Ishar 2 - Messangers of Doom Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Ishar 2 - Messangers of Doom

Ishar 2 - Messangers of Doom

                       * ISHAR 2: MESSANGERS OF DOOM *

Walkthrough and some other information for Ishar II: Messangers of Doom
By RPG-Man (a.k.a. Psychic)  -- Version 1.2
Spanish version also available from me / Versión en español también disponible


1. Legal stuff, disaclaimer
2. Version history
3. Ishar 2 : The game
4. The walkthrough
5. Cheats


1. Legal stuff, disaclaimer

This document may be freely distributed for non-commercial (and commercial)
purposes, as long as you don't change any part of it and give me credit for
it (and for commercial purposes, if you give me some money :) .

You can freely put this file in a web page, cdrom, or whatever. You can also
print it, delete it, eat it, or whatever you think this file is worth of,
but please RESPECT the copyright.

If there is something you want to discuss with me about this document, such
as new additions, grammar, orthography, strage-looking English usage, the
game itself, etc, please do not doubt emailing me.

2. Version history

(note: the first English version begins with v1.1 instead of 1.0)

v1.0  => 13-Feb-00 => first version release, written in Spanish
v1.0a => 25-Feb-00 => fixed some bugs and changed email address
v1.1  => 29-Jun-00 => uoopss, after a long time without updating I re-make
                      a bit the whole file, adding some phrases to the 
                      walkthru and the cheats section, and re-writting the 
                      'Legal stuff' thing. Also, from this version I write the 
                      English version, which I name 1.1 because of the fact 
                      it's made from that version of the spanish one
v1.1a => 11-Jul-00 => added some more cheats to the Cheats section 
v1.2  => 12-Apr-01 => modified "legal stuff" section, added "The game"
                      section, minor changes

3. Ishar 2 : The game

Ishar 2 is (maybe I should say "was"...) the second vol. of the Ishar 
trilogy, developed by Silmarils in the early 90's. The other components
of the trilogy are Ishar : Legend of the Fortress and Ishar 3 : The
Seven Gates of Infinity, both of them with an almost identical
interface and system of play to Ishar 2. To say the truth, there was a
game called Crystals of Arborea released before Ishar 1, which used the
same game system of the Ishar series, but it's not called "Ishar" :) .

Ishar 2 is a ms-dos RPG game with a 3rd-person view. You play the role of 
a man called Zubaran, who is to stop the evil that plans over the land.

The graphics are nice. Although the music is played puntually during
gameplay, it sounds good, and sound effects are cool. I think I'd give
it (considering the passed time!) an interesting 7 over 10 in puntuation.

As a final note, I'll tell you some abandonware sites where you can
download an entire copy of the game, in case you lost the original
copy you bought (you bought it time ago, RIGHT?). Try these sites:

 * => site and game in English
 * => site and game in English
 * => site and game in

If these links don't work, please don't blame me, I am *not* responsible!
If I am reported so, I'll try, however, to find new links (also, you can
tell me some links).

4. The walkthrough

First thing to do is to turn on the computer and load the game (yep, that
may seem kinda stupid, but some people forget this detail :-). Once playing, 
don't fight the bandits in the north - round the stone circle instead. Go
to the northwest to find a beatiful village. Begin to recruit people in the
two inns (kill the less-skilled ones to steal their money if you want) and
buy some equipment in the weapon shop (once you've reached some far in the 
game, make sure to have with you at least one magician or one cleric).
After that, face now the bandits in the stone circle (the starting point of
the game... remember?). Talk to the woman, who will give you a pendant.

Towards the east of the island, in a forest clearing to the south (more or 
less), you'll encounter a very ugly orc. Kill it and pick up the necklace it
drops. Get back to the village and give the necklace to the chief, who'll
reward you letting the party use the ship located in the harbour, in the
west edge of the island. Thank you, thy highness, thou art very generous!
Go to the harbour, and board the boat.

Go to Zach's island. Here you have to fight a lot and take all the money you
can, to improve both your experience levels and equipment. When your people
reach level 8 or more, fight the soldiers who guard the bank, and you'll get
a great treasure.

In the library (northeast edge of the island) you'll get the map of Akeer's
island, and in the pet shop (towards the southeast of the island) you must
buy a mugpie, a monkey, a parrot, and a eagle. You'll have to get some oil
of salamander, spider's web and black mushrooms too. 

In the night, enter the Blue Velvet club. You will be sent to prison, use
the mugpie with the door and it'll bring you the key. Between 1AM and 2AM a
door will open. A magician will appear, defeat him and enter the sacrifice
hall. Pick up the keys from the monk's belt and go back to Irvan's island.

In the northeast edge (maybe not so east) there's a clearing in which you 
must take a dandelion puree. Go now bordering the northeast and east coast
of the island, until meeting an ancient magician. Give him 10,000 coins and
release the eagle before him. You have now the map of Jon's island.

In the west edge of the island two golems guard a holy relic. Fight for it.

Go now to Zach's island and buy 5 gargoyle's claws, fur coats for the party
and 5 ropes too. It's time to go to Jon's island, but before that take off 
your armours (not anything else) and put on the fur coats (if you want to
survive the intense cold) and the ropes (they prevent you from falling).

You'll find a cauldron in which you'll prepare some potions. Kill a rhino
to get its horn.

In the northwest harbour you'll find a powerful sword, and a priest 
levitating or whatever. Give him the Humbolg potion (1 oil of salamander,
1 spider's web, and 1 black mushroom), and he'll give you the map of
Thorm's island in return.

Return to Zach's and rest. Buy an iron shield, 2 potions of rat's brain, and
some dried mistletoe.

Go now to Thorm's island and put on the pendant that the dead woman in
Irvan's island gave you. In the huts here you'll hear stories about two
druid brothers that tried to defeat Shander, but failed. Now you can meet
the Ent (over the middle of the island). Give the Jablou potion (1 
dandelion puree, 1 dried mistletoe, and 2 potions of rat's brain) and you'll
be given a pendant in return. Now go find the statue of one of the druid
brothers (towards the east of the island, in the centre), and use the horn
with it. The druid will come to life. Give him the iron shield for him to
tranform it in a powerful Fire shield. 

In the southeastern area of the island lies a new relic. Now you have two,
you'll need three more to revive the last druid bro. Last, retrieve a key
that holds Zeldy, a dead girl towards the north of the island (you might
finish stunned in the search of this girlie). 

Go back to Zach's island. Zeldy's key opens the town hall (towards the
northeast). Seems that the Commander-in-chief had stolen the Air Elemental
Pendant from the Temple of the Element Air. When you return the pendant,
you'll be awarded with another pendant. After that, you'll have to give
20,000 coins to a man for getting another relic (centre-west of the island,
cul-de-sac of the four towers at between one and two o'clock in the morning).

Buy evening tunics for your party, put on all the pendants you have and
enter again in The Blue Velvet (now the guards won't take you to prison).
Ancient Olbar will give you here the map of Olbar's (his own name) island,
HQ of Shandar.

But it's not time to go there yet. Go to Akeer's island, walk always towards
the north, and then the east, until reaching three weighing scales. Put
exactly 3,550 coins in the first one and in the second one, and when you
return to the catacombs the water will be gone. Find the passage that was
before hidden by the water. You'll reach a zone with invisible walls, but
you go to the west always and you'll be in a passage full of cells. Kill
the furious guard. At the end of the passage there's a lock - use the key
stolen of the monk's belt in sacrifice hall. In a cell you'll meet Grimzel, 
the daughter of the druid you're trying to turn alive (she's a blind 
because of Shandar). Recruit her (you have to dismiss one character). Now
you can go (recommended by me) or try to search for a secret passage through
an invisible wall. The monkey you have will be helpful in the opening of the

If you enter in the room with black and white squares, use the "exorcism"
spell (marked as "X") to regain normality. Get back to Zach's and rest.

Back in Akeer's, take the east way. You'll have to retrieve five skulls that
activate handles for opening a door, near to the small lake in the eastern
area of the island. By that door a warrior defends another relic.

Go to Jon's island, to the northeast harbour, where the last relic lies.
Take the edelwiss you see in the way, because they'll be used to prepare
the anti-vertigo potion (1 gargoyle's claws, and 1 edelwiss). Prepare the
potion for every party component, and get the relic. Go now to the
northwest harbour and put all the relics on the pillars. The druid will
revive, and you'll have a great ally in the fight with Shandar.

Shandar is under protection of his uncountable minions, in his fortress of
Olbar's island. Use your spells of protection against fire, and the magic
shield. Put the parrot in the front of the door's ear and Shandar is here.

The final battle awaits.

5. Cheats

Cheats to do during gameplay:

* Press CONTROL+ALT+V to regain full health.

* Press CONTROL+ALT+A to make the time advance.

Using an hexadecimal editor (I used Disk Editor from Norton Utilities),
edit a saved game (extension *.SAV) and locate the offset 1006 (hexadecimal
3EE). Change the next five pairs of bytes to 02 33 (i.e., type '02 33' five
consecutive times). Load the game, load the edited save game and you'll find 
every one of your characters have now 500000 coins, money enough to buy 
anything you want in the game (if you don't have any idea of what I've just 
said, it'll be better for you to forget this whole paragraph :-) .

(c) 2000-01 by RPG-Man (a.k.a. Psychic) 

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