, skittle, and the
Ogmire coin. Fill up your health quick save and jump in the
hole use shadow vision run through the hallway and go up to
the rope and push the e button. Kill the guy above you and
run around and pick up the spongites. Go out and you'll see
some stones in the water go left and a little guy will be
across the water shooting at you kill him with your distance
spell make sure you have 4 spongites and jump !
 across and kill the other guy that was hiding and push the
switch behind the first pillar pick up 4 spongites and go
back across take your 1st left use a spongite and push that
button go back out and go to the other door you haven't been
in yet. Push that button and go back and you'll notice that
on the right the platforms are high enough to get through
the window so go there and push the switch in the window and
get the key on the left now go out and around back to where
the 3rd switch was with the locked gate use the key to open
the gate and the spongite to reach that switch (remember to
be quick because your spongite will disappear in 10 seconds)
now go back to the main room and you'll notice you can reach
the window on your left so jump around and over to it and go
through. Push that button turn around and go back to the
main room and notice across to the right there is another
window you can reach go over to that and push the switch on
the ledge face the main room agai!
 n on the far right is the last window and switch. While
pushing that y
ou'll see the stones surfacing on your left go down and jump
across those and go in the tower. Go to your left and fight
your way through there is a tower in the middle and you'll
see a door on your right that has apiece of wood to go in I
did not find any thing in there and a door on your left that
you cannot reach. Go up the tower and go to the 3rd opening
jump across (make sure your health meter is full for these
jumps) and drop down and you'll be at the left door go in
and push the button and the wood on the very top door
changes to where you can walk on it now go back in the tower
and go all the way to the top and jump across and find the
wood to walk on, to go to the top kill the guys in your way
and jump across to a platform where you find another door
and you'll talk to the sky pirate Blood Squall after the cut
scene on your right you'll see an eyelet flashing on the
wall go aver to it and use your rope. In the cut scene he'll
give you his mom's head after that run s!
 traight and get on the sacred circle and you're off to
Lynlora for the 2nd visit.

5. Lynlora 2nd visit
Go talk to Gannish and she will give you a secret note or
tune, then go to the market place and talk to the big guy
with the horns and give him the Ogmire coin and he'll give
you the blag whistle. Now go to where the catapult was and
use the whistle and the note and you're off to the Sky Camp.

6. The Sky Camp
There is no fighting in this level but it can get very
confusing, a lot of the carpets and flying things will fall
on you in a few seconds so timing is important I cannot
explain the timing but will do my best to make everything
comprehensible. So quick saving is very important in this
level. On some of the carpets and the flying ships and
platforms if you miss just wait and it will take you back
around to where you need to be. Use this time to get
familiar with area.
Jump on the green chair and down the pillows on to the
carpet as soon as the other carpets appear start jumping to
the platform with the balloon (you have about 3 to 5 seconds
be fore the carpets start falling) as soon as you get on
turn to your right and it will take you to a red carpet jump
on it face right and jump on the flying ship face the way
you landed and it will take you to another red carpet then
it takes you to another balloon platform jump to it and to
the floating house with the guy inside and go talk to him.
After that go out and turn left and you'll see a red carpet
waiting on you (it's best to angle the camera to where you
can see Skye's feet, these carpets alternate and will dump
you about every 3 seconds so as soon as you get on run to
the front of the carpet and turn in the direction I advise
between each jump when I say right or left its best to turn
a 45 degree angle instead of a full 90 degree angle) Jump on
the carpet turn right jump turn left jump tu!
 rn right and now the carpet won't fall and take you to a
floating platform jump to it. Turn around and wait till the
little propeller platform is low enough to jump on. Counting
this platform turn left jump to your 5th platform and the
6th one will be going up and down time your jump and get on
it let it take you up. Turn right jump turn right jump again
face forward (don't turn) jump turn right let it take you to
the top and jump. Now you'll see a round carpet moving on
the ground jump on it let it take you out turn left wait and
jump on the red carpet turn left when it takes you to a new
platform jump on to it. Keep facing forward run across and
jump on the red carpet turn right and don't try to jump on
the pillows flying at you when it takes you to another
platform with a guy inside jump to it and go talk to him. Go
out turn left and jump to the 2nd tan balloon on the right
wait for the red carpet to come around ump on it turn left
wait and jump to the other red carpet i!
 gnore the pillows and jump when it takes you to a platform
with 2 ball
oons on it let it take you to a red pillow jump on it
(colors are very important now there were hints earlier in
the game but hey this is a walkthrough) So red is your 1st
color and here is the sequence starting with red. Red,
orange, light green, dark green, purple, the green chair.
Then start over red, orange, light green, dark green,
purple, the green chair. Now you'll be in front of the ship
with multi colored pillows again if you jump on the wrong
one, they will dump you. The sequence is the same except now
you will be jumping over other colors. Red, orange, light
green, dark green, purple, now jump to the ship. Now go up
the stairs turn right go around the stairs going up and go
down the staircase and you'll see the door on the left press
the e button. After your cut scene you're back in Lynlora.

7. Lynlora with stone
Go talk to Gannish and she'll tell you to go to the land of
the 5 birds. Once outside use your true sight and jump on
the sacred circle again.

8. Zen'jai hills the land of the five birds.
You should have these additional spells Madness, Awaken
stone, Pyro pulse, and spell shield. You should also have 4:
orange skittles 2: red skittles 1: green skittle, and 1
yellow skittle.
Go talk to the guy in front of you he'll give you the bird
cage follow the trail kill the 2 flying monsters jump across
the breaks in the trail and stay to your right pick up the
red and blue potions turn around and take your 1st right
follow the trail killing along the way take the 1st right go
in the house and get your potion go out and behind to the
right of the house take either trail it goes to the same
place get your potions go across the bridge and straight
you'll see bushes you cannot pass yet don't worry take the
left path instead kill the guys in front of the big house
and go inside get the jar, potion, and the yellow skittle.
You can now use the pyro pulse spell. Go back to the bushes
load the pyro spell burn them pick up the red skittle you
can now use awaken stone you'll see your 1st statue to zap
and your 1st feather pick that up and zap your statue.
Follow the trail and go to your left and go pick up the 2nd
feather under the gazebo looking thing keep followin!
 g the trail up to the top of the hill getting your 3rd and
4th feathers awaken the statue and use your jar on the well.
Go over to the dragon and awaken him to get your seeds. Go
back down to the bottom of the hill veer right and get your
5th feather at the broken bridge turn around and take the
trail off to the right and follow it. As the trail widens
kill the baddies ignore the bridge on the right you cannot
cross it get your 6th feather on the left next to the hut
and ignore the white bird on the roof. Keep following the
trail as you enter the village the 1st house on the right is
the one you want, kill the bad guys 1st and go to the front
of the house and use your seed to capture the bird. Turn
right and follow the trail out of the village and kill the
guys and cross the bridge as you're following the trail
you'll see a grape vine and a dragon to your left zap the
dragon listen to him. Look at the grape vine 1st it has a
funny cut scene now use your bird on the grape vi!
 ne and you'll have a purple bird. Turn right and follow the
trail you'
ll pass a rip in time and monsters will fly out and the
trail comes out to a bridge and sort of castle run behind it
clear the area your 7th feather is behind it as you go
around to the front go in the cave with the door on it go in
and get your 8th feather. Now go inside the castle thing and
get the 9th and 10th feathers. You can jump up on the wood
behind the feathers and get the extra goodies if you like.
Go back out and go to your right take the 1st right and get
feathers 11 and 12 behind the building. Run back out and
turn right take the next right and get the 13th feather (you
only need 12 but it's there) go back out to the right again
and you'll see a bridge run past it and get the green
skittle. Now go to the tree use your water jug on it and
then use the feathers and now use your seed and you've
captured your orange bird. Go to the bridge and get your cut
scene and time to fight the Ice dragon.

9. Ice Heart
You should now have Fire walk and Polar pulse in your magic
spells, and all the skittles you've accumulated. When ever I
mention to walk across the lava don't forget to use the fire
walk spell.
Walk up to the sign and read it and right behind that is the
4th Red Skittle you need for fire walk. Clear the area of
baddies go back to the sign and take the 2nd right and walk
across the lava and get the 2 potions and the rumble stone
go back to the 1st right and use the rumble stone on the
glowing pile of rocks and get your goodies (none of these
are key items). Go back out and go through the pillars of
rocks and cross the bridge to the gong and hit the gong.
Load your pyrospell dodge the breathing dragons on the way
down (for some reason if you stay against the wall going
toward the breathing dragons on the wall you'll go right on
top of them and not take any damage just a useful bug I
thought I would mention) and go defeat Ice Heart. Not much
help I can give you here except if you hide behind some
thing some times a glitch will let you hit him without
taking any or very little damage. After you beat him go out
the opposite end dodging the breathing dragons on the way o!
 ut. Go straight ahead and you'll see a glowing petrified
bush at the bottom of the tall pillar behind the lava
shooting thing hit it with awaken stone and you'll get the
seeds turn around go out and turn right and use the seeds on
the bird and go behind the platform and jump on it to get
the green skittle. Now go out and go all the way to the
other end use polar pulse on the key and grab it. (Do not
forget to use fire walk on the lava.) Keep going forward and
take the right path and get the fuse turn around go out and
use the other path to get to the gate and use the key on it.
Go to the front of the cannon use the fuse and light it with
the pyro spell and jump in. This may take a few tries to get
it right, but just keep trying and you'll get it. Watch the
cut scene and you're off to find Fire heart.

10. Fire Heart
There are no new spells in this section
Get up get the two bad guys be quick some times a bug will
occur and knock you off the cliff. Read the sign and go hit
the gong and go find the dragon (same bug works on these
guys on the wall too and use fire walk for the lava
section). After defeating the dragon go out the other end
and, do the dodge things again go out the door and clear the
area of the bad guys. The door on the left doesn't have much
to offer I lost more life than I gained in there go across
the bridge and use the key on it. You'll have to fight the
mysterious bad guy again after beating him, follow the
trail. This is where a lot of people got stuck. Look up and
align the sun icon up to where it's in the middle of the two
peaks or you can experiment if you like, now the big trick
is to push your walk button (caps lock by default) and walk
across the invisible bridge to the other side, time to find
dark heart.

11. Black Heart
Still no new spells
Clear the area and go through the gate follow the path and
turn right and hit the gong go back to the entrance and go
down jump across the 3 floating stones similar to the sky
camp go down and fight black heart (I used strength sap and
prismatic pulse). After you beat him he takes you to the war
Lords palace.

12. War Lords Palace
The Spells Veil and Psychic blast are added. This level can
be very confusing also. You will be in the entrance and when
you step forward a boss will come out. When he hits the
ground you need to jump or you will take damage. The way I
beat him was to run up close to him and beat him to death
with my staff. There are many ways to get through. This is
how I did it. When you've defeated him go through the door
and turn right and go through the next door you will see
some little doors some have a big guillotine in them and
some don't. The door straight across from you is a way out
don't go there as there is no need to. The 3rd door on your
left is where you will find the chest piece to the armor you
are looking for. The 1st door on your left is the way you
want to go out, so go through that door after you get the
armor. When your through go directly to the other side of
the hole and turn around and look down and hit the switch
with a distance spell then turn around and get the !
 leg piece of armor from the closet you unlocked now turn
around and go out to your right turn left to get a potion
and turn right to exit to the main hall. Turn left and go
all the way to the end and go through the door kill the 2
knights in the room the one on your right and the one to
your far left after this one face right and jump up to the
thin door that opens and you'll see an arm piece for the
armor. Grab it and go out the right door and kill the guy
and go straight through the room there is a potion to the
left and the exit is to the right. After exiting kill the
two knights and go straight through the room and exit and
you'll find the other arm grab it and exit right. Now turn
left and go all the way to the end and take the last door on
the left you will see guillotines on your right and your
left. Go to the left blades and time it to dodge them or
take a little damage and push the glowing switch turn around
and go out through the other blades and turn right killin!
 g the 2 knights and take the 1st door on your right, you
will see the
head piece of the armor. (the last switch you pushed lowered
the pedestal it sits on so if you deviate from the walk
through or get lost and find this just remember that switch-
) grab it and exit then go through the right door. Go
through the room and turn right and go straight through the
next three rooms turn right and your exactly where you
started but with all the items you now need. You'll see
three slits in the ground with blades in them just time your
jumps and go all the way to the end and through the door and
its times to assemble your knight. (Bring the parts up in
your inventory and push q until he is assembled) He is very
strong so be ready to fight! The room is very tight so I
just beat him with my staff and kept using potions you can
do what works for you. After you beat him he gives you a
gear use it on the pedestal that rises and turn around and
go through the door. Jog right and then turn left through
the door and go in to see the spoiled princess. She will !
 ask you to go get her dolly so grab the hair pin off of the
dresser and go back the way you came and straight across
you'll see a glowing door go to it and use the hair pin. Go
through the room and go around the middle room and kill the
bad guys and go in the middle room to get the dolly as you
try to pick it up a very strong Pac man looking thing comes
out. I led him out of the room and hit him with strength sap
and finished him with prismatic pulse. Now go back into the
room get the dolly and take it back to the princess. When
you give it to her she will give you the bird and you'll
notice a piece of doll in your inventory keep that in mind
you'll need it soon. Now once again go back the way you
came. This time take the door on the right. Go through the
room kill the bad guys and go left now go all the way to the
end kill the guys again get the skittle on the left and the
clock on the right go back out head down the hall way turn
left go behind the throne through the door!
  kill the guys again turn right and you'll see the sleeping
war lord.
Walk up to the war lord and use the broken piece of doll on
him to get the eye piece turn around go out the room and
straight across and use the eye on the wall picture it will
give you the prism now go back to the warlord pass him and
exit the room go to the table on the left you'll get a cut
scene now go across the room to the bird and use the clock.
Now go through the door you'll talk to Dorian and your out
of there.

13. Lynlora 3rd visit
All the items except your mom's talisman will be gone but
don't be alarmed. No new spells so go talk to Gannish. After
Gannish gives you the fruit cake go to the market place and
give it to the zogel on the left he will give you the dish
and then talk to him he tell you the key is e flat. Turn
around and give the dish to the stamp collector and he will
give you the ingot go to the left and use the ingot on the
press. Now go to the guy you got the whistle from and give
him the pressed ingot and choose the far left fork it's the
e fork go back to the press and put the tuning fork in it.
Now you have an e flat tuning fork. Go to the cave where you
saw the fork sticking out of the wall in the beginning and
use your fork on the one in the wall and the door will be
open. Use shadow vision inside the cave so you can see.
After the cut seen you'll be running on a beast picking up
gems just keep running around healing occasionally until
your gems are at 100% the game will automatical!
 ly stop to a cut scene and then your off to stone heath.

14. Stone Heath
You should now have Magnify Magic, Diminish, Universal
Smite, and Affliction. You should also have 3: green 1:
orange 4: red and 2: yellow skittles at the bottom of your
magic screen if not restart the level until you get these
added to your menu. You can kill the creatures as you see
fit I will just tell you the way to get through and the key
items. Go straight and you'll talk to Gwen Ella off to the
right pick up the rumble stone and turn around go all the
way to the end and go left and use the rumble stone on the
cottage. Go in and get the crow bar, chest and the other
goodies. Now go out and go to the ocean and you'll see the
monster in the ocean. Use your polar pulse spell and use it
on the water it will freeze (keep in mind that the ice only
lasts about 10 seconds like the spongite does) about 4 times
ought to do it then he will eat you and spit you out now go
back and use the ice spell as necessary. Now you're ready
for the calendar. Go to the calendar and put the key!
  in the post. Pay attention to the symbols on the key they
are the answer. Look at the big circle and it will have a
black arrow. You need to align the big circle with the arrow
to match the symbols on the key after you look at it. It
will make sense so just step on the glowing stones to move
the circles into alignment with the arrow. Quick save and if
you make a mistake just start over with quick load (f4).
From out side to inside it should be like this, upside down
triangle, funny looking x, and the backwards y. Also if you
go too far out of the ring the calendar resets. This is the
end of the calendar tutorial since all three calendars are
like this. I don't want to take all the fun out of it. If
it's still too hard after you put the key in, turn around
and look at the 3 switches step on the right stone once the
middle stone once and the left stone once. That one was easy
so you should be able to figure the other 2 out. After you
unlock the calendar the golem wakes up so!
  go talk to him and after that give him the box you got out
of the cot
tage. He will give you the key to the second calendar and
then you can grab the purple skittle of off the box. Turn
left go all the way to the end and turn right and load your
diminish spell to go through the small hole.
Now you're where the 2nd calendar is. Take your immediate
right and you'll run into the mysterious bad guy again and
will have to fight him he is not very tough. After defeating
him go to the bottom of the broken tower and use your
crowbar you got from the cottage and get the chain. Go out
and turn right and you'll see the calendar. (I found the
monsters a pain in this area so I went around and killed
them all so I could concentrate on the calendar.) Now go to
the calendar and remember the tutorial I gave you before and
put the key in and unlock the calendar and the golem will
come to life and give you a mirror. (Answer to calendar
after you put the key in turn around and the stone on the
right is 1 stone on left is 2 and stone on the other side is
3. Step on stone 3 once, and stone 1 once. Now keep in mind
there are several ways to do this. This one worked for me.)
Now that you have the mirror go to the well and use your
chain on it and you will climb down. Turn around and !
 use the mirror on the plant grab the 3rd key and the green
skittle. Turn right and go to the flashing door and go
through it and it's off to the 3rd calendar. Follow the path
and you'll see Gwenellas' horse and the calendar. Once again
I found the monsters a pain so I killed them all 1st. Go to
the calendar and it's time to solve the puzzle again. After
that you will talk to the golem, and get a bunch of nice cut
scenes and then it's off to the lower goblin's lair.
(Answer to the puzzle after you put the key in turn around
and the stone in front of you is 1 to the right is 2 and to
the far right is no. 3. stand on the stone and it will keep
turning the numbers I give you are haw many times to turn
it, so count and then get off or it will keep turning.
Switch 2: 5 times switch 1: 6 times and switch 3: 3 times.
Once again there are several ways to do this. I'm just
writing the ones that worked for me.)

15. Lower Goblins Lair
You should have veil, psychic blast, and lightning added to
your spell inventory. As for the skittles you should have 4:
red 4: green 2: yellow 1: orange and 1: purple in your
inventory. My favorite spells for this level was universal
smite and affliction. Universal smite for the flying robot
and affliction for the bad guys on the regular guys just hit
them with affliction and run around and they will die pretty
fast. Veil is fun to play with.

Use diminish to get out of the cell (I would immediately
equip universal smite since the flying robot thing will be
coming) as you come out turn left and ignore the zappy thing
for now and turn right and go to the end and turn right you
will see a goblin in one of the cells. Talk to him and he
will mention info for food continue to the end turn right go
to the end and bad guys on the right one of these is your
1st mini boss for this level (I use affliction and universal
smite on the guys especially the boss) after killing them go
to the table on the left and get the finger sandwich. Go
back to the dude in the cell and give him the sandwich and
he will give you the security card. Turn around and go
through the corridor and the 1st door to the left has the
power cell (I recommend killing the bad guys in the area 1st
it's easier to collect the zappy things for the power cell)
I am not going to go in to detail as to where the zappy
things are in this area it is impossible to get!
  lost in this area. When coming out of the cell with the
power cell in it go straight and on the 1st left is a
sliding door jump through in and follow the corridor to get
the yellow skittle. After collecting all 10 of the zappy
things go back to where you got the finger sandwich and use
the power cell and the security card (code stated in the
inventory) on the elevator.

You are now on the 2nd floor use the same strategy for the
bad guys as you did on the 1st floor. Again I am not going
to go into detail on the location of the zappy things. How
ever I will mention the order of the switches since I've
noticed a lot of people had problems with this. I recommend
killing all the bad guys 1st like we did down stairs. I have
had a couple of the guys with the sword go invincible on me
if this happens you'll have to restart the level.
As you come out of the elevator you will see a stone door
with a face on it, go through the door it will slide open
when you get close to it. You will see the power cell in the
middle of the corridor at the end of the corridor you'll see
another door don't go through yet take a hard right twice
and you'll see a switch in the up position don't touch it.
Come out of that corridor and turn right and go in the room
to the left and you'll see a switch in the down position
push e and put it in the up position. Go out of that room
and go to the door I told you not to go in and go all the
way to the end and you'll see the switch in the up position
back to the right past the purple skittle in the force field
put it in the down position and Skye will say the
combination plate thing again. Don't forget to grab the
purple skittle. As you go through the level you'll run into
a goblin inventor twice at first he runs away the 2nd time
he will give you the security code. I separated these t!
 o try to prevent confusion since there is no step by step
it all turns out the same in the end. After collecting your
zappy things go to the elevator and use the power cell and
the security code.

16. Upper goblins lair
I did not find any bugs in this level. There are bad guys
all over so be prepared for anything around each corner.
Go out of the elevator and run out the room and the power
cell is on the right (pick up the zappy things as you go
this time it's easier) halfway down the corridor there is an
opening to the right go through it and this is you 1st of 4
pedestal things step on the foot switch and zap it with your
lightning spell face left and go all the way to the end and
get the security code, now go back the way you came and turn
right to continue down the 1st corridor go to the end and
turn left and go through. To the left are 2 zappy things and
to the right is the elevator for the next floor and straight
ahead is where you want to go for the 2nd pedestal thing.
Zap it with lightning and go to the end after turning left
and there is your 3rd pedestal zap it and go through the
corridor and the 4th one is on your right zap that one and
the force field will drop load the polar pulse spell and
freeze the water and go to the wheel or paddle thing and get
the crystal from it. (You have to hit it!
  with the polar spell to make it stop) Find your way back
to where the elevator is that I previously mentioned and use
your power cell and your security code and go up to the next
When you walk out of the elevator head straight to the end
and go through the door where the inventor is and talk to
him, then use the crystal on the time machine go through the
door to the inventors left and go through the next door
don't go down the stairs. Follow the corridor go up the
steps and through the next corridor and down the steps and
you'll see a dead monster use the awaken dead thing (called
the portable time machine in the inventory) you got from the
time professor on him and kill it. (This thing is strong so
have fun) After defeating it go through the door and you
will talk to Dorian and it's off to the Bone lands.

17. The bone lands
The new spell in this level is Ring of rime. The skittles
are as follows 4: red 4: green 3: yellow 2: purple and 1:
I am not going to go into all the scorpions locations the
moving bones are good for 10% venom when you defeat them to
activate them you use the awaken dead thing on the moving
bones. This level can get a little confusing a few things to
remember the round towers with 6 horns sticking out are the
ones with Gwenellas belongings in it there are only 3. The
scorpions will run from you when you hit them so if you give
chase and slide down the hills it is hard to get back and
easy to get lost, the easiest way to get through the level
is to get the belongings one by one and chase the scorpions

When you come out go to the flashing rock with the scorpion
on it and read it then go ahead and a cut scene will take
over and you will get the venom vial look straight ahead and
you'll see the 1st tower go in and you will see the shoes
and talk to a spirit. There are three stones on the ground
just step on them and push the e button and they will rotate
the stones on the pedestal across from the shoes just play
around with them and eventually both hands will appear and
walk up to them and put your hands in to get the shoes. (The
easy way to do this is like this face the pedestal the hand
will be on your right and a sign on the left, the stone on
the ground next to the hand on your right will be stone no.
1, the stone directly behind you will be stone no. 2, the
stone on your left will be stone no.3. The order for
stepping on the stones is 1, 2, 3 watch the cut scene get
the shoes and leave the tower). As you walk out turn left
and stay to the right of the ditch and you will!
  see a set of moving bones use the portable time machine on
it and kill it (polar pulse works well and also blocks the
fire spells coming at you and kills the scorpions in 2
hit's) and you get your 1st 10% of venom. At this point is
where people get lost if you run in a forwardly direction
here and stay to the right against the hill you'll see some
bones like a big rib cage, this is your ticket out of the
area use diminish and walk under the bones. However I
suggest you clear the area of bones and scorpions before you
leave if you fall into the ditch and find the caves just go
to the highest cave and you can get out. When you come out
of the highest cave you'll see a ribcage to your right and a
trail to your left follow the trail and at the end you will
seem to be stuck back up and take a run at it and press jump
and Skye will skip really fast and go to the top I think
this is a positive bug but not sure. At the top go forward
and you will be at the rib cage I originally to!
 ld you about to go to the next tower. Use the diminish
spell and when
you come out you can see the 6 horns on the tower now go
there and get the dress. (I got 84% venom before I left this
area. You don't have to get that much I'm just letting you
know what's possible). Just go straight in the ditch and
when you come out you'll be at the tower you'll see a bone
bridge but go in the tower 1st. When you go in and get your
cut scene face the pedestal and we're going to label them
the same. 1 is on the right 2 is behind you and 3 is on the
left. The combination is 2, 1, 2, 1, that's it grab the
dress and cross that bone bridge go to the pile of stones
behind it you'll find a yellow skittle to use your ring of
rime spell turn around and go in the ditch and go straight
across and use the jumping bug to get out and you'll see the
ring of stone on the right. Don't go there yet turn left and
follow the trail pass the big skull and there is another set
of bones to zap if you need venom use ring of rime and he's
dead in 3 hits a lot easier than the polar !
 method. Follow the trail to the rib cage diminish go
through and go through the cave picking up a yellow skittle
on the way you can see the last tower go to it and go in use
the venom and get necklace and exit the tower. (There is a
set of bones at the entrance if you're short on venom). You
will notice when you go back the way you came you can't go
back up look to the right and jump along the edge after
about 4 stones you can get back out go back through the cave
and head to the circle of stone and talk to the spirit do
your thing and your out of there. Go to the tree put the
items there and use your awaken dead thing on it and watch
the cut scene.

18. Lynlora 4th visit
There are no new spells or skittles at this time.
Go to Gannish's house watch the cut scenes. You cannot read
nenus letter at this time go to the market and trade the
portable time machine for the wood wizard with the guy
wearing the bright red cape or suit what ever it is. Go
trade the wood wizard for the toy wooden boat with the guy
on the left. Now it's time to go see that tree that every
one was wondering about in the beginning of the game. At the
tree use the diminish spell and run through go to the water
and use the boat. (If you forgot where it is just stay to
the left as you exit the village and you'll find it)

19. Twell Country
No new spells or skittles yet.
I found a slight bug in this section some times when running
through the logs you'll fall through the sides and get stuck
so save often. Pyro-pulse works well to kill the bugs. It is
very easy to get turned around in this level due to spinning
while trying to hit the flies and the leaves spin while
riding them. I tried to write this section as comprehensible
as I could if you get turned around simply go back to a
familiar place and follow my directions. I recommend saving
often on the leaves since I drowned a lot.

After talking to Gannish go through the log and turn left go
through the log and kill the fly across the creek to get the
orange potion. Jump across the creek get the potion. Go back
across the creek and take the left log kill the fly to get
the green potion. Look across the creek kill the fly with
pyro-pulse jump across and get the yellow potion. Go back
across the creek and take the left log kill what's there and
get the purple potion. Go back into the same log and you're
where you shot the fly for the yellow potion. Jump on the
leaves and let them take you to the left down stream keep
changing leaves until you come to the next shore and kill
the fly to get the red potion. Go straight across and jump
the leaves until you hit the left embankment jump off go
through the right log, turn right again through the log and
your back to Gannish watch the cut scene.

20. Gargoyle Cemetery
The new spell is impede as for the skittles you should have
these. 4: red 4: green 3: yellow 2: purple 1: orange.
A lot of people have had trouble with this level here are
some pointers to get you through. Hard save at the beginning
of the level. The trick with the garlic is to put it over
the coffin while the vampire is inside if you use the garlic
over an empty coffin it locks them out and we DO NOT WANT TO
DO THAT! When you see the big red coffin DO NOT PUT GARLIC
OVER IT you will have to start over if you do this.(Yes I
did it that's how I know). Every note gives you a valid hint
for the pass word how ever if you don't want to deal with it
I will give them in order as we go through in () so if you
want to figure this out ignore the () part I've noticed a
lot of people had trouble with this. The trick to the notes
matching the crypts is to put the note on your screen with
the control button and match the symbols on the note with
the symbol at the top of the crypt. When you're in the
crypts don't jump down unless you're sure you can get out or
you will get stuck and have to start over!
 . I am not going to map out the crypts they are fairly
simple how ever I will mention when to and not to jump in a
hole. I will do the left right thing though. I am not going
to mention every coffin to use the garlic on they flash and
are easy to spot. I am not going to map the location of all
the vortices they are easy to spot you need all of these to
leave this level. If you miss vortices wait until you kill
every thing then go look for them it's easier that way.
After the 1st note the others come in 4 pieces I will
mention the locations as we go through.

You will find yourself in and eerie cemetery use awaken
stone and talk to all the statues you will get the Vortices
lamp, your 1st note or clue for the crypt pass words go to
the vampire with the garlic on his neck and push e and he
will give you the garlic. Once you have the vortices lamp
run around and pick up the vortices in the area and this
will also get you familiar with the area. When you see the
vampire next to the glowing coffin kill it then run to the
coffin look inside wait for him to appear inside the coffin
when it does use the garlic. Once the area is clear go to
the head stones and read the relevant stone it's the on that
talks about Cornelius Bird this is the matching clue for
your 1st note. The answer is (Pants). Run over to the crypt
next to left of the statue where you got the note it will
say crypt on it, enter the pass word and go in (quick save).
Follow the path take the 1st right run to the end and get
the 1st part of the 2nd note run back the way you !
 came and turn right. Follow the path and take the next
right grab the 2nd clue piece and keep going go to the end
do what you got to do turn around and run all the way to the
end picking up the 3rd and 4th pieces of the clue on the way
kill the 2 vampires at the end lock them in their coffins go
out and follow the path take the 1st right get the green
skittle go out turn right follow the path to exit the crypt.

Now read your clue and go to the head stone that refers to
Edward Coppersmith this is your hint the answer is (Bread).
Run over to the crypt that says ghost on it and enter your
pass word. (Quick Save) Follow the path and go all the way
to the end picking up the 1st clue piece on the way do your
thing on the coffin, go down the stairs to the left. (Do not
jump down on your way to this point) Follow the path and
you'll see a cull de sac on the right with 2 glowing coffins
and the 2nd clue piece do what is necessary, get back on the
path and keep going at the end you will see 3 black vortices
in a cluster to the right is the red coffin I was talking
about go in and get the vortices DO NOT PUT GARLIC OVER THIS
COFFIN! Exit keep going straight take the 1st left to get
your 3rd clue piece DO NOT JUMP DOWN THE HOLE AT THE END. Go
out turn left follow the path to the end to get the 4th clue
piece now stay on the main path to exit the building.
(Remember where the red coffin lies th!
 is will be relevant).

Read your 3rd clue go the head stone that refers to Oscar
Lamoure this is your matching hint the answer is (Lager). Go
to the crypt that says Death to put in your password. (Quick
Save) Go in and take the 1st right to get your 1st clue
piece exit follow the trail take the 1st right you'll see
the 2nd clue piece right again for the 3rd clue piece to the
right is the 4th clue piece and an orange skittle to the
left is the key. Find your way back out and turn right take
the next right use the garlic DO NOT JUMP IN THE HOLE turn
around go straight the next right is your exit.

Read the last clue go to the head stone that refers to Mrs.
Eleanor Gel Babble this is your matching hint. The answer is
(Blind). Go to the last crypt it says Grave enter the
password (Quick Save). Go in take the right path meet the
vampire boss fight him after you win, take the right path as
you 1st enter the bosses lair (As your looking at the door
he is in front of it will be to your right). Turn right
again when you hit the wall to turn left, the door is on the
right. Run as fast as you can to his coffin when you see him
in it use the garlic to seal him inside. (The trick to
getting there in time is to put away your staff to run
faster). Find your way back to where you fought the vampire
boss and use the key on the door.

21. Cathedral Library
The new spell is Cleanse Evil. Skittles are as follows 5:
green 5: yellow 4: red 2: orange 2: purple
There is not a lot to this level just a few doors that are
easy to miss I'll give the right and left instructions the
best I can. Cleanse evil is how you get rid of the vampires
in this level if you don't use it they keep spawning. The
vortices in this level are also easy to see.

Take the 1st right go in the door grab the purple skittle as
fast as you can to load cleanse evil spell. Exit take the
1st door on the right then leave and go to the door at the
end. Go through the door. In this room you'll see a door
straight ahead but 1st go to the last door on the left that
looks like stones there is a green skittle inside, now go
back out and exit through the other door, go through the
next door. In this room take the 1st door on the right to
get a purple skittle (It also looks like stone). Now go out
the other door go straight to the door ahead (The door on
the right is your exit we will come back to that) exit again
in this room should be your last 3 black vortices. (if not
just retrace your steps then go the door with Necroth's sign
on it) Go back to the door I just mentioned and with all the
vortices the emblem will come off and let you through. Here
you get a cut scene and get to fight the mysterious knight
again. (I used cleanse evil and used potio!
 ns). Exit the room you will now find yourself in the

22. Cathedral
This is one room kill the bad guys and run around to get the
10 black vortices then go to the door with Necroth's symbol
you will fight the Knight again then exit through the door.

23. Bell Tower
It is impossible to get lost in this level kill the guys in
your way and work your way to the top pick up the vortices
on the way. There are 10 of these again also there is a red
skittle in this level on the stairs it's real easy to spot.
Once you make it to the top you'll see Necroth's symbol
again. This is your exit when you have all the black
vortices. You will fight a red fire knight boss, talk to the
knight again then go to the flashing statue use awaken
stone. You will also notice wind glide in your spells.

24. Necroths Realm
The new spells are Wing glide, Create wizard, Heart of the
rainbow the skittles are as follows 6: Green 5: Red 5:
Yellow 4: Purple 2: Orange The hardest part of this section
is the little guys use a fire ball and it knocks you off of
the rock your on. I use lightning and zapped them right away
at a distance that way you can relax and use wing glide to
jump from rock to rock you just need to work on the timing
and make sure the rock your jumping to will be lower when
you land. The boxes need to be opened by hitting them with
your staff (this really stumped me at first I could not
figure out how to open them) It is important to get the
bracelets in the order I get them in to simplify a puzzle in
this level.

You will find your self on a floating rock I recommend you
use lightning and kill the little dudes right away. Facing
the mountain you want to work your way to the right to get
on the landing when you get to it use the regular attack on
your staff and break the box open it will have a purple
skittle in it. (This is the only box with a key item in it
the rest are potions) Go through the door and you will find
your first bracelet on one of the vampires kill them and get
the bracelet. Go through the door turn right to exit trough
this door kill the guy on the ledge the one on the rock to
the left has the 2nd bracelet kill him and the guy on right
rock. Jump out to the rocks using wind glide to get the 2nd
bracelet, jump back to the ledge, and exit through the door.
(When you jump there are 2 fire knights that spawn cleanse
evil kills them I went ahead and jumped around to get the
bracelet and came back to the ledge since they knocked me
off the rocks when trying to fight them y!
 ou can do it any way that works for you). Once back inside
kill everything in sight then work your way to the top using
wing glide that last bracelet is on the guy in the very top
room. Go down to the bottom floor you will see a door with a
flashing bar across it, use the pyro pulse spell to burn it
then enter.

After the cut scene you will see 6 flashing stones in the
wall 3 to the left, 3 to the right. Now, if you got the
bracelets in the order I mentioned this will be easy (I
literally spent hours in this level) open your quick
inventory we will number the symbols on the bracelets. The
bottom bracelet will be 1 & 2 from left to right, the next
one above it will be 3 & 4 from left to right, and the one
above it will be 5 & 6 from left to right. The order to push
the buttons will be 1 2 3 4 5 6. I put each bracelet on the
screen to identify the symbols as I pushed them this is as
easy as I know how to make it. Go out the door it showed you
in the cut scene it's the one that would not open before.
Watch the cut scene.

When crossing use true sight you will see 2 sets of foot
prints 1 set will be human the other set will be gargoyle
follow the human set. After the cut scene the last skittle
you need is in the chest in front of you once you get it
quickly jump across to your mother load the create wizard
spell and use it on your mom then quickly jump across to
Dorian stand in front of him to keep him from dieing if your
mom or Dorian die you have to start over. I used potions on
myself while I protected him. After your mother kills the
beast jump across to where the dead monster lies. Use heart
of the rainbow on the 3 pillars that hold the prism shoot at
the fires at the base of the pillars. When the prism is gone
run up to the door at the top use the diminish spell to walk
through the bottom of the door.

25. Necroths Lair
I spent a lot of time in this area the way I'm going to tell
you will be done in minutes. I would not spend time chasing

After the cut scene run up the ramp and go left jump across
the open spaces and you will come to a cut scene to talk to
Necroth get close to the horn thing he is using to dodge the
fire balls coming at you use a distance spell to reduce his
health to almost nothing (don't reduce it all the way he
will regenerate) now run up the trail and get close to him I
smacked him with my staff and when his health goes to zero
he will stop to regenerate, while he does this hit him with
heart of the rainbow Necroth dies. Wait to see the ending
and you're done!

Written by Kelly Thompson


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