Disciples 2 - The Legions of the Dawned Saga Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Disciples 2 - The Legions of the Dawned Saga

Disciples 2 - The Legions of the Dawned Saga

             ===      ======== ======== === ======== ======== ========
             ¦ ¦      ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦
             ¦ ¦      ¦  ===== ¦  ====  ¦ ¦ ¦ ==== ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦  ====
             ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦  ¦     ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ==== ¦ ¦  ¦
             ¦ ¦      ¦  ===   ¦  ¦     ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦  ====
             ¦ ¦      ¦     ¦  ¦  ¦ === ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦
             ¦ ¦      ¦  ===   ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ =====  ¦
             ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦     ¦  ¦
             ¦ ====== ¦  ===== ¦  === ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ==== ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ =====  ¦
             ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦
             ======== ======== ======== === ======== ===  === ========

                                                (Dedicated to Peter, mon âme)


¦   This walkthrough is copyrighted to Mister Sinister (2004)                ¦
¦   I don't mind it being lifted in its entirity, but if you do so,          ¦
¦   please make sure you give credit to the author (me) and DON'T pass it    ¦
¦   off as your own.  Thanks !                                               ¦


1)	The Broken Seal
2)	Bethrezen's Retreat
3)	The Dark Alliance
4)	The Salty Dungeon
5)	Darkness and Light
6)	The Ambush
7)	The Prince of Hell



This is a very quick key to some of the terms I'll use in this FAQ :-

In areas where I am talking about troops in cities, any troops mentioned in
[squared brackets] are within the city proper (an obvious example would be 
Ashkael, who would be shown as [Ashkael] as he is IN the city and, in his 
case, cannot leave - all troops NOT in squared brackets are just waiting in 
the city (as in, healing there, etc.)

Map directions are as follows.  North on the map is up and right.  South is 
down and left. West is up and left, and East is down and right.

Obviously the very nature of this game makes doing an FAQ quite a challenging 
task, as you can go anywhere, do anything (within reason) and your opponents 
will pretty much respond to the way you play ... so this is an account of what
I would suggest and expect, pointers I have learned, things I would pick up - 
basically anything and everything which I could think of which might help you 
play as the Legions of the Damned in their Saga ... I have tried to keep this 
FAQ both light-hearted, and informative.

Similarly, with troops garrisoned in cities, whilst my FAQ is accurate as at 
MY playing the game, these may change - ESPECIALLY in cities owned by other 
players (as you are doubtless aware if you've ever played this game, your 
computer opponents are FOREVER changing the troops that they garrison in 
their cities).

Comments are always welcome - you can reach me at

Thanks for reading this !!


1)	The Broken Seal


Ten years ago Bethrezen, God of the Legions of the Damned, was imprisoned by 
the Mountain Clans.  Without his leadership, the Legions were scattered to the
winds, fleeing the reprisals of the other races, and going into hiding as 
quickly as they could.

There they awaited a time when the power of the runic seal would weaken to 
such a degree that Bethrezen might be freed.

... but ten years later, the Mountain Clans sent High King Morok Cloudkeeper's
Son, Gymner, on a mission to enact the sacred rites which would lock 
Bethrezen's Infernal Gate for not just another ten years, but what could 
indeed prove to be a HUNDRED years ...

... but of course, if Gymner were to die BEFORE enacting these rites, the 
Legions might once again be able to unite themselves with their God ...

The first mission and it's a VERY very important one for the Legions - Gymner 
Cloudkeeper MUST be killed before he is able to enact the rites to strengthen 
the runic seal on Bethrezen's Infernal Gate.

At the start of the level a Dwarven Messenger stumbles upon your Capital City, 
and threatens you before legging it to tell the Clans of your location.  A 
Cultist wisely suggests that he be slain before he is able to alert the Clans 
and call for reinforcements.

The action then switches to you Boss :)

Basically the Cultist is right ... even thought this is your first level and you
are just starting out, I would STRONGLY suggest that you assassinate the Dwarven
Messenger before he is able to call for reinforcements, otherwise you're just 
making a rod for your own back ...

Although the Dwarven Messenger has legged it out of your field of vision, he is 
JUST beyond it to the south of your Capital ... and no ... he isn't alone ... 
he is travelling with two Axe-Throwers ... but you should still be able to take 
him with even a fledgling army without too many problems, ESPECIALLY when you 
take into account the REALLY poor initiative ratings which the Mountain Clans' 
units seem cursed with ;)

Once the messenger is slain, one of your Counselors confirms his death, and 
reminds you that in order for Bethrezen to be freed, the High King's son MUST 
be slain before he reaches the Infernal Gate ... SO !  No time for smelling the 
roses ... ONWARD !! =D

For your information, the map on this level is not only small, but vaguely 
symmetrical, and you can use this to your advantage.  BASICALLY the map looks 
like this :-

                      ¦          ¦            ¦        ¦
                      ¦     M    ¦     I      ¦   L    ¦
                      ¦         ¦            ¦         ¦
                      ¦         ¦            ¦         ¦
                      ¦        ¦      ¦     ¦          ¦
                      ¦        ¦     ¦      ¦          ¦
                      ¦       ¦     ¦      ¦           ¦
                      ¦       ¦            ¦           ¦
                      ¦                                ¦
                      ¦                                ¦
                      ¦                                ¦
                      ¦                                ¦

M = Mountain Clans Capital City
I = Infernal Gate
L = Legions of the Damned Capital City

Gymner Cloudkeeper starts out at the Mountain Clans Capital City and, unless 
you're REALLY really slow, you can effectively pin him in there, as he won't 
start his march towards the Infernal Gate unless you a) disturb him, or b) 
leave it for a REALLY long time before mounting your attack upon him and his 

So ... having now slain the Dwarven Messenger I would suggest that you mop up 
the troops surrounding your Capital City, to both increase the experience of 
your units, and fortify them before moving on to tackle the tougher foes on 
this level ...

Once you take the City of Dunera, one of your Cultists eggs you on, telling you 
that you MUST hurry to ensure that Bethrezen is freed ...



If you move southwards from the City of Dunera, one of your Cultists warns you 
of the presence of (gulp) GOBLINS.  Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew I'm really quaking !!
Stop it !!!  Even with the Legions in its presently weakened state, Goblins 
should pose NO problem (thumps his fist on the table in defiance).  ONWARD 

If you continue south (as I have, 'coz I will NOT be stopped), a Dwarf zips 
across from the waters to the west and blocks your path ... he tells you that 
you "evil creatures" (bless) are not allowed beyond this point, and that you 
must leave or perish.

... guess we'd better go home then eh !

SOD OFF YOU LITTLE PUNK !!!!!!  Kick his butt ... his unit comprises a Dwarf, a 
Novice and an Axe Thrower.  Make sure that you concentrate your attacks 
(insofar as your are able) on the unit that the Novice empowers, as he will do 
+50% Damage ;)

If (looking at my map (above)) you work your way around the mountain range that 
blocks your path to the Infernal Gate, you will encounter some Dwarves guarding 
the Neutral City of Oghock ... once you have slain the first of these units (as 
you will need to do to get past them), one of your Counselors will tell you 
that these were mere guards, and that he is sure that the Gate cannot be far 
from your present location ... (he's right - it's just north !!)

[IMPORTANT NOTE: I would strongly suggest securing the gate BEFORE attacking 
Gymner - that way, if your opening units are not strong enough to fell him, you 
can have reinforcements waiting for him nearer the gate] ;)

[IMPORTANT NOTE: Taking the City of Oghock does NOT automatically mean that you 
are able to police the corridor leading to the Infernal Gate since, as you will 
see from my diagram of the level (above), there corridor leading to the Infernal
Gate actually splits down the middle as a result of a small mountain range which
allows TWO ways to get to the Infernal Gate through the middle passageway ... 
this basically means that you should focus on using the City of Oghock as a 
barracks for the creation of units that you CAN use to better police the 
passageway leading to the Infernal Gate]

If you approach the *other* set of Dwarves outside the city of Oghock (the ones 
to the west), you will overhear a conversation between Guards Thurin and another
Dwarf, which goes something like this :-

THURIN :  "Why's Gymner being sent THIS way ?  We could be badger-baiting in 
           Gunthera !!"
DWARF  :  "Och, I denne kenn - he's supposed to be having a concert here I 
           think ... let's hope ticket sales are better than his recent tour 
           of the Underworld ..."
THURIN :  "Well I guess we'll see - gimme the ale - I'm gonna get plastered."


One of your Cultists shrewdly observes that they must be guarding the passage 
which leads to the Gate !  AS I believe I may have just mentioned Mr Cultist, 
you're right - this IS the way to the gate ... (shakes fist at computer screen).

A little while on, one of your Counselors points out that the sluggish Dwarves 
still don't seem to be aware of your presence on these lands, and that this 
SHOULD prove to be a powerful advantage to you ... OF COURSE IT WILL !!!!!  
What the HELL do I pay you people for ???  It's CERTAINLY not to give me advice 
like THAT !! =O

If you approach the Hill Giant to the north-west of Oghock, he will speak to 
you ... he says :- "Wotan will not tolerate this blasphemy!  Prepare yourselves 
to join your accursed god in oblivion ..."

RIGHT !!  It's a fight !!!!!  ..................... wait just a cotton-pickin' 
minute ... that CHEEKY little bugger !!  He casts a Blizzard spell on you just 
for good measure !!! (As if his words were not painful enough !!  Hee hee - 
we'll show HIM pain !!)

Time to whip out the big guns ... (I would zap his @ss with a spell or two just 
to show him who's boss and then go in all guns blazing).

Once he has fallen and the remainder of the troops surrounding the Infernal 
Gate (several of which are Mountain Clans units - advanced scouts perhaps ?) 
have been pacified, you may spend a little while concentrating on fortifying 
this area before you stage your final attack on Gymner Cloudkeeper and his 

After you have made your assault on the Dwarven City of Inthuric, a Dwarf tells 
you that Gymner is the son of the High King of the Mountain Clans, Morok 
Cloudkeeper ... and that any harm that befalls Gymner will be vested back upon 

OK pause it.  Ever done algebra ?  a + b = c ?

Let's look at this logically.

I foresee two ways to proceed at this juncture :-

1)  Free Gymner + Let him get to the Infernal Gate = CERTAIN DEATH for the 

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm =./ Tempting !

- or -

2)  Kill ALL the Dwarves + Rip Gymner's Head off = VICTORY !!

Ooh !  TOUGH CHOICE ... hang on whilst I phone a friend ...


Taking the City of Inthuric and turning it into an Outpost of Hell is a GREAT 
idea ... Gymner shouldn't have even BEGUN his march to the Infernal Gate yet, 
and you can use this City to create even MORE troops to halt his progress ... 

Right.  Now that we've taken practically every resource and city on the map ?  
It's time to kill Gymner.  Gymner SHOULD still be just outside the Mountain 
Clans' Capital City, and is not surprisingly VERY well protected ... you will 
find the following units outside the Clans Capital :-

1)     Axe Thrower, Crossbowman, 2 Dwarves
2)     Rock Giant, Axe Thrower, Gymner Cloudkeeper
3)     Hill Giant
4)     Hill Giant
5)     Axe Thrower, 2 Dwarves, King's Guard ("Calderic" in my Saga)

Gymner is a level 3 Loremaster and should not be underestimated.

Once he has fallen a conversation ensues ... one of your Duke's tells you of 
the demise of Gymner - Gymner then dies, vowing that his father will avenge his 
death, and the action then switches to the Infernal Gate, where a Demonologist 
eagerly awaits the rebirth of Bethrezen ...

(AND here he is ... your GOD ... B .........................................)

... what the ............................ this is just a child !!!!!  I WANT MY 

OPPONENTS	Mountain Clans



Name              Inhabitants

Dunera            2 Peasants, Thug
Oghock            [2 Goblins, Orc]


Name              Inhabitants

Inthuric          [Dwarf, Axe Thrower]


Name              Inhabitants                   Gain anything from taking it ?

Lair              3 Goblin Archers              100 Gp, Bronze Ring
Abandoned Keep    Wyvern, Goblin, Goblin Archer 200 Gp, Tome of Arcanum
Old Temple        Hill Giant                    250 Gp, Celerity Scroll
Ruined Keep       Fiend, 2 Possessed            150 Gp, Orb of Fire


Event             Notes

Gymner is here !  The Loremaster Gymner Cloudkeeper is going to seal the 
Infernal Gate ! LOOT AND PILLAGE  Take the map and prepare for the advance of 
Gymner Cloudkeeper. SLAY GYMNER !!!   Kill Gymner to prevent his enacting the 
rites to close the Gate.

Potion of Protection, Life Potion, 2 x Potion of Healing, Pestilence Scroll, 
Gold Ring, Imp Orb, Potion of Striking, Potion of Swiftness, Silver Ring, 
Summon I: Roc Scroll, Unholy Chalice (Artifact).

3 x Life Potion, Talisman of Restoration.

Name                          Sells

Under's Shop (Merchant)       Life Potion x 4, Potion of Restoration x 10, 
                              Potion of Healing x 10
Malavien's Tower (Magic Shop) Pestilence (200 Gp), Weakness (200 Gp)


With Gymner slaughtered, the Legions awaited the emergence of their evil God 
from the confines of his dark prison ... but instead, a child of just over 12 
steps from the shadows, claiming to be Bethrezen.

B-U-M-M-E-R !!


2)	Bethrezen's Retreat


The being that emerged from the Infernal Gate was NOT Bethrezen (DUH !), but 
rather the lost heir of the Empire - the child Uther.  Ten years ago, Bethrezen 
had chosen this boy as the receptacle for his soul, and when Uther stepped from 
the shadows as the new ruler of the Legions of the Damned, trees bled and the 
soil rotted under his feet.  There could be no doubt amongst the Legions that 
this child was the reincarnated Bethrezen.

Whilst nobody could fathom WHY Bethrezen would have chosen a mere BOY to house 
his almighty spirit, this was NOT the time for such questions ... the Undead 
Hordes were drawing close, and seemed to take more than a passing interest in 
the events unfolding before them ...

Bethrezen would have to be escorted to a safe location IMMEDIATELY, as he was 
still too weak to risk a full confrontation with the Hordes or any other race 
for that matter !

At the beginning of the level, Bethrezen pops up to tell you that he is still a 
bit tired from his ordeal, and must withdraw, but that the next time you meet 
the Hordes, you will wipe them out ...

A Sorcerer responds by concurring with him, and advising him that the mainstay 
of your forces lie to the north, and that you will assure his safe passage 
there ...

....................... ME !??!??!?!?!??!?!?!  I can barely find my way HOME 
after work !!

Oh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalright ... gimme a map ...

Undead forces then quickly surround Bethrezen (which is just peachy - I wanna 
see what this boy can do !!), stating that he cannot escape and that Mortis has 
ordered he be slain ... Bethrezen responds by casting two Ignis Potens spells 
upon the closest troops (one to the north and the other to the south), and then 
control switches to you !!

Your objective on this level is to get Bethrezen to the safety point to the 
north and just a little bit to the west of his present location.  UNFORTUNATELY 
a mountain range prevents you from just going in a straight line there - you 
will have to escort him south, then west, then north and finally east to get to 
the safety point ... this is NOT going to be easy ... I would STRONGLY advocate 
patience on this level, as if you just leg it with Bethrezen he WILL die and you
will lose the level ...

First thing is first.  Bethrezen is SURROUNDED by Undead Forces.  For your 
information, Bethrezen's unit comprises Bethrezen, a Devil and a Berzerker, and 
the units immediately around him are as follows (I have taken into account the 
fact that he will have already cast a spell on each unit before I comment on 
them) :-

1)     Gangren (a Nosferat), 2 Zombies, Dead Initiate
2)     2 Zombies
3)     Zombie, 2 Dead Ghosts
4)     Gozlen'ha (a Death Knight), 2 Fighters, Dead Initiate
5)     Zombie, Dead Initiate
6)     2 Zombies

Units 1-5 will have been weakened by the spells - Unit 6 (the 2 Zombies) is at 
full strength.

Take Bethrezen one way or the other ... do NOT send him around mopping up 
troops for TWO very good reasons :-

1)  He'll die, 'coz he's not strong enough.
2)  It's better to allow your chosen units (i.e. your strongest leader) to grab 
    all the XP ;)

Since you will have to go south to get to the END of this level, I would send 
Bethrezen south right from the outset.  To my mind it doesn't really matter too 
much whether you attack the Undead on the way through or not - they WILL all 
catch up with you, and if you do attack them then you are only really going to 
slow yourself down.  It's up to you really !! ;)

If you move Bethrezen around too much, one of your Cultists will chastise you, 
saying that it would be wise to ensure Bethrezen's safety before exploring the 
lands ... IGNORE HIM ... YOU are the boss - YOU know best ... in fact ?  HIT 
HIM for being so stupid ;)  There ... now we can proceed ... :">

I believe your aim should be to get Bethrezen safely entrenched within the City 
of Oghock.

It is central, which means it can easily be assailed strategically, but the AI 
on this level coupled with the fact that only the Undead are actively looking 
for Bethrezen SHOULD mean that once he is in there, you can clear a safe path 
for him with your other troops and thereby GREATLY improve your chances of 
beating this level ;)

Once you have managed to get Bethrezen safely tucked away inside Oghock you 
should make sure he is well protected and JUST LEAVE HIM THERE until much 
later on in the level.  By all means build the city up to level 5 and stock it 
fully with troops - he will be fine ;)


Tip about playing Bethrezen

My good friend Chuck has suggested that, if you incorporate Dopplegangers into 
your army, you can actually effectively CLONE Bethrezen thus GREATLY increasing
your military might.  Imagine it !!  Having a bunch of MINI-Bethrezen's !!!!!!!

Bear in mind that it might not be possible on EVERY level where Bethrezen is 
shown to actually DO this - for example, you will not (certainly on the earlier 
levels) be able to have access to the Doppleganger level of troop development,
but I'm mentioning it at THIS stage as it is something you should NOT forget ;)

Thanks Chuck - I'm off to try this one IMMEDIATELY !! =)


Turning now to your Capital City, you REALLY need to take the City of 
Tsullen'hish in order to avoid having your precious resources STOLEN by the 
perfidious (the narrator uses that word - I have NO idea what it means ... 
hang on a tick ...)

(runs a search on

Perfidious = of, relating to, or marked by perfidy (GEE THANKS !!) ... oh ... 

QUITE why they couldn't just say treacherous is beyond me !!!  ANYWAY ... :) 
... stolen by the TREACHEROUS Undead Hordes ;).

You will find the City of Tsullen'hish to the north-east of your Capital City.  
Send some units across the waters to the east and then north once they reach 
the edge of the map, and you will find the City of Tsullen'hish ... it's quite 
well guarded, but I would suggest taking it as quickly as possible to avoid the 
Undead sending Hordes (pardon the pun) of their Hordes through the gap and 
right up to your Capital.

Once you have taken the City of Tsullen'hish an Initiate (ooh scary !!) pops up 
to tell you that Mortis will slay Uther and there's NOTHING you can do to stop 

... we'll see !! ;)

If you take the Neutral City of Dunera, a Hill Giant tells you that the Clans 
will not forget your attack on the High King's son, and that you WILL pay for 
your actions ...

... but who cares !! ;)

If you take the City of Luycyx, a Counselor tells you that his scouts have 
spotted Undead troops on the lands, and that they come from all sides ... he 
suggests you rest there and then press on towards a safe spot for Bethrezen.

... um ... didn't I just say that ?  Nevermind ...

If you approach the Lizardman to the south-east of the City of Luycyx, he comes 
running out to you to ask for your help.  He tells you that he needs you to take
the Totem in the chest beside him to his tribe, and that they will reward you 
for your assistance.  Then he disappears !

VERY odd.  True to his word, the chest beside him contains an Agshlisga Totem, 
being a totem which represents a serpent being (or a Mr Potatohead depending on 
whether you look at the picture BEFORE reading the description or not) ;)

ANYWAY.  His "tribe" is in the south-westernmost corner of the map ... (just 
travel west from the City of Luycyx until you reach the Hideout, then west a 
bit, south-west until you reach the City of Krazius, and then due west and you 
will reach his tribe).

FOR YOUR INFORMATION, the "reward" he speaks of ?  Is POOR ... basically your 
path is blocked by a Lizard Man who tells you that this is the domain of the 
Shirlllessh tribe, and that you will be attacked if you venture further, to 
which a Medusa comes rushing past him, takes the totem off you, tells you you're
a sweety and gives you a Runestone (Artifact) in return !!

To the west of the Crumbled Keep you will find a Spearman who tells you that 
you must leave as his people cannot tolerate your presence on these lands any 
longer, and that if you DO stay, they will be forced to fight you !

Okay ... if we were the Empire ?  Or the Clans ?  I might have listened to this 
guy ?  BUT DAMMIT WE'RE THE BADDIES !!  SCREW HIM !!!!!  Rip his HEAD off or 
something :">

After a while of clearing up the map you will be able to approach a passageway 
that runs from the Human controlled lands in the center of the map to the north,
towards the Undead Capital.  As you approach the entrance to this passageway, a 
Specter appears before you to tell you that "all those who enter Mortis' 
territory shall feel her powers".

One of your Sorcerers responds by advising you that this is the only passage to 
the north, and that whilst the Undead Hordes ARE quite obviously awaiting your 
arrival, you have no choice but to fight them ...

... that being said it's time to put foot to @ss and push through the Undead 
Hordes !!

REMEMBER that Bethrezen should still be safely tucked away inside the City of 
Oghock - there is NO point in bringing him out until you are ready ...

[IMPORTANT NOTE :  Whilst you can explore the WHOLE MAP with your finest units, 
and even go right up to the point where you are supposed to take Bethrezen (I 
wouldn't suggest doing this as it will remove the blue marker from the map and 
that might lead to your getting confused as to where exactly you are supposed 
to take him), you will NOT know about the trap the Undead have planned for 
Bethrezen until it's too late ... well ... unless you're reading THIS of course
;)  Basically if you look at the map JUUUUUUUUUUST as you are crossing the final
stretch of water from the Undead Capital to the blue marker there is a hidden 
trap which ONLY Bethrezen can activate, and which he MUST activate to get to the
end of the level.  When you reach this point, a Call Decay Dragon Spell is cast 
upon Bethrezen's Unit, and the following units teleport onto the map in his 
vicinity :-

1)     Death, 2 Werewolves, Death Knight (Honir'ya in my Saga)
2)     Doomdrake, Specter, Lich Queen (Shagherul in my Saga)
3)     Doomdrake, Death, Nosferat (Zythaar in my Saga)

Once you have killed all these units (of if you are REALLY quick with Bethrezen)
you can proceed to the end !!  I would STRONGLY suggest that you take as many 
units with you as you can at this point, as it may LOOK like just three units 
to you, but the leaders are VERY very powerful, and in all likelihood if 
Bethrezen tries to take them all on by himself he WILL not make it !!]


Tip about sacking the Undead Hordes' Capital City.

Nero has been in touch with me to say (and I quote) :-

"You can easily take over the Undead Capital with Bethrezen, a Anti-Paladin and 
a Onyx Gargoyle.  Just pump the group with all the potions you have (give 
Bethrezen the initiative boosting potions first, i got it to 102 (60+42) which 
is more than Ashgan (Undead Capital Guardian) has) and just keep attacking 
Ashgan with Bethrezen while picking the other ones off.

When the others are dead, you can almost 100% safely instant-resolve it (takes 
a while since the most damage i did was 15 with Bethrezen) And he got +2720 XP 
for it!"

Thanks Nero !!


OPPONENTS	Undead Hordes, Human Resistance



Name              Inhabitants

Dunera            Hill Giant, Crossbowman
Luycyx            Hill Giant, Rock Giant [Polar Bear]
Krazius           2 Goblins, Ogre
Kuelluran         [Spearman, 2 Man at Arms]
Inthuric          [2 Spearmen, Knight, Cleric]
Oghock            [2 Orcs, 2 Goblin Archers]


Name              Inhabitants

Tsullen'hish      [Wyvern, Zombie]
Thaaxull          [Warlock, Specter, Fighter, Zombie]


Name              Inhabitants                   Gain anything from taking it ?

Perthin           2 Master Thugs, Archer        150 Gp, Potion of Strength
Crumbled Fortress Goblin, Goblin Archer         30 Gp
Hideout           2 Goblin Archers, Ogre        500 Gp, Summon Living Armour 
Antique Temple    Deathdragon, Ghost            600 Gp, Banner of Protection
                                 (the above is the Antique Temple near Krazius)
Antique Temple    Imperial Knight, Mage,
                          2 Imperial Assassins  400 Gp, Call Decay Dragon Scroll
                               (the above is the Antique Temple near Kuelluran)
Crumbled Keep     2 Goblin Archers              35 Gp, Goblin Orb
Lost Mastaba      2 Wyverns                     200 Gp, Sapphire
Ruined Tower      Deathdragon, 2 Specters,
                                     Initiate   1,000 Gp, Tome of Water


Event             Notes

Undead Raid !!!   The Undead surround and assault Bethrezen !!  BUGGERHEADS !!
Help the Lizards  Act as errand boy for the Lizard Man and his totem ... if you 
                  wanna ...
Human insults     The PITIFUL Humans tell you not to enter their lands.  BAH !!
It's a Trap !!    Bethrezen is caught by the Undead in a sinister trap just on 
                  the finish line !!

3 x Potion of Healing, Potion of Protection, 2 x Life Potion, Pestilence Scroll,
Zombie Orb, Ice Storm Scroll, 2 x Potion of Restoration, Call to Arms Scroll, 2 
x Emerald, Bronze Ring, Orb of Earth, Potion of Swiftness, Healing Ointment, Orb
of Vigor, Potion of Accuracy, Ruby, Lizard Man Orb, Sanctuera Scroll, 2 x Potion
of Vigor, Potion of Speed, Bronze Ring, Staff of Thunder, Silver Ring, Weakness 

Treeback Potion, 3 x Life Potion, Quicksilver Potion.


Name                          Sells

Jolan's Tower (Magic Shop)    Blizzard (200 Gp), Hymn of the Clans (400 Gp), 
                              Stone Rain (400 Gp)
Werric's Shop (Merchant)      Life Potion x 5, Potion of Healing x 10, Potion 
                              of Restoration x 10, Healing Ointment x 3, 
                              Treebark Potion x 1, Potion of Protection x 2, 
                              Potion of Striking x 1, Potion of Speed x 1
Sallat's Shop (Merchant)      Orb of Healing x 1, Orb of Restoration x 1, Orb of
                              Life x 1, Orb of Vigor x 1
Under's Shop (Merchant)       Life Potion x 5, Treebark Potion x 5, Potion of 
                              Healing x 10, Potion of Restoration x 10, Banner 
                              of Speed x 1


With Bethrezen now safely escorted from harm, it is time to turn your attentions
to rebuilding his Empire, for you will have certainly drawn yourselves to the 
attention of the enemies of the Legions with Bethrezen's 'rebirth' in Nevendaar.


3)	The Dark Alliance


Hubert de Layle, the nephew of the treacherous aristocrat Bernard of Cahuzak (a 
noble who rebelled against the Empire during the First Great Wars and was 
discovered and slain for his treachery), was targetted by the Legions as a 
likely ally in their struggle to rebuild their shattered Empire.  De Layle's 
corrupt soul and taste for the darker side of things would surely mean he could 
be ... swayed ... to seeing the Legions' point of view ... :">

At the start of this level, De Layle pops up on your screen to threaten you and 
tells you basically that he will bomb you back to the stone age for intruding 
upon his lands.

He also sends you a letter, in response to your request to be his new friends, 
which reads :-

"Dear Mr Bethrezen,

Thank you for your recent application to become one of Hubert De Layle's 
buddies.  As you will doubtless be aware, Mr De Layle is a *very* busy man, and 
as such cannot take the time to comment on each application he receives 
personally, but in this case you will be pleased to note that he has made an 
exception, and has asked us to deliver the following message to you.


Trusting that the above remains clear, we remain,

The soon to be slaughtered masses,

De Layle's Castle"

NEEDLESS to say Bethrezen, who is still a bit cranky, and hasn't had a good day 
to say the LEAST, is more than a little unimpressed by this tone, and sets out 
to "convince" De Layle that he should ally with the Legions.

Right.  Your objective on this level is to ALLY with Hubert de Layle.  Note the 
key word in that sentence ... A-L-L-Y ... as in, NOT declare open war on him 
and slaughter all his troops.

In Disciples 2 there are THREE ways to become somebody's Ally :-

1)  Buy their friendship
2)  Kill their enemies to earn their friendship
3)  Ask for their friendship.

As you will see, at least at the OUTSET, option 3 doesn't seem to be working ...
De Layle is too busy with his playthings to want to be your friend ... so you'd 
best work on a combination of options 1 and 2 to complete this level.

There is, however, Option 4 which I have yet to mention, and which DOES ACTUALLY


Obviously this has certain drawbacks ... a) You've KILLED all his troops, so 
you're going to have to be VERY rich to apologise for that ... b) It'll take 
AAAAAAAAAGES 'coz you'll have to conquer the entire map first.

How you do this level is entirely up to you, but by far the simplest (and it 
has to be said BIFFEST) way of winning here is to simply hold your units in 
your capital and pay De Layle all your gold on a regular basis ... this will 
increase your popularity and eventually HE will offer to ally with you and the 
level will end !!)

[ LATE BREAKING NEWS !!  I have just been advised by LenDBZ that there is 
ANOTHER way of getting the fat freak to ally with you, which I had NO idea 
about !!  Apparently you can get him to ally with you by taking Bethrezen and 
moving him right up to De Layle's Capital City, and De Layle's end dialogue 
will commence !!  Obviously I would still advise that you take care to mop up 
the troops en route BEFORE you send Bethrezen off to De Layle's Castle if you
you this option, but THANK LENDBZ for bringing it to my (and consequently YOUR)
attention !! ] =)

In an attempt to cover all angles, I'm going to a regular walkthrough for this 
level ...

Bethrezen charges out of your Capital and urges you to march on and conquer ... 
he makes me laugh ... whether he's Uther OR Bethrezen, he's ALWAYS got that 
totally arrogant streak !!

I would stock up and then eject your leader and his units from the Capital and 
then put Bethrezen back in there for the duration of the level ... you can send 
him out and about to mop up weak units should you wish, but if he dies it's 
MEGA badness for the Legions ;)

If you take the city of Ablliven you will get treated to a history lesson by a 
Master Thug, who tells you that Bernard of Cahuzak was Hubert de Lalye (BAD 
spelling)'s Uncle, and that Bernard rebelled against the King during the First 
Great Wars 10 years ago ...

When Hubef falls, one of your Sorcerers reminds you that it lies awfully close 
to the Clans territory, and that an abundance of caution would be a good idea 
(he's right) ;)

If you capture Tellorum, a Mountaineer tells you that they despised Cahuzak as 
much as they loathe you, and that you WILL pay for your attack on their city 
(shyeah RIGHT little man. Should you be worrying about the RAGNAROK ??) ;)

Conquering the City of Reffugia gets you chastised by a Peasant that lives 
there.  He says that if the King hadn't abandoned their people, you would NEVER 
have been able to take them, and wages that De Layle himself sent you to attack 
them (FAT CHANCE !!)

If you press east from Under's Shop one of your Counselors pops up to tell you 
that the King HAS abandoned these lands, so you should be able to take them with
ease ...

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm =./

If you take the City of Nahneen, Death threatens Bethrezen (telling him that he 
will not escape as Mortis has need of him).

Once Gunkerth Keep has been won (as you are leaving it in fact) a Cultist steps 
up to tell you that De Layle burnt this town down after they refused to deliver 
three virgin girls to him (presumably to sacrifice in one of his banquests).  
What a twisted little maggot !! =O

You MIGHT like to think twice before taking the City of Unlluven (as this is 
one of Hubert's Cities, and it will REALLY p!ss him off) ;)

Once you pass to the north of Unlluven, one of your Sorcerers confirms that you 
are now entering De Layle's territory, and says (which makes me smile) "He seems
as cruel as you are almighty !"


As you go beyond the path and into the field of skeletons, a Counselor tells you
that De Layle impaled all the people you see in the field ... HOW COOL IS THAT 
BY THE WAY !!  Well ... in GAME terms at least ... (( those spikes look 
sharp !! )) :(

Once you have done all the exploring you fancy doing on this level, you can 
just sit back and buy the Fat Man's friendship with cold, hard cash ... it WILL 
take a little while (he's not going to just forget the fact that you have 
UTTERLY decimated his ENTIRE army), but in the end he will give in and accept 
your alliance over the inevitable.

[HINT :  Don't try to ally with him - just keep offering him the gold, and he'll
offer to ally with you]

Once De Layle has offered to ally with you AND you have accepted his offer, he 
will enter into a dialogue which goes a bit like this :-

DE LAYLE  :  "Oother ?  Is that you Oother ??"
BETHREZEN :  "Yes De Layle ... I need your help (flashes a tenner) look !  See 
              how it shines ... aaaaaaaaaaaaaall the pretty colours :">"
DE LAYLE  :  "You so fly Oother - I will be your bestest buddy ... NOW GIMME 
              THE THING !!"
BETHREZEN :  (Quickly pockets the tenner)

OPPONENTS	Hubert de Layle (at the outset),



Name              Inhabitants

Ablliven          2 Thugs, Master Thug [2 Thugs]
Nahneen           [Death, Dark Lord, Warlock]
Reffugia          [2 Peasants, Man at Arms]
Gunkerth Keep     2 Thugs, 2 Archers, Master Thug


Name              Inhabitants

Hubef             [Hill Giant]
Tellorum          [2 Crossbowman, Mountaineer, Warrior]


Name              Inhabitants

Unlluven          [2 Imperial Knights, Wizard, Archer]


Name              Inhabitants                   Gain anything from taking it ?

Odense            Spearman, 2 Peasants,
                       2 Apprentices, Archer    200 Gp, Potion of Might
Tower             2 Werewolves, Ghost, Shade    300 Gp, Evil Ent Scroll
Kundesa           2 Ghouls, Initiate, Warlock   100 Gp
Old Tumulus       Dark Lord, 2 Fighters, Ghost  400 Gp, Potion of Fortune
Old House         2 Master Thugs, Thug,
                           Imperial Assassin    400 Gp, Silver Ring
Lair              2 Ogres, Goblin               300 Gp, Thanatos Blade
Haunted Lair      Orc, 2 Goblin Archers         400 Gp
Crumbled Keep     Wyvern, Fighter, Ghost        300 Gp, Zombie Orb


Event             Notes

NEED FRIENDS      Bethrezen orders you to search the lands and ally with Hubert 
                  De Layle
OOPS !!! (maybe)  You *might* inadvertantly crush a few (or ALL) of his troops 
                  - don't worry
Threats !!        The ickle Dwarfies threaten you from time to time - just 
                  ignore 'em
BUDDIES !!        De Layle finally agrees (probably with MUCH cash spendage) to 
                  be your pal !

3 x Potion of Healing, Silver Ring, 2 x Life Potion, Ruby, Plague Scroll, 
Potion of Air Warding, Potion of Protection, Chain Lightning Scroll, 2 x Potion 
of Striking, Orb of Healing, Orc Talisman, Potion of Strength, Potion of 
Swiftness, Potion of Invulnerability, Hymn of the Clans Scroll, Emerald, 
Talisman of Bane, Fog of Death Scroll, Orb of Thunder, Potion of Speed, Bronze 
Ring, Orb of Nosferat, 2 x Potion of Vigor, Pestilence Scroll, Orb of Earth, 
Treebark Potion, Imp Orb, 2 x Potion of Restoration, Potion of Speed, Seafaring 
Scroll, Potion of Celerity, Banner of Striking, Orb of Water.

4 x Life Potion, 3 x Potion of Restoration, Potion of Healing.


Name                          Sells

Under's Shop (Merchant)       Life Potion x 5, Potion of Healing x 10, Potion 
                              of Restoration x 10
Othon's Tower (Magic Shop)    Haste (400 Gp), Holy Strength (600 Gp), Holy 
                              Armour (600 Gp)
Gunther's Camp (Mercenary)    Goblin (50 Gp), Goblin Archer (50 Gp), Orc (300 
Tralar's Shop (Merchant)      Life Potion x 5, Potion of Healing x 10, Potion of
                              Restoration x 10, Potion of Invulnerability x 2, 
                              Potion of Protection x 2, Treebark Potion x 1, 
                              Potion of Striking x 1, Potion of Accuracy x 2


Hubert, realising that his career advancement prospects would be GREATLY 
increased through supporting the Legions, establishes an alliance with their 
people ... his is tasked with creating chaos in the Empire, and attempting to 
steal the Throne from Demosthene.


4)	The Salty Dungeon


Many centuries ago, the Clans lured the Demon Lord Asteroth in a giant cave, 
blocked the entrance and filled the chamber with seawater ...

... Asteroth struggled for many many years to free himself from the confines of 
his salty dungeon, knowing that one day he would be released ...

The were tales told of a runic key which could open this prison and release the 
beast inside, and the Mountain Clans searched in a panicked state for this key, 
with the intention of destroying it once it had been located.

Knowing that Asteroth would prove to be an invaluable ally, Bethrezen sent packs
of his demons out to search the land, in an effort to reach the key and free 
Asteroth before the Clans found the runic key ...

... so begins the search for the Demon Lord Asteroth !

Your mission on this level is quite a simple one really ... you are to find, 
liberate and recruit the Demon Lord Asteroth.

... the level begins with 4 units of human troops mounting a daring but futile 
assault upon your Capital.


For your reference, the 4 units that are staging their assault as as follows :-

           1)     Spearman, 2 Peasants
            2)     Man at Arms, 2 Peasants
             3)     2 Man at Arms, Peasant
              4)     Man at Arms, Peasant, 2 Archers

I would begin the level by building a structure, hiring as many units as your 
leader can handle, and exiting the city with him (he should try and avoid 
combat) ... then send him off to explore the map and wait for these IDIOTS to 
attack your capital.

TRUST ME YOU DO NOT NEED TO WORRY.  Ashkael can easily despatch anybody 
attacking your Capital.

Your Capital City is in the north-west of the map ... you need to tackle this 
level in two stages :-

           A)    Find the Runic Key (which is to the south-south-west of you)
           B)    Find, release and recruit Asteroth (who is to the east of you)

(The only way you CAN go to begin with is south)


Pick up the Runic Key in the south-western corner of the map.  Then go to the 
City of Kellara and head east ... slay the Green Dragon and keep going East 
until you reach the Mountain Clans Capital City ... then turn north until you 
reach Pender's Hall - go west from there until you reach Nvenn, and Asteroth's 
Prison is to the north of that, just north-west of Hammerpass and south-east of 

If you take the City of Nyceril, one of your Counselors observes that the 
city's defences were quite weak, and that the lands have probably endured 
quite a bit of suffering ...

If you take the City of Bhaalu the one of your Sorcerers confirms that he can 
feel Asteroth's presence on the lands, and that he must be somewhere nearby ...

If you then try and enter the corridor to the south-west of Bhaalu, a Duke 
issues a cry for your troops to withdraw, as Undead Forces are pouring forth 
from the corridor.

Before you actually get a chance to comply, however, guess what ?  Undead Forces
come pouring out of the corridor !!

You are attacked by a unit comprising a Specter, 2 Zombies and an Initiate.

For your information, however, there are PLENTY more Undead baddies in this 
corridor for you to attack (should you wish).  They are as follows :-

     1)     2 Zombies, Initiate, Ghost
     2)     Deathdragon, 2 Initiates
     3)     Skeleton Champion, Zombie, Initiate, Warlock, Ghost
     4)     Doomdrake, Occultist
     5)     Lich, Ghost, 2 Dark Lords

As you approach units 3 and 4, the Occultist (Unit 4) comes rushing to you to 
tell you that you have strayed too near your enemies, and that Mortis will now 
crush you and take what she wants from you ...

Before you enter the Ancient Dwarf Keep (to the south-west of Jolan's Tower in 
the south- western corner of the map), one of your Arch-Devils tells you that 
he feels uneasy about entering the ruins ... he feels that mighty guardians will
be protecting the structure ...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND he's KINDA right - there's a Son of Ymir guarding the 
Keep =./ ... but you HAVE to take the Ancient Dwarf Keep because it contains 
(fanfare) the Runic Key that is required to free Asteroth !! =)

As you approach the City of Kellara, three units (2 Skeletons, 1 Evil Ent) 
materialise to the east of you.  What is strange about these units is that they 
are obviously Undead, but they march under the banner of the Mountain Clans !!  
VERY odd.  ANYWAY ... a Necromancer pops up to tell you once AGAIN that Mortis 
demands the handing over of the child Uther for her own dark purposes.

Just to see what would happen, I fled beyond the movement range of the units, 
and the 3 units that arise from the ground ARE under the control of the Mountain
Clans !!  They move on the Clans turn and, as they only last for one turn and I 
was out of their range, they attacked the City of Kellara !!

This COULD be used to your advantage to weaken the troops garrisoned there 
before mounting your own assault on Kellara ... I guess it depends on whether 
you can outrun the Mountain Clans UNDEAD (sheesh !!) summons or not :">

Once Kellara has been taken, one of your Counselors confirms that the entireity 
of the populace there is dead ...

As you approach the Green Dragon to the east which blocks your path through the 
Mountain Clans Territory, you are challenged to a scrap (basically) by a Rock 
Giant !!  He tells you that you are not welcome and you should go, to which 
Bethrezen responds by saying that these lands will all be his, and bla bla 
bla ... and the Rock Giant tells him to naff off or suffer the consequences !!


Once you have mopped up these IDIOTS and made your way through the Mountain 
Clans turf, you will almost be at Asteroth's Prison !!  Yippee !!! =)

If you decide to take the City of Pender's Hall, a Hill Giant mistakenly 
heralds you as the bringers of the Ragnarok ... which isn't TECHNICALLY true, 
but it's a cool mis-identification to be sure !! :)

The Orcs inhabiting Luferin refer to you as "Fire Skins" - a term which I think 
is rather flattering actually !! ;)

Hammerpass has a Veteran in it who is SO surprised to see you that he exclaims 
"By Wotan's Beard !" ................... isn't that kinda like saying "Oh my 
hairy butt I'm so surprised !" ???? Just a thought (I'll shut up now) =./

INTERESTING NEWS if you take the City of Nvenn, however ... a Dwarf tells you 
that, following the death of Gymner Cloudkeeper (at your hands - Mission One), 
High King Morok Cloudkeeper has fallen into madness, and obviously caused SOME 
sort of disruption amongst the Clans, as this City has seemingly declared its 
independence !

GREAT NEWS !! =D  AND we're almost at Asteroth !!  Life is SWEET =)

As you approach the City of Gameric, one of your Sorcerers stops you in your 
tracks to confirm that he senses Asteroth's Prison is VERY near.  The camera 
then pans to the north just a bit and the Sorcerer goes on to say that THIS 
seems to be the sources of the aura he has been sensing ... that Asteroth's 
presence is very strong there, and that it is perhaps the entrance to the 
prison ?  The Runic Key must be brought to that location ...

If you take the City of Gameric, a Rock Giant pops up to tell you that your 
efforts are all for naught without the Runic Key ..............................
........................ you mean this one ??  (He says, whipping it out of his

DOH !! ;)

Once you have taken the Runic Key to the point the Sorcerer was talking about, 
one of your Demonologists uses the Key to open Asteroth's Prison, and a 
Counselor then shows up to tell you that you have opened the prison gate, and 
Asteroth can't be far (this is true - he's just inside).

Stroll in and you will complete the level !!

OPPONENTS	Mountain Clans



Name              Inhabitants

Nyceril           2 Spearmen, Archer, Apprentice
Bhaalu            2 Zombies, Fighter, Death
Kellara           Templar, Wyvern, Specter [2 Zombies]
Nvenn             3 Dwarves [2 Dwarves, Axe Thrower]
Pender's Hall     2 Hill Giants [Hill Giant, Venerable Warrior]
Gameric           Engineer (Drogon in my Saga), Rock Giant [Druidess, Warrior, 
                  Rock Giant]
Luferin           [2 Orc Champions, Ogre]


Name              Inhabitants

Hammer Pass       [2 Forge Guardians, Veteran]


Name               Inhabitants                   Gain anything from taking it ?

Ancient Dwarf Keep Son of Ymir                   500 Gp, Runic Key
Old House          2 Titans                      200 Gp, Potion of Strength
                     (the Old House above is to the east of the City of Bhaalu)
Old House          Troll, 2 Orcs                 300 Gp, Staff of Travelling
                    (the Old House above is to the east of the City of Kellara)
Kassel             Archlich, Dark Lord,
                              Ghost, Initiate    300 Gp, Projicere Terra Scroll
Abandoned Outpost  Ogre, Orc                     500 Gp, Sapphire
Ruined Tower       2 Dwarves, White Dragon       400 Gp, Banner of Might
Rigel Ruin         Mountaineer, Forge Guardian,
                                  2 Crossbowmen  300 Gp, Orb of Freezing


Event             Notes

Find the Key      It's in the Ancient Dwarf Keep in the south-west of the map.
Find Asteroth     He is east of your Capital City (north of the Clans Capital 
FREE Asteroth     Use the key on the gate and enter !!!!

Orb of Restoration, Emerald, 3 x Potion of Healing, Hymn of the Clans Scroll, 4 
x Life Potion, Imp Orb, Gold Ring, Potion of Protection, Zombie Orb, Talisman of
Poison, Highfather's Potion (just to the south of Jolan's Tower), Treebark 
Potion, Talisman of Vigor, Summon I: Skeleton Scroll, Potion of Fire Warding, 
Banner of Strength, 2 x Potion of Accuracy, 2 x Potion of Restoration, Goblin 
Talisman, Healing Ointment, Tortio Menta Scroll, Tempest Scroll, Potion of 
Water Warding, Shadow Scroll, Orc Orb.

2 x Potion of Restoration, 4 x Life Potion, Potion of Invulnerability, Holy 


Name                          Sells

Redden's Shop (Merchant)      Life Potion x 5, Potion of Healing x 10, Potion 
                              of Restoration x 10, Treebark Potion x 3
Jolan's Tower (Magic Shop)    Summon I: Skeleton (200 Gp), Summon I: Roc (200 
                              Gp), Incantare Hellhound (200 Gp)
Under's Shop (Merchant)       Life Potion x 5, Potion of Healing x 10, Potion 
                              of Restoration x 10, Healing Ointment x 3
Tralar's Shop (Merchant)      Talisman of Icefall x 1, Ice Shield Scroll x 5, 
                              Blizzard Scroll x 5, Ice Spirits Scroll x 2


With the addition of Asteroth to his army, Bethrezen has amassed an army large 
enough to DESTROY the Empire and, with this notion in mind, he begins his march 
towards the Empires' Lands.


5)	Darkness and Light


In response to the impending threat of a full-scale assault upon the Empire by 
the Legions of the Damned, the Empire and the Mountain Clans ally together.

Bethrezen surveys the situation and decides that in order to strengthen his 
chances of success in the upcoming war his NORTHERN frontier needs to be 
strengthened, and so he sends his best troops (i.e. YOU) to seize control of at 
least 3 Cities in the north, to help maintain the Legions' foothold in that 

Once Bethrezen has vanquished the Empire, he will be able to assume his "true" 
form, you are assured ...

Your objective on this level is to capture the Cities of Sullonia, Tunnsen's 
Hall and Mallorin.

Right.  The level kicks off ... BRACE YOURSELVES - I'm going to try VERY slowly
to go through the plot here, 'coz it confused even me to begin with ...

Hokay.  Your goal is to capture the three cities I have mentioned above ... 
Bethrezen and Asteroth both give you instructions to this effect ... but just 
before you are able to begin conquering and looting and pillaging (as only the 
Legions can), an Onyx Gargoyle appears outside the Legions Capital, claiming to
be a herald FROM Bethrezen ...

"... isn't ... Bethrezen ... in the Capital then ?" is Asteroth's response ...

The Onyx Gargoyle responds by saying that Bethrezen FORBIDS you to take your 
chosen course of action, and that you must cease what you are doing IMMEDIATELY.

Bethrezen (as in, YOUR Bethrezen - the possessed child Uther) lashes out, 
telling you to attack and slay this timewasting traiter.

The Onyx Gargoyle, suitably UNimpressed, braces himself for an attack.

... so basically I am to understand that some doubt has just been cast on the 
sincerity AND VALIDITY of YOUR Bethrezen as being THE Bethrezen.

... riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight ... OKAY !  Let's go on shall we :">

First off, you have ASTEROTH to keep you company ... and he ROCKS !!  So this 
shouldn't be TOO tricky ... just remember that whilst he's very strong, you 
need to keep your eye on his health - he WILL be quite an easy target ;)

Your Capital City is located in the south-eastern corner of the map ... all 
three cities are in REASONABLY close proximity to your north-west ...

There is a mountain range to the south of your capital, but there is a path 
around it to the east, and if you go around it and along the southern edge of 
the map one of your Counselors will tell you that these lands are STILL plagued
by the Undead ... but you guys STILL don't know why !!

HOWEVER ... if you continue from your present location to the west, just as 
you cross the body of water blocking your path you will be ambushed by three 
units of summons, which appear out of thin air around you.

A Nightmare engages your units in conversation, the bare bones of which are as 
follows :-


Quick question here.  Are you actually going to LISTEN to this idiot ???

I didn't think so ............................ TO WAR !! =D

The three units that have been summoned are :- Nightmare, Evil Ent, Evil Ent.  
The Nightmare is a powerful summon for the Undead but, for some reason, all 
three units are flying under the banner of the Empire !

[NOTE :  I reckon this is because (as with the level where you were ambushed 
by Undead Units under the control of the Mountain Clans, if Undead Units are 
summoned onto a map where the Undead has no presence, one of the other players 
must control them ... this is a bit odd to say the least, considering that 
other races don't seem to have this problem =./]

After you have despatched these morons and are en route to the City of 
Shrrakha, an Occultist challenges you by saying (in a TOTALLY unecessarily 
heroic booming voice) "Do you not learn, beasts ?  Your evil blood shall be 
spilled on these battlefields !"

WHICH, when you think of it, are PRETTY hollow words coming from a man who's 
ONLY power is to summon demons in battle ... =./

If you take the City of Shrrakha, a Lizard Man responds by saying "Shrrakha" 
(with as many extra s's and h's as he can cram in it seems) ... which is 
interesting !

... do you suppose that when he's doing other things he just cites nouns at 
random like that too ?

"Teeeeeeeapot" ... "Laaaaaaaamp Possssssssssssssst" and so on ... hmmm ... 
very interesting !

ANYWAY ... onward !! :)

If you complete the loop north and east back to the Capital you can take the 
City of Davonnin on the way ... to which a Spearman pops up to tell you 
(basically) that there's no need to be so violent ......................... 
what ... like you'd just GIVE us your city if we asked you to ?  GET OUTTA MY 
FACE !! =O

If you take the City of Stollgeth, one of your Counselors tells you that he 
can hear the sounds of giants echoing through the mountains to the north, and 
that these giants must be ... like ... MEGA giants or something, 'coz they 

JUST what we needed eh !!

If you approach the Den in the south-westernmost corner of the map (it can 
only be approached directly from the north of it) you will see first hand what 
the Counselor was talking about ...

... before you get to the Den, your Counselor comes back to tell you that many 
scouts have disappeared in this are, and that it's obvious SOMETHING is 
responsible for their failure to return to you ...

... and here they are !!!  The place is SWARMING with Primitive Giants !!  
These things are HUGE, and they will openly stalk the continents of the map 
and attack ANY troops they encounter - yours or your enemies ...

Once you've taken out this MASS of muscles, you have the DUBIOUS pleasure of 
taking on the Den ... WHICH you would expect to be controlled by something 
really *shiver* bad, wouldn't you ?

WRONG DUDE.  It's got 3 USELESS Goblin Archers and 1 Goblin in it !!

TOTAL waste of time ... take out this area ... but ONLY for the XP ;)

By the way - for your information ?  The leader of the Primitive Giant Clan is 
called Ukkhenga ... and whilst he has more HP than the other Primitive Giants, 
ASIDE from that he's not really any different to them ...

Once Ukkhenga has fallen one of your Counselors tells you that "the King of 
the Giants" has been slain, and that henceforth the Giants will fear you ...

... um ... (taps him on the shoulder) ... WHAT GIANTS WOULD THOSE BE ??  WE 
JUST KILLED THEM ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =O

The Empire's Capital City has several Angels floating around it - avoid them 
unless you fancy a scrap (as they are backed up by a variety of Empire 
Healers ...

Once you have taken all 3 Cities, the Northern Borders are yours and the level 
ends !! =)

OPPONENTS	Mountain Clans, the Empire.



Name              Inhabitants

Davonnin          Thug, Master Thug [Man at Arms, Spearman]
Stollgeth         2 Fighters, Specter, Necromancer [Skeleton Champion]
Shrrakha          3 Lizard Men, Medusa


Name              Inhabitants

Sullonia          Archer, Ranger, Squire, Mage [2 Witch Hunters, Hierophant, 


Name              Inhabitants

Tunnsen's Hall    Dwarf Champion, Warrior [Dwarf, Elder One, Hill Giant]
Mallorin          2 Crossbowmen, Engineer, Dwarf [Rock Giant, Warrior, Druidess]


Name              Inhabitants                    Gain anything from taking it ?

Haunted Tower     Orc Champion, Goblin Archer    200 Gp, Strength Scroll
Abandoned Temple  3 Lizard Men, Medusa           400 Gp, Lizard Man Orb
Ruined Tower      Demon, Devil                   400 Gp, Ignis Potens Scroll
               (The Ruined Tower above is just north-west of your Capital City)
Ruined Tower      3 Angels, White Wizard,
                         Hierophant, Prophetess  800 Gp, Tome of Fire
             (The Ruined Tower above is in the north-western corner of the map)
Tower             Zombie, Elder Vampire, Vampire 300 Gp, Staff of Protection
Old House         Orc Champion, 2 Orcs           100 Gp
Den               3 Goblin Archers, Goblin       50 Gp, Bronze Ring


Event             Notes

Undead Assault    Mortis sends a Nightmare and 2 Evil Ents to take Uther/
Giant Footsteps   A Counselor detects the presence of HUGE Giants on the lands.
Giant ATTACK !!   Primitive Giants pour forth from the den to flood the map.
TO WAR !!         Capture the 3 Cities !! =)

8 x Potion of Healing, Celerity Scroll, Orb of Nosferat, 2 x Potion of 
Protection, Stone Rain Scroll, Potion of Air Warding, Skeleton Champion Orb, 
Sapphire, Boots of Travelling, Healing Ointment, Skull Bracers (Artifact), 2 x 
Potion of Swiftness, Orb of Earth, Potion of Strength, Ice Shield Scroll, 
Potion of Speed, Orb of Inferno, 6 x Life Potion, Summon I: Roc Scroll, 2 x 
Silver Ring, Call Decay Dragon Scroll, Ruby, Potion of Accuracy, Potion of 
Striking, Forestwalk Scroll, 2 x Gold Ring, Skeleton Champion Talisman, Staff 
of Holiness, Ancient Relic, Tormentio Scroll, 6 x Potion of Restoration, Holy 
Armour Scroll, Bronze Ring, Potion of Might, Pestilence Scroll, Summon II: Evil
Ent Scroll, Touch of Mortis Scroll, Orb of Vigor, Emerald, Rot Scroll, Orb of 
Icefall, Potion of Strength.

4 x Life Potion, 3 x Potion of Restoration, Talisman of Life, Orb of 


Name                          Sells

Unhira's Tower (Magic Shop)   Ice Shield (200 Gp), Healing (400 Gp), Chant of 
                              Hasting (600 Gp), Wotan's Blessing (800 Gp)
Kilgen's Shop (Merchant)      Life Potion x 5, Potion of Healing x 10, Potion 
                              of Restoration x 10, Healing Ointment x 5, Orb of
                              Healing x 3, Orb of Restoration x 2, Orb of 
                              Regeneration x 2, Orb of Life x 2
Tralar's Shop (Merchant)      Life Potion x 5, Potion of Healing x 10, Potion 
                              of Restoration x 10, Treebark Potion x 3
Lergem's Shop (Merchant)      Summon II: Evil Ent Scroll x 2, Call Decay 
                              Dragon Scroll x 1, Summon Nightmare Scroll x 1, 
                              Stone Rain Scroll x 3, Iron Skin Potion x 1


With Bethrezen's Army having taken the Northern Reaches, news returns via 
Bethrezen's Scouts that an Undead Army amasses in the East ...

... Bethrezen sends his Legions to engage the Undead Hordes HEAD-ON !! =D


6)	The Ambush


Aware of the increasing level of Undead Troops amassing in the East, Bethrezen 
sends Asteroth and the Legions of the Damned to engage the Undead Hordes in 
battle.  Being FAR from foolish, Bethrezen decides to prepare an ambush for 
the Hordes in the narrow pass through the Mountains of Lorrimik ... there, the 
Legions would be at their strongest.

Your mission on this level is quite straightforward really ... DESTROY THE 

Right ... so that is your mission ...

Get this ...

You start off, and a Counselor tells Bethrezen that scouts have examined the 
terrain, and no trace of the alleged Undead Army could be found !

Bethrezen responds by saying that he knows this already ...

The Counselor questions him, asking whether he has been misinformed as to the 
intended plan - i.e. to set up an ambush for them in the Lorrimik Mountain 
Pass ...

Bethrezen responds by saying that he is NOT Bethrezen (his name now changes to 
Uther) ...

The Counselor is obviously quite surprised by this ...

Uther then turns to Asteroth and commands him to destroy YOUR army !! =O  
Asteroth and Bethrezen, it seems, have plans to rule Nevendaar together (VERY 
cosy) !!

Your objective now changes to "Destroy the Demon Lord Asteroth", and 2 Abyssal 
Demons draw closer to your Capital City ............... BAAAAAAAAAAD NEWS =(

HOWEVER !!  Representatives from the REAL Bethrezen's Army then arrive (being 
as follows) :-

             1)   Abyssal Demon
             2)   Demon and IMP !!!!!!!!!! (HOW cr@p !!)
             3)   Demon and Cultist

           ... to tell the pseudo-demons controlled by Uther to bugger off ...

AND now it's over to you ...

... so all this blurb about Mortis' Undead Army looks like a loada rubbish 
basically ...

Let's go find Asteroth !!

You will be pleased to note that the map on this mission is QUITE small.  Your 
Capital is in the south-western corner, and the Empire's Capital is in the 
north-eastern corner.

Asteroth is just north-west of the Empire's Capital.

Also interesting to note is that almost ALL the troops on this level are 
EMPIRE troops ... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm =./ ...

[HINT:  If you want to complete this level like a pro, don't faff around - 
concentrate on eliminating the summoning circle in the north-west FIRST, and 
then you can explore after ] ;)

As you exit the section of the map where your Capital is located (basically its
in a clearing in a mountain range in the south-west of the map), one of your 
Dukes pops up to tell you that the Empire has allied with Asteroth, and that 
the two have entered into some sort of Alliance !  It looks like Uther has 
bewitched the Empire, and De Layle is almost CERTAINLY involved somewhere down 
the line ... =./

As you explore the map you are advised that demons are pouring across the 
plains !!  There is apparently some sort of summoning circle that the FILTHY 
Asteroth and his little pals have been using to summon Demons from the 
Underworld to plague the living !!

The Summoning Circle is in the north-western corner of the map, guarded quite 
heavily by Fiends, Cultists, a Moloch, Marble Gargoyle, Onyx Gargoyle and 
other nice types ... but it's DEFINITELY worth a visit, otherwise demons will 
just continue to flood the map ... and the LAST thing you need whilst you're 
en route to kill that PUNK Asteroth is an army of Onyx Gargoyles blocking your 
path - BELIEVE ME ;)

If you enter the south-eastern section of the map, one of your Counselors urges
you to be cautious, as the seas in this area are controlled by "sea-witches" as
he puts it (he means merfolk), and that they prey upon anything which enters 
their realm.

Just to the south of Ebhon's shop is an Orc with a dilemma.  One of his 
brothers is lost and he asks for your help ... the camera pans across the 
waters to the north-east, where a lone orc is standing on the shoreline ... 
this orc then switches to be controlled by you, and the orc YOU are talking to 
asks you to guide him to you, in return for which he will give you a pressie ...

The Orc unit you are given control of comprises an Orc and 2 Goblin Archers ...

Once the Orc is safely returned you are given three things :-

1)  An Ancient Relic.
2)  Advise from the Orc you were speaking to that you should look for treasure 
    in the 'Big City' (VERY helpful).
3)  Control over the following units :-

  a)  Orc, 2 Goblin Archers (being the unit you just brought across the waters)
  b)  Orc, Goblin Archer, Goblin (being the unit with whom you were speaking)

If you take the City of Gromdam, a Marksman comes out to chastise you for not 
giving in and accepting Uther's inevitable rule of the Empire.

... NO !  BETHREZEN will rule the Empire.  NOT Uther.  BUZZ OFF !! =)

Once Rotturdam has fallen to your might a Knight pops up to tell you that 
Uther, their SAVIOUR, will punish you for your transgressions and you should 
just BACK DOWN ...

It's a pity there isn't an option to raze cities in this game like you can in 
Master of Magic ... I would SO love to annihilate these idiots once and for all 

As you finally approach Asteroth he flips, telling you that Bethrezen's reign 
has ended and how he himself will destroy you ...

For your information, Asteroth isn't alone ... he fights with a Hag and a 

AND Asteroth is MUCH stronger than when he was under your control (which just 

I would suggest bombarding Asteroth's units with spells to kill the Hag and 
the Pandemoneus whilst falling back (he will follow you once you have 
triggered his little dialogue (above)) and then coil up and spring on him with 
everything you've got basically !!

Asteroth is carrying a Wight Blade and 2 Healing Ointments ... and you will 
gain these after he has fallen (incidentally this will also trigger the end of 
the level).

CONGRATULATIONS !! But all is not won ... Asteroth, whilst defeated, escapes 
in a ball of flame and is sure to be back ... and there is still Uther to deal 
with :(

OPPONENTS	The Empire (who are in leagues with Asteroth and Uther)



Name              Inhabitants

Gromdam           2 Spearmen, 2 Marksmen, Matriarch, Imperial Knight


Name              Inhabitants

Rotturdam         2 Marksmen, Knight, Ranger (Dagar in my Saga) [Titan, 


Name              Inhabitants                   Gain anything from taking it ?

Hideout           3 Peasants                    100 Gp, Potion of Accuracy
Crumbled Post     Brown Bear, Centaur Lancer    100 Gp, Elven Boots
Ruined Tower      Titan, 2 Marksmen,
                         2 Imperial Assassins   500 Gp, Titan's Might Potion
Haunted Halls     Wraith, 2 Specters,
                           2 Skeleton Warriors  200 Gp, Lich Orb


Event             Notes

BETRAYAL          Uther has been posing as Bethrezen and now turns tail and 
                  flees back to the Empire WITH Asteroth !!
Orc Troubles      The Orcs have lost one of their brothers - can you find him 
                  for them ?
Summoner's Cast   A Summoning Circle in the north-west of the map is acting as 
                  a portal to the Underworld from which demons are flowing ...
                  CLOSE IT !!
Kill Asteroth     Shut that Mamma's Boy up once and for all :)

2 x Potion of Restoration, Weakness Scroll, Life Potion, Potion of Striking, 
Ymir's Blessing Scroll, Infernal Knight Orb, Potion of Fire Warding, Gold Ring,
Orb of Venom, Potion of Strength, Potion of Vigor, Potion of Air Warding, Orb 
of Water, Imp Talisman, Diamond, Emerald, Chain Lightning Scroll, Treebark 
Potion, Ring of Strength (Artifact).

8 x Life Potion, 8 x Potion of Restoration, Potion of Healing, Wight Blade, 2 x
Healing Ointment.


Name                          Sells

Othon's Tower (Magic Shop)    Water Ward (200 Gp), Earth Ward (400 Gp), Mind 
                              Ward (600 Gp), Fire Ward (800 Gp),
Ebhon's Shop (Merchant)       Life Potion x 5, Potion of Healing x 10, Potion 
                              of Restoration x 10, Healing Ointment x 4, Tome 
                              of Sorcery x 1
Under's Shop (Merchant)       Zombie Orb x 1, Skeleton Champion Orb x 1, 
                              Vampire Orb x 1, Vampire Talisman


Uther has betrayed you and fled ... on reflection it looks like at least a 
PART of the Mountain Clans Rituals of 10 years ago were successful, as a part 
of Bethrezen's Soul is contained in the child Uther ... things are looking to 
get VERY interesting on ... the final level ...


7)	The Prince of Hell


Uther leeches power from Bethrezen, who begins to weaken ... fearing that if 
Uther is not slain he will eventually bleed Bethrezen dry of ALL his power and 
become a God himself, the Legions assemble for one final push to destroy the 
Demon Infant ...

Uther by now has already taken control of a sizeable portion of the Empire, 
and controls many Cohorts of your fellow Demons from previous battles ... 
things are looking desperate, as the Legions still loyal to the TRUE Bethrezen 
seem ill equipped AND vastly outnumbered.

Asteroth rears his ugly head again, standing firmly at the side of Demon Uther.

Time to kill two birds with one stone methinks !! =)

The level begins with a dialogue between Demon Uther and one of your 
Demonologists ... they have a war of words, and a rift opens to the south of 
the Capital, through which your Demonologist is certain Bethrezen will be able 
to send aid ... your PRIMARY objective on this level is two-fold.  Slay Demon 
Uther, and protect the Infernal Rift.

This isn't going to be easy, as later on in the level, Demon Uther will 
actively come across the map SPECIFICALLY to destroy the rift ... so first 

[IMPORTANT NOTE - BEFORE WE BEGIN ?  TemjinGold has contributed a supplement to
my walkthru for this level and I have placed it after mine just to present the 
two options in a clear  format - either scroll down to it, or search for 
*** TemjinGold's Guide ***]

You gain control (at the beginning of the level) of a unit comprising a 
Demonologist, Devil and Berzerker.  I originally thought that THIS was the 
Demonologist who was talking to Demon Uther at the beginning of the level, and 
guided him all the way down to the Infernal Rift as he seemed to know what he 
was doing there ... but I am now satisfied that you don't actually NEED to take
the Demonologist anywhere if you don't want to ;)

... I would suggest you do, 'coz it adds to the pace of the level, but as I 
say I'm not 100% sure that it's necessary if you don't want to ;)

AS you would expect, this level is BIIIIIIIIIIIIIG.  It includes all four 
races and some sub-quests for your interest ... so let's get cracking !! =)

[For your information, the Legions are in the north-west, the Hordes in the 
south-west, the Clans are in the north-east and the Empire are in the 
south-east ...]

Shortly into the level, the Demonologist requests that he be allowed to enter 
the Infernal Rift, as he feels sure that Bethrezen will communicate with him 
directly if he does ...

A little while later, Knight Droggon calls to you to say that EMPEROR Uther, 
the Saviour of the Empire, will destroy the Legions ... obviously I wasn't the 
only one to pick up on that, as the Demonologist who responds basically says 
"EMPEROR Uther, eh ?  NOT BAD !! =D"

Once Avonnir falls and has been inspected by one of your Dukes, he reports 
back to you to say that it is strange, but there is evidence that both the 
Empire AND the Undead were inhabiting the City ... bizarre !!

If you take the City of Chammell an Orc Champion comes out to say that (as far 
as I can interpret) you are both fighting the same enemy, and they the 
Greenskins are looking for an ally.

This is technically true, as an Orc envoy is en route to your Capital with a 
message from his Master, the Black Dragon Gurkenash.

There is a White Dragon with its own design of flag in the north-easternmost 
corner of the map, but I have never figured out quite what his significance 
is ... he doesn't seem to want to speak to you, nor react to anything - so I 
just annihilated him for good measure :">

As you approach the Mountain Clans Capital City, one of the King's Guards 
jumps out to say that tho you may be demons, you are both fighting the same 
foe at this juncture ... one of your Dukes confirms that it would be a sound 
strategic move to allow the Dwarves to take the brunt of the Empire's fury ... 
why not !! ;)  The Clans will offer to ally with you at the start of their next

[IMPORTANT NOTE - Whilst I would strongly suggest that you remain allies with 
the Mountain Clans, I have immediately broken my alliance with them, as the 
POINT of my walkthrough is to give YOU as much information as possible, and I 
can't report to you on conquering Clan Cities, etc., whilst I am allied with 
them] ;)

If you either do not want to ally with them, or break the Treaty as I did, then
you can attack the Clans as per usual ... taking the City of Zimmuria you will 
learn that the Clans have been greatly weakened as a result of SOMETHING (we 
know not quite what, but SOMETHING) having happened to their High King, Morok 
Cloudkeeper ... hmmmmmmmmm ... very interesting !!

If you take the City of Nimboria, a King's Guard tells you that it's luck 
Morok is DEAD, but that it doesn't really matter as his daughter Yataa will 
"take care of you" ...

... so Morok is DEAD eh !  WOW !! =D

Taking the Empire City of Hollunen causes an Archmage to scream at you that 
Uther has come back, and that the Empire will prosper that Uther is a Saint ...

Looks like Uther may have been giving out sweeties to delude the Empire into 
thinking he's NOT the next Hitler !! =O

Down in the south-western corner (in addition to the Hordes' Capital) is a 
large gathering of Occultists ... led by a Master Occultist, these magic users 
worship Mortis, and are out to put an end to your quest ;)  Despatch them if 
you're in the area - they give reasonable XP ;)

If you take the City of Oshuallesh, an Elder Vampire tells you that when 
Mortis' Consort is reborn, you will have NO way of standing in their 
way ........................... so now we know what Mortis is up to ... but 
why does she want Uther ?  That's still unclear =./

When Nchuzia has fallen, a Templar tells you that Uther will soon replace 
Bethrezen as the Lord of Hell ... why try to fight the inevitable ?

So it looks like the Undead have allied with the Empire, which is now under 
the control of Uther and Asteroth ... and we have the Mountain Clans on our 

....................................................................... yey ...

DON'T FORGET your primary objective ... the Rift is just to the south of 
Nchuzia ;)

Once you arrive at the Rift your Demonologist will confirm that it is 
PARAMOUNT that the Rift be protected at ALL costs.

When Ghunnera has fallen to the might of the Legions, ANOTHER Elder Vampire 
emerges to tell you that once Gallean has been revived (Gallean being Mortis' 
Consort), then they will feast on your flesh ... bla bla bla yadda yadda 
yadda ...

One of your Cultists remarks that he thought Gallean was an Elvish God ...

... interesting !

As you approach Nibor's Tower, an Orc comes sailing across the waters to tell 
you that his King, Gurkenash, is waiting for you, and has something to discuss 
with you ...

One of your Counselors FREAKS OUT when Gurkenash approaches you, but to his 
(and most likely your) relief, Gurkenash only wants to speak with you ... he 
tells you that his Greenskin tribe are MOST p!ssed off with Uther, and that 
they will help you vanquish him ...

... with that, you gain the following units :-

              1)   Gurkenash (Black Dragon), Orc
              2)   Orc, 2 Goblin Archers
              3)   Orc, 2 Goblin Archers

[HINT:  TRY YOUR BESTEST NOT to kill any more Greenskins as, if you attack 2 or
more units of Greenskins, all THREE of the above units will rebel against and 
attack YOU !!]

Just after you have taken the City of Arpellba, Demon Uther sees you 
approaching, and sends Asteroth and his minions out to kill you ...

Best make sure you're up for a good scrap before the end of THIS turn (I'd 
suggest hiding in the City - you'll get its defensive bonus) ;)

Asteroth has his unit and two units of foot soldiers to protect him ... 
collectively you are looking at the following :-

              1)   Abyssal Devil, Anti-Paladin, Doppleganger, Pandemoneus
              2)   Abyssal Devil, Incubus, Onyx Gargoyle
              3)   Asteroth, Incubus, Succubus

Once Asteroth and his minions have fallen, you can mount your final assault on 
Demon Uther and the Empire ... THAT IS, of course, unless he's already en route
to the Rift ...

Either way, as you would expect given that he is the FINAL Boss in this Saga, 
Demon Uther is SERIOUS bad news ...

... Since there is no point in holding ANYTHING back, I would just pound on him
with spells and troops as much as is possible ... BEAR IN MIND THAT HE IS 
HEAVILY WARDED, so most of your offensive "on the map" spells won't work ... 
but summons ?  Why not !!

ALSO remember that there is Xennon's Mercenary Camp should you have the 
cash ... you can recruit as many Mercenaries as quickly as possible, as Demon 
Uther will take a few turns to get to the Rift, so you should use this time as 
productively as possible ... he should wind up having quite a nasty surprise by
the time he gets to the rift (if he even makes it THAT far !!)

For your information, Demon Uther's "Party" comprises 3 teams, as did 
Asteroth's ... they are :-

              1)   Tiamath, 2 Infernal Knights
              2)   Modeus, Marble Gargoyle, Onyx Gargoyle
              3)   Demon Uther, Tiamath, Doppleganger, Succubus

Your spells should definitely be powerful enough to slay the troops WITH Demon 
Uther, even if you find they don't do that much damage to him ...

Once Demon Uther has been slain, the mission is over and you have completed 
the Legion's Saga !


*** TemjinGold's Guide ***

As an alternative to doing this level *my* way, you can follow the advice of my
fellow player TemjinGold - I have taken the liberty of copying his guide as 
follows :-

1) Dispatch the Undead capital for their spells.
2) Research ALL the curses that you can (damage/initiative/hit % reduction).
   Prioritize Hit % curses.
3) Research as many summons as you can.

By the time you get to Demon Uther, you should control all the land/resources 
(roughly 75% of the map) that the Empire and the Clans (I kept the alliance) do
not.  Your income plus the stash in the Undead capital should put each of your 
mana types (with the exception of Runestone maybe) in the 2-3k count (so 
casting lots of spells in 1 turn shouldn't be a problem).

4) Use all your damage spells/scrolls on Demon Uther's unit with the purpose of
killing the Tiamath, Succubus, and Doppleganger.

5) Cast all your curses on Demon Uther (don't forget the Undead ones too!) This
should put a dent in his damage output, slow him down enough that almost 
anything you can summon will get to go first, and, most importantly, bring his 
hit % below 50.

6) Use the Call Ancestor scroll just to be safe (the 33% armor to all your 
units one).

By doing this, I wiped Uther out easily. Hitting less than 1 in 2, he didn't 
even survive through my summons.

*** End of TemjinGold's Guide ***

OPPONENTS	Demon Uther, Asteroth, the Empire, the Mountain Clans, the 
                Undead Hordes



Name              Inhabitants

Avonnir           [2 Zombies, Ghost]
Nchuzia           [Fighter, Wyvern, Templar]
Chammell          [Orc Champion, 2 Orcs]


Name              Inhabitants

Nimboria          [2 Dwarves, Axe Thrower, Rock Giant]
Zimmuria          [3 Crossbowmen, Tenderfoot]


Name              Inhabitants

Hollunen          [Imperial Knight, Demonologist, Squire, Wizard]
Arpellba          [2 Demons, Squire]


Name              Inhabitants

Oshuallesh        [2 Warlocks, Templar, Specter]
Ghunnera          [Werewolf, 2 Fighters, Initiate, Elder Vampire]


Name              Inhabitants                           Gain anything from it ?

Hideout           Man at Arms, 2 Spearmen, Archer,
                                  Imperial Assassin     250 Gp, Squire Orb
Abandoned Altar   Troll, Orc, Goblin                    800 Gp, Potion of 
Old House         2 Axe Throwers, Tempest Giant         400 Gp, Ancient Relic
Haunted Tower     2 Sorcerers, Witch, 2 Berzerkers      300 Gp, Tempest Scroll
Abandoned Farm    Phantom Warrior, Skeleton Champion,   400 Gp, Elder Vampire
                                     Skeleton Warrior                       Orb
Abandoned Tower   3 Lizard Men, 2 Medusas               400 Gp, Summon Stone 
                                                                 Ancestor Scroll
Haunted Halls     Dark Lord, Zombie, 2 Shades           100 Gp, Healing Ointment
Old Tower         2 Goblins, Goblin Archer              75 Gp, Bronze Ring
Abandoned Temple  Polar Bear, 2 Yetis                   600 Gp, Venerable 
                                                                    Warrior Orb
Abandoned Fort    Beast, Witch, Possessed, Knight,
                                   Imperial Assassin    400 Gp, Banner of War
Odense            Brown Bear, Rock Giant, Hill Giant    500 Gp, Etched Circlet


Event             Notes

THE RIFT !!       An Infernal Rift opens that MUST be protected at all costs.
Allies !!         The ickle Dwarfies need pals, and you might just be the guys 
                  for the job !!
Ze Okkult ...     A Master Occultists and his band of Occultists need 
                  spanking ... hard ;)
King Gurkenash    King Gurkenash offers to help you defeat Demon Uther.

2 x Life Potion, Potion of Vigor, 3 x Potion of Protection, 6 x Potion of 
Healing, Lightning Scroll, Hymn of the Clans Scroll, 3 x Emerald, Ignis Mare 
Scroll, Orb of Life, Orb of Poison, Orb of Healing, Summon II: Valkyrie Scroll,
3 x Silver Ring, Potion of Fire Warding, 2 x Stone Rain Scroll, 3 x Potion of 
Restoration, Potion of Speed, Vengeance of Ymir Scroll, Royal Scepter, Talisman
of Fear, Water Ward Scroll, 2 x Potion of Striking, Tome of Earth, Ignis Potens
Scroll, Incante Belliarh Scroll, 2 x Treebark Potion, Death Storm Scroll, 2 x 
Goblin Orb, 2 x Orb of Earth, Touch of Mortis Scroll, Potion of Strength, 3 x 
Potion of Swiftness, Silver Ring, Pestilence Scroll, Orb of Thunder, Lizard Man
Orb, Summon I: Skeleton Scroll, Sanctuera Scroll, Banner of Speed, Bronze Ring,
Potion of Water Warding, Ruby, Ancestor's Call Scroll, Runic Blade (Artifact), 
Potion of Might, Call Decay Dragon Scroll, Diamond, Infernal Knight Talisman, 
Tempest Scroll, Orb of Lycanthropy, Orb of Fire, Plague Scroll, Zombie Orb, 
Shadow Scroll.

7 x Life Potion, 2 x Potion of Protection, Paraseus Scroll, Weakness Scroll, 
Orb of Restoration, Potion of Accuracy, Talisman of Vigor, Talisman of Inferno,
3 x Potion of Restoration, Potion of Healing, Potion of Might, Chant of Arms 
Scroll, Incantare Avenger Scroll


Name                          Sells

Under's Shop (Merchant)       Life Potion x 5, Potion of Healing x 10, Potion 
                              of Restoration x 10, Healing Ointment x 2, Orb of 
                              Healing x 3, Orb of Restoration x 3, Orb of 
                              Regeneration x 2, Orb of Life x 4
Zoltar's Camp (Trainer)       Train your units here !!
Sallat's Shop (Merchant)      Life Potion x 3, Potion of Healing x 5, Potion of
                              Restoration x 5, Healing Ointment x 2
Nibor's Tower (Magic Shop)    Strength (200 Gp), Haste (400 Gp), Holy Strength 
                              (600 Gp), Holy Armour (600 Gp), Call to Arms (800
Werric's Shop (Merchant)      Life Potion x 5, Potion of Healing x 10, Potion 
                              of Restoration x 10, Healing Ointment x 5, Spirit 
                              Staff x 1
Thurin's Shop (Merchant)      Life Potion x 5, Potion of Healing x 10, Potion 
                              of Restoration x 10, Staff of Dragon Mastering x 1
Xennon's Camp (Mercenary)     Barbarian Chieftain [1,800 Gp], Barbarian Warrior
                              [850 Gp]


The Battle to save Bethrezen is won, but Bethrezen has still not returned to 
the Legions.  Until the day he does, the Legions will patiently lie in wait, 
preying upon the helpless, and plotting for the return of their evil deity :">




Thanks and credit go to the LenDBZ for his insight into The Dark Alliance level
... thanks also to TemjinGold for his help on the "Prince of Hell" level (VERY 
cool), and also thanks to everybody at who has posted on the 
messageboards and encouraged me to keep going !! =)

Cheers to Nero for his input into the Legions of the Damned second stage, and
sacking the Undead Hordes' Capital City.  Thanks mon ami ;)

Thanks also go to Chuck for his suggestion about clonining Bethrezen - thanks 
mate !! :)


                                                 Copyright David Booth, 2003-5


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CheatBook-DataBase 2023 is a freeware cheats code tracker that makes hints, Tricks, Tips and cheats (for PC, Walkthroughs, XBox, Playstation 1 and 2, Playstation 2, Playstation 4, Sega, Nintendo 64, DVD, Wii U, Game Boy Advance, iPhone, Game Boy Color, N-Gage, Nintendo DS, PSP, Gamecube, Dreamcast, Xbox 360, Super Nintendo) easily accessible from one central location. If you´re an avid gamer and want a few extra weapons or lives to survive until the next level, this freeware cheat database can come to the rescue. Covering more than 26.800 Games, this database represents all genres and focuses on recent releases. All Cheats inside from the first CHEATBOOK January 1998 until today.  - Release date january 8, 2023. Download CheatBook-DataBase 2023

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