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Collect as many ammunition and weapons as possible in the
Headquarters including the Sniper rifle in the dormitory.
Exit the Headquarters by following the 'Front lines' direction.
After the first landscape,
head into the trenches opposite the destroyed house. Follow the
tunnel to access the second lines (towards the church)
At the first crossing take the right way (flooded) to collect some
energy and more ammunition. Head back to the crossing and take
your left. The third lines correspond the Church area. Access the
church and go down.


At the first crossing head into the bunker and kill the enemy
inside (helps for what follows). Head back to the crossing and
take the other way. Now take the way at the left of the camp In
the tunnel with a broken armoured door and a shooting turret,
enter the vent that's hidden behind planks on the right hand wall.
Take the second exit of the vent. Two options at the next
crossing: Right way via the kennels, the left way is easier
though. Once at the camp take the right way if coming from the
right, or straight ahead if coming from the left. After the
tunnel, take the left at the crossing. Pick up the bazooka and the
ammunition in the small camp (get rid of a heavy weapon to free
space in the inventory to collect a new weapon). Head back to the
crossing and take the right way. Prepare yourself for a fight
against the helicopter just before reaching the bridge. Two
options in the catacombs: Left way (fallen rocks - can be
destroyed with grenades), right way (loads of enemies and mines).
If the player is missing grenades, any other weapon can be used.
Bunkers fields and dogs... Destroy the right bunker's door with
the fixed gun lying in the middle of the meadow. Get into the
bunker Head into the last bunker and destroy the outside armoured
door just opposite with the fixed gun. Get back out and through
this door. Head through the mountains stealthily till you behold a
camp with watch towers. Carry on at the foot of the mountains on
the left hand side and behind the trucks. Take the underground way
which will get you out behind the prisonners truck. Throw all
weapons. Infiltrate the prisonner allied soldiers Lastly, get into
the truck Hint : James can keep all of his weapons except the ones
he carries on his back.


Exit to the right and arm yourself with the knife Sneak behind
your enemy and kill him to pick up his weapon. Grab the ammo to
the left of the lorry as you get out. Infiltrate the canteen
building taking down all enemies and snipers. Exit the yard and
take the street to the right to gather some energy and
ammunitions. Head towards the City Hall square. After passing the
two enemies located behind the sandbags, go to the first floor of
the house on right Go through the access door to the yard after
taking down as many enemies as possible. Exit to the yard through
the opposite door Attract the group of enemies to the left Take
the opposite direction and station in front of the Fixed gun Go up
the street towards the blown up tank Enter the house to the left
Go through the cellar Defeat your enemy and deactivate the steam
valve (after the broken wall on the right) Go back the way you
came and take the way on your left that was previously blocked by
the steam jets Climb up the ladder Once in the flat, kill as many
enemies stationed on the City Hall square as possible Get back
down to the square through the windows. Take the left and go
through the little rounded door. Get the mines left in the camp.
Come back to the square to neutralize the tank (set a few mines on
its way) Use the tank to destroy a few buildings Take the street
left of the brewery Attract the second tank towards the City hall
square Use the first tank to neutralize the second Head back to
the street at the left of the brewery Go the the house at the back
on the right. Go to the next floor Go to the opposite house using
the beam Jump above the broken wall to the enemy quarters. Go down
and in the opposite building, then to the next floor to operate
the lever that opens the door to the disused factory. Go towards
the factory Go through the door at the left of the big building.
Follow the corridor Go past the 'valley' surrounded by watch
towers To gain access to the disused factory, by pass to the right
Accept the duel with the enemy Get into the factory After the
fight, operate the crane a couple of times (switch located on the
dash board) Then, climb up the crane to access the upper catwalks
Find the goods lift...


Open the elevator door Wait inside the elevator for the officer
and his two guards to arrive Drop all weapons Follow the officer
along the corridor Climb into the glass cage (test room) Escape
through the shattered window and through the door at the back Go
straight to the infirmary to pick up the knife and the medkit. On
exiting, go left to access the laser room Return to the test room
NOTE : do not let the scientists see you. Drop through the garbage
chute on the left... Go through the door Take the elevator at the
top of the stairs Upon exiting the elevator, take the right way
Head to the end of the corridor (mind the turrets on the ceiling)
Take left door Kill the two scientists Get into their room
Activate the red switch Wait for guinea pig to leave along with
the dogs Exit and take the stairs on the left Pick up the bomb in
the missile room Go back the way you came do not use the ladder
but carry on straight forward Shatter the glass dome in the room
above the test room Get down into the test room Return to the
laser room Get close to the table and put the bomb on it Return to
the garbage chute in the test room Go through the vent Go up the
ladder After the first crossing in the vent, go right... In the
room above the test room, go through through the door opposite the
machine guns. Operate the laser in this room (the switch is
located on the control panel) Get back out into the laser room
(via the broken dome) Back in the vent, go through the ladder In
the scientists room head through the door in front In the room
with the round tanks, go into the one on the right (there's a
door) Go through the pipes with the green water Access the
circular room with several floors Go down two floors Kill the
guard on duty to collect his gun Aim at the transparent pipe on
the horizontal column in the middle of the room Get onto the last
catwalk Go through the door to access a small room Activate the
red switch and wait until the gauge reaches the top. Go back the
way you came Take the first corridor on the left Activate the
catwalk on the control panel on the left Go right at the crossing
in the corridor. In the tanks room, take the door ahead (now open)
In the corridor, go left then straight Go towards "Station Area"
Use the elevator Once in the station, enter the room on the left
and operate the lever Go up the ladder Climb on the crates Jump on
the mobile catwalk


Head for the trapdoor Get a silenced pistol from under the stairs
or from the guard Activate the lever Head to the right Enter the
room at the rear of the carriage and climb the ladder Use the
fixed weapon to neutralise the helicopter Climb back down Use the
goods lift to go down a level Go through the train until you reach
the Chapel Enter the Chapel and climb up to the first floor Go
past the door (opposite the organ) Climb the ladder and use the
sniper rifle to kill everyone Climb back down Retrace your steps
and take the first stairs on the left Go through the room and into
the small room right behind it Climb the ladder Shoot down the
second helicopter Retrace your steps as far as the trapdoor Go
along the roof of the train (in the direction it's travelling)
until you reach the room with the swimming pool Go past the
airlock Deactivate the machine gun Activate the first button of
the Isolation Case (facing the previous buttons) Go down the
stairs and head right Go into the next carriage Climb up a level
Enter the room and activate one of the books on the small
bookshelf to the right of the door (this deactivates the machine
guns protecting the second button of the Isolation Case) Activate
the second button of the Isolation Case Go into the machine room
in the next carriage and climb the ladder Go down the walkway and
exit the train Climb the ladder Shoot the two snipers Go down into
the bunker occupied by the two dead snipers Go through the door In
the room with the Isolation Case, kill the two soldiers guarding
the fixed guns Crawl under the machine guns (one on the right and
one on the left of the entrance) Shoot the two transparent tubes
protecting the Isolation Case (the first is over the door, the
second over the protective cage) Go back out and speak to the
crouching soldier.


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