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 The Godfather

The Godfather


Game: The Godfather
Platform(s): PC, PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360 (See Note 3)
Author: Bloviator
Contact: aapmcm2 (at) yahoo (dot) com
Guide Type: Execution Styles Guide
Guide version: 1.3
Last Updated: 4/27/06

| Please read all 4 notes before continuing with the rest of this guide |

Note 1: 


The 79 characters above should all line up on a single line. If they do not, 
you may have trouble reading this guide, as line breaks and spacing may look 
odd. Open this document in notepad, wordpad, or a similar program, go to 
Format-Font, and make sure that you are using Courier New, font size 10.

Note 2:

Regardless of where you are viewing this guide from, please visit
This website will have the most current and up to date version of my guide that 
is available. That way, you can stay constant with the updates (as some 
secondary hosts don't update very frequently) and we can be on the same page if 
you don't understand something in the guide.
Note 3: 

The Godfather was created for the PC, PS2, Xbox, and Xbox 360. While the main 
substance of the game is almost completely unchanged between the versions, 
certain specific details may be modified, added, or deleted. Because of this, 
you should be able to read this guide and use its information to help or inform 
about The Godfather, regardless of what system you're playing it on. However, 
there may be certain minor discrepancies between this guide and your game if 
you are playing on the PlayStation 2, Xbox, or Xbox 360 versions. The majority 
of these discrepancies will be related to controls, as the content should apply 
equally between the versions. However, let me reiterate:


Note 4:

If you have any interest in The Godfather, any other similar games, or the 
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Thank You.

****************************** C O N T E N T S ********************************

Locating specific sections in this guide may take unnecessary or undesirable 
amounts of time. To facilitate this, I've made shortcuts for each sub-section 
in the guide. On the right of each section in the contents, there will be a 
small code in brackets. Press Ctrl F, and copy this code (brackets included) 
into the find menu. Press "find" twice to be instantly taken to the desired 

                             - Table of Contents -
I-     Legal..............................................[01-LEG]

II-    Introduction.......................................[02-INT]

III-   Execution Styles...................................[03-EXE]
           1.  Introduction...............................[03-INT]
           2.  Blackhand Execution........................[03-BHE]
           3.  Bombs Away Execution.......................[03-BAE]
           4.  Cocktail Hour Execution....................[03-CHE]
           5.  Grand Slam Execution.......................[03-GSE]
           6.  Blackhand Grapple Execution................[03-BGE]
           7.  Hard Head Execution........................[03-HHE]
           8.  Last Gasp Execution........................[03-LGE]
           9.  Over Cooked Execution......................[03-OCE]
           10. Road Rage Execution........................[03-RRE]
           11. Silent Assassin Execution..................[03-SAE]
           12. Stained Glass Execution....................[03-SGE]
           13. Watch Your Step Execution..................[03-WSE]
           14. Traffic Accident Execution.................[03-TAE]
           15. Wallpapered Execution......................[03-WPE]
           16. Hats Off Execution.........................[03-HOE]
           17. Pistol Execution...........................[03-PIE]
           18. Faceoff Execution..........................[03-FOE]
           19. Gut Shot Execution.........................[03-GTE]
           20. Disarmed...................................[03-DIS]
           21. Kneecapped.................................[03-KNE]
           22. Firearm Execution..........................[03-FAE]
           23. Sure Shot Execution........................[03-SSE]
           24. Data Table.................................[03-TAB]

IV-    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)...................[04-FAQ]

V-     Guide Information..................................[05-GUI] 
           1.  Contributions and Contact..................[05-CAC]
           2.  Revision/Update History....................[05-RUH] 
           3.  Coming Soon................................[05-COS] 
           4.  Credits....................................[05-CRE] 
           5.  Random Statistics (of this guide)..........[05-RST]
           6.  Other Works by the Author..................[05-OTH] 

VI-    Closing Statement..................................[06-CLO] 


********************************** L E G A L **********************************

This guide is copyrighted by Harold Palms as of the year 2006. It is 
subject to all federal and international copyright laws. Under the United 
States Copyright Act of 1976 and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, 
as a published work, this guide cannot be sold, re-printed, given away, or 
displayed without express permission of the author, regardless of the 
involvement, or lack thereof of money or funds of any kind. Even in a 
situation of public viewing without any charge, the author must be consulted 
in order for it to legally be given out. This guide cannot be posted on a 
personal website, or transferred to another user without permission of the 
author. Any reader who finds this guide is legally permitted to read, print 
out, or save a copy of this guide. Said reader is not permitted to sell, 
alter, or display this guide without the author's express permission, nor are 
they permitted to accredit any part or the entirety of the guide as their own 
(stealing/plagiarism). Anyone who disobeys or breaches the copyright laws that 
apply to this guide will be persecuted to the full extent of the law.

External links to this guide are allowed, but only if they link to a site 
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If this guide is found on any other site, please contact the author 
immediately. Check the most recent version to verify, as more sites may be 
added to this list. The most recent version of this guide can be found at The author cannot guarantee that a version of this guide on 
any of the other permitted hosts will be the most recent and up to date 
version. Also, anyone who attempts to place this guide on a site where it has 
not been allowed is subject to legal action under the Digital Millennium 
Copyright Act. If you would like to have this guide hosted or displayed on your 
website, please direct an e-mail to the author. The e-mail address can be found 
on line #8 of this document, as well as at the end of the Contributions and 
Contact section.

Any material used in this guide that has come from an outside source will be 
fully credited, and remain in an unaltered state from that which it was found. 
If any outside information appears in this guide that the author of said
information does not permit, allow or desire, please have said author contact 
this author, and the information will be removed immediately, with priority 
above all else.

In addition, the author takes no responsibility for any actions that result 
from reading this guide. This guide may contain "spoilers", "secrets", "given 
away plot twists", etc. While this document is generally spoiler-free, the 
author cannot guarantee this. The author cannot be held liable for any 
discontent on the reader's part due to spoilers or secrets that "ruined the 
story." All of the views and opinions expressed within this guide apply only to 
the game to which it refers. None of the actions that may be suggested can or 
should be applied to any situation outside of the game. The author does not 
condone objectionable or illegal material or activities presented in the game 
"The Godfather", including, but not limited to: violence, extortion, homicide, 
rape, profanity, and establishing any connection to organized crime. 
Essentially, the author can take no responsibility, nor be held liable if the 
reader chooses to perform any action described or portrayed in the game "The 
Godfather" or in this guide. The author is not responsible or liable for 
anything that may happen as a result of reading this guide.

Copyright (C) 2006 by Harold Palms


*************************** I N T R O D U C T I O N ***************************

Hello there dear reader. My name is Bloviator, and it is my pleasure to guide 
you through the wonderful gaming experience that is The Godfather. Whether 
you're a hardcore gamer who considers yourself "1337", a less experienced 
person who needs some help with this game, or simply a cat who brought up this 
guide because you walked on the keyboard, I've provided my services to inform 
you about and help you with the execution styles in the game "The Godfather." 
Though I have written numerous guides, help files, tips, and walkthroughs, this
is only the second that I have chosen to submit to an online database. As you 
can probably tell, my guide is rather large given the narrow subject material 
it covers. 

Now you may be wondering, "Why are you bothering to write this guide?" Well, 
here's why: 

Recently, over the gamefaqs/gamespot message boards, tens, possibly hundreds of 
threads have arisen asking:

"How do I do ______ execution?" 

or, more realistically:

"heY man, hwo is it that im doing that one ecexution? Im try to go and kill the 
guy but he isnT givin me teh points!!! OMG PLZ HLEP!"

While these questions are answered quickly, they are soon replaced by another 
user asking a similar, or even the same question. Most of the guides available 
on gamefaqs describe each of the execution styles. However, they are not very 
in-depth, and often leave uncertainty in the gamer's mind. Some of them even 
list incorrect, false, and misleading information. I've composed this guide in 
order to create a comprehensive "end-all" explanation for each and every 
execution style. 

Despite my name, I try to bloviate as little as possible, but to still present 
as much information as I can. As you read through this guide, you will find 
just how in-depth some of my explanations can be. This guide should help you 
complete all of the execution styles in the game, and clear up any 
uncertainties about them. I've made an effort to present all the information I 
can, while still giving you the opportunity to do practically anything in this 
amazing game. I hope reading this guide allows you to enjoy The Godfather to 
its fullest. It's certainly been a pleasure for me.



*********************** E X E C U T I O N   S T Y L E S ***********************

- Introduction -

In this section, which makes up the bulk of this guide, I will go over each 
execution style in-depth. I will provide you, the reader, with all the 
information needed to easily carry out this execution. For each execution 
style, I will list the following information:

Name: The name of the execution style

Description: A short and concise description of what the execution style 

Triggered: Whether or not this execution is triggered (by pressing the 
           "execute" button). If it is not triggered in this method, it is 
           achieved through different means. This can also be "optional" if it
           can, but does not have to, be gained through the means of the 
           execution trigger

Lethal: While "execution" and "lethal" would appear to be synonymous, some 
        execution styles do NOT kill the victim. This entry displays whether or
        not the victim is required to be killed in order for the style to be 

Items Required: Any items required to complete this execution. This can include
                weapons and/or objects in the environment (such as an oven)

Difficulty: How difficult it is to complete this execution. This will be on a 
            scale of:

            *      Very Easy
            **     Easy
            ***    Medium
            ****   Hard
            *****  Very Hard

Missions: Any mission(s) in which you will have to use this execution style to 
          complete an objective. This is currently incomplete. Please e-mail me
          if you know of a mission requirement that I missed that involves one 
          or more of these styles 

Strategy: A comprehensive look at how to best achieve this execution style. 
          This strategy will highlight multiple possibilities and ideal 
          opportunities for each style (if/when applicable).

Any other issues you may have will, and should be addressed in the Frequently 
Asked Questions (FAQ) section of this guide.


- Blackhand Execution -

Name:              Blackhand Execution
Description:       Kill an enemy with your bare hands
Triggered:         No
Lethal:            Yes
Items Required:    None
Difficulty:        **
Missions:          Just about any mission (though not specifically required)
Strategy:          In order to get awarded this execution style, you must kill 
                   an enemy using Blackhand (fighting) attacks. However, the 
                   only difficulty here may arise between this style and 
                   "Blackhand Grapple Execution." The key is that with this 
                   one, you must kill your enemy without grabbing them, just 
                   standing and punching. If you use the "execute" command, you
                   will also get the Blackhand Grapple Execution instead of
                   this one. This makes it slightly more difficult, as you have
                   to use the most basic maneuvers to dispatch your foe. Other 
                   than that, you should have little difficulty achieving this 


- Bombs Away Execution -

Name:              Bombs Away Execution
Description:       Kill an enemy using an explosive
Triggered:         No
Lethal:            Yes
Items Required:    Dynamite or Bomb
Difficulty:        ****
Missions:          None specifically, though some of the contract hits may use 
                   this as a bonus condition
Strategy:          This execution style requires you to kill an enemy by 
                   blowing them up with an explosive device. Dynamite or a Bomb 
                   are your only options here (dynamite is preferred). A 
                   Molotov cocktail will give you a different style. The 
                   difficulty with getting this style is that as soon as you 
                   throw your explosive, most nearby gangsters will flee far 
                   away. Also, due to the long fuse on the explosives, they 
                   will most likely have time to get out of the blast radius. 
                   The recommended strategy to get this style is to kneecap a 
                   gangster, rendering them immobile, then to place the 
                   dynamite/bomb and run. A similar, though riskier strategy is 
                   to place your explosive, then grab a gangster as they flee. 
                   Push them down (forward push or swing toss) towards the 
                   dynamite as the fuse gets below the halfway mark. Hopefully, 
                   by the time they get back on their feet, the device will 
                   have exploded. You may also get this award by accident if 
                   you bomb an enemy business (to end a mob war). One more 
                   note, you will not get credit for this style if you die in 
                   the same blast that kills your enemy. As such, make sure 
                   that you get clear of the blast radius.


- Cocktail Hour Execution -

Name:              Cocktail Hour Execution
Description:       Kill an enemy with a Molotov cocktail
Triggered:         No
Lethal:            Yes
Items Required:    Molotov Cocktail
Difficulty:        ***
Missions:          None specifically, though certain hit contracts will have 
                   this as a bonus condition
Strategy:          Very similar to the Bombs Away execution, this one requires 
                   you to kill a gangster by using a Molotov cocktail. As this 
                   weapon explodes on impact (it has no fuse), it is much 
                   easier than the aforementioned style. If you use Molotovs to 
                   assault a roadblock from a distance (when taking down a 
                   warehouse, hub, or compound), you will most likely get this 
                   award. The only difficulty in being granted this style comes 
                         1. Mastering the throwing arc
                         2. Not killing yourself in the process

                   As mentioned earlier, the execution only counts if you don't 
                   die in the process. Also, make sure you know where your 
                   Molotov will go, or else you won't be able to hit a thing. 
                   Consult black market dealers for extra Molotovs, and upgrade 
                   your street smarts skill to increase your carrying capacity.


- Grand Slam Execution -

Name:              Blackhand Execution
Description:       Kill an enemy with a baseball bat
Triggered:         Optional
Lethal:            Yes
Items Required:    Baseball Bat (lead pipe and baton might work  - unconfirmed)
Difficulty:        *
Missions:          None specifically, though some contract hits may require 
                   this as a bonus condition
Strategy:          In order to get awarded this execution style, you must kill 
                   an enemy using the baseball bat. As long as the killing 
                   strike is delivered by baseball bat, you should get the 
                   award. If you use the special "execute command" with a 
                   baseball bat, it should also grant you the execution style. 
                   To do this, use the baseball bat (attacking) to bring a 
                   gangster to his knees. When prompted, press the execute 
                   button (default: V key on the PC). If you did it correctly, 
                   your character will put the bat behind the enemy's neck and 
                   smash his (the enemy's) face into his (your character's) 
                   knee. You may also use a firearm to kneecap a gangster, then 
                   switch to the baseball bat and achieve this style as well. 
                   This is really a simple one to get.

- Blackhand Grapple Execution -

Name:              Blackhand Grapple Execution
Description:       Kill an enemy with your bare hands while grappling
Triggered:         Optional
Lethal:            Yes
Items Required:    None
Difficulty:        *
Missions:          Just about every mission gives you an opportunity to get 
                   this one, but none require it directly
Strategy:          This style is similar to the regular Blackhand Execution. 
                   The difference is that to get this, you must kill your enemy 
                   while grappling (grabbing) with them. Like many of the other 
                   styles, you can reduce your enemy's health through other 
                   means and just finish them off with a grapple attack, and 
                   you should still get the award. Another note: You will often 
                   get this award if you use either of the hand to hand 
                   "execute" triggers. This may be even easier than simply 
                   pummeling an enemy to death, as it is quick and lethal. You 
                   should have almost no trouble with this one.


- Hard Head Execution -

Name:              Hard Head Execution
Description:       Kill an enemy by slamming their head into a solid object
Triggered:         No
Lethal:            Yes
Items Required:    A medium-high solid object (e.g. a table or a bar counter)
Difficulty:        ****
Missions:          None specifically
Strategy:          To get this execution style, you must utilize head slams. 
                   The principle is simple, when alongside certain medium-
                   height objects, you can slam your victim's head into them. 
                   In the mission "A Grave Situation" the game walks you 
                   through how to do this. Although you use headstones and 
                   caskets in that mission, the most common object that you'll 
                   probably use is a bar counter. You must grab your foe in a 
                   Blackhand grapple, position yourself alongside the object, 
                   and press the corresponding key (default: A or D key on the 
                   PC). The gangster must be killed by this method, and, as is 
                   the case with many of these styles, you can damage them 
                   using other methods before killing them with this one. The 
                   reason that many people have trouble with this style is that 
                   generally it's only store patrons and owners who get their 
                   heads slammed into tables, not the gangsters protecting 
                   them. Also, the right object to do the trick can often be 
                   hard to find. This is one you probably want to get completed
                   on some weak, low-level Tattaglia, not a Barzini Underboss.


- Last Gasp Execution -

Name:              Last Gasp Execution
Description:       Strangle an enemy to death
Triggered:         No
Lethal:            Yes
Items Required:    None
Difficulty:        *
Missions:          None specifically
Strategy:          This one is very simple, and should be of little difficulty 
                   to you. In order to get it, you must kill an enemy by 
                   strangling them. To execute this move (no pun intended), 
                   simply grab an enemy (Blackhand grapple) and hold down the 
                   "strangle" button (default: X key on the PC). For this one, 
                   I wouldn't even bother damaging them with a different weapon
                   and then switching, because the strangle move is fast, 
                   deadly, and silent. Ideally, use this on a lone gangster, as 
                   the only downside of the move is that it leaves you open to 
                   attack from other foes.

- Over Cooked Execution -

Name:              Over Cooked Execution
Description:       Kill an enemy by throwing them into an oven
Triggered:         No
Lethal:            Yes
Items Required:    None
Difficulty:        ****
Missions:          Mission 16: The Silent Witness
Strategy:          Although you can get it earlier, you must use this execution 
                   style in the mission "The Silent Witness." Basically, you 
                   must throw your enemy into an oven. Nearly every oven in the 
                   game can be found in the back portion of every bakery 
                   business around New York. However, as mission 16 
                   demonstrates, a funeral home's oven (cremator) works just as 
                   well. In order to burn your foe alive, you can use two 
                   different methods. Both start out with you grabbing your 
                   enemy and positioning them towards the oven. One possibility 
                   is for you to push them up against the edge, and continue to 
                   press forward. Your character will lean their head into the 
                   oven. If you tap forwards once more, you'll throw them 
                   completely in. If you want a more direct route, simply push 
                   or swing/toss them towards the oven. If you're close, 
                   they'll stumble backwards, trip and flip over the lip of the
                   oven, sealing their fate. Although you should get this 
                   during mission 16, it will be difficult to attempt at 
                   another time. This is because ovens are not very common, and
                   are far back in the shop. You have to drag or lure a 
                   gangster quite far to get them in position. However, feel 
                   free to send Bruno Tattaglia and any of his goons into the 


- Road Rage Execution -

Name:              Road Rage Execution
Description:       Kill an enemy with a vehicle
Triggered:         No
Lethal:            Yes
Items Required:    A vehicle
Difficulty:        **
Missions:          None required
Strategy:          This execution style is relatively easy to get. All you must
                   do is kill an enemy by running them over with your car. For 
                   most gangsters, hitting them twice with your car is enough 
                   to take them down. The difficulty here comes in the fact 
                   that they are surprisingly adept at diving out of the way of 
                   your vehicle. Try to anticipate where they're going to jump, 
                   and counter accordingly. You can also drive to one side, so 
                   that they're clearly going to jump the other way, then at 
                   the last second, swerve that direction. Also, if a gangster 
                   is wounded or stunned (such as from a multiple gang and 
                   police firefight), they are generally immobile, and much 
                   easier to run over. Once you master the basics of accurate 
                   driving in this game (which can be difficult given the  
                   absurd driving physics), you should have little trouble 
                   getting this style.

- Silent Assassin Execution -

Name:              Silent Assassin Execution
Description:       Kill an enemy with the garrote
Triggered:         No
Lethal:            Yes
Items Required:    Garrote
Difficulty:        **
Missions:          Mission 9: Fireworks (though these are cops, not gangsters)
Strategy:          In order to get this execution style, all you have to do is 
                   kill a gangster using the garrote (piano wire). While it 
                   seems simple enough (and really is), the most difficult part 
                   is finding a suitable target. In order to use the garrote, 
                   you must be behind your target. Most gangsters will spin on 
                   their axis to face you, making an attack from the rear 
                   impossible. You can see how to use the garrote (just equip 
                   it, and then do the button command for a Blackhand Grapple 
                   from behind) during mission 9. However, since you use it on 
                   cops in that mission, you won't get credit for the 
                   execution. If you are unable to find a gangster who you can 
                   sneak up on, there are two good alternatives. One of these 
                   is to find a situation where multiple families and/or the 
                   police are engaged in a firefight. Find an enemy gangster 
                   who is occupied with another target, and try to garrote them 
                   from behind. An even easier alternative is to kneecap a 
                   gangster, and while they're stunned, circle around behind 
                   them and use the garrote. This tactic makes this otherwise 
                   difficult style relatively easy to complete.


- Stained Glass Execution -

Name:              Stained Glass Execution
Description:       Kill an enemy by throwing them through a first-story window
Triggered:         No
Lethal:            Yes
Items Required:    A first story window (just about every business has one)
Difficulty:        **
Missions:          None specifically
Strategy:          In order to get this execution, you must kill a gangster by 
                   throwing or pushing them out a first story window. Just like 
                   the Over Cooked Execution, you can either do this by holding 
                   them over the ledge and tapping forwards, or by swinging 
                   them towards the ledge an letting go (so the stumble 
                   backwards and trip out the window). Make sure, however, that 
                   your target is near death before you attempt this, as 
                   falling out of a window (on the ground floor) doesn't do 
                   much damage at all. They must die in the process for this 
                   style to count. The only other difficulty comes in the fact 
                   that such a specific style requires you to divert all your 
                   attention towards one target. This is not the type of 
                   execution to attempt during a multi-man brawl. In general, 
                   however, just find a shop (nearly anything except a bakery 
                   will work), pummel a nearby gangster until they're nearly 
                   dead, and toss them through the window. Note that it doesn't 
                   matter whether they go into the shop through the window or 
                   out of the shop through the window. As long as it kills 
                   them, you should get the award.
                   Note (thanks to Lloyd Blackmore): This style may become very 
                   difficult with no enemies remaining because few gangsters 
                   will be found in close vicinity to a window


- Watch Your Step Execution -

Name:              Blackhand Grapple Execution
Description:       Kill an enemy by throwing them out a two-story window or 
                   off a roof, railing, or ledge
Triggered:         No
Lethal:            Yes
Items Required:    A two-story window or a two (or higher)-story ledge, 
                   railing, or roof
Difficulty:        ***
Missions:          Hit #9: Bobby Marcolini (bonus objective)
Strategy:          This style is almost identical to the Stained Glass 
                   Execution. The only difference is that this one must be off 
                   a two or higher story window, roof, ledge, etc. This has 
                   both its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that
                   the fall is a guaranteed kill, so you don't need to weaken 
                   your target ahead of time. The downside is that it's much 
                   harder to find gangsters within close proximity of a high 
                   ledge. Your best bets are either in two-story clubs (such as
                   The Continental), or in three-story rackets (with an   
                   elevator to the top). Other than that, follow the strategies
                   for the Stained Glass Execution outlined above. Again, this 
                   one will become very difficult if you have no gangsters  
                   remaining (without hunting after ambush locations)


- Traffic Accident Execution -

Name:              Traffic Accident Execution
Description:       Kill an enemy by throwing them into oncoming traffic
Triggered:         No
Lethal:            Yes
Items Required:    Ambient cars on the road (moving)
Difficulty:        *****
Missions:          None
Strategy:          This is (in my opinion) by far the most difficult, and the 
                   most unusual of the execution styles. Many people never get  
                   it not because of its difficulty (though this is an issue), 
                   but because of its bizarreness. In order to be awarded this 
                   execution style, you must throw/toss/push a gangster so that 
                   they stumble into oncoming traffic. The car that hits them 
                   must kill them, and they cannot be killed by just hitting 
                   the ground. The number of difficulties associated with this 
                   one are immense. For starters, this is an incredibly 
                   engrossing execution, so you shouldn't try it with more than 
                   a single gangster. Also, given the state of extremely low 
                   health your target must be in before you attempt the 
                   execution, you really only get one shot at it. Additionally, 
                   running in front of cars will result in them stopping, and 
                   the vehicles must be in motion for this style to count. On 
                   top of all that, once you're grabbing onto your target, the 
                   camera focuses in very close to you, making it difficult, if 
                   not impossible, to see more than a few feet in front or to 
                   the sides. Although you can use the spin toss, I've had 
                   better luck using the push toss (walk forwards with a 
                   grabbed enemy and release the grab while moving). Find a 
                   busy street that's close by a single, or a few gangsters. 
                   Deal with the others until you've got only one left. Get him
                   weakened until he has so little health that another punch or 
                   fall will kill him. Drag him out a few inches off the 
                   sidewalk. Swing your victim about 45 degrees to the left, so 
                   you can see the oncoming traffic. Edge as close to the 
                   traffic as you can get without causing the cars to stop.  
                   When you see a car approaching, judge its speed and 
                   distance, swing your victim back so that you're facing the 
                   opposite side of the road, and release about half a second 
                   before the car comes by. If you did it correctly, the 
                   gangster should stumble backwards into the street and be hit 
                   on his right by oncoming traffic. If you want to get the 
                   timing down, you could bribe a cop (to avoid issues with 
                   heat) and practice with random civilians. This will probably 
                   be the most difficult execution style for you to get, so 
                   keep trying.


- Wallpapered Execution -

Name:              Wallpapered Execution
Description:       Kill an enemy by slamming them against a wall
Triggered:         No
Lethal:            Yes
Items Required:    A straight, flat wall (they're only about a million in the 
Difficulty:        **
Missions:          None specifically
Strategy:          This style is similar to the Hard Head Execution in that it 
                   isn't that difficult, but is a tactic you'd usually use 
                   against store owners rather than the gangsters guarding 
                   them. Also similar to the Hard Head Execution, the 
                   explanation for how to do a wall slam is found in the 
                   mission "A Grave Situation." Just grab and enemy and push 
                   them back against the wall. While still holding them, 
                   repeatedly hit forwards to slam them into the wall. In order 
                   to get this execution style, you must kill them by doing a 
                   wall slam. Again, you may opt to damage them with other 
                   methods and then just finish them off with this move. 
                   Whatever you choose, be aware that this is another style 
                   where you want to be alone with your target, rather than in 
                   the middle of a massive brawl or firefight.


- Hats Off Execution -

Name:              Hats Off Execution
Description:       Kill a kneeling enemy with a handgun execution trigger
Triggered:         Yes
Lethal:            Yes
Items Required:    A handgun (Revolver, Pistol, or Magnum)
Difficulty:        **
Missions:          None
Strategy:          This is a relatively easy execution to pull off. In this 
                   case, all you need to do is to activate the execute trigger 
                   on a kneeling enemy while holding a single-handed firearm. 
                   Although you can bludgeon a gangster with your hands or a 
                   bat, the most effective method here is to kneecap them, 
                   preferably with the same weapon you intend to use for the 
                   execution. Wait until they are completely down on their 
                   knees. Once they are, press the "execute" button. Your 
                   character will lift them up by the neck, firing his weapon 
                   and blowing their hat off (by putting a bullet through the 
                   side of their head). One note about this is that if you are 
                   close enough to a gangster, if you click to fire at close 
                   range, your character may also do this execution move. This 
                   is really only a problem when extorting owners (who you 
                   DON'T want to kill). Like the other firearm executions, this 
                   one often is triggered by repetitive point blank firing, not 
                   just the execution trigger. The only problem you may face 
                   with this one is trying to execute too quickly; not letting 
                   the gangster get all the way down to their knees. If you do 
                   this, you will not do the Hats Off Execution, but will 
                   instead to the next execution on the list: The Pistol 


- Pistol Execution -

Name:              Pistol Execution
Description:       Kill an enemy by using a handgun and the execute trigger 
                   while they are standing 
Triggered:         Yes
Lethal:            Yes
Items Required:    A single-handed firearm (Revolver, Pistol, or Magnum)
Difficulty:        *
Missions:          None
Strategy:          This style is very similar to the Hats Off Execution. The 
                   only difference is that with this one, you must use the 
                   execute trigger on a standing enemy. However, that doesn't 
                   mean that kneecapping an enemy won't work. You just have to 
                   use the execute trigger before they fall completely to their 
                   knees. However you choose to do this, I'd recommend getting 
                   very close to your foe; ideally at point blank range. Try to 
                   hit them with a weak handgun (e.g. the level 1 revolver)  
                   and/or in a pressure point (knee, gut, shoulder). Assuming 
                   it didn't kill them in one hit, press the execute trigger to 
                   fire downwards into the side of their head. Like the Hats 
                   Off Execution, you may do this automatically if you attempt 
                   to fire again at point blank range. This one is very easy, 
                   and you should have no trouble with it.


- Faceoff Execution -

Name:              Faceoff Execution
Description:       Kill an enemy by using a large firearm and the execute 
                   trigger while they are kneeling 
Triggered:         Yes
Lethal:            Yes
Items Required:    A large firearm (Tommy Gun or Shotgun)
Difficulty:        ***
Missions:          None
Strategy:          Think of this execution style as the large firearm version 
                   of the Hats Off Execution. Just like that one, you must use 
                   the execute trigger on a kneeling foe. The only difference 
                   is that you must use a large firearm, not a handgun. The 
                   reason why this one is slightly more difficult is that the 
                   large firearms tend to do more damage. As a result, you have 
                   a greater chance of accidentally killing your target with 
                   the first shot, rather than just dropping them to their 
                   knees. While you can attempt to kneecap them with a weak 
                   handgun and then switch to a large firearm for the 
                   execution, this usually takes too long, and you miss the 
                   window of opportunity for the trigger. Although the Shotgun 
                   execution looks better (in my opinion) you'll probably have 
                   more luck using the Tommy Gun. Just make sure that you only 
                   squeeze the trigger once at the enemy's kneecap. This is 
                   because holding down the fire button might start your 
                   character in a different execution style (Gut Shot 
                   Execution). You may end up killing quite a few targets 
                   before you get this one right, but the end result is quite 
                   satisfying: Your character knocks the enemy onto their back, 
                   holds them down with his foot, and fires directly into their 
                   head. Overall, this is a medium difficulty execution the 
                   first time you do it, but once you get the hang of it, it's 
                   actually quite easy.
                   Note (thanks to Kollin Grimm): You must approach your target
                   from the front when using the execute trigger. Otherwise, 
                   you'll just do a Gut Shot Execution)


- Gut Shot Execution -

Name:              Gut Shot Execution
Description:       Kill a standing enemy by using a large firearm and the 
                   execute trigger 
Triggered:         Yes
Lethal:            Yes
Items Required:    A large firearm (Tommy Gun or Shotgun)
Difficulty:        **
Missions:          None
Strategy:          Just as the Faceoff Execution is the large firearm version 
                   of the Hats Off Execution, this is the large firearm version
                   of the Pistol Execution. Just about all the same tactics 
                   from the other three of these firearm execution styles apply 
                   to this one. Again, the only real difficulty you'll face 
                   when attempting to get this execution style is that you may 
                   end up killing your target with the move that's supposed to 
                   stun them. Also, make sure that you use the execute trigger 
                   while your target is stunned, but before they get all the 
                   way to the "kneeling" pose. Otherwise, you'll end up doing 
                   the Faceoff Execution. There really isn't much more to say 
                   about this one. Consult the Hats Off, Pistol, and Faceoff 
                   Executions for more tips about how to achieve this style.


- Disarmed  -

Name:              Disarmed
Description:       Disarm an enemy 
Triggered:         No
Lethal:            No
Items Required:    A firearm (handguns preferred)
Difficulty:        ****
Missions:          None
Strategy:          Although it is classified as an "execution style" this 
                   maneuver doesn't actually kill your target. Instead, they  
                   are disarmed. The key to getting this style is to hit an 
                   enemy gangster in their right shoulder pressure point, so 
                   that they drop their gun. Although this sounds simple 
                   enough, it's actually quite difficult. First of all, most 
                   enemies will not have their guns drawn until they enter 
                   combat. As a result, using wall cover so you can take your 
                   time to aim (assuming the enemy hasn't spotted you) won't 
                   work. This is because a pressure point shoulder shot doesn't 
                   count unless the gangster has their weapon out. If you do 
                   get an enemy to see you and draw their weapon, they 
                   generally try to take cover behind whatever they can. Most 
                   of the time, this involves them crouching. This makes it 
                   even more difficult to hit the pressure point (which is 
                   pretty small to begin with). The key to getting this rather 
                   difficult execution style is to put points into your 
                   shooting skill when you level up. Not only will this 
                   increase your accuracy and decrease the time it takes for 
                   your reticule to tighten, but at levels 3, 6, and 9, you 
                   will increase your disarm chance by 25%. To get this style, 
                   your best bet is to use a weak but accurate handgun (such as 
                   the revolver) and try to get yourself in a position where 
                   your enemy isn't crouching or taking cover behind something.
                   A great way to do this is to kneecap them, then, while 
                   they're stunned and on their knees, take your time lining up 
                   the disarming shoulder shot. You may have to wait for them 
                   to get up again, as they might have put away their gun. 
                   Remember, your crosshairs will turn red when you have the 
                   pressure point selected, so that should be your indicator as 
                   to where you should aim. Although you can use free-aim, 
                   locking on to your target and then adjusting your crosshairs 
                   will most likely yield better results. This may style might 
                   require some extra point allocation, accuracy, and skill. As 
                   a result, it may be one of the last ones you achieve.


- Kneecapped -

Name:              Kneecapped
Description:       Kneecap an enemy
Triggered:         No
Lethal:            No
Items Required:    A firearm (handgun recommended)
Difficulty:        **
Missions:          None
Strategy:          Similar to the "Disarmed" award, "Kneecapped" requires you  
                   to fire at an enemy's pressure point. In this case, that is 
                   either of their knees. This is one of, if not the, most 
                   important technique you should learn in this game. Getting 
                   the award for the first time may be slightly challenging, 
                   but after that, you should become a pro at kneecapping. 
                   Kneecapping is a skill that is integral to many of the other 
                   execution styles. Once you can effectively kneecap a 
                   gangster, you might find that you can do that other 
                   execution you were having trouble with before. In order to 
                   kneecap, all you have to do is move your reticule down 
                   towards your target's knee (either works fine). Your 
                   crosshair should turn red, signifying a pressure point. If 
                   you fire, your target should be stunned, then fall to their 
                   knees. Use this not only for this style alone, but also as a 
                   starting point for another style, such as Hats Off 
                   Execution. While you can kneecap someone while free-aiming, 
                   using lock-on and adjusting your aim is the preferred 
                   method. Practice this technique a little, and you'll soon 
                   have a new, very powerful skill in your arsenal.


- Firearm Execution -

Name:              Firearm Execution
Description:       Kill an enemy by using a firearm 
Triggered:         No
Lethal:            Yes
Items Required:    Any firearm (Revolver, Pistol, Magnum, Tommy Gun or Shotgun)
Difficulty:        *
Missions:          Just about every one requires you to kill someone, and a 
                   firearm is almost required
Strategy:          This is probably the easiest and most self-explanatory of 
                   the execution styles. Really...All you have to do is kill 
                   someone with a firearm. You don't have to hit them any place 
                   in particular, or do any special maneuvers. All you have to 
                   do is kill them. The only difficulty I could possibly see 
                   anyone having with this is that if you DO use a special 
                   execution method or trigger, you might get that style award 
                   (such as Hats Off Execution) instead of the regular old 
                   Firearm Execution. However, given the number of enemies you 
                   face, even if you hardly play this game at all, I would be 
                   very surprised if you didn't get this execution style. 
                   Really, there's nothing more to say...Go and shoot someone 
                   (in the game of course).


- Sure Shot Execution -

Name:              Pistol Execution
Description:       Kill an enemy with a single headshot
Triggered:         No
Lethal:            Yes
Items Required:    A firearm (Handgun recommended)
Difficulty:        **
Missions:          None
Strategy:          In order to get Sure Shot Execution, you must deliver a 
                   fatal headshot to an enemy. As headshots automatically do 
                   six times normal damage, the "fatal" part won't be too 
                   difficult. What you may have minor trouble with is getting 
                   an enemy in the head, especially since they like to run 
                   around and take cover. Again, you can use the ultimate "set-
                   up" move: The kneecap. However, you may have an even easier 
                   time using this method: Find an enemy gangster on the 
                   street, say, protecting a business. Find a nearby wall 
                   that's positioned so if you use wall cover on it, you'll 
                   still have a clear line of sight towards the gangster. 
                   Assuming you haven't alerted them, the gangsters should be 
                   standing around doing nothing. Use wall cover on the wall, 
                   then draw your weapon (handgun recommended). Lock on to the 
                   nearest gangster and take your time to move the reticule up 
                   directly over their head. When you're ready, simply press 
                   the fire button, and your character will lean out from the 
                   wall and fire. Assuming you aimed correctly, you should get 
                   a lethal headshot. I suppose if you used a level 1 revolver 
                   on a Barzini Underboss, they might not die, but in just 
                   about any other situation, your target should be killed 
                   instantly. Like some of the other firearm styles, you can 
                   use free-aim to get this. Although it will allow you to hit 
                   targets that are out of lock-on distance, it isn't the 
                   recommended method of getting this style.


- Data Table -

In this section, I've condensed all the core information about each execution 
style into a table. However informative this may be, it is no substitute for 
the detailed strategies described in the previous sections. Most abbreviations 
in this table should be self explanatory. If not, consult the expanded entry in 
the respective section.

|       Execution Style       | Trigger | Lethal | Req. Item(s)  | Difficulty |
| Blackhand Execution         | No      | Yes    | None          | **         |
| Bombs Away Execution        | No      | Yes    | Explosive     | ****       |
| Cocktail Hour Execution     | No      | Yes    | Molotov       | ***        |
| Grand Slam Execution        | Option  | Yes    | Baseball Bat  | *          |
| Blackhand Grapple Execution | Option  | Yes    | None          | *          |
| Hard Head Execution         | No      | Yes    | Low counter   | ****       |
| Last Gasp Execution         | No      | Yes    | None          | *          |
| Over Cooked Execution       | No      | Yes    | Oven          | ****       |
| Road Rage Execution         | No      | Yes    | Vehicle       | **         |
| Silent Assassin Execution   | No      | Yes    | Garrote       | **         |
| Stained Glass Execution     | No      | Yes    | 1 lvl window  | **         |
| Watch Your Step Execution   | No      | Yes    | 2+ lvl window | ***        |
| Traffic Accident Execution  | No      | Yes    | NPC vehicle   | *****      |
| Wallpapered Execution       | No      | Yes    | Flat wall     | **         |
| Hats Off Execution          | Yes     | Yes    | Handgun       | **         |
| Pistol Execution            | Yes     | Yes    | Handgun       | *          |
| Faceoff Execution           | Yes     | Yes    | Large firearm | ***        |
| Gut Shot Execution          | Yes     | Yes    | Large firearm | **         |
| Disarmed                    | No      | No     | Any firearm   | ****       |
| Kneecapped                  | No      | No     | Any firearm   | **         |
| Firearm Execution           | No      | Yes    | Any firearm   | *          |
| Sure Shot Execution         | No      | Yes    | Any firearm   | **         |


******** F R E Q U E N T L Y   A S K E D   Q U E S T I O N S ( F A Q ) ********

Many of these questions are not attributed to a specific author, since they've 
been asked by a number of people on the message boards, or because I made them 
up myself. So without further ado, the questions:

Q: Why am I not getting "credit" for doing this execution? I'm doing it exactly 
like you said to.

A: This is one of the most important things that many people don't seem to 
these styles on civilians, police officers, or anyone else DOES NOT COUNT. I've 
gotten a few to register when used on bank security officers, but this may just 
be a glitch. While you can practice on civilians (you might want to bribe the 
cops first), always use enemy gangsters when attempting to get (register) a new 
execution style.   

Q: Why should I care about doing these executions? What's in it for me?

A: Execution styles are one aspect of the game's "collectables." If you're 
seeking a 100% game rating, you need to get all of them. Even if you're only 
going for 91.5% (the minimum required to get Don of NYC), they could serve as 
the small percentage boost you need. Additionally, doing some of these special 
execution styles gets you a greater amount of respect than from killing a 
gangster through normal means. Perhaps most important, especially if you 
complete them all early on in the game, is the reward you receive if you get 
all 22 styles. As soon as you complete the 22nd execution style, the screen 
will fade to black, giving you a screen much like a post-mission report. You 
will receive:
             100,000 respect - this alone is enough to get you from level 1-13 
                               (and almost 14)
             $150,000 - especially if you get this early on in the game, (and 
                                even later on for many players) $150,000 is 
                                quite a bit of money. It can help you save up 
                                for that upgraded weapon or Midtown safehouse 
                                that you've got your eye on.

Q: Other than when they flash on the screen the first time I do them, how do I 
see my executions? Is there a list that keeps track of them somewhere?

A: Yes. Pause the game and go to Tom's Report. Go to the Rap Sheet tab. From 
the drop-down list, go to the executions sub-menu. Here, you will see a list of 
all 22 executions. The ones you've already completed will have a checkmark next 
to them.

Q: I've already become Don (or Don of NYC). I've already taken over all 
businesses, warehouses and hubs, and destroyed all family compounds. There are 
no more gangsters for me to kill. How to I get the last remaining execution 
styles I'm missing?

A: Even if you've taken over all of New York, you should still be able to find 
gangsters in a few places. Although you may own everything in the city, 
gangsters still can appear in pre-scripted "ambushes." Normally, you'd want to 
avoid ambushes, but in this case, you'll be seeking them out. Here are a few 
tips for ambushes:
                   1. Always work at night - the percentage chance of an ambush 
                      is always higher (sometimes the same) at night than in 
                      the daytime. Unlike during normal play, you WANT to be 

                   2. Seek out black market merchants. Many ambushes occur 
                      after purchasing weapons or ammunition from black market 
                      merchants. You'll often hear a "You were followed!", and 
                      suddenly be assaulted by numerous gangsters.

                   3. Choose the ambush based on the execution style(s) you 
                      need to complete. For example, if you still need to get 
                      Over Cooked Execution, try to find an ambush that will be 
                      close to a bakery.

                   4. Use the last gangster of the ambush - unless you have a 
                      very easy execution style remaining, you should only 
                      attempt the execution on the last remaining gangster, so 
                      as not to be interfered with by others.

                   5. Avoid family members and family fights - Although family 
                      fights do allow for an ambush with enemy gangsters, it 
                      means that you'll be fighting alongside Corleones. Again, 
                      though you'd normally want this, in this case, you really 
                      need to be left alone. This is especially true if you're 
                      attempting a difficult and/or engrossing execution style 
                      (e.g. Traffic Accident Execution). Nearby Corleone 
                      gangsters will try to "aid" you by shooting at your 
                      target; not at all what you want. As such, try to take 
                      "ambushes" instead of "family fights" if you can, and 
                      move your gangster targets out of range of nearby 
                      Corleones. The difficulty of this may increase 
                      dramatically with certain styles, such as Over Cooked 
                      Execution, that require you to be in a business (with an 

                   6. Know your execution style - practice on civilians, cops, 
                      or whoever you can before hand. If you don't have your 
                      style down cold before you attempt it "for real", you 
                      might end up blowing your one good opportunity.

Take those notes into consideration as you take a look at this table (thanks to 
the official guide from Primagames for some of this data):

*BMM=Black Market Merchant - purchasing ammo/weapons from them is the trigger 
                             for the ambush to begin. This should also help you 
                             find the location if you can't find the streets. 
*DC=Day Chance (%)
*NC=Night Chance (%)
Location=Cross streets of where the ambush/fight should be triggered or some 
         other description of the ambush should occur
Stolen Ship=Stolen Shipment (boxes containing large amounts of money) guarded 
            by enemy gangsters
Numbers following a weapons indicate weapon level

Other data may be abbreviated or condensed to fit into the table.

|     Type    |     Region    |         Location        |   BMM*  | DC* | NC* |
| Ambush      | Little Italy  | Christie St. & Prince   | Magnum  | 20% | 60% |
| Ambush      | Little Italy  | Center, White, & Baxter | Tommy   | 20% | 60% |
| Ambush      | Little Italy  | Lafayette & Chambers    | Molotov | 20% | 60% |
| Ambush      | Little Italy  | Roundabout (S. Broadway)| Rev 2   | 40% | 100%|
| Ambush      | Little Italy  | Sterner St. & Tucker Ln.| Shotgun3| 40% | 100%|
| Family Fight| Little Italy  | Worth, Court, Lafayette | Rev 3   | 30% | 100%|
| Ambush      | Brooklyn      | Old Fulton near Doughty | Tommy   | 20% | 60% |
| Ambush      | Brooklyn      | Henry near Remsen       | Magnum  | 20% | 60% |
| Ambush      | Brooklyn      | Plymouth (under bridge) | Pistol 2| 30% | 100%|
| Family Fight| Brooklyn      | Lawrence, Bridge, Fulton| Bomb    | 30% | 100%|
| Stolen Ship | Brooklyn      | Willow, Furman, Vine    | Pistol 3| 100%| 100%|
| Ambush      | New Jersey    | 3rd, 4th, Willow, Newark| Shotgun | 20% | 60% |
| Ambush      | New Jersey    | 14th (near viaduct)     | Dynamite| 20% | 60% |
| Ambush      | New Jersey    | Tunnel (east of viaduct)| Shotgun3| 40% | 100%|
| Family Fight| New Jersey    | 4th, 5th, Park, Newark  | N/A     | 30% | 100%|
| Stolen Ship | New Jersey    | Lincoln Tunnel (S. lane)| N/A     | 30% | 100%|
| Stolen Ship | New Jersey    | Holland Tunnel (S. lane)| N/A     | 30% | 100%|
| Stolen Ship | New Jersey    | Center of train yard    | N/A     | 100%| 100%|
| Ambush      | Hell's Kitchen| Shipping yard near 12th | Bomb    | 20% | 60% | 
| Ambush      | Hell's Kitchen| 33rd St. (off 7th Ave.) | Tommy   | 20% | 60% |
| Ambush      | Hell's Kitchen| Northern park on 52nd   | Magnum 3| 40% | 100%|
| Family Fight| Hell's Kitchen| Court on Galvin St.     | Magnum 2| 30% | 100%|
| Family Fight| Hell's Kitchen| Under highway S. HK     | N/A     | 40% | 100%|
| Stolen Ship | Hell's Kitchen| North in the train yard | N/A     | 100%| 100%|
| Stolen Ship | Hell's Kitchen| Peter, Philip in sewers | Molotov | 100%| 100%|
| Ambush      | Midtown       | W. of hospital - 2nd Ave| Dynamite| 20% | 60% |
| Ambush      | Midtown       | Madison Square Park     | Tommy   | 20% | 60% |
| Ambush      | Midtown       | Park north of east 79th | Tommy 2 | 40% | 100%|
| Ambush      | Midtown       | S. side of 25th, 3rd Ave| Tommy 3 | 40% | 100%|
| Family Fight| Midtown       | Bryant Park 40th, 5th Av| N/A     | 30% | 100%|

While I haven't confirmed it completely, I know that you can get some (perhaps 
all) of the execution styles to count by using them on bank security guards. 
This is simply another alternative that you can try if you have no more 
gangsters to "use."

Q: I read in someone else's guide that ________ execution is done a different 
way than what you said. Who's correct?

A: I too have read data in other people's guides that I'm pretty sure is 
incorrect. I have the PC version, and it is possible that their information is 
correct for the PS2, Xbox, or Xbox 360 version. However, let me describe what 
I've discovered so far:

Grand Slam Execution: Many other guides claim that you must use an execution 
trigger and the baseball bat to get this style. I have found (and tested) that 
you just have to kill a gangster with a baseball bat. You do not have to use 
the trigger. However, you do "get credit" for the execution if you choose to 
use the trigger. It's up to you.

Hard Head Execution: Contrary to what I've read in one post (I can't remember 
where), Hard Head Execution does NOT use an execute trigger.

Pistol Execution: This does not mean you just have to kill someone with a 
pistol. You must use the execution trigger on a standing or stunned (not 
kneeling) enemy while holding a handgun (Revolver, Pistol, or Magnum).

Gut Shot Execution: Although it is counter-intuitive, you will NOT get this 
execution from shooting someone in their gut pressure point. Instead, you must 
use the execute trigger on a standing or stunned (not kneeling) enemy while 
holding a large firearm (Tommy Gun or Shotgun).

Firearm Execution: I read somewhere that you needed to use a large (two-handed) 
firearm for this one. That's incorrect. Any sized firearm will do the trick.

Q: Many of the executions say that I have to throw someone at, into, or through 
something. How do I do this? 

A: You can throw someone two different ways: A side toss, or a push directly 
To do the side toss:
1. Grab a gangster (left and right mouse buttons together)
2. Spin them left or right (while holding down buttons, drag mouse to the left 
or right)
3. While spinning them (while in motion), release both buttons
To do the push toss:
1. Grab a gangster
2. Push them forwards (hold (don't just tap) fowards (W))
3. While in motion, release both mouse buttons.
In general, I'd recommend the push toss for most execution styles that require 
pushing and tossing. Using that style, the enemy goes directly in front of you, 
rather than off to the side at an angle (if you had used a side toss). For 
executions such as Over Cooked and Traffic Accident, I'd use the push toss. For 
Stained Glass and Watch Your Step, either will do just fine.

Q: When you say that the Revolver, Pistol, or Magnum is required, can I use the 
upgraded versions?
A: Yes. Although the upgraded versions of each weapon do more damage, have a 
larger clip, or are better in some other way, the game treats them the same as 
far as executions go. You can just as well use a Saturday Night Special to get 
a Hats Off Execution as you can use the base level 1 revolver.

Q: When should I be doing these executions? What is the ideal time to be 
finished with half of them? With all of them?

A: Although you can really do these executions at any time, I'd say the earlier 
the better. Most importantly, don't leave them until the VERY end of the game. 
Although you can get them after becoming Don, it will be very difficult, as you 
will have to search far and wide for enemy gangsters. It really isn't that hard 
to get most, if not all of the executions out of the way very early on. In the 
first period the game gives you between story missions (right after basic 
training), you can actually get most of these executions complete. You may hold 
out a little longer on Over Cooked Execution, Watch Your Step Execution and 
Traffic Accident Execution, but most of the rest you can get done quite early 
on. One other note: You have to wait until after the mission "Fireworks" to get 
the Silent Assassin Execution. Unless you somehow acquire the Garrote earlier 
(and I don't know how you could), you have to wait until you acquire it during 
that mission.

Q: How do I do _________ execution style?

A: Come on, the entire first section of this guide is all about how to do each 
one. Just read it. Seriously though, if you still can't understand how to do a 
specific execution, or you feel as though it hasn't been thoroughly explained 
in this guide, feel free to send me an e-mail outlining your problem.

Q: Help! I can't get out of cars and my mouse's X-axis is inverted. How do I 
fix this?

A: Both of these are side-effects of using a flawed "crack" version of the 
game. Go out and buy the retail version. I don't care what country you live in 
or how much money you make, piracy is immoral, illegal, and creates sales data 
that suggests to the retailer (and thus publisher) that you don't want them to 
continue to make games like The Godfather. If EA stops publishing good games 
(which one could argue they already have) you do not have the right to make a 
single complaint if you have ever pirated one of their games. I have nothing 
more to say to you, except...GO AND BUY THE GAME!

Q: Why did you write this guide? 
A: I thought I answered this in the introduction:

Now you may be wondering, "Why are you bothering to write this guide?" Well, 
here's why: 

Recently, over the gamefaqs/gamespot message boards, tens, possibly hundreds of 
threads have arisen asking:

"How do I do ______ execution?" 

or, more realistically:

"heY man, ho is it that im doing that one ececution? Im try to go and kill the 
guy but he isnT givin me teh points!!! OMG PLZ HLEP!"

While these questions are answered quickly, it is soon replaced by another user
asking a similar, or even the same question. Most of the guides available on 
gamefaqs to describe each of the execution styles. However, they are not very 
in-depth, and often leave uncertainty in the gamer's mind. Some of them even 
list incorrect, false, and misleading information. I've composed this guide in 
order to create a comprehensive "end-all" explanation for each and every 
execution style.


********************** G U I D E   I N F O R M A T I O N **********************

- Contributions and Contact -

As you can clearly tell, this guide is missing a few bits of data, and it not 
entirely complete. Also, you've probably figured out that I like to be complete 
in my analysis of whatever I'm writing about. Meaningful and useful 
contributions are welcome. Said (acceptable) contributions are as follows:

-Specific Questions about a certain execution style or general questions about 
the styles as a whole

-Anything that you think deserves to be in the FAQ section

-Pointed out game-information errors (general errors or typos of mine about 
the game)

-PC versus Console (PS2/Xbox/Xbox 360) differences between execution styles in 
each version of the game. This is very important, and any contributions of this 
type would be immensely appreciated

-Specific missions in which the use of a certain execution style is REQUIRED by 
mission objectives or REQUIRED as a bonus condition for a contract hit

-Reader-submitted tips for completing a specific execution style. Perhaps using 
a different method than I suggested

-Pointed out grammatical, spelling, or line formatting errors, or typos

-Something that has been requested as a contribution in the guide

-Anything else that you think would be a useful addition to this guide. Please 
use good judgment when deciding if your contribution is "useful."

In addition, questions about anything in the guide, or anything else that 
either wasn't clear, or wasn't addressed at all, are welcome. However, 
there are some questions that I cannot or will not answer:

Godfather isn't running on your computer, or why the game freezes at a certain 

I WILL NOT ANSWER QUESTIONS REGARDING MODs, or anything that alters the game 
script, other than a patch. If you have questions like these, I'd suggest 
writing to the mod's designer or creator.

of illegal pirating or emulating activities. If you refuse to take heed on 
this issue, and do e-mail me a question regarding this, I will not hesitate to 
report you to any number of anti-piracy organizations.

When composing your e-mail, be thoughtful and courteous. I'm not expecting you 
to write the a literary masterpiece, but some consideration and thought into 
what you're writing would be appreciated. Here are some do's and don'ts:


-Put "Godfather" or "The Godfather" somewhere in the subject line so that I 
have a clue what you're asking about, and don't immediately delete your e-mail.
-Use reasonably decent spelling, grammar, punctuation, English etc.
-Describe your suggestion, question, submission, (etc.) carefully and clearly. 
If I don't understand what you're saying, then it's unlikely that I will print 
it in this guide.


-Use all caps to compose your message
-Use terrible spelling, or grammar to the point where I can't even understand 
what you're trying to say.
-E-mail me in any other language than English
-Swear excessively, or write rude or demeaning things.
-Write your email in code, 1337, or any other form of writing that will waste 
my time
-Send spam, hate mail, or anything that's either rude or irrelevant to The 
-Add me to your address book, buddy list, or any other form of contact/mailing 
-Attach a relevant screenshot as an attachment. If you need to show me a 
picture as evidence or for whatever reason, use a free image hosting 
website such as or or

Assuming your contribution is thoughtful and relevant, it will be added to the 
guide as soon as possible. You will be given complete recognition as to the 
contribution, unless you state in your e-mail that you want anonymity. With a 
few exceptions, your e-mail will remain mostly unaltered from the way it was 
sent, so be aware that what you write will probably end up in this guide 
almost exactly how you wrote it. However, I have the authority to change or 
alter what you wrote, though I will only do this for clarification or 
censorship purposes, and I will never claim credit for what someone else did.

If you'd like to contact me, send an email to this address. Replace the "(at)" 
with an "@" and the "(dot)" with a "." (remove all quotation marks). This is 
to avoid automatic spam bots and similar programs

aapmcm2 (at) yahoo (dot) com


- Revision/Update History -

Version 1.0 - 4/17/06 - This is the first version of this guide. As the subject 
matter it covers is relatively narrow and specific, I don't expect there to be 
more than a few more versions. So far, I've created detailed analyses of each 
of the 22 execution styles, a few questions for the FAQ, and the other sections 
that are required to make this a functional guide (Legal, Contributions and 
Contact, etc.).

Version 1.1 - 4/18/06 - This is a relatively small update. I've added a note 
about the Mafia Union and fixed a few errors here and there. Also, I added the 
entry for "Data Table" into the table of contents (I had somehow left it out 

Version 1.2 - 4/19/06 - This is an even smaller update. I've added a few 
additional websites to the legal hosts list, and I've also updated the Mafia 
Union members list. Other than that and a few assorted corrections throughout 
the guide, nothing's really changed.

Version 1.3 - 4/27/06 - A relatively...well...medium update. The FAQ section 
has been enlarged, and I've added an extensive table to help out Don of NYC's 
who have no more gangsters to kill. I've also added new Mafia Union members and 
more legal hosts for this guide.


- Coming Soon -

-More information on each execution style
-More information on which missions require certain execution styles
-Reader submitted tips/alternate strategies for how to get certain execution 
-More questions and answers for the FAQ
-A variety of additional information (other stuff)


- Credits -

Thank you to all of these people/companies/websites:

Electronic Arts (EA) for developing The Godfather

Electronic Arts (EA) for publishing The Godfather

GameFAQs for hosting my guide, their wealth of information, boards, etc., and 
their community reviews

The other authors of GameFAQs' Godfather guides, for giving me inspiration, 
good ideas, and letting me see what I was up against (friendly competition): 
crapu_zz, Seung2, stuntman_hy, YuGiOhFm2002, YuGiOhAngel

Gamespot for hosting my guide, their wealth of information, boards, etc. and 
for their official and community reviews

The Gamespot Mafia Union and all its members, for giving me additional 
information regarding the game, as well as general discussions about Mafia and 
The Godfather:
(leader)      Bloviator (hey, myself)

(officers)    appaloosa582002, ciro_xyz, darussell1958, Foggeda_Bout_It, 
              sudantha8527, TG4 

(recruits)    2-red, advracer, alexdt, andoZo, artson1966, Banned_Account, 
              believa, Bentheidiot91, BloodMan111, Buz_5, CallumP, 
              captobviousX, casshern1991, Corleone4life, cowbarG, crazyczech, 
              creepydude, Cye060, dabouncer420, darkaider, Dazooz, dcoop229, 
              deux_ex_2000, Devilslayer76, dipoh91, DoctorAnus, Dope999, dubc1,
              Enviru, Esperados, fgatto, F_equals_ma, gbird991, general-s, 
              gustavogordo, hayabusa_45, ivand111, Ivo_FCP_77, JereStarsJ, 
              JeStar209, jhunte99, JimMorrison946, JohnUddo, leeyaawn, Mardike,
              mattydienhoff, maulica, METAL619, mkblizzard, Mr. Wiggles0, 
              Muxtar, OneEarth, PainKiller_25, Pawliuz, pgagolfer49,
              PS2Champ29, realaddmantis, ryry92, Slayer_56, Stg_Taylor,  
              stoneofshadow11, the_godfather_1, Tonymontana45, TripleOnline, 
              t_stormie, wemhim,  wolfrazor, xXIceManXx, ynoorb, ZJB7, _xyzman_

Greg Mueller for his Gamespot review for hosting my guide for hosting my guide for hosting my guide for hosting my guide 

Ciro_xyz for allowing me to take his place as the leader of the Gamespot Mafia 

GregK, Lloyd Blackmore, Alex Hillary and Kollin Grimm for their questions or 
input on execution styles in The Godfather.

You, the reader, for bothering to read through all this bloviation

Without trying to be too arrogant, Myself, for writing this guide


- Random Statistics -

(of this guide)

        /\ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - /\
       //\\ \ Game: The Godfather                                 / //\\
      ///\\\ \ Platform(s): PC, PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360              / ///\\\
     ////\\\\ \ Author: Bloviator                               / ////\\\\
    /////\\\\\ \ Contact: aapmcm2 (at) yahoo (dot)com          / /////\\\\\
   //////\\\\\\ \ Guide Type: Execution Styles Guide          / //////\\\\\\
  ///////\\\\\\\ \ Guide version: 1.3                        / ///////\\\\\\\
 ////////\\\\\\\\ \ Guide started on: 4/14/06               / ////////\\\\\\\\
/////////\\\\\\\\\ \ Guide last updated on: 4/27/06        / /////////\\\\\\\\\
\\\\\\\\\///////// / Total number of versions: 4           \ \\\\\\\\\/////////
 \\\\\\\\//////// / Word Count: 12,045                      \ \\\\\\\\////////
  \\\\\\\/////// / Character Count (w/o spaces): 6,213       \ \\\\\\\///////
   \\\\\\////// / Character Count (w/ spaces): 89,566         \ \\\\\\//////
    \\\\\///// / Lines: 1,728                                  \ \\\\\/////
     \\\\//// / Pages: 31                                       \ \\\\////
      \\\/// / Paragraphs: 1,452                                 \ \\\///
       \\// / Guide Size: 93,022 bytes = Approx. 91 KB            \ \\//
        \/ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - \/


- Other Works By The Author -

You can view my contributions page at this site:

Currently, my works are as follows:

Game        (Main) Platform             Type            Size       Score
Mafia             PC          General FAQ/Walkthrough   707kb       N/A
The Godfather     PC          Execution Styles Guide     91kb       N/A 
Deus Ex           PC                   Review            11kb      10/10


- Closing Statement -
Thanks for reading my guide. I hope it was as fun and informative for you as 
it was for me. Regardless of what you learned or found, I'm pleased that you 
took the time to take a look at my guide. Maybe you learned something. Maybe 
you didn't. All I was trying to do while writing this, was get a half-decent 
guide out there that would help someone else enjoy this game as much as I 

Until next time,


Copyright (C) 2006 by Harold Palms

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