The Exchange Student 2 - Point Club Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 The Exchange Student 2 - Point Club

The Exchange Student 2 - Point Club

Your room: 
When there’s someone knocking on your door, use the lightswitch to turn the light 
on and open the door. When asked for, use the bed. Then… you wake up. Use the 
alarm to stop it. When you got up open the door to the bathroom and use the toilet. 
Leave the bathroom again. Open the door to your wardrobe and pull out some clothes. 
You can’t go out without doing your hair so use the gel on your hair and put on your
shoes. Now you’re ready to hit the hallway. Open the door to the hallway. Follow 
Matthias to the kitchen.

There are keys in the door. Since you saw Matthias go in, the keys must be from Jonas. 
That’s an idea for a prank. Use the stove to turn it off and let Jonas wait a bit 
longer for his toast. Leave the kitchen.

Take the KEYS from the door. Go over to room 207. Use the keys on the door.

Room 207:
Use the toothpaste on the shoes and on the jacket.

Leave the room again and meet Jenny. Walk back to the kitchen and use the keys on the 
door to put them back where you found them. Now you must inform Pedro about the prank.
Go to room 206 and knock on the door. Walk over to room 207 together with Pedro and 
wait outside. To have a reason to be in the hallway, use the door of room 208. You 
know she’s not in. Since Miguel wasn’t there, you’re still not in the game.

Pick up the PAPER and the PEN from the table and use the free seat. When the police 
officer keeps talking and after Miguel has spoken to you, talk to the girl next to 
you. Again Sarah will warn you. Time to pull a prank on her as well. Use the pen on 
yourself to take it apart. Then use the paper on yourself to get a small piece. Use 
the small piece of paper on yourself to make it wet. Use the wet piece of paper on 
the pen wrapping and you have your weapon. Use the spitball thrower on Sarah. 
You can leave the room.

Room 206:
When Pedro has explained the game, talk to each guy. Then leave the room.

Your room:
Go into the bathroom. Use the shower. Pick up the HAIR you left in the shower. Open 
the mirror cabinet and use the blowdryer. Go back to your room and take clothes from 
the wardrobe. Use the gel and the cologne and you’re ready to go. Go to the hallway.

Talk to Matthias about your passport. You don’t have it. So you’re not allowed in. 
You’ll meet the guys later after you got your passport. Talk to the ladies in front 
of you. Since you’re ignored, try again. Still no answer. Try a third time. Still 
not. A fourth time then? Nope. A fifth time? Ah.. the body language does it. You’re 
thrown out. Walk around the club to the side entrance. Near the dumpster is a 
WHISKEY BOTTLE. Pick it up. On the other side, next to the boxes is a strange pile 
of snow. Look under it to find a VODKA BOTTLE. Use the dumpster. On the inside is a 
piece of GUM. Take it, you never know. Look at the back door. Try to open it. Someone 
is coming out to throw away trash and looses a BEER CAN. Pick it up.
Go back to the front. There’s Jonas with a friend. To trade the friend, we need to 
get him a drink: Use the beer can on the vodka bottle. Use the whiskey bottle on the 
vodka bottle. Now you have your drink. Give it to Jonas. You’ll get the friend. After 
he drank the bottle,talk to Jonas again. Pick up his CLOTHES and pick up the empty 
BOTTLE. Go to the back entrance again and use the hair on the gum. Use the hair on 
the doll. Use the clothes on the inflatable doll. Use the bottle on the doll. Use 
the doll on the snow in the lower right corner of the screen. Use the dumpster to 
hide. As soon as Lars is picked up, enter Koren.
Talk to the ladies on the dancefloor. No luck there. Go to the bar. Talk to the bar. 
Talk to the lady there. No luck either. Then Michelle enters. Talk to her. Talk to 
the bartender and order a drink. Then back to the dancefloor. You’re discovered by 
the bouncer and thrown out.

Room 206:
Time to count the points. Learn about the fadder meating. Ask Michelle about the 

Room 201:
Knock on the door. Michelle will explain about the meeting and how to get there. 
You need a bike for that. She’ll give you the address of a bike store as well. 
Go there.

Bike shop:
Take a TICKET from the machine. When it’s your turn, talk to the man behind the 
counter. He’ll open the door and you can look for a bike you like. Look at all 
bikes. You like the pink one. But it has no basket and flat tires. The yellow has 
a basket and the blue one has new tires. Talk to the salesman again. He’ll tell 
you about the prices and the spare parts. Look at the counter. There’s a screwdriver 
and tire levers. If you have these, you can do it yourself. So the salesman must get 
away from the counter. Use your ticket on the ticket machine to jam it. Talk to the 
salesman and he’ll repair it. He’ll drop the SCREWDRIVER. Pick it up. Also pick up 
the TIRE LEVERS. Use the levers on the blue bike and use them on the pink bike. Use 
the good tires on the pink bike and use the old tires on the blue bike. Then use the 
screwdriver on the basket and when it’s off use the basket on the pink bike. Go back 
to the salesman to talk to him and buy the pink bike. Use your credit card to pay 
him. You’ll get the KEY. Use it to unlock the bike and drive off on your new bike.

Fadder Meeting:
Your evening will almost be ruined by watching a movie. So you must sabotage the 
show. Take the DVD from the DVD-Rack on the left. Put the DVD in the popcorn bowl. 
Then there’s a surprise: another DVD. So you take the bowl with popcorn to mask 
the dvd inside. To make sure nobody will eat from it, talk to the bowl of popcorn. 
You’re sent off… and don’t forget the popcorn.

On the way to the club:
Since you don’t have a light you’re being arrested and taken to the police station.

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