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 Ishar 2 - Solution

Ishar 2 - Solution

Go  west, then north, and avoid the fight. Enter the village,
and  play with the pump handle.  Recruit Kudseac, pick up his
possessions, then kill him.
Visit  the two inns to  recruit four characters (preferable :
Eliandr,  Zeloran, Fandhir and  any warrior). Buy  a sword, a
bow  and some arrows from the armourer and some food from the
shopkeeper  so you  can recover your  physical strength after
Go  to the harbour (S-SW), and force a passage: take prisoner
and  hand over to  the village chief who  then tells you what
your mission is. Return to the starting point. Kill the three
thieves,  find the  woman, and pick  up the  pendant. If your
strength  is a  bit low,  eat some  food, then  return to the
village to recruit and to buy helmets and shields.
Go  as far east into the forest  as you can, then go north to
pick  up the  black and  white mushrooms.  Go to  the extreme
north,  pick up the  dandelions, then fight  the wasps. Enter
the forest clearing on the south side, and kill the orcs. For
the  chief orc, you  need to use as  many arrows as possible.
Pick up the necklace.
Return  to the village, hand the  necklace to the chief, then
recover  the boat. Eat, sleep, buy  arrows, arms and food. Go
to the harbour, select the town landing-stage.

Tip:  When you travel trough the  town, write down every shop
you  encounter and all the prices  for every armour, helmets,
weapons, shields...  Don't buy anything.  When you've got the
whole  city on  paper, and  enough money,  then buy  the most
expensive  helm,  shield, weapon,  armour... for everybody of
your team.  So you avoid wasting your money when you discover
a better item than the previous shop got for you.
Tip:  After fighting, always share the money that you pickup,
between your team members. Each member will be happy!

Go  right  through the  town to  the  library at  the extreme
northeast.  Pick up the fortress  parchment, and kill as many
enemies  as possible (to gain money and experience). Buy food
and  recruit if necessary. Eat  and sleep to recover strength.
return to the harbour towards the fortress.

Follow  the wall on the right, trying to keep moving east all
the  time. Fight  with skeletons,  then go  through the south
passage.  Pick up the treasure in the cul-de-sac at the south
end,  and the skull in the  cul-de-sac to the east. Leave the
passage,  continue east, then go south. In the large room, go
to  the extreme south-east,  then south, east,  and then into
the  corridor to the  north. Activate the  two handles on the
right  and left walls.  Continue north into  the passage, and
follow  the corridor into the large room. Activate the handle
on  the wall to the north. Leave the passage again, go to the
extreme  south-east, follow the corridor  and pick up a skull
in  the cul-de-sac.  Go back into  the corridor  with the two
handles.  Walk around the  west wall, then  on the other side
enter  the room, pick up the treasure, skull and arms. Return
to the landing-stage, then go back to the town.

Buy  fighting  gear, arrows  and  as much  food  as possible,
because big scraps are coming. Buy two monk's habits and five
fur coats from the clothes shop (not far from the harbour, in
the road leading to a small square to the north).
Go  to the library, examine the parchment on potions, then go
west  to  the bank.  Enter the  street, and  kill all  of the
guards  in one  go(!) using the  arrows and  spells. Take the
door  opposite,  pick  up(steal!!)  100,000  po.  and deposit
10,000 of them in the bank on the opposite.
Go  shopping: buy a  magpie, a monkey, an  eagle and a parrot
from  the pet  shop on  the extreme  south-east of  the town.
Opposite  is a super-armourer  if you got  the money... Go to
the  south,  then buy  five ropes  from the  shopkeeper. Move
west,  buy potions for the "troublesome priest" HUMBOLG spell
and  "ent reviver" JABLOU spell. Continue to the west, and at
the  next three  crossroads go  north, then  west, then first
east.  Kill the giant guard, which  is a difficult task, then
regain strength because there are more fights to come.
Enter  the "Blue Velvet" nightclub  (only open at night), and
you  are  thrown in  prison. Release  the magpie  through the
bars,  pick up the key and open  the cell. Put on five monk's
habits.  In the  fortress enter the  passage between midnight
and 4am., pass the monk, and enter the sacrifice.
Recover  the prison key from the  monk's belt, then leave the
passage  again.  Find the  invisible wall  (where one  of the
characters  should notice a draught)  and cross it. Leave the
prison,  fight with the guards. For the next step you need at
least  10.000po. and an  iron shield, if  you have them, take
the boat for the island where you originally started (IRVAN)

Go as far east as you can, then follow the east coast. Find a
magician, give him 10,000po. then send out the eagle. Pick up
the  mountain parchment. Return to the extreme west along the
coast,  and when you find the standing stones continue to the
west  end.  Pick up  the relic  at the  foot of  the standing
stone.  When Golem wakes up, kill him - remember though, most
spells  won't work on him - then turn round and fight Golem a
second  time. Return  to the  harbour. Select  the mountains,
take the landing stage to the south.

In  the mountains you must put on the fur coats. Take off the
armour,  and attach  the ropes  to avoid  falling. Move east,
pick  up  the cauldron  from the  snow, then  set off  in the
opposite  direction  following  the mountain  road  along the
precipice.  Go into the mountains, find a Rhinoceros, kill it
and  take its horn.  Return to the  landing stage. Select the
mountains landings stage to the north-west. If necessary make
a  return  trip  to  the town  for  repairs.  On  leaving the
harbour,  travel east. Follow the coast then take the passage
to  the west. Fight with two giants, pick up the living sword
in a mountain hollow, then  leave the passage again. Continue
northwards,  and look for the priest  at the end in a cul-de-
sac. Prepare the HUMBOLG potion and give it to him, then pick
up  the  tree island  parchment.  Return to  the  harbour and
select  the tree island. If necessary, go repair your team to
the town.

Put  on the pendant  recovered from the  dead woman. Take the
crossroads  to the left, then to the north, and second on the
right. At the end, find an ent. Prepare the JABLOU potion and
give it to him to drink, then pick up the pendant. Go down to
the  south again,  go west and  enter the  village. Visit the
huts  (two open huts give various information). Return to the
harbour,  take the extreme east then fight with the ewoks. At
the  end, pick up the relic  then return towards the harbour.
Go north, east, north then east, follow the road and find the
stone druid at the end. Place the horn on it, and give it the
iron  shield  when  it wakes  up.  Pick up  the  magic shield
(protects  against fire), turn round  then at the crossing go
north,  east then first  north. Fight with  the monster, then
take  the first west. Negotiate the labyrinth, avoiding false
trails  and aggressive  eagles, to  arrive close  to the dead
woman  at the end  to the west.  Collect the key  to the town
hall from around her neck, then hurry back to the harbour.

Go to the town hall (extreme north-west). Enter the town hall
and  pick up  the idol  then go  to the  temple (west  of the
bank),  and give the idol  back to the monk.  Pick up the air
elemental  pendant, then go on to  the bank and draw out some
money. Buy arms and food if necessary ,eat and sleep but keep
7,100po. Return to the harbour, then go to the fortress.

Follow  the left-hand wall always moving  north as far as the
passage.  In the circular corridor take the invisible passage
to  the  north. Follow  the corridors  and enter  the flooded
area.  In the  maze keep  taking the  corridors to  the north
until you leave the catacombs. Find three weighing scales and
put  exactly 3,350po. on the first  two scales. Return to the
catacombs,  and hopefully the water has disappeared. Take the
second  to the south-east,  then at the  end follow the small
underground  passage. In the large  room, activate the handle
at  the south-east end.  Take the treasure  at the north-west
end,  then put on the air  elemental pendant. Continue to the
north-east  end, take  the first  turning on  the right, then
fight   with  the  mummies  (fire  cloud  and  lightning  are
effective).  At the very end,  go to the south  and pick up a
Return to the north, then take the access to the east. Stop in
front  of the wall, take the  invisible passage to the south,
pick  up the treasure  and the skull.  Return to your initial
position in front of the wall, then cross the invisible still
moving east. If blocked, sidestep to the south, then continue
east. Enter the prison. Remember you can find other treasures
if you pass other invisible passages at the end of the maze.
Follow  the corridor. In the east kill the lion-guard. At the
eastern  end, click  the prison key  in the lock  and all the
cells  open. Turn around  and in the first  cell to the right
you  can find treasures  behind an invisible  wall. In one of
the  cells is a blind girl who  you must recruit, so you must
dismiss either the archer or warrior (dont forget to take his
possession).  In the second cell  to the south, starting from
the  west,  is a  secret passage  through an  invisible wall.
Follow  the  corridor and  enter a  vast  room. This  area is
cursed!!!  some characters  are inverted.  To un-invert them,
cast the lifting spell.
Go  to the middle of the columns and pick up the living sword.
>From  the center  make the  return: go  north, return  to the
centre, go south, return to the centre, go west and return to
the  centre  before continuing.  At the  end you  find either
invisible  walls with  treasures or  a secret  passage with a
handle  to be activated.  Now take the  passage to the south-
east,  pass the door, following the corridor to the south. In
front of the grille, release the monkey then open the passage.
Reach  the  landing  stage  and select  the  entrance  to the
fortress again.

Return  south-east to the corridor with handles. Go due north
into the passage and follow the corridors to the west. Beware
of  the  destroying  wizard  of  chaos  by  preparing psychic
protection,  then  kill him.  Pick up  the treasures  and the
skull.  Return to the passage  entrance and take the corridor
to the south-east. Watch out for the magician, kill him, then
click  on  the button  which  is underneath  the eagle-heads,
revealing  a secret  passage. Continue along  the corridor to
the  north, place the six skulls  on the six scales. Continue
along,  kill the guard  and pick up the  relic. Return to the
landing stage, and re-enter the town.

Buy  five evening  tunics from the  clothes shop.  Put on the
tunics and ent pendant, and enter the night club BLUE VELVET.
Pick  up the end of fortress  parchment. With 20,000po. go to
the  cul-de-sac of  the four  towers at  between one  and two
o'clock  in the morning. Give  20,000po. to the dodgy-looking
character, then pick up a relic.
Buy  the ingredients for  five anti-vertigo potions (MILDONG)
then  eat and sleep. At the harbour, select the mountains and
the north-east landing stage.

Find  a  passage  to  the west.  Follow  the  road,  kill the
dwarves,  then enter the mountains to  the north. Pick up two
edelweiss plants - one in a cul-de-sac to the west, the other
in  a cul-de-sac to the east. Return to the passage entrance.
Continue east, kill the vultures, then enter the mountains to
the north. Pick up one edelweiss plant, return to the passage
entrance, then go east followed by north. Take the passage to
the  east  and pick  up two  edelweiss  plants. The  place is
cursed,  so  cast a  curse-lifting  spell. To  continue, each
character  has to  drink an  anti-vertigo potion.  Follow the
road, pick up a relic, then return to the harbour. Select the
mountains, then the north-west landing stage.

Travel  west along the coast. Fight  all the guards, then get
rid  of  one off  the characters  (dismiss  or cast  into the
void). Enter the mountains to the east, then kill the guards.
At  the end, leave five relics on five pillars, and the druid
revives.  Recruit the druid,  who is essential  for his fire-
protection  spell. Return to the landing stage and select the
end of fortress. Return to the town if you need to replenish

Fight against the Fire Elemental: put the magic shield on one
of   the  characters,  activate  the  fire-protection  spell,
approach  the elemental then strike. At the first crossroads,
turn right and travel right around the block. Take the access
open to the north, then at the next crossroads go to the west
(not  essential). In the maze fight against the orcs, pick up
arms  and treasures, then to the  north pick a fight with the
dragon.  To kill the  dragon, use the  same principle as with
the  fire  elemental -  the protection  spell must  always be
validated,  otherwise you've had it. Use the healing spell as
often  as necessary, and you can have several goes at killing
the dragon.
Continue to the north, pick up the treasures in the crannies.
At  the  next crossroads  go north,  then through  the secret
passage  in the north  wall. Continue, and  fight against the
wizard  and  the  skeletons.  At the  end  of  the  maze with
invisible   walls,  activate   the  handle.   Return  to  the
crossroads,  go down to  the south. You  must slalom into the
room  because there are spikes  in the walls. Reach Shandar's
fortress.  In the  large room,  move along  the edges because
there  are missiles in  the ceiling. At  the south-east  end,
pick  up the treasure,  then at the  north-west end fight the
knight and take the access to the north, follow the corridor,
and  there's a mechanism  to be activated in  a small room to
the  west. At the  end, fight against  the Gorgon (beware she
inverts !), then go into the large room with a fountain which
raises  life points. Return to the room. The diversion to the
north  is not necessary. You can move directly south when you
enter  the  room, you  should  reach the  labyrinth  with the
mummies and the witch. Take the passage to the south, then to
the  east. There's a  mechanism to be  activated in the small
room  to the  west. Carry on  and fight the  lion guards. The
trapdoor  can be activated to open  the closed grille. At the
next crossroads head north, then at the end get the treasures
and activate the mechanism. return to the crossroads, then go
down to the south.
Follow  the corridors to the end, then find a small room with
a  magician. Listen to  what he says (don't  hit him !), then
take  the  north access  in  the previous  corridor.  Put the
parrot in front of the ear and the passage opens. In the next
room,  slalom otherwise you bash your  head, then in the next
room  move  along the  edges.  Prepare psychic  shelter, then
fight  against Shandar in the north access. Kill him, go back
to the country - and that's it, you've finished .... look out
for ISHAR 3  "The seven gates of infinity"


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