Drakan - Order of the Flame Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Drakan - Order of the Flame

Drakan - Order of the Flame
       ____ _ _ _  _    _       _        _      _     _  _ _ _ ____
       ---- - - -  -    -       -        -      -     -  - - - ----
           ________                    __
           \______ \  _______ _____   |  | _______     ____
            |    |  \ \_  __ \\__  \  |  |/ /\__  \   /    \
            |    `   \ |  | \/ / __ \_|    <  / __ \_|   |  \
           /_______  / |__|   (____  /|__|_ \(____  /|___|  /
                   \/              \/      \/     \/      \/
       ---- - - -  - O r d e r  O f  T h e  F l a m e -  - - - ----
       ŻŻŻŻ Ż Ż Ż  Ż    Ż       Ż        Ż      Ż     Ż  Ż Ż Ż ŻŻŻŻ

                           Drakan: Order of the Flame

                               April 18, 2009
                                 Version 1.5

                        Written by:  Dan Simpson

  If emailing me, use this subject:  Drakan v 1.5

  (Emails that don't use this subject will be deleted, avoid using all CAPS)

                                 Email Policy: (read before emailing me!)
          If you see any mistakes, or have anything that you want to add
          please email me!  I will, of course, give you full credit for
          your addition, and be eternally grateful to you.  Email addresses
          are not posted in the FAQ, unless you specifically state that
          you want it to be.

 The most recent version of this FAQ can be found at:

 I am now finished writing the Walkthrough!  Yay!  Any update after this is
 most likely to be fixing an mistakes that I find.  Hehe.  Or maybe
 discussing this new patch that is out now (if you don't have it yet, go get
 it!  See below for more info).  But I am finally through the game!

 If you are a webmaster and wish to post this on your web page, please email
 me first.  And if you do post this FAQ on your site, please make an attempt
 to keep it up to date.  There is nothing worse than getting emails from
 people who saw an old version asking about things that are already in the
 newer versions.  Well, maybe there are worse things, but it IS annoying!

 The patch to Drakan was released!  You can download it here:

 For a list of what has changed hop down to the "Patch Changes" section which
 is located just before the "Final Words" section.

 This FAQ looks smashing in Courier New at about 9 points.  (If you look up
 directly under the word "notes" above and see something other than a
 straight line, then you might need to change your font!)

What's New in 1.5:
    Moved the miscellaneous tips section to before the walkthrough, and added
    a new tip from Andreas "Cyberfrag" Fischer. Some other small changes.

  For a complete Version History, check out the Final Words Section at the end
  of the FAQ.

Table of Contents:

  Miscellaneous Tips

    1. The Beginning of the Game, Ruined Village
       Get the Mithril Short Sword
       Tavern Key
       Find the Rusty Chainmail
       Priest Book
       Find the Soul Crystal
       Awaken Arokh
    2. Wartok Canyons Area
       Find the Grimstone Mines Part One
       Clean out the Spider Caves
       Get the Short Sword of Flame
       Find the Grimstone Mines Part Two
       Find Key to Troll Caves
       Troll Caves
       Find the Grimstone Mines Part Three
       Find the Secret Entrance
    3. The Wartok Mines
       Inside the Mines
       Find the Hider
       Destroy the Mines
    4. Grotto
       Get the Sword of Ice
       Find the Entrance to the Eastern Archipelago
       Find the Banded Mail
       Exit the Area
    5. Islands
       Find Rimril
       Get the Bell Hammer
    6. Ruins Of Alwarren
       Retrieve Tuiri's Soul Crystal
       Collect all 6 Magic Barrier Runes and Place in City Seal
       Extra Treasure
       Find the Bellhammer of Alwarren
    7. Islands Revisited
       Retrieve Elemental Amulet from Goblin Base
       Recover the Rift Crystal
       Pass Tests of Flame Fortress
       Get the Rift Crystal
       Find a Way into Succubus Lair
    8. Succubus Lair
       Rescue Arokh
       Find Magic Mirror in Bathing Chamber
       Find Throne Room
       Find Grimstone Shipping Docks
       Rescue Arokh
    9. Volcano
       Retrieve Rune Cage Key from Queen Shilla
       Find the Dragon Armor Rune
       Get the Dragon Armor
       Find the Rune Blade
       Find the Lava Rune
       Get the Rune Blade
       Enter the Rift
   10. Rift World
       Kill Navaros






     Standard Enemies

  Patch Changes

  Final Words...

     Online Resources (Links)
     Version History

Miscellaneous Tips

  Save it at the beginning of each level, NOT a quicksave.  Keep these saves in
  case you forget something and want to get it later.

  In addition to dodging attacks by moving around, you can duck attacks
  (R-CTRL) and also block attacks (press 1 on the number pad).

  Some weapons have "Secondary" attacks.  Weapons such as the Flaming Sword, or
  Vykruta's Axe.  Use these weapons by pressing 1 on the number pad.

  Also when on Arokh each of his breath attacks has a secondary attack accessed
  the same way as normal weapons, that is, pressing 1 on the number pad.

  Save your arrows for the later stages when you REALLY need them!  Don't kill
  things like Wartoks with arrows, wait until you have to kill Dark Knights,
  Mummy Mages, and Succubi.

  The best keyboard mouse combination that I have found is to use my left hand
  on the "E, S, D, F" movement keys, and use my right hand for the mouse.  This
  way I can also easily use the L-SHIFT Sneak Command.

  If you are using the keyboard, to make life easier for yourself, you should
  add some keyboard commands for "Turn Left" and "Turn Right".  I chose W for
  Left and R for Right to put them near the other keyboard commands for

  If you have a Scroll Wheel on your mouse you can use it to cycle through your

  Save often!  Use the Quick Save 'Q' and the Quick Load 'L'.  But don't just
  use the Quick Save, in that you could get yourself into really sticky
  situations.  Also have a "Safety Save" in an area that you know is safe.
  Save this one the "normal" way by hitting ESC then clicking on SAVE.

  To skip any of the Cutscenes press the ENTER key.

  Andreas "Cyberfrag" Fischer sent me this:
    I found the secondary attack of the basic dragon weapon (Arokh breathing
    fire) to be probably the deadliest weapon in the game. It will take out
    nearly all enemies in the game, who have contact with the flame, in less
    than a second - including giants, dragons and even bosses like the old
    giant in Alwarren (who hadn't even a chance to _start_ throwing anything
    at me). Dragons are a bit hard to hit, as you have to be close, getting
    into a hectic dogfight, but anything moving on the ground is an easy
    target. Ballistas can also be easy fodder, if you can manage to come
    from below and blow a stream of fire upwards, before getting into their
    view. The Skeletal Dragons in "volcano" are also for the most part no
    problem with this trick - you can often take them out before they start

    Another nice property of this weapon is, that, unlike all other dragon
    weapons, it enters small doors - that is: doors that only Rynn can
    enter. This allows for nice "coward"-tactics: entering a door with Rynn,
    luring the enemies to the door and then getting out again, jumping onto
    the dragon and firing a short breath into the door.

    As for the "nearly" above: the only enemy that took more than a second
    was Navaros - he took about 2-3 seconds for each head (two "breaths"
    each). Piece o' cake, compared to the problems I had at that point, when
    I played this game first.

    This all holds true for easy difficulty in version 444 (445 wouldn't
    install) - I suppose enemies take more damage on harder difficulties.
    I'd still expect this weapon to be quite effective, though.


  This is mostly a step-by-step walkthrough similar to the walkthrough I wrote
  for The Legend of Zelda (NES).  I think this format works well for this game.
  Also note that this was written using the Normal difficulty setting.
  However, since the only difference between the difficulty settings is how
  much damage you take (-25% for easy, +28% for hard), this shouldn't have any
  effect at all on the Walkthrough.  Also once you get the patch (see Notes
  above, or Patch Changes just before Final Words) there is a new setting,
  Nightmare, which creates faster, smarter, more evil enemies.

  Also note that I don't use the "proper" names for most of the creatures.  I
  usually call them what they look like.  This is because the manual doesn't
  actually list all the monsters, so I had to make up new names for them.  If
  you want to see the "proper" names you can check down at the Enemies section

  If you find any mistakes or errors in the Walkthrough, please don't hesitate
  to email me about it!

1. The Beginning of the Game, Ruined Village

Get the Mithril Short Sword

  Hint: Do a Quick-Save (simply press 'Q') after you win every Battle.  But
        don't just use the Quick-Save.  Every once in awhile (say, after you
        do something significant, like get the Dragon Armor), you should make
        a "Safety Save", that is save it normally with the intention of keeping
        that save forever.  This way if you find that you missed something, you
        can simply reload and keep going.  Beats redoing a level...

  - Be careful when you first start out, a Wartok will try to sneak up on you.
    Don't forget to equip your sword!  (use the mouse wheel, or press '[')
  - Go north and then east.  There is a Wartok here.  Go into the house to get
    a Health Elixir.
  - Now go all the way west.  You will see a ruined house there, but don't
    bother going inside.  Instead go north and slide down to the beach.  A
    little to the Northwest is some treasure: a Mithril Short Sword, and 3
    Health Elixirs.
  - Now swim along a little to the west (make sure to come up for air!) and
    then go back on shore and head south to get Duncan's Battle Axe (durability
  - Go back to where you got the Mithril Short Sword, and there is a little
    cave just to the south of that.  Go in there.  There are some Spiders in
    there so be cautious.

  Spiders: Killing them is pretty easy, just crouch (R-CTRL) and attack if they
           get too close.  No strategy involved, really.  These enemies are
           weak enough that you only need to use Atimar's Blade.

  - You will find yourself at an underground lake.  Swim across it to a new
    small room that has a pool.
  - Dive into the pool, and swim through to a new area.
  - Get out of the water and find the passage (hard in the dark) and go down
    it.  There will be some spiders here.
  - Eventually you will reach the end of the passage, and then you flip the
    lever to get into the Tavern Basement.  You start at the last step in the
    next part, Tavern Key.  So immediately you can get the Key.

Tavern Key

  - The Tavern is just to the south of where the Man died.
  - In one of the rooms upstairs is a Life Potion.
  - On the back of the stairs, open a door to the cellar.
  - Smash any barrels you find for Health Elixirs.
  - Jump onto the boxes to get onto the ledge, to get the Mace.

  Hint: The sword that you start with is the only item (until you get the Mourn
        Bringer or Rune Blade, but that will be awhile!) that does not get
        damaged over time, all the other weapons/armors/etc. will.  So if you
        don't need to use the Mace, DON'T!  For example if you see a Barrel
        that you want to smash, use your original Short Sword on it.

  - Flip the lever (ENTER) to open the portcullis.
  - Use the crouch attack on the Spiders.
  - On a table to the left (from where you entered) is a key, use ENTER to get

Find the Rusty Chainmail

  - From the dead Man, go West until you get to the Area with the Scavengers in

  Scavenger: Sneak up to it, then let it come to you, crouch and attack with
             the Mace.  It should only take about 3 attacks.

  - There is a little cave further to the west that has the Chain Mail in it
    (15/100 durability).

  Hint: After you get a new item like the Chain Mail armor, you need to open up
        your inventory (press 'I') and equip it. (double click it)

  - Go out of the cave and up the ledge that leads southward.  There will be
    another Scavenger up here.
  - Jump into the river and swim westwards until you get to where you can stand
    up in the water, then head north.  There will be a Wartok here.  Kill him
    to get the Invisibility Potion.  Go into the shed (or is that an outhouse?)
    to get 2 Health Elixirs.
  - Climb up the ledge to the South West, and then slide down the other side to
    get back to the area where we found the Chainmail.
  - From here go back to the Tavern.

Priest Book

  - Head south past the tavern to get to the Priests house.
  - Beware there is a scavenger (fast bugger!) along the path.

  Scavenger: Sneak up to it, then let it come to you, crouch and attack with
             the Mace.  It should only take about 3 attacks.

  - Further along the path you will find a Wartok killing a human.

  Wartok: Sneak up to it, then attack as much as you can!

  - Head south and cross the river.
  - Atimar's (the Priests) house is not the one immediately across the river,
    his is the house just to the east of that.  There is another Scavenger
    between the houses.
  - Go up to the door and use your key (ENTER) then enter to house.
  - The Book is just on the table inside.

Find Soul Crystal

  - As you exit there will be two Wartoks.

  Hint: If it looks to you like a Wartok is yelling and flailing his arms
        around that means that he is calling for his other Wartok buddies to
        come and help him kill you.

  - Head back north across the bridge.
  - Go East, there should be about 3 Wartocks along here.
  - As the path curves, go north.  There will be a larger Wartok here with a
    Potion of Life.
  - Head north across the bridge and into the temple.
  - Use the book (ENTER) on the pedestal which is on the temple (you must do
    this while standing on the north side of the temple).
  - Step onto the steps and the Game will take over and show you some
    interesting exposition.
  - Go down into the pit.
  - After you go through a little tunnel you will emerge into a room with many
    Swinging Axe Blades.  Walk right up to each blade, wait for it to go by,
    then run past it.  Careful!  Each blade goes at a different speed.  You may
    want to save it after you pass each one.  Also be careful that you stay on
    the path, it bends to the right, then bends back (sort of like a crescent
  - Walk through the tunnel into a Domed Chamber.
  - At the opposite end of the dome you will find a Statue and a Floor Switch.
    Push the statue onto the switch.
  - Now on the two sides of the chamber are two more Floor Switches, go over to
    those and step on them.  The lights should go out leaving only a purplish
    color in the center of the room.  Also the pit in the center of the dome
    will be filled.
  - Go into the center of the room, and get Heron's Crystal off of the front
    (that is, facing the entrance) of the weird Purple thing.
  - Now the pit will reopen, but now as a Staircase, go down it.
  - Finally step onto the platform at the end of the tunnel, and it will raise
    you to a new cave.

Awaken Arokh

  - Exit the cave and cross the suspension bridge.  Your map will be updated
    (which is what that flashing map icon means).
  - On the other side you will find a Wartok. (or two)
  - Head east, and then south.  You should arrive at a place with a few stacked
    boxes and a torch.  From there take the new path to the north.
  - There should be about 3 Wartoks here (on mine they appeared to have killed
    a fourth one).  Don't attack their barrels, as they are explosives!
  - Before moving on, backtrack on the trail a bit, walk off the path south
    towards the rocks.  There a cave with a scavenger just inside and a life
    potion and iron hammer at the rear exit.  Go out the way you came or slide
    down the rock face, you can usually get to the bottom without damage.
    Return to the wartok camp. (Skabee99)
  - Continue north to the Giant Bare Tree Thingie (whatever), and push it over.
    If you are lucky, it will fall on the Wartock on the other side and kill
    him. (well that's what happened to me!)
  - Right before you get to the tree thingie there are 2 boulders next to the
    edge of the ravine that can be pushed over.  Look down to see explosive
    barrels and 2 wartoks, with a third wartok running over to join his pals.
    Aim boulders at barrels and/or wartoks & push.  You can get all 3 with a
    bit o'luck. (Skabee99)
  - Jump onto your new bridge, and CAREFULLY cross it.
  - Head north.  There will be another Wartok here.
  - Go into the cave, there are about 2 Wartoks in here.  Go through the cave.

  Hint: Don't try to run away from Wartoks, they are much faster than you!
        This is true for most enemies, they simply are faster than you!

  - Once through the cave there is another Wartok.
  - Head east through the northern path, and you'll get to see a broken
    suspension bridge.
  - Careful while crossing this bridge, as you may have noticed, it is quite
  - There will be a Wartok immediately off of the bridge, and there are several
    others camped out close by.
  - These are the wartoks you tossed the boulders at so some/all may already be
    dead. (Skabee99)

  Hint: The Thrust (Tap Forward, Attack) makes an excellent first attack
        against Wartoks, it can remove their weapons (or limbs) and slightly
        stuns them as well!

  Hint: If Wartoks hear something, they will go out to investigate, whether
        they know you are there or not.  So if you stay still they may wander
        around then head back to their camp, and go back to sleep.  Very
        useful.  Then you can sneak up on them and attack.

  - Go to the East Bridge and cross it (you'll know it because there is a
    skeleton skewered by it).
  - Before crossing the bridge there is a grass path to the east leading up to
    a fence.  Go through gate and after a bit you will see gravestones and a
    cave entrance.
  - Before turning towards cave, keep going straight, uphill, towards the large
    tree, there is a skeleton and health elixer and a sword.
  - The cave enrance is a door to some ruins.  At the first intersection are
    statues to the left and right.  Get the life potion from the statue on the
  - Continue on to the ruin exit, as soon as you get out you'll need to fight a
    scavenger, get the fire crystal on the broken column.
  - Retrace your steps, exiting the ruins where you came in.  There is a big
    scavenger to fight before making your way back to cross the east bridge.
  - Now go north, drop off the little cliff and then go up the side of the
    mountain to the East.  There is a Wartok here.

  Hint: If you are having trouble going up a mountain-side try doing a little

  - Head east to the next bridge.  There will be about 2 Wartoks around.  Do
    NOT attack the 3 barrels there, one of them is an explosive!
  - Cross the Bridge.  Careful, this bridge isn't completed either.
  - Now go North-East.  A Wartok here will push a boulder in an attempt to kill
    you, but on my game he merely managed to kill another Wartok.  Notice the
    pretty waterfall.  Ooh... Pretty.
  - The path we want to follow is close to the river, and heads south.  It's
    very dark and hard to see, but this path leads to another bridge.
  - Cross this bridge as well, and once again there's a big hole in it.  You'd
    think that the people here would have taken better care of their bridges!
  - There is a Scavenger to the right after you get off the bridge.
  - Further to the West (right of the bridge) is a Cave and inside is another
    Scavenger who has killed a man who had a Health Elixir and a Worn Chain
    Mail.  Cool.
  - Go back out of the Cave and head up and east.
  - You will soon see a Red Cave that looks very suspicious.  There are quite a
    few Scavengers around here.
  - Walk through the little stream and over to the RED Cave.
  - Before entering the red cave head north.  There is a dark cave entrance
    right before the waterfall.  Go through, kill the scavanger, on the other
    side is a wartock camp.  Kill the wartoks and break the barrels and crates
    for 2 health elixers. (Skabee99)
  - Backtrack to the red cave.
  - Go inside.  Your map will be immediately updated to show this cave.
  - In the hallway just past the Main Hallway will be a trap near the floor.
    Just as soon as the axe moves out of the wall and away from you, run after
    it.  Then when you get about halfway you will need to jump because the axe
    will swing back out.
  - Now the hall will turn, and the next hallway has 2 such axes.  One on the
    floor and one higher.  Pick up the 2 Elixers and get as close to it as you
    can get (use the Sneak) before making your move.  After the low one has
    passed run out about halfway and crouch, let the one move above you, then
    run out again and jump to get over the low one.
  - For the next hallway, it is actually safe to stand in the corner of the
    hallway that connects to this hall (NOT the corner near the Axe!).  This
    allows you to look and see what you need to do.  This time there are again
    2 traps, and again one high and one low.  However, this time they swing at
    the same time.  Again run past the first trap, and then quickly crouch+run
    on the second trap.  It should pass harmlessly overhead.  Then stay
    crouched and do a few rolls forward to the end of the hall, and a roll left
    to get to safety.
  - You will now be in a weird Reddish room with blocks missing from the floor.
    Did I mention that if you fall down into that pit you die?  What you have
    to do is to jump across the pit to get to the other side.  There are some
    blocks left that you can use to jump across, but they will fall down if you
    wait too long.  Once across, IMMEDIATELY turn to the right and run into the
    cave, if you wait even for a second the blocks will all fall down and you
    will die!
  - Run into the next chamber, but don't jump down the cliff.  You will be in a
    room with the statue of a large Dragon.  Follow the path to the right of
    the entrance to the chamber to reach the bottom of the room.
  - Walk up to the Thingie in the Center of the room, and watch the little
    cutscene.  Congratulations you now have a Dragon!

2. Wartok Canyons Area

Find the Grimstone Mines Part One

  - You are now in a small cave, leave the cave and it will be daylight and
    raining, there will be two Wartoks out here.

  Hint: When fighting on the back of your Dragon, realize that Arokh does not
        automatically move his head around as you move the mouse (while Rynn
        does).  To move his head to hit the enemies better, use the Right Mouse
        Button.  Also realize that the amount of life you have is shared, so
        if you have a sliver of life while on the Dragon, you both have a
        sliver of life.  Finally the meter on the right is for your
        Dragon-Flame, and naturally replenishes itself.

  - To the south, across the river, is a small ruin that has a Health Elixir.
    There will be about two Wartocks around this.
  - Go a little to the east to the small cabin there, get off your Dragon and
    go inside.  There's a man there who managed to avoid the Wartoks, and he
    will get you a better sword, IF you clear out a mine full of spiders, which
    is just a little to the south.
  - If you fly across the river, and head due north of the mans house, partway
    up the mountain there is a small valley that leads to a large boulder on
    the ground at the end.  Push the boulder out of the way and enter cave,
    kill scavenger and get "john the monster's axe", low durability and short
    range but 25 damage. (Skabee99)
  - Back across the river by the man's house...
  - A little further east you will find three big Wartoks (well...technically
    this is a normal Wartok, and all the smaller ones are called Orcs, but
    since they are related, I call them both Wartoks!), and another ruin.

  Big Wartok: Attack first with a slicing motion (the normal attack works fine)
              with your Sword.  You do this to try to get rid of their weapons
              or a shield if they have one.  If you can try to kill them on
              your Dragon, but realize that it will take two shots of flame to
              kill them.  Plus they tend to run for cover when you start
              shooting at them.

  Hint: Careful!  There is a Giant Cannon Thing just to the north of this area,
        and it will start shooting at you if you get too near it. (and there is
        yet another one to the east of that first one)

  - Check out the ruins for another Health Elixir. (there is a small cave
    nearby which is the exit from the Spider Cave, and no you can't go very far
    in it)

Clean Out Spider Caves

  - Check your map to see where the Spider Cave is.  It isn't all that high up
    on the mountain.  Fly there, get off of your dragon and go inside. (use
    ENTER to unlock the door)
  - Once inside just wander around and kill Spiders.  You'll know there are
    Spiders because you can see the Reds of their eyes.
  - Walk out onto a ledge, then push that big Post Thingie down, and cross it
    like a bridge.
  - Kill the spiders here, and then head south into the dark.  There will be
    some more spiders.  And a Bow!  Make sure to secure the area (i.e. kill all
    the spiders) before trying to grab the bow (ENTER), because you are
    vulnerable while you grab things.  Don't forget to take the Arrows too.
  - Head east into more spider killing fun. (the Spiders Nest!)

  Hint: Be very careful in this area.  Just when you think there are no more
        Spiders around, they will drop on their Spiderline from the Ceiling to
        kill you.  Also you can kill that weird moving thing on the wall.

  - Continue through the cave (to the south) until you get to the barrels.
    Secure the area.  Smash the barrels to find two Health Elixirs.  Continue
    up the passage, killing all the spiders that you find.
  - You will find yourself in a nicely lit room that is also conveniently
    located above the Nest.  Move to the other end of the room to find yourself
    a new Chain Mail.
  - Jump onto the low box, from there to the higher box, and from there to the
    very convenient board with the explosive at the other end.  The Explosive
    will fly up and blast the ceiling killing the spiders.
  - Now head down the SE passage.  There will be a set of boxes here and a
    ledge.  Jump onto the boxes to get onto the ledge.  This leads to the cave
    by the Man's Cavern (you know... the guy who sent you up here!).  Leave the
    cave and go West to the man's cabin.
  - You get a Rune of Stone, and an updated map.  You have to use the Rune on
    a certain ledge to find out where the Sword is. (it's to the north)

Get the Short Sword of Flame

  - After coming out from the Cabin, I was attacked by a Crow Dragon.

  Crow Dragon: These nasty creatures fly around and shoot you with Green Fire.
               Get on your Dragon quickly and blast them away. (just hold down
               the Attack key)  Crow Dragons firing range is ever so much
               shorter than yours, but don't let them get too close, or they'll
               blast you away!

  - Fly up to the ledge which should now be indicated on your map (it's to the
    north in any case).  Use your Rune of Stone in the center of the monoliths
    where there is a little indentation for it, and a cave will open up.  Go
  - The cave will wind its way for a little while (don't worry, you won't get
    attacked until a little later).

  Hint: NEVER roll up to a Scavenger!  Or any other enemy for that matter.
        Scavengers will tend to swipe at you when you are still rolling.

  - When you reach a small hallway with a torch, the wall crumbles and out pops
    a Scavenger.  Now you can go either left or right from here, it doesn't
    really matter as they end out in the same place in the end.  Although the
    right passage has a trap to get by.  (if you take the left passage, that is
    the one that the Scavenger popped out of, you will pass another room on
    your way to the room with the Big Green Crystals)
  - In the next room there will be 2 more Scavengers.
  - Near the Big Green Crystals will be a skeleton, who just happens to have a
    Health Elixir.
  - Take the passage to the West (this is where the Left passage came from) and
    go into the little room on the right.  Step on the little Plate here and a
    Secret Door will open.
  - Take the passage down.  There will be a Scavenger here.  Now you have two
    more choices.  There is the door that is in front of you, and one that
    curves back behind you. (it's to the north)
  - Take the north path.  You will see a narrow path suspended over what
    appears to be a bottomless pit with two giant axe traps to each side.  Run
    down the path to get to the Short Sword of Flame.  The path will collapse
    behind you and the Axes will start swinging.  Getting out is the fun part!
    Walk to the end of the ledge, wait for the right moment and jump back.

  Hint: To use the Short Sword of Flame's fire attack use the Attack Alternate
        button, which is either the middle mouse button, or '1' on the number
        pad.  But remember that you only get 5 of those!  Also the Short Sword
        of Flame works well as a torch.

  Note: When you fight Knights later on, they have a similar version of the
        Short Sword of Flame, so if you lose this one, don't worry too much.

  - Go back to where you had the two choices of where to go.
  - Go down the little passage, and hop down into the room.  There will a
    couple Scavengers in here (or more).  There is also a Health Elixir here if
    you want it.  Where you want to go are the Two Big Blocks.  Use them to get
    up to a ledge.
  - Go down the little passage.  You will find two sleeping Scavengers here,
    sneak up to them and kill them.
  - Continue down the passage to the Cave Exit (which, again, you can't go back
  - When you exit you will find two big Wartoks here.  Also Arokh will fly down
    from the high ledge.

  Note: If you're wondering if you can go back to the Man and talk to him about
        your newfound Sword, well you can't.  Sorry.

Find the Grimstone Mines Part Two

  - We're going to continue East along the River.  Watch out for any Cannons,
    Wartoks, Crow Dragons along the way.  Make sure to check the bodies of any
    Wartoks that you kill for Health Elixirs.
  - As you travel along the river you will come to the first stone bridge
    linking the two sides of the river valley.  There is a canon on each side
    of the river valley here.  If you land and dive into the water, you can
    swim into a cave and get a mithril sword and some armour. (Skabee99)
  - When you get close to the Gate Mine (well that's what it looks like on the
    map) it will start to snow.  Get off your Dragon and go towards the door.
    It's locked and you need a key.

Find Key to Troll Caves

  - Continue all the way east.  There are a lot of Crow Dragons, and Cannons
    along the way, so be extraordinarily careful.  Go to the cave with the
    banners, get off Arokh and go inside.
  - There is a big Wartok with a shield near the entrance here.
  - Continue down the passage, and slide down to the area with all the boxes.
    Kill the Wartok here, and try to then sneak up on the other Big Wartoks
    with Shields.  Caution!  One of those Wartoks is really, really Big and
    really, really tough!  Try pelting him with arrows.
  - Go into their forge to pick up a Long Sword, and more arrows.  And also
    make sure to get the East Cave Key.  Despite the name it's the key we are
    after.  (if you can manage it you might want to get these before fighting
    those Wartoks)
  - In the Big Fireplace you can also find a Mithril Long Sword.
  - Go into the next room (with the barrels) and flip the switch, then run and
    jump onto the elevator to get back onto the ledge.  From there you merely
    have to retrace your route out.

Troll Caves

  - Go back to the west to the Mines that we couldn't get into before.  This
    time unlock the door and go inside.
  - There will be two Wartocks, one large, one not so much in here.  Flip the
    lever to open the giant door to let your Dragon in.
  - Go back and get on Arokh, come inside and roast any Wartoks you can find.
  - Unfortunately you can't go very far before a trap springs closing a gate
    that forces you off Arokh, back on foot.
  - Just past the gate is a VERY large chamber with a lake in the center, and
    two Wartoks.  Using your Mithril Long Sword, they shouldn't present much of
    a challenge.
  - Head right up to the passageway with a Steam Vent and a Cart by it.  There
    will also be another Large Shielded Wartok here.
  - Go down the passage, kill the small Wartok and take his Scimitar.
  - Run through the doorway, and then quickly jump (while you are in the dark
    section) lest you fall into the trap.
  - Go forward into the dark, then turn left and go down the ladder (use the
    BACK command to go down ladders).
  - You should now be above a torture chamber, there are 3 wartoks down there.
    If you want, you could Sniper them with your Bow.

  Hint: After you use arrows on anything, try to find all the arrows that you
        shot, you will be able to collect quite a few of them.

  - On the table here is a Health Elixir.
  - The Corpse on the Rack has a Battle Axe, which you can take, stuck in him.
  - There is another Health Elixir by those boxes to the north of the Rack.
  - Once you're done down there, use the boxes to get back up the way we came
    into the chamber, and go back up the ladder.
  - From here run up a path on the other side of the passageway to get to the
    area above.  There will be two Wartoks here, one large, and one not.  Kill
    the big one to get a Potion of Life.
  - Continue up this way until you get to where there is a Gate on the side of
    the passage, and the passage still continues onward.
  - Go right into the room, and further in to a nice little treasure chamber.
    You will find a Fire Crystal and a Health Elixir on the shelf, some Magic
    Arrows and a Heavy Bow on the boxes.  Nice.

  Note: Fire Crystals and any other type of Magic Crystals are used just like
        weapons.  Once you use a Crystal, it disappears.

  Note: You can only equip 9 different weapons (although you can have more in
        your inventory.)

  Hint: Don't use your nice Magic Arrows on normal enemies like Wartok's, save
        them for faster prey, such as Crow Dragons. (you'll see!)

  - Now that you've taken their stuff, the Gate has closed and a Wartok is in
    there with you.  Kill it, open the gate again, and go.
  - Continue down the passageway again.  You will come back to that large
    chamber with the lake, but this time you are far above it.  There is a very
    large and mean Wartok on this bridge.  Once you get to the other side, flip
    the big switch to open the big gate to let in Arokh.
  - Now you have to dive into the lake (careful where you dive, btw) go back to
    the other side, and go get Arokh.
  - Open up the gate with Rynn, then get back on Arokh and go through.  Blast
    the Wartoks in here.  Careful, it is a tight fit!
  - Go down the corridor.  Eventually you will have to fly across a small
    underground canyon.
  - Once past that continue down the canyon.  You will shortly pop out into the
    Outside world again, this time on the north end of the map.

Find the Grimstone Mines Part Three

  - There will be two Crow Dragons flying around here.  As long as you don't
    get too close to them you can try to pick them off from a distance.  Good
  - In the ruins nearest the Cave Exit are some Arrows.
  - Go up to the ruins just to the north of the first ones to find a dying man
    from your village.  He says that there is a Secret Entrance to the Mines
    that can only be reached by Dragon.  Your map will also be updated to show
    the Secret Entrance to the North East of your current position.  There is
    another Crow Dragon just to the east of here.

Find the Secret Entrance

  - There's nothing at the other two ruins, although there are some Wartoks
    near the Ruin to the East.
  - You can check out the Entrance to the Mine to the SW, but you can't get in
    that way, you have to go to the Secret Entrance that we so conveniently
    just heard about!  So go North East.
  - You can find the secret entrance on a ledge on the right side of the water-
    fall.  Land there, get off Arokh and go inside.

3. Wartok Mines

Inside the Mines

  - Just inside the entrance there will be a Spider.

  Hint: Just use your original Short Sword on the Spiders.  It's quick, and it
        only takes three hits to kill a spider with it.

  - Head north along the passage, there will be a little tremor (don't worry,
    it will pass!), and just after that you'll find another couple of Spiders.
  - Continue down the windy passage.
  - You will eventually (after a Spider or two of course) get to a large room
    with a giant contraption.  Neat looking, ain't it?  We'll get back to it
  - Continue on across the board over the ravine, and from there into the next
  - When you come to the place where you can go 2 different ways, go left, then
    left again.  There are bunches of spiders here so be careful.  There is a
    small room with a big egg sac in the center that has a Great Sword and a
    Health Elixir.
  - Continue down this passage.
  - In the next room you will find some arrows, and in the furthest room down
    you will find a Health Elixir, an Invisibility Potion, and a Power Crystal.
  - Continue down the little corridor again (it gets really tight in here!) and
    there will be another tremor.  Follow this passage back out the way we came
    and then go back across the Ravine.
  - Go up to the Machine again, and from the side facing away from the ravine
    use the Power Crystal (that is, walk up to the Slot and press ENTER).  The
    machine will make a new door for you, go through it. (you have to go around
    the right side of the machine)

  Hint: Attacking Wartoks can get tricky, especially when taking on the very
        large ones with the shields.  First you want to use a Big Weapon (the
        Greatsword will do nicely), and remember that the timing is completely
        different with this weapon than with your Shortsword.  Now what you
        want to do is to attack them from behind, or while they are attacking
        (as that is the time when their defenses are lowered).  After you have
        done your attack, you want to dodge around (use the Strafe side to
        side, and backwards motions).  Another idea is to try moving Left and
        Right and slashing, but this idea takes better timing than it would

  - There are a lot of Wartoks here!
  - From here go to the right, past the boxes and the Wartoks up to the
    passage.  There will be another Wartok here, a nasty guy with an Axe.
  - Just past here will be the Main Entrance, and two more large Wartoks (only
    one has a Shield, however).
  - Flip the switch, and the door will open part way.  Go outside, and QUICKLY
    call Arokh.  Very soon a Green Dragon will attack you, kill it and a Giant
    Green Rune of Poison will appear.  Fly into it and get it.  (there is a
    nifty little animation here)  The Door will open back up and you can take
    Arokh inside.

  Hint: You can switch Dragon attacks the same way you switch Rynn's attacks.
        Realize that the poison attack is a lingering one, and doesn't
        dissipate as quickly as a fire attack (which is gone as soon as it
        hits!).  Don't worry, you can't be hurt by your own poison.

  - Go back inside, and go to the Ravine using Arokh to cross it.
  - Go down the little passageway until you get to a point where there are two
    ways that you could go.  There will also be a Wartok here. (as you move
    down this passageway you will notice that it pauses, and says "Loading"
    this is because we have now entered the Mines Proper, check your map, it is
    now the Mines map)
  - Get off of Arokh here and go up the left path and through the door.
  - You enter just in time to see 2 Wartoks torturing a prisoner to death.
    Seems that they are looking for the "hider".

Find the Hider

  - Go down the ladder to the left.  There will be two Wartoks here.
  - Flip the switch (if you flip it and the door is closed, go back and flip it
    again) to open up the door that is down from the switch.  Inside you will
    find a Chain Mail, Worn Mace, 2 Health Elixirs, and a Life Potion.
  - Now go back to where you left Arokh, and go down the other path, which
    should now be open.  A Wartok w/Shield will be there waiting for you.  You
    could take him by yourself, or you could blast him with Arokh.  Your
    choice.  Get back on Arokh and go into the new passage.
  - There will be a bunch of Wartoks here, but they are no match for Arokh.
  - Continue down the passage.  You will see a miner working on a lode of the
    Grimstone (that's what those big green crystals are).  He is quite insane
    because of the Grimstone and will attack you.

  Grimstone Miner: These poor humans are so taken by the Grimstone that they
                   will attack you, their only hope for salvation.  They are
                   slow and easy to attack.  The easiest way to deal with them,
                   however, is to ignore them since they won't be very quick
                   to attack you.

  - Turn left from the miner and continue down the passage.  There is a Wartok
  - A gate will close here and you'll have to leave Arokh here.  Nuts.  Go
    through the gate as Rynn.
  - You are now in a large mining area.  Go left, and then follow the path
    upwards as it curves back around.  There will be two Wartoks up here.
    There is also a Long Sword here, and if you smash the barrels you'll find a
    Health Elixir.
  - Use the Switch here to open the Gate to get Arokh back.
  - At the north end of this Chamber (right from the Gate) is another little
    door for Rynn to go through, so you didn't kepe Arokh that long!  There are
    a great many Wartoks through here, so you may want to use Arokh's attacks
    through the door before you go in.
  - Head down the passage.  You will reach a cliff, follow the little path
    along the cliff.  There will be a Wartok here.
  - There will be a suspension bridge, cross it.
  - Continue along until you get to a very large chamber.  There are, of
    course, many nasty Wartoks here.
  - Go to the far end of the chamber, and climb up the litle path.  There will
    be three sleeping Wartoks here (assuming you didn't already kill them).
    Be very careful here, but one of the three barrels is not an explosive.
    Find which one (it's more fat... if that makes sense) and smash it to
    reveal a Fire Crystal.
  - If you want, continue along the path, kill the Wartok back here to get its
    Life Potion.
  - Run back to the front of this Mine Thing, and climb up the ladders.  On the
    third ladder, make sure that you are on the right side of it (that is, the
    side facing the ledge).
  - Now jump across from this ledge to the next ledge, careful to avoid the
  - And from this ledge, jump across to the final ledge (don't bother going up
    that ladder).
  - Run down this little passage.  Skip the room to the right, unless you need
    a Scimitar, and go into the room to the left.
  - As you enter, a boulder will be pushed down towards you.  Run to the little
    alcove to the left, and the boulder should pass you by.  There is a Wartok
    here.  Go up to the left to the lighted area to find a large ledge
    overlooking the mining operation, and a Switch.  Flip it and a large
    platform will be moved up.
  - Head back out the passage to where you had to jump ledges while avoiding
    the big traps.  Jump across and this time go up the ladder.

  Hint: If you want you can knock Wartoks off of ledges, instead of killing
        them yourself.  Simply get them near a ledge, and attack.

  - There is a Wartok here and a miner.  Ignore them, run across and jump onto
    that platform that you raised, and from there to the next ledge.
  - There is another Wartok here as well.
  - Run along the path, and from there into the next passageway (try not to
    fall down that bottomless pit, btw).
  - When you get to the sign, turn right and go down the passage.
  - At the next sign, you don't want to continue going upwards through the
    passage, you want to go outside into the snow with the two Wartoks.
    (but remember this place for later, it's the Crushing Room sign!)
  - Run along the ledge (don't fall now!) and into the next room, and from
    there into yet another passage.
  - There is a Wartok in here.  Go through this passage.
  - It leads outside again to an area with a lot of Wartoks.
  - Find the path leading to the higher ground, and from there find the doorway
    to the next chamber.
  - At the far end of this chamber are two barrels.  Smash them to get some
    Arrows.  Go up the ladder.
  - There is a Wartok here.  From this chamber go west to the passage until you
    get to a left-right fork in the passage.
  - Take the left passage as far as it will go.  There will be a few Wartoks in
    here.  At the far chamber smash the barrels, but avoid the Explosive hidden
    in between the barrels, to get a Health Elixir.  Also get the Magic Arrows
    on the bench.  There is also a long bow here if you need it.
  - Go back to the fork and take the other passage.
  - After going all the way down and killing the two Wartoks you will find
    quite the little treasure trove.  There is a Giant Slayer Sword, Scale Mail
    armor, 2 Health Elixir (in the barrels), and an Ice Crystal.
  - Go back to the room with the ladder in it and this time take the pathway
    that leads to the East.
  - Head along this passageway until you get back outside, then follow the path
    along the cliff.
  - You will make it to another passageway to go down.  This leads to a dark
    room.  Go inside.  There will be a pedestal with the Crusher Room Key on
    it.  Take the key. (remember back to when we had a choice up going up a
    passage at a sign, or going outside along a cliff... well that's where
    we're going!)  Also walk up to the Treasure Chests to get them to open to
    get two Health Elixirs.
  - Go out of the room and you will be attacked by a Knight with Two Flaming

  Knight: He has both a regular attack with his two flaming swords, and a magic
          Flame attack.  When he brings he swords up above his head, that means
          magic, so get away from him quick.  You can try using the Ice Crystal
          on him, and your new sword the Giant Slayer.

          Vistar Nighthawk sent me this:
          "Best way to kill a knight: use a long Armor piercing weapon
          (Mournbringer works best!).  Run up to him but stay out of range of
          his weapons.  Get on his flank and do the 360 swipe + 90 degree turn
          (left, forward, attack).  If you are good you can keep doing this
          move repeatedly and he will never be able to hit you.  If not side
          flip left after every strike and do it again.  Takes 4-6 hits
          depending on the weapon and type of knight (I killed the Dark knight
          holding Mournbringer with this technique)." -- you encounter Dark
          Knights much later in the game, as well as the Mourn Bringer.

  - Once he's dead take his Flaming Sword. (it has a better attack than your
    Short Sword of Flame, but has a much shorter Durability)
  - Now we have to get way way back to where we had the option of going outside
    or following a passage upwards to the Crushing Room, because now we have a
    key for it! (it's actually not all that far back if you know where you're
  - Once back at the sign, go up and fight off the two Wartoks here.  Go out
    the new door.  There may be a Crow Dragon out here.

  Crow Dragon without Arokh: Use your Bow and Magic Arrows, they'll seek right
                             to your prey!

  - Head out across the path.  Careful of the Wartoks here.  You want to go all
    the way south and into a new passage.  If you see a big green thing that
    looks like a portal, avoid it!  You want to take the passage that heads
    east to get Arokh back.
  - Go all the way down the passage, and flip the lever to open the big door.
    Go through and pick up Arokh and bring him back.  Go back out of this
  - Go to the big Gate thing in the center of the Area, get off your dragon and
    open the door with your new key.  Go inside.
  - There are some Wartoks in here. (but when are there not?)  There are 3
    barrels, the middle one is an explosive.  There are 2 Health Elixirs in the
  - Head down the passage until you reach the Crusher.  There are a couple of
    Waroks here, sneak up and kill them.  The big Wartok should leave you a
    Life Potion.
  - Find the big switch and flip it to turn the Crusher on.
  - Now go to the far end of the chamber past the Crusher, and up the little
    path to the ledge right by the Crusher.
  - Now jump from crusher thing to crusher thing to get to the far ledge.  You
    may not get it on the first attempt, but don't worry, just so long as you
    don't get crushed.  On the last Crusher Thing, you can probably just run
    off of it when it gets a little higher than the next ledge.
  - Go down the passage a little ways until you get to an area where you get a
    choice of a right path and a left path.  There you will find a Scavenger.
  - Go into the little room to the right to get 2 Health Elixirs.
  - Now take that path to the left.  Another Scavenger will pop out of the wall
    to the West.  Inside its little hidey hole is a Mace of the Hand. (very
    nice thing to have)
  - Continue down the passage.  There will be a section that you will have to
    slide down.
  - There is a really big Grimstone here that looks like flakes are falling off
    from it.  Walk down a little ways and you will find the Hider.  He explains
    that you have to destroy the mines by destroying the Grimstone Generator.
    And this is ok, because all the miners are insane anyway.  Plus your
    brother was taken elsewhere.

Destroy the Mines

  Important:  Save it before attempting to destroy the Generator, and KEEP THAT
              SAVE until you are completely out of this chamber!  So as you go
              along destroying it, you will also need to save, but DON'T SAVE
              OVER THIS SAVE!  I can't emphasize this enough!

  - Go to the reverse side of the chamber, by going around the cliff ledge to
    the side by the Green Barrier.  Jump onto the close one of those platforms.
  - Now turn the Side Crank three times so that your platform will be about on
    the same level as the next platform.  Now go to the Lever, and pull that,
    and QUICKLY jump onto the next platform (this one is about to fall!)
  - Here you only need to pull the lever and jump to the next one.
  - On this platform you need to Turn the Crank about 4 times, then pull the
    lever and jump to the next platform.
  - This one is a little tricky.  What we want to do is to pull the lever, and
    then jump down to the ledge by the Barrier (which will drop when we throw
    the switch).  Do so.
  - Go through the Hole that the Barrier was in and run up the passage.
    Careful as some boulders will fall when a tremor hits. (if you stay to the
    left you should be able to avoid them)
  - Continue on and across the wooden ramp.
  - From this ledge, turn right and jump onto the platform, and from that onto
    the next ledge.
  - Run up to the highest point on this ledge (it's closest to the wall) and
    from there jump across to the next ledge.
  - From this ledge jump onto the path-ledge to the southeast.
  - Run up this path.  Another tremor will hit and another boulder will fall
    down.  Continue onward until you exit the mines and meet back up with
  - Now fly down that large southern passage and into that very large portal.
    (it had been blocked by a Green barrier...)

  Hint: When flying into the large portals on Arokh, make sure that you are
        centered on it vertically and horizontally.  Otherwise you cannot get

  - Fly a little farther and you are out!

4. Grotto

Get the Sword of Ice

  - In this little area are about 3 Crow Dragons. (there are more if you take
    that little tunnel to the west)
  - Go straight west.  There are more Crow Dragons here.  Fly as high as you
    can and you will notice a cave to the south.  Fly over there and land.
    There is a Giant Wartok here.

    Giant Wartok: Is a really mean bugger who likes to throw things at you.  He
                might even pick YOU up if you get too close to him! (or he'll
                just crush you under his foot)  If you are lucky enough to be
                on Arokh at the time, he isn't any harder than a Cannon, but on
                foot he is much harder.  He is almost slow enough that you
                can outrun him if you have to fight him face to face.  Don't
                bother wasting your arrows on him, as they have no effect.  Use
                your most powerful weapon, run up to him and attack, then get
                away before he hits you with his very powerful attacks.

                Vistar Nighthawk sent me this:
                "Best way to kill Giant Wartoks who are throwing explosive
                barrels (which most do): shoot a barrel with the bow as it is
                about to pick it up.  THREE shots to kill a Giant Wartok (2 if
                you are lucky)!"

  - Have Arokh land on the higher ledge by the small cave and send Rynn inside.
  - There will be one Giant Wartok here, and an ornate entrance to another cave
    which will be put on your map.
  - Go into the cave.
  - There you will see the Sword of Ice.  Careful when getting it to avoid the
    Ice attacks eminating from it.
  - You can't go back the way we came, so go down the other path that heads to
    the south.  There will be TWO Giant Wartoks here.
  - Go into the little cave to the West to get a Health Elixir and a Life
    Potion and there is also some Ice Arrows and a Long Bow.
  - Now run up that side ledge, and follow it along until it puts you on a
    precipice just above the cave that we came in at.  Slide down, and go back
    into the cave.
  - Now we are going to take Arokh into that larger cave.
  - Go forward a ways, then have Arokh shoot a hole in the wall (there's a
    little black section there...) and have Rynn go through.
  - There will be about 5 Scavengers here.  Continue through the passage which
    now takes a turn to the left.
  - A skeleton frozen on the wall has an Invisibility Potion.  The other
    skeleton here has an Ancient Long Sword (15/150 durability) and a Scale
    Mail armor.
  - Now just slide down from this ledge and get back on Arokh and go.

Find the Entrance to the Eastern Archipelago

  - Go back to where you started in this area.
  - Fly South and West near that big Portal.  It's sealed, so we have to land
    on that nearby ledge and get off Arokh.
  - Go in the door.  Just inside you will find a Wartok.  And behind those
    boxes are some arrows.
  - Continue down the passage.  Smash the barrels to get a Health Elixir.
  - Cross the bridge, and go into the next passage.  There will be two Wartoks
    in here.  In between the boxes you will find some Arrows and a Heavy Bow.
  - Go out of the passage and along the path.  Be careful of that Giant Wartok
    as it will throw anything it finds at you, including other Wartoks!!
  - Now slide down to the lower level, and go down the path to the West.
  - When you get the option, turn north.  You will be on the other side of the
    Big portal that we saw earlier that we couldn't get through.  Just a little
    to the west on a small ledge you will find a Floor Switch.  Step on it to
    let Arokh in.  Careful, there is a Giant Wartok to the south who can throw
    explosives at you.
  - Go back south, and then along the path to the west.  There will be a Crow
    Dragon here, and a few Wartoks on the ground.
  - Now go south again.  There is a Cannon here and two Wartoks as well.  And
    to the west of this is yet another Cannon.  There will also be a Dragon (?)
    flying around here.  (it's not a Crow Dragon, nor is it an Elder Dragon, is
    it just a Dragon?)
  - A little more west and we find another sealed portal.  Just to the left of
    the portal is a ledge with a switch.  We can't land there yet, but we can
    fry up all the Wartoks inside.
  - A little to the east is a passage small enough for Rynn to fit through.
  - Go through.  You will see a Giant Wartok across the way.  Turn right and
    follow the little path along the cliff's edge.  Follow that until you get
    to a room with a ladder and a Wartok inside it.  Smash the barrels in here
    to get a Health Elixir and an Invisibility Potion.
  - Climb down the ladder and you'll be in the ledge that we were shooting up
    earlier.  Walk out to the edge and flip the switch to open the portal.

Find the Banded Mail

  - Go back up the ladder, and then exit the little room, but don't go anywhere
    on the path.  We're going to hop down off the ledge to a smaller ledge
    below (this only works if you are all the way down the path!  Plus it will
    still hurt a little).
  - From here slide down to the next little ledge (be sure that you actually
    make the ledge, if you don't you could die!), and from there to the next
    ledge until you get to the ground.  There will probably be about two
    Wartoks here.
  - Take the path that heads southerly until you get to some large Wartoks at
    camp.  Here you will find some Banded Mail, a Battle Hammer, and from the
    Wartoks a Life Potion.
  - Now go back to the main area, and head East.  When the path diverges to the
    north go up that way. (the east path heads up to a cliff over the Wartoks
    camp... if you want an easier way to kill them you could try rolling those
    boulders onto them, which isn't as easy as it sounds.)
  - In this little area there are a couple of Wartoks and a Giant Wartok.  Plus
    near the boxes you can find some arrows.
  - You can also open the gate here to get back out, but you can't get Arokh
  - Go a little to the south, and go east through the path hidden by some
  - On top of a box you will find an Invulnerability potion.
  - Now go out the Gate and onto Arokh.

Exit the Area

  - As you come into the area, the game will take over and you get a little
    cutscene with an old dragon friend, Myrock (?).  He tells you that he has a
    new master, and will never bond with a human again.  And then he fights
    you.  Same Dragon Fighting rules apply, fly around trying not to get
    killed, while attacking yourself.
  - When he is good and dead you get another Dragon Rune of Ice.

  Hint: The Ice attack is a little different from the others.  It will freeze
        your enemies, but it won't go that last step and kill them.  For that
        switch to the Fire attack and attack normally.  They will then burst
        into pieces.

  - Once you're ready go through the next tunnel and into the next Area.

5. Islands

  - Before you can do anything you get to watch a Cutscene which explains what
    you have to do in this area.  You know, find a wizard, and take his Rift

Find Rimril

  - This one isn't hard.  Fly to the Northwest to the temple where the Wizard
    is hiding.  On the way are some Ice Dragons.
  - Also about halfway up to the Northwest, you can land on the land there and
    find some Goblins and some treasure.  Smash a barrel there to get some
    Flame Arrows.

  Goblins: These buggers like to shoot you with arrows, and sometimes even
           Flaming Arrows.  Hit them with Arokh if you can, but avoid their
           arrows!  If you get close to them, they attack with their bayonets.

  - Rimril explains that the Succubi are dirty liars and that they probably
    have your brother taken captive.  So you want to take his test to get the
    Rift Crystal, but you need the Elemental Amulet to take the test, and to
    get the Amulet you need the Bell Hammer.  Great.
  - There is a small cave hidden to the west here that leads to a beach, but
    seems rather pointless.

  Grimstone Towers: You will see these giant looking towers with a piece of
                    Grimstone at the top.  Shoot the stone out with Arokh, or
                    they'll hit you with a lightning attack.

Get the Bell Hammer

  - Go now to the south west corner of the map where the little icon is.  On
    the way you will encounter more Dragons and Towers, as well as some actual
    Giants. (not Giant Wartoks, but actual Giants!)

  Giants: These things behave almost exactly like their cousin the Giant
          Wartok, but they have an unlimited supply of axes to throw at you.
          Your best bet is to blast them from Arokh, but make sure to avoid
          those axes!  If you get in close they have a big Club to whack you

  - Just to the north of the Map Icon that we are heading for you will find
    some ruins.  In one of the ruins is a Fire Crystal.  You will also find
    some Giant Mosquito's here. (this is still on the upper level, you know,
    the one with the grass!)

  Giant Mosquito: These things dive in to attack, but otherwise remain as far
                  from you as possible.  Plus they attack so swiftly that you
                  barely have time to hit them.  You may get lucky with your
                  sword, but you will likely have to shoot them with your Bow.
                  (use the normal arrows)

  - Now fly down to the lower level to find the Doorway.  Bring Arokh inside
    and a new level should load up.
  - Walk in a little ways and a Cutscene will take over as you talk to a Soul
    Shadow.  She was the guardian of this place when it was a city, and because
    of a mistake is doomed to stay here forever as a soul shadow.  She wants
    you to bring her the Soul Crystal of her slain Dragon.

6. Ruins of Alwarren

Retrieve Tuiri's Soul Crystal

  - Fly further into the cave.  There are some Wartoks and Cannons in here.
  - When you get to the area just after the second cannon, there will be a cave
    that goes northward.  Go up that way to find a Wartok camp.
  - At the camp, search around to find a Speed Scimitar.  Although it
    technically isn't any speedier than a normal Scimitar, it is still neat.
    There are also some Health Elixirs here.
  - Now there is a new path that heads south, take that path.  When you get to
    a Lake, fly across it and land near the gate on the other side.
  - You have to send Rynn in alone, at first.  You will quickly find a Wartok
    camp, kill the Wartoks and flip the switch.  There is a Giant here.  DO NOT
    ATTACK until you go back and get Arokh.
  - Now with Arokh go in and roast that Giant.  Continue down the path through
    the open gate.
  - You will be at another underground lake.  Have Rynn dive into the lake, and
    go south and west to find the small cave with a Key. (Vykruta's Axe Key to
    be more precise)
  - Now get back on Arokh and take the south path down awhile.  There are a few
    Wartoks here, and it's a close situation, so be careful.
  - On the next doorway you will find a Flame Crystal.
  - You have to go in as Rynn.  Kill the two Wartoks here, and be careful not
    to fall into that oh-so-obvious trap pit there.
  - Go into the next passage and all the way down it to the next room.  There
    will be 2 small Wartoks and one big one with a shield.  Use the key that we
    just got back at the lake on the small box to the right of the Portculis at
    the opposite end of the chamber.  Inside is Vykruta's Axe!  Very nice.
    (unfortunately its durability is 42/150...)
  - Go back to the lake, and this time take the North Path.  Follow this
    passage East and Up past the waterfalls until you get to a walking path
    that heads north and go up that.
  - You will come up to a Gate guarded by some Goblins.  Smash one of the
    barrels to get a Life Potion.
  - Flip the switch to open the Large Gate.  Go through and kill that Giant
    that is just standing there waiting for you.
  - Walk down into the East Passage.  You will have to get off Arokh and go in
    on foot.  Be careful in there, there are many dangerous enemies!
  - Go down the passage.  You will find some Goblins shooting Fire Arrows
    around and actually hurting themselves in the process.  Grab the Soul
    Crystal, and you will be attacked by TWO knights this time.  Fun.
  - Go back to Arokh.  The gate that you came in is now closed, and the other
    one is open, so go out that way.  There will be Goblins here shooting at
    you with Fire Arrows and normal Arrows.  Blast the Barrels to find a Health
  - Continue down the passage until you get out.  There will be a Giant, some
    Wartoks, 2 cannons, and a Giant Mosquito here.
  - Drop down into the pit, and take the passage to the south here.
  - Fly back to where we first met the Soul Shadow (it's the skeleton by the
    Gate by the Entrance of this cave) and walk up to the Skeleton.  After a
    little cutscene in which the Soul Shadow explains what you do now, she
    is freed.

Collect all 6 Magic Barrier Runes and Place in City Seal

  - Go into the now open gate.  There is a pedestal here, and in the center is
    the first of the Magic Barrier Runes.  Take it, and you will be attacked by
    a Knight, but this one can attack you from a distance.  Run up and attack
    him, but then run back to near Arokh, and have the knight follow you.
    Arokh will attack the knight making him much easier to beat!
  - Go into the little passage to the West (with the skeleton), but don't slide
    down the path yet.  Look down.  There is a Health Elixir there.  If you get
    it just right you can get it, but since it's only one Health Elixir you
    probably don't need it.
  - Slide down, and RUN!  That path is about to fall taking you to your doom.
    At the other end you will find a Scavenger and a barrel.
  - Further down the passage, the floor is missing in places, but the rest of
    the floor is stable, so just avoid falling in.
  - As you exit the passage you will find an Armored Spider (well... that's
    what it looks like!), kill it the same way you would a Scavenger.
  - Continue going along the path, past the wall.  Your map will be updated to
    tell you that a Rune is nearby, but you can't get it from here just yet.
  - Continue along the path past the Armored Spiders, and as the path curves to
    the right go that way until you reach a Knight.  There will be Chainmail
    here as well.
  - Head further into the passage, and again there will be a section with
    little floor left.  There are some Health Elixirs here as well.  Go past
    this area by hopping from floor to floor.  When you get past this small
    area, there will be a Scavenger waiting for you.
  - Just past the Scavenger are some Flaming Arrows.  Go out of this passage.
  - You are now at the Second Rune.  But this one has flame all around it, so
    we have to be a little clever.  Just behind the circle of flame are some
    ruins.  Jump up onto the lowest ruin by the flames, and push the little
    block there onto the flames.  Go into the circle and take the Rune.
  - Now just slide back down to the main path below.
  - Instead of taking the path as it curves right, we're going to take the path
    that goes due south.  There will be lots of Goblins here.
  - You should walk right to the next Rune.  Near the fire circle is a large
    stone block.  Jump onto the small stone block, and from that one to the
    large stone block, now jump into the circle to avoid the flames.  Get the
    third Rune.  Now to get out, jump onto the pedestal, and from there jump
    back to the large stone.
  - There is a Life Potion hidden in the stone thing to the left (facing it
    from the passage) of the south stairs.
  - Now just to the north of the flame circle is a smaller passage, go inside
    that.  When you get to the ladders, go up them.
  - Head east until you reach the Barrier (which is now on the floor).  There
    is a path to the left that leads to a Mithril Long Sword.
  - Walk across the Barrier (don't worry, you'll be fine), and into the next
    passageway.  There will a couple of Goblins here.
  - Finish going through the passage and then when you get to the small pit,
    fall down it to get to the fourth Rune.
  - Watch the Flame Circle carefully.  Notice that one of the flames will go
    out ever so briefly.  Time it just right and run in to get the Fourth Rune.
  - Head north through the next passage.  When you exit it there will be some
    Goblins, and you can see the Fifth Rune to the north of that.  However,
    don't just run over there.  Take it slowly.  You will have a small area
    that you have to jump, or you might slide down to the lava below.  Be
  - Cross the suspension bridge to get to the flame circle.  Here you must
    attack that water basin until the area fills with water putting out the
    flames.  Get the Fifth Rune.
  - Go back to where we got the fourth Rune.
  - To the south is a little Portculis that can only be opened from the other
    side.  Well... there's a Wartok in there, and if you wait, he'll open it
    for you!  Go inside.
  - Follow the passage down until you find the next Flaming Circle.
  - At the opposite end of the chamber is a staircase, and on that staircase is
    a broken column.  Push that column towards the Flaming Circle, and it will
    knock the Rune off of the pedestal.  Go out and grab it.  Once you do that
    a new Knight will appear.
  - Go into the next passage and out to find the City Center where we get to
    deposit all these Runes.
  - Walk up to each pedestal and press ENTER to deposit a Rune there.  Once all
    are in place the Middle Gem will glow and the Barriers will drop.
  - There are two ways to go about this now, One you can just go into the door
    and into the City, or two, (if you want some treasure, like a Banded Mail,
    you can go back to where we got the fifth Rune and follow the little walk-
    through here)

Extra Treasure

  - Go back to where we got the Fifth Rune.
  - Follow the little path upwards and into the next passage.  Careful this
    passage ends with a steep drop.  You should be able to see a ledge in the
    center of the pit.  You can make this jump, even if it looks bad.
  - Once across you can get the Great Sword from the center of the skeleton.
    (I don't think that he'll miss it!)
  - Jump across to the next ledge and into the next passage.  You will come up
    to a place with a skeleton hanging who is wearing a Banded Mail.  There are
    also some Flaming Arrows near the barrels.
  - Go into the next little (and dark) passage.
  - There will be an Explosive here, stand back from it and shoot it with your
    bow (regular arrows work fine).  Go through.
  - You will be back with Arokh here.  Go into the city center now.

Find the Bellhammer of Alwarren

  - After you doubt that the Giant could have lived in here for so long, he
    will wake up and attack you.  He throws giant axes, so you might want to
    avoid those, and hit him with Arokhs attacks.  He doesn't seem to be that
    much tougher than a regular giant.
  - Now get off of Arokh and walk to the pedestal to get the Bellhammer.  The
    ground will shake as a new Dragon Crystal has appeared.
  - Get back on Arokh and get the Crystal of Lightning.
  - There's only one way out of here, and that's the exit to the north (where
    Arokh came in, by the First Rune).  And from there you can leave this whole

7. Islands Revisited

Retrieve Elemental Amulet from Goblin Base

  - On an island just north from Alwarren will be a little cave with a Goblin
    or two in it.  You will find some Explosive arrows here.
  - On the southern tip of the peninsula just to the east of that island is yet
    another cave.  Inside is a treasure chest with an Ice Crystal and a Health
    Elixir inside.
  - Now fly up to near the Goblin Base in the Northwest corner of the map.
  - A little ways to the south of the Base you can find a Speed Scimitar.
  - Find the entrance to the Base, and go inside.
  - There will be a ladder here, go down it.  From here go west and down the
    next ladder.
  - Make your way east, and then jump across the platform.  Don't worry, you
    can make it.  Don't stay out here too long, or you'll get pincushioned by
    all the Goblins in here.
  - Go into the passage.  DANGER!  As you go down, a giant spinning metal trap
    will come out of the door behind you.  Duck into the outlet on the right,
    and immediately DUCK!  Spikes will pop out to where your head just was.
    Once the trap is going back to where it came from, roll out of there and
    run out of the passage.  There will be an armored spider here.
  - You are now in a large room.  There is a Goblin here.  Also smash the
    barrel to get a Health Elixir.  Go into the next passage.
  - As you get to the crossroads here, the portculis in front of you will
    close.  There is also a Goblin here.  Go left.
  - You will be in a room with lots of Casks and a couple goblins.  There is a
    Health Elixir on a box here too.  Go up the next set of stairs, and then up
    the next stairs as well.
  - You will be in a room with 2 Goblins, and a Life Potion on a pedestal in
    the center of the room.  There is also a little weapons stand here with a
    Mithril Long Sword, Great Sword, Battle Axe, and Battle Hammer.  On the
    right and left sides of the chamber are little alcoves.  Go into these and
    push in the switches (ENTER).  A secret door will open.  Go in.  Pull the
    lever, and go back down the stairs.
  - Now when you had the choice of going up the stairs (to where we just were)
    or going down some stairs, go down the new stairs to get to a large under-
    ground lake.
  - Go down the path to the left of you (from where you enter).  When you get
    down, swim across to the little island and go into the little cave.  You
    will find Sting and Gollum's Potion (invisibility).  Just a little Hobbit
    fun for you!
  - Head back to the crossroads (where the portculis closed on you) and take
    the other path now.
  - When you get to the Statue, go right.
  - In this room avoid the center of the room, or the ceiling will fall on you.
    Kill the Goblin to get some arrows.  Also get the Magic Arrows here and the
    Speed Bow!  Finally get the Goblin Access Key which is by the arrows.
  - Flip the left switch to open the portculis.  Go into that room.
  - There are 2 Wartoks here.  Smash the barrel to get a Fire Crystal.  Go back
    to the Statue Room.
  - There is no point in going up the other path, so go back to the Crossroads.
  - Use your key to open the Portculis and go into the new room.
  - In here are many enemies, Goblins and Armored Spiders.  Kill the Goblin who
    is shooting Exploding Arrows at you to get some arrows.  Smash the barrel
    for a Health Elixir.
  - Run into the next passage and into the next room.  You will see a pedestal
    with the Elemental Amulet on it, but you will also notice a trap above it.
    Well, to the left of the pedestal (from where you entered) is a big column,
    push that column over towards the pedestal, and it will knock that trap,
    causing it to swing like a pendulum.  Now run up and grab the Elemental
    Amulet, but quickly run back away from the Poison.  Also a skeleton here
    has a Banded Mail on it.
  - Run through the South passage into the next room.  There are Goblins here.
    Open the treasure chest for an invisibility potion.  Smash the barrel for a
    Health Elixir.
  - Go up the next passage to a room with a fountain and a statue.  Take a look
    at the next passage.  There is a box to the right of the passage, push it
    so that it can fit into the passage (but as far left as it will go and
    still fit into the passage), then push that through the passage.  As you
    walk through the passage, darts will be thrown out from the opposite end of
    the passage, but with your box in front of you, you will be perfectly safe.
  - Once you reach the end, duck out to the left and continue through the
    passage until it ends.  There will be some goblins here.
  - Now you have to jump onto those swinging platforms.  Fun.  Jump when they
    are about level and are swinging back towards you.  When jumping from a
    platform, try jumping when the edge you are on is as high as it goes.
  - Once on the other side, kill the Goblins here, then run down and flip the
    switch to retract the Spikes.  Climb up the ladder.  It exits you to the
    south of the Goblin Base.  Just above you on the ledge is a Speed Scimitar
    if you haven't already gotten it.

Recover the Rift Crystal

  - Head back to Rimril's Cathedral, and he will appear to tell you that you
    can go into the Fortress to take the Rift Crystal, but that the place is
    pretty deadly.

Pass Tests of Flame Fortress

  - Go inside and go straight ahead.
  - On the forward portculis, use the Elemental Amulet to open it.  (use it
    like a normal key)
  - You will be in a small passage.  There are 3 candles to the left of you, 2
    lit, one not.  Go towards them and press ENTER.  A secret door on the
    opposite wall will open, go into it and the door will close behind you.
  - Continue down this passage, until you get the option of going left or going
    forward.  Go left and down the stairs into a strange room with 3 statues
    hidden behind Portculis'.
  - Immediately to your right is a switch on the ground (there are 4 of these).
    Step on it.  Now go to the switch on the opposite corner of the room, and
    step on that.  Then from there go to the next raised switch, and from that
    one to the last one.  Now just go to each Portculis, and in front of them
    will be Floor Switches, step on those to open the Portculis.  You will get
    a Fire Crystal, an Ice Crystal, and a Lightning Crystal.
  - Go back out and continue down the passage.  It leads back to the beginning
    of the level.
  - Now go forward down the passage, and up the stairs.  You should hear some
    "bubbling" noises, that means that there is lava here!  Go forward through
    the door and it will close behind you.
  - This is where things get tricky.  Run forward, and the blocks beneath you
    will fall away, then you have to jump across to make it to the stairs.
  - Slowly walk up the right side of the stairs, but when the stairs end, you
    have to stop.
  - Turn around and jump onto the ledge behind you.
  - Now move as close to the wall as you can.  There will be a small strip of
    the ledge that extends outward, walk out onto that, and then use that to
    jump to the next ledge.
  - Go as far to the south as you can on this ledge, then jump across to the
    next ledge to the south.
  - From here jump onto the small ledge to the southwest, and then jump to the
    final ledge to the southwest.
  - Go up the stairs, this time on the left side.  Be careful, this staircase
    also ends the same way as the first.  When you get to the top, jump to the
  - From there jump to the last ledge and into the passage.
  - As you go in the Portculis will shut, so you can't go back.  The statue on
    the left has a Life Potion.
  - Go down the passage, and up the stairs until you get to a room that looks
    like a Crusher.  Time it right and go through. (hehe)
  - As you exit the room another Portculis will close behind you.
  - Go down the passage and into the next Trap Room, again the Portculis will
    seal your progress.  There's no turning back now!
  - This room is doubly damned, there are crushers that come out from the sides
    of the walls, and pits that lead to lava.  This one is tricky and make take
    several attempts.  What you want to do is this, while the first crusher is
    coming together, jump across.  By the time you get over there it will have
    opened.  Quickly jump across to the next one too, and then from there you
    have to jump across one last pit to exit the room.
  - Here you have to jump onto the various blocks to avoid falling into the
    lava (which is bad).  Jump to the platform with the switch, and pull it.
    This lowers the lava level.
  - Now jump back to the first ledge.  You will see (barely) that another ledge
    has come out of the lava in the other direction, jump to it.
  - Then jump to an even lower ledge to the north.  From here you need to jump
    to a ledge to the east to pull a lever to lower the lava again.  Go back to
    the other ledge.
  - Now jump to the low ledge to the north, and from there jump west to get the
    Mystic Key off of its pedestal.  Jump back east.
  - Continue jumping north until you reach the High Ledge there.
  - Use your key, and then do a corner jump to get into the door.
  - Run forward and up the stairs and through the door.  Again the portculis
    will close behind you.
  - Go forward until you hear stone scrapings, the run back quickly, as the
    ceiling is about to fall and create a little staircase for you.  Convenient.
    Go up the new stairs.
  - In the new passage, go right.  The statue there has a Mithril Great Sword.
    Go down the passage.

    Glenn Lacki sent me this:
      "In the area where you are in a passage and there is a statue to the
      right with a mithril great sword, there is also a switch (a large stone
      protrusion in the wall) which, when pushed, opens a secret door in the
      opposite wall.  This passage leads to a large chamber with numerous
      coffins (like mummy mage ones).  Thankfully, there aren't any mummy
      mages.  There is, however, a banded mail 100/100 inside one of the
      coffins (it opens up as you approach it) and also there is a passage
      leading off of this chamber.  If you follow the passage, you end up back
      in the lava chamber where you got the mystic key, but now you are way up
      above everything.  You do a few jumps across some stone blocks to reach a
      pedestal in a small recess.  On the pedestal is a lightning axe 30AP

  - Run quickly to the opposite end of this chamber, the ceiling will come
    down.  Once it is all the way down, get onto it and go to the very center
    of the floor.  It will rise again, but you will be safe in the center.  It
    takes you to a new room.

Get the Rift Crystal

  - Run over to the spiral stairs, and climb up them.
  - Now there is a giant bell here, so use your Bell Hammer on it.  Equip it
    like a weapon (open up your inventory and double click it), and then go up
    and "attack" the bell.  It will drop to open up the thing below it.
  - Go back down, and drop into that big Portal that has opened up to get to a
    new level.
  - Go forward, and swim across the little lake here.
  - Continue down the passage and through the little door.  It will close
    behind you, and you will be attacked by two Knights.
  - Get past them and go down the passage to find another Knight.  Kill him and
    continue on and into the next doorway.
  - Go straight ahead and down the stairs.  Flip the switch when you find it,
    and continue forward.
  - As you enter the next room, flame jets will fire up to prevent you from
    going into certain rooms.  They kill you if you touch them.  To do this one
    face the west passage, then move left and step onto the Floor Plate, then
    strafe right and touch that floor plate, run back and hit that one, then
    strafe left and get that one.  Now run into the west passage and hit that
    plate.  Quickly run back out and into the east passage to hit that Floor
  - Go north and up the stairs.  Flip the switch you find here.
  - Now go back to where we had the option of going forward, or turning right,
    and this time go the other way.  There will be a room with a Fire Crystal
    on a pedestal, and a Health Elixir and Invisibility Potion.
  - Return to where we just were (with the switch).
  - Go through the passage, and go out (ignore the stairs to the right).  There
    is a Knight here.
  - Now go into the new north passage.  You will have the choice of going
    either left or right, go left.
  - Continue all the way down the passage until you get to the Room of the
    Winds (my name).  The door will, of course, close behind you, and little
    cyclones will appear.  Don't let them touch you.  There are 8 Floor Plates
    in here, 4 around the center of the room, and 4 in the corners.  Touch one
    in the Center, then get all 4 in the corners, finally finish off by getting
    the last 3 in the center.
  - Once the room is deactivated, go back and press all the switches again to
    open a secret door.  Go in to get a Mithril Hammer, and 2 Health Elixirs.
  - Head east, down the stairs, and through the passage.  You will be in yet
    another Crusher-type room.  The skeleton in the center has a Mitrhil Great
    Sword.  Jump across to the other side. (hehe)
  - Go all the way through this passage until you exit it.  There will be a
    Knight here.  Go to the west to find a skeleton with a Mithril Axe in it.
  - Go through the eastern passage to reach the Room of the Earth.  Touch the
    Floor Plate on one side of the room, and most of the floor will fall away.
    Now hop to the Plate on the other side of the room to open the doors.
  - Go through the passage to the south.
  - Turn left and go down the passage until you get to the room where you hear
    someone laugh at you.  There are 8 Floor Plates in here, 4 along the outer
    edge, and 4 in between that and the inner edge.  Run along and press the 4
    in the outer edge.  Now what you want to do is to STAY in the outer edge,
    but run up and hit the 4 inner plates.  Don't go to the inner edge.  Once
    all 4 plates have been hit, the Portculis' in the center will open giving
    you access to the treasure: 4 Health Elixirs, and an Axe of the Order.
  - Go back out, and head west into the next passage.  There's a Knight here.
    Go into the south passage.
  - You will now be in the Room of Lightning.  Run to each side of the room to
    touch the Floor Plates to deactivate it.  Continue south.
  - Eventually there will be a fork in the path, go south.  Step on the Floor
    Plate here, and it will change the passage around.
  - Run across to each side and press on the Floor Plates, then when they
    appear go up the stairs.  There are Explosive Arrows and a Speed Bow lying
    about, and a Potion of Invulnerability in the chest.  After that pull the
  - One of the Portculis' will have opened, go inside to get the Plate Mail!
    (durability 23/100, you may want to keep your Banded Mail as backup) The
    passages will have returned to normal as well.
  - Head north, then west to the room with a Health Elixir on a pedestal.  It
    is trapped (of course).  To get it, jump onto the pedestal, and quickly get
    back off before the spikes fall on you.  Or you could de-equip your weapon,
    grab it, and run.  But don't blame me if you get spiked!
  - Head north again, and out of the passage.  There will be some Knights here.
    One of them drops Explosive Arrows.
  - Go north along the edge of the pit until you get to the path that heads
    east over the pit.
  - Head east into the passage.  There will be some Knights in here.  Continue
    through the passage.
  - You can get the Life Potion if you want, continue on into the next room,
    but don't go near the Rift Crystal yet.  Especially avoid that Floor Plate
    near it.  Run into the left passage, up, and flip the switch twice.  Go
    back down and step on the floor plate.  Now go up the other passage and
    flip that switch once.  Go back down and step on the plate and the Rift
    Crystal will be freed!  Go get it and head out.
  - Head down the passage and into the Portal.

Find a Way into Succubus Lair

  - Walk forward, and you'll leave the Temple.  As you exit you'll find Rimril
    bleeding on the ground, he tells you that Succubi have taken Arokh, and of
    course you have to free him.
  - Head east along the path.  You will eventually be attacked by Succubi.

  Succubi: These nasty women will shoot a purple attack of doom at you.  The
           only way to beat them is to shoot them with your bow.

  - You will have to slide down into the water eventually, and swim over to a
    small Goblin camp.  Smash the barrel there to get 2 Health Elixirs.

  Hint: If you see a Dragon flying around, don't attack it. (unless it attacks
        you, that is)

  - From the camp head east.  You will see a large round cliff thing that has
    a land bridge connected to it.  Go there and there is a windy path that
    leads up it.  Go up that.
  - As you go up the path, a Goblin will push a boulder at you, and a Giant may
    throw explosives at you.  Go across the bridge.  Not only is there a Giant
    here, but Giant Mosquito's will attack you as well.
  - Continue along the path, and you will find three Goblins.  They also have a
    Life Potion with them.
  - Keep going onward and upward, and then across the next bridge.  You might
    be able to see a ship sailing around...
  - On the bridge will be a Knight.  Kill him and get his Health Elixir.  Keep
    going onward.  The path will wind downward, and then across another bridge
    (which you get to cross with Goblins shooting at you!).
  - The path ends at a beach with two Goblins waiting for you.
  - Head East along the beach, and northeast to a small pit.  A coffin will
    rise out of the pit, and a Mummy Mage will pop out of it and attack you.

  Mummy Mage: Is a mean bloke.  He fires green missiles at you which can seek
              you out.  Also after you hit him he will vanish, and reappear
              elsewhere.  Make sure to know where he is at all times.  He isn't
              too hard to hit.

  - Go into the coffin to get the Key.  This is one of the hardest jumps in the
    game.  The best way that I found to do it is this:  Get near the coffin,
    but not right next to the ledge.  Now turn around so that your back is
    facing the coffin.  Use the Right Mouse button to get yourself perfectly
    lined up so that you will jump into the center of the coffin.  Now SAVE IT,
    and back-flip into the coffin.  Then just grab the key (ENTER), and go.

      Charles Sabosik sent me this:

        "You forgot about the "Forward Flip with Reverse Spin" move(Sneak Key +
        Jump).  If you simply "sneak" up to the front of the coffin and hit
        your jump key, you'll land right into the coffin without a problem."

  - Go back west to where the two goblins were, then further west.  You will
    see a Portculis with a keyhole.  Well we now have the key, so use it and go
    in.  Inside we will find the Energy Bow.  This bow has arrows already
    equipped, and it will last for about 50 shots.  So you'll probably want to
    keep a speed bow around for later. (although there are more Energy Bows
    further along in the game, you NEED these for Succubi!)
  - Wander down to the Goblins camp (there are 2 of them) to get some Explosive
    Arrows.  The barrel has nothing.
  - Swim across the channel to the western ruins.  There will be some Goblins
    on the other side.  (Surely you were expecting as much!)
  - Follow the path around to the south and into the little cave.  There are 2
    Giants in here.  You can go either way from here, just keep heading south.
  - There will be a very large giant here with a very large Mace.
  - Continue going south.  There will be two Goblins shooting at you with their
    Explosive arrows.  Go all the way south to the wall, then turn and go
    towards the cave.  You may notice that the ship from earlier is docked
  - Go in the Cave.

8. Succubus Lair

Rescue Arokh

  - Once in the cave keep going, until you can see a treasure chest to your
    left inside you will find a Long Bow and some Magic Arrows.
  - Go into the next chamber and kill the Succubi here.
  - Continue to the next room, and a Succubus here will tell you that Queen
    Shilla has Arokh near the docks, and that she'll gladly show you how to get
    there if you retrieve her mirror.

Find Magic Mirror in Bathing Chamber

  - The way forward is blocked, so head south along the chamber.  You may be
    able to make out the platform as it rises and lowers.  Jump onto it and
    ride it down.  There will be a Knight here.  Kill him and go north.
  - You are now in a very large chamber with a Succubus and some Knights.  In
    the center of the room is a big rock.  Climb to the top of the rock, and
    jump off to the ledge.  It will hurt a little.  Run over to the skeleton to
    get a Life Potion and the Sword of Resentment.  The only problem with this
    sword is that it takes your life whenever you attack with.
  - From this ledge jump back to the Rock, and climb down.  There is another
    Knight down here, but he's no match for the Sword of Resentment!  Smash the
    barrel here to get a Life Potion, and behind it is a Heavy Bow and some
    Magic Arrows.
  - Go east.  Stop near the door, and the spikes will pop out.  Wait for them
    to go back in then go through.  Several Armored Spiders will attack you in
    the passage.
  - As you enter the next chamber, Rynn will comment that it is "too quiet".
    Just as she says that Armored Spiders drop from the ceiling and attack.  A
    LOT of Armored Spiders!  Once they're dead you can continue on.
  - In this little passage are two treasure chests, one has a Life Potion, and
    the other has some poison arrows.  Continue on.
  - In this open area you will be beset upon by a duo of Succubus'.  Blast them
    with your Energy Bow and move on.
  - This leads to the Baths.  Head along the south path (it's to your left) and
    down that until you get to a door.  Go through.
  - There are bunches of Scavengers here.  Kill them.  Nearby is a Chest and a
    Key (no the key doesn't go to the chest!).  Head further west.  In the
    second Room to the south you will find a Plate Mail and a Death Mace.
  - Go to the third room, and use your key to open it.  Let the Wartok run out,
    follow him.  He'll open the Chest we saw earlier.  Now kill him and take
    the things inside: a Health Elixir, an Invisibility Potion, and Magic
    Arrows (fun!).
  - Reverse course back to the baths.  There are about 3 Mummy Mages here.  Get
    close enough to draw one of them off, but no closer.  Kill that one, then
    get close again, etc.  If you still have Vykruta's Axe, use the Lightning
    Attack.  One of them has a Health Elixir.
  - Go all the way west around the Baths, and into the little room.  There is
    a Pink Wartok here with a Grungle's Hammer.  Also in the room is a Chest
    and inside is the Succubus' Mirror.

Find Throne Room

  - Head along the lake to the north back to the Spiked Door (well... it's
    closed in any case!).  As you get near it, it will open and a Knight will
    pop out.
  - Go inside, and follow the passageway up to another Spiked Door, which also
    opens. (no Knight this time)
  - Turn right, and take the Moving Platform back up.  You are now in the room
    where we met up with the Succubus.  Go to the center of the chamber, and
    she'll reappear.  She tells you to follow a bright shiny fairy thing to the
    Throne Room.
  - The Fairy will zip ahead to the east and open the Spiked Door there.
    Follow it through the door and down the passage.  There will be a Succubus
    here followed quickly by a Knight.  Go through the next door.
  - Continue through the passage until you get to a large chamber.  The fairy
    will be hovering near a doorway.
  - You are now at a bit of a crossroads.  Go right.  There are bunches of
    Succubi here.  There will be a Knight along the path.  Continue down the
    path as it curves around and down.  When you get to it, go through the door.
  - There is a moving platform connecting the top ledge that you are on to the
    bottom ledge that you want to get to.
  - Head down the path to find a skeleton with 2 Health Elixirs, an
    Invisibility Potion, and a new Energy Bow.  Now go back to the Platform.  A
    Knight may have followed you here.
  - Go back to where we had the choice of going left or right, and go down the
    other way.  Just before you reach the door you will find, yes, another
    Knight, this one has a Health Elixir.
  - Go through the door and down the path.  Go past the Spiked Door, and there
    will be another Knight, who also has a Health Elixir.
  - Go down to where the fairy is floating by.  If you go in this door, you
    will quickly discover that the next door in there is locked and you can't
    go any further.  Well continue down the path until you reach a second door
    and go through that one.
  - Well you will be locked inside by a mean Wartok.  There are some Magic
    Arrows and a Heavy Bow here.  At the end of the room is a strange looking
    floor.  Crouch and hit it. (that's why we keep Atimar's Blade, you know!)
  - Fall down, then go through the South Door. (the north door takes you back
    to where we just were)  Then go through the passage.  There will be a
    Knight here.
  - From the Knight head along a path to the North East to get to a skeleton
    who has 2 Health Elixirs, a Life Potion and the Cleaver.  VERY NICE!
  - Continue onward.  Go to the Rising Platform and jump onto it.  From there
    jump onto the ledge.  Go down this path until you reach the Door to the
    Throne Room.  There will be a Knight here.  Go into the door.
  - Go down the passage.  It leads to a small room with a locked door and an
    open door.  Go through the open door.  As you get out, you will see a Black
    Knight at the far end of the chamber.

  Black Knight: DO NOT ATTACK THESE FACE TO FACE!!  Hit them with your Energy
                Bow about a half dozen times.

  - Go over to where you killed him to get the Mourn Bringer, a very nice
    sword.  You can safely toss Atimar's Blade away, as this blade is not only
    Indestructible, but also Vampiric. (if you attack a creature, it gives you
    life, SWEET!)

Find Grimstone Shipping Docks

  - Go north and a little cutscene will take over.  You get to see that Arokh
    is going to be shipped to some "Master".  You better find that ship quick!
  - Head out of the Throne Room back into that chamber where there was the
    locked door.  It ain't locked now.  Go into it.
  - Once you pop out of the passage, there will be a big nasty Giant here.  You
    must kill him to get those doors to the south to open.  Once he's dead, and
    the door is open, go through it.
  - In this passage are some really big Scavengers.  When you reach the boxes
    there will be a door to the south for you to go through.
  - You are now where you need to be.

Rescue Arokh

  - There are many small Wartoks here, as well as a normal giant.  When you
    first enter, take a sharp left into a small path, and follow that for
    a while to get some arrows.  Then return all the way out.
  - Now to get onto the ship, we need to curve around the water by going south.
    You are now at the Docks themselves.  There will be a Wartok here.
  - Jump from the docks onto the small plank thing sticking out from the side
    of the ship.
  - A cutscene will take over and take you to the next Level...

9. Volcano

  - After an amusing cutscene in which the Wartoks scurry off to avoid some
    strange form of punishment, run up to Arokh.  He tells you that you need to
    go get the Rune Cage Key from Queen Shilla.

Retrieve Rune Cage Key from Queen Shilla

  - Head to the West, and up to a little ledge.  There is another Dark Knight
    here, run up to him and show him the sharp end of the Mourn Bringer.  When
    he dies he leaves Dark Scimitars behind.
  - Keep going upwards along the path.  There are 2 Wartoks here with Great
    Swords.  Go into the passageway.  There is another Dark Knight in the
  - When you exit the passage you will be in a large open area, and staring
    down a very large Scavenger.

  King Scavenger: This is the biggest Scavenger of them all.  He is so large
                  that he takes a great many hits, even with the Mourn Bringer.
                  So as soon as you sight him, peg him with arrows.  It takes
                  around 20 or so to bring him down (normal arrows).

  - Go across the path and into the next door.
  - As you exit the passage a cutscene will take place.  You get to see your
    brother, but he isn't exactly happy to be there.  Seems that he is going to
    be possessed by a certain dark master.  As the meeting ends, Shilla will
    fly back out the passage.
  - Before you chase after Shilla, there are some treasure chests to attend to,
    they are located in the western end of the room and one has Magic Arrows
    and 3 Health Elixirs, and the other has a Lightning Axe and a Life Potion.
  - There is a passage to the south, but that's not where we're going.  We're
    going back up the ramp to the West.  Follow the path around and up to the
    passage that we came in through.  Go through the passage to get back to the
    bridge.  Shilla is here, you both say some things, and then you fight.

  Queen Shilla: Shilla can't shoot you, luckily, but she does fly around a lot,
                and that means that you have to use your Energy Bow.  She will
                try to get above you and fall on you (complete with little fart
                noises).  Shoot her a bunch of times to kill her.

  - Grab the Rune and get back to Arokh.  As you run past the bridge, a new
    Dragon Rune will appear.
  - Go free Arokh and bring him back to the Lava Rune.  After that a small
    cutscene will ensue as Arokh tells you that you need to get the Rune Blade
    to beat Navaros.

Find the Dragon Armor Rune

  - However, we need to get the Dragon Armor first.
  - Before you can do much of anything you will be attacked by a Skeletal
    Dragon a very tough enemy.  Beat it like any other Dragon.
  - Get off Arokh and go back to the Meeting Place with Rynn.
  - Now go down the southern passage.  Careful, there are several trap doors
    here, but they trigger before you step on them, so just go slowly and you
    will be fine.
  - As you exit the passage you will see a couple giant blades spinning.  What
    we are going to do is to jump across the blades when they stop.  When the
    first one stops, jump onto it.  You'll have to wait for it to stop AGAIN
    before jumping to the next.  Now while this one is moving, walk down to the
    slender end of the blade.  When they stop again, just jump onto the ledge.
  - Move down the passage to find a Knight.  Be careful of the exploding lava
    chunks that will fly out of the ravine here.
  - Now we have to jump across to the next ledge.  Jump while the lava chunks
    are at their peak.
  - Now to make the next jump, stand near that big Blue Crystal, and run and
    jump across.  There is a Knight here.  Kill him and get is Health Elixir.
  - Go into the next door.  There will be several Knights in here.
  - Run down the passage, and then jump onto the ledge.  There will be yet
    another Knight here.  He also has a Health Elixir. (and the Flaming Sword,
    but they all have that)
  - Jump onto the final ledge, and then go through the door.
  - Here you will find a weird green looking platform.  Jump onto it to get the
    Dragon Armor Rune.
  - Jump back to the ledge, and from there go to the next door.  Be careful of
    Spikes as you go down this passage.  (hehe)
  - This next room is by far one of the coolest in the game.  Four Mummy Mages
    will pop out of the ground.  The best advice that I can give you for
    fighting them off is to never ever stop moving.  Run, dodge their skull
    attacks, and their green bolts, and whack at them.  Once they're all dead,
    go to the Green Geyser (whatever) in the center of the room.
  - You should now be up one level.  Go down the passage.
  - Once you are out of the passage, jump onto the moving platform to get back
    to the spinning blade thingie.  From the blade jump back to the ledge and
    head back to the meeting area.
  - When you get back there will be a trio of Mummy Mages Mucking around.  Once
    all are dead you get a Life Potion.
  - Go back outside and retrieve Arokh.

Get the Dragon Armor

  - We're going to fly Arokh westward to the thing on the map that looks like a
    big mouth (on the Map it looks like a mouth, but in the game it's nothing
    more than a really big cave, it's by the three Grimstone Towers on the map,
    just to the north of them).  By the way, there are lots of Dragons, Towers,
    and Dark Knights on the way.  You can't get in the main entrance because of
    a force field (like that's never happened!).  So on the side of the cave
    are some small entrances where Rynn can enter.
  - Once inside, there are two Knights.  Kill them and find the passage that
    leads further inside (since there are two entrances, you don't want to go
    through the door that just goes back outside).
  - Go down that weird stream of green flecks to get to a ledge guarded by some
    Mummy Mages.  There is a lever here to lower the force field to let Arokh
    in.  He will fly right in so you don't have to go out and get him.
  - Now get on Arokh, and fly to the east, and then down the river of lava.
    There will be several Dragons down here.  When you see the small ledge,
    land on it, and have Rynn get off of Arokh.
  - Walk up to the small pedestal to the left of the door and place the Rune
    there.  That will open up the door.  Go inside.
  - At the end of the chamber is a chest.  Don't open it just yet.  When you do
    open it, two Mummy Mages will pop out of their little coffins.  So to speed
    things up, make space in your inventory for it before-hand, and de-equip
    your weapon.  Then open it, jump into the chest and get it (ENTER), quickly
    hit 'i' and double click it, hit 'i' again and fight the Mummy Mages.  Or
    you could wait until they're dead before getting it.  Either way.
  - Return outside.

Find the Runeblade

  - Fly to the west and keep low.  There are lots of Skeletal Dragons, and
    other things like Dark Knights and regular Dragons. (well... Ebon Dragons)
    You will find a really suspicious looking thing on the ground, it looks
    like a dome and is all glowing, with lightning shooting out from it.  That
    is the Rift World down there.
  - To the east of that (at the very lowest point) is a big Gate.  Fly into it.
    Just inside the entrance is a Dragon.  There is also a Dark Knight up on
    the ledge.  Kill him to get an Invisibility Potion.

  Hint: If you get close to a Dark Knight, they can't throw their lightning
        spears at you.  But if you back away again, they will get them back
        out.  The trick is to get close, but not too close!

  - Continue up the Cave and you will see that the next Gate is sealed off.
    How typical.
  - Fly to the ledge, and have Rynn get off of Arokh.  There will be a rising
    platform here, get on it.
  - There are 2 Dark Knights up here, so as you are fighting off on of them,
    the other will still be throwing the Lightning Spears at you.  Fun.
  - Jump down to the next ledge and deal with this Dark Knight.
  - Go into the next door.  You are on a high ledge, and below you is another
    torture chamber with a Dark Knight and a Mummy Mage.  You could just jump
    down there and kill them.  But you do have a bow.  In any case you
    eventually end out down there.
  - The Dark Knight should have dropped a Rune Key.  Take it, and go down the
    path.  There will be a Knight here.
  - To your right you can see a door, don't go that way, continue down the
  - On the boxes are some Health Elixirs.
  - Further down the path is a sealed door, use your key to get in.  Inside are
    a number of chests, as you open each one a Dark Knight will appear and
    attack you.  The treasure that you find is: An Invulnerability Potion, an
    Energy Bow, a Lightning Crystal, and a Life Potion.
  - Now go back to that door that we saw earlier and go through it.  There is
    an obligatory Dark Knight standing on the bridge here.
  - Now we have to go down a VERY dark path to the right.  Can't see it?  Good!
  - There is a Knight down below, kill him and get a Life Potion.
  - Go all the way down this path to a lever.  Pull the lever to break that
    seal from earlier and let Arokh in.
  - Get on Arokh and fly south.  You will get to what appears to be a dead end
    rather quickly.  Drop altitude (R-CTRL) to drop into a pit.  There will be
    a Dragon here.  Make sure to drop ALL the way down.
  - There is another Dragon here.  Go down the cavern.  Fly down it until you
    get to a large suspicious looking door.  We aren't going in there yet, but
    keep a note of it.  Now turn right and fly up that Lavafall.

Find the Lava Rune

  - We'll make our way out to a nice large room.  It's so large that we may as
    well be outside.  There are some Dragons here.  Fly up to the ledge with
    the Door and land.
  - Have Rynn get off of Arokh, and go into the door.  There are 3 Dark Knights
  - Go into the next passageway.
  - Jump across to the next ledge.  There is a Mummy Mage Casket here, you can
    deal with it now or later, either way.  In any case, jump onto the next
    ledge and go through the door.
  - When you exit there will be a Dark Knight.  Here are some more giant
    swinging blades for you to ride.  Ride the first one over to where it meets
    the second then, jump to the second, and ride that one up to the ledge.
  - Run into the doorway, and down to a lever.  Flip the lever.
  - Now go back to where the Mummy Mage Casket was. (you don't have to ride the
    Blades again, there is a moving platform you can take back down)
  - Once the Mummy Mage is dealt with, get in the coffin and wait for it to
    take you to the passage above.  Run down to the Glowing Invisible Bridge.
    You can't actually see the Bridge, but you can see the little Glow Spots
    that fall on the Bridge.
  - Cross the bridge.
  - Run into the room, and the FIRST thing that you should see are a whole lot
    of Mummy Mage Coffins!  In the chest is the Lava Rune.
  - Now get all the way back to that door I pointed out earlier.

Get the Rune Blade

  - Go into the door and down the passage.  You get to a large lava filled room
    with a small pedestal.  Land and go put the Rune in the Pedestal.  The lava
    will drain almost completely away.
  - Get back on Arokh.  Fly down to a small ledge just in front of you.  There
    is a small door that is VERY hard to see.  Go inside.
  - We are now in the Rune Blade Chamber!  Yay!  Too bad it is encased in a
    Giant Block of Ice.  There is a lever here, flip it thrice (three times).
    The center will have moved placing that large Torch thing under a pillar of
  - Go back out, and get on Arokh.  Fly up to the hole that is right above the
    torch, and have Arokh shoot a fire ball in.  It's easiest if you aim with
    the Right Mouse button.  Once it is lit, send Rynn back inside.
  - Go back to the lever, and pull it three more times.
  - Now run around the room until you get to a giant Statue.  On the back of
    the Statue is a large green button, push it, and the Statue will fire a
    giant arrow through the fire and into the ice, melting it.
  - Now just go up there and get your Rune Blade!  You just got the best weapon
    in the game!  Congratulations!

Enter the Rift

  - Fly back to that weird Dome looking thing, and you will enter the Rift
    World the last section of the game!

10. Rift World

Note: The map doesn't work here!  You don't really need one in any case...

Kill Navaros

  - You will be in a large chamber, and you are about to be attacked by 4 surly
    Dragons, so you may want to get out of the way.  Try to pick them off one
    by one if you can.
  - There's only once place to go, fly to the ledge and land on it.  Then have
    Rynn get off on foot.  There is a Giant Door here (those round things are
    not doors, so don't try flying into them), go through it.
  - There will be another set of doors in front of you, but that is locked,
    turn right and run down the passage. (save it before you hit the cutscene,
    and not a quicksave, so that you can go back to it later if you die.)
  - Pretty soon a Cutscene will take over, as Navaros takes possession of your
    brother's body.  Now you have to fight him.

  Evil Delon: He may be slow to attack, but since most of his attacks kill you
              instantly, it makes up for it.  Heh.  Hit him as fast as you can
              with the Rune Blade, and dodge his attacks.  Keep moving and

  - Eventually the evil will be drawn out of Delon, but he will fall into the
    Void, and a big nasty creature will pop out.  Yes, this is Navaros, the
    Last Bad Guy!

  Navaros: Well, well, he's a giant four headed dragon.  Fun.  Of course, you
           want to avoid his Breath Attacks, and if you get in too close to him
           he bites.  Plus he only has one area vulnerable to attack, the
           inside of his mouth!  Heh!  Unless you're feeling crazy, use the
           regular breath attack (fire), because you can launch a lot of them
           in the time you can get one lava breath off.  Blow each head up to
           beat him.

           Vistar Nighthawk sent me this:
           "Best way to kill Navaros:  This is an oddity but I did this post
           patch and the final battle suddenly became VERY easy.  If you fly
           right up into on of his faces you will actually go INTO his face a
           bit.  When you get in the right spot he won't be able to bite or
           flame you and you will be able to flame away right into his mouth.
           Rinse, and repeat as necessary for the other heads."

  - Congratulations, you have beaten Drakan: Order of the Flame.  Now you get
    to see the "ending".  All 5 seconds of it.


  You can cheat by typing the '\' key followed by different texts:

    iamgod             -- The gods will then favor you granting you
                          invulnerability.  Type it again to turn it off.
    smoghead           -- You will get your full strength back.
    debug on           -- Activates the Debug Mode.
    all weapons        -- Lists all the weapons in the game (debug mode only)
    give  -- gives you the indicated weapon
    debug off          -- Turns the Debug Mode off.

  If you only have the demo, use these instead:

    sanctuary -- gives you invulnerability
    smeghead  -- You will get your full strength back.
    debug on  ŻŻ|__ Turns the Debug Mode on and off
    debug off __|

  To turn any of the cheats off again, simply type them in again.

  Developer's Mode:
    There is a developer's mode in Drakan, and you can use it to get such odd
    weapons as the Boomerang.  Sound like fun?  Here's what you do:

      Shift-Double-Click (that is, hold shift while double clicking) on the
      Engine Options for Drakan.  There will be a Third Tab there called
      Developer's Mode.  Click the option for "Enable Developer's Mode".  Don't
      worry about the rest of the stuff in there since you don't need it.

      Note: This may also work by just holding SHIFT while the game loads up.

      So now in the game type \ like to use the cheat codes, and then 'gimme'
      and the weapons name, for example 'gimme fire boomerang' gives you the
      very cool fire boomerang.  To throw the Boomerang and Fire Boomerang use
      the secondary attack button.

      You can use the Gimme command on any weapon/armor/item that you want, so
      long as you have place for it in your inventory.

      Here are some items that you can not get with the 'gimme' command:
        The Cleaver
        Sword of Resentment
        Vykruta's Axe
        Mace of the Hand
        Axe of the Order

      And here is a list of items that didn't make it into the game that you
      can now access:

        Ice Hammer
        Short Sword
        Mithril Mace
        Studded Leather
        Fire Boomerang
        Mithril Throwing Hammer
        Mithril Throwing Axe
        Potion of Invulnerability Gold
        Potion of Invulnerability Bronze
        Potion of Invulnerability Dark
        Energy Arrow Quiver
        Flame Bow
        Explosive Bow

  Unlimited Potions and Crystals
    There is a way to get Unlimited Potions & Crystals in the game.  Open up
    the Inventory and drag a potion out, but don't drop the Potion.  Now close
    the inventory and you have a new potion.  Check it out by looking into your
    inventory again.  This ONLY works if you have at least 2 of something.  If
    you don't it won't do anything.


  After having chopped all the legs off of a spider, I had the pleasure of
  noting that it was still alive, and flopping around.  Hehe.

  You can also chop up dead bodies into small parts...hehe.

  Why can't you take the Armor from the Dying Man near the mines?

  If you attack an egg sac with the Flame Sword it will turn black.  You can do
  this to some wooden objects as well, burn them that is.  Well, more like

  Arokh is misspelled on the First Area map. (as Arohk)

  The PA announcement at the beginning of the Lava World is rather ... odd.
  Especially the bit about "Punctuality"!

  Doesn't the Dragon Armor look like it was designed by H.R. Giger? (Aliens)

  Just who is left alive in Drakan that we are saving anyway?  The only people
  that we have ever met tended to be dead, dying, or about to die.  Hmmm...

  These bugs are pre-patch.  Whether they exist with the patch has yet to be
  determined.  We can hope that they were all fixed...

    In the Volcano world, when I killed a Dark Knight who had a key, the key
    fell THROUGH THE FLOOR to the lava below.  That made it just a little hard
    to get.

    Also in the Volcano world, after coming out of the Meeting Room cave after
    getting the Dragon Armor Rune, Arokh will sometimes land in a completely
    inaccessible location!  And since he won't go short distances when called,
    you may be completely out of luck! (if you have troubles with this one,
    simply get the Dragon Armor Rune before freeing Arokh)

    Jason Grundy had this to add:
    "As for bugs, I've had Rynn fall through the floor on at least 4 separate
    occasions, walking up the stairs that fall from the ceiling in the tower,
    getting the key in the lava room in the tower, in the succubi lair and at
    an earlier point.  I've also had succubi fly INTO a wall completely, and
    dead enemies have the health potion they drop go INTO the wall and of
    course doesn't come out.  My damn fire crystals keep disappearing from my
    inventory at the worst times too.  Arokh has gotten stuck to some things
    before, a gate in the city area comes to mind... he 'popped' off after a
    bit but I was sure I was going to have to reload."

    Vistar Nighthawk had this to say:
    "In the room with the four mummy mages and the levitation thing after you
    get the dragon armor crystal, I got trapped with the four mages like you
    are supposed to.  I ran around swinging wildly until I thought I had killed
    all of them.  But the portal would not open!  I had quicksaved after the
    battle so I was screwed.  So I'm running around in this room trying to get
    through the portal (you can hack the ceiling apart here by the way) but it
    just wouldn't let me through.  then I run by at wall and what do I hear but
    a mummy mage trying to hit me!  Spinning wildly trying to find it I finally
    see a pale shadow IN the corner between the wall and the ceiling.  Praying
    to the Gods of Drakan I equip my energy bow and fire at the shadow of the
    mummy mage on the wall and BLAM! It dies and the portal opens!"


  This should be finished, but I may have missed something.  If so, email me
  about it!  Also I didn't list things like "Worn Mace" since it is just a Mace
  with a lower durability.

  If the Durability says *** then that means that that item is indestructible.

    Note:  Multiplayer games don't get all the weapons.

Sorted Alphabetically
Weapons:                 AP    Durability      Speed      Reach    Special
ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ                 ŻŻ    ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ      ŻŻŻŻŻ      ŻŻŻŻŻ    ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
  Atimar's Blade          5        ***         Fast       Short
  Axe of the Order       30         75         Medium     Medium   Armor Pierce
  Battle Axe             25        150         Slow       Medium
  Battle Hammer          30        150         Slow       Long
  Cleaver                40        150         Slow       Medium
  Club                    7         25         Medium     Medium
  Dark Scimitar          20         30         Medium     Long     Armor Pierce
  Death Mace             25        150         Fast       Medium
  Energy Bow             25         50         n/a        n/a      Has Arrows
  Flaming Sword          20         30         Medium     Long     Armor Pierce
  Giant Slayer           25         75         Medium     Long
  Great Sword            20        150         Slow       Long
  Grungle's Hammer       35         75         Slow       Long
  Heavy Bow              15        150         n/a        n/a
  Iron Battle Axe        25         50         Slow       Medium
  Iron Hammer            15         25         Slow       Long
  Lightning Axe          30        150         Slow       Long     10 Lightning
  Long Bow               --         75         n/a        n/a
  Long Sword             15        150         Medium     Medium
  Mace                   10        100         Medium     Medium
  Mace of the Hand       20        150         Medium     Medium   Armor Pierce
  Mithril Axe            30        150         Slow       Medium
  Mithril Great Sword    25        150         Medium     Long     Armor Pierce
  Mithril Hammer         35        150         Slow       Long
  Mithril Long Sword     15        150         Medium     Medium   Armor Pierce
  Mithril Short Sword    10        100         Fast       Short
  Mourne Bringer         30        ***         Medium     Long     Vampiric
  Rune Blade             50        ***         Medium     Long
  Scimitar               10        100         Fast       Short
  Speed Bow              25         75         n/a        n/a      Faster!
  Speed Scimitar         15        150         Fast       Short
  Sting                  30        100         Fast       Short
  Sword of Flame         15        150         Medium     Medium   5 Fire Spell
  Sword of Ice           15        150         Slow       Long     5 Ice Spell
  Sword of Resentment    35         75         Fast       Short    Soultaker
  Vykruta's Axe          40        150         Slow       Long     25 Lightning

Sorted by Defensive Strength, Weakest to Strongest
Armors:                  DF    Durability
ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ                  ŻŻ    ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
  Chain Mail             20        100
  Scale Mail             30        100
  Banded Mail            40        100
  Plate Mail             60        100
  Dragon Armor           75        100

  Health Elixir -- Restores a little bit of life
  Life Potion -- Restores a lot of life
  Invisibility Potions -- makes you invisible for a short period of time
  Invulnerability Potion -- makes you impervious to damage for a short time
  Arrows -- normal missile weapon (10 DMG)
  Poisoned Arrows -- has extra poison dmg (10 DMG +1 per second of poison)
  Magic Arrows -- can automatically seek out its target (15 DMG)
  Fire Arrows -- special fire damage (15 DMG)
  Ice Arrows -- special ice damage (15 DMG)
  Explosive Arrows -- explode for special fun (25 DMG)
  Energy Arrow -- can seek like Magic arrows (25 DMG)
  Fire Crystal -- does a fire attack
  Ice Crystal -- gives you an ice shield
  Lightning Crystal -- shoots out a bolt of lightning


Here is a list of all the monsters in the game.  I have put the names that I
used in the Walkthrough in parenthesis.  I may put in some stats for the
monsters later.

Standard Enemies
  Ballista (Cannons)
  Crimson Knight (Knight)
  Death Mage (Mummy Mage)
  Drone (Giant Mosquito)
  Ebon Knight (Dark Knight)
  Grimstone Citadel
  Orc (Small Wartok)
  Primitive Giant (Giant)
  Tick (Armored Spider)
  War Giant (Giant)

  Crow Dragon
  Crimson Dragon
  Ebon Dragon
  Skeletal Dragon

  Elite Ebon Knight
  Evil Delon
  Forge Warok Captain
  King Scavenger
  Orc Strongman
  Poison Crow Dragon
  Queen Shilla

Patch Changes

This is taken from

You can pick up the patch at these two places:

Multiplayer Changes / Fixes
  - The DirectPlay-based networking code has been replaced with Winsock (TCP/IP
    and UDP).
  - Dedicated server now works under Windows NT 4.0 (SP3).
  - More reduction of network bandwidth.
  - Better packet aggregation. This feature reduces bandwidth by combining
    multiple packets into larger, single packets which have less overhead.
  - Smarter modem support. The server adaptively avoids bottlenecks by keeping
    packet flow to a minimum through tight connections like modems.
  - Dragon (air) Team play now sets all the players on one team to have the
    same dragon skin (defined by the server admin).
  - Added server commands for viewing in-game chat and talking to the players
    ("chat on/off" and "say MESSAGE").
  - Added server commands for changing the timelimit and kills limit in-game
    ("timelimit SECONDS" and "scorelimit KILLS").
  - Fixed long delay in the join-game screen if your computer's DNS settings
    were not correct. The system will no longer hang while it is looking up the
    Drakan master server address.
  - When joining a team, the scoreboard is now displayed so you can see what
    players are on each team (and how many).
  - Added new rules that the server reports when queried: Number of Teams, and
    Network (connection) Speed.
  - Dedicated server now automatically chooses the Primary Display Adapter.
    This fixes the crashes when people tried to run a dedicated server on a
    machine with a Voodoo or other secondary card.
  - More layers of mush to prevent cheating (remaining critical holes moved
  - Fixed bug where weapons that people were holding would rarely not be
    visible to every player.
  - Fixed bug where weapons could be given more than once to someone or to
    multiple people at a spawn point.
  - Fixed bug in Master of the Dragon games where the Dragon would sometimes
    disappear until the level was restarted, or two dragons would appear, or a
    dead dragon could shoot at you.
  - Added 256 color (8-bit) and 24-bit color display support for the dedicated
    server window.
  - Dedicated server now displays the name of the server in the title bar of
    the window and the build version. The server also now displays max number
    of players along with the current number of players.
  - LEVELLIST now works as a command in the dedicated server.
  - Server rules are now sorted alphabetically in the Server Info Screen.
  - Fixed bug with not skipping over blank lines when reading the LFL files (it
    would try to load a NULL level).
  - Dedicated server is now more efficient when minimized because it does not
    have to use CPU for drawing the display.
  - Dedicated server now uses much less CPU and can be clamped below a certain
    update rate. The maximum update rate can be set in the Drakan.cfg or
    changed with the "maxrate" command. The default is 50 updates per second
    ("maxrate 50"). Server CPU usage has gone down considerably!
  - Fixed bug where the Soul Stone would not get reactivated when it was
    supposed to.
  - Fixed a bug where your player color would get changed to purple if you
    picked a pure white or gray color.
  - Fixed bug with client ports getting mapped incorrectly when playing behind
    a firewall.

Gameplay and Design Tweaks
  - Increased radius and damage on Blue Energy Bow explosion. This will make
    the bow more effective and useful.
  - Fixed Green Energy bow (DragonStrife) so that it seeks from a longer range.
    This should make it easier to kill the dragon.
  - Decreased damage on ring of fire and lightning axe. Good armors will reduce
    the damage on these weapons enough to survive them.

General Changes / Fixes
  - Better joystick/gamepad support: joystick and gamepad axes can now be bound
    to forward/back, strafe right/left, and up/down (jump/crouch) as well as
    the existing pitch and turn. Any axis can also be inverted, not just the
    Y-axis.  Supports joysticks with trackballs such as the PantherXL. Added
    new joystick axis binding interface to the Options->Controls screen.
  - New 3D benchmarking feature. The output is compatible with benchmarking
    utilities such as 3D GameGuage.
  - An auto save file is now created when you first transition to a level. The
    file can then be loaded in to allow you to continue from the start of the
  - Fixed bug where you would sometimes lose crystals when hot keying between
  - Fixed crash that sometimes happened when using items in the inventory.
  - Fixed rare crash when loading in saved-games. Your previous saved games
    (even the ones that crashed before) can be loaded using the patched
  - Fixed minor level-specific gameplay bugs.
  - The boss at the end of the game is now smarter and harder to kill and also
    now honors the difficulty level.
  - Added error message for when DirectDraw cannot be initialized completely
    (bad DirectX setup).
  - Added error message for when the Engine is run in an unsupported color
    depth for the game, like 256 colors.
  - Fixed bug with FOV getting messed up when zoomed in (bow alt attack) and
    going to any Interface Screen. Now the zoom-in gets turned off when you
    resume the game.
  - Fixed rare crash that happened sometimes when removing a single grouped
    item from the inventory.
  - Fixed several locations in various levels where Arokh could get stuck on
    the ground and was not able to fly.
  - Added "nightmare" skill level. Creates attack faster and are more
  - Fixed crashing problems on the Matrox G400 when the bump-mapping feature is

                                Final Words...

Online Resources:
ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ     -- the Official Drakan page       -- the Developer's page          -- the Official Drakan Fan page  -- The Flamelands        -- the best FAQs site on the net         -- a great place for all your cheating needs

ASCII Art created using SigZag by James Dill:   (freeware!)

This FAQ was written entirely using the GWD Text Editor:  (shareware)

Shameless Self Promotion:
  I am Dan Simpson ( and have also written FAQs for:

    NES:      Disney Adventures in the Magic Kingdom
              Final Fantasy -- Magic FAQ
              The Legend of Zelda
    SNES:     Aerobiz
              Aerobiz Supersonic
              Utopia: Creation of a Nation
    Genesis:  StarFlight
    PSX:      Thousand Arms -- Walkthrough
                            -- Forging/Dating FAQ
    PS2:      Madden NFL 2001
    XBOX:     Star Wars: KotOR II: The Sith Lords -- FAQ/Walkthrough
                                                  -- Influence Guide
    PC:       AD&D Rules FAQ, 2nd and 3rd Editions
              Baldur's Gate & Tales of the Sword Coast -- FAQ/Walkthrough
                                                          NPC List
                                                          Creature List
              Baldur's Gate II & Throne of Bhaal -- FAQ/Walkthrough
                                                 -- Items List
                                                 -- Class FAQ
                                                 -- Creature List
              Civilization III (incomplete)
              Colonization -- the Single Colony Strategy Guide
                           -- the Cheat Guide
              Drakan: Order of the Flame
              Dungeon Hack
              Icewind Dale & Heart of Winter -- FAQ/Walkthrough
                                                Items List
                                                Kresselack's Tomb Map (JPG)
                                                Burial Isle Map (JPG)
                                                Shattered Hand Map (JPG)
              Icewind Dale II                -- Items List
              Master of Magic (revision)
              Pharaoh (currently being edited by Red Phoenix)
              Planescape: Torment  -- FAQ/Walkthrough
                                      Items Listing
              Rollercoaster Tycoon
              Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri
              The Sims
              Ultima 4: Quest of the Avatar
              Ultima 7: The Black Gate
              Ultima 7 Part 2: Serpent Isle
              Ultima Underworld -- Keyboard Commands
              Ultima Underworld II -- Keyboard Commands
                                   -- Spell List
  All of my FAQs can be found at:

  Jason Grundy for pointing out a few weapons omissions, and some bug notes
  Torick for pointing out a Health Elixir mistake
  Jack Anglin for catching an East-West mistake (I hate those!)
  Jim for the Life Potion in the Tavern
  Steve Greenwood for pointing out a mistake
  Vistar Nighthawk for a bunch of neat tips
  JJChamber4 for ... well... he knows what he did
  Charles Sabosik for an addition on sneak jumping
  Andreas "Cyberfrag" Fischer
  Anyone who emails me with nice things to say
  Surreal for making the game
  Psygnosis for publishing the game

Version History
  Preliminary Version 0.1 (9-7-99, 13k)
  Preliminary Version 0.2 (9-9-99, 40k)
    Added the Online Resources
    Added Oddities
    Changed the Contents
    Added the new Section Wartok Canyons Area
    Added a new cheat code too
    Realized that I had misspelled Arokh as Arohk... D'oh!
    Small Changes
  Preliminary Version 0.3 (9-10-99, 57k)
    Added another Online Resource (The Flamelands)
    Finished the second Section, Wartok Canyons Area
    Added the Items section
    Added the third Section, Grotto
    Added the fourth Section, Islands
    Added the stuff that I missed in the first section
    Fixed some small mistakes
    Some small changes as well (didn't see that one coming!)
  Preliminary Version 0.35 (9-11-99, 64k)
    Added the Demo cheats and the Unlimited Potions cheat
    Filled in some of section 4, Islands
    Added the Weapon, Speed Scimitar
    Small Changes
  Preliminary Version 0.4 (9-12-99, 87k)
    Fixed a mistake
    Filled in most of section 4, Islands
    Added the weapons, Sting and Speed Bow
    Small Changes
  Preliminary Version 0.5 (9-13-99, 108k)
    Finished the Items listing (I think...)
    Found a better way to get the Rift Crystal
    Finished section 4, Islands
    Added the section 5, Succubus Lair
    Added the section 6, Volcano
    Added the section, Enemies
    Added some more Miscellaneous Tips
    Small Changes
  Finished Version 1.0 (9-14-99, 120k)
    Finished the Volcano Section
    Added a new section, Rift World
    Added a new Oddity
    Split up some of the larger sections, and then renumbered them all
    Added the Personal Note
    Some small format changes (contents)
    Small change to the ASCII art
    And finally some general Small Changes
  Changes in Version 1.01 (9-15-99, 121k)
    Added some missing weapons and items
    Added a Credits to the Final Words... Section
    Fixed a small mistake
    Small Changes
  Changes in Version 1.02 (9-16-99, 122k)
    Fixed a small mistake
    Divided the Find the Dragon Armor sub-section into Rune and Armor
    Clarified one little thing
    Added Cheat Code Central to my Online Resources
    Small Changes
  Changes in Version 1.03 (9-17-99, 123k)
    Added a link to the Drakan Demo
    Small Changes
  Changes in Version 1.04 (9-18-99, 124k)
    Another update another fixed mistake
    Small Changes
  Changes in Version 1.05 (9-29-99, 125k)
    Added the What's New up top
    Added some more new cheats
    Small Changes
  Changes in Version 1.06 (10-1-99, 134k)
    Added the Patch Information
    Added the Developer's Mode Cheat
    Small Changes
  Changes in Version 1.07 (10-5-99, 135k)
    Fixed a small but dumb oversight
    Small format changes
    Lots and Lots of Small Changes
  Changes in Version 1.08 (10-7-99, 137k)
    Added the Vistar Nighthawk information
    Small Changes
  Changes in Version 1.1 (10-29-99, 138k)
    Some spelling corrections
    Some other small changes
  Changes in Version 1.2 (1-7-00, 139k)
    One small addition in the Walkthrough (having to do with jumping into a
    Other small changes
  Changes in Version 1.3 (2-4-00, 140k)
    Added a note from Glenn Lacki
    Small changes here and there
  Changes in Version 1.31 (4-26-00, 141k)
    Some small format changes
    Other Small Changes
  Changes in Version 1.32 (6-17-00, 142k)
    Updated my Shameless Self Promotion to include my latest FAQs
    Some other small meaningless changes

  Version 1.4  September 14, 2002  144k

    Updated the format, and added information from Skabee99.

  Version 1.41  January 17, 2005  143k

    Changed my email address and updated the format.
  Version 1.5  April 18, 2009  145k

    Moved the miscellaneous tips section to before the walkthrough, and added
    a new tip from Andreas "Cyberfrag" Fischer. Some other small changes.

  "Arokh, I need you!"
  "Getting a bit LAZY are we?"

This Document is Copyright 1999-2009 by Dan Simpson
Drakan: Order of the Flame is Copyright 1999 by Psygnosis Ltd.

I am not affiliated with Surreal, Psygnosis, or anyone who had anything to do
with the creation of this game.  This FAQ may be posted on any site so long as
NOTHING IS CHANGED and you EMAIL ME telling me that you are posting it.  You
may not charge for, or in any way profit from this FAQ.

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