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 The Immortal

The Immortal

Step-by-Step Solve
- Notes about directions -
  The view of the game is psuedo-3d, its difficult to give exact directions.
  Basically its like this:
             /       up           /
            /                    /
           / left         right /
          /                    /
Level 1
===== =
Well, this IS in the documentation!  :)
a) Kill the goblin who's around the dead guy.  Search the dead guy, grab what
   he has.
b) press BUTTON 2 and select FIREBALL.  Hug the bottom wall and fireball
   the guy beating up on the "piratish" person.  Go to the pirate-man (known
   as Ulindor from here on) and get the key from him.  Open the chest, grab
   whats in it.
c) go to the door at the far TOP-RIGHT of the room and enter it.
d) a goblin is guarding a pile of gold at the top of the room.  Fireball him.
   Muhahaha!  Search the guy and grab the stuff he holds.  Also get the gold
   near him.
e) enter the door that is opposite the door you came thru.  Its the booby-trap
   room with the flying spears.
f) walk this way:
        / /|\==<======<==<==/ /
       /   |               / /
      /      ____>___>____/ /
  so you hug the bottom wall, and then hug the right wall.  Finally hug the
  top wall, and you'll spring a trap at the very left-edge of the top wall.
  Now run like hell towards the door around the corner, and get your butt
g) go left and then down, ie - stick around the LEFT hemisphere of the room
   with the patch of dirt.  The right side has a trap door.
h) now you're in a dark room with 1 fireball to spare.  Hug the top wall until
   you can see a unlit torch and you're aligned with it.  Now FIRE, and
   the fireball will touch the unlit torch and light up the room!  You will
   see the shadows of the shades.  Avoid them, they're tuff.  Hug the
   top wall, then the left, and get the stuff thats in the corner.  Now work
   your way to the door, BE CAREFUL!!!  There are traps in the room.  You
   should sorta wind around the middle of the room until you're in the same
   vertical tile as the door and then head down.  You can see where the traps
   are by pressing button 2 and looking at the map (red dots = traps).
i) Take a nap, then go by the ray of light.  Stand in front of it and
   press button 2.  Select the AMULET, hold it up, but DO NOT READ THE RUNES!
j) boogey down the trapdoor...write down the level code!
Level 2
===== =
a) Head towards the top door, you can grab the gem on the way but you can
   do it next step also.  Avoid the slime!
b) Talk to the potion-dealer.  You don't have enough money to buy oil!  Eek.
   Talk to him one more time.  He'll reduce the price.  Buy the oil, apply it
   to your boots, and jam back thru the door you just came thru.  Get the
   gem and go to the bones.  Get the sword, but don't search any furthur (more
c) return the the potion-dealer and keep walking up.  Some green-wisps will
   appear.  Press button 2 and select CHARM.  Now the wisps are your friends!
d) get the stone, and go to the door at the RIGHT (not top).  Enter it, but
   don't press forward too much.   Some of the wisps should follow you in.
   If not, go back thru the door, let the wisps gather around you, and then
   walk back thru the door.
e) there are 2 goblins guarding the door.  With a couple of wisps still around
   you, press button 2 and select CHARM one more time.  Now the wisps go on
   the offensive and beat up the 2 goblins.  let them do your work!
f) search the dead goblins, get the dust.
g) enter the door.  BE VERY VERY CAREFUL!  This is the first tricky part of
   the game.  You need to slowly walk towards the dirt (hug the bottom wall),
   plant the spores, and RUN LIKE HELL TOWARDS THE DOOR!  You must not fight
   the goblins, you will die if you do.  You need to plant the spores, and get
   out.  It takes a bit of practice, but its not impossible.
h) wait a few seconds outside the door, and then enter back in.  The goblins
   will be dead/dying.  Go towards the king, and talk to him.  Give him the
   water you are carrying (answer YES).  He will tell you the order of the
i) Go all the way back to the room where the 2 slime-thingies are running
   around.  Now go towards the bones but enter the door by it.  Take a nap.
j) go to the dwarf and use the dust.  Get the gem from him.
k) Go to the door at the bottom by the straw, and walk in.  More slime!  Go
   towards the door, but before walking thru it drop your stone into a slime
   thingie.  It will turn the stone into a gem!  Get the gem and walk thru
   the door.
l) You are faced with three pentagrams.  You need to place the 3 gems you have
   in a special order.  In the FIRST pentagram (first=leftmost), place a gem
   in the RIGHT hole.  In the 2nd pentagram place a gem in the LEFT hole.
   In the 3d pentagram place a gem in the center hole.  A trapdoor will open,
   haul your weary bones down it.
Level 3
===== =
Ohh, big hole!  The entrance to the next level is at the other side of the
hole.  Hmmm...
a) Walk down the 2nd chute.  You will see a goblin and troll fighting and
   a treasure chest.  Walk to the chest (avoid the fireholes) and get
   the stuff inside.  press button 2 and select fireball.
b) walk behind the TROLL (brown guy, not green) and fireball him.  EWW!
   Pretty dirty trick, shooting a troll in the back.  Oh well.  Search him
   and get his knife.
c) walk back up the stairs and enter the other set of stairs.  You will see
   2 goblins fighting. HUH?!?  I thought they were practicing at first, until
   I saw blood.  Fireball the one at the top.  He will turn into a troll and
   die!  Wow.  Search him, and grab his protean ring.  Don't bother getting
   the slime-bottle.
d) walk down the set of stairs and put on the protean ring.  Go towards the
   goblin guarding the chest.  DO NOT COME TOO CLOSE TO HIM!  He can tell
   you're a faker if you come too close to him.  Open the chest, get the
   stuff inside, and skidaddle up the stairs.  Go up the second set of stairs,
   and then back down the other set (so you're in the room with the opened
   chest and dead-troll-from-who-you-took-knife).  Enter the door.
e) wow!  The goblin king!  Heeee's aliiiive... let him ramble on, and go
   thru the door.  Wow!  A room of upcoming spikes.  There is a pattern to
   the spikes, watch the spikes rise up and down and you will learn the zen
   of the room.  You need to get the gem also!  Basically the pattern is:
                   /==========           /
                  / =         \   /\    /
                 /  %        /  /   !  /
                /          /  /       /
               /          /_/        /
              /__________o _________/
You start out at "!", walk downwards (note the slime up-curve), get the gem,
walk back up, watch the place to sneak past thru, and then hug the top wall.
f) You'll see a troll guarding a door.  Throw the knife, and the trolls will
   fight each other.  Wow!  Walk thru the 1st door, and you'll see two hefty
   trolls.  Wait until they come close and duck back thru the door.  Go to
   the other door now and walk thru it.  Run like hell towards the potion.
   You need to make sure the trolls are far enough from you, otherwise you
   won't make it.  Get the potion, "quaff" it (neat word), and then beat up
   the trolls.
g) walk thru the top door and beat up the 3d troll.  Take a nap.
h) Circle around the eternal flame, and come close to it from the TOP.  Ie:
      | |
     /| |<---
  You need to be standing right next to the flame and inside the circle.  Its
  a bit difficult, precision is a must!
i) Now wait until the flame is purple, and click button 2.  Click on the
   GEM.  You should disappear... and reappear soon.
j) Walk down the stairs, write down the code.
Level 4
===== =
a) duck the troll's hits.  Let ulindor kill him with a knife.
b) Go to ulindor, get the carpet, and walk thru the door...
c) Congrats!  You're in one of the hardest areas of the game.  You need to
   navigate on the carpet, avoid the firepits (if you hover over one you are
   TOAST!) and avoid the machine-gun fireballs.  You also need to get a scrap
   of garment with a ring in it; its at the far left of the first room (ie,
   don't go thru the door right away!).  After you get the cloth, go thru
   the top door.
d) YAH!  Yet another Room of firepits!  Just navigate slightly upwards
   and down between the last and 2nd-to-last firepits.  Head towards the
   door (be careful of huggin the bottom wall, there are firepits there!).
e) walk thru the door, get some shut-eye.
f) walk down.  Run towards the stairs!  You will probably be attacked by at
   least 1 troll.  Try to survive...its hard.  The cheat helps.
h) Go towards the girl.  Give her her ring (answer YES).
i) Walk down the stairs.  Place the ring Ana gave you in the center hole, and
   walk around the entire pentacle THREE times.  A stairs will appear, walk
   down.  Thats it!
Level 5
===== =
a)  Get the egg, follow the goblin, talk to the chief, go thru the bottom
    door, buy the potion, walk towards the crack-in-the-wall in the room
    with the map/goblins, and quaff the potion.
b) there are 2 ways to do this; you can stay in the 1st room and wait 15
   seconds and run into the top room and head towards the chest.  Or you
   can enter the room right away and try to avoid being stepped on for
   15 seconds.  I've found the potion lasts exactly 17 seconds...
c) Open the chest, grab everything.  Write down the directions the worm
   sensor gives.  Drink the water-potion.  Use the fireball-spellbook.
   Try to fireball the trolls while heading towards the top door, you may
   have to fight one.
d) Fireball the two lizards in the room, search one and grab the key.
e) enter the room with the stairs down.  Turn on the worm sensor.  Follow
   the directions you wrote down (LDRDLDRURD).  Listen to the worm sensor.
   THIS IS VERY DIFFICULT, the only way to complete it is to practice.
   Sorry, but no easy way to give directions...
f) Train the egg by placing worm-bait down in the pentacle.  The stairs
   will open up.  Thats it!
Level 6
===== =
a) go thru the 2nd hole, when the spider-legs are in the 1st.  You need to
   time this well, just so that the spider-legs aren't in the 2nd hole when
   you enter!
b) "Fake" the giant spider out, go psuedo-close to her but run back when she
   raises herself to web.  As soon as she finishes her webbing, run towards
   her and attack!  Beat her up, shouldn't be a problem.
c) walk down the stairs, get the alcohol, avoid the eggs and don't open the
d) A semi-difficult area, the spiders will swarm you after a few seconds.  You
   need to head forward and then spill the wine (keep moving forward).  The
   spiders will swarm the wine and leave you alone for a few seconds.  Reach
   the stairs and climb down.
  (may take a bit of practice to time things...)
Level 7
===== =
  Almost there!
a) Run towards the man being tortured (eeww) and talk to him.  Give Dunric
   his ring, get the spells.  You can avoid fighting the troll if you wish,
   he carries nothing (run towards the stairs).
b) fight ulindor.  Kill him.  sleep.  Walk down the stairs.
c) You must practice barrel-riding now.  You must become proficient at it so
   you can ride from the nordlac to the whirlpool in the least amount of time.
   Its possible, just difficult.  Practice,practice!  You need a good
   headstart on the nordlac, this can be achieved by floating backwards
   (slowly) near the nordlac, when he starts chasing you you don't have to
   turn around and have a large advantage.  Don't loose the advantage!
d) head towards the whirlpool with the nordlac following you.  Just run into
   the whirlpool, don't worry about where the nordlac is.
Thats it for level 7.
End Game
=== ====
a) Open the chest, get the stuff, walk down the stairs.
b) Walk towards the center of the room.  Oh no!  A pit!
c) Fall down the pit.  Get ready for the battle of your life...
                          -  FIGHTING THE DRAGON -
There is a specific pattern to the end-sequence.  You must activate the
blink spell, and then use it _6_ times.  Each blink must be timed EXACTLY,
as soon as the dragon breathes blink.
The dragon will pause for a second now, it will appear to do a fake breath.
Don't be faked out!  The second before he exhales, click on button 2 and
The dragon now begins to wheeze.  Click button 2 and select the amulet.
Hold it up but don't read it.
Wait a few seconds, SUPRISE!  Its mordamir.  Get ready for a even more
intense battle.  As soon as he finishes talking mean to you, click on button
two and ready BODY STATUE.  He will have a blue-lightning effect come out
of his hand and go upwards off the screen.  The second the entire lightning
bolt is off the screen, wait a fraction of a second and click the button (to
activate body statue).
This needs to be timed exactly, like the blink.  He will attack you with
this blue-lightning 3 times, time them carefully.
THE SECOND after you body-statue the 3d lightning-bolt, click on SONIC.
Mordamir will issue a sonic-boom, the sonic spell will protect you.  He will
also issue another blue-lightning (twice) while the sonic boom is going on,
be prepared to press fire to activate the body-statue.
Finally, he will call upon a grim-reaper to attack you. Body statue before
the wraith attacks.
Mordamir goes back to talking, get your hand ready on button number 2.  As
soon as you're back to the graphics screen, press button 2 and activate
magnetic hands.
Thats it!  Ya tricked the old geezer.  Congratulations, you have solved
THE IMMORTAL GS by Will Harvey.
                               Immortal Codes
 --2-->        CDDFF10006F70
 --3-->        CC5EE21000E10
 --4-->        B5FFF31001EB0
 --5-->        D630F43000EB0
 --6-->        1BBEB53010A41
 --7-->        C250F63010AC1
 --8-->        E011F730178C1
These are "top notch" codes, except for level 6 I believe, which has a bit
less than maximum energy.
There is also a cheat which I wrote on America Online to help ya out if you're
stuck.  It gives you unlimited energy (doesn't help with traps however).


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