Instinct Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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Table of Contents:

-Walkthrough Introduction

1.  Tunnel Entrance
2.  Stairwells
3.  Basement (sublevels)
4.  Dwelling Unit (Dormitories)
5.  Generators (Power station)
6.  Outdoor Approach
7.  Northern Entrance
8.  Basement (Arrow's version)
9.  Vivarium (Arrow's version)
10. Biological Hazard Labs
11. Vivarium (White's Version)
12. Depot
13. Generators (White's Version)
14. Dwelling Unit (White's Version)
15. The Last Leg of the Facility
16. Rocket Shaft (Final Zone)



The following document is a walkthrough of the PC game "Instinct".  It is 
recommended that you play through the game without referencing it, unless it is 
absolutely necessary.  The document does not reference the location and nature 
of every item and weapon in the game, and is intended only to guide players that
may have gotten stuck or have become lost.

And now, without any further ado...


1. Tunnel Entrance:

	The player takes the role of Eighth, as he infiltrates the facility via 
ventilation system.  You start out standing in a pipe that leads to the surface.
Crouch down (hold C key by default) and move into the adjoining ventilation 
duct.  Use your crowbar or fire one of your guns to break the duct cover.  An 
enemy soldier will be visible as you crawl out.  Take him down with your ranged 
weapons, shooting the explosive barrels or gas cannisters if you wish.  Get out 
onto the catwalk and go left, climbing down the ladder for a safe descent.  Walk
to the other side of the tunnel, and enter the fenced area.  Turn off the 
annoying alarm if you wish (face the yellow button and press the Use key 
(default E) while standing close).  Step into the office and press the Use key 
while facing the switch within.  Pick up the health kits, armor, and ammo if 
needed.  White and the truck should be inside by now.  Walk up to the truck bed 
to climb aboard.

	When atop the truck bed, you have access to the Volcano, a powerful 
mounted machine gun with tons of ammo.  Use it freely to lay waste to your 
enemies as White drives.  Unfortunately, your car trip barely gets started 
before you run into a hitch.  A raised bridge stops the truck, and you have to 
hop off and find out how to lower it.  Head through the doorway on the side of 
the tunnel, but skip the office and go right downstairs (unless you detour to 
pick up the health kits).  At the bottom, head out onto the rails and take a 
left.  Follow the tracks until you see an opening on the right side, watch out 
for the burning barrel as you get close.  Take out the guard and head up the 
stairs.  This is the office you want.  Hit the switch and pick up the goodies 
before you open the door and go back out into the tunnel.  Once the bridge has 
lowered you can board the truck by walking up to its bed.

	You'll have another shooting gallery driving section before the truck 
comes to a stop.  When you hop off, head up the ramp to the left of the truck, 
taking out the two soldiers.  Another may come down the stairs to the left.  
Take him out, then head through the doorway near the bottom of the stairs.  A 
little ways inside, you'll find another set of stairs.  Climb down, then follow 
through the network of halls until you reach the staircase at the end, killing 
the two soldiers on the way.  Climb the stairs and take care of the two soldiers
outside before boarding the blue locomotive.  Hit the red button (Use key) 
inside the locomotive and wait.

	After the train comes to a stop, you'll hop off and be shot at by more 
soldiers.  You can shoot them from here, or you can just board the truck and 
take them down with the volcano.  You'll be treated to another shooting gallery 
section as White drives the truck up the road and into the next tunnel. When the
truck comes to a stop, help White dispatch the two soldiers, then pull the 
switch in the fenced area.  Grab all the goodies before going through the 
massive doors to end the level.

2. Stairwell Level:

	After the cut-scene, White enters the elevator to man the controls, 
leaving Eighth (you) to ride up on top.  Step off the platform onto the elevator
roof.  It should start moving in a moment.  After several seconds of descent, 
you'll be in danger of being knocked off the roof by a section of fencing.  As 
it gets close, step off the right side of the elevator and you'll land on a 
ledge.  Crouch down (default C) to get through the opening into a stairwell.  A 
barrel will come crashing down the stairs from the right.  To the left 
(downstairs) is a door that will not open without power.  Go to the right and up
the stairs.  Pick up the armor and first aid kit in the room if they area 
needed, then head to the next stairwell on the other side.  At the top, you'll 
see a power box switch on the wall.  Pick up the shotgun and shells, then throw 
the switch (face the switch while standing close, and press the use key, which 
is E by default).  Head back down the stairwell to face the first horrors of the

	At the first landing, a cut-scene will begin if you have thrown the 
switch above.  The shotgun will come in handy here to kill the zombies.  When 
the area is clear, pick up the health and armor at the top of the stairwell, 
then go back out to the first staircase and all the way down to the door that 
was closed before.  You can get through it now.  As you go through, turn right 
to face another zombie standing by some gas tanks.  Watch out for these, as if 
they're shot in the right area, they will shoot off in the opposite direction 
before exploding.  This could mean that they come in your direction, ensuring 
your demise.  Follow the catwalk into the next room, then pick up the shotgun, 
armor, and health, as needed.  Climb down the ladder to the next area.

	The route will take you back out into the elevator shaft, down a flight 
of stairs, back inside, then down another flight of stairs.  Shortly after, 
you'll see a bridge to get across the elevator shaft.  Watch out for the steam 
coming from the side.  Crouch to avoid it.  On the other side of the shaft, 
you'll enter another stairwell.  Go down two flights and pick up the first aid 
kit if needed.  Follow the passage to the right, then go down the ladder.  At 
this security checkpoint, break the glass cover on the control panel, then press
the use key (default E) while aiming at it and standing close.  Toxic gas is now
being flooded into the facility.  Get back up the ladder and back to the 
stairwell, resuming your climb downwards.  At the bottom of the stairwell, grab 
the health kits behind the large boxes, then head down the passage to the right.
Going straight will conclude this portion of the level.

	After the loading screen, head further down the stairs, out into the 
elevator shaft, down another flight of stairs, then back inside.  Going down the
hall will take you to another bridge across the shaft.  Grab the health kits 
before crossing.  On the other side of the bridge, you'll go through two doors, 
and into a dark room.  Push aside the large crate on the right to reveal a hole.
Drop down that hole and head to the ladder on the elevator shaft side of the 
room.  You'll go down another flight of stairs, down a catwalk, then down 
another ladder.  Shoot the rusty side of the gas tank to send it flying down the
next flight of stairs, killing the zombie below.  Grab health before heading 
down those stairs.  At the bottom, you head back out into the shaft, then down 
more stairs.  There's a bridge to cross the shaft, but it's in the wrong 
position.  Enter the room on the left of the bridge, then hit the use key at the
switch (default E).

	The bridge will take some time to lower, so grab the health kits while 
you wait.  When the bridge is almost down, you can safely cross.  At the other 
side, you'll enter the final stairwell of the level.  You'll encounter your 
first shotgun zombie here.  Aim for the head, as their body armor makes torso 
shots much less effective.  Make your way down the last flights, and stock up on
the goodies at the bottom.  Head down the passage when ready, entering the 
control room at the end.  You'll have a nasty fight in here, best remember that
the barrels explode when shot.

3. Basement Level:

	Walk down the starting hallway of the basement.  Near the end, three 
infected rats will rush you.  They can be easily killed with any weapon, but 
watch out for the shotgun zombie that will come soon after.  With your enemies 
dispatched, take the left at the end of the hall and use the keypad by the door 
at the end of the next hall.  Pick up the health and armor within and head up 
the stairwell.  At the top, open the door and take out the zombies within.  
Watch out for the explosive barrels.  Get a safe distance from the blocked 
elevator and shoot the explosive barrels blocking it.  This can be done safely 
from outside the room, a little ways down the stairs.  With the doors unblocked,
the elevator will come up a bit, putting the roof at your feet level.  Walk in, 
and it'll go back down, giving you access to a ventilation duct.

	Break the ventilation cover with the crowbar or waste ammo on it to get 
in.  Crawl through the vents for awhile and you'll get the option to take a left
turn, which leads to a shallow drop.  This is well past the large pipe area 
where you can stand up, that drop will kill you.  Take the shallow drop, then 
another, and you'll soon come out into another large pipe area, with your 
destination.  Unfortunately, those fan blades are as sharp as they look.  Walk 
right past this and get into the next duct.  Break the cover on the other side 
and crawl out into the control room.  See that shiny yellow button on the desk? 
Use it.  Voila!  With the fan turned off, you can now jump or climb down that 
pipe to your next destination.

4. Dwelling Unit Level:

	See those shiny heavy metal doors ahead?  That's what you need to pass, 
but they're shut tight.  Take the first door on the left.  The main doors can't 
be opened from here, but you can break the vent cover to do some more duct-
crawling.  As you crawl through, make sure to hold down the crouch key (default 
C) when you get to the room with the spinning fans overhead.  Break the vent 
covers on the other side, then enter the next tiny room.  Use the switch box and
keypad and head out the door.  The big metal doors are now open, and you're free
to go through them.  A nasty fight awaits you here.  Dispatch your foes and pick
up the ammo in the room.  Go through the side area on the left to get health and
armor.  When your business is done here, use the switch next to the next set of 
heavy doors and go through.

	Head up the stairs and into the kitchen.  Visit the back room to pick up
armor and ammo, then head through the door.  You can pick up more ammo, armor, 
and health from the room on the left, but you'll have to fight for them.  Head 
to the right when ready.  Go through the door and out into the dining hall.  
Many enemies will greet you here, make creative use of environmental hazards to 
deal with them.  When finished, go through the double doors (doesn't matter 
which set).  Head to the left and pick up the health and ammo, then enter the 
large pipe opening on the right.  Break the vent cover on the left and crawl 
through, breaking the cover on the other side.  Exit the large pipe and take a 
detour to the left if you want health, ammo, and armor.  Otherwise, just go 
straight down the stairs, down a hall, and down more stairs.  Get the health 
kits if needed, then use the switch box on the right and go through the heavy 

	In the tube-shaped hall, take the second door on the left and pick up 
the Access card on the floor of that room.  Go back to where you came in, then 
take the first door on the left.  In this room, go up the stairs and use the 
improvised ramp to get into the vent duct. Crawl in, turn right, then keep going
straight until you are forced to take a right again.  Pop out of the vents and 
pick up the health kit in this room if needed.  Use the switch box by the door 
and use the keypad to leave the room.  Hang a left and get past the steam as 
quickly as possible.  Take the first door on the right as you leave the tube 
hall.  Go straight through the room and past the lockers.  Pick up the Access 
card on the floor in the shower room.  Head back to where you exited the tube 
hallway.  Use the keypad by the heavy doors and walk through when they open.

5. Generator Level

	Head down the starting hallway and hang a left.  Remember that rats are 
almost never found alone.  Make your way past the crates and go through the 
fence door on the left.  Look to the right and hop up the neatly-stacked boxes 
to get over the fence.  From there, go through the opening on the right, 
crouching to get past the sparking wires unharmed.  Follow the corridor as it 
turns right, then take the metal doors on the right.  Go through the double 
doors on the other side of the room, then pick up the Access card and any 
goodies laying around.  Head back out into the hall and go through the single 
door on the other side.  Don't trip on any grenades.  Pick up the goodies and 
hit the yellow switch before going back out into the hall.  The metal double 
doors are now open, so proceed through and hang a left.  Go down the hall and 
through the metal double doors on the left.

	Go through the blue door on the left to pick up goodies and come back 
into the hall.  Head over to the red-lit area and up the ladder.  Jump off the 
ladder up top to get onto the metal grating.  Walk to the edge of the grating 
and jump to the next set of grating on the right.  Crouch down to get through 
the opening.  Drop down to the floor.  Go down the hall and through the metal 
door on the right.  Enter the vent duct in that room and crawl through.  Exit 
into the pipe area and back out into the hall.  Go through the metal double 
doors at the end and take the second right door afterwards.  Pick up the goodies
and come back into the hall.  Follow it the rest of the way as it turns right, 
then head up the stairs.

	At the top of the stairs, enter the room on the left, pick up the 
goodies, then use the switch box in the corner.  Leave the room, then enter the 
room across the hall.  Finally, we've come to Eighth's destination: The 
Generator Room.  You'll have to make your way all the way across without 
touching the fences if you want to avoid damage.  Climb the stairs on the other 
side and take a look at the three switches on the panel.  They must be thrown in
a certain order to complete your objective.  hmmm... I wonder if there are any 
hints in this room regarding this?

6. The Outdoor Approach Level:

	You have taken the role of Arrow, an operative working with Eighth and 
White to enter the facility and secure the professor.  She comes equipped with a
sniper rifle and a nice supply of grenades.  She will have to face off against 
other snipers in this outdoor stage, as well as well-equipped ground troopers 
and other hazards.

	Start out by picking up the ammo that has been left for you then head 
down the only available path through the rocks.  Follow it until you reach a 
wooden guard tower (which has nice loot within) take out the two soldiers, then 
take the path to the right.  You'll be walking for a good distance, killing two 
soldiers and picking up goodies on the way before you have the chance to climb 
up a slope to the left.  Make your way carefully up until you can see the enemy 
guard tower and the sandbag walls.  The exit to the next area is off to the 
right.  Take out the enemies and loot the area before moving on, if you wish.

	When you're ready to go, the exit is reached by getting past a trailer 
that has been knocked onto its side and pinned down by rocks.  A wooden 
framework serves as a makeshift ramp to get up onto the trailer.  When the next 
area is loaded, immediately head off to the left and keep going until you reach 
the fence.  Slowing down or stopping will allow the mortars to get a bead on 
you.  On the other side of the fence is a rather nasty minefield.  The cheapest 
way to get through is to walk just close enough to a little black antenna to 
trigger it, then turning to the side and sidestepping away.  It may take a few 
tries to get a hang of it, but you're sure to be setting off mines without 
damage in no time.  You might think that grenades would be a good way to set off
several mines at once, and you'd be right.  Try to save at least a few for 
later, though.

	Work your way through the minefield until you see a couple sandbag walls
up ahead.  You'll engage in another battle with the troopers here, loot the 
area, then head off to the right and down the slope.  At the bottom, hang a 
right and walk down the path.  Keep on the lookout for more mines.  Keep moving 
as the path curves to the right.  When it opens up to a large area, you'll have 
to go up the slope to the left, then follow the cliff face further left to enter
the facility.  Before that, you can loot the guard tower to the right if you'd 
like.  Get ready for a serious fight as you make the final approach to the 
facility entrance.  After dispatching your enemies, walk towards the cliff face 
behind them and follow it to the left.  You'll soon find a nice concrete 
entrance into the cliff side.  Go down the tunnel, take out the two soldiers 
within, and hit the switch to end the level.

7. The Northern Entrance Level:

	Once this level is loaded, go straight ahead to the yellow-lit hall.  
Follow it through past the crates and down the stairwell.  Pick up the goodies 
at the bottom and head down the hall to the right.  Enter the room at the end of
the hall and go up the ladder.  Watch out for all the explosive barrels up 
there.  Head down the winding tight corridor to get to the control room and help
Eighth and White turn off the gas.  After the cut-scene, loot the room and head 
all the way back to the start of the level.  This time take the hall to the left
(go towards the blue light).  In the blue hall you'll take a left, then turning 
right to crawl through the toppled shelves.  Head down the stairwell from there.
 Go through the room at the bottom, and down two more flights of stairs.  Follow
the catwalk as it turns left, then climb up the scaffolding to enter a small 
room (just like climbing a ladder, look up and press forward).

	Loot the little room then climb down the ladder.  Head back out to the 
elevator shaft and down the broken stairs.  Don't worry, you won't fall through-
you just can't come back up.  After the next area loads, walk back inside and 
down another set of stairs.  Cross the elevator shaft using the wooden planks 
(they're a lot sturdier than they look).  Once on the other side, take the 
stairwell all the way to the bottom, entering the passage on the right.  You'll 
head down two more sets of stairs, pop back out in the elevator shaft, then drop
down another set of stairs.  Go back inside and pick up the goodies before 
taking the catwalk back across the shaft.  Go through two doorways into the dark
room and drop down the hole.  This side of the compound looks pretty much the 
same in layout as the side Eighth entered from.

	Get the armor, head down the ladder, down the stairs, and down the 
catwalk.  Then go down another ladder, down three flights of stairs, then cross 
the shaft on the rickety planks.  They will fall shortly after you step on them,
so make haste.  Back inside, take the stairwell all the way to the bottom, then 
go down the passage to the right.  Take the left at the end of the passage, then
climb up the makeshift ramp to enter the large pipe.

8. Basement Level (Arrow's version):

	Crawl through the duct at the other side of the room.  Pick up all of 
the goodies, then open the door.  Out in the hall, hang a right, then hit the 
elevator button.  Ride it down, then turn left when you exit.  Follow the hall 
as it turns left and left and left again, looting the side rooms as you go.  
You'll pass through a set of metal double doors that immediately close behind 
you, never to open again.  Hang a left, then use the switch box on the wall.  
Pop back out into the hall, hang a left, then take the next right and follow the
hall to the end of this level.

9. Vivarium Level:

	Welcome to the Vivarium Labs.  Start this one out by heading down the 
stairs and into the next hall.  Take out the less-than-lively welcoming party 
and peek into the first door on the right.  There are two flasks that can be 
picked up in this room.  You can throw these at your enemies, and a direct hit 
kills instantly.  Pop back out into the hall and continue following it as it 
turns to the right.  Pick up the goodies at the bottom of the stairs and open 
the jail-style door.  Walk through and turn left, facing off against another 
pack of party-goers.  Pick up the Acid flasks on the shelf as you go down the 
hall and through the door on the right.  You can choose to hang back and kill 
everyone that comes out of this room, or you can save a lot of ammo by running 
in, taking an immediate right, chucking acid at the first zombie that emerges in
front of you, turning left behind the pillar he emerged from, chucking acid at 
the next zombie in front of you, then going through the door on the right. It 
seals shut when you go through, keeping you safe from the shotgun zombie and the
other shamblers in the room. *phew*

	The heavy metal doors on the left needs a Access card to open, so just 
head down the hall and look through the door to the right.  You can watch the 
fight between the zombies and black-garbed commandos here, or if you're 
impatient, just chuck and acid flask or grenade at the door to blow it open and 
join the fun.  If you wait until the battle is over, the commandos will roll 
grenades at the door to blow it open.  Take them out, and pick up their guns and
the Aceess card on the floor.  Grab the flasks on the tables, too.  With the 
card in hand, return to the heavy doors and open them up.  Head down the 
stairwell within and go all the way to the bottom, taking out the zombies and 
shotgun guys along the way.  At the very bottom, you'll find armor and ammo. 
 Come back up a couple landings and go through the heavy doors.  Use your 
remaining acid flasks to take out the zombies within, or do it the old-fashioned
way.  Go inside, hang a left, then go through the door.  You'll find a jackpot 
of ammo, and health kits within.  Through the doors on the other side, you'll 
find two armor pickups.  Look to the left and gaze out into the arboretum.  This
large room will be the stage of a very nasty fight with the commandos.  They'll 
come pouring out of the hall on its left side, taking strategic positions 
throughout the room.  Before reading further, you owe it to yourself to try 
taking them on at least once.

	Did you win?  No?  Alright, here's a sure-fire strategy to take them 
down.  If you've been saving your grenades, you're in luck.   They're the key to
a quick win in this fight.  start chucking them into the commandos' hallway as 
soon as you can, moving forward to trigger their emergence.  Just unload all 
your grenades into that hall before they have a chance to get out.  The tight 
quarters will ensure their demise if you get started soon enough.  It may take a
few tries, but you can get through this battle without expending a single 
bullet, or taking the slightest bit of damage.  When they're all dead, go 
through the opening on the opposite side you came in from.  Press the use key on
the ghostly bomb marker to plant the bomb.  Watch cut-scene.

10. Biological Hazard Labs:

	Here begins the chapters of White, who has successfully broken into the 
Labs.  He starts the level equipped with a shotgun, a few grenades, and a 
pistol.  Let's start out by killing the zombie before he can get up from his 
lunch.  Flip the switch to shut off that rather dangerous-looking door.  If it 
shuts off in a closed position, you'll have to try again.  Go through, pick up 
the ammo, and crawl up the makeshift ramp on the right.  On the other side of 
the blockage, take the hall to the right and pick up the ammo and armor if 
needed, otherwise save it and come back.  You'll see a zombie go down from 
gunfire.  Unfortunately, the enemy of your enemy is still your enemy.  Peek down
the hall to the right.  Taking down these commandos with your current gear will 
be tricky.  There's a gas cannister (makeshift missile) on the shelf to the 
left, and a explosive barrel on the right side.  Use these in a timely fashion 
to help even the odds.  The gas cannister may not be available if their shots at
the zombie earlier had set it off.  Lobbing a grenade wouldn't be so bad, as 
this is a tough fight, and you're short on guns.

	Once you bring the first pack down, you can pick up their submachine 
guns, which will do wonders for future encounters.  Just up ahead, you'll find 
another area with shelves set up as a choke point.  Take out the two commandos 
and move on into the next room.  At the fork, take the left path and head down 
the stairs.  A very nasty fight awaits you here.  Zombies, shotgun zombies, and 
rats will pour out from various openings into this room.  You'll have to make 
careful use of the various explosive things to take care of them.  It'll be 
awhile before they stop coming, so don't let your guard down until you're sure 
it's clear.

	Hit the switch with the blinking red light on the right side of the 
room, then head to the left side and down the stairs.  All the little vent holes
at the floor level will spit out zombies at some point.  The shotgun will be 
your friend here, and make sure to check your back regularly.  At the end of the
passage, you'll enter the control room and face more zombies.  When you're sure 
that it's all clear, hit the yellow button.  You'll see a quick cut-scene 
showing the disabling of bombs placed around your exit.  Head back to the forked
hall, taking out and commandos in your way.  Head down the right path this time,
going through the door with the now disabled bombs to end this portion of the 

	Head down the hall and check out the first side passage to the left to 
find a new addition to your arsenal.  Come back out into the main hall and 
continue down.  Take the double doors on the left to find some AK ammo, then 
come back out into the main hall and continue.  Follow it as it turns left, then
take another left when you come to the T intersection.  Take out the zombies 
along the way, unless you don't mind them following you.  Continue to the end of
the hall and climb up the stairwell to face your first ceiling turret.  This 
automated gun takes a few moments to emerge and get a bead on you.  A little 
concentrated fire from the HK will take care of it, and the AK will bring it 
down with a couple very short bursts.  Hit the button to open the heavy doors 
and head into the next hall.  Pick up the goodies on the left, then take the 
door into the right, which will send you through a maze-like section of cramped
passages.  Go through the doors at the end and hang a right into the next hall.

	Take the stairwell up ahead and head down the passageway at the bottom. 
Take the door at the end and climb to the stop of the stairwell within.  Go 
through the door and drop down the elevator shaft, crouching to access the floor
below.  Follow the hall to the T intersection and take a right, going through 
the doors to end this portion of the level.

	Climb the ladder up ahead and pick up the goodies.  Head down the 
passage and follow as it turns left.  Turn right in the next hall, then take an 
immediate left.  Follow around the corner and head up the stairs.  Exit out into
the hall at the top and head to the right.  Go down the ladder, get the goodies,
and head up the next ladder.  Take out the turret gun and go down the stairs on 
the left side.  Wind your way through the cramped passages and pop out into the 
next major hall, taking out the zombies on the way.  Hang a right, then follow 
the hall until you get to the shotgun zombie.  Kill it, then drop down the hole 
in the center of the hallway past him.  Go right into the room by the bottom of 
the ladder and head straight for the other ladder within.  Climb up and take the
door to the right.  Turn right again to pick up some goodies, then turn back to 
follow this hall.  Take out the turret gun and turn right.  Kill the zombies and
walk up to the blockage, moving through the hole in the wall on the left.  Enter
that room, and exit the door on the other side of the blockage to get around it.
Hang a left to end the level.

11. Vivarium (White's Perspective):

	You will be making your dramatic entrance into the Vivarium riding atop 
a small train cart.  Resist temptations to jump off the cart and walk along the 
electrified rails.  Not pleasant. When the train comes to a complete stop, hop 
off onto the platform and grab the goodies.  You might want to kill the zombies 
waiting for you, but that's your call.  Head down the adjacent hall and take out
the pack of baddies on the way.  In the next room, pick up the goodies and creep
out the window on the left side.  The bullet-proof glass is missing in this one,
so you can pass through unhindered.

	In this very large chamber, you can save yourself some pain by taking 
out the strategically placed shotgun guys from a distance before moving on.  
Follow the plank-walk to the left and carefully drop off onto the first 
scaffolding.  It's recommended that you drop down while crouching.  You will 
drop down several platforms before you reach a plank that you can use to cross 
to the next scaffolding.  Repeat the dropping game there, and cross another 
plank to the next one, then drop to the plank ramp below to reach the ground.  
Grab and goodies and kill and baddies you wish to on the ground level, then 
enter the concrete bunker near the center of the chamber.  Wind through its 
cramped passage, then take the ladder up to reach the top of the bunker.  Go to 
the other side of the yellow metal construction tower and climb the small ladder
to get to it, then climb up the tall ladder within to reach the top.

	From here, walk around to the back of the tower and take the short 
bridge to the next plank-walkway.  Climb onto the box on the right to enter the 
window.  Take out the zombies in this room and go through the doors.  You'll 
face another pack of baddies in this hall.  Take them down and enter the room on
the other side.  From here, all you have to do is run up to the window to 
witness poor Arrow's demise.

12. Depot Level:

	The protovirus has begun to take hold of our unfortunate hero, and he's 
got some new attributes now.  In addition to white pupils and bulging veins, you
now have the power to regenerate wounds rather quickly.  You can go from near 
death to full health in the time it takes to have a quick bathroom break.  In 
addition, you can jump a bit higher than before.

	Grab the armor and equip a decent gun.  Wait for the soldier to blow the
door then take him out.  Head out and to the right, taking down the two 
commandos in the next area.  In the flooded room, go up the ladder and jump 
across to enter a small portion of the top cargo chamber. Grab the goodies and 
hit the left switch within the checkpoint post before heading back down the 
ladder.  At the bottom, go all the way back down the hall.  The large doors on 
that end are open now.  Go on through.  You need to make your way along the 
floor, but the train carts are blocking the way.  Go up the ladder instead, 
conter-sniping the sniper on the other side of the cargo bay, and you may want 
to take out the two other commandos as well.  Go up the second ladder, hit the 
switch at the top, then come back to the floor.  A machine will lift one of the 
train cars in a moment.  Make your way through the cars.  It may be tricky in 
the dark areas.  Ultimately, you want to reach a passage on the left side.  Head
down the passage and take the left turn.  Climb the stairs and follow the 
passage at the top, killing the two commandos.  Hit the middle switch in their 
room, then head back to the train chamber.  Facing the chamber, you'll want to 
go left, then left again.  You'll have to go around some train cars and hop over
some things to do this, but you'll soon see that one of the train tunnels is now
clear.  Head down it, taking the first left.  Drop down the hole in the train 
tracks and take out the commandos below.  Follow the passage as it curved to the
right, ignoring the side passage for now.  At the end of your passage, enter the
control room and hit the switch.  The water has been lowered, and you now have 
access to the flooded room up in the starting area.  Head back up, there, taking
a detour down that side passage for some goodies.

	Back in the large starting hall where you fought the first commandos on 
this level, go all the way back to the other side.  The area that was once 
flooded is now dry, and the big doors there will open up for you.  Wind your way
through the train cars.  You'll come to a point where you'll be standing by a 
corpse with a shotgun.  If you have full health, you can crouch and drop down 
the hole here, regenerating the falling damage when you get below.  You'll have 
to drop all the way down to the water.  If you drop down this soon, you'll miss 
your first chance to acquire the most powerful weapon in the game: The Arbalest.
 If you want this crossbow of doom, continue winding your way through the train 
cars past the corpse.  climb the ladder along the back wall, turn left at the 
top, and hug the wall as you go through the room.  You'll see the weapon and 
another set of switches.  Grab the arbalest and hit the switch on the right.  
the suspended train car will begin lowering.  Look down the hole and take out 
the two commandos before jumping on top of the train car.

	When the train car comes to a stop, drop down to the closest floor 
surface, then drop down into the water.  Make your way down the long hall, 
taking out the commandos at the end,  look into the next room and take out the 
last two commandos before taking the exit behind them.

13. Generator Level (White's perspective)

	Ah, the power's out.  Looks like Eighth did his job.  You're back in the
facility proper, finding your way with emergency lighting to guide you.  You 
must make your way through these areas to the rocket shaft to meet the 
coordinator that is responsible for Arrow's death.

	Move forward and take out the turret gun.  Go down the stairs and start 
following the rails.  With the main power shut off, you don't have to worry 
about being shocked anymore.  Keep following until you reach a large platform 
that you can jump up onto, killing the commandos on the way.  Grab the goodies 
on the platform, then go through the doors on the left.  Take down the next two 
commandos, then go down their dark hall.  You'll soon see an opening in the 
fencing on the right.  Drop down and turn right, going through the lit door.  
Take out the commando hiding behind the left corner of the T intersection, then 
pick up the goodies.  Take a right at the intersection, then follow the next 
left turn.  Follow the hall to its end and enter the pipe opening, crawling into
the vent duct on the right side.  Through the ducts, take the first right and go
through the small room back into the hall.

	Take a left and go through the doors.  Pick up the goodies and go 
through the next doors.  Take a right then follow the hall down, entering the 
doors on the right.  Move further down the hall, and doors on the left will open
up.  Kill the commandos within, pick up the goodies, then come back out, 
continuing down the hall.  Follow as it turns left, take out the commandos on 
the other side.  Take a left in their crate room and follow to its end.  Take a 
right to exit the level.

14. Dwelling Unit (White's perspective)

Head straight down through the tube hallway, picking up any goodies on the way. 
Enter the left-bound hallway and go up its stairs, watch out for grenades from 
the commando up here.  Climb up the stairs past him and watch the 
zombie/commando battle up ahead.  Don't get too close until it's well underway 
(unless you're just impatient).  Enter the room and go left, killing any 
survivors.  Take the first door on the right so enter the familiar kitchen.  
Turn left and take the stairs at the end.  You'll encounter another 
zombie/commando fight.  Interrupt whenever you feel like it, head through the 
last rooms to the level exit, don't forget the goodies.

15. The Last Leg of the Facility:

	Follow the rails and take the first door on the left.  Take another left
to pick up the goodies, then turn around to go down the hall.  Step back once 
you hear gunfire, as the commandos are shooting an explosive barrel to blow the 
door.  Take them out and go into the power room.  Head to the ladder on the 
other side and climb up onto the catwalk above.  Follow the walkway all the way 
to its end, then hit the switch box to open the door below.  Drop down and go 
into the next hall.  Hang a left and open the doors at the end, watching and 
interrupting another zombie/commandos fight.  Walk out into that large hallway 
and head to the right, dispatching any remaining commandos.  Go through the door
in the fencing on the right side, then go through the other fence door within. 
Hit the switch in that fence room, then ascend the ladder right outside its 
fence.  There's another switch up here.  Hit it, then go back out to the large 

	Turn right and continue down through the large hallway.  Follow it all 
the way to the end, taking the detour on the right for ammo pickups.  In the 
room at the end, go through the doors on the left.  Follow the winding passage 
all the way to the end of the level.

16. Rocket Shaft (Final Zone):

	Step away from the rocket and head down the ladder.  Climb up the next 
ladder and follow the curving passageway until you reach an opening.  Drop out 
onto the rails and start following them.  At the end, turn right and go down the
next hall, taking the next available right.  Head out into the large room and 
enter the pipe opening on the left.  Take another left within and crawl through 
the ducts.  Exit the ducts and the next pipe opening and walk down the next 
hall, taking the 2nd available left.  Go through the door at the end.

	Go forward and enter the narrow passage on the left.  You'll follow it a
good ways, going down another ladder before outside.  Okay, it's not REALLY 
outside, but it's a huge room, and the roof is pretty much gone.  You want to go
left, so walk around that train car and hop over the debris.  Watch out for the 
bombing runs from above.  Have you been saving your Arbalest ammo?  This would 
be a great time to bring it out.  You'll be encountering commandos in packs from
here on out.  Moving forward should get you back "inside".  You're looking for 
an opening back into the compound that will be along the left wall.  Two packs 
of commandos will try to stop you.  When you've finished them go into the 
opening and up the stairs within.  At the top, you'll duke it out with another 
pack of baddies, then go through the opening on the other side of the control 
room.  Walk down this long hall and take out the last pack of baddies on the 
other side.  Climb up the very long ladder to end the game.  Congratulations!

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