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 Icewind Dale 2 FAQ

Icewind Dale 2 FAQ

FAQ and Walkthrough v1.0 finale
Copyright 2002 by Orest (

Last updated on November 6, 2002

 This document was written by Orest also known as D.Y. and cannot be used
without his permission. To receive my permission you need only one thing: email
( me and receive my permission. Of course, you can read and
print this document but don't post this document on your site without my
permission. I hate copyright violence so don't angry me.

 If you have questions about my guide or want to add or correct something then
send me a message ( But don't try to send letters with some
nasty remarks. I will not answer the questions if the answer is already in this
document. Please put "IWD2" subject when emailing me. Latest updates of this
guide are available at . I am sorry if I don't respond to the
letters because I read my mailbox not often. I can respond to the letters

  If you didn't receive my reply than the reasons are:
    1. You didn't ask the questions or offer suggestions and you don't need my
    What to do: If you want my reply then ask the questions or offer some
    2. The answer is already in this document.
    What to do: Try to read this walkthrough attentively because the heroes
actions are described as their own actions and the walkthrough goes as an
adventure story.
    3. The answer is in game manual.
    What to do: Read the game manual. I recommend to read the game manual
before playing the game.
    4. The letter is already in my mailbox but I didn't check the mailbox.
    What to do: Wait for reply. I check my mailbox twice at week.
    5. Your letter is bugged or nasty.
    What to do: You are not so lucky.
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    What to do: Wait until I reply or forget about your letter. May be I'll not
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    7. This game is too old (2002 year is the Icewind Dale 2 release year)
    What to do: forget about me
    8. The questions are out of IWD2 topic.
    What to do: Answer your questions to others

  v1.0 The release of the IWD2 FAQ/Walkthrough (November 6, 2002)
    This version is final and not updatable in future.

   PART 2: FAQ

Part 0: Introduction
  Here is the plan of this document. In Part 1 I describe some combination of
the characters and their effectiveness in the game. Part 2 consist of FAQ. Part
3 contains game walkthrough in nonstandard way and Part 4 contains the

Part 1: Creating your team
  So you want to beat this game then you need your character team. I recommend
you to skip default teams and create your own team. I will not describe all
classes, races and etc because you can find the information about them when
creating your team.
  The first question must be: how many people are in my team? For super
hardcore players who wants to see your character corpses or enjoys game
reloadings  I recommend 1-2 players in the team. Three characters is good for
hardcore players who wants to be the game very difficult. My choice is 4
characters in the team because of more XP and a little hardcore game. For less
experienced players I recommend 5-6 characters. 5 is the optimal choice.
  Now you need to decide what classes must be in your team ?

   Team member 1:
    Here is some classes for character 1 place in team. Character 1 is a front
line warrior. This character serves as a main target for enemies and must have
a lot of HP and a good cover from other team members.
    1.1 Fighter
     This is the best choice for character 1 in the team because fighters gains
a lot of feats and the only class with weapon specialization feat available. I
recommend to use some strong two-handed weapon and gain weapon specialization
for this weapon. Bastard sword and large sword is not bad too.
    1.2 Barbarian
     You can use this class as a alternative to the fighter class. Barbarians
gain a lot of HP and some good abilities. Half-Orcs are the best race for this
class (because you can increase your STR to 20 with this race and multiclass
without XP penalty).
    1.3 Paladin
     Paladin class is worse then Fighter or Barbarian. Paladins gain some
useful bonuses at lower levels and can turn undead. I think that turn undead
ability is useless in IWD2 because there are few undead in game. From level 4
paladins gain some spells but very slowly. The good choice for character 1 is
to pick a paladin and from level 4-8 multiclass to fighter. You can use this
class as a party leader because of good CHA. You can detect evil people when
talking to some people in game. Paladins always refuse the rewards from people
so don't talk to people with this class when you want quest's reward. The best
race is Aasimar and the good order is paladin of Helm.
    1.4  Ranger
     This class is the worst from previous classes. The only serious advantage
is some useful 2-weapon fighting feats. Single development for this class is
not recommended so multiclass to other class. The spells are very slow to gain.
But it is possible to survive with this class in the game.
    1.5  Monk
     Good class. If you choose the monk than single development for this class
is more recommended. Monks receive some useful abilities and bonuses during the
development up to level 20. At the beginning of the game monks are weak but
after chapter 1 you'll see the changings. Monks have the best saving throws
bonuses but are restricted in multiclassing. They are weaker then fighters or
barbarians in melee but their bonuses compensate this disadvantage.

  Team member 2:
    This place is the place for backup front/middle/cover line warrior. This is
also a scout with some negotiator abilities. This character explores the area
for possible dangers, fights the enemies in melee or range distance without
attracting attention and backups the team member 1 in critical situations for
team member 1. Can also serve as a decoy for enemies.
    2.1 Rogue
      The best candidate for this place. Can be used as a scout, thief and
negotiator because of high skill points. Use his sneak attack on enemies who
fight team member 1.
    2.2 Bard
      Not good for this place. His main adavantage is his songs. Sing before
battle and cover team member 1 in melee or range attack. Use bard for thievery.
Bard is a bad scout but can unlock the locks.
    2.3 Ranger
      Not bad. Use him as a scout and second front line fighter in addition to
team member 1.
    2.4 Monk
      Can be scout and melee fighter.

   Team member 3:
     This place is for character who watches the condition of other team
members and restores their conditions to normal or increases some
characteristics according to the battle. The place for this character in the
middle line of the fight. Another purpose for this character is to weaken the
enemies, create some summoning creatures and sometimes fight in melee/range
some enemies.
     3.1 Cleric
       The best candidate for this place. Heal your team members, dispel some
enemy effects and use some magic/fighting against enemies. Summon the creatures
and increase party attributes/defense. Ressurect dead.
     3.2 Druid
       This class has less healing spells but more offensive/summoning. Use
some offensive magic against enemies and heal party members
     3.3 Bard
       The worse candidate. Use him to increase some characteristics and as a
minor healer.

   Team member 4:
     This place is for character with offensive/defensive/other magic
specialization. Use this character for magic cover and some summoning spells.
The main purpose is offensive magic. This characters must be in the back line.
Other characters must protect this team member.
    4.1 Wizard
      The function for this character is simple: cast spells to kill enemies
and avoid melee fightings. Use your ability to prepare spells in different
    4.2 Sorceror
      Same purpose as wizard with the difference that you can cast more
offensive spells then wizard. Avoid melee fightings. Summoning spells not
    4.3 Druid
      Worse then previous two classes but can be useful on this place

   Team member 5:
      This is place for some additional front line figher, divine or arcane
spellcaster or skip this place.

   Team member 6:
      Same as team member 5.

 Part 2: FAQ

  1) What is IWD2?
     This is Icewind Dale 2 abbreviation

  2) Can I increase some of my attributes above 18 at the beginning of the game
     You can increase your attributes above 18 up to 20 for races with bonuses
on this attributes. For example, half-orcs have bonus STR +2 so you can
increase the half-orc's strength up to 20 at the beginning of the game. You can
also decrease all attributes to 3. If some race has some penalty for example
halfings STR -2 than you can increase halfing STR maximum to 16 points, you can
also decrease halfing's STR to 1 then other races. Humans can increase their
attributes to 18 at maximum.

 3) What are Orders for paladins, monk and clerics?
    When creating one of this characters you need to choose their order. For
paladins and monks the order has some multiclass restrictions. For clerics the
order is cleric domain bonus spells (some of this spells are arcane), alignment
restriction and spell restrictions.

 4) What is Magic device skill?
    This skill is available only for bards and rogues. It allows them to use
spell scrolls and magic wands. You cannot use class/ race/alignment restrictive
items with this skill in IWD 2. I think that this skill is useless in IWD2.

 5) What is the difference between cleric's Raise Dead and Ressurection spells?
    Raise Dead spell ressurects the dead character with 1 HP (health points).
Ressurection spell ressurects dead character with full HP. Elves can not be
ressurected by Raise Dead spell.

 6) What is weapon proficiency, weapon focus and weapon specialization feats ?
    This feats are available for every kind of weapon (mace, large sword, small
sword , axe and etc). The one point means you have weapon proficiency with
chosen weapon and you can use this weapon without -4 penalty to attack. Two
points means weapon focus and you receive +1 to attack with chosen weapon.
Three points means weapon specialization and this feat is available only for
fighter class, with this feat you have +2 damage bonus with chosen weapon (very

 7) How character gender influences the game process in IWD 2 ?
     The only difference is character appearance and nothing more. This is true
for all AD&D games.

 8) What is the maximum charater level?
     Level 30, but it is impossible to reach this level from first attempt
while beating the game. Try to play the game with same party second time and
enable Heart of Fury mode.

 Part 3: Walkthrough

   This walkthrough is written in nonstandard way. I described this walkthough
as a story of four adventurers in Icewind Dale world. So let the story begin.

   main story characters:
    1) name: Drake
       gender: male
       race: aasimar
       class: paladin of Helm
       alignment: lawful good
       abilities: STR(18),DEX(10),CON(18),INT(3),WIS(12),CHA(19)
       skills: diplomacy(4)
       feats: martial weapon: large sword (weapon focus)
       special abilities: party leader, divine faith, diplomat, strong reaction
to evil deeds , charismatic, more experienced then other party members
       background: Drake is the son of the famous noble family. He was trained
in all kinds of weapon and has some melee battle experience. His high strength
allows him to be the best in melee battle and high constition allows him to
survive in critical situations. As a noble he is religious and faithful
warrior. He saw a lot of injustices and crimes so he swore to struggle with
evil and injustice. His good wisdom and charisma made him a good diplomat,
leader and spell resistant. His intelligence is enough for battle and he
prefers to struggle in full plate because of low dexterity. His favourite
weapons are swords. Drake wants to achieve fame and when he hear about goblin's
attacks in Targos he went to Luskan as a mercenary volunteer and his leader
abilities allows him to create the party from the other free adventurers.

    2) name: Dexy
       gender: female
       race: moon elf
       class: rogue
       alignment: chaotic good
       abilities: STR(16),DEX(20),CON(14),INT(14),WIS(6),CHA(6)
       skills: bluff(4),hide(4),move silently(4),disable device(4),open
lock(4), search(4)
       feats: Iron Will
       special abilities: scout, thief, agile, trickster
       background: Dexy was born among her folks but she was more intelligent
and strong then others from her folks. She worked in Luskan as an independent
scout and thief. She is good with ranged weapons and small blades. Her low
wisdom made her more weak for mind attacks but her Iron Will compensates this.
Good intelligence and high dexterity made her more skilled and quick then other
party members. She also knows how to trick people and steal their goods. When
she heard about goblin's attacks she understood that it is possible to earn a
lot of money from this situation. She convinced Drake that her abilities will
be useful in the party.

    3) name: Alice
       gender: female
       race: human
       class: Cleric/Morninglord of Lathander
       alignment: neutral good
       abilities: STR(16),DEX(8),CON(18),INT(4),WIS(18),CHA(12)
       skills: concentration(4),spellcraft(2)
       feats: combat casting, simple weapon: mace (weapon focus)
       special abilities: divine magic, healer, insight, protector
       background: Alice was born in common human religious family and became
an apprentice for local temple. She is very young and has some experience in
healing wounded warriors. Her high wisdom allows her to see the things that are
not available for other party members. But her low intelligence does't allow
her to study the real world and only her human background gave her some
curiosity. She is also strong and enduring then other clerics. When she heard
about goblin's attacks her divine abilities will be more useful in Targos.
Drake persuaded her to join his team as a protector and healer.

   4) name: Leon
      gender: male
      race: rock gnome
      class: wizard
      alignment: lawful evil
      abilities: STR(9),DEX(16),CON(20),INT(18),WIS(10),CHA(3)
      skills: alchemy(4),concentration(4),knowledge (Arcana), spellcraft(4),
wilderness lore(2)
      feats: combat casting, spell focus:evocation
      special abilities: arcane magic, study, alchemist
      background: Leon was born among other gnomes, His high constitution
allows him to survive in dangerous areas. He is the most intelligent from the
party and his high dexterity allows him to avoid the dangerous situations. Leon
is very skilled mage and can identify a lot of items. When he went to Luskan he
became an apprentice for Arcane brotherhood but he wants a real power so
hoblin's attacks in Targos is a chance to achieve some experience and became
more powerful. Drake detected his evil nature but Leon's strong discipline and
arcane knowledge allowed him to join the team and will be very useful in
further adventures.

    So the adventurers have arrived to Targos. The ship captain Hedron Kerdos
recommends them to go to the upper town and offer the mercenary services to
Ulbrec Lord of Targos. When the team stands the ground Drake notices a dead
soldier and two soldiers near this body. Drake speaks to one of the soldiers
named Reig about the situation. Reig tells about hoblin raids in Docks. Reig
was seriously wounded so Drake uses his lay on hands ability to heal him and
then speaks to Reig again. Reig is grateful but his wounds are not completely
healed so he needs some healing potion. He recommends to find Madgar in one of
the houses. Team enters Docks area and meets some hoblins on the streets. After
some small battle the adventurers enter one of the north houses. The house
owner Madgar Shenlen says about some healing potions in his house but Madgar
doesn't know where is this potions. Dexy quickly detects the healing potions in
one of the crates in north-east part of the room then the adventurers return to
Reig with potions and he is completely healed. A local soldier named Brogan
wants the adventurers to help him to kill the hoblins in his warehouse. Dexy
unlocks the locked warehouse and the party is in the warehouse. There are some
hoblins but party kills them all. Leon detects the dead cat body in one of the
warehouse crates and Dexy detects the hidden entrance undeground the warehouse.
In the hidden passage there are some hoblins and the hoblin leader. This battle
is a real challenge for inexperienced party. A lot of hoblins attacks Drake and
Dexy. Alice uses all her healing spells. Drake is near death and only Leon's
last magic missile spells kills tough hoblin leader and saves the party. Other
hoblins are under fear so Drake and Dexy kills them without problems. Alice
finds some unidentified scroll from hoblin leader's body. Leon cannot identify
this scroll so keeps it for further investigation. The party returns from
warehouse and Brogan is very pleased. But party is very weakened after this
battle and needs some rest. Ship captain Hedron offers to rest on his ship but
when he knows about hoblins in Docks he is worried about his mother who lives
in Docks and wants to know is she safe. After some rest our team clears the
streets from all other hoblins in Docks. In one of the south houses there  is a
Hedron's mother with her cats. Some hoblins entered her house but party kills
them and Drake talks to her about her son. She is not pleased but after some
discussion she tells the adventurers some old stories about other adventures
who saves Kuldahar. After some relaxation the party exits the house and kills
other survived hoblined on the streets. Reig is very pleased when the party
cleared the streets from all hoblins and tells that lord Ulbrec will be pleased
too. While Drake tells Hedron that his mother is safe Dexy enters empty house
to the west. She detects the trap on the chest and disarms it. There is some
useful staff there. Its time to visit Salty Dogs tavern which is to the south.
The owner Gohar is commucative but has no real information. There are other
mercenaries in tavern called Iron Collar mercenaries. After some talking to
them the party knows that there were some other Collar mercenaries: Myrkul the
undead speaker and the mage Phoen. But now they don't belong to mercenaries and
are on their own. They may be will be useful later. The party exits tavern and
enters upper Targos from north-west stone stairs.
  In upper Targos the nearest west house is owned by Myrkul the undead speaker.
Myrkul tells about the ghost in the Weeping Widow Inn and Drake offers to
investigate this situation. The party enters Weeping Widow Inn to the south and
the innkeeper is worried about the ghost in his inn who appears at night in one
of the room. He gives the party the key from this room and some strange
unidentified bottle. Leon and Dexy exit the inn and enter Gallaway Trade Depot
east from inn. The trader woman Deirdre  helps them to identify the bottle and
the scroll from docks warehouse. Drake and Alice go upstairs the inn and open
the room with the ghost. The ghost is woman called Veira. After some speaking
Drake decides to banish ghost but Alice offers to investigate more about this
situation. And while Alice stays with the ghost in the room Drake returns to
innkeeper and knows more about Veira's husband Donovan who perished somewhere.
It seems that ghost suffers and cannot leave this place. Innkeper recommends to
ask Gohar in Salty dogs tavern to know more. Drake returns to Docks and ask
Gohar about ghost's husband. It seems that Donovan perished in some terrible
shipwreck and ship prow is the only thing from this shipwreck. Drake takes the
ship prow and returns to ghost. Veira is pleased but cannot be freed from this
place. Leon supposes that the clue is in this strange bottle. The party goes to
Myrkul's house and after some confrontation Myrkul tells that this bottle can
be used to keep ghost's tears and the ghost will be free.
Veira agrees to give one tear to bottle and is freed. The innkeeper is pleased
and Dexy speaks with him about some kind of reward but innkeeper is too greedy.
   So its time to visit lord Ulbrec but first adventurers visit the house which
is north from town hall. The mage Phoen was not pleased with strange visitors
and when Drake shows him the scroll from goblin leader in Docks Phoen quickly
becomes hostile and attacks our adventures. Suddenly some hoblins teleported to
this house and the battle became very tough. Phoen tried to use some of his
magic but Dexy's sneak attack killed him quickly. The other hoblins were killed
too. So the situation is clear: hoblins were able to assault Targos with
teleportation scrolls and Phoen was the initiator of this. Now the traitor is
dead and its time to visit town hall.
   By speaking with Lord Ulbrec Drake told him how adventures cleared the Docks
from hoblins. Ulbrec was grateful and recommends to report to Shawford in
Palisade. While other members speaking with Ulbrec Dexy get aquainted with
Ulbrec's wife Elytharra and tells her about teleportation scroll and Phoen's
betrayal and gets some reward. She also exchanges the bottle with ghosts tear
on some magic short sword. Leon buys some magic scrolls from Elytharra and
memorizes new magic spells.
The party exits town hall and enters Pavilion which is north from the town.
   In Pavilion there are some wounded soldiers. One wounded scout Garradun
Tanner wants the party to deliver his letter to Neverwinter captain Mariner.
Drake takes this letter and shows this letter to Denhem Fisher. It seems that
Tanner is doppleganger spy and this letter is a trick and recommends to deliver
the new letter to Mariner which informs him about current situation. After some
confrontation with Tanner about this letter Tanner attacks party but his life
is short.
The party keeps this letter for further investigation and leaves Pavilion.
After some words with north gate soldier the party enters Palisade.
   In the nearest house to the left is commander Shawford and healer. After
speaking with Shawford he hires the adventures as a mercenaries to defend the
Palisade from hoblins. The orders are now go from Shawford. The first order is
to find dwarf Olap Tamewater and offer him our help. Alice offers to explore
this Palisade before going to Olap. To the south-east there is the soldier with
broken catapult. Using Drakes diplomatic skill the party convinces him to help
with this catapult. Using hammer which adventures found lately Drake is able to
repair the catapult. Some recruits were trained very hardly and Drake inspires
them for more courage in battle. At this time Alice blesses some recruits with
her divine power. Dexy finds some lonely soldier to the east and tricks him to
leave his post. She finds some good shield near this post. She also gambles
with soldier Gable and destroys the barrel on the wall near Gable. The Gable
was surprised and the good long bow is the reward in this gamble.  Some
recruits are trained with spears but the their commander knows little about the
attack of opportunity. Drake destroys the barrel near soldiers with his sword
and the commander is now convinced. The soldier Niles near commander's house
wants some drink but Drake orders him to back to his post.
   Dwarf Olap Tamewater is near north wall and he needs to repair the crane in
Targos which is broken. Jorun Timewater in Docks on the streets knows how to
repair the crane and gives the wheel to the crane. The crane is in Targos
between Weeping widow Inn and Gallaway Trade Depot. Lumbar is responsible for
this crane and offers to put this wheel to the cran. Drake takes the wheel from
inventory and puts it on cran mechanism. So the cran is repaired and Olap is
   When reporting about cran's success to Shawford he gives another order: find
soldier Isherwood in Palisade and offer him help. Isherwood is in the west
Palisade and his archers need 300 arrows. This arrows can be supplied from
Gallaway Trade Depot. Drake goes to Gallaway Trade Depot and convinces Deirdre
to supply archers with  arrows. Isherwood is pleased.
   The next Shawford's order is to obtain some information from dead hoblin in
Myrkul's house. Myrkul is speaker with dead and after some conversation Drake
convinces Myrkul to write some information from dead hoblin on the note. The
note is delivered to Shawford.
   Shawford wants to convince Collar mercenaries in Salty dog tavern to report
to Shawford for orders. After speaking with this mercenaries in tavern they
refuse to report to Shawford but Leon reminds them about their connection with
traitor Phoen and they agreed to report to Shawford.
   After returning to Shawford the alarm was called: hoblins assault Palisade.
So the action has begun and the adventures must protect Palisade from hoblins.
After leaving commander's house Dexy notices a group of hoblins with one hoblin
leader. The battle has begun but the leader was very tough and party escapes to
commander's house to the healer to heal  the wounds. After defeating this team
the another hoblin team have burnt the wall and assaults the fortress. The
soldiers are too weak to battle with this crowd of hoblins but the party were
able to defeat this team. The another goblin team with the mage hoblin leader
penetrated the fortress and attacks a lot of soldiers. Our team with a  hard
work killed this hoblins and their tough mage leader. Now the battle is over
and the Palisade is defended for now. Shawford was very pleased and orders to
report back to lord Ulbrec. As mercenaries the team gets some gold.
  Lord Ulbrec wants the team to complete very useful mission. There are some
reinforcements from Luskan and Neverwinter and in order to reach Targos this
reinforments must cross Shaengarne bridge. This bridge is protected and our
team must clear this bridge from enemies. But before going to complete this
mission the party is supplied with some equipment: Oswald near his flying ship
in Targos sells some useful potions, Elytharra in town hall sells some magic
scrolls and items, Deirdere in Gallaway Depot has some warriors stuff and
healer in Pavilion can heal or ressurect characters. After some preparations
the party is ready for next adventure.

2) Chapter 1
    While fighting hoblins the party has gained some little experience: Drake
learnt some to use power attack in battle, Dexy became more skilled , Alice
received more effective healing and other spells as a reward from her god and
Leon memorize more offensive spells and became more healthy. On the entrance to
Shaengarne Fort territory the party meets orc leader Torak who is the leader of
the local orc tribe. Torak claimed that this is his territory and no one can
not be allowed to access territory without Torak's permission. Torak denied the
party to access this territory. This territory is well guarded and has some
barrel defenses. Drake decides to assault this territory in order to access the
Shaengarne Bridge. Dexy destroys the barrel defenses near entrance  with her
long bow and the party begins assault. A lot of orcs tries to kill adventures
but Leon's mind-affecting spells cause some sleep effects on Orcs. Drake was
able to kill a lot of orc warriors and Dexy disrupted the orc shaman's spells
with sneak attack. Alice also killed some orcs with her mace and Leon uses some
offensive spells on wounded enemies. So the war has begun and orcs must be
exterminated in this area. After killing some orcs near empty house and near
another orc's defense the party frees druid Dereth Springsang. Dereth is very
grateful about his rescue and opens another hidden path for the party to the
west. He also worries about his wife and wants the team to find her in this
area. After another orc's killing the party meets Dereth's wife in the
north-east area. She opens another path and recommends to beware fireball
barrels which explodes with fire. After some scouting Dexy detects this barrels
and orc guards near barrels. This orc are accessible only from the other path
and cannot be killed quickly near barrels. So the party goes to the back
south-east path and kills all orcs in this area. The orcs are surprised and
when the party is near fireball barrels some orc shoot the fire arrow to one of
the barrel. The party goes to the safe distance only Dexy stays near barrles.
Stupid orcs try to attack her but the barrels explodes and a lot of orcs are
dead from their own trap and Dexy's high reflexes allows her to evade this
trap. The party meets orc's leader Torak, he is angered and flees to his camp.
The party goes to the north-east area to orc's camp.
  Near entrance some orcs try to kill our adventures but our adventures and
some strange ally Emma Moonblade prevents this. After speaking with her she
tells that she seeks her family sword which was stolen by some strong troll in
this area. Near village the party meets woman Katlin who is very frightened and
says that if we attack this camp then the orcs will kill her villagers
hostages. The only way to rescue them is to sneak to their camp and open the
gates to the hostages and then free them . So Dexy sneaks to the orc's camp
near guards and finds the gates wheel. She turns the wheel and the gates are
opened. After Dexy's returning the party kills the orcs who guard the villages.
The villages are gratefull and its time to assault Torak's camp. Torak is very
tough but Drake is tougher so Torak is dead and all orcs are eliminated. Dexy
takes the key from Torak's body. This key opens north gates but first the party
decides to explore the cave in Torak's camp.
   The cave has some useful items and some undead enemies. Zombies are strong
but very slow and cannot resist good magic. At the end of the cave there is an
evil troll Vrek who is not pleased with party's arrival and tries to kill
adventures. Leon usea sleep spell and a lot of Vrek's minions fall on the
ground. Vrek is immune to sleep and is very tough. Drake cannot defeat him one
to one and is badly wounded. While Alice heals Drake Dexy attracts Vrek's
attention and Vrek  is attacked by Dexy's small sword and Leon's spells. After
healing Drake is ready for next battle and troll is dead. Leon's Melf's Acid
arrow spell prevents the troll from regeneration. There are some useful items
in Vrek's lair but the really good item is Moonblade of Selune the sword which
Emma seeks. But this is really good so the party decides to use this sword in
their mission and after completing the mission return this blade to Emma. The
cave is cleared and the party returns to Orc's camp.
   Some villager merchant can buy or sell some items. After trading the party
opens north gates and proceed to the next location.
   This mountain area is defended by some wererats. Their leader Gaernat
blocked the way so the party must kill a lot of wererats in order to move
further. Alice learnt how to animate dead so her undead summoned creature was
the target for wererats while other party members fought. After killing a lot
of wererats the party moves to the river north-west.
    The river is guarded by rangers Malarites with their strong animals.
Malarites are tough but not so smart so they are concentrated on Alice's
summoned undead. After this hot battle the enemies are defeated. Leon notices
some strange support beam near entrance and offers to destroy this beam. The
beam is destroyed and the party is ready for next battle after some rest. Dexy
detects another Malarites group and they are defeated too. West small bridge is
broken and the party needs some wood plank in order to cross this river. To the
north there are some enemies and river dam. After good battle the dam is broken
and the party has wood plank. The bridge is repaired and the party enters
Shaengarne Bridge region.
   The enemies are alarmed and their leader orders to destroy the bridge before
adventurers come. The bridge is defended by a lot of orcs, bugbears, wererats
and malarites. Some ogres are tough too. After clearing the bridge entrance the
party goes to the bridge. Enemy mage Xuki tries to use some spells but Dexy
attacks her from back and Leon killes her with magic missile. Xuki's ogre
bodyguards are tough but slow and stupid. The enemies are destroyed but they
were able to destroy the bridge. The bridge is too big for repair and the party
has no time. So Neverwinter and Luskan reinforcements cannot arrive from this
path. Lord Ulbrec must know this. After some rest the party returns to Targos.
    Lord Ulbrec is more optimistic and he orders you to destroy the main hoblin
base. After defeating a lot of forces in Shaengarne the enemy is weakened and
needs some time to restore forces so its time for our party to assault enemy's
base in Horde Fortress. Some rangers Ennelia and Braston scouted the fortress
and had some information about enemy base. Our team must travel to Horde and
meet this rangers to know more about this base. The order is clear but before
leaving Dexy takes some payment from Shawford and other party members supply
yourself with some good items and money. Leon bought some new spells .  The
party is ready for next adventure.
   Outside Horde fortress the party meets ranger Ennelia. She speaks that her
lover Braston is a captive in the base. She also recommends to beware the war
drums which are used by orcs to teleport reinforcements and recommends to
destroy this drums. The enemies in this area are tough but the party is
prepared for this battle. After some scouting Dexy discovers three war drums to
the north, center and north-east area. The bridges contain some traps which can
be disarmed. First the party defeats some enemies in the central area and the
war drum in this area. It seems that effective way to prevent reinforcements is
to kill orc who is near drum with Dexy's sneak attack. The next north drum is
destroyed too. The last north-east drum is well-guarded and the sneak attack is
very difficult so the party chooses brutal assault. After very difficult battle
Drake kills orc shaman Trugnus and searches his body for the key. The front
access is unaccessible so the party must find another way to fortress. Drake
unlocks the gates in the south-east camp and kills ogre Gark and his minions.
There is a cave in this camp and the party enters it.
  The cave is full of hoblins and orcs. Some crazy hoblin Ponmuk is not hostile
and he wants to make a deal with the party: If the party bring him some food
then he tells you the password to the door. Leon tries to intimidate him but
his attempt is failed. Dexy detects some spiders in the west area. There are
four spiders and spider Queen. After killing this spiders the party takes their
bodies. This is a good meat for Ponmuk especially spider queen body. Ponmuk is
pleased and tells the password to the east gates. The password is "Chimera".
Drake goes to the gates and speaks the password. The door is opened. Dexy
sneaks to this area and detects another war drum. She destroys it with her
sword and returns to the party. Now enemies cannot call reinforcements and the
party is ready for next assault. The door guard and his minions are killed but
there is hoblin chieftain Vunarg in this area. He is very aggressive but
Drake's diplomacy skills persuades hoblin to back other hoblins to their home.
One last very tough enemy is troll Yquog. Leon uses his sleep spell to fall
some orcs but Yquog damages greatly the party. Only Leon's fireball and
lighting bolt spells saves the party. There are some useful items from Yquog's
body especially bracers. Now the party goes deeper to the cave.
   Some enemies meets the party near entrance but this meeting is too short.
Another enemy team from the east path tries to kill the party but their leader
Taskmaster is defeated and there is Black Ward Stone on his body. Leon takes
it. Some hoblins to the north-west with their leader Kruntur are not hostile to
the party. Kruntur tells that troll Yquog stole the bracers from his brother.
The party has this bracers and Kruntur is very pleased. There is an orc Gumph
with his people near animal cages. His contains another Iron Ward Stone.
North-east exit has some strange trap which detects Dexy. She cannot disarm it.
Leon studies the symbols on the wall and comes to a conclusion that this trap
will not be activated if you have two ward stones: Iron and Black. The party
has this stones so the path is opened and leads to fortress's yard.
   The enemies await our party and begin to attack our party from all sides.
Alice summons undead creature near orc's archers and the archers tries to kill
the summoned undead. The party switches to other enemies and soon they are all
dead. There are some other enemies in the yard and the party kills them all.
The gates to the inner fortress are opened and the party is inside.
   Two bugbears and old orc try to kill our team but soon they are defeated.
The old orc has the key to the door. When the door is opened the party sees
some strange meeting between strange half-dragon Sherincal and fortress leader
Guthma. Sherincal is displeased that Guthma failed hoblin assault on Targos
then she dissappears. Its time to confront this Guthma. Some strong minions
attacks the party but Leon's fireballs and lighting bolts greatly damages them
because Leon learnt greatly spell focus evocation magic feat and greatly spell
penetration feat. Few enemies can resist his spells. Dexy is the target for
enemies while Leon uses his spells to damage the enemies who attack Dexy. Then
this weakened are now ready to face Drake's sword and Alice's mace. Guthma was
surprised with party arrival but behaved as a stupid and soonly he was killed.
After some exploration Dexy frees the ranger Braston from prison. Braston was
grateful when he heard about Guthma's death.
   Then the entire party and Braston returns to Ennelia. The lovers were
together again and its time to report success to Ulbrec.
   Ulbrec was very pleased but he has some new mission: The Neverwinter forces
are somewhere near Western pass and our team must meet them there. Oswald's
flying ship will transport them to Targos. Before arriving the party takes some
payment from Shawford and speaks to Oswald. Oswald was surprised and the party
is ready to board the ship. But before the party bought some equipment and
spells. The ship is ready for fly.


3) Chapter 2:
    The blue sky was changed by strong ice storm which tried to damage Oswald's
ship. Oswald struggled but the victory was on the side of nature and ship
crashed on the Western Pass flying near strange ice castle. Osward and
adventurers are unconscious after crashing and some cheeky beetle tries to
wound unconscious Alice but Drake first who awaken and the beetle is dead with
his sword. After some time other party members and Oswald have awoken. Oswald
suggests to repair this ship but he needs some neccessary ingredients. Leon
takes ingredient's  instruction from the table and studies it. The first
ingredient thrym extract is already in the ship.  There are some scrolls which
Leon memorizes . Oswald offers to make a full plate from bring beetle shell
from dead beetle. After previous adventures many has changed for adventures.
They became more experienced and skilled. Drake became a real fighter and a
specialist in large swords. He also has some alternative weapons such as flail,
great sword which are used in some special situations. Dexy learnt how to use
arterial strike to cause breeding wounds to enemies. She also knows how to
evade the spells and traps more effectively. Alice received a lot of new spells
and now can heal a party member quickly . Leon became a real true mage and is
very dangerous for his enemies.  After some rest full plate is ready and Drake
equips it. The party decides to explore the area and find who is responsible
for ship's crash.
    Near ship some other beetles attack the party but the power is on the side
of party. Beetle's nest is to the north from the ship and must be destroyed.
After nest's destruction Dexy finds some useful items in the nest. Leon takes
the second ingredient a wooden plank near the ship and some boring beetle
shells as a third ingredient. Now the party go east where some giants attack
the team. Giants are strong and big but   stupid so the party strikes them to
death. North from giants Dexy detects deadly wounded captain Yurst who has
bleeding wound and can die quickly. Drake and Alice cannot heal him and obey to
do something with this wound. After speaking with Yurst some Tundra Yeti try to
attack our party but Dexy is aware and soon this Yeti are dead. In their camp
Drake has found some Periapt of Wound Closure which will be helpful for Yurst.
After bringing this periapt to Yurst captain tells the adventurers that he was
the commander of Luskan forces in this area but
some ice women and their leader half-dragon woman killed all of his soldiers.
Then the captain Yurst dies and nothing can help him. The party moves to the
north-west were some traders are staying. Drake senses the evilness of their
leader Beodaewn and detects that he is a werewolf. Leon recommends not to kill
this traders at night because they are more weak at daylight and can be
destroyed easily. While the party rests until daylight Leon buys some evil
spells from Beodaewn and returns to the party. The party is ready for battle
and Beodaewn and his followers are dead. Some good things from their camp are
the reward. Soon the party meets some women to the east and a talking panther
Odea Winterthaw. Drake speaks to panther but the panther don't allow the party
to cross this way. Then Drake wants panther to speak with their leader Illium.
Panther agreed but after some discussion with Illium the half-dragon woman
appears and kills the panther. The party goes near the bridge to the snow
stairs. Illium has beladonna and Dexy pickpockets her. Now the pass to the next
area is opened and the party goes to the Andora north-east.
    It seems that party actions became noticed by half-dragon woman Sherincal.
She wants be dead the adveturers. The master of locks tells that our party must
meet druid Nathaniel in ice castle and the party is attacked by enemies. The
team succeeds in battle. Dexy tries to open the nearest door but the door is
sealed with ice and the party needs some special sign in order to open this
doors. Leon finds some note on the ground about someone Zack who is somewhere
in this area. Near the prison cells there is a monster Remorhaz but soon he is
dead. The crystal golem from north-east attacks the party. Drake tries to
attack the golem with his sword but the sword is ineffective against golem.
Leon uses some spells but golem is immune to magic. Alice hits golem with her
mace and golem takes some damage. So the party switches to bludgeoning weapon
and kills golem. In future the party will know that this golems are weak to
bludgeoning weapons. Some priestless near 3 levers attack the party with their
spells but soon they are dead. Dexy pushes 3 levers and the ice wall near
Neverwinter frozen soldiers is destroyed. The party returns to that place and
finds some rock pile and Aurilite Holy Symbol. It seems that this symbol is the
key for the doors. Dexy unlocks all prison cells and finds some nonhostile
spiders in one of the cells. In central area there is a queen Remorhaz. This
monster is very tough but after some Leon's fireballs the queen is dead. The
wall near queen is destroyed and Lord Rengar speaks to Drake. Drake challenges
Regnar to fight and the hard battle begins. Regnar is very tough and smart
enemy but this haven't helped him to survive. After some little rest Drake
attacks some necromancers. One of the necromancers tries to summon undead but
Dexy's bleeding wound disrupts this spell. There is also crystal golem who
opens one of the doors and attacks the party but the experience in killing
previous crystal golem gave the opportunity to kill this golem with bludgeoning
weapon. After moving to the south the party detects another Remorhaz. The
monster is killed and Zack is free. It seems that Zack was swallowed by this
monster and is grateful but worried about his pet spider. The spider was freed
from the cell in the prison and Zack can trade with adventurers. Leon buys two
diamonds and some nonmagic weapon as a last ingredients for ship repair. All
ingredients are now in party possess but there is one thing: to investigate the
situation in this region and find Neverwinter and Luskan forces. Half-dragon
Sherincal meets the party near ice castle on the north-east area. It seems that
this dragon woman is the leader in this region of some forces which are called
Legion of Chimera. So the fight has begun and Sherincal is dead. The way to the
ice castle is clear and the party enters the castle.
   The castle is full of some Iron Golems, Aurile priests and animals.
 The note from dead body near entrance contains some information. To the
south-west are prison cells and Kuldahar druid Nathaniel is in one of the
cells. He tells that this castle is ruled by three priestless: Lysara, Cathin
and Oria. They worship the evil good Auril. Nathaniel also lost some equipment
and he think that it can be found in one of the castle treasurers. The prison
is under antimagic shield and Nathaniel don't know how to disable this shield
but he heard some guard words: "turn east then west to disable". Dexy unlocks
the door to Nathaniel and frees other prisoners. Nathaniel is grateful. In the
next north-west room there is a high priestless Lysara. Drake tries to persuade
Lysara not to fight but Lysara attacks adventurers. After battle the enemies
are dead and Leon takes Lysara's key. The next room has some strange device.
After some exploration Leon understands the work of this device: The device
operates the castle mechanisms on the  upper level. The device faces north-west
and can be rotated from left side on one direction and from right side on
opposite direction. Leon remembered Nathaniel's words "turn east then west to
disable" and he turns the device to the east from the left side then to the
west from right side. Nothing happens. Then Leon turns east from the right side
and west from the left side. The antimagic shield is disabled. The north door
has inscription "L:North R:North". The solution is simple and Leon turns North
from left side and north full 360 degree circle from right side. The doors are
opened and some Abishai demons attack the party. After killing them Drake
speaks to their leader Xhaan. Xhaan has no mood to fight the adventurers and
only wants to leave this place but some strange voice in this castle doesn't
allow him to leave this place. Drake obeys to do what he can do and returns to
party. After some battles the party enters the hall with high priestless
Cathin. She is not so loyal as Lysana and attacks immediatly. Soon Cathin is
dead and Leon takes another key from her body but the prisoners and Nathaniel
are free and this keys are useless. After some exploration the party can't find
the entrance to the lower castle levels but only hidden entrance to the surface
near Xhaan. Leon suggests that device can unlock some hidden door and the party
returns to device. After using a lot of combinations Leon finds that the
combination "south-west from left side and north-west from right side" unlocks
some hidden door to the east. This door is located near Auril's statue in the
hall where was Cathin and her minions. The party enters the library and Leon
writes some new spells to his spellbook. A lot of trolls are near entrance to
the lower castle level. Leon cast fireball and the trolls attack the party but
soon they are dead. The party enters castle lower level.
   Near the entrance there is a mirror which can be rotated to the east or to
the west. Some doors in this area are locked and can be opened only with
Lighting Bolt spell. The mirrors can reflect lighting bolt. Dexy reports about
some strange prism device to the south in the central hall. Leon investigates
it and tells that this device can fire with lighting bolt. There are two levers
in this room: one lever operates prism's direction (north,north-east, east ,
etc) and the other lever activates the lighting bolt from the device. In the
nearest room there is a man called Nickademus but he sleeps. Dexy tries to see
the contest of the bookshelf near the bed but Nickademus is awoken. It seems
that he is the creator of the castle and has some useful information. He
recommends the party to see the Kuldahar picture upstairs. After some rest the
party goes to the battle room with golem. Leon experiments with the levers in
this room and return to Nickademus to learn more about this room. It seems that
there are 13 levers in the room, the lower 3 south levers are the most
important, two of them can switch the room to one of the modes:
  1) Battle square . This mode is used for fighting the monsters for reward.
  2) Temple maintance. This mode is used to repair broken devices such as prism
  3) Inner sanctum. This mode is used by priestless Oria for meditation in
another ethernal dimension
  The upper 10 levers are used to switch the battle square rank from 1 to 10.
To activate each mode you need to push the last south lever.
  Battle square rules are simple:
    The party must choose one member who will fight in battle square. To
complete each rank the warrior must complete all levels in this rank. There are
five levels in each rank. To activate battle square mode just switch the room
to battle square mode (two south levers) then choose the battle rank (upper
levers ) and activate it (third south lever). There are nine squares in game
room. The battle ended when you occupy 3 squares which must be near each other
in vertical, horizontal or vertical combination. To achieve the first level the
warrior must end the battle with 3 occupied squares. To achieve the second
level the warrior must end the battle with four occupied squares and so on. To
achieve level 5 the warrior must end the battle with seven occupied squares.
    After party has learnt the rules from Nickademus Drake wants to take part
in battle. He switches to battle square mode and chooses rank 1 for battle.
Then he activates the mode and the battle has begun. After killing three
enemies Drake ended the battle and as a reward gets the key to priesless Oria
room. While the party rests Drake continues to play the game. After some time
he completes rank 1 and takes nice reflex saving throws belt as the reward.
Then he enters rank 2 and completes it too. The reward is the potion which
increase permanently wisdom but decreases the dexterity. This potion is good
for Alice. Rank 3 reward is the very useful damage reduction Abishai hide armor
which is good for Dexy. But the party has no time and other ranks are not
completed. The south room are full of shadows but Drake and Alice turns them
and there is some hidden entrance through the wall in one of the coffins. The
next room are full of trapped adventurers. After Drake broke the mirror the
adventurers attack the party but the team killed them. The south treasurer is
locked and Dexy returns to prism device and rotates it to south and fires with
lighting bolt. Now the treasurer is opened and there is Nathaniel bag of
holdings in one of the crates. Now its time to visit Kuldahar painting. The
party goes upstairs from east stairs and speaks to painting. Leon says "Lysan"
and the party goes upstairs again. Now they are in some strange room with
locked door with shadow on the floor and hidden door from this room with
inscription "embrace the shadow". The hidden door is locked and cannot be
opened. Leon suggests to stay on the shadow on the floor. Dexy does it and
after taking some damage quits from shadow. Now the hidden door can be opened
but the door with shadow is locked. Leon returns to prism device and rotates
the mirror in the north corridor to the west, then he rotates the prism to
north and fires lighting bolt. The door to the shadow is opened. There is a
strange altar who speaks to Drake but Drake knows from Xhaan the true name of
this god Aeij-Kilenzr't and banishes this god. The god is angered and some
storm damages Drake. Drake tries to escape the room but the room is locked.
Dexy embraces the shadow again to open the hidden door and Leon fires lighting
bolt to open the door for Drake. Badly wounded Drake escapes the room and Alice
heals him. Now the evil god is banished and its time to visit high priestless
Oria. Her room is in north-east part and can be opened with the key from battle
square reward. After some confrontation Oria and her winter wolves attack the
party. The wolves are killed and Oria is damaged but she breaks some strange
staff and dissapears. Drake is surprised and don't know what happened. When the
party exits her room some strange ethernal ghost appears and attacks the party.
It seems that this is Oria. Drake use his weapon but the weapon is useless, the
magic is useless. Leon understands what happened and suggests to run to the
game room. The party runs to the game room and Oria chases the party. Leon
switches to "Inner Sanctum" mode and activates it. Now the priestless is
vulnerable and can be damages. Soon she is dead. Leon switches to normal mode
and activates it. Now the party returns to upper castle.
   Xhaan is greatful that the evil god is banished and leaves the castle. After
speaking with Nathaniel Drake returns him his equipment and gives him the
ingredients for Oswald ship. Nathaniel leaves the castle and tells the party
that they can meet him in Kuldahar. Now its time to meet reinforcements. The
party leaves the castle.
    The reinforcements from Luskan and Neverwinter have arrived. Captain
Mariner is the Neverwinter commander and captain Rahm is the Luskan commander.
After some discussion it is decided that Neverwinter forces will return to
Neverwinter for more reinforcements and Luskan forces will go to Targos. Drake
presents Ulbrec's letter and the replaced letter from spy Tanner. After some
time the magical properties of the replaced letter showed the true face of
captain Mariner and his soldiers. He was not a true captain Mariner but
doppleganger spy. False Mariner was surprised and the party killed the
doppleganger spies. After speaking with Rahm it is decided to go to the East
Path in order to reach Kuldahar and the Severed Hand. The Legion of Chimera
must be stopped. Rahm will meet the party on Ice lakes. So the party is ready
for next adventure.

 Chapter 3:
   After some long path the party enters the Wandering village. On the path the
party meets Thvara Baelm and her forces. After some speaking with Thvara Drake
the party knows that Thvara was sent by Aurilies and now returns to the ice
castle but the party already destroyed the Aurile forces in the castle and
Thvara is not happy to hear this. She orders to attack the party but soon their
forces are destroyed. The dire wolves from north smelled the blood and attacks
the party. After some tough battle the party is unable to continue the battle
and Leon uses his Chaos spell to stop wolves attack. This works and wolves are
more easy to destroy. Badly wounded party enters the village. Some hunters
offer first to speak with village elder. The strange dark elf merhcant Nym is
interested in party quest. He says that the East pass is under the control of
Legion of Chimera and it will be suicide to reach the Kuldahar from East path.
He recommends to find Black Raven monastery and reach the Kuldahar from
Underdark passage under the monastery. The monastery can be reached from River
Caves. The caves are near Black marsh which can be reached from Fell wood.
After speaking with Venla the Healer the party rests and Venla says about some
rare herb "frost rose " which grows on the Black Marsh and can be used for some
good potions. Drake speaks to Suoma the Elder. Suoma can't help the party and
recommends to speak to Venla about missing children. She also has some spells
which are useful for Leon. Hunter Tahvo has some warrior's equipment. Venla
tells that a lot of children are dissapeared from the village and may be our
party can help the villagers. So everything is clear and the party is ready to
investigate the Fell Wood for clues.
   While near entrance to the Fell wood some trolls attack the party. Some
spells and might kills the trolls. Some barbarian team asks some questions and
attacks the party. Barbarians are tough but very weak to mind-affecting spells.
So the path is clear only the lonely rent is not explored. The party enters the
tent and meets stupid Ogre Agog and witch Limha. Limha tries to trick the group
but Drake senses her evilness. She tries to persuade the party that all is okey
but small child little Hannu escapes from the pit in tent and tells that Limha
is responsible for children kidnapping and she transformed the children to
animals in order to save her beauty. The only way to release children is to
kill Limha. But Limha escapes the tent and Agog attacks the party. He is too
weak to struggle with Drake and soon he is dead. Drake and other party members
leave the tent but a lot of trolls and Limha awaits the party near tent. After
some tough battle Limha escapes and some salamanders attack the party. Limha
tries to cast Chaos spell on party but Leon's magic missile disrupts the
casting. Limha casts charm spell on Leon and Leon is charmed. Drake quickly
attacks Limha and Limha is dead. Leon attacks Drake but Drake escapes from Leon
until the charming effect dissapears. Now Limha is dead and the children are
free. Its time to return to the village.
    Venla and other villagers are grateful. Suoma recommends to speak with
hunter Tahvo. Tahvo tells the party about strong ghost who killed two hunters.
The ghost has the name Sordirsin the Tusked and he is south-east from the
village. Drake speaks to ghost. Ghost is angered on thieves who stole his horn
and his mind is confused. The party decides don't kill the ghost for now and
investigate what happened. Woman villager Pairi near village tells that some
strange men were there and they went to the Fell wood. Its time to visit Fell
    The old place with tent is familiar to the party but its time to move to
the Fell wood itself. There is a hunter's ghost who is the spirit of the wood.
The spirit warns the party to leave the wood. This wood is cursed and a lot of
undead Restless dead are in the wood. He also tells that the west path leads to
safety. The party goes north-west from spirit and meets some winter wolves. The
wolves are dead and the wolf's pents are the reward from the battle. Now the
party moves north and some trolls attack the party. After trolls death the
party goes west and leaves the wood. What the hell is going on? - says Drake.
It seems that the wood is the magic maze and it is very easy to lost in this
maze. Drake recommends to mark the place in the wood with some dropped useless
item on the ground. This will help to find known and unknown places. Now the
party enters the wood with the spirit and goes to the north-east part. There
are two skeletons and some traps. Skeletons are quickly turned by Alice and
Drake takes some healing potions from the hole in the tree stump. Drake drops
some arrows on the ground and the party goes north. The area is same but there
is no dropped arrows on the ground and the stump doesn't have the hole. Leon
tells that the party is now in some new area which is same as previous area. In
order not to be tricked Drake drops another arrows on the ground. Now the party
goes north and Drake notices the arrows which he droped in the first skeleton
area. It seems that the party returns back. The party goes north again and then
east. This new area is same as previous two area but is not marked by the
party. From this area the party goes east again and enters the new area with
the tree in the middle. The enemies are dead and the party meets Carynara the
dryad. Drake speaks to her and she warns the party to leave the wood from west
but Drake persuades her to give some instructions. Dryad tells that if the
party wants to reach the heart of the wood then "from pond go south-east,
north-east, north-west then from small creek go north-west, north-east and
south-east to the heart of the forest". But what pond the answer is unknown.
Now Drake marks this place as a place with dryad and the party goes north-east.
Some trolls attack the party and soon trolls are killed. Drake marks this place
with droped darts and the party goes south-east. The next area is more large
then previous areas and a lot of restless dead skeletons attack the party. Soon
they are turned and Dexy marks the place with arrows. Now the party decides to
go south-east but Alice notices some strange Will-o-wisp near north-east
entrance. It seems that this Will-o-wisp wants the party to show the right way.
So the party goes north-east. The next area is same as previous but is not
marked. The will-o-wisp shines near south-east entrance and the party goes
south-east area. The new area is same as previous two areas but there is no
will-o-wisp in this area. Alice senses that the party is near the clue and her
intuition tells her to go north-west. The party goes north-west and enters the
same area as previous three areas but this area is not marked. Will-o-wisp
appears near south-east entrance and dissapears. The party goes south-east and
enters NEW area with a circle of stones and a dead body near stones. At last
the drinking horn is found on the dead body and its time to visit the ghost in
village. From west entrance the party leaves the wood, rests in the tent and
returns to village.
   Drake returns the horn to ghost Sordirsin. Ghost now rests in peace and the
party searches his tomb for some useful items and returns to Tahvo. Elder Suoma
has the last mission for our party and recommends to speak with Kurttu. The
trader Nym leaves the village. Kurttu tells the story about her daughter's
husband Kyosti who dissapeared not long ago. His wife Carita and his friend
Leevi may know something. Drake speaks to Carita and Leevi but they know
nothing about this situation so its time to investigate situation in Fell wood.
   Spirit of the wood knows something but he will not talk about this situation
to the party until the party will solve the mystery of Restless dead in the
wood. In order to put the Restless dead to rest the party must find and put out
the ghost lights in the heart of the wood. The task is difficult and its time
to visit the place with the circle of stone where drinking horn was. Leon
remembered the path to this place: from spirit go north-east, then north, east,
east, from dryad go south-east, north-east, north-east, south-east, north-west,
south-east. Following this instructions the party enters the place with the
circle of stones and dead body. Now the new paths are opened from this place.
The party go south-east and enters the area with the pond in the middle. It
seems that this is the area what dryad told. Leon wrote this instructions:  "
from pond go south-east, north-east, north-west then from small creek go
north-west, north-east and south-east to the heart of forest". Following this
instructions the party enters the heart of the forest. Witch candles and death
candle attacks the party with electrical damage. The party was not so ready for
this battle and Leon tries to attack the candle with spell but they are immune
to magic. Drake hits the candle with sword but candle dissapears and teleports
in another place. Leon is useless and tries to avoid the battle. Alice offers
to concentrate on less tough enemies such as witch candles. After some hard
battle witch candles are now destroyed and its time to destroy death candle.
Drake as the most resistive to electrical damage attracts candle's attention
and soon this candle is destroyed. So the Restless dead curse is disappeared
and its time to report the success to spirit. The party leaves the heart of the
forest and Drake speaks to spirit. The spirit is pleased and he has some Fell
wood remains for the party. He tells that Kyosti is dead and his grave is near
Fell wood. The party leaves Fell wood and goes north-west from the tent. The
Kyosti's spirit is near the Grave. Alice speaks to him but he has no tongue and
cannot speak. Alice tells him that he is dead and he can speak without a
tongue. Kyosti tries to speak and his attempt is successfull. He tells that he
was murdered by his wife Carita and his friend Leevi. They are lovers and
Kyosti was useless. Leevi also cut him his tongue but the ghosts can speak
without a tongue so he mistakes. Its time for party to confront Carita and
   The adventurers return to village but there is no Carita and Leevi in the
village. Kurttu says that they escaped from the village. After speaking with
elder Suoma about the situation soon the sky covers with dark and two
half-dragon tween appears in the village. They are Isair and Madae the leaders
of the Legion of Chimera. They speak to Drake and other party and warn the
party that the Legion is very powerful and our party can't change anything. The
trader Nym informed them about the party plans. As a warning they turned some
villagers to zombies. Alice turns this zombies to rest and Venla is grateful.
Drake speaks to elder Suoma and gives her fell wood remains. Suoma tells that
the adventurers can now access the Cold Marsh from Fell woods. The adventurers
grate the villagers and return to Fell woods.
    On the place where was the spirit of the wood the strange Dark Treant
appears and goes south-east. The party follows him and enters the area with a
lot of Dark Treants. Leon cast fireball spell and Dark Treants are very greatly
damaged. So they don't like fire and Drake switches to his fire damage flail
and attacks. Alice casts fire storm and soon the Dark Treants are dead and the
Fell wood is free from their influence. The party goes north-east to Cold
    There are a lot of spiders and trolls in Cold marsh and the battle with
them is challenging. Soon the party meets barbarian's outpost. Their leader
barbarian Hadbruki attacks the party. There are a lot of barbarians and only
Leon's fireball and chaos spells and Alice's flame strike can make a battle not
so difficult. In the south-east area Dexy finds some frost rose which wants
Venla in the village. The north-east path is blocked up. Simply by moving this
stones Drake frees the pass but some crazy barbarians attack the party from
back. The battle is really tough but is won. Near exit from Cold marsh some
flying wyverns attack the party. Leon has some cold damage spells that are
deadly for wyverns. Now the party leaves the marsh and enters the River caves
     After some rest the party notices the big cave entrance. The big white
dragon and some wyrms attack the party. The wyrms don't like fire but the
dragon is very tough. Soon they are all dead and the party is now ready to go
to the cave. In the cave there is another white dragon and wyverns. Knowing the
previous experience the party defeats the enemies. Dexy find some useful items
in the cave. There is also a big pit in the cave and the party needs two ropes
in order to go down. Its to to visit the village again.
     Venla is very grateful for frost rose from marsh and gives some useful
potions. Tahvo has some ropes and Drake buys two hemp ropes from Tahvo. Now its
time to return to the river cave again.
     Drake and Dexy attach the ropes to pit and the party goes down to the pit.
Near entrance a lot of hook horrors attack the party but Alice's holy word
spell confuses them. Now they are the easy target for some offensive spells.
Leon's chaos spell also makes the chaos between them. Soon this monsters are
dead. Dexy scouts the area and detects the gates to the north-west. The gates
are locked and the party needs the key. Dexy also detects some small hole in
the wall in the centre near prison cells. The party enters the hole and a lot
of ice trolls attack the party. Fire damage makes the work against the trolls
and soon they are dead. The dead dwarf in the south-east area has the key to
the gates but party first decides to explore the area to the north-east. There
are some Hook horror guardians and they attack the party with other monsters.
Chaos spell confuses them and soon they are all dead. The north-east path is
blocked and the party needs some mining tools in order to clear the access. So
its time to unlock the gates to the north-west. It seems that this is dwarf's
fortress. Dwarf Duergar speaks to Drake. But there are a lot of slaves in this
fortress and Drake orders to free the slaves but Duergar refuses and the battle
begins. There are lot of dwarfs but Drake blocks the door and Leon with Alice
cast some offensive spells on dwarfs. Soon all dwarfs are dead in the hall and
the party enters dwarf's fortress. Their leader Barud Barzam tries to attack
the party with another forces but soon he is killed and Dexy takes some useful
items from dwarfs. After clearing other places from dwarfs Dexy finds the
mining tools in one of the crates in dwarf's storage. In the torture room near
prison cells Alice meets some spectre who attacks her. Alice turns him and now
spectre is calmed and can speak without an anger. Alice turns him in peace and
the party leaves the fortress.  Drake uses the mining tools to clear the way
and the party enters deeper caves.
   Some Umber Hulks attack the party but their attacks are not successful. Soon
the party meets some strange mage Harshom and his army. There are a lot of
enemies and Harshom talks to Drake. It seems that Harshom was sent by Host
tower of the Arcane brotherhood in Luskan. This brotherhood are powerful allies
for Legion of Himera. After Carita's and Leeve's escape from village Harshom
met them and knew the location of adventurers. So the battle begins. Harshom
orders his animals and army to attack but Leon casts fireball and Alice casts
Holy Word. All enemies are confused and its time for Alice to cast Fire Storm .
Fire storm kills a lot of enemies and Harshon is dead too. Only some animals
survived but Drake's sword kills them. The battle was too short as party not
expected. Dexy takes the key and opens the gates. The party goes to Black Raven
Monastery entrance.

  Chapter 4
    The way to the monastery was too long and so now its time to visit the
monks. The outside area near monastery seems safe because there is no enemies.
Dexy notices the trap on the bridge but failed to disarm it and only her good
reflexes allows her to survive. Alice heals Dexy and the party goes to the
wyrm's nest. Dexy searches the nest for wyrm's egg and ruby ring but the wyrm
mother is not pleased and attacks the party. Yeti hears the battle and a lot of
Yetis attack the party from the opposite bridge. The battle is not diffcult and
now its time to visit the monastery.
     The monastery looks beautiful inside. There are training room, library,
dinner hall, barracks and other private rooms. Salisam Hardash welcomes the
travelers and recommends to speak with monastery leader Aruma. Unfortunately
the Underdark passage is the private passage only for Black Raven monks so
Aruma refuses the party to use this passage. Drake tells Salisam that Aruma
refused to access the passage. Salisam tells some information about Aruma and
Dolon. It seems that after Dolon's arrival the things have changed in the
monastery and Aruma became corrupted. Leon offers to investigate the situation
more deeply. Dexy picklocks the door near entrance and she meets some thief Ven
in the treasury. Ven offers to loot the tomb for treasures and Dexy agrees to
his offer. He also gives the ring with NN initials. In the library Leon buys
some new spells for his spellbook. There are also some useful items in the
store. One of the books contains a lot of useful information which can bring
the party a lot of experience but this book is very expensive and the party
can't allow to buy this book. In the training room Svaltid trains the monks and
he has no time for dialog. Sersa stays in the barracks and the party can rest
here. The local healer Nonin lost his father's gold ruby ring and he is pleased
when Dexy gives him a ring with NN initials. As a reward the party gets some
healing potions. Nonin can also buy a lot of party items. Dexy picklocks the
next locked room. In one of the chests there is Dolon's letter. It seems that
Dolon is a Severed Hand spy and is instructed to corrupt the monastery. Its
time to visit Aruma and Dolon. After some confrontation and presentation the
clues they escape from the monastery and its time to visit Salisam. Salisam
tells that in order to become the monks of the Black Raven the party must
comlete The Eigths chambers. Morohem dowstairs will instruct for further
   The rules are simple: the party must choose the team member to challenge
each chamber. There are 8 chambers and the party member must enter the chamber
without weapon and equipment. The rest is allowed after comleting the chamber.
   The first chamber is called the chamber of stone. The challenger must show
some battle and endurance skills. The party chooses Drake for this chamber.
Drake enters the chamber and takes the long sword from the available equipment
in the chamber. There are five levers in the room. Drake pushes the first lever
and the enemy monk appears and attacks Drake. Drake kills him and pushes the
second lever and nothing happened but the first lever goes to its default
position. Drake to push another three levers and nothing happens. It seems that
the levers must be pushed in right combination. After some experiments Drake
finds the right lever combination: 1,5,3,2,4 but after pushing further levers
the battle becomes tougher. After comleting the chamber Drake rests and the
party prepares to next challenge.
    The second chamber is called the chamber of shadows. The party chooses
Alice as an undead expert. Alice enters the chamber and notices sixth portals:
three on the left (L) side and three on the right (R) side. Alice enters the
first portal on the left  (L:1) and the shadow appears and attacks Alice. After
killing the shadow monk Alice enters the first portal on the right side (R:1).
Nothing happens and Alice appears near another portal. It seems that the right
combination required. Wrong combination resets all combinations and the shadow
appears. After some exploration Alice finds that the right combination is R:1,
R:3, L:1, L:3 and completes the chamber.
     The next third chamber is called the chamber of sorcery. Leon is chosen
and he enters the chamber. There are eight magic symbols on the floor and two
monks attack Leon. Leon kills one monk but monk appears again. Leon kills
another monk and his body is on one of the magic symbols on the floor. It seems
that this monks must be killed on one of magic symbols and this two symbols for
two monks must be similar. The first monk was killed on the nearest central
symbol and Leon kills another monk on the nearest left symbol. The chamber is
     The next chamber is the chamber of clockwork. Dexy is chosen and enters
the chambers. This chamber is full of mechanisms which can damage greatly.
Three monks attack Dexy. She takes some short sword and attack the enemies.
After some damage one of the monks activates the bomb from himself. After some
time the bomb explodes as a fireball but Dexy evades the fireball. Another monk
after some damage tries to activate the bomb but Dexy is able to click the
button on the wall to disable the bomb. The last monk is destroyed as previous.
     The next chamber is the chamber of sand. Dexy is chosen again.
 Two monks are enemies and some strange buttons are on the walls. After
pressing each button the ray of energy fires from the wall and damages
everyone. It seems that the enemies must be killes with this rays. Dexy serves
as a decoy for them and soon the enemies are dead.
     The sixth chamber is the chamber of silk. The rules are simple: all
enemies must be destroyed. Leon enters the chamber and meets a lot of spiders.
Before battle Leon prepared a lot of fireballs and soon the enemies are dead.
     The seventh chamber is called chamber of battle. Drake is ready for
battle. There are two levers and a shining circle in the chamber. One monk
attacks Drake and Drake fall him down on the shining circle. The monk is
unconscious but nothing happens. Then Drake activate the south lever and the
north door is opened. Another monk attacks Drake. Previous monk is ready for
the battle and there are two monks and two circles in the next room. Now it is
easy to understand that this monks must be killed on this two circles and the
north lever must be activated after this happened.
     The last chamber is called chamber of imolation. Alice enters the chamber
and two tough enemies attack her. She summons undead creature and the enemies
are attracted by creature. Flame strikes make the battle harder but the undead
succeeds in the battle and the chamber is over.
    So the Eight Chambers are history and the party can go downstairs to the
Underdark passage. The passage seems safe and only the tomb is guarded by some
Iron golems. Ven, f***ing thief, loots the tomb and dissapears and the party is
framed up. Iron golems are awakened and attack the party. Drake tries to defend
but the Golems are too strong and can not be damaged. Drake orders to run while
he tries to delay golems. The party runs to the exit from the tomb but a lot of
dwarfs and their commander attack the party from the other side. There is no
time for long battle and only Leon's and Alice's ranged offensive spells are
helpful. Drake is near death and the whole party enters the next area.
    Wizard Malavon Despana greets the party near entrance and welcomes to his
camp. There are some other traders in the camp and the party can buy equipment
and rest here. Malavon tells that this area is also settled by some dwarven
merchants to the south-west and some mindslayers to the east. The pass to the
next area is guarded by driders. The only way to proceed to the next area is to
enter the driders caves and investigate the situation in the caves. Malavon
also tells the story about his clone who was the ally of demon Belhifet and
about his sister Ginafae who lost in the past but now she is somewhere in the
    Dwarves to the south-west have some useful equipment but they are no so
polite with the party. The mindslayers are not so communicative and only
Oinchack'olp wishes to find his lost blue stones in the caves. The drider Son
is suspicious about party actions but Dexy tells him that the party are only
the explores who are interested in new technologies. Son tells about some
drider's device Viciscamera which allows them to clone a lot of other driders
and the creator Imphraili in the caves is responsible for creating this device.
So its time to visit east caves.
    A lot of drider warriors, wizards and priests are in the caves. The battle
is long. Drake meets Ginafae Despana in the west part of the caves. He
convinces her to leave the caves and return to her brother Malavon. She agrees.
The creator Imphraili is in her central lab. Leon takes her journal and studies
it. It seems that the source of the driders is Viciscamera heart. He takes some
vials of spores from the lab and examines the alchemist's table. So the killing
incredient is prepared but first Leon creates some potions of strength from
wyrm's egg and decides to animate flesh golem. After creating  a necessary
ingredient and putting it into golem the golem is ready for animating. Some
electricity charge is needed in order to animate. Lighting bolt is casted on
golem and golem is ready for surving the party. Imphraili is not pleased but
soon she is dead. The north-east part is full of cocoons and Viciscamera heart
is at the end. The deadly ingredient is placed and the Viciscamera heart is
destroyed. Some enemies are not pleased but their death ends the conflict.
Before leaving the caves some big Mushrooms attack the party in the south area
and after killing them Alice discovers the blue crystal on the ground in their
lair.  This crystal increases wisdom and Alice decides to keep it equiped.
    Near cave entrance some enemies await the party and the peace is
impossible. Malavon is pleased about destroying Viciscamera and tells the party
that the entrance is open and the party must speak with mind-flayings in order
to enter the passage. A lot of mind-flayings are near north-east entrance and
their leader refuses to allow the party to proceed. He is stupid and the
arguments cannot persuade him. Its time to show them the power of might and
magic. The enemies are angered and attack the party. The battle is very tough
but a good mind-affecting spells defense and some magic is a good choice to
defeat them. The pass is clear.
    The next seems as a maze where all ways leads to the center. The forge in
the west area allows Drake to create axe. There are some electricity traps on
the walls but Dexy disarms them. A lot of mind-flayings attack the party. The
mind golem tries to weak party's wisdom but the party avoids the meetings with
him. The Elder Brains is in the centre and Drake attacks it. Other enemies from
all parts of the area try to defend the brains. Drake orders to run to the
forge and avoidto fight the enemies near Elder Brains because the brains can
dominate some party members. While in the forge a lot of enemies arrives and
Leon's fireball damages a lot of enemies. The battle is tough but soon brain
defenders are defeated. Its time to destroy the brain. After some Drake's hits
and Leon's spells the Elder Brain is destroyed. The enemies in the north-east
area are under morale failure and the exit from this area is opened.
    Oswald's ship awaits the party outside but some Legion of Chimera's enemies
with their leaders Mirabel and Majrash await too. Some earth elementals and
harpies attack the party. The battle is long and enemy reinforcements arrive
but soon all enemies are dead. Oswald and his niece meet the party on the ship.
Its time to visit Kuldahar and archdruid Iselore.

Chapter 5
  After arriving to Kuldahar the monster Hiepherus meets the party and his
undead minions attack the team. It seems that undead are in the Kuldahar and
its time to clear the pass from Kuldahar. The access to the tower is locked but
Dexy unlocks the door. Ranger Jermsy and druid Nathaniel are in the tower.
Nathaniel tells Jermsy about his rescue from ice castle but Jermsy is not so
polite and very suspecious about the party. After some talking with Jermsy and
Nathaniel the situation became clear: It seems that Kuldahar was attacked by
Yuan-Ti and some undead monsters. The leader of undead is Hiepherus and he is
somewhere near Kuldahar cemetary. For more information about Yuan-Ti Nathaniel
offers to speak with archdruid Iselore in another part of Kuldahar near great
tree and Heartstone Gem. He also tells you about Isair and Madae and their
mother priestless Egenia. The rumors said that twins killed their mother Egenia
and now her spirit appears in the house west of tower at night.
   The party leaves the tower and meets the spirit of mother Egenia in the west
house. Drake speaks to her. It seems that she wants to know what happened with
her children after her death. Drake promises to know more about this but now
its time to fight Hiepherus. The party goes north to the cemetary and enters
the cave. Hiepherus and his minions attack the battle. The battle is tough but
all enemies soon are dead.
   Nathaniel and Iselore are pleased and reward the party. Nathaniel also tells
about Gerbash who fights Yuan-Ti somewhere and has a tower key. Now its time to
enter another Kuldahar part to the east.
   A lot of Yuan-Ti are in the Kuldahar. The nearest house is Conlan's house.
He is a smith and has some very useful items. Conlan also worried about his son
Sheemish who fights some Yuan-Tis near Orrick's tower. He also tells the story
about Orrick's leaving from Kuldahar some years ago. His son Sheemish went to
the Orrick's tower to find some magic items which can be useful with battle
against Yuan-Ti. The party leaves Conlan's house and goes to the Orrick's
tower. Drake tells Sheemish that our party has arrived to Kuldahar to help with
fight. Sheemish has some good wizard scrolls which he found in the tower and
wants the party to tell his father Conlan that Sheemish is alright. Conlan
rewards the party and its time to visit Iselore. The archdruid is near the
Heartstone gem and protects the gem from Yuan-Ti. He is glad to see adventurers
and tells that Yuan-Ti come from the portal in the Kuldahar. The portal cannot
be closed from Kuldahar and the only way is try to enter portal and close it
from the other side. The other side area is a jungles where Yuan-Ti and their
guardian control the portal. Iselore tells the story about Isair and Madae. It
seems that they lived in Kuldahar with their mother and when their mother was
died the villagers thought that they killed their mother and twins killed a lot
of villagers and left the town. They were the mercenaries for Arcane
brotherhood in Luskan and soon they met their father demon Belhifet  in the
void and their demonic nature prevailed. Now they are in the Severed Hand and
want to retrieve Heartstone gem from Kuldahar. Iselore will tell the pass to
Severed Hand if the adventurers will close the portal. In one of the houses the
party meets Gerbash. This dwarf warrior is wounded and a healing potion heals
him. He also has the tower key which he wants to deliver to Jermsy in the
tower. Drake takes the key and returns to the tower to Jermsy. Drake also
speaks with mother Egenia's spirit and tells her Iselore's story about her
children. Now the spirit can rest in peace. Drake returns to entire party and
now its time to enter portal to the north.
     The jungle area seems unusual for the party. There are some Yuan-Tis. In
the central area there is strange idol and two religious steles. Dexy takes
this steles and loots the idol, but the idol is cursed and the party is
unconscious. After some time Drake meets some warriors and their leader Mezro
in the south-east area. Mezro and his warriors fight with Yuan-Ti and they are
their enemies. "Enemy of my enemy is my friend". There is also another
religious stele in the east area. There is an Yuan-Ti priestless and a lot of
initiates. Priestless tells to initiates about their Cult of Seth and what
every initiate must know. After ending conversation the party kills the
enemies. Leon managed to write the lecture and now the party knows the answers
on all cult questions. Drake takes four initiates robes and the party wears
with this robes. Now the adventures can infiltritate the snake cult temple
without a fight. There is another religious stele in the area near dead
initiates. In the south-west area there is an entrance to temple area and some
pillars with missing parts. Drake put all religious steles to holes but one
part is missing. The party enters the temple.
     Some Yuan-Ti archers try to ask the questions about snake cult but Leon
knows the answers and tells the right answers. There is a deadly wall trap but
Dexy disarms it. The lever in the central area east of entrance is trapped. But
Dexy succeeds to disarm it and Leon pulls the nearest east lever to release
undead from their prison. Undead attack some Yuan-Ti and Dexy enters the room
where undead were and takes the last religious stele. North part is a temple
sacrifice area. The high priestless Ojaiha serves the Seth. Drake talks to
Ojaiha and tries to convince her to leave her forces from Kuldahar but his
attempt is failed. So the battle has begun. This is tough battle but Ojaiha is
dead . Now its time to visit the treasure room north-east. The door is locked
and can be opened when all 10 bricks, exept the eleventh east brick, will be
pushed. After some time Leon while experimenting with bricks the door is now
opened and the party can loot a lot of useful items. Now its time to leave the
temple and summon dragon Guardian.
     Before placing the last religious stele to its place the party rests and
prepares to battle with guardian. Alice and Leon summon some monsters and cast
some defensive spells especially stone skin spell. Drake put the last part to
pillar hole and the action has begun. Dragon guardian is very strong and
resistant. Nobody see such monster (BEWARE!!!). Summoned monsters attack dragon
but dragon feels their hits as mosquito bites. Drake attacks the guardian but
his slashing damages a little but the dragon is very tough. Its time to change
the strategy. Drake escapes from battle to the party and Dexy goes to Drake's
place. Soon all summoned monsters are dead and dragon is attracted by Dexy.
Dexy escapes and dragon follows her. Leon casts chain lighting and disintegrate
spells. Dragon is more damaged. Leon continues to damage dragon with some
offensive evocation spells while Dexy escapes from dragon. But soon Leon is
under the panic and dragon attacks Leon. Alice removes fear from Leon. The
mirrored images save Leon from death and the entire party escapes back to
temple for respite. Dragon is badly wounded but is very tough. Its time to
prepare for second attempt with dragon guardian. Alice heals all party members.
Dexy is useless in the battle with dragon because her piercing damage is
nothing to dragon. Drake's slashing damage is less useful. The only hope is
Alice and Leon but they are out of many spells. So the strategy will be
following: Drake and Dexy are decoys for dragon and Alice watch the health of
Drake and Dexy and heals them with heal spell. Drake and Dexy avoid the fight
and must attract the attention in the short area. Leon summons mordenkainen's
sword and strikes the dragon from the distance. If the situation will become
very dangerous then he tries his tensor's transformation. So the party leaves
the temple to fight dragon again. The plan is successful and soon the dragon is
dead. After the battle the party became more resistive to acid. The portal soon
will be closed and its time to hurry back to portal to Kuldahar.
    In Kuldahar another threat appears. Isaer and Madae try to assault Kuldahar
with Cedra and her forces. Iselore refuses to surrender and give the heartstone
gem to twins. The enemies attack heartstone gem from all sides. The enemies
reinforcements are arriving. Soon all the enemies are dead and its time to
speak with Iselore. This battle is not so difficult as with guardian. Now the
party knows that the way to Severed Hand is from Dragon's eye. Its time to go
to the Dragon's eye and visit this ancient place.
    The path to the cave is trapped and a lot of frost salamanders attack the
party. Their leader high sorceress Izbelah casts some offensive spells. Drake
manages to damage Izbelah and soon she dissapears so until next time. The
entrance to the cave is cleared and its time to enter level 1 Dragon's eye
    The area is full of enemies such as Yuan-Ti, thiefs and some other
monsters. To the south-west there is a armory and some useful items. Near
armory some wyverns attack the party. After killing them Leon takes wyvern
stingers from their corpses. There is also the rope in the armory. Some guards
guard the bridge but they no longer be alive and Drake takes another rope from
the bridge. Dexy detects a very dangerous blades trap which cannot be disarmed.
The party decides to avoid this trap and explore another areas. In the
north-east part there is a prison and torture room. Dexy pulls the lever near
the iron maidens in the torture room. The door is opened but there are a lot of
enemies in the prison and the toughest enemy is a powerful mage who casts
improved invisibility and a lot of high level spells. Alice managed to dispel
his invisibility with invisibility purge spell and Drake quickly kills the
mage. The prisoners now can escape to armory and the last prisoner Nheero
Fhuthma is released. He tells the story about yourself and his companion Mandal
Graye who arrived to Dragon's eye in order to investigate some things about
human transformations but Nheero was imprisoned and he didn't know the fate of
his companion aasimar Mandal who is somewhere in Dragon's eye. Drake obeys to
investigate what happened and the party goes to the passage with blades trap.
There is a hall with Seth's statue and high commander Grishum defends this
place. The enemies are defeated but there is no the way to the lower level of
Dragon's eye. Leon notices some braziers and puts the fire agate gem in one of
the braziers. The brazier is flamed. There are another four braziers in this
area and the party puts another four fire agates to braziers. Soon the statue
moves and the pass to level 2 is opened.
    The second level is also dangerous. After some exploration Dexy marked some
important places: The egg chamber is north-west from exit, the exit to level 3
is south-east, the alchemist's lab is south-west and the remains of Mandal
Graye is north-east too more east. After some battle the party arrives to
Mandal Graye's corpse. There is a rope in his chest and some useful items. The
party also met druid Nathaniel to the west. There is something strange in
Nathaniel but he can heal the party and sell some items. The alchemist's lab is
full of useful items. There is also the journal of D'hey Jazerrion which
explains how to create wyvern poison and how to create potion which transforms
human to Histachii. Leon takes the journal and he also finds some ingredient
called mandrake root. May be this information will be useful later but now its
time to return to Nheero and tell him information.
    Nheero hears the tale about Mandal's death but he needs some ingredient
called modified mandrake root. With this ingredient the human can become
histachii temporary and only Mandal knows where is this ingredient but he is
dead. The solution will be to find Mandal's sword which belongs Mandal and
awake his spirit. Its time to visit level 3 Dragon's eye.
    Level 3 is more then previous levels. There are some Neo Orogs and elite
Yuan-Ti. While exploring north area Dexy is trapped into the room and the
entrance is blocked by the stone. Some strong undead attack Dexy but Drake
destroys the blocked stone and soon the party is victorious. One room is
trapped by toothing and there is an Iron Golem who guards the sword in the
centre of the room. Golem is tough but he don't like slashing damage. Dexy
disarms the toothing and takes the sword which belongs to Mandal. But before
returning the party decides to explore this area: there is a central hall with
snake statue and a lot of locked doors, the south-east door which cannot be
locked, south hall with broken passage, the entrance to the deeper levels is
south near the exit but cannot be unlocked. The other west room with some slims
contains some strange door with inscription. Dexy detects the trap near the
door and disarms it. The door is unlocked and the way is clear. There are two
library rooms with fountains in this section. The
last north room is unaccessible because of Seth's eye. Its time to return to
Mandal and return his sword.
    Mandal's spirit walks but after putting the sword to his chest the spirit
is freed and shows the location of modified mandrake room. This place is
located in level 2 but can only be accessed from level 1 exit near the place
where wyverns have attacked the party. This place is guarded by Ancient Wyvern.
He has modified mandrake root.
    Now all is done and its time to return to Nheero. He tells to use the
library to create Histachii brew and wyvern poison. The library now is not
empty and the alchemist D'hey is in his library. Leon puts the improved
mandrake root to the north alchemist table and D'hey goes to push the lever.
Soon the lever is pushed and Histachii brew is ready. Now its time to create
wyvern poison. Leon puts all four wyvern stingers from level 1 wyverns to south
alchemist table and then pushes the lever. Soon the four bottles of wyvern
poison are ready. Now its time to bring Histachii brew to Nheero.
    Nheero takes the brew and wants the party to meet him on the level 2 in the
egg chamber. The party goes to egg chamber and detects Nheero who is now
Histachii. After some rest Nheero takes his normal appearance and the party
takes sabotaged histachii brew. Its time to go to the level 3 and continue the
    Now the room with Seth's eye can be available. Drake uses sabotages
histachii brew and transforms to histachii. He goes to this room and kills
another two histachii then touches the candles. The way to the south hall is
free and the party first rests in order to remove the potion effects from
Drake. The south hall is full of efreeti and soon they are dead. Small girl
Thorasskus is saved from monsters and Drake speaks to her but soon he discovers
that Thorasskus is not a girl but a Yuan-Ti high priestless who tries to trick
the party. Thorasskus is angered and her snakes attack the party. Soon the
enemies are dead but Thorasskus escapes to the hole. Dexy notices the hole in
the hall and the party follows to the hole. This hole leads to the treasury and
there are some useful items especially the medallion of the lost. The
inscription of the medalion tells about some holy sword called Holy Avenger
which is the great weapon against evil creatures. This sword is buried
somewhere in the Kuldahar cemetary with the hero who used this sword. There is
also the rope in one of the crates and the fountain. After some exploration
Leon puts the bottle of wyvern poison to fountain. It seems that the fountains
are the key to the locked door to another area. The high priestless Thorasskus
is near the snake statue and soon she is dead. There are four fountains in this
area and after putting all bottle of wyvern poison to fountains the door which
is situated south-east of exit is now opened and the party is ready to go
downstairs to the lower level.
   This level is magma chamber. After killing demon Cornugon the party goes
west but the pass is blocked. East pass is free but the bridge to the south is
broken. After putting four ropes to bridge the bridge is repaired and the party
can go further. On the pass there is a Inquisitor Venomin who jumps to lava to
end his life. Something strange in this place. Archon near the boat can travel
to islands in the lava but for some money. Dexy tricks him that the party
already payed him and he travels to Lord Pyros domain for free. The domain is
destroyed and there is no livings in this area. The party travels to Jasper's
embassy. The only living in this area is salamander ambassador Jasper. Drake
speaks to him. It seems that this place was ruled by Lord Pyros and King
Lothar. But after Pyros's death the war between elementals and Yuan-Ti occurs
and now there is no living creatures in this area. Lord Pyros was killed by
Inquisitor Venomin and king Lothar ordered to battle with Yuan-Ti. Soon king
Lothar was killed and the chaos is now controlled by creature Zil-tyor. There
is also a closet with some good items. The areas such as guard post and
amphitheatre are empty. The exit from this area is in the Fields of Slaughter 
area but the exit is guarded by Zil-tyor and his minions. The battle is
inevitable and soon all enemies are dead and the exit is opened. Now its time
to quit this area.
   The next area is same as previous area. The bridge on the south is repaired
and Archon is near the boat. Drake and other party members can't understand
that. They exit this area but returned to the same area. It seems that the
solution is there. In the guard post there is a king Lothar but Jasper told
that king Lothar is dead. How can that heppened? When asking about going to
Lord Pyros domain Archon tells that Pyros has some important meeting. Its time
to speak with Jasper but Jasper behaves strange and tells that he knows nothing
about Pyros's death and the war against Yuan-Ti. In the amphitheatre there are
a lot of flame walkers who speak about some Yuan-Ti witch sorceress Izbelah who
is now dead. While travelling to Lord Pyros domains the party are witnesses of
the poisoning Lord Pyros. The killer is Venomin. Then in Jasper's embassy
Venomin tells the truth that he killed Pyros and now he wants to kill himself.
King Lothar is angered and destroys Jasper's embassy, then he calls to fight
with Yuan-Ti and their priestless Thorasskus. Something strange in this place
because the party hears this actions before and now this actions occur. Near
the bridge Venomin commits suicide. Leon tells that this place is cursed in
time and its time to get out of here from Fields of slaugher.
    The next area is same as previous. It seems like some kind of infinite
loop. In the Pyros domain lord Pyros is alive and he is not dead. He tells
about some entertainment action that will occur in the amphitheatre. Leon
thinks that after quiting this place the party travels one day earlier and can
see the events in this place. In the cage there is an Yuan-Ti sorceress who is
imprisoned. King Lothar is in his citadel. It seems that this sorceress was
imprisoned because she casts some dangerous spell in this area and now her fate
is unknown. Venomin is inquisitor and he tells lord Pyros that Izbeliah casted
some safe spell called modified temporal stasis spell in order to prevent the
convulsion of nature and she is innocent. Lord Pyros tells king Lothar that
everything is ok and there is no need to punish Izbelah and make the war
against Yuan-Ti. The party goes to amphitheatre and tells about play. So the
action has begun and soon the party is sleeping. While the action taking place
king Lothar goes to Izbelah's cage and kills her. After ending the party goes
to king Lothar's citadels and listens the converasation between Lothar and
Venomin. Lothar tells Venomin that Pyros wants to create fire world and Venomin
was the instrument in Pyros's hands and the Izbelah's spell will cause the
convulsion of nature. Venomin is nervous and it seems that he is ready to kill
Pyros. Now Drake travels to Pyros domain and gives the Pyros some antidote. So
its time to exit this place from fields of slaughter.
   The next is same as expected. The party travels to new place mephit lair.
Izbelah has casted the spell and there is a judge for her actions. She is
guilty and goes to the cages. Dexy unlocks the chest in the lair and takes some
useful items. It seems that while casting this spell she created a time loop.
Its time to get out of here.
   The next area is the same but the party sees that Izbelah is ready to caast
the spell on lava. Its time to hurry. Leon casts Haste on Dexy and Dexy runs
like a hell to the Archon's boat from west side. The trap is evaded and the
party travels to Jasper's embassy. Drake speaks to Izbelah to persuade don't
cast the spell but Izbelah disagrees. Drake orders to kill Izbelah as quick as
possible or the party will be trapped in the time loop forever. Alice and Leon
summon some creatures and Drake with Dexy attack Izbelah. Soon the witch is
dead, the curse is over and now its time to leave this place.
    The party suddenly teleports to ice castle. Wizard Nickademus summoned the
party in order to help him to get rid of demons from castle. The exit is
blocked and the party must kill all demons in the castle in order to leave the
castle. There is no way to leave this area and Drake agrees to Nickademus's
offer. Soon all enemies are dead and the task is complete. Now its time to
leave this place again to fields of slaughter.
   This area is an Orc's village area. The pass is blocked by another party of
enemies and their leader Saablic Tan. Drake speaks to him. It seems that
Saablic is a faithful servant of Madae and Isair and he is belongs to Legion of
Chimera. He tells the story about his past life when he was transformed to
Umber Hulk by evil wizard Malavon and how Madae and Isair released him. Now he
is a loayal and a faithful servant of Legion and the enemy. Saablic orders to
attack the party. The enemies are tough especially fallen bladesingers. Soon
all enemies defeated and the party enters the Orc's village. Dexy tells that
the party was sent by Saablic and orcs recommend to talk to their leader
Kratuuk. Kratuuk tells about elven lich near the village and wants to kill the
lich. The party agrees and Kratuuk gives the key to the gates. The party leaves
the village and meets some orcs reinforcements. Its time to kill the lich.
Elven cleric Saradon tries to purify this place with holy water but lich
M'darfein kills Saradon. So the action has begun. Lich is a strong enemy and
has some very powerful magic. He casts improved invisibility on self but Alice
casts invisibility purge  then Leon casts dispel magic and Drake quickly kills
lich. Alice takes the holy water from cleric's corpse and its time to report
success to Kratuuk. Kratuuk is not pleased because the party tricked him and
attacks the party. Soon all orcs are dead and Drake frees elves from their
prison. Its time to continue the adventure. In one of the tents near dead lich
Leon finds very useful scroll with Delayed blast Fireball spell and writes it
to spellbook. Alice puts the holy water into the pond near entrance and now the
fields of slaughter and waterfall are purified. The team enters the next area.
   Saablik Tan again tries to kill the party. the battle is more tougher but
soon Saablic tan and his party are dead. Leon takes the dagger which increases
intelligence from Saablic's corpse and equips it. There are also some
half-dragons but they are not so difficult to defeat. Its time to return to
Kuldahar and prepare for new adventure.
   In Kuldahar Drake speaks to Nathaniel about Dragon's eye but Nathaniel tells
that he was never been in Dragon's eye. It seems that the Nathaniel in dragon's
eye is faked but there is no time for investigation. Leon remembers about
meddallion of the lost and its time to visit cemetary. After some exploration
Drake detects the grave with inscription "Old Kholsa, traveler and farmer.
Perished in his bed at the age of hundred and seven". The holy avenger is risen
from the grave and some enemies awaken too. Drake takes holy avenger and equips
it. Alice and Leon casts some summonings. The battle is very tough but the
delayed blast fireball and flame strike spells are very useful in this
situation especially against sorceress and priest. Soon the lost followers are
sent to their death second times and Drake gains strength and vitality. After
some preparations the party is ready to visit Severed Hand fortress.

Chapter 6
  The entrance to the fortress is guarded but Dexy tells that the party are the
delegates from the east and the access to fortress is granted.
  On the first floor some enemies try to stop the adventurers but soon they are
dead. One strange thing has happened: after killing demon Glabrezu he appears
again on his place. Drake speaks to demon and knows that the demon is immortal
and can not be killed. So this situation must be investigated. There are a lot
of slaves on the first floor of the fortress. Jerre Stoh one of the slaves
tells that the demons are immortal but must some way to destroy them. Another
slave Ysha tells about the building plans that contain some error and must be
corrected. Drake agrees to help her and takes her plans. The woman Vashti
Zerran in the storage tells about the thief who stole the food. Xavier Torsend
is in his office and the party takes the diplomatic pass from Xavier. This pass
allows the party to access some restricted areas in Severed hand. Drake also
tells Xavier about slaves and soon Xavier leaves his place. Its time to
investigate the second floor.
  There is a private alchemical lab with lady Dracein and her pet. Dexy sneaks
to lab and loots some useful items here. Slave Roga Thulc wants the party to
convince Vylu to stop her pranks. She summoned some elementals and behaves
strangely. The local librarian Cedrin Zil allows the party to explore the
library. Among the books Leon finds Zaem's diary. In this diary explained some
notes of the mage Zaem and his studies. Leon speaks to Cedrin Zil and asks
about this diary. Cedrin tells that Zaem commited suicide some days ago but
after some talking it was unclear: why the attempt to speak with his soul
failed? It seems that someone was interested in killing his soul and this is
not a suicide. The Zaem's summoned creature can be a killer. Cedrin recommends
to talk with Zaem's apprentice Kav Lathram on the second floor and Zaem's girl
Jaebrilla on the fourth floor. Dexy talks to Vylu Prehv but it seems that she
is mad. Roga Thulc thinks that Vylu is ill and may be Ruinlord Eradru on the
forth floor can help. Drake shows the building plans to Kav Lathram and Kav
alter them. Then Drake speaks to Kav about Zaem's death. Kav tells that some
destroyed documents were discovered on dead Zaem. Kav was able to restore some
of them and it seems that this documents are forgeries and the real documents
are missed. Zaem may be killed because of his research. There is a demonic
construct who attacks the party but soon the demon is killed. Two mages speak
strangely and dissapear. In their room there is a Garuk's diary. Garuk is the
keeper of globe of essense in the central hall and can tell nothing. There is a
Vese Nejj who offers to explore the Wizard tower on the fourth floor in order
to join her order. Dexy discovers some strange items: Ring of Nourishment and
Virulent Agent in the Kav's room.
  Dexy returns to first floor and gaves Ysha altered plans. Now its time to
move upstairs to third floor.
  This floor is full of monsters, demons and legion of chimera's soldiers. The
north-east room has some strange pool. The throne room is guarded by two
immortal demons who are the twins bodyguards and Drake decides to avoid the
meeting with this demons. There are also some useful items on this floor:
bonding agent (west room), Iyachtu Xvim holy symbol and Ilmater holy symbol.
Its time to visit floor 4.
  From this floor the party can access four towers: War tower, Cleric tower,
Wizard tower and Officers tower. Alice goes to the kitchen and speaks with cook
Miram about stolen slaves food on the fisrt floor but Miram knows nothing.
Alice also finds some demon's blood in the kitchen. Dexy speaks to Jaebrilla
about Zaem's death. Jaebrilla says that Zaem was happy with her and there is no
reason for him to kill himself. She also tells about Zaem's work and it seems
that there are two persons who knew about Zaem's work: Saablic Tan and Kav. It
seems that Zaem was killed because of his work. Saablic Tan is already dead and
the one person who remains is Kav, but Cedrin Zil already spoke about about
Zaem's work so may be he stole the documents and killed Zaem. Thief Riki sells
some stuff and he offers to poison the guards in the barracks. The party needs
three ingredients to create strong poison: bonding agent, virulent agent and
demon's blood. The poison can be created in alchemist's lab on the second floor
and then must be places to the food in the kitchen. Drake speaks with
Hatemaster Drothan and shows him the Ganuk's diary. Drothan tells about some
priest of Ilmater who is imprisoned in the War tower. It seems that this priest
knows how to destroy the globe of essence. Drothan also tells that the access
to priests chambers in the Cleric tower can be accessed through the portal and
the each party member must possess Xvim holy symbol. Ruinedlord has some potion
of mental clarity which can restore the mind for Vylu. The other two are rooms
are barracks and demons training.
    On the second floor Alice restores the Vylu's mind with potion and she is
grateful. Roga is also grateful and tells some information about some areas in
the Severed hand. Leon tells Kav some information about Zaem and it seems that
the killer is Cedrin Zil. Cedrin Zil tells that there is no clues about his
guilty and after some talk he tells his hypothesis of murder. After speaking
with Vese about Zaem's murder she is convinced and Cedrin is executioned. Dexy
goes to the alchemical lab and creates the lethal virulent poison from demon's
blood, virulent agent and bonding agent.
    Drake goes to the first floor and speaks with Vashti about thief. Vashti
offers to catch the thief while he attempts to steal. After some time the thief
appears and steals some food. Drake follows him and confronts him. The thief is
the creature Zaem. This creature is the creature of killed mage Zaem. After
Zaem's death the creature became no longer feed and became to steal the food.
Drake gives him the ring of Nourishment which allows the creature no longer be
hungry. Vashti is pleased.
    Now its time to poison the guards. Dexy puts the poison to the food in the
kitchen on the fourth floor. The guards are poison and the party can search
some useful items in the barracks. Riki tells about some cleric who is
imprisoned in war tower but Drake already heard this.
    Its time to visit War tower.
    The first floor on the War tower is the prison. The guards are not glad to
see the party and they are all dead. The key to the priosn is on the table.
Dexy opens three prison cells. In one of the cells there is a lemure and some
monks. Drake speaks to lemure called Ormis Dohor and he tells that he is a monk
from Black Raven monastery and he was transformed to lemure by cleric Brutai
Mar. The only way to release him from lemure's form is to find the andidote in
the priest chambers in the Cleric tower. The other prisoners are Carl and Puddy
Talltale. Puddy is very frightened and he wants to leave this fortress back to
his homeland. Drake offers to find the safe way to get out of here. The last
prisoner is Toral Sorn. He is the priest od Ilmater. He tells the party that
the demons can be destroyed if the Blessed Ilmater sanctification ritual will
be completed. The place to perform this is Cleric tower in front of the statue
of Ilmater. The ingredients of this ritual are tome of Ilmater, Ilmater holy
symbol, bonds of suffering, tears of suffering. Just put this ingredients in
front of the statue and read the words from tome of Ilmater. After completing
this ritual the holy water will be available and the party can put this holy
water to the pool on the third floor. This will prevent Isair and Madae to use
the power from this pool. So the party has Ilmater holy symbol and its time to
search another ingredients. The second floor is the torture room and after
killing some enemies Alice takes the bonds of suffering. The third floor has
two locked doors that can't be opened without the proper key. Its time to leave
this tower.
    The next tower for visiting is Wizard tower. While trying to enter Wizard
tower some demons from demon training room attack the party. The battle is easy
and the entrance to Wizard tower is cleared. The first floor of the wizard
tower has five portals: upper portal, two middle and two lower portals. The
right combination is reauired in order to enter the second floor. After some
studying Leon understands that the key is the star and the portals must be
chosen in following way: upper portal, right lower, left middle, right middle,
left lower, upper portal. So the star is marked and the access to the second
floor is opened. There is a goblin Weenagoo who is the first goblin wizard and
he trains apprentices. There is also Orrick the Grey's spellbook. While
speaking with Weenagoo Drake knows that the master of this tower is great
wizard Orrick. The third floor is library. In the library there is Tome of
Ilmater and Orrick's book of Mythal. The fourth last floor is the observatory
with astrolabe. Orrick the Grey is there. Dexy take Larrel's bones which are
the remains of the elven leader Larrel who now rests in peace. Orrick tells
some stories about the Madae and Isair. It seems that Orrick arrived to Severed
Hand before twins arrival and now the twins became more powerful and Orrick can
lose his position. Drake tells about Puddy's problem and Orrick obeys to
teleport Puddy back to his homeland. Orrick also offers his help if the party
will join him and don't join Vese Nejj. The party agrees. Its time to visit
Cleric tower.
   But before entering the Cleric tower Alice goes to the fisrt floor and takes
the tears of suffering from Jerre Stoh. Now all ingredients are ready and its
time to begin the ritual. The fisrt level in the Cleric's tower is the hall
with statues. The most awful is the statue of Xvim the evil god. Drake puts the
ingredients in front of the Ilmater statue but the process of ritual is
interrupted because the statue of Xvim speaks to Drake. Xvim wants to make a
deal with the party: the party must kill 10 innocents and Xvim will recall his
demons in the final battle with Isair and Madae. Drake refuses and Xvim is
angered. A lot of demons appears near the party. The battle is very tough but
Alice and Leon summons a lot of alies and Leon uses his delayed blast
fireballs. During this battle Dexy and Drake were killed but then ressurected
by Alice. Now its time to continue the ritual. After completing the ritual the
statue of Xvim is destroyed and Drake the holy water of Corellon Larethian.
   On the second level of the cleric's tower there is a portal but this portal
can be accessed if all party members will possess Xvim holy symbols. Some
enemies on the level 2 and level 3 has this symbols. Now the party has four
Xvim symbols and its time to enter portal which leads to the priest chambers on
the level 4. The leader of clerics is Tyranar Brutai Mar and he has monk's
antidote. Its time to visit war tower again.
   Toran Sorn tells that holy water must be placed to the pool on the third
floor of fortress and the globe of essence must be destroyed. Drake tells Puddy
that Orrick will help him to return home. Dexy uses the antidote on Ormis Dohor
and Ormis is cured from lemure's form. He obeys to help the party in the final
battle with Isair and Madae.
   On the fourth floor thief Riki tells about some meeting on the top level of
officers tower. The party goes to the third floor and Alice puts the holy water
to the pool. Now Isair and Madae are less powerful. On the second floor the
globe of essence is well-guarded and the battle with the defenders is tough.
Soon Drake hits the globe and the globe is destroyed. Now the demons are mortal
and the party kills the demon on the first floor. The slaves are freed. The
throne room on the third floor is empty. Its time to visit officers tower.
    The first floor in the officers tower is the training room for warriors.
The second floor is the monks training hall. The third floor is empty and the
last floor is the meeting place. Captain Pudu meets half-dragon Vyxein. The
attempt to bluff them is failed and the battle has begun. Captain Pudu has the
key to the higher levels of the War tower and its time to return to War tower.
    In the torture room in the War tower there is a guard Stubnok with note
from captain Pudu. According to the note Stubnok was stupid. Before entering
the top level of the War tower the party rests and is well prepared. There are
a lot of enemies on the top level. The half-dragons from other side and the
Legion of Chimera soldiers from the other side. After killing the leader of
Half-Dragons Drake orders to escape and the party goes back downstairs. On the
level 3 the party meets the mage Buvai de'Naly. Buvai tells that the Madai and
Isair want to see the party and the party is teleported to the throne room on
the third floor of fortress.
     Isair and Madae have put aside time in their busy schedule and granted the
party an audience. The talk is short: Why the party have come there? The answer
is not so important because the final battle has begun. Madae casts BLASPHEMY
spell and the entire party exept Leon is paralized. But the monks and their
leader Ormis Dohor teleport to help the party to fight with enemies. Leon
detects the mage Buvai de'Naly east from  the door who summons a lot of enemies
and Leon disintegrates him. Drake and the other party members are no longer
paralized and they escapes to the west. Alice summons some allies and Leon help
her. Isair is invisible but Alice dispels this effect with invisibility purge.
Drake kills some enemies who attack monks. Soon all enemies exept twins are
dead and a group of monks with summoned creatures attack the twins. Drake uses
Maximize attack feat and attacks Isair. Isair tries to use mass dominate spell
but his spell is failed against the party but some monks and summons are
dominated. Alice dispels this effect and the monks and creatures are alright.
Madae's sword is powerful weapon because it can cause decease or paralysis but
Dexy attracts her attention and runs from her to the opposite part of the hall.
Isair tries to summon some monsters but Leon banishes them with his spells.
Soon Isair is hurt and the twins escape from battle to the pool. The party is
tired but the battle is not ended. Alice heals all and casts the protection
from evil spell and some other remaining spells. Isair and Madae are weakened
because the pool is useless for them but the enemy tough reinforcements has
arrived, especially the slayer knights of Xvim. Leon with his mirrored image
delays the enemies while the other party run to the throne hall where the party
summonings await. Alice casts Gate spell near the entrance while Leon runs to
the party. The enemies follow Leon. The powerful summoning Cornugon attack the
enemies. Now its time for Leon to use his powerful offensive spells such as
delayed blast fireball, chain lighting and horrid wilting. Disintegrate spell
is useless against twins. Drake tries to defeat slayer knights of xvim while
Dexy attracts Madae and Isair from Drake. Alice heals Drake with Heal spell.
Soon all enemies exept twins are dead and Drake attacks wounded Isair. Soon
Isair is near death and the twins are confused. The pain appears and the twins
suffer. Mage Orrick appears and tells that mythal is active and it has claimed
Isair and Madae as its own. Isair and Madae are defeated and its time to get
out of here. The party leaves the fortress to celebrate the victory!!!


Part 4: Conclusion
  So the story is ended and you can rest now. If you use FAQs to beat the game
then first concentrate on game information then on FAQ information. FAQ cannot
cover all game process.
   NOTES:  While playing the game I've met three enemies who used Improved
Invisibility spell (wizard in Dragon's eye level 1 prison, lich in the Fields
of Slaughter and Isair). This spell made them invincible if you didn't prepared
Invisibility purge or See invisibility spell. Dispel magic spell can also
cancel invisibility but only if enemy failed Will save (Isair has very high
Will saving throw). This is very great game disadvantage. Turn undead ability
is also useless because high undead creatures are too strong for experienced
cleric too and there were few undead in the game. Piercing weapon is also
useless against a lot of tough enemies at the latest chapters. The battle with
guardian dragon in Yuan-Ti jungles is the real challenge and may be the most
difficult battle in the game. You also will reload the game in order to beat
Isair and Madae in final battle because this battle is the second most
difficult battle in the game, especially for non-evil characters. Increase your
AC is very difficult and high level enemies will hit you if you have high AC. I
managed to increase rogue's AC to 31 but this helped a little.
  Credit to Black Isle for Icewind Dale 2 game but I prefer Neverwinter Nights
game more than Icewind Dale 2 because of great 3D graphics in Neverwinter
Nights. The graphics in IWD2 is beautiful 2D and only game process, sounds and
music are excellent. The main reason to play this game for me was game process
and the memory of previous Icewind Dale game.
  This document will not be updated in future.
 Permitted sites:
  some other sites with my permission


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