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 Inca 2 - Wiracocha

Inca 2 - Wiracocha

                          Walkthrough by Nikolay Kaleyski
                                 Version 1.0
1.Contents - this section
2.Introduction - start reading here
3.Hints - a collection of useful hints
4.Walkthrough - complete instructions on how to finish the game
5.Statements  - to use this document, please read this
6.Help needed - see if you can help me and get your name in the credits
7.Credits - speaks for itself
8.Final word - a few final lines
9.Contacts - Questions? Comments? Contact me here

In the introduction to my Inca walkthrough I said that the game wasn't very
popular, even if it was great. The same applies here. The new game features
much more great elements than the old one. There are many more puzzles, as
well as new kinds of them, better graphics, good music, new weapons for your
faithful Tumi and an exotic set of new characters and nothing else. Good enough
for me. I strongly reccomend that you play the original Inca, as well as this
new masterpiece.

The classic adventure puzzles aren't hard. Set up a few goals and complete them
in a certain order. That's all the advice I can give. As for the new puzzles,
such as marking a map or setting up a device, they are even easier, but very
nice and entertaining.

Space Combat
Good old space combat, with even better new weapons. If you see a large group
of enemies heading toward you, you should throw a bomb or two. The missile is
useful when your target is far away and has no intention of coming back soon.
Standard cannons are also useful at long distances if the target doesn't move
too much and you can aim well. Finaly, torpedos are most useful against the
platforms since they can penetrate the shields and, believe me, they are quite
strong(the torpedos). An advantage for the weak players here is that you can
try again as many times as you want.

Note : this is not for the CD version

You first play as Atahualpa, the son of El Dorado who must pass a trial to be
able to prove himself worthy to be the prince. You can choose to either pass
a puzzle sequence or do some shooting with the Tumi. I suggest that you take
the second trial, so you can test your new arsenal. 

Gateway of the force
There you'll need to do an attack run and destroy all of the statues. It's easy
and you'll only need your standard cannons to destroy your targets, however I
strongly suggest that you try all the new weapons as well.

Gateway of wisdom
As the guard says, you need to please the two statues. Get the feather from the
guard's head and the stone lying around on the floor. Put the stone over the
left statue, so it "cries". Then use the feather on it and one of the barriers
will rise. Repeat the process with the other statue.

Getting the Tumi
After you watch the level introduction, you'll understand that you have to get
rid of the guard. For the goal you need the pole. Get the coca leaves that are
on it and then the pole itself. Put the pole above the gate and see what will
happen when you pull the rope. Replace the pole. See, the guard walks under
the pole and you pull the rope and he's knocked out. However, you have to get
his attention first. Get a stone from the pile and throw it at the guard. Now,
immediatly, before the stone hits the wall, hide in the vegetation, so the
guard doesn't see you. He'll go check things out. While he's looking around, 
you just pull the rope and knock him out. You'll get in the Tumi and fly away.

You'll now be in Lord Aguirre's territory and fighters are send to inspect the
Tumi. Don't wait for them to open fire, instead, while they're approaching,
aim a missile at one of them and get ready for some action. You'll see a short
scene about a dialogue between El Dorado and his wife and guess what? A new
group of fighters are launched. Take them down and don't spare limited ammo,
it will be recharged every level in the game. El Dorado will take you to the
ship of Cartier with the Tumi and you're stuck there.

You MUST do something. Go to the control panel and try to activate one of the
turrets. Enter any password. Cartier will turn off the alarms, but now you can
exit through the door. Search the room for a crowbar and use it to open the
case of vodka. Get a bottle and fill the pipe with it. Then go to the control
room and turn on the power. Then shut it down and now you can fight. Select a
turret and destroy the enemy fighters. The last one however will blow up the
ship and you will play as El Dorado from now on.

Crash landing
First thing you have to do is to use the grapnel to pull Kelt Cartier's fighter
to your own and then plan how to land safely. Simply follow the instructions
of Cartier and you will see another introduction movie, as you meet with an
astrologer. You will then have to set up the location of the asteroid on a
map, which isn't too hard.

You have to start the train. Get the crowbar and enter the train. Remove the 
peg with the crowbar from the lever. Get the oil. Get the leather strap from
the wheel. Go out again. Oil the lever on the tower and push it with the
crowbar. You fill the old train with fuel. Get back inside. Spin the wheel,
push the button and pull the lever. You're now on the train and will have to
defend yourself against some spanish fighters. If the timer reaches zero,
than you will arive safely at a cavern.

You split up with the group to investigate the caverns. First you'll have to
open the drawer on the left. There's a chest on the right that's LOADED with
useful items. Get the mallet, shaver, bottle, balanced thread and key. Use the
shaver to cut the rope around the cabinet and it will go to your inventory.
The key you got is too rusty... Remove the rust using the sand. Unlock the
drawer and get the plans for a "Boomerang". There are some numbers there :
8,1,3. Go to the safe and get a close up. Remove the rust with the mercury
bottle and set the combination shown in the plans(8,1,3). Pull the handle and
you'll discover the blueprints for a legendary fighter.

The powers
2 weeks later you'll get the coordinates of the planets where you need to place
the three powers you gained in the original Inca. First, press the "on" button
on the console and put the gem from your inventory in the slot. Select planet
A as your first target. You will be ambushed. Destroy the fighters and the
captain, who killed Atahualpa will flee. If you follow him, you'll fight less
enemies at the last battle. If you do, use your torpedos and cannons to blow
up the platforms(2 torpedos should do it) and take down the fighters with
missiles and cannons. You'll then get to the planet. Look at the plants and
take the palm leaves. Use them to uncover the footprints and go into the
mangrove. Get an oyster and put it on the flat rock. Break it with the mallet
and get the magic pearl. Get another oyster. A monkey will appear. Throw the
oyster at it and the area is free of animals. Look in the nest and put pearl
on the jade egg. Once out of the mangrove, look at the crocodile and put the
treasures you just got into it's eye orbits. You are now at the place where 
you can deposit your first power. Look around for two scepters and take them.
Go into the cave, break the statue and get the remains. Go out. Put the half
of the statue on a pillar and the two scepters on the other pillars. Look
around for a keystone, put the statue part in there. Then deposit the power.
You'll find yourself ambushed once again as you fly to planet B. Destroy the
fighters and go help Cartier if you wish. Use the bombs there and take out the
fighters and bombers. Hard battle, but it will help with the last battle too,
as I said. Once on planet B, go to the cliff beneath the fort. Climb and you
are at a screen where you cannot continue. Put the peg in the rock and drive
it deeper with the mallet. Look up. Throw the balasted thread through the
root and(down) tie the rope to it. Throw the rope over the root and tie the
free piece to the peg. Get rid of the small stones, and then of the large ones.
You're up! You'll meet the "venerable" and now you must pray. Select scrool
2, scroll 4 and scroll 7 from left to right and get the conch. Now, look in
the opening, take the chain and put it one the rod. Use the crowbar to get your
new "shield". At the snowy area, get the wood and put it on the ground. Use the
strap on the wood and put the shield on it to serve as a gong. Give the conch
to the Lamma and use the mallet to hit the gong.
Inside, use the mallet to break some icicles. Get the goatskin and put the
icicles on the sunray. Collect the water in the goatskin, put it in the cup
and deposit a power.

Use your only bomb wisely at the begining of the level. If you succeeded you
should have to deal with only 5-6 fighters. Use the missiles, torpedos and
cannons to finish them and go to the asteroid.

This puzzle is quite difficult. I needed a lot of time to figure it out. So,
look at the guard and use the shaver to cut the necklace, then take the pearls.
Use your crowbar on the hatch and put in the holes. Make sure won't fall, by
using the mallet. The other hatch has opened(opening to the right). However,
you must close the left hatch to get the pearls to put in the right one. But
once it closes, the other closes too. So, put your crowbar or mallet on the
ledge of the right hatch and press all the buttons. Both hatches are closed.
Or are they? Go to the right hatchet, remove the item and put the pearls in
possition, then watch the ending.

1.You can read the walkthrough, print it on paper and distribute it(in printed
or electronical format) freely, as long as no changes are made.
2.If you wish to put this document on a website or mention it, I must be
informed first.
3.If you would like to copy or quote a part of the document in another document
or use it for the writing of a guide, my name should go into the document's
credits section and I should be informed.
4.You cannot change anything in here except for personal use. 

6.Help needed
1.Feedback and comments
2.Questions about the game
See Contacts section

Well, not much for now. It's only me here.

8.Final word
Great game. Great music, graphics, interface, everything. If you haven't done
so already, go get Inca 1, too.

Write e-mails to : ;

Copyright 2003 Nikolay Kaleyski


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