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 Deus Ex - Game of the Year Edition

Deus Ex - Game of the Year Edition


Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition
Version 1.112fm



[01] - Introduction
[02] - Skill Point Locations
[03] - Skill Distribution
[04] - Thanks & Legal and Contact


[01] Introduction:

Deus Ex is by far one of the most amazing and intuitive games I've
ever played. It seamlessly combines the goodness from multiple genres
into a vivid, thought-provoking game that will last for a long time.

If, like me, you're familiar with the urge to play the game not only
once, but multiple times in multiple different ways, you will find a
whole host of assistance on the net. From no kills to no skill
point/augmentation/weapon upgrades to speed runs and other humorous

Having purchased the game off Steam, and being already familiar with
it, I decided to play the game and obtain as much as I possibly could
in one go. I looked around for guides pertaining the total and
location of the multitude of skill points, but strangely enough,
there were none.

To cut a long story short, as I could not find one, I decided to
create one. Below is probably the most comprehensive collection of
skill points around (as I have not seen any other beyond
dead links) that covers all routes through each section. It is brief,
to the point and contains nothing except what you need to achieve
what you desire.

There are only a few things to note. The first is that this was
completed using V1.112fm of Deus Ex: Game of the Year addition on
Steam. The second is that whilst I did spend a number of hours
producing this, the odd bonus may have slipped past me (Despite
everything being correct so far). If I've missed anything, or you
know something I don't, contact me so it can be added.
Credit will be given in full.

I will add that this is intended for experienced players, as my
descriptions will not be surgically accurate and there are a few
spoilers. Those familiar with the game will have no trouble at all.
Have fun


[02] Skill Point Locations:

Starting SP: 5000

Untrain pistol bug: +1575 - Select 'Downgrade' Pistol at the start
and begin a new game, Pistol is
at Trained at no extra cost.

 - Liberty Island, New York

Exploration 250 - Rear of statue bunker.
Exploration 50 - Enter barge at north dock.
150 - Speak to Harley Filben.
Secondary Goal 150 - Free Gunther.
Progress Bonus 150 - Reach the upper statue level.
Critical Location Bonus 750 - Reach top of statue.
Exploration Bonus 25 - Enter comm van.
Exploration Bonus 50 - Enter comm bunker.
Progress Bonus 115 - Enter UNATCO.

Amount/Total - 8265/8265

 - UNATCO #1

Critical Location bonus 250 - Enter Manderley's office.
Area Location Bonus 50 - Enter Jaime's medlab.
Subject Acquisition Bonus 50 - Visit carter's armoury.
50 - Enter J.C's Office.

Amount/Total - 400/8665

 - Battery Park #1

Exploration bonus 20 - Enter secret soda machine door.
Area Location Bonus 65 - Enter Castle Clinton control room.
Secondary Goal 150 - Locating the Ambrosia.
Area Location Bonus 20 - Stairwell leading to tunnels below castle.
Accomplishment Bonus 40 - Enter doors of Castle Clinton.
Secondary Goal 10 - Speak to Anna after ambrosia.
50 - Give kid in Castle Clinton some food.
Accomplishment Bonus 40 - Get to the subway via ducts.
300 - Save the hostages.

Amount/Total - 695/9360

 - Hell's kitchen #1

Exploration Bonus 40 - Fire escape to Paul's apartment.
Exploration Bonus 40 - Enter the secret closet.
Accomplishment Bonus 65 - Rescue hostages in 'Ton.
Exploration Bonus 50 - Back way into smugglers.
Area Location Bonus 20 - Meet smuggler.
Area Location Bonus 50 - Centre of rotating bridge in sewer.
Accomplishment Bonus 50 - Awarded en route to Schick.
Secondary Goal 80 - Rescue Schick.
Accomplishment Bonus 150 - Speak to people in free clinic/underworld
for information on terrorists.
Accomplishment Bonus 150 - Return to free clinic/underworld after
previous bonus for an extra one.
Exploration Bonus 50 - Corridor in Osgood&Sons at start.
Exploration Bonus 50 - Osgood underground turret path.
Area Location Bonus 30 - Base of ladder on first chimney roof.
Accomplishment Bonus 20 - Jump into building window.
Area Location Bonus 30 - Corridor of building you jump in.
Accomplishment Bonus 20 - Get to the generator building roof.
Area Location Bonus 40 - Path near sewer entrance/hole in fence.
Accomplishment Bonus 20 - Blowing up broken wall in sewer.
Area Location Bonus 30 - Proceeding through small door keypad.
Exploration Bonus 20 - Pass through underwater tunnel.
Area Location Bonus 60 - Basement storage room.
Critical Location Bonus 70 - Generator command room.
Accomplishment Bonus 500 - Destroy the generator.

Amount/Total - 1635/10995

 - UNATCO #2


 - Battery Park #2

55 - Speak to Filben in the subway and 'Buy' the password.
175 - Giving curly the 'underworld' password.
Accomplishment Bonus 100 - Fix the water supply for bum.
Secondary Goal 25 - Tell bum you fixed it.
100 - Kill rock for El Rey.
Progress Bonus 100 - Path on from women's restroom.
25 - Speak to Kevin Bradley to learn the secret brick trick.
Accomplishment Bonus 100 - Enter secret room.
100 - Speak to NSF leader.
Exploration Bonus 38 - Go inside the small cave opposite the path
leading to the men's restroom.
Progress Bonus 100 - Go through men's restroom.
Advancement Bonus 50 - Room before helipad.
Goal Accomplishment Bonus 100 - Approach first Ambrosia crate.
Exploration Bonus 50 - Use second pinball machine in social room to
open bookcase.
Exploration Bonus 75 - Secret room in helibase control room.
Goal Accomplishment Bonus 100 - Locating airfield.
Goal Accomplishment Bonus 100 - Finding second Ambrosia crate by dock.
Exploration Bonus 25 - Secret room in barracks.
Advancement Bonus 50 - Entering the hanger.
Goal Accomplishment bonus 100 - Final Ambrosia crate in plane's cargo.

175 - Keep speaking to Lebedev until Anna kills him. You do not get
these if you kill Lebedev yourself.
 - Or
200 - Kill Anna and speak to Lebedev, you gain the points after the
talk with him. You can only obtain one of these.

Amount/Total - 1768/12763

 - Hell's Kitchen #2

Area Location Bonus 60 - Underground rotating bridge.
Area Location Bonus 20 - Visit Smuggler.
Area Location Bonus 30 - Reach the terminal that opens basement
hatch on level 3.
Area Location Bonus 50 - Go down the basement hatch you opened.
Accomplishment Bonus 150 - Find Paul's datacube in basement.
300 - broadcast the signal.
Accomplishment Bonus 50 - Reach the Hell's Kitchen Subway station.
Accomplishment Bonus 50 - Reach the top of the Battery Park subway

Amount/Total - 710/13473

 - Secret MJ12 Base

Goal Accomplishment Bonus 250 - Escape detention.
Progress Bonus 150 - Collect your equipment.
Goal Accomplishment Bonus 500 - Get to Paul.
Exploration Bonus 100 - Rear vent in Nano lab against wall.
Advancement Bonus 200 - Reach UNATCO level 4.
Progress Bonus 165 - Pass UNATCO retinal door.

Amount/Total - 1365/14838

 - MJ12 Helibase

Accomplishment Bonus 50 - Release poison gas.
Goal Accomplishment Bonus 75 - Enter Flight Deck 1.
Accomplishment Bonus 175 - Get into the elevator to go to Hong Kong.

Amount/Total - 300/15138

 - Hong Kong

Area Location Bonus 40 - Police HQ basement.
Area Location Bonus 40 - Enter secret room of stockroom near the
Exploration Bonus 50 - Explore MJ12 walkway to roof in Maggie's house.
Goal Accomplishment Bonus 200 - Get Dragon Tooth Sword.
Progress Bonus 100 - Enter Lucky Money.
Character Interaction Bonus 150 - Speak with Max Chen.
Exploration Bonus 64 - Sneak into the Quick Stop shop.
Exploration Bonus 50 - Go into freezer vent in Old China Hand.
Exploration Bonus 10 - Explore the submerged end of collapsed tunnel.
Exploration Bonus 30 - Secret room on sampan boat.
Exploration Bonus 20 - Enter old man's house in wall by sampan boat.
Accomplishment Bonus 200 - Enter Luminous Path compound.
Subject Acquisition Bonus 200 - Meet Tracer Tong


Character Interaction Bonus 150 - Have Hundley killed and speak with
the programmer.
Progress Bonus 120 - Get into the elevator to labs.
Exploration Bonus 50 - Venting before greasel, from bathroom vent.
Area Location Bonus 50 - Enter ROM encoding area via main hall secret
Accomplishment Bonus 150 - Get the ROM encoding.
Exploration Bonus 50 - Enter the security office in reception.
150 - Meet Max Chen and Gordon Quick in the temple with the ROM

-Versalife #2

Exploration Bonus 50 - Get to the end of Canal Road with car accident.
Critical Location Bonus 50 - Reach the laboratory.
Progress Bonus 100 - Get blasted through the vent to escape Versalife.

Amount/Total - 2074/17212

 - Hell's Kitchen #3

Area Location Bonus 60 - Underground revolving bridge centre.
Area Location Bonus 20 - Smuggler's place again.
100 - Speak with Vinny in Underworld and check out the base for him.
100 - Speak with Filben in Underworld and kill Joe Greene.
900 - Meet Dowd in Osgood ruins.

Amount/Total - 1180/18392

 - Naval Shipyard

100 - Instantly given to you when you start the level, with no

Accomplishment Bonus 20 - Enter rear office in building before second
Area Location Bonus 40 - Pass second gate to mech area.
Accomplishment Bonus 20 - Use terminal by vending machine in first
warehouse to open door.
Accomplishment Bonus 20 - Break or pick the desk cupboard to gain
two keys.
Critical Location Bonus 50 - Enter third bot bay which releases two
Accomplishment Bonus 50 - Get on top of above bay's roof ramp to
other side.
Area Location Bonus 30 - Walkway between the two first hangers.
Accomplishment Bonus 40 - Sewer at start, jump three red pipes.
Accomplishment Bonus 20 - Make it to the next vent in sewer.
Area Location Bonus 50 - Move beyond the sewer gas lake.
Accomplishment Bonus 60 - Continue past the LAM on sewer path.
Area Location Bonus 30 - Move to the end sewer path to freighter.
Accomplishment Bonus 60 - Enter duct on the roof.
Accomplishment Bonus 24 - Jump the red gap in the spinning tunnel.
Area location Bonus 40 - Follow red tunnel to next areas overlook.
Area Location Bonus 40 - Enter area behind ladder from giant fan room.
Area Location Bonus 40 - Enter crane control room.
Accomplishment Bonus 20 - Climb up a far side water to deck ladder.
Accomplishment Bonus 20 - Climb up the other water to deck ladder.
Area Location Bonus 50 - Get to prow of ship.
Accomplishment Trigger 30 - Raise the ramp to the Wall Cloud.
Area Location Bonus 50 - Go out on deck at the highest level from
pilots room.
Accomplishment Bonus 30 - Go into captain's quarters.
Accomplishment Bonus 30 - Go past the locked door to lower decks.
Accomplishment Bonus 120 - Blow first weld point near boiler.
Area Location Bonus 40 - Enter control room tower base from risen
Accomplishment Bonus 120 - Second weld point by oil tanker.
Accomplishment Bonus 120 - Third weld point in electrical.
Area Location Bonus 50 - End of de-electrified walkway to Heli-Ops.
Area Location Bonus 40 - Get on top of helipad next to chopper.
Accomplishment Bonus 120 - Fourth weld point in helibay.
Area Location Bonus 30 - Enter vent in cooling shaft.
Area Location Bonus 80 - Jump from bilge-pumps to walkway opposite.
Accomplishment Bonus 120 - Fifth weld point or final objective bilge

Amount/Total - 1784/20176

 - Cemetery

Accomplishment Bonus 140 - Destroy hidden generator.
Area Location Bonus 20 - Tunnels from grave to Dowd's place.
Area Location Bonus 20 - Second tunnels from 'Dowd' coffin.
200 - Speak with Dowd.

Amount/Total - 380/20556

 - Paris


Exploration Bonus 50 - Reach Aimee at the top of the steps in the
starting building.
Progress Bonus 50 - Get past the radioactive room.
Secondary Goal 200 - Return to Aimee after killing the four greasels.
Area Location Bonus 50 - Reach the manhole after the greasel section.


Critical Location Bonus 250 - Entrance to the catacombs.
Critical Location Bonus 150 - Reach Bunker 01.
Subject Acquisition Bonus 250 - Enter the central part of Bunker 01
with Chad.
Advancement Bonus 50 - Enter the Bunker 03 area via wall gap.
Subject Acquisition Bonus 250 - Rescue the prisoners in the central
Accomplishment Bonus 150 - Return to Bunker 01.
500 - Speak with Chad about Nicolette.

-Paris Square

Advancement Bonus 50 - Enter sewers.
Advancement Bonus 50 - Continue through sewers.
Accomplishment Bonus 50 - Enter control shack for the bots.
Area Location Bonus 50 - Crawl inside oven at bakery.
Exploration Bonus 50 - Enter house 11.
Exploration Bonus 50 - Go to the balcony of house 12.
Exploration Bonus 50 - Go to the back of the music store.
Advancement Bonus 100 - Go to the bartender area of L'enfer.
Exploration Bonus 50 - Enter the rear storeroom with a code.
300 - Speak with Nicolette out by Jock's helicopter.

-DuClare Mansion

Critical Location Bonus 100 - Proceed into Beth's room.
Progress Bonus 150 - Proceed into cellar.
Area Location Bonus 150 - Enter the secret cellar.
Critical Location Bonus 250 - Find network room.
Progress Bonus 150 - Enter Crypt.
Area Location Bonus 250 - Enter Gold vault in cathedral.
Area Location Bonus 250 - Enter WIB room at top of second tower.
Exploration Bonus 150 - Use secret door in stairwell with lamp to get
to cathedral central.
Critical Location Bonus 500 - Approach cathedral computer.
Exploration Bonus 50 - Jump onto upper level in mechanic area.
Advancement Bonus 150 - Get to the bottom of subway stairs.
150 - Meet Atanwe.

-Everett's House

Exploration Bonus 100 - Enter Lucius room from bathroom mirror.
Exploration Bonus 100 - Enter Morpheus room.
Subject Acquisition Bonus 500 - Go into Everett's lab.
Exploration Bonus 50 - Enter aquarium and swim to other side.
Advancement Bonus 50 - Go to helipad.

Amount/Total 5850/26406

 - Vandenberg

Exploration Bonus 50 - Fall down the red lit tunnel from level 3 with
dead mechanic.
Accomplishment Bonus 100 - Activate one override switch.
Exploration Bonus 100 - Enter lift shaft via level 3 vent to get on
top of the lift.
Exploration Bonus 50 - Get into small room with assistant next to
hazard lab.
Accomplishment Bonus 150 - In hazard lab, jump to far side table with
hazmat suit.
Exploration Bonus 75 - Enter the vent in the rear of the main room.
Area Location Bonus 75 - use the second level outer building pipe to
get to main building side with LAWS.
Accomplishment Bonus 100 - Activate second override.
Exploration Bonus 50 - Go into the water tank outside and locate the
two crates.
Exploration Bonus 50 - Use the small vent in main building to get to
dead scientist outside.
Accomplishment Bonus 150 - Enter the bot bay.
Area Location Bonus 100 - Run down slope to the front of Vandenberg
Critical Location Bonus 400 - Enter Communications building.
Exploration Bonus 50 - Get onto comm building roof where sniper is.
Exploration Bonus 150 - Use maintenance hatch to get to above pipes
over nuke hall.
Exploration Bonus 150 - Raise ramp to level 2 then get the utility
box there.
Advancement Bonus 400 - Get to the ladder near dead scientist with
Progress Bonus 500 - Upload milnet link for Savage.

-Gas Station

Exploration Bonus 50 - Enter the vent from the roof of empty station,
then go into corner vent.

-Sub Base

Exploration Bonus 149 - Enter small storage shed near base entrance.
Exploration Bonus 50 - Jump into Karkian tank.
Exploration Bonus 50 - Enter the weapon room in guard's room.
Progress Bonus 300 - Enter mini-sub hanger.
Advancement Bonus 400 - Get to the stairwell after greasels.
Advancement Bonus 400 - Take lift beyond crew quarters to the bottom.
Goal Accomplishment Bonus 500 - Obtain UC schematics.
Primary Goal 500 - Speak to Savage on roof of the sub base.

- Missile Base

Advancement Bonus 300 - Open first set of missile doors.
Goal Accomplishment Bonus 350 - Get to Launch Controls.
Goal Accomplishment Bonus 350 - Abort and redirect the missile to
Area 51.

Amount/Total 6099/32505

 - Area 51

-Section One

Exploration Bonus 50 - Go into the room beneath the comms bunker locked
Area Location Bonus 50 - Climb up broken girder and meet soldier in
Exploration Bonus 50 - Use the girder to get onto the roof above soldier,
with dead mechanic.
Area Location Bonus 50 - Reach terminal at top of control tower.
Secondary Goal 50 - Get elevator power online.
Area Location Bonus 50 - Return to surface and use the vent drop
alternate route. Power must be on.
Progress Bonus 50 - Reach Section Two blast doors.

-Section Two

Exploration Bonus 50 - Go into the vent behind the exploding generator.
Area Location Bonus 50 - Enter the recreation room.
Area Location Bonus 50 - Enter 'Alain's' chamber in barracks.

-Section Three

Critical Location Bonus 100 - Enter Section Three.
Critical Location Bonus 100 - Enter reactor lab B3.
Critical Location Bonus 100 - Enter Aquinas Hub.
Critical Location Bonus 100 - Reach to of Aquinas Control.
Exploration Bonus 50 - Enter weapon locker in Aquinas Control.
Exploration Bonus 50 - Enter weapon locker on stairwell.
Exploration Bonus 50 - Enter weapon locker before Section Four.

-Section Four


Amount/Total - 1050/33555

Total SP Obtained - 33555
Total SP Used for most efficient skills - 32400
Total SP Unused - 1155


[03] Skill Distribution:

As we can now see, there are a limited amount of skill points made
available to the player through the whole game. Below is a list of
the most effective way to place them regardless of how your play
style is. I suppose all that would differ is what order they would
be implemented. Whilst opinion will always vary, a lot of the skills
can be ignored due to post cost to use ratio whilst others just
ignored through necessity.

Skill name - Level of training - Amount of SP used - Total SP used

Heavy - Advanced - 4050 - 4050
Pistol - Trained - 0 - 4050
Rifle - Master - 9975 - 14025
Low-Tech - Trained - 1350 - 15375
Demolition - Advanced 2700 - 18075
Environmental - Advanced - 2025 - 20100
Lockpicking - Trained - 1800 - 21900
Electronics - Trained - 1800 - 23700
Medicine - Trained - 900 - 24600
Computer - Master - 7125 - 31725
Swimming - Trained - 675 - 32400 - 1155 SP Spare


[04] Thanks & Legal and Contact

 - Those in whole or part creation to Deus Ex

 - Tamás Szarka - Discovered 175 SP, by letting Anna kill Lebedev.

 - Marcel Santee - Discovered 200 SP, by letting Lebedev live.

 - Ben Sorich - Discovered 150 SP, by returning to Underworld/Clinic.


This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or
otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission.
Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public
display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

Copyright 2009 - James Sharp




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