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 Invisible, Inc. Item Guide

Invisible, Inc. Item Guide

[0] Table of Contents
[1] Introduction
[2] Augments
   [2.1] Unique Augments
   [2.2] Other Augments
[3] Weapons
   [3.1] Melee Weapons
   [3.2] Ranged Weapons
   [3.3] Unique Weapons
[4] Other Items
   [4.1] Non-skill Items
   [4.2] Speed Items
   [4.3] Hacking Items
   [4.4] Anarchy Items
   [4.5] Unique Items
   [4.6] Mission Items
[5] Programs
   [5.1] Starting Slot 1 Programs
   [5.2] Starting Slot 2 Programs
   [5.3] Other Programs
   [5.4] Turing

[1] Introduction

This guide is a list of all items in the game Invisible, Inc. This includes
augments, weapons, programs, and other items. Invisible, Inc. was created by 
Klei Entertainment. Thanks to them for creating this awesome game!

Most prices in this guide are the base price. Sell price is 50% of the base 
price, and each day Monst3r sells a random item at 80% of the base price. 
Regular items, weapons, and uninstalled augments can be sold at Nanofabs or to 
Monst3r in between missions. Programs can be sold at Secondary Server Terminals
or at nPrimary Server Terminals in Server Farm missions. If an item is unique 
- only available as a starter item of one of the agents - its sell price is 

The currency in the game is credits, or CR. In addition to selling items, CR 
is gained by looting Corporate Safes, taking credit chips from guards, and a 
few other ways.

[I have not yet figured out how to unlock Archive Sharp, Prism, Central, or 
Monst3r, so their unique items are not yet listed.]

[2] Augments

Augments are permanently installed on your agents. By default, each agent has
2 augment slots - additional augments cannot be installed. New slots can be 
added in Cybernetics Lab missions. (In addition, Sharp starts with 6 augment 
slots due to his starting augment.)

[2.1] Unique Augments

Most agents start with a unique augment of their own that cannot be found in 
normal gameplay. Since augments cannot be sold once installed, these have no

Agent		Augment			Ability
Decker		Neural Networking	Discover Daemons in adjacent objects

Archive Decker	Sensory Injector	Gain 2 AP when in sight of an enemy
					(including peripheral vision)
Internationale	Wireless Emitter	Hack consoles remotely and reveal 
					nearby mainframe objects
Archive Inter.	Network Siphon		Gain PWR each alarm level, amount 
					gained = alarm level
Shalem 11	Enhanced Optics		+1 armor piercing with ranged weapons

Banks		Crypto Computer		Unlock lvl1 security doors without a
Dr. Xu		Subdermal Tools		Permanent -1 AP; Can create an EMP 
					blast in an adjacent device
Archive Dr. Xu	Thermal Generator	Once per turn gain 2 PWR after using an
					item with cooldown 3 or greater
Nika		Adrenal Regulator	+3 AP after an attack, 1 extra attack 
					per turn
Archive Nika	Discharge Re-router	After melee attack reduce all item
					cooldown by 1 (once per turn)
Sharp		Modular Cybernetic Frame Begin with 6 augment slots, each 3 
					 augments gives +1 KO turns with melee
Prism		Refraction Chamber	Gain 1 PWR when breaking a firewall 
					(max 2 per turn)
Central		Antiviral Proxy		Gain 5 PWR on Daemon install

Monst3r		Fabricator Multithreading Nanofab purchases cost 15% less

[2.2] Other Augments

You can find these Augments at Nanofabs (1 available) or the special Nanofab
in Nanofab Vestibule missions (4 available). Free augments can be gotten in
Cybernetics Lab missions instead of gaining extra augment slots.

Augment			Price	Ability
Chameleon Movement	  300	Gain 6 AP after cloaking
Distributed Processing	  650	50% chance to gain 1 PWR each turn
Holocircuit Overloaders	  650	Knock out enemies in 2 tiles after cloaking
MicroSLAM Apparatus	  650	Convert map exploration percentage into CR
Net Downlink		  650	+2 AP after breaking a firewall (Max +6 AP)
Penetration Scanner	  650	+1 armor piercing on melee attacks
Piercing Scanner	  650	+1 armor piercing on ranged attacks
Predictive Brawling	  300	Gain 6 AP after melee attacks
Skeletal Suspension	  300	Improves drag speed
Subdermal Cloak		  400	Cloak after using a stim item, costs 5 PWR
Titanium Rods		  400	+1 KO turns with melee attacks
Torque Injectors	  300	Reduce item cooldown by 1 turn

[One of these, MicroSLAM Apparatus, I have only found being sold by Monst3r, 
who offers it for 520 CR. Reversing his 80% discount gives its base price of 
650 CR.]

[3] Weapons

Weapons can be bought at Nanofabs (1 available) or the special Nanofab in 
Nanofab Vestibule missions (4 available). Weapons can sometimes be found in
Security Dispatch missions.

Weapons are used to deal with guards if you can't get past them some other way.
Generally it's better to sneak past them, but sometimes that isn't possible.

Each weapon has an Armor Piercing value (Pierce) which determines whether
you can attack an armored guard. High armor piercing is vital for later
missions. Weapons must be equipped to use. Weapons are generally auto-equipped
but if you can't attack, this may be why. 

Weapons can be used on the enemy turn.
Choose Ambush to use the equipped melee weapon on a guard that passes by, or
Overwatch to use the equipped ranged weapon on a guard that passes into your 

[3.1] Melee Weapons

Melee weapons, or disruptors, are used against human guards. All of these do KO
damage (none are lethal). Drones are immune to KO damage so these will not work
on them. Most agents begin with a Neural Disruptor. Normal Disruptors have a
cooldown, while Volt Disruptors have no cooldown but cost PWR to use.

Weapon		      Price   Pierce	KO turns	Cooldown/PWR use
Neural Disruptor	500	0	KO 2 turns	3 turns cooldown
Neural Disruptor II	700	1	KO 2 turns	3 turns cooldown
Neural Disruptor III	900	2	KO 3 turns	4 turns cooldown

Volt Disruptor I	500	0	KO 2 turns	3 PWR
Volt Disruptor II	700	1	KO 2 turns	4 PWR
Volt Disruptor III	900	2	KO 3 turns	5 PWR

[3.2] Ranged Weapons

Ranged weapons either do KO damage like melee weapons, or do lethal damage. If
you do lethal damage to a human guard the alarm level will rise. Lethal damage
to drones will not raise the alarm level and will disable them permanently.
Each killed guard (both human and drone) will increase the cleanup cost that 
you have to pay at the end of the mission.

You can also shoot cameras instead of hacking them. Shooting makes sound, 
which may alert nearby guards or trigger nearby Sound Bugs.

Most ranged weapons use ammo rather than cooldown or PWR. When the ammo is 
empty the gun is useless until loaded with a Charge Pack. A Charge Pack will
refill ammo completely.

Weapon		Price	Pierce	Damage		Ammo	Cooldown/PWR use
Neural DART	  450	  0	KO 2 turns	 2
Riot DART	  900	  0	KO 2 turns	 3
Drilling DART	  950	  1	KO 3 turns	 2
Biogenic DART	 1200	  2	KO 2 turns		7 turns cooldown

Plasma Gun	  300	  0	Lethal		 1
Cooker		  700	  1	Lethal		 1
Hand Cannon	  900	  0	Lethal		 3
Flurry Gun	 1250	  2	Lethal			4 PWR *

TAG Pistol	  300		None**			1 PWR

* Flurry Gun can be used on one turn only in a mission.
** The TAG Pistol does not do damage, but instead tags the enemy. This will
automatically show that enemy's path for the rest of the mission.

[3.3] Unique Weapons

Some agents begin with unique weapons.

Archive Decker's Refurbished Revolver has the highest Ammo in the game, but
cannot be reloaded.

Shalem 11 has a Salvaged Disruptor which is worse than the normal Neural 
Disruptor since it has a 5 turn cooldown. His Desert Wind gun is like a Cooker 
with 1 extra Ammo.

Nika has a special Volt Disruptor which requires less PWR to use.

Monst3r's Overclocked Neural DART is the only weapon with 3 armor piercing. He
will always accompany you in the final mission, allowing you to take out OMNI
Soldiers. Its downside is that it will install a random Daemon on use.

Agent		Weapon			Sell  Details
Archive Decker	Refurbished Revolver	   0  Ranged, 0 pierce, Lethal,
					      6 Ammo, Cannot be reloaded
Shalem 11	Salvaged Disruptor	 150  Melee, 0 pierce, KO 2 turns,
					      5 turn cooldown
Shalem 11	Desert Wind		 300  Ranged, 1 pierce, Lethal, 2 Ammo

Nika		Nika's Volt Disruptor	 250  Melee, 0 pierce, KO 2 turns, 
					      2 PWR
Monst3r		Overclocked Neural DART	 300  Ranged, 3 pierce, KO 2 turns,
					      8 turn cooldown, 
					      Installs a Daemon on use,
					      Must have Hacking 3 to use

[4] Other Items

Non-weapon items can do many things. There are two "common" items: Medgel and
Charge Packs. These are always available from Nanofabs. Nanofabs have 2 other
random items available. The special Nanofab in Nanofab Vestibule missions has
the two common items and 6 random items available. Rare items can sometimes be 
found in Security Dispatch missions. Items can occasionally be stolen from 
guards or found in safes; the two common items are most likely to be found 
this way.

The number of all items (including weapons) an agent can carry without penalty
is determined by their Strength skill. Going over their limit reduces their AP.

Some items cannot be used unless the agent has a certain level of a certain
skill. Monst3r's Overclocked Neural DART is the only weapon with this 
restriction, as noted above. There are no items that require Strength to use.

[4.1] Non-skill Items

These items do not require a certain skill. Some of these are disposable, only
usable once.

Item		 Price	 Cooldown  Ability
Medgel		   275		   1 use only, revives a downed agent
Charge Pack	   400		   1 use only, reduces an item's cooldown by 2
				   or reloads a ranged weapon
Smoke Grenade	   300		   1 use only, obscure vision in 3 tiles
Flash Grenade	   600		   1 use only, KOs guards in 3 tiles

Camera Cannister   300	 1 turn	   Throw to give vision in an area
Hologram Projector 600	 1 turn	   Throw to place a fake cover item
Lock Decoder	   400	 3 turns   Place on Security Door to unlock in 2 turns
Ventricular Lance  700	 6 turns   +1 armor piercing for all weapons for 1 turn

[4.2] Speed Items

These items require upgraded Speed to use.

Cloaking Rigs make your agent invisible to enemy vision. A cloaked agent will 
uncloak after they make an attack or at the beginning of your next turn. The 
Cloaking Rig I limits movement to 4 tiles while cloaked.

Stims give your agent extra AP for a turn.

Item		Price	Speed	Cooldown  Ability
Scan Chip	  100	  2	 2 turns  Identify Daemons on adjacent object
Econ Chip	  800	  2	 5 turns  Gain CR instead of PWR from a console

Cloaking Rig I	  400	  2	10 turns  Cloak agent for 4 tiles of movement
Cloaking Rig II	  700	  3	 8 turns  Cloak agent
Cloaking Rig III  850	  4	 8 turns  Cloak all agents in 4 tiles

Stim I		  400	  2	 9 turns  Gain 4 AP this turn
Stim II		  800	  3	 7 turns  Gain 6 AP this turn
Stim III	 1000	  4	 4 turns  Gain 8 AP this turn, refresh attack

[4.3] Hacking Items

These items require upgraded Hacking to use. Monst3r's Overclocked Neural DART
also requires 3 Hacking to use - it is listed in Unique Weapons above.

EMP Packs disable devices. A safe can be opened without hacking it in this
way, and similarly a laser wall can be bypassed without hacking its power
supply. They also disable guards' heart monitors, allowing you to kill them
without increasing the alarm level. However, an EMP blast will disable Nanofabs
and Server Terminals, preventing you from using them. Any disabled device will
reboot after a couple turns, except for Camera Drones which will die. The EMP 
blast will happen at the end of your turn, and will make a noise that guards 
might hear.

Portable Servers must be left somewhere to generate PWR. Make sure to pick it
up again before you escape. Guards will disable Portable Servers that they 

Item		   Price  Hacking  Cooldown Ability
EMP Pack I	     500     2	   8 turns  Disable all devices in 3 tiles
EMP Pack II	     800     3	   8 turns  Disable all devices in 5 tiles
EMP Pack III	    1200     4	   8 turns  Disable all devices in 7 tiles

Portable Server I    500     2	   2 turns  Deploy to gain 1 PWR per 2 turns
Portable Server II  1000     3	   2 turns  Deploy to gain 1 PWR per turn
Portable Server III 1500     4	   2 turns  Deploy to gain 2 PWR per turn

[4.4] Anarchy Items

These items require upgraded Anarchy to use. Anarchy makes available the 
greatest number of items.

Accelerator Chips allow you to get more PWR from consoles. An agent with one of
these and lots of Hacking as well can get plenty of PWR from even a 1 PWR 

Buster Chips allow you to hack objects without using PWR, so long as you are 
adjacent to them. This is an excellent way to preserve PWR. However if a Daemon
is on the device, it will still install.

Paralyzers are used on KO'd enemies, and increase the number of turns they are

Shock Traps are used on doors, and will KO the next person to open it. This 
includes your own agents! Don't KO your own agent by forgetting about a trap 
you laid. You can disarm the trap if you need to open that door. Traps ignore
armor, so are quite useful for taking out heavily armored guards.

Item		    Price    Anarchy	Cooldown Ability
Accelerator Chip I    300   	2	2 turns	 1 extra PWR from console
Accelerator Chip II   550  	3	2 turns  2 extra PWR from console
Accelerator Chip III  800	4	2 turns	 4 extra PWR from console

Buster Chip I	      250	2	6 turns	 Break 2 firewalls
Buster Chip II	      400	3	4 turns  Break 3 firewalls
Buster Chip III	      600	4	3 turns	 Break 4 firewalls

Paralyzer I	      300	2	6 turns	 KO +2 turns
Paralyzer II	      500	3	6 turns	 KO +3 turns
Paralyzer III	      400	4	6 turns	 KO +4 turns

Shock Trap I	      400	2	7 turns	 KO 3 turns
Shock Trap II	      700	3	6 turns  KO 4 turns
Shock Trap III	     1000	4	5 turns  KO 5 turns all enemies in
						 5 tiles

[4.5] Unique Items

Some agents start with unique items. These are identical to normal items
except with a reduced or removed skill requirement.

Decker's Modded Cloaking Rig has the same effect as a Cloaking Rig II for 
only Speed 2.

Banks' Custom Paralyzer has the same effect as a Paralyzer II for only 
Anarchy 2.

Archive Banks' Econ Chip removes the Speed requirement of the normal Econ Chip.

Dr. Xu's Shock Trap removes the Anarchy requirement of Shock Trap I.

Archive Dr. Xu's EMP removes the Anarchy requirement of EMP Pack I.

Agent		Item			Sell	Cooldown Details
Decker		Modded Cloaking Rig	 200	8 turns	 Cloak agent, 
						 	 Must have Speed 2
Banks		Custom Paralyzer	 200	6 turns  KO +3 turns,
							 Must have Anarchy 2
Archive Banks	Bank's Custom Econ Chip	 400	4 turns	 Gain CR instead of PWR
							 from a console
Dr. Xu		Modded Shock Trap	 200	7 turns  KO 3 turns

Archive Dr. Xu	Tony's Modded EMP	 300	8 turns  Disable all devices in
							 3 tiles

[4.6] Mission Items

These are items that are specific to certain missions.

Item			Mission			Purpose
LVL1 Security Passcard	All			Guards carry these; 
						unlock Security Doors
Site List		Executive Terminals	Get from Executive Terminal;
						take with you to win mission
Vault Access Card	Financial Suite		Take from Financial Executive
						or buy from Monst3r for 400;
						unlocks special doors in Vault
						and Cyberlab Missions
Research Experiment	Vault			Take from Secure Cases; worth
						CR if you take them with you
Valuable Tech		FTM missions		Take from Scanning Amp; worth
						CR if you take it with you
Incognita Memory Drive	OMNI Mainframe		Held by Central during final 
						mission; take it to the
						Mainframe to win the game
Exit Access Card	Later missions in	Find in a Corporate Safe;
			Endless mode		unlocks the exit door

[5] Programs

Programs are used by Incognita to hack devices and do other things. Most 
programs require PWR to use. Get PWR by using consoles. Incognita has a limit
of 5 programs.

Programs can be found by hacking then using Secondary Server Terminals in most
missions (the M1N1 B@Z@@R - 2 programs available) or by hacking and using a 
Primary Server Terminal in the Server Farm mission (the GR@ND B@Z@@R - 8 
programs available). Monst3r does not sell programs.

[5.1] Starting Slot 1 Programs

When starting a new game, you must choose 2 starting programs. The first slot
is a program that helps you gain or conserve PWR. These programs cannot be 
found from Primary or Secondary Server Terminals during normal gameplay. Aside
from Power Drip, these must be unlocked in order to use them.

Program		Sell	Ability
Power Drip	 150	Generate 1 PWR per turn
Fusion		 150	Costs 5 PWR, cooldown 4 turns; Generate 3 PWR per turn
			for 4 turns
Seed		 175	The first program you use in a turn costs 4 less PWR
Faust		 150	Generate 2 PWR per turn; 20% chance of Daemon install

[5.2] Starting Slot 2 Programs

You also choose a program in the second slot. This program can take down 
firewalls. Unlike slot 1 programs, these can be found in normal gameplay, even
before they are unlocked to use from the beginning. Lockpick v1.0 is the only
one of these unlocked initially.

Program	      Price	PWR		Ability
Lockpick v1.0	300	2		Break 1 firewall
Rapier		600	1 + alarm level	Break 1 firewall
Parasite	400	# of parasites	Place a parasite on a device; it breaks
					1 firewall per turn
Brimstone	450	3		Break 1 firewall; 10% chance of Daemon
* If a Daemon is reversed, then instead of it installing you get a positive 
effect. Daemon reversal can happen rarely without Brimstone.

[5.3] Other Programs

Some of these break firewalls, some deal with Daemons, some generate PWR, and
some do other things.

Program		Price   PWR	Ability
Lockpick v2.0	  700   3	Break 2 firewalls
Parasite v2.0	  500	2+# of	Place a parasite on a device; it breaks
		      parasites	2 firewalls per turn
Data Blast	  400   3	Break 1 firewall on each device within 5 tiles

Dagger		  450	1	Break 3 firewalls; 5 turn cooldown
Dagger v2.0	  650   3	Break 5 firewalls; 4 turn cooldown
Hammer		  600   5	Break 5 firewalls; 3 turn cooldown

Wrench 2	  600   2	Hack a device with exactly 2 firewalls
Wrench 3	  600   3	Hack a device with exactly 3 firewalls
Wrench 4	  600   4	Hack a device with exactly 4 firewalls
Wrench 5	  600   4	Hack a device with exactly 5 firewalls

Abacus		  400		+4 PWR at start of mission
Emergency Reserve 300		Gain 5 PWR at start of turn if you have 3 or 
				less PWR; 3 turn cooldown
Wildfire	  400		Gain 5 PWR, all unhacked devices gain 1 
				firewall; 1 turn cooldown

Daemon Sniffer	  350		Identifies Daemon on device; 3 turn cooldown
Taurus		  400   2	Move Daemon to a random device
Hunter		  550   5	Kill Daemon on device; 3 turn cooldown

Oracle		  500   4	Take control of a random uncontrolled camera
Leash		  500		Control drones for an extra turn
Wisp		  300   3	Tag all visible guards
Ping		  450	1	Create a distraction noise
Shade		  500	1	Reduce sight range of guards; 2 turn cooldown

[5.4] Turing

Incognita gains the Turing program during the OMNI Mainframe mission (the final
mission) after Monst3r has the Mainframe Lock codes but before he uses them. 
She gains Turing even if you already have 5 programs, and it does not 
"overwrite" any of them.

Program		PWR	Ability
Turing		5	Break 2 firewalls on every device; 3 turn cooldown

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