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 The Manxís Labyrinth of Time

The Manxís Labyrinth of Time


This is my effort to help the people out there still playing, or fortunate
enough to just be  discovering, the most underappreciated adventure game of all

When did life become so boring? Your existence seems to only involve plodding
from home to work and back again every day. But one gray Friday evening the
subway ride home is interrupted when a ghost pulls you out of the real world!
Itís Daedalus, the legendary architect who created the Labyrinth of Crete. The
ghost of his old employer King Minos has enslaved him to build a new, even
greater labyrinth that spans time and space. Unless you find a way to destroy
the labyrinth Minos will be able to conquer the world, in all times and places.
So much for a boring night at home.

You interact with the labyrinth through a series of icons on the bottom of the
screen. From left to right they are TAKE, MOVE, OPEN, CLOSE,  ZOOM IN, TURN
LEFT, GO FORWARD, TURN RIGHT and your MAP which fills itself in as you explore.
To take something, you click the TAKE icon then the item you want to take on
the screen, to open a door or drawer you click OPEN and then the door or
drawer. Easy, huh?

The inventory icon takes you to another menu. The FEET take you back to the
main menu, the DISK takes you to the save menu (pick a drive, pick a slot), the
HAMMER lets you use the selected item, the EYE turns off and on the feature of
you seeing the selected item, and the ARROWS are what you use to flick through
the different things youíve picked up. Youíre ready to start adventuring.


Youíre in a subway car thatís been yanked out of space and time when the game
begins. If you look around youíll see there are two doors (and a Marx Brothers
film festival), but one is shut and you donít have the means to open it yet. Go
through the open one into a hotel. The door to your right can be opened to
reveal a bathroom. Thereís nothing there of any importance. The left door is
locked, but youíll be getting in there later.

Go forward to enter a hallway. Go forward once and turn right. You should be
facing a door you can open. Thereís a wardrobe in there that has a couple
things you need, but itís locked. Go back out and go to the end of the hallway,
and turn at the corner.

Here there are a pair of doors opposite each other. The one on the left is an
elevator, and the right goes to a Mirror Maze. For now weíll be taking the
elevator. Push the button and enter it, then push the button to go to the next
floor. Note the private detective office although it too is locked. Go straight
and make your way across the movie theater to the door on the other side.
Whatís that built into the wall? Itís a combination lock, but we donít know the
combination yet. Donít worry, all will be revealed in time. Go back to the
office and take the other door and go all the way down the hall. Youíre now on
a crystal cliff. That building floating in midair youíll see when you look
around is the heart of the labyrinth. Turn right and enter the cave over there.
When you get to the end of the cave youíll see arrows pointing left. Take their
advice and enter the door you see.

Youíre now in a train car. Go all the way to the end, turn right and open the
door. Step out onto the platform, then open the door, proceed through the
station and enter the old west town of Revolver Springs. Look around at the
various sights including the tombstones in the cemetery and the newspaper
office, but make sure to go to the Sheriffís office at the very end and take
the brass key out of the drawer inside. You can try to explore the mine, but
unfortunately thereís a barrier blocking the way toward anything interesting.
Make your way back to the elevator and go back down.

Go back to the hotel room you opened before and use the brass key to unlock the
wardrobe. Take the card key and journal inside. Flip through the journal to
learn some back story, and note the name Mad Dog Maddigan. Wasnít he one of the
people buried in Revolver Springs? For now, enter the Mirror Maze

Feel free to explore if you want, but the quickest way through the maze is
west, north, west, west, south, east, (ignore the fortune telling machine here.
Heís not kidding if you donít), south, east, east, south, west, west, south.
Youíre at a teleportation relay station. Zoom in on the green and blue buttons
and get out your card key. Slide it in the brown slot with the weird symbols
between them, then push the blue button. Youíre now in a museum on the moon.
Look at the screen with a picture of Earth for info on the museum, and others
around the place for other information. Go forward and check out the exhibits.
Doesnít that phonograph look familiar? Wonder what was supposed to be in the
smashed case. Keep going forward. On your right is a belt you can take if you
want, on your left is a machine with three levers. Pull them (donít worry about
the scream, itís just the Wicked Witch of the East getting run over by the
subway). These move sections of the bridge to the heart of the labyrinth,
including the one blocking your way back in Revolver Springs.

Go back to the teleporter and use the card again, but this time hit the green
button. Youíre in a library in orbit. Turn around and enter the door. Look at
the screen for some information and a sign of just how bad things are getting.
Better hurry. Go back and turn left. When you get to the end youíll find
another teleporter. Just push the button, you donít need the card.

Turn around and leave the cave where youíve found yourself. Notice the falling
rocks. You can pass through them once and only once without proper head
protection.  Go down the hall and through the door. Immediately turn right and
go through the new door. Youíre in a 3x3 room now. Note the door that has a
weird shaped depression in the handle, but we canít open it yet. Go to the
center of the room and look inside the basin. Take the labrys (axe). Go back to
the door you came in and use the one next to it. Cross the courtyard and enter
the medieval maze. From the first room go south, east, south, south, east x3,
north, east, south. Hey that helmet looks like it might come in handy for the
trip back, doesnít it? Take it and put it on (use it). From here go north,
north, west, west, north, east, east, north, north. Youíre in a ďweird caveĒ so
enter the door in front of you. Now youíre in a closet, isnít that a relief?
Take the can of paint and use the other door to enter the 50ís diner. Go up to
the jukebox and take the silver key. It doesnít matter where you click.

Go down the hall next to the jukebox. At the end youíll find a pay phone and a
pay toilet. You could use your quarter in the door, but use it in the phone
instead. Itíll trade you a bunch of quarters for your one. Pick them up and use
one on the door even if you donít have to go. Youíve entered the Hedge Maze.
From the entrance go north, east, east, north, east, north, north, west, north,
north, east, east, south, east, north, north.

Go into the next room. Take the electric screwdriver and look at the paper
hanging on the wall:

7 	2	9	10

1	11	5	13

8	15	14	12

3	4	6

Go back through to the teleport station at the library and push the orange
button to go back to the Mirror Maze. You can drop a few coins in the fortune
telling game now if you want, but the things it says are predictably vague. Go
to the room behind the movie theater and slide the numbers around to match the
pattern from the poster. I canít give you specific instructions on how to do
this, unfortunately, because I just dork around until itís finished when I
play. My advice to you is to arrange the lines from left to right starting from
the top and once you get a number in the right place leave it there unless you
absolutely have to move it. It probably doesnít sound like it, but the strategy

After you solve the puzzle the wall falls open, and you really should check out
the new room. Here youíll want the gold key for sure and the bicycle pump just
in case. Thereís now a door between this room and the rest of the construction
site too in case you want to go wandering around the Hedge Maze some more
without spending more quarters.

Go back to the office and unlock the private detectivesí office with the silver
key. Look at the desk in the corner and take the iron key. You can take the
statue and notes if you really want to but the first is useless and the second
just reiterates the problem from the journal. Go back to the hotel, to the door
across from the bathroom you couldnít open before. Use the gold key to unlock
it and enter. Go right. Notice the sign on the wall: ďdrop off laundry and a
newspaper for room 14.Ē Thatís the professorís room, and youíre going to take
advantage of this. Look left to see a closet. It has a bunch of things in it
but the only one that has a use is the roll of paper.

Go back to Revolver Springs and explore the mine. The barrier that was in your
way before is gone now so push the mine cart and then follow it. Push it again
to bash open the door. You can take the sword if you want, but the real
treasure is behind the door. Close it and take the lantern, which you might as
well switch on now since it never runs down. While weíre in town go to the
newspaper office and use your paper with the printing press. Move the handle
twice and take the newspaper you just made. Go to the servantís room and leave
it on the table.

Go to the metal door off the subway car and zoom in on the big screw holding it
in place. Use your screwdriver to open it then take the screw and open the
door. Youíre on a city street but donít get used to it, you canít enter any of
the buildings. You can buy a newspaper if you want, if that makes you feel any
better. When you try to cross the street youíll be struck by lightning and
zapped into the weirdest part of the labyrinth.

Youíre enteringÖthe Surreal Maze. Donít get freaked out by anything in here,
but if you get the chance thank the artist. Go south once, then east until you
end up back in the room with the broken TVís and weird lamps, then north. From
here, go south. Youíll end up at the bottom of a Mayan ziggurat. Go to the top
and twist the column with the two faces sticking out if it. This opens a pair
of doors at the middle of the ziggurat, so go through one. Make sure your
lantern is on, itís awful dark in there.

Go all the way to the southwestern corner and take the dirty shirt. Pull the
lever. Youíre back at the Minoan area of the labyrinth, so make your way back
to the hotel again and go all the way to the end of the hall with the elevator.
Thereís a laundry chute, you have a dirty shirt. Figure it out. Read the
journal again. Messing with time and space is fun! The journal gives the
combination to the lock in the servantís room if you want to puzzle it out, or
you could use a walkthrough.

Go to the servantís room and open the vault door (the combo is 04/08/78 if you
donít want to bother figuring it out). Go to the end, open the coffin and take
the ornament inside. You can also take the pith helmet next to the skeleton if
you want. It does the same thing as the helmet you already have. Go back to the
street off the subway car and get zapped to the Surreal Maze again. Make your
way to the ziggurat and pull another lever. Go back to the 3x3 room where you
found the labrys and use the ornament to open the door with the weird knob.
Enter Minosís throne room. Move the throne and take the can of paint behind it.

On your way back to the ziggurat to pull the third lever, letís make a little
detour. Instead of going to the Mirror Maze, go to the Museum (thatís the blue
button). Remember the display that was broken open? Well, since Garret found
Mad Dog Maddiganís map thanks to you, now thereís a Mayan talisman in it. Go
ahead and take it, itís all thanks to you itís there in the first place.

Whoops, looks like you set off the burglar alarm. Use the teleporter, but no
matter what button you push, you end up in the cell in Revolver Springs. You
can take the item under the blanket if you want, unfortunately thereís no gas
for the chainsawÖI mean, bullets for the gun anywhere in the game. Let yourself
out with the iron key. Go back to the ziggurat and flip the last lever.

Youíve finally got a bridge to the heart of the labyrinth, so what are you
waitiní for?? Unfortunately, just like in the old labyrinth, thereís a minotaur
in this one who tries to gore you on his horns if you get too close. Notice the
two mirrors shining on him, though. Wonder whatíd happen if they were covered
up. Use a can of paint on each mirror. That was almost a weaker monster than a
Dragon Quest slime. Use the labrys in the niche where the minotaur used to be
and reveal the labyrinthís keystone. Whip out that Mayan talisman you stole and
zap the keystone!

Congratulations! You used my walkthrough to beat the game!


Q: I just beat the gameÖwhatís this about a sequel?
A: As you can see, Labyrinth of Time was meant to have a sequel. Unfortunately,
the game was released at the same time as Myst and The 7th Guest, and because
gamers felt more like wandering around an island playing with levers and
dividing up cakes than traveling through time LoT didnít get enough attention
to merit a sequel. Iíd love to see it happen but I doubt very much it ever will.

Q: Is it possible to die or get stuck?
A: Iím not aware of there being any way to ďdieĒ in Labyrinth of Time. If you
can get struck by lightning multiple times and dust yourself off there probably
isnít much Minos can do to you. There are a couple of ways to get stuck though.

1) Being trapped in the sheriffís cell without the iron key.

2) Getting to the ziggurat without the lantern.

3) Running out of quarters to enter the hedge maze and get the crucial stuff,
although if youíre the kind of person whoíd, say, use a walkthrough to beat a
videogame, thatís something you could technically get around.

Q: The subway car is crushed! What happened?
A: You pulled the levers in the museum more than once, didnít you? Itís okay,
thatís what the bicycle pump is for. Use it on the car three times to fix it.

Q: Manx youíre the greatest! Will you write for my website/accept a million
dollars/be my boyfriend?!
A: Drop me a line, weíll see what we can work out. : )

Q: Manx, you suck! Why havenít you written a walkthrough for ?!
A: Tell me what you need help with, Iíll see about coming up with a new
walkthrough. I generally only do walkthroughs of graphic adventures or quirky
RPGís, though.


Acme Screwdriver
Found: Construction site
Use: Open sealed door off subway car

Alien Belt
Found: Lunar museum
Use: Lights up if you put it on

Bicycle Pump
Found: Construction site
Use: Fix subway car if crushed

Brass Key
Found: Drawer in the sheriffís office, Revolver Springs
Use: Open the wardrobe, hotel

Found: Servantís room, hotel
Use: None

Found: Servantís room, hotel
Use: None

Card Key
Found: Wardrobe, hotel
Use: Activate teleporters

Colt .45
Found: Under blanket in the cell, Revolver Springs
Use: None

Cretan Ornament
Found: Tomb of King Minos
Use: Open door to King Minosís throne room

Dirty Shirt
Found: Inside the ziggurat
Use: Put in hotel laundry chute, changes history when used along with Old West

Falcon Statue
Found: Private detectivesí office
Use: None

Fresco Paint
Found: Minosís throne room, behind the throne
Use: Paint over the Minotaurís mirror

Gold Key
Found: Construction site
Use: Unlock servantís room, hotel

Found: Medieval Maze, southeast corner
Use: Protects you from falling rocks

Iron Key
Found: Private detectivesí office
Use: Unlock cell door, Revolver Springs

Found: Wardrobe, hotel
Use: Provides clue to locked door in servantís room after changing history

Found: In a pit in the Minoan Maze
Use: Reveal the labyrinthís keystone, heart of the labyrinth

Found: Behind the door in the mine, Revolver Springs
Use: Light up the inside of the ziggurat

Liquor Bottle
Found: Revolver Springs Saloon
Use: None

Loose Screw
Found: Sealed door off subway car
Use: None

Found: Inventory at the beginning
Use: See where you are in the Labyrinth, fills in as you explore

Mayan Talisman
Found: Lunar museum, after changing history
Use: Destroy labyrinthís keystone

Found: City street off the subway car, in dispenser
Use: Lets you see your disappearance hasnít gone unnoticed

Found: Private detectivesí office
Use: Reiterates moving grave puzzle

Old West Newspaper
Found: Newspaper office, Revolver Springs
Use: Leave in servantís room, hotel, as one item required to change history

Found: Closet outside the 50ís diner
Use: Paint over the Minotaurís mirror

Found: Servantís room, hotel
Use: In newspaper office, Revolver Springs, to create Old West Newspaper

Pith Helmet
Found: Tomb of King Minos
Use: Protects you from falling rocks

Found: Inventory at the beginning
Use: Use in phone in 50ís diner for more quarters; open door to Hedge Maze; buy
newspaper; use in fortune-telling game in Mirror Maze

Silver Key
Found: Jukebox, 50ís diner
Use: Unlock door to private detectivesí office

Found: Mine, Revolver Springs
Use: None

Found: Servantís room, hotel
Use: None

Legal Stuff
Labyrinth of Time is copyright 1993 Terra Nova Development. This document is in
no way authorized by the holders of this copyright.
This document is copyright 2008 The Manx (David Anderson). It may not be
reproduced, in part or in whole, without the express consent of the author, and
certainly not for profit.

Any requests to host this walkthrough or any others by The Manx, requests for
new walkthroughs and date offers can be directed to

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