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 Last Dynasty

Last Dynasty
SIMULATION, EARTH: Easy levels, just practice the game.
MALCHUS: You have missiles for the first time. When the carrier shows up,
don't go after it, but lock the eagle and get this first. Of course, don't
shoot the allied vessel.
PROTECTION: Nothing but more enemies. When the spying device is off, lock
the planet and wait for the landing.
MEN: Don't destroy the base. Keep your eyes constantly on the allied
shuttle and always lock the enemy vessel that is the closest threat for it. When
only the base is left, just wait until you get the message "shuttle is ready".
XB4_1: Kill all the enemies except for the barge. When only the barge is
follow it until you find the co-ordinates of the planet (you are informed
by the game). Only now, destroy it.
RIDACK: You can't land with the satellites on sight, but you can't survive
the enemies when you destroy them. What can you do? Look at the map. You will
see an enemy barge accompanied by warheads. Leave the satellites untouched and
shoot all the warheads. Then follow the barge, which goes to the same
planet that you want to land on. When the barge reaches the satellites, it signals
to them so that they let it pass. Stick behind it, and you will pass as well.
 XB4_3: Just kill the enemies and land.
 MOD: Don't waste your weapons from the beginning. Wait until you get the
 message that strong enemy bombers are on their way, and an ally tells you
 to follow him in the asteroid field. Go there at once (when you look at the
 map, you will see an area with small white spots, and an allied vessel waiting
 there) and stay covered behind him. When Vana tells you that the decoys are
 ready, start the action until all 6 bandits are vanished.
 KYAK: Destroy the enemy fighters first and then the barges. At some point 8
 more bandits will appear, but the planet will be "opened". Lock the planet
 and go there at full speed. You will land, avoiding the enemies.
 SYMEST4_2: Very difficult level. First, you will go to the left side of the
 21 bandits in horizontal line, and you will start throwing rockets and
 simoultaneously move slightly to the right. This way, you should be able to
 get them all before they pass behind you. You should also have 7-8 rockets
 left after the massacre, and your shield should not be destroyed. Some more
 stingers attack, which you will eliminate using missiles and mines. Use
 your laser to destroy the pulse and armoury and get ready for some more fighters
 that come in groups and so they will be destroyed with the remaining rockets.
 You will kill about 45 bandits in this level.
 ALONE: Leave the satellites for the end, and destroy as quickly as possible,
 the barge, which is a moving-bomb. When you destroy the wasps as well, trying
 to have some mines and missiles left, shoot the satellites and get ready
 for another small group of enemies (now you can call for reinforcements and
 finish the level more easily. You can't do this from the beginning, because the
 allies may shoot some of the satellites, making the level impossible to finish).
 RETURN: Use your weapons wisely, because you don't have lots of them.
 Especially take good care of the mines. Call for reinforcements and tell your
 allies which enemy to attack. Get for yourself always the closest enemy.
 DOK: Quickly exterminate the three enemy fighters that shoot you in the
 beginning, using missiles. Next comes a group of 6 stingers, which you will
 destroy with a rocket. Now look at the map: You will see many enemy vessels
 around an armoury, waiting to rearm. Go there and use your rockets to
 eliminate the enemy groups you will meet on the way. Then shoot down the 
 armoury. 5-6 more bandits will come (a total of 24 in this level) which won't
 make things too difficult for you. If everything is done properly, the
 carrier won't show up and the level will be finished. If something goes wrong
 and you face the carrier, restore the battle from the beginning. It is unbeatable.
 FINAL: Look at the map. You will see a base surrounded by enemy changers. Lock
 one of the closest changers and go there in full speed, ignoring the fighters
 that shoot you from the rear. When you get close, the changers will become
 invisible and you will lie still. At this time, lock the enemy fighters behind
 you and start shooting at them with all your weapons. If you can stand the
 attack for a while, you will move to the endgame without having to kill all
 the bandits. Don't shoot the changers.
 Take laser. In the computer room, look at chair, take magnetic card (badge),
 go in the transporter. When you are down enter the pylon, look at desk, open
 drawer, get bracelet. Go back in the computer room and use badge on reader,
 use bracelet on reader, use keyboard (badge update).
 Go down again, find the elevator and enter it. Use controls, you are now in
 the 2nd level. Find the command, use command, open door, find the cabinet,
 open cabinet, get fuse, pull lever, watch the sequence, close cabinet. In the
 containers' screen, use laser on camera. When the guard comes, quickly use
 laser on guard. in the other cabinet also pull lever, and now the safety doors 
 are open. Now you can enter the lab and the side doors. in the lab, look at
 trionic laser, open box, put fuse in box. In the office, look at papers, get
 electronic key. In the capsules'screen, use electronic key on box, get
 capsule, exit lab. In one of the opened side doors, you will find paint, wire
 and broken glass. In the lab, in the robot screen, use paint on two sensors
 when the robot closes the doors. Go back to the robot. Now the doors will stay
 open. Exit the lab and go to the control room, upstairs. In the tranfer center
 you update the badge again. (level 2 update)
 Go back to the lab. On the desk you will see the ledge. Use broken glass on
 ledge. Now in the trionic laser, push ignition switch. The beam will reflect
 on the broken glass and then destroy the robot! Go inside. You will find seal,
 spacesuit. Use seal on spacesuit. Now exit the lab and search the side doors
 for the aquarium. No fish inside, and the lid is open! Put on sealed spacesuit
 and only then use capsule on lid. The substance in the capsule kills all the
 guards, but not you since the sealed spacesuit protects you. Now the rooms
 right and north of the aquarium open. You will find the circuit board there.
 Go in the lab, in the robot room, update your badge to level 3. (You will have
 to use the circuit board instead of the bracelet, this time) Continue straight
 ahead, enter the door at the end of the corridor, and leave this new room
 through the red door. You will find the jack in the new locations. Look around
 for a winch. You will use it later. Now take the elevator to level 1, and go
 to the pylon. There is a closed cabinet there. Use jack on cabinet and you are
 in the basement. You will find a tripode there. Use tripode on jack 
 (jack-on-tripod is produced).
 In the room where you took the broken glass, there are empty bottles and a
 water faucet. Use empty bottle on water faucet, take full bottle. Now you go
 to the room where you found paint and wire. There is a robot room there. Use
 electric wire at the middle controls of the last horizontal line. The robot
 tries to remove the wire. At once use full bottle on robot, you get rid of it.
 Look at desk, open bottom drawer, get screwdriver. Go in the lab and to the
 winch. Near the door at the right of the winch, look at the grates. Use
 screwdriver on grates. Now use winch controls. Use the hook and you are in
 level 1. Why use this way when there is an elevator? 
 You will find out soon..
 Behind you there is a control switch. Press it and see how you can easily
 return to level 2. In one of the side doors, you will come across a level 3
 elevator, which is unfortunately closed. Get another wire and make again a
 short circuit of the controls in the robot room. Go inside the elevator and
 use jack-on-tripod at the elevator switch. A timer is created. Use timer.
 Quickly run to the winch and down to level 1. Go to the basement and, since
 the elevator is not at this level, you will see an elevator counterweight. 
 Get on the counterweight. When the timer activates, the counterweight will 
 go up, taking you to level 3!
 Now the elevator to the third level which was formerly closed, opens. Return
 to the second level and update your badge in the control room (level 2
 update). Go to level 3 and enter the new elevator. It takes you to the
 receptor. Look at receptor. Use laser on clone. Mission accomplished!
 End of solution
 By (Vangelis Kratsas)
 (The Keeper of the Ultimate Knowledge)
 Dedicated to Adventure Magic, the best web page for games throughout
 cyberspace, blessed by Shodan himself..


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