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 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade FAQ

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade FAQ

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
By Exodist

 ___           _ _                         _                       
|_ _|_ __   __| (_) __ _ _ __   __ _      | | ___  _ __   ___  ___ 
 | || '_ \ / _` | |/ _` | '_ \ / _` |  _  | |/ _ \| '_ \ / _ \/ __|
 | || | | | (_| | | (_| | | | | (_| | | |_| | (_) | | | |  __/\__ \
|___|_| |_|\__,_|_|\__,_|_| |_|\__,_|  \___/ \___/|_| |_|\___||___/
                 _   _   _          
  __ _ _ __   __| | | |_| |__   ___ 
 / _` | '_ \ / _` | | __| '_ \ / _ \
| (_| | | | | (_| | | |_| | | |  __/
 \__,_|_| |_|\__,_|  \__|_| |_|\___|

 _              _      ____                          _      
| |    __ _ ___| |_   / ___|_ __ _   _ ___  __ _  __| | ___ 
| |   / _` / __| __| | |   | '__| | | / __|/ _` |/ _` |/ _ \
| |__| (_| \__ \ |_  | |___| |  | |_| \__ \ (_| | (_| |  __/
|_____\__,_|___/\__|  \____|_|   \__,_|___/\__,_|\__,_|\___|


Title: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Developer: Lucasfilm
Publisher: Lucasfilm
Platform: PC
Release: 1990
Genre: Adventure


Document by: Exodist/Ryan Haighton
Document size: 0KB
Document version: 1.000 - FINAL
Document hosted by: Gamefaqs (
Document written: Started 26th May, latest version 26th May
Document © Copyright 2006 Ryan Haighton, DO NOT STEAL, IT IS MY WORK!


This guide is © Copyright 2006 Ryan Haighton, DO NOT STEAL, IT IS MY WORK!
This guide is for LAST CRUSADE, the PC version, made by Lucasfilm in 1988,
if im correct.






Welcome to my guide for the Last Crusade, which is the third LucasFilm
adventure game, and is as good as all the others, despite being based on
Indiana Jones. So how does it work as an point and click adventure game? Well,
thanks to the programming people, exclusive, just to the Last Crusade and Fate
of Atlantis (the other Indiana Jones SCUMM game) there are fighting parts. You
must use your skill, and press the right num-pad keys to move back, defend,
and generally kick nazi ass. Also, it still has all the LucasFilm adevnure
charm, and is well worth your time. I hope you enjoy this game, and I hope
this guide helps you!




The story is based on the Indiana Jones film, so its more or less the same.
Anyways, as Indy, you must find the holy grail, before the nazis find it and
use it for wrong purposes. But along the way, you will have to find a dead guy
and save your dad before looking for the Holy Grail. If you don't find it soon
and the Nazis find it, no one knows what they could do. It's the year 1938,
not long before Germany invade poland, so theres nazis everywhere in Germany,
so be careful!
NOTE: Sorry for the crap explanation of the story.




Just note, the controls are like the past SCUMM games, you have all your
commands at the bottom, as well as your inventory. Also, you use the num-pad
keys to fight. In my guide, commands and items are in CAPITAL LETTERS so you
can see them better. Also, this guide wont tell you how to get all the IQ


After you emerge from the gym changing rooms, all nice and dry, you can go
back inside to get in your boxing clothes, and practive fighting with the guy
in the ring. Anyways, once your done, go back outside, and go through the
first door you see, OPEN it. Then, TALK to the students, and pick the 3rd
option each time, and you will appear into Indys office. Here, you can look at
alot of crap, which even includes a totem pole of Sam and Max, which came out
in 1993, 3 years after this. There are alot of references to Zak McKracken
though, 1 to star wars and 1 for Maniac Mansion. Either way, PICK UP the JUNK
MAIL from Indys desk, then PICK UP the LETTERS, then PAPERS. Under all of that
is the PACKAGE, so PICK UP the PACKAGE already! After, Indy will drop the JUNK
your following the guide, OPEN the window and climb out. Outside, 2 people
will approach you, and take you away...


Here, Walter will more or less explain whats going on, and the story line of
the game and film. This is kind of an important bit, but you should be reading
what everyone says anyways, right? If you have the original floppy disk
version, then you have to be careful of something. As copy protection, at the
start, Marcus asks you to translate something. If you get this wrong 3 times,
then when Indy is asked to translate the stone tablet, he gets it wrong, and
ends up a Bernett college with no where to go. If this happens, you will have
to start again.

Anyways, after talking, TRAVEL to Henrys house, which is your fathers house.
Its better if you do go because it helps more.


Here, LOOK at the plant, to say hello to Chuck the plant, from Maniac Mansion
and Day of the Tentacle. In an early demo of the game, the plant was called
LeChuck, from Monkey Island. Strange times. Anyways, PICK UP the PAINTING, of
the holy grail. Theres one more thing to do here though, get the OLD BOOK. To
get it, is really complicated, and takes some time, but you might as well.
First off, PULL the Bookshelf, which is in the living room on the wall,
slightly tilted. On the back, PICK UP the STICKY TAPE. After that, go back to
Barnett College, and back through the window if thats how you left. To the left
of the window, is a shelf. See that jar? USE the STICKY TAPE with it to get a
SMALL KEY. Then, go back to Henrys house. See that table to the left of the
front door? PICK UP the plant, and Indy will set it on the floor. Then PULL the
table cloth, and the USE the SMALL KEY on the chest. PICK UP the OLD BOOK, and
there you have it. One OLD BOOK. Now, TRAVEL to Venice.


After talking to your contact, you will be left alone inside a church, abit
like in the film, but your alone. First off, theres 3 books to be found. These
will help your adventure later on in the game. To find them, you will have to
search all of the bookcases. Simply WHAT IS the bookcase, until it says BOOK at
the bottom, not "WHAT IS BOOKS", then PICK UP the BOOK. One of them in MEIN
KAMPF, Hitlers book, BOOK OF MAPS, which shows the underground of the church,
and MANUAL, which is a manual of how to fly bi-planes. Once you have done that,
when you see a RED CORDON, PICK UP the RED CORDON, then the METAL POST after
that. Now, LOOK at the GRAIL DIARY, and look at the picture to the right. Well,
you need to find the stained glass window, thats IDENTICAL to that, and if you
do find it, make sure its the right one. If it is, then read the writing under
it. It should say, something on the LEFT or the RIGHT, this means the pillar,
because there are 2 pillars in the room, left and right one. Then, see what it
says before that, like, "the second on the right", meaning read the plaque on
the right statue, and see what the SECOND roman numeral is. It might be IV for
example, so then find IV in the room, and USE the METAL POST with it. Then,
if its right, Indy wont say anything and you will appear in a big room. This
part can be complicated, but its not too difficult. If you get the wrong one,
then just go back inside the church.


Ok, because this is a guide, I will tell you exactly what you should be doing
here, but the catacombs is different for each game (I think, do count on it
though, im not sure). First off, LOOK at the BOOK OF MAPS to look at the
catacombs. Then, go through any door. Keep on going, until you find the 1st
room, which should have some dead pirates in it. PICK UP the HOOK they have.
Leave this room, and onto the 2nd room. Here, is a torch, but its got mud all
over it and has dried, and you can't get it. Carry on, to the 3rd room. This
has nothing in it, yet. The next room, is filled with water. Then the 5th room,
theres a manhole there. OPEN it, and climb outside. Go to the left, and try to
PICK UP the WINE BOTTLE. The guy wont let you, so instead, LOOK at the label.
After, PICK UP the WINE BOTTLE, this time it works. Then, go to the right, and
USE the WINE BOTTLE with the fountain to fill it up with water. Go back through
the manhole. Now head back to the 2nd room with the torch in, and USE the WINE
BOTTLE with it. Then PULL the torch, and, oh crap.

Here, go to the right, and into a room with a wooden plug, which is in the
ceiling and is dripping. Then, go to the right, and LOOK at the inscriptions on
the wall. Write all the words said, because you need these for later, trust me
on this. Once you DEFINATELY have them written down, go to the left, and then
USE the HOOK with the wooden plug. Then, USE the WHIP with the HOOK to destroy
the bridge, but also get rid of the water, as Indy won't go in it. Now, go back
to the maze part, and go into the other room. Here, climb up the ladder, to
appear in the room with the stone slab. Now, go back to the water room, and
exit to the right. Here, go to the next room, with a big wooden machine in it.
It will lower a draw bridge somewhere, and you have what you need to work it,
so why not do it now? USE the RED CORDON with the machine, so its tied on. Then
USE the wheel, to lower the draw bridge.

Now go out of here, and into the next room. You will see 3 statues, and a wood
door next to them. LOOK at the GRAIL DIARY, and it will show you what the
statues have to be to unlock the door, and for, CERTAIN DEATH. Make sure you
dont get the certain death one, I think it takes you back to the manhole room
or something like that. Anyways, to get the right statues, do this method.
First, make sure the 2nd statue isn't the certain death statue, PUSH it if it
is. Then, PUSH the 3rd statue until its correct, don't worry about the other
statues changing. After this, PUSH the 1st statue until thats right, then PUSH
the 2nd statue until thats right, and the door will open. Remember that the
statues change all the time (I mean the order they must be in to unlock the

Go through the wooden door, and through the maze, ignoring any paths going
downwards, they are dead ends. Soon you will reach the draw bridge room, so
just stroll across the bridge. You did lower it, right? Then, go through this
next maze, through the skeleton room, and through the OTHER maze. Soon, you
will find a room with musical skulls. This part can take ages when you don't
know what your doing. First, LOOK at the GRAIL DIARY, and you will now be shown
some music. You will see 6 lines, and 5 notes. The top line is line number 1,
and the bottom line is line number 6. So, see what line the DOT of the note is
on, then write them down, make sure they're in order. Then, you will see the
skulls, the left one is skull number 1, which is the same as line 1, meaning if
there was a note on line 1, you would PUSH/USE the leftmost skull. If your abit
confused, then here is an example.


Say that was what was in the GRAIL DIARY. You would press the first skull, the
second skull, the third skull, the first skull then the sixth skull. Still dont
get it? Tough. Once you get it right, carry on. Now its time to finally find
the Knights tomb. Go through an annoying maze, as most paths are dead ends,
until you find the Knights tomb. Make sure you speakers are turned down (if you
are using ScummVM that is) and OPEN the casket, and be very annoyed. After you
find the location of the holy grail, go to the right, and PULL the rusted lock.
Your back at the manhole room, so go through the manhole. After the cut-scene,
you will appear at Brunwald castle.


Now for the longest part of the game, most probably anyways. Once you enter the
castle, you can either beat the butler up or talk to him, and if you say the
right things, you can make him go away. Fighting him is easy, he is easy to
beat, OR, you can choose lines 2, 1, 2 to make him go away. After whatever you
do, go trough the top left doorway, and you will appear at another maze. At
least they are better then the ones in Zak McKracken, I hate some of those. In
this new maze, go down, right then down again, until your at a dead end. Go up
again, and go through the first door to the right, there should be a drunken
soldier inside. Here, you can get some good information out of him. First off,
say the lines 1, 3, 1. You will learn something that can help you later on. For
now, TALK TO the drunken guard again, and say the lines 3, 2 to get a STEIN.
Now, go back to the maze, and go through the FIRST door to the right. You will
now end up inside a kitchen. USE the STEIN with the spigot, ane make sure you
don't TURN ON the spigot, otherwise you will run out of beer and you won't be
able to continue. USE the STEIN with the hot coals, and then USE the STEIN with
the spigot again to fill it up again. Wait for all the steam to go away before
you PICK UP the ROAST BOAR. Now, go back into the maze, which isn't that much
of a maze anymore. Go down a little bit, until you can go left, then keep on
going left until you can't anymore, and go up, back into the main entrance. Now
more or less click just to the right/above/on the candle stick on the table, to
go to the hall way. See where the path just goes down? Follow it, and wait for
a guard to approach you. Say the lines 3, 2, 1 and you should be ok. Now enter
the only door on the right, into a closet. Here, PICK UP the SERVANT UNIFORM.
Make sure you DO NOT put it on if you have talked to the guard patrolling in
the hallway, he will know your the intruder. If you get past him, and in your
in the SERVANT UNIFORM, say the lines 1, 2, 1 to get past him, or simply fight
him. Exit the closet at any rate, and go through the top left door of this hall
to the secret exit room. Walk to the right, and PUSH the suit of armour you see
there. This will help, as you will now have a mark in the floor! Exit this room
and back into the hallway, go up, the left, then up again. There's another
guard here, if your in your normal clothes, say the lines 1, 2, 2, or if your
in the SERVANT UNIFORM, say the lines 1, 1, 3, 2. Or you can just fight him,
if your brave enough. Then, walk up the stairs.

The second floor of Brunwald castle is abit bigger (when I say the second, I
just mean as in the second floor, not the second floor thats not on ground, if
that makes any sense to you at all?). First off, go into the room to the left,
and USE the SERVANT UNIFORM. Then go back out, and down to the bottom of the
floor (just keep going down) and you will be met by an art guy. If your in the
SERVANT UNIFORM (which you should be, its my guide afterall) you will GIVE him
the PAINTING, as its like the other grail painting the Nazi's have. Then, go up
and into the room here. There should be a chest to the right, and a doorway to
the left. Don't go through the doorway, because you need another uniform to
trick the guard. Instead, OPEN the chest, and get 50 Marks. Now go back out,
and to the bottom. Go to the right, until you cant, then go up and go through
the first door you see to the left. OPEN the CHEST, then LOOK at it to get the
UNIFORM thats too small for you. LOOK at the UNIFORM to get the BRASS KEY. Now
you have the BRASS KEY, head back downstairs into the closet again, make sure
you have the right uniform on when you talked to the guards, unless you killed
them. In the closet, USE the BRASS KEY with the lock, then PICK UP the GREY
UNIFORM. Now head back upstairs. Now, go back into the room you got 50 marks
in, and go through the doorway. Say the lines 3 to get past, so walk to the
left and OPEN the door, go through. Here, go up, then right and through the
only door here. Make sure your dressed in your GREY UNIFORM, then say the lines
2, 2, 3, this will help later on. Now head back to the door you go the key from
then go up, and right. Say the lines 2, 1, 2, 1 to get past this guard. You can
go down, and into a first aid room to get your energy back, but otherwise, go
up the stairs and onto the 3rd floor.

Save your game if you wish, then go to the left. Say the lines 1, 2, 1 to get
past this guard. Now go to Vogels office, which is the first door you can see
to the left. GIVE the ROAST BOAR to the dog, so he moves out of the way. PICK
UP the TROPHY, then OPEN the DRAWER and PICK UP the PASS. Now, head all the
way back to where you gave the guard the PAINTING, and go to the left and into
the art room. Go to the left, and PUSH the mona-lisa paining. OPEN the door,
and go through. Here, find the names you wrote down from the catacombs
inscriptions. Ok, look at the paiting, then get the grail book thing you got
with the game. Now, find the 2 names you got, it says for example, this name
is glowing, so if the holy grail in the picture IS glowing, its their name, and
you can figure out the real grail. Wow. Im not sure how this works in the
cracked version though. :/ Anyways, go back to the kitchen, and USE the TROPHY
with the beer keg. Once its full, go back up to the 3rd floor, and make sure
you have the right uniforms on for the different floors. Then, from Vogels
office, go down, then left into BIFF. Dun dun dun. Trust me, this is more or
less impossible to beat him, and you can't talk your way out of it. The
solution? Offer him the TROPHY, which he takes. Yuck, fat slob, look at his
flab go! Anyways, once you start the fight, one punch is all it takes to take
him down. Take that. Now go downwards, and at the soldier, say the lines 3, 2,
3 to get past him. Now go to the end of the hall at the bottom, and at the end
go up, and enter the top door. Because you heard of the guy, you can pass. :)
Now, in the next room, PICK UP the SILVER KEY hanging from the candlebra, then
go back to where Biff was. At the top, go up, and you will see a corridor with
3 doors. The one to the far left has 75 Marks in, the other 2, well, 1 of them
has your father in it (its different each time). To find out, click on the door
and it will show the door close up. If you can see 2 wires leading into it,
then you have the right door. If your following the guide, USE the SILVER KEY
to unlock the door, and the alarm will go off. Your captured, then your asked
for the grail diary. Offer the OLD BOOK, so you don't have to go to Berlin to
get the proper Diary back. You might want to go anyways, for reasons I will
explain later. Anyways, once your tied to the chair, click on it once, then
press A twice, and you should move to the right, also, clicking on PULL works,
but it takes bloody ages. Then, make it so the mark left by the statue, go
through the middle of the chairs (where the 2 chair legs meet), save your game,
then PUSH the statue, and hopefully, you will get it right. If not, CENSORED
comes up, some blood then appears, and the nice decent people at LucasFilm tell
you that because of their decency, they won't show you what happened. Now, PUSH
the stone statue on the left side of the fire place to reveal a secret exit.
Go outside, and USE the motorcycle.


If you gave the REAL grail diary away, then you will come Berlin to get it back
from whom you gave it too. At the road block, just say the lines 3, 3, 1, 1 to
get past. Then, you will gain control again when your face to face with Hitler.
You can punch him, but you die afterwards, or you can let him sign either the
grail diary, the books from the library or the PASS, which is the best one to
choose, because then you can get past EVERY other road block in the game. After
this, you will be at the airport. If you didn't give the real grail diary away,
you will go to the airport strait away.


Because I am telling you JUST how to complete the game, its best that you get
onboard the Zeppelin, and don't steal the bi-plane. If you DO want to steal the
bi-plane, go ahead. Read the MANUAL first so you know how to fly it though. its
tricky, trust me. Once your in the plane, you have to shoot down german planes
to get out of Germany. OR, you can get on the Zeppelin. You can either go on
without a ticket, and fight a very hard fight, or you can buy them for 220
Marks, or steal them. To steal them (the best way, you need your money later)
get either Indy or Henry, and stand to the right of the blue coat guy. TALK TO
him, about his grandchildren. Don't move, and switch to the other peson, and
you should see some TICKETS sticking out of his pocket. PICK UP the TICKETS,
then exit the air terminal, go to the right, and board the Zeppelin.


OK, controlling Henry, go to the left, and keep on going until you see the
piano. USE a COIN with the bowl, and pick any tune, the guy will play his fave
song though. Then, the radio guy decides to come out and listen, so switch to
Indy, and walk inside the radio room. You should of had a cut-scene of Vogel
asking a guard to radio the zeppelin, thats why we are doing this. OPEN the
locker, then PICK UP the WRENCH. USE the WRENCH with the radio, and then get
out of the room. If the music stops, the guy comes back, so quickly USE the
COINS with the bowl again as Henry. Then, as Indy, outside of the radio room,
USE the WRENCH with the hole, then PUSH the WRENCH to make a ladder appear. Now
climb up, don't worry about Henry, he will suddenly appear with you in the
plane your about to steal. First off, go to the top left corner of this floor,
just walk up that ladder, then up the other aldder. Then, go down, then to the
right, until you can anymore. Then go up, right and then up the ladder, then up
the other ladder onto the 3rd floor. First, walk down, the left and go up at
the first chance. Climb up the ladder, and go to the right, then down the
ladder at the end. Go right, then up and climb the other ladder, then go left.
When you can go down, go down, then go left, then down again at the first
chance, then keep on going right. When you can go down, do so, then go right,
up, left, down the ladder, then down the other one back onto the 2nd floor.

NOTE: When your on the 3rd floor, you may only have to go down, right then up,
at the start to get to the  first ladder.

Now, go down, then down the first ladder to the right. Go to the right, fight
the guard there, then go up and down the ladder to the 1st floor. Then go left,
down, down the ladder, beat the guard up, up, left, down, then to the left and
onto the plane. Its exactly the same as the bi-plane route now, but you don't
need to start the plane up...


Here, you need to shoot as many planes down as possible. Depending on how many
you shoot down, the further the road block you get to. Use the num-pad keys to
control the plane, and try to keep still, as Henry will shoot down the planes
more easier. After you get one, save it, thats a good tip and see how many you
can get. Another tip, is to try and follow the plane too, that works too. Soon
you will crash, most probably. Walk to the right, then USE the blue car.


These aren't difficult, I will tell you how to get past each roadblock.

1. Blue - Say lines 2, 3, 1
2. Light Purple - Bribe 50 Marks
3. Turquoise - Say lines 2, 1, 1, 1
4. Red - Say lines 3, 3, 2
5. Dark Turquoise - Say lines 1, 2, 2, 3, 1
6. Dark Purple - Bribe 255 Marks, or offer signed Mein Kampf
7. Grey - Say lines 1, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 1

The colour before the lines to say/bribe, is the COLOUR OF THE GUARDS TEXT, so
if the guards text is red, your at the 4th road block.


If your playing on an original version, save now, because you can't save the
game after you enter the temple! If your using ScummVM, you can save it. ;)
Enter the temple to see a nice bouncing head first, then go to the right, and
you will meet Donovan. Henry is shot, so go to the right and into the first
trial. Check your grail diary, this will tell you where to click to get past
the first trial. You see that rock at the end, just where your standing (if you
step past this rock, your dead meat). Try to step just to the right, in the
middle ish of this rock, and you should survive. Then, in the next room, Indy
will say out a word, you can ONLY step on letters that are in that word, to try
and get across the room. Once you do that, your in the last trial. Here, you
have to click at the right place again, if your using ScummVM, just save and
keep trying if you cant find it in your book. Once you pass this, your in the
grail room. If you ARE using ScummVM, on purpose, choose the wrong grail, but
save it before. It's quite funny to watch Indy turn old then explode. :) PICK
UP the GRAIL which you think is right, then USE the GRAIL with the holy water.
You will be shown Indys face, if it goes all old, your dead, and will explode.
If nothing happens, then  your safe, so watch the cut-scene. Remember the price
of Immortality. Once your father is healed, there are many ways to complete the
game. The best way, is to just walk away, Elsa will try to take the grail, and
die. Then just walk away, and you have completed the game! But hang on, did you
die? Yeah, Ron Gilbert wanted that, but Noah Falstein didn't, but David Fox was
happy with it, so they made it 50/50 chance Indy will die. Also, if Indy looks
down to where Elsa was, you can USE the WHIP to PICK UP the grail, run away and
die, OR you can give it back to the knight and leave. You can also GIVE the
GRAIL to Elsa. Anyways, once you finish the game, the credits will appear. It
also mentions that Sam and Max appear courtesy of Steve Purcell, just in case
you was wondering. CONGRATULATIONS on finishing Indiana Jones and the Last

Note: If you give the Grail to the knight, Henry mentions that your
real name is Henry too, and their dog (although you dont see him) is called
Indiana. It seems that George Lucas's dog (I think, im not too sure) is also
called Indiana, and theres where they got the name from.





The items go in the order I picked them up/gained them in the guide.

Get from Indys office in Bernett College.

Get from Indys office in Bernett College.

Get from Indys office in Bernett College.

Get from Indys office in Bernett College.

OPEN the PACKAGE to get this.

Found in Henrys bedroom at Henrys house.

Found in Henrys house, on the back of the bookshelf.

Gained when you USE the STICKY TAPE with the jar in Indys office.

Found in Henrys house, USE the SMALL KEY with the chest.

You get it once you TRAVEL to Venice.

Found in the church in Venice.

Found in the church in Venice.

Found in the church in Venice, on one of the bookcases.

Found in the church in Venice, on one of the bookcases.

Found in the church in Venice, on one of the bookcases.

Found on a dead pirate skeleton in the Catacombs.

Found in venice, first, PICK UP the WINE BOTTLE, then LOOK at the label, then
PICK UP the WINE BOTTLE again to get it.

You get it from the drunken gaurd by saying the lines 3, 2 in Brunwald castle.

You get it when you USE the STEIN, full with beer on the hot coals in the
kitchen in Brunwald castle, after the steam is gone, pick it up.

Found in the closet in Brunwald Castle.

You get it when you change into a uniform in Brunwald Castle, its also the
clothes Indy wears from Venice and onwards.

Its an officers uniform found in the second floor of Brunwald castle, its too
small for Indy though.

To get it, LOOK at the UNIFORM.

Get it from the first floor closet in Brunwald Castle.

Found in Vogels office in Brunwald Castle.

Found in the file drawer in Vogels office in Brunwald Castle.

Found on the 3rd floor of Brunwald Castle.

You can buy them for 220 Marks, or you can steal them from the Air terminal.

Henry has them.

Found in the locker aboard the Zeppelin.

Found in the grail temple.




Q. Im not using ScummVM, and I lost my grail diary, and I cant save it, I keep
picking the wrong grail!

A. Hmmm, just make note of which one you just picked, and then pick another one
or just use ScummVM, im not sure if you will have to start again though.

Q. How many IQ points can you get?

A. 800 I think.

Q. Why go on the Zeppelin when you have to do the bi-plane part anyways?

A. You can get more IQ points, and also you don't have to memorize how to start
the plane up.

Q. Is this based on the film?

A. Definately.

Q. Is this better then The Fate of Atlantis?

A. I think they are both the same.

Q. What do I do when im really low on health and can't avoid a fight?

A. Just keep on trying, punch a couple of times, move back, punch some more. If
your inside the castle, theres a first aid room you can get a first aid kit

Q. I can't find !

A. Check the ITEMS CHAPTER, it has the location of all the items, but not what
you do with them.




1.100 - The first, and FINAL version of the guide, everything is done.




Yet another brilliant SCUMM game is complete, so lets bring on the next, LOOM.
Thanks for reading my guide, and I hope you found it of use to you.

This guide is © Copyright 2006 Ryan Haighton, DO NOT STEAL, IT IS MY WORK!
This guide is for LAST CRUSADE, the PC version, made by Lucasfilm in 1990,
if im correct.


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