The Invisible Beard of Contemplation 2 Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 The Invisible Beard of Contemplation 2

The Invisible Beard of Contemplation 2

1A. adder
1B. threadsnake
2A. hamlet
3A. passworb
3B tattarrattat
4A Patrick (Spongebob reference)
4B moai
5A spock (Think of Star Trek--what character is part human, part vulcan?)
5B Zachary Quinto
6A I am an idiot
6B heart
7A traveller
7B Dixie
8A Press "Esc" in the keyboard
8B fresh and easy
9A Hoffman
9B straw dogs
 1- clockwork orange
 2- One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
 3- the green mile
 4- duck soup
 5- trainspotting
 6- see no evil hear no evil
 7- tron
 8- american graffiti
 9- the omen
 10- scarface
11A click on an eye then at the next screen click the eye
11B Heterochromia
12A pharos
12B great pyramid of giza
13A stanley kirk burrell
13B ellen degeneres
14A smell the glove
14B gauntlets
15A artful dodger
15B god bless us every one
16A the one with the rumor
16B not on our watch
17A 05/11/1605
17B 36
18A ten
18B 8
19A boots (word from one of Frank Sinatra most known songs)
19B dora
 1. starsky and hutch
 2. big brother
 3. Knight Rider
 4. the weakest link
 5. lost
 6. mork and mindy
 7. happy days
 8. scrubs
 9. sesame street
 10. 24
21A taipei
21B indigo
22A anne frank
22B elizabeth
23A enigma (zoom in the dot)
23B minesweeper
24A hells bells
24B 12939
25A william tell
25B zorro
26A Mozambique
26B nepal
27A victoria cross
27B 23226
28A ct
28B charlize theron
29A eric carle
29B Labyrinth
 1. apple
 2. pear
 3. raspberry
 4. mandarin
 5. clementine
 6. pineapple
 7. ugli
 8. lime
 9. loganberry
31A Seurat
31B helen birch bartlett
32A baseball
32B Chunichi
33A hawaii
33B facetious
34A 616
34B roulette
35A john erwin
35B period
36A Snow White
36B willow
37A olympic
37B Skeleton
38A annie ramsay
38B iron
39A &
39B feline
 1. Niagara falls
 2. Copenhagen
 3. venice
 4. seattle
 5. circuit de catalunya
 6. pisa
 7. angel of the north
 8. statue of liberty
 9. hawaii
 10. Mount Rushmore
41A sinister
41B leftorium
42A dont panic
42B ford prefect
43A Klondike
43B boaz jachin
44A ftse
44B transparent
45A Union Fire Company
45B hostile takeover bank
46A Matt Johnson
46B pilot inspektor
47A Christopher Columbus
47B green lantern
48A endeavour
48B axel foley
49A morocco
49B -89
 1. che guevara
 2. george bush
 3. edgar allen poe
 4. robert johnson
 5. dr seuss
 6. joan of arc
 7. harry houdini
 8. w c fields
 9. michael jackson
 10.diego maradona

The End...of part Two.

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