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 In the 1st Degree

In the 1st Degree

This is a great game from Broderbund. 
If you are stuck, the solution that follows will actually
spoil the game for you.
Some simple hints:
The order of questioning each witness will help.
The order of witnesses is not that important.
Listen to what each has to say.
The prediction to the reporter will effect the outcome
of the game.
Try to break down each witness.
Don't click on each scene to speed it up.
There is important clues and such during travel to
each witnesses house,when you go to trial, and between scenes as
well. Listen to the news, they will critiquette each witness.

********************W A R N I N G*********************************

There is more than 1 solution.
This is how I obtained Murder in the 1st Degree and Grand Theft:

1. Listen to tapes of each person. All of it.
2. View documents. All of them.

Interview Witnesses next.

I started with


      Was he at the gallery?
      Reveal Tobin's Call
      Ask what he wore?

    Did he see a gun?
    Ask him for co-operation
    Ask him again about the gun
    Ask if Zack had a gun
    Who did he tell
    Suggess he should have told Tobin
    Suggest Tobin will Confess

       Ask about Ruby
       Did he know about the letter
       Suggest he looked at the letter
       Did Tobin find out
       Attack his story
       Ask if he told Ruby
       Push him to co-operate


      Clarify Tobins motive
      Follow-up on letter
      Ask about Death Threat
      Ask about Alarm
      Ask about more info

Crime Scene:
            Reveal Tobins Story
            Ask what happened next
            Ask if it was something else
            Clarify shirt story
            Follow-up on shirt story

    Ask about Barnes
    Ask if Tobin brought the gun
    Explain importance of gun
    Either Challenge story (or)
    Suggest a better story


     Was Zack popular
     Did she like him
     Did Zack like her
     Did she have any regrets
     Did Tobin find out
     Ask if she read the note

      Ask about theft
      Ask about Tobins artwork
      Who benefitted from insurance
      Ask if paintings were popular
      Ask if ther were financial problems
      Ask about Tobin rejection
      Ask where Tobin was

    Ask if Zack had gun
    Reveal who owns gun
    Ask if she was surprised
    Ask for more info

Go to Trial

Trial Day 1

I started with


    Was he aware of a gun
    Ask about consistency of his story
    Accuse him of telling Tobin

       Establish chronology
       Did he read letter
       Did he tell Tobin about letter

      Was he at the gallery
      Suggest he was bribed

Day 2


    Did she know about the gun
    Clarify importance of the gun
    Challenge gun story
    Ask her to explain

      Did she see the fight
      Ask about the alarm
      Explore Zack's role
      Ask about gallery finances
      Follow-up on Zack's motive

Crime Scene:
            Ask about the day of murder
            Follow-up on story
            Ask about Tobin's story

Day 3


Crime Scene:
            Ask about Tobin's broken table story
            Did Tobin break the table
            Examine the crowbar marks
            Connect evidence to Yvonne's testimony
            Disclose Zacks prints on crowbar

Day 4


     Did she sleep with Zack
     Ask her to read Zacks letter
     Ask her if she got to read the letter
     Ask her to continue reading Zacks letter

    Ask did Tobin have the gun
    Show her the gun
      Does Tobin have an alibi
      Ask about Tobins story
      ask her more of Zacks story
      Pursue Tobin

Day 5


      Use phone message

    Examine fight details

You should get Murder in the 1st Degree and Grand Theft!      


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