Do You Like Horny Bunnies? Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Do You Like Horny Bunnies?

Do You Like Horny Bunnies?

(H na Bunny-san wa Kirai?)
FAQ / Walkthrough by StriderVM []
For the MS-DOS / Windows system
Version 1.1

Table of Contents

I.   Introduction
II.  Basic Walkthrough
III. Detailed Walkthrough
     a. The beginning
     b.	Sae Route
     c.	Hiromi Route
     d. Ryo Route
     e.	Chimaki Route
     f.	Akina Route
IV.  Walkthrough summary
V.   Thanks


I. Introduction

Do You Like Horny Bunnies / H na Bunny-san wa Kirai
is bishoujo (That means H or HENTAI!) game that
is made by the Japanese company Zyx, which can be
found at [] . This game is 
now domestically available in english thanks to
G-Collections. []

Generally, if you played the game Kango Shicyauzo and/or
Tottemo Pheromone (or perhaps the majority of H-Games) , 
this game plays EXACTLY like it. You have the story driven
through text and upon reaching a branch point. you are
given a choice on what to do next, which can decide
the women that can be your partner (Or any at all)
and the endings itself.

Why the seemingly "controversial" name? Well because IT
IT SO! XD  Seriously though, although it sounds better 
in Japanese (H na Bunny-san wa Kirai?) but it also means 
the same as in the english translation..... Unfortunately, 
it is the heart of jokes on this games board on the 
GameFAQ's messageboards...... XD ..... Not that I 
could blame them though........ ^^

I have made this walkthrough to guide you to the endings
in each of the five girls and to get 100% of the CGs in 
the game.

Walkthrough 1.0 to 1.1 Differences

Fixing of spelling errors, also fixed some
walkthrough sections.....


II. Basic Walkthrough

Well, this part is made for the people who still want
to have some challenge on this game, I will give you
some general tips on beating the game.......

1. On the beginning of the game, when Akina "inspects"
   you, you will be given a choice to do it, not do it
   and jumping on her. This decides if you are 
   interested on Akina.

2. Of course, if you want to target the girl you like,
   you must think about her!

3. Over the course of your first days, at times, you 
   will be given choices on where to go to relax and/or
   do something. This decides on who girl will you
   meet and will also decide which girl you will end up
   in the middle of the game.

Still stuck? Can't still find all the CGs? Well,
to the detailed walkthrough!


III. Detailed Walkthrough

a. [The beginning] 

On the start of the game and meeting Akina,
on this event she will start to "inspect" you.
Your reaction to this event will decide 
who's girl are you gonna end up with.

	Do it       -> Other girls route
	Don't Do It -> Other girls route
	Jump on Her -> Akina Route

After the event, Akina will arrange a party
for you, since the event will be hours until
it starts, you will be given an option.

	Go Home    -> Akina Route
	Stay Here  -> Other girls route

On your first day, you will be given an option
to think about one of the girls, this decides, which
girl you want to end up with. Just choose the girl
you like (Or the one you haven't seen the CG's yet =P)

Sae      ->
Hiromi   ->
Ryo      -> 
Chimaki  ->
Akina    ->

After finishing the chores in Platinum, you will 
be given an option on where to do, go to the 
restroom, rest or go to the main hall.

Go Clean the Restroom   -> Sae Event
Rest for a While        -> Akina Event
Take a Look at the Hall -> Hiromi Event

If you go to the restroom, you will meet Sae there.
If you decide to rest, you will meet Akina.
If you decide to return to the hall instead, you 
will meet with Hiromi.


[Sae Event]
I Don't Think It's Wierd -> Sex Event (More)
You Are Wierd            -> Sex Event

[Akina Event]
No Choices, you won't have sex with her either,
but this is a deciding factor if you want to
get her.

[Hiromi Event]
I don't do it much       -> Sex Event (More)
Of course! All the time! -> Sex Event 


On the next job day, you'll decide again
on where to go :

Go to the Hall           -> Ryo Event
Take a Break             -> Ryo / Akina Event
Clean the Restroom       -> Chimaki Event

Going to the hall will result to meeting with Ryo.
Taking a break will result in you seeing Ryo and Akina. 
Cleaning the restroom, you will meet up with Chimaki.


[Ryo Event]
Just Show you right?               -> Sex Event (More)
Don't you want more than that?     -> Sex Event 

[Ryo / Akina Event]
Although you will see Ryo and Akina
being intimate with each other, no sex
scenes (again) . Still a deciding factor
to getting Akina though.

[Chimaki Event]
No, This is not Good              -> Sex Event (More)
Maybe it's ok to play a little    -> Sex Event


After a while, you will choose on which girl to
think about, of course, it's better to choose
the girl you've thinked about before, since choosing
another girl ensures you the bad ending......


After this event, the story will either continue with
the girl you are targetting or getting sick and ending
the story from there (The bad ending)


b. [Sae Route]

Isn't it embarassing?         -> Event Over
I'll take pictures of you     -> Sex Event

Stop Teasing her          -> Event Over
Keep Teasing her          -> Sex Event

Refuse this Offer         -> Event Over
Accept this offer         -> Sex Event

You look like you have a fever -> Event Over
Are you Horny?                 -> Sex Event

Stop thinking                -> Bad Ending
Rephroach yourself           -> Good Ending + Sex Event


c. [Hiromi Route]

Take a seperate bath -> Event over
Take a bath together -> Sex Event

Tell the customer to behave             -> Event over
Serve the customer instead of Hiromi    -> Sex Event

What do you want to eat?    -> Event over
I'll take you home          -> Sex Event

Let me be alone.        -> Event over
Let's start with plates -> Sex Event

Run away    -> Event over
Help Hiromi -> Sex Event

You want me to watch over her? -> Bad Ending
Wow, you know things about Hiromi -> Good Ending + Sex Event


d. [Ryo Route]

Yell at Sae       -> Event Over
Watch in Silence  -> Sex Event

Eat together                 -> Event Over
Let her eat what she wants   -> Sex Event

Let her spend the night with them     -> Event Over
Have her spend the the night with you -> Sex Event

Don't chase her  -> Bad Ending
Chase her        -> Good Ending + Sex Scene


e. [Chimaki Route]

Turn her down            -> Event Over
Go for it                -> Sex Event

I don't want to use any of them   -> Event over
I want to use the pleasure beads  -> Sex Event

Tell her by words    -> Event Over
Teach her physically -> Sex Event

Don't let her do it -> Event Over
Let her do it       -> Sex Event

Turn your head   -> Event Over
Go with the flow -> Sex Event

You maybe a little strange  -> Event Over
You're not strange          -> Sex Event

Let her go   -> Bad Ending
Go after her -> Good Ending + Sex Event


f. [Akina Route]

In the game, Akina's route has the least choices, there
is only one choice near the end of the game when Platinum
goes into trouble.

Give up on Akina  -> Bad Ending
Don't give up on Akina  -> Good Ending + Sex Event


IV.  Walkthrough summary


- Don't Do It
- Stay Here
- Sae
- Go Clean the Restroom
- I Don't Think It's Wierd
- (Any choice is ok)
- Sae
- I'll take pictures of you
- Keep Teasing her
- Accept this offer  
- Are you Horny?  
- Rephroach yourself


- Don't Do It
- Stay Here
- Hiromi
- Take a Look at the Hall
- I don't do it much
- (Any choice is ok)
- Hiromi
- Take a bath together
- Serve the customer instead of Hiromi
- I'll take you home 
- Let's start with plates
- Help Hiromi


- Don't Do It
- Stay Here
- Ryo
- (Any choice is ok)
- Go to the Hall
- Just Show you right?
- Ryo
- Watch in Silence
- Let her eat what she wants 
- Have her spend the the night with you
- Chase her    


- Don't Do It
- Stay Here
- Chimaki
- (Any choice is ok)
- Clean the Restroom
- No, This is not Good
- Chimaki
- Go for it   
- I want to use the pleasure beads
- Teach her physically
- Let her do it  
- Go with the flow 
- You're not strange     
- Go after her

Akina's Route 

- Jump on Her
- Go Home
- Akina 
- Rest for a While
- Take a Break
- Akina
- Don't give up on Akina

Now if you didn't notice, it seems that after you have chosen
your target girl and is able to date her, all the choices 
seem to be the second choice in order to get a sex scene.
Seems too easy....... -_-


V. Thanks

G-Collection = Well, I thought the english h-game
         industry would die out.... Fortunately,
         G-collection now provides new h-games 
         for us to "enjoy" upon .... ;)  

GameFAQS = For posting this guide.

Myself = Because there's no guide in this game found at
         Gamefaqs.... I HAVE TO MAKE ONE! XD
         Besides, the people on the GFAQS MB haven't
         got the slightest idea on what this game is.... 

The GameFAQS's "Do You Like Horny Bunnies" MB posters =
 You're my inspiration to make this guide!!!!! XD XD XD
 Your posts are really funny!!!!! Seriously, you guys
 are the reason I made this guide..... =)

Copyright 2003 by StriderVM
End of Text File.
Yeah it's finished, you can go resume 
the thing you're doing before.... yeah.... =P

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