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 Lesiure Suit Larry locking for love

Lesiure Suit Larry locking for love
before we begin we have to explain something.
the actual commands that must be entered from the keyboard will be placed
between "   " and are in CAPITAL letters.
directions are given as N,S,W,E.
also in capitals but not between brackets.
save your game as much as you like.
it will prove to be the best approach in case that you have forgotten something
or worse you DIE !.
well off to the game !!

the begin:In front of eve's house
standing in front of the house you will see a garage.
walk into the garage and go to the right.(now you'r out of sight).
walk over to the trash bin standing against the right wall.
"LOOK BIN" ;"OPEN BIN";nothing to be found there,or where you looking for your
passport (HINT)!!!.
walk over to the fence;"LOOK HOLE" ; E.
enter the quicky market and walk to the woman behind the counter.
you now have to pick your six lucky luck-o-bucko numbers.
you can pick any six numbers that you want,it doesn't matter.
now leave the store. W,W,W.
go up the stairs and enter the tv studio,walk up to the girl behind the counter
now write down the six lucky numbers that the girl remembers.
the numbers are chosen random so we can't give you any numbers to type in.
if you are asked to give YOUR lucky numbers,type in the six lucky numbers
that the girl gave you.AND THERE WE HAVE A WINNER!
now walk up the door into the waiting room and go over to the bench;"SIT".
now wait until a man appears through the left door and ask you to come
with him ;"STAND",and follow him through the door.
during the dating connection you are asked 3 questions.
it doesn't matter what you answer,it doesn't come out right anyway !
when you have won the dating connection you are back in the green room.
you have to wait there until a woman appears through the right door.
sit down and relax,it takes less time that walk over to the bench and
when the woman appears follow her through the door.
and remember give the wheel a big spin.
when you are back in the green room,after winning the million dollar bill,
leave the studio. S,E.
now enter the MOLTO LIRA store.
walk over to the counter and "LOOK GIRL"
now walk over to the back of the store where the swimsuits are."TAKE SWIMSUIT"
walk over to the front of the counter and "PAY" ,leave the store. W,S,S.
now you see in front of the house two trashcans with all your belongings
in it.
eve was so kind to put it there for you so you didn't have to search
for so long to get al your stuff.
walk over to the left trashcan. "LOOK BIN" ;"SEARCH BIN" ;"TAKE PASSPORT".
now walk N,N,E,E,E and enter the drugstore.
when you enter the drugstore you see two shelves in the middle of the room
and a young man behind a counter on the right.
walk to the left of the screen,through the wall on the left and the shelf
on the right.stand about in the middle of the shelf and face the man behind 
the counter ;"TAKE LOTION".
now go to the counter and pay for it "PAY".expensive stuff eh.
leave the store and go W and enter the quicky market where you bought that
winning luck-o-bucko ticket.
in the store you see a huge soda machine.walk over to it and "TAKE SODA".
walk to the girl and "PAY".
leaving the store you find it time to get a haircut before you go on a cruise
to win the hart of that lovely young girl who is so fortunate to win you on
the dating connection.
after all you're looking for love. go S,S,S and enter the barber shop.
walk over to the chair and "SIT".
leave the barber shop and go W,W,N,N.
cross the road and enter ye olde musocollogy shoppe,SHIT what a name.
just enter the fu?$#&!.  store !! (oeps).
walk over to the counter and "LOOK GIRL" ;"TALK GIRL".
now walk out through the door in the bottom of the screen. W.
now you're standing in front of a building belonging in SPACE QUEST IV.
(see you there real soon).
wait until you see a man in the distance walking towards the building.
in front of the scurvy dog you will encounter an old drunk who offers
you a drink. (save your game !).
if you're thirsty have a little nip and see what happens.(GREAT GRAPHICS)
if not leave him be for what he is and go E.
walk over to the man behind the fence. "TALK MAN" ;"SHOW TICKET"
now walk up the gangway and admire the view.
when the visions of your future fade away you find yourself on the cruise ship
you are standing next to your cabin.
that is on the right of your screen aproxemately in the middle.
your cabin is to the right.
now walk to the right and enter your cabin.
walk up to the back of the room and "GET FRUIT".
turn back and open the door to the right. "OPEN DOOR" and enter it.
now whatever you do don't go near, or sit on the bed.
at least if you're not a masochist.if you are that's not my problem.
when the old goat is finished talking leave the room.
time to have a little swim and do some sun bathing. "WEAR SWIMSUIT".
now leave the cabin and walk left and up one stair.
walk to the right until you reach the pool.
walk over to the empty stretcher and "RUB SUNSCREEN" ; "SIT".
when the big blond approches you and you want to have some fun,"STAND"
and go with her.she will love you to bits, har har har.
if you want to find true love then don't go with her and wait a little.
then "STAND" and walk into the pool. "SWIM" ;"DIVE".
dive to the bottom of the pool and "GET BIKINI".
now swim back up again.once back up swim to the ladder and"CLIMB LADDER"
leave the pool and walk back to your cabin. "WEAR SUIT".
open the door to the old goat's room and walk to the closet.
"OPEN CLOSET" ;"LOOK CLOSET". now walk a bit to the right "OPEN NIGHTSTAND"
that's all you want from the old girl.leave her cabin and leave yours to.
walk to the left and up the stairs.
now walk to the left and up the stairs all the way to the top where you
will find the restaurant.
dont' drink anything.
walk to the left side of the bar next to the couple at the bar."GET DIP".
leave the restaurant and walk down ONE stair.

now walk all the way to the left into the barbershop.
this game is really into barbershops isn't it.
(al lowe must be bald or he ownes a large chain of barber shops).
walk over to the chair and "SIT".
leave the barber shop.
walk to the first stair and go up. walk to the left and enter the bridge.
walk over to the panel behind the captain and "FLIP SWITCH".
leave the way you came.
don't go out the other door or walk over to it.
walk to the right and go down the stairs.
walk to the second stair on the right and go up ONE don't walk all
the way up to the restaurant. go to the left.
you're now at the lifeboat.walk to the lifeboat "JUMP".
the lifeboats start to descend to the water.
the moment that your boat hits the water you've got to type in three things.
you must do this before the lifeboats floats away into the next picture.
and now for a litle boat trip.
when you reach the island you should have about 187 points.
but look what this litle sea trip has done to your suit.go S.
now you are in the jungle and everything goes by itself.
in this picture you see a big palm tree with a parrot in the top and a
potted plant on the leftside of the tree.
on the right side of the tree there is flower.
when you walk past it type "GET FLOWER". when you mis it don't worry,you will
walk this picture for many more times.
when you find an exit you find youself in the restaurant.
walk over to the man on the left and "TALK MAN".go over to the chair and "SIT".
wait until the man has shown everybody to their tables.
"STAND";walk over to the man; "TALK MAN". follow the man as he order a table
for you.
when he leaves walk over to the buffet on the left side of the pictures.
"LOOK BUFFET";"GET KNIFE". if you are hungry "EAT CHEESE".
leave the now enter your room when you have found an exit.
if the maid comes in "LOOK GIRL" ;"TALK GIRL" ;and if you are in for
some relaxing "FUCK GIRL".oh don't forget to save the game first.
and don't get caught by her brother.
when you're in your room walk over to the bed and face the nightstand.
now walk to the right into the bathroom "LOOK BATHROOM" ;"GET SOAP".
leave the room,you're back in the jungle again.boring isn't it.
in the barber shop,walk over to the chair "SIT".
leave the barber shop.
when you reach the beach walk W,and go to the rocks."GET BIKINI".E,S.
back in the jungle.
you don't need to visit the restaurant anymore so leave it.
when back in your room,walk over to the room and then to the right.
you're out of sight and nobody can see you now,so slip into that nice little
bikini "WEAR BIKINI" ;"PUT DOUGH IN TOP". leave the room and go to the
barber shop look like a girl now except for all that excessive
body hair.walk over to the chair and "SIT". wow blonds have more fun !!!
now go back into the jungle until you reach the it's time to leave
this place and find an airport or something like that. go E.
the KGB agents leave you alone because they think you're a girl.
what do they know !.
now you're on the have to walk along the cliffs to your rescue.
don't bother if you fall,your elastical powers save the day.
i didn't know i had it in me.
when you have safely past the cliffs and admire the airport it is time to
change back into your leisure suit ;"WEAR SUIT".
now walk over to those two funny looking guys infront of the airport door.
don't walk to close to the men because if you do they will grab you.
now "GIVE FLOWER".now the KGBishna don't now what to do and you can safely
enter the airport.
walk W and enter the barber shop.doesn't she look familiar ?!?.
"LOOK GIRL" ;"TALK GIRL"; walk over to the chair and "SIT".
leave the barber shop and go E,E.
you're now at the customs.walk over to the customs officer and "SHOW PASSPORT"
now walk E through the gate.
now you will see a man sleeping in a chair.
you will also see a moving belt and a little window behind the man.
walk over to the belt.
when a suitcase comes by type "GET SUITCASE" whenever one is in front of you.
or whait until you see a suitcase in the x-ray window with a bomb in it.
when you have the suitcase with the bomb it explodes and everybody has gone
away from the counter so you can now buy a ticket.walk to the counter.
"BUY TICKET" when you finally get a ticket go back to the customs officer
again and "SHOW PASSPORT". go E,E.
now you will see a girl behind a counter.walk over there and "BUY FOOD".
if you have the food don't eat it but "GET PIN".
walk over to the largest of the two machines on the right of the screen.
"LOOK MACHINE" ;"TAKE INSURANCE.walk over to the right of the two moving belts
and you will be transported to the check in counter as you mind wonders of.
now in the check in counter walk over to the right of the counter and
"GET PAMPHLET"; walk to the man on the right and "SHOW TICKET".
now walk through the door and enter the plane and take a seat.(this goes by
when you have taken off wait until the man next to you starts talking.
give him the pamphlet or else he is going to scalp you."GIVE PAMPLET"
now "STAND" and walk to the back of the plane.(SMOKING DEPARTMENT).
opposite of the toilet with the red light burning there is an escape hatch.
you can not see it.
face the escape hatch(that is with your back to the toilet).
when you are out of the plane don't forget to "OPEN PARACHUT" or else you'll
be in for a rough landing.
when you are stuck in the trees "CUT PARACHUTE". nice landing!!!!!
on the spot where you land you can see something lying on the ground
behind you.turn around,walk over to it and "GET STICK".
you never know when a stout little stick like this may come in handy.
now walk over to the bush in the bottom of the screen.
"CRAWL UNDER BUSH". when you have to move closer move to the left and
try again.
once past the bush with the deadly killer bees(see the superstars of wrestling
to see what they look like) go S.
now walk through the rocks at the bottom of the screen under the tree.
when the snake begins his attack "USE STICK". now go E.
you are now at the can see a little monkey there who has no problem
walking over the swamp.
there is only one way to cross the swamp.
fortunately the monkey left a trail in the mud.
walk on this trail and cross the swamp.
when you have crossed the swamp you will see a river with a rock on this side
of the river with some vines hanging from the trees.
walk over to the rock and stand as close as possible to the river.
"SWING VINE" ;you now swing ONE vine.
do this tree times and you will swing from vine to vine and safely reach
the other side of the river. (you can use the F3 key ).
now walk to the rock at the base of the tree "GET VINE".
now walk N.
now it's time for a little show from sierra.
you can't do anything until the chief leads you do the secret crossing
to dr nonokee's mountain.
now walk back to the village,that is S,E. walk over to the fire and "GET ASHES"
walk back to the beach S and get sand "GET SAND".
now walk back to the chasm that the chief has shown you.
walk to the edge opposite of the tree.
you must stand very close to the edge of the chasm or it will not work.
now walk down the path until you reach the bottom of the glacier.
walk up to it and "SPREAD ASHES".
you can also type in "SPREAD SAND".
it doesn't matter. the sand or the ashes are just extra points.
now walk N.
you are now on top of the glacier.
you see an elevator and a crevice with smoke coming out of it.
walk over to the crevice.
you have to stand very close to the edge of the crevice.
you must stand at the right of where the smoke is coming out of the crevice.
there is only one place where it works.!!!!!!!
now you have to type this in:
if it doesn't work you have to move a little bit and type it in again or
use the F3 key until the games says OK.
while the larrytov coctail finds it way to the bottom of the glacier and
causes an explosion,the elevator doors open.
walk over to the elevator and enter it.
all your work is done now so:


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