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 Dragon Lord

Dragon Lord

Walk around outside of house and pick up hammer (back of house) and sword
(in cart).  Talk to uncle.

Take right path and continue to pasture area.  Get bone.  Go back to previous
screen and give bone to dog.  Get bowl in previously blocked area.   Return
to house and give bowl to uncle.  Get all items from house (sulphur, rope,
flint, shield, armour, walking stick).  Put on armour and shield.

Take left path and get cow.  Use Rope.  Go all the way back around the path
to the pasture.  Tie rope on tree.

Return to house and talk to uncle.  He gives you ring and whistle.

Take left path.  Use whistle on dog.  Go to circle of stones.  Enter left
skull.  Get key.  Enter right skull.  Use key on grate.  Either fight skeleton
or go past him.  Continue halfway down hall.  Turn right and push button. 
Get out of way of rolling stone.  If you didn't kill skeleton previously, the 
rolling stone has now.  Go look at pieces of rock.  Take key.  Go back down
hall and use key on iron grid.  Go down trapdoor.  Use ring on door.  Use ring 
on casket.  Talk to dragon.  Get spell for Open Door.  Leave.

Continue down path.  Talk to knight.  Continue down path.  Enter cave.  To the
left you will find a peculiarity with the wall.  Use hammer.  Take spellbook.
Put spell in spellbook.  Walk up to door.  Cast Open Door spell.  Go down 

Visit Inn on left.  Talk to occupants (several times).  Receive ladle.  Go 
across to cave and kill dragon fly.  Go to far side of cave and use ladle.  
Return to Inn.  Give ladle to occupants.  Receive a morning star, rope and 
fireball spell.  Add fireball spell to spellbook.

Go outside and continue journey.  Use fireball spell to pass through web. 
Continue down road.  Talk to black knight.  Kill creature and get axe and
pole.  Use pole on ferry.  Cross river.

Continue down road.  Find skull beside flytrap.  Join skull and rope.  Use 
on tree.  Talk to knight on other side.  Continue down road.

Talk to knight in mushroom village.  Take path near knight back across river.
Take left path at fountain and enter tree house.  Talk to woman with wings 
and receive cog.  Go upstairs and get cloth from drawers.  Exit house.  Return 
to fountain.  Take path to left.  Take an apple and give it to dog.  Activate 
lever which takes you up to tree house.   Talk to woman with wings and take
key.  Activate lever in tree house to get back down.  Go back to fountain.  
Wet cloth in fountain.  Put cloth on face.  Enter area with flowers.  Get 
blue flowers.  Go back to mushroom village.

Eat blue flowers.  Kill scorpion.  Enter mushroom by dead scorpion.  Go 
upstairs.  Talk to Sprite.  Receive Reveal Illusion spell.  Put spell in 
spellbook.  Go back outside.  Find blue potion (heals hit points).  Search
for other mushroom you can enter.  Go upstairs.  Search cabinet beside bed.
Find green potion.  Go outside.  Drink green potion.

Return to flower area.  Follow path on far left and find a Japanese Knight. 
Talk to him.  Place cog on wall.  Find illusionary door to the right.  Cast
Dispel Illusion.  Enter.  Find torch (talk to knight while there), pail (fill
with water from far right room), place pail of water on lever outside, enter
grate, get silver chest, go back outside and enter illusionary door again and
find skeleton on a bed.  Give skeleton the silver chest.  Receive ring.  Go 
to door at end of room.  Use torch.  Go outside.

Talk to knight.  Follow path to river.  Jump in.  Get swallowed by carp.  Take
diamond.  Use weapon on inside of fish.  Carp spits you out on opposite shore.  
Go to waterfalls.  Go down bank.  Go through and behind waterfalls.  Give
diamond to turtle dragon.  Take huge crystal from previously blocked location.
Exit cave and return to river.  Jump in river (this time you jump out on 
opposite side).  Return to knight.  Give him huge crystal (he promises his 
vote).  Return to falls.  Take stepping stones across.

Follow path.  Go to the top of stonehenge.  Accept challenge of knight.
Receive pick.  Go down to path.  Go to right until you are on path.  Turn
around so you face end of path.  Use pick on rocks in front of you.

Follow path.  Talk to black knight.  Cut down tree.  Approach two thugs.  Kill 
both.  Take possessions.  Open bag and remove vase.  Dispose of broken vase.
Follow path.  Talk to duo in front of castle.  Give vase to duo.

Follow path to castle.  Enter castle.  Take door to left.  Show ring to small
dragon guarding door.  Enter castle.  Kill zombie.  Explore rooms.  In 
bedroom, push metal bracket on log grate.  Go through curtain.  Get key from 
ceiling light.  Use key on chest.  Take portion of crest.  From chapel, take
water shaker.  Go to opposite end of chapel.  Go through door on right.  Take 
candles and bible.  Go back to chapel.  Insert candles in candelabra.  Get 
another piece of seal.  In library, click on man size dragon and find out
how to release spirit.  Take stairs down.  Get sword to right.  Go back
upstairs and go to room with table and fireplace.  Use sword on coat of arms
which is missing a sword.  Take final piece of crest.  Join pieces of family 
seal together.  Go back to main room.  In room in upper left corner 
(referenced by where you first came in), find dragon effigy and stone eyeball 
(break half full bottle).  Go downstairs.

Place seal on door.  Search all rooms.  Climb ladder and find broken key.  
Search other rooms.  Find stone eyeball in skeleton's skull on bed.  Find
another stone eyeball under blanket in another room.  Find ladle in kitchen
area.  Find crowbar in banquet area.  Find charcoal in room off blacksmith
area.  Find forge hammer and hacksaw in blacksmith area.  Put charcoal in
brazier.  Use ladle to get water from trough.  Use flint on sulphur.  Use
fire to light charcoal.  Use bellows.  Put broken key in charcoal.  Put key
on anvil.  Use blacksmith hammer on key.  Use ladle of water on key.  Take
key.  Go back to main room.  Use key on door that wouldn't open.  Search 
weapon room for another stone eyeball.  Use the four stone eyeball on the 
two skeleton heads in this room.  The crystal containers will disappear.  Take
all items (sword, shield, crossbow, key).  Go back outside to the large room.
Take skeleton in centre cell.  Use skeleton on the skelton in the right cell.
Use the bible.  Use the holy water shaker.  Click on skeleton to free him.
Go up to room with pool of water.  Jump in.  Get crank.  Jump out of water.
Go back down and use crank on dragon head.  Go back up to pool room (water
is now gone).  Jump in pool and go through door.  Follow path around to find 
dragon.  Receive items.  Go back upstairs.  Go back to first entrance to 
castle.  Use sleeping powder on dragon.  Take sphere.  Go back inside castle.

Go to door with stairs up.  Use magic powder and go upstairs.  Find 4 metal 
balls - 1 in bedside table in first room left (kill skeleton after entering,
Ball in next room), 1 in plant to left in second hallway, 1 in nursery, 1 in
bookcase.  In room with balcony, go arond balcony and talk to stone imp.  Take 
imp.  Go to hallway with window looking into egg.  Use hacksaw on window.
Place sphere in nest.  Use pliers on sphere.  Take baby dragon back to large 
dragon in basement.  Receive item from dragon.  Use stone imp on dragon.  
Dragon flies you to top of castle.  Get teleport spell and vial of blood.  
Teleport back to dragon.  Talk to dragon.  Go back upstairs to room with 
eagle.  Take twig from fireplace.  Use flint on sulphur.  Use fire on twig.
Use lit twig on eagle.  Use 4 metal balls in the holes in front of the eagle.
Eagle opens up.  Take talon.

Go back to hallway with stairs leading up to door.  Use key from basement. 
Go into room with several pots.  Find pot with hole in the bottom.  Use talon
to get key which was hanging over eagle.  Climb stairs and use key from over
eagle.  Go through door.

Talk to mage.  Place items from basement (sword, shield, crossbow) in the
pentagram.  Go up to next level.  Take Ruby from railing.  Go back to mage.
Talk to mage.  Teleport to skull cave.  Use ruby on coffin.  Take dragon
armour.  Teleport back to mage.  Talk to mage.  Get cup and amulet.  Take 
amulet out of cup.  Follow mage's instructions.  Take dragon effigy and break
it.  Receive crystal ball.  Teleport to dragon.  Enter back room and take 
dragon saddle and lance.  Put on dragon armour.  Use saddle on dragon.  You 
are flown to vote where you either become a dragon lord or are turned down.
If you followed these instructions, you became a dragon lord.


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