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 Inquisitive Dave

Inquisitive Dave

-go right get the paper from the paperstack 
-go left to use the pen on the paper 
-go right to the door and slide the paper to the guard 
-go left and use the vinegar in the beaker 
 run right to the little hole in the wall and watch the explosion!
-use the hole in the wall as your exit 
 notice the eye. it's an autosave-point
-jump up the wood-peaces (the water kills you) 
 in the upper room go right and talk to the guard: he wants an apple
-go left an jump up to the upper floor. get the cake mix and a key 
-go down to basement and left until you reach outside 
 Attention on the antlion. watch you timing to run across ! 
-run left to the next "eye" notice the apple on the oak on your way 
 run all the way left until you reach a water length. the cake mix 
 isn't enough yet: you need flour
-run inside the building and up the wooden peaces. 
 the guard to the left will kill you if you walk closer to him
-go right to reach a crate and open it to get the key to the manors
-use the key from the other building to open the door 
-jump on the oak to get the apple 
-run right past the antlion back to the hungry guard. give him the apple. 
-enter the kitchen and get the flour to the right of the sink. 
 run one more room to the right and and down. notice there is a handle 
 needed to sink the waterlevel from the kitchen go left and then up to the 
 first floor of the manor. use your key to enter the room. 
 at the far right notice the sign on the wall: it tells you ** how to get
 past the guard with the gun go into the room to the left. there's a ghost
 in your way. notice the table: you need a cross
-go outside. left past the antlion. all the way left to the water. 
 pour in cake mix and flour.
-walk across the water and get: the handle. 
-go back left. in the building go up. to left to the guard with the gun. 
 jump three times on the panel** to get rid of the guard 
-enter the room. notice the silver door and the funny guy. pick up the 
 chest key. 
-go down. right all the way back to the manor. past the kitchen and then 
 down in the next room. 
-use the handle to lower the water 
-go up and then left. in the next room down. the water is gone. 
-go left and enter the tunnel where the water was. run until you reach 
 the electricity control 
 when you turn it on it electrifies the water and is stron enough to kill 
 an alligator
-make sure the power is off and run in the next room -- ! an alligator! 
-run back out, past the puddle on the floor and quickly turn the electricity
-turn the electricity off. run all the way left. grab the showel. 
 go on and use it on pile of mud.  you find the WESTERN KEY SLICE! 
-jump up. run all the way right. past the antlion. the manor. until your 
 reach the chest. use the key. get the cross. 
-continue to the right. past the waterfall. at the end notice the door 
 that talks about the archmage. 
-jump up all the way until you reach the clouds. jump all the way left from
 cloud to cloud to reach the roof. 
-run left and grab the handle. use the handle on the chimney. 
 you get another KEY SLICE. 
 note: if you jump of the first cloud now, you land next to the chicken 
-go left inside the manor. up to the first floor. right to the ghost. 
 use the cross on the table. 
-open the chest and get: EASTERN KEY SLICE. now you have them all. 
-go down. leave the manor. go left. past antlion and oak. enter the building. 
 up. left. to the silver door. 
 now get ready to run: 
-use your key. and then run all the way right. (all the traps are covered now. 
 so run! you got 45 secs to reach the tower. 
 ** at the tower the timer ends. ** go up and battle the wizard 
 (the first time) 
-use the mirrors to reflect the magic back on the wizard 
-go up. second battle: 
 quickly jump up. hit the switch and go right down again. 
 third battle: stay where you are and watch the wizard weaken.

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