Ice Breaker - The Red Clan Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Ice Breaker - The Red Clan

Ice Breaker - The Red Clan


1.Cut the vikings down one at a time and use the hand to swing the vikings 
into the boat before they hit the water

2.Cut horizontal lines above and below the two vikings. Scroll right, and
grab the boulder and attach it to the peg on the top overhanging piece. 
Then cut underneath the boulder to make it swing and hit the vikings onto
the ship.

3.First cut the ropes tying the birds together at the top, Then cut the rope
holding the bird to the small boulder. Lastly cut the rope keeping the big
blouder form rolling down the lower slope

4.Pop the women while making sure not to have the viking fall off the edge 
of the boat. need to first kill the little rat guys, then drop the rock with a slash
as far left on the ice as possible. this should drop it on the women in such 
a way that the viking gets shot off to the right. you will need to slash the 
women after.

6.when you start, have the grabby rock grab the rock which has sign on it, 
then once it swings underwater, have it grab rotating rock, then cut the link
between the grabby rock and the first rock you grabbed, then add another link
from the grabby rock to the viking that is trapped, the viking should start 
bouncing around and floating in air, once the viking is over the boat, cut 
the link, if the viking flies to the right between the rock he starts on and
the other rock, cut the link holding grabby rock to the rotating rock, viking
will be dragged into viking boat.

7.Hit the fat lady with the rock so that she sends the viking flying onto the
rock that grabs stuff. Once there use BOTH tips of the rock to grab the ledge
at the very top of the screen. Cut the ice below the rock and gradually make 
your way over to the ship by cutting and creating new links with the grabby 
rock. Cut the link on the right so it drops the viking on the ship. You may 
need to cut the ice around the viking as the grabby rock can get stuck on 
these ledges

8. Let the boulder loose onto the bowling pins - i mean the vikings and ladies. 
target the closest viking for better results.

9.The 'T' in the ice circle is one of those hand grabby things so I just cut 
a hole by the boat and pulled a tarzan.

10.I had to trim down the ice cube that the viking is in to make it lighter, 
not sure if this is absolutely necessary though. Then, I killed the bottom 
two women on the top side of the wooden U shaped thing, and while the rest 
were falling, I killed the ones below the wooden thing. So while the top ones
are falling, the wooden thing tips right, and when they hit, it launches the 
viking up just enough that the bird can keep him in the air long enough to 
get him over the boat.

11. Get the grabby boulder swinging and have it hover above the wooden plank 
at the rightmost of the viking. cut the boulder and the rope at the same time
and hope the viking flies onto the boat. 

12. Start with the green lady, the blue lady at the bottom, and the next and 
the next until the viking's on the boat. for the other, cut the ice right in 
the middle. it's the best way to get the viking safely through.

13. Cut the viking on the left first, near the top of the rope where the mist 
isn't touching it. Time the cut so that the rotating block pushes him into the
boat. For the right-hand viking, slice the ice-block to release the ball, which 
will send the viking swinging. Just cut the rope when it swings out of the mist 
and he'll slide to the boat. If you don't cut it when the ball drops, cut the 
pink/purple block vertically in half to send him swinging again.

14.first, slice all smaller ladies. Then cut the rope near the viking at the 
left. It will land in the boat. The righter viking is the hard one. Cut the 
righter rope of the wood he stands on. then 'open' the ice at the stone ball.
Cut the rope at the right ofthe big wood when the ball touches the wood. Timing
is important, I was suprised when it worked - it took many tries to time right.

15. Cut the floating ice as close to the top as possible. this should give you 
the highest path to roll on to. when the frozen viking is as close to the boat 
as possible, grab it with the rotating grabby rock and onto the boat. (tip: two
opposite points on the grabby rock attached to a single point on your target 
should get it swinging.).

16. Cut a portion of the flying rock. it should push the floating frozen viking
through the barrier of rock and onto the wooden hook. once there, just cut down
the boulder above it and the frozen viking will swing onto the boat. for the other,
cut the frozen viking down, then cut up the tiny portion of ice holding the boulder
back. it should push your viking towards the mills and onto the boat.

17.The way I did it was first I cut both ropes holding the leftmost chunk in place,
and let it fall into the slot. For the 2nd chunk, cut the rectangular part off the
bottom so it falls, so that it fits into the slot below it. Don't cut the ropes, 
it's a trick. then just cut the ice part in the middle right under where the rat 
on top is, so the two rats and a large piece of ice fall into the water. This 
leaves a nice open space, so you can slice the ice piece on the back of the "sled",
so your vikings should go sailing right into the boat. Joy!

18. This takes a lot of calculation. cut the round boulder down. the viking could
either swing onto the top of the slide, in which case you'll need to cut the piece
of wood above down quickly, or it could fall right onto the ice and into the boat.

19. Just cut the boulder and the frozen viking down at the same time. the flip of
the icy boat should send the frozen viking rolling onto the hook. when the hook 
swings at the very top, cut the whole thing loose to get the viking onto the boat.

20. First cut the rope of the two smaller ones, then when they are falling off 
the rock, cut the big one. If you time right, it will spin the woods for the small

21. Here's a hint. the farther viking should pivot onto the other viking and the 
rock below it. cut away at all the other bonds of that viking and cut it loose 
when it swings above the boat. the remaining viking should swing on the rock in
the middle of the remaining pivots.

22. Don't cut both birds free at the same time, cut the left one first, and when 
the viking swings such that he'll fit through the hole, cut the right one off. of 
course, you'll have to trim the ice the viking is in while the birds are flying, 
otherwise he won't fit no matter what you do.

23. Cut down the left rope of the lumber on top, this will make it swing. When it
turns to right side cut it down so it get the "tags" up. Cut down the icecube and
make a cut on its left side when its on the loong wood. The lumber u first cut 
down will go right and make the wheele spin, the viking will then go left side,
cut him while he is over the boat. 

24. Grabby rock to tip of swinging triangle....grabby rock to vikings at same time. 
Cut rope to grabby rock pulling floating vikings closer to ship...cut floating ice 
from grabby rock leaving grabby rock on turning triangle.....carve floating rock 
into thirds (one per viking) so it weighs grabby rock one by one
to each viking swinging into ship!

25. Again, timing. the first two wood fillers are upside down, while the last should
swing on its side.

26.The rock that your viking is standing on is one of those grabby rocks. The part 
that I didn't realize, which is the key to the level, is that you can grab the plain
vikings with the grabby rock. So, just grab your guy and the fizzy rock and fly to 
the boat.

27. Start with the frozen vikings first. they should clog up the hole leading down 
the dangerous rock slide. cut down the unfrozen viking - this one should use the safe
rockslide. to unclog the frozen vikings would be a simple matter at hacking away 
the extra ice around them.

28. This one's really fun. first you'll need to get the grabby boulder onto the 
slide. attach it to the ceiling and pop the blue lady underneath it. when it swings
right in between the empty space between the two blue ladies underneath, cut it loose.
This should give you enough time to attach each end of the ice holding the vikings 
onto each grabby, rolling boulder. pop the blue ladies to get it out of the way, and
cut at the hand-like ice stand to get the vikings moving. cut them loose on top of 
the boat. 

29. Cut the tip off the bottom of the hanging ice guy to start the wheel spinning. 
Wait until it spins where it will catch the guy and move him right, then fix it in 
that position with the grabber. Cut the guy free, then cut the grabber to make him 
fall to the right.

30. First cut right on the middle pivot (a cut slanting to the right wouldn't hurt, 
but slant it on the left and your viking's going to drown. ^_^) then two close cuts 
by the third pivot. this could either break the ice in between these two pivots, 
sending the two vikings down onto the boat, and you could just make another cut by
the middle pivot to free the other viking. or the pivots will do their work and you
can just watch the three vikings fall on the boat.

31. After grabbing an iceblock, attach it to the rotating block twice so you can just
let it rotate and figure out the best time to let go. the attachment should be as 
long as possible without hitting the rock platform. I cut one rope at the top of the
rotation, and cut the other right when my block was on the fast upswing. Keep in mind
you only have to tap the block the viking is sitting on, since it rotates easily once
pushed. It just takes one lucky throw.

32.Use the grab block to grab the repelling block. Cut off a piece of the repelling 
block so the grab block shifts to the left of the boat. It's now close enough to grab
the viking. Grab the viking, and do the same thing to pull the viking to the right.
With any luck, the viking will begin to slide down the slope :)

33. You cut a slice off of the right hand side of the hammer so it hits the boat.
Then, at the right time (there's that blind idiot luck previously mentioned) you 
cut another slice from the uncut side of the hammer (on my level what ended up 
working was a thin rectangle, not a fat cut from the hammer). Hopefully that thin 
cut wedges itself under the boat and pushes it all the way to the other side.

34. Slice like mad and hope for the best. I started with the top ice brick, then 
sliced the ladies on the right, then the left, hoping all three viking would end 
up on the horizontal wooden beam about half-way down, and not get eaten. Eventually
it worked, and I carefully dumped all three into the boat.

35. On the left side, pop the green lady below the devil, then cut the rope holding 
the devil above on the rock. they should fall into the pit. cut the rock down on top
of them. pop the green lady below your viking, cut the rope holding the other viking
on the rock and they'll slide onto your boat. on the right, pop the green lady below
the devil and say goodbye to the devil. grab hold of the viking with the grabby rock
and pop the green lady. with that force, you'd be able to swing the viking onto the 

36. slice a portion of the ice where the middle unfrozen viking stands (the one that's
horizontal) enough for that ice slab to slide to the middle. get the topmost unfrozen 
viking down and to the middle beside the other one. slice the ice slab ( the horizontal
one again) right below the two unfrozen vikings and they should be toppling onto the 
boat. (you'll need a few tries here, i had tons.) next would be the frozen viking above,
(it's all a matter of hacking away at the ice slowly) and finally, the last frozen 

37. Tricky. secure the viking in the middle of the ring first with the grabby rocks 
then pop the blue lady. this should send you flying. cut up at the left most flying 
rock to get the ring moving to the right and grab hold of the second viking. (or you
could just wait, they'll fly to it.) cut down four crows and this should send you 
down. grab the third viking while going down and at the same time, set off the flying
rocks. this should give you enough force to fly on top of the boat. once there, cut 
off the crows so they won't be able to fly you off.

38. Secure the viking first onto the closer grabby rock with two hands. cut off the 
ice. breath in deep and when you're ready, cut off the hands, but before it falls, 
catch it with one hand. this will get you swinging around the curve. again before it
falls, grab it with a hand from the other grabby boulder. let it loose from the first
grabby boulder, watch the viking swing and remember to cut it loose from the second 
boulder when it's above the boat.

39. Darn it, this one's hard. first, you gotta slice a smooth slide down the huge 
floating rock. (no you can't follow the groove where the the stack stands, the third
viking will get stuck on it no matter how smooth it looks.) get the stack to fall 
onto the boat, slicing up the topmost rock (where the top viking stands) to ensure
the viking won't slide into the water with the rock. get rid of all the cut up rocks
with as little slicing as possible.

40. Slice up the ice where the viking's frozen in as sparingly as possible. you'll 
use it to get grabby boulder swinging. grab hold of the viking with two hands (
remember the swinging thing), and use the ice part by part to get the grabby rock 
spinning by attaching the falling pieces to it. if the viking swings high enough 
it'll end up on one end of the wooden propeller. when it's there, cut it loose.

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