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 Legacy of Kain Defiance

Legacy of Kain Defiance

From: "Becky" 

----------P L A Y E R 'S G U I D E-----------


- L E G A C Y O F K A I N : D E F I A N C E -



This Document is under copyright. Intended for private use, do not use on

any other site. Do not use without permission. Do not sell.




Table of Contents


1 Version History (and Contact)

2 Getting Started

3 Kain vs. Raziel PLAYING Basics

4 Helpful Recap on Storyline (Spoilers FOR new players)



I The Sarafan Stronghold (Kain)

II Underworld (Raziel)




III The Sarafan Stronghold

(pt. 2) Kain

IV The cemetery (Raziel)

i The Dark Reaver

ii The Light Reaver

V The Pillars of Nosgoth: (Kain)

in the Age of the Sarafan

VI The Pillars of Nosgoth: (Raziel)

500 Years Later

i The Fire Reaver

ii The Air Reaver

VII The Vampire Citadel (Kain)

VIII Vorador's Mansion (Raziel)

i The Water Reaver



IX The Vampire Citadel (pt. 2) Kain

X Avernus Cathedral (Raziel)

i The Earth Reaver

ii The Reunion Battle

XI Avernus Cathedral (pt.2)

i The Adversary

ii The Tragic Hero

XII Vorador's Mansion (pt.2)

XIII The Vampire Citadel (Raziel)

i The Spirit Reaver

ii Redeemer and Destroyer

XIV Avernus Catacombs (Kain)

XV The Vampire Citadel (Kain)

i Crack in the Wheel


8 Spoiling the Story...


1 - V E R S I O N H I S T O R Y - ( C O N T A C T I N F O )


This is my first FAQ but not my first guide, form the age of thirteen I have

written guides detailing MEGA MAN to Mortal Kombat. This will be my first

semi-professional guide to date.

For any information you see missing in this guide, or perhaps something you

felt could have been more clear or involved; send your information to:

- C O N T A C T- (MSN Messenger as well)

RazGAWD (AIM/Yahoo)

Fan Note: (I have been given an e-mail regarding the choice of my name.

The fact is Raziel has been my internet name since 1995. Please do not

send me any mail regarding this.)

I will give you any credit you deserve. If you wish to add me to an IM

please e-mail me the request first.

LoK: Defiance Complete Version 2 (December 6th, 2003)

The Defiance FAQ will be updated until I feel everything has been covered

throroughly. There were two spelling errors and now they are fixed. I

will be adding anything I feel are necessary. A new chapter will be

created for the next update; I am uncertain at this time what it will be

called but I am usually not content until I have perfected something.

LoK: Defiance the Completed Version (December 2nd, 2003)

Thanks to a great effort between myself and those who played through this

walkthrough, everything is finished. If I make an update for this guide it

will be packed with more codes glitch information and possibly more

dialogue that was not included in the other FAQ hosted in the in-depth

sections. But I would rather just as much write out some intermediate

dialogue and contribute for him/her as it seems they have put a great deal

of time and effort into their own work of art.

Thank you to all those who have been patiently waiting for the updates

and sending me the kind words and criticism. It is appreciated to have a

fine guide like this.

This update may not be around until the third of December due to a waiting


LoK: Defiance Version .98 (December 2nd, 2003)

An update one hour after the last one, I found another Health Talisman for

Raziel, making the need For him only ONE left. Any contribution to this will

be very helpful.

Also found an easier way to the rooftops of Vorador's Mansion.

LoK: Defiance Version .95 (December 2nd, 2003)

The walkthrough has been complete.... ANYONE who has discovered the LAST TWO

TALISMANS for RAZIEL would be GREATLY appreciated for their contribution.

Some more concerns with reading difficulties have been addressed.

Paragraphs involving specific items will be somewhat more separated and


A chapter on glitches is being added and a few more enemies and basic ways

of killing them are listed.

Version 1.00 will be the next. Free of errors with the last two Talismans


LoK:Defiance Version .90 (November 27th, 2003)

This will be the last part of the walkthrough itself. I give credit to those

individuals who kindly e-mailed me the information on Chapters I, IV at the

end. I also went through Vorador's Mansion again to get more power-ups so an

extra Health talisman and two Ancient Tomes have been found.

The Look of the guide has also changed to make it more appealing. This was

done due to confusion I personally had reading my guide.

Next version I hope to have the rest of this walkthrough done but in he

meantime I advise anyone playing through this game to have a Save File just

prior to leaving Vorador's Mansion. Once you head to Avernus Cathedral the

searching seems to halt dramatically. It becomes a very straightforward game

and I should know; I have completed this game almost ten times now.

Two items are missing... A couple Health Talismans for Raziel.

LoK:Defiance Version .60 (November 24th, 2003)

The spelling mistakes form the previous version have been corrected as well

as grammatical errors. I have fixed some of the mis-named items and added

the sections leading up to Avernus Cathedral and the second part of The

Vampire Citadel. The first part of the the Vampire Citadel is missing due to

some missing pages in my walkthrough I hand wrote. I will be going through

this level again soon.

LoK:Defiance Version .25 (November 20th, 2003)

The Table of Contents and the first four game chapters are up. The first four

chapters to this guide are detailed. This guide has no acknowledgements as

of yet due to it all being my information so far. If you see something

missing in these missions I neglected please let me know so I can fit it into

the guide. Leave your name or alias so I may give you credit.

Do Not submit info for later chapters until they are written, there will be

at least four more versions before it's completion. Be patient but fire away

for anything that is already completed. Any Codes (button form) will be



2 - G E T T I N G S T A R T E D -


This guide is written to be as informative and precise as possible with as

few details as possible. Written to be spoiler free excluding the last

portion of the walkthrough, I have provided a chapter for those who need to

be indulged this fantastic story prematurely.

This guide will cover all aspects of gameplay to satisfy as many readers as

humanly possible. At the end of every section there will be an items

checklist and a brief description and function of enemies and how best to

kill them.




This games buttons perform a variety of functions, there are two basic

categories for functions; Action and Combat, some of these are



= Action- takes precedence over combat =


X- Jumping can only be performed in action mode (or when currently

dodging), a second press will perform a float or glide function.

When held over a marker for bat flight or super jumping, Kain

will perform the desired result when released.

Square- Will open doors and pick up objects. Holding Square on certain

stones will allow you to drag them using the left analogue stick.

Raziel will also use this combined with the Up/Down direction to

shift realms. Raziel may only shift to the material realm when

the ground is marked with a skull.

O- Will fire telekinetic blasts; useful for obliterating immediate

direction obstacles.

R1- Feeding is necessary throughout the game. Holding this button

down to continue feeding form a vessel or basin.

L3- This is your left analogue stick. Use this venture the land of


R2- This is a manual way to use Telekinetic Blasts. Hold this button

and aim it with the R3 controls and release it to let loose the


L1- Enter Combat stance and functions by holding this button.

R3- This analogue stick will allow you to view your surroundings at

any point in time.

Up/Down- The digital up brings up Kain's Quick Reaver menu, which is only

useful for altering his spell attack. For Raziel this brings up

shift icon or reaver icon respectively.

Left/Right-when the quick menu is highlighted for Kain he may manually

adjust the reaver's principle element. For Raziel the quick menu

does not exist and therefore simply changes the reaver's element.




Square- This is for the *SPELL* and attack function. Hold Square for

2-3 seconds and release to unleash the Reaver spells. (Reaver

meter must be glowing (doesn't need to be full.)

Square- Attack with this button for ground level combat. When held

momentarily and released, the reaver will discharge a reaver

spell (only when fully maxed).

X- Various evasive movements when combined with L3. Jump while


Triangle- Pop Up attack. This will knock your opponent into the air or

cause him to come crashing down form the air. This will

also feed the reaver blades.

O- Telekinetic Blast nearest opponent. (Kain can control his


R1- Feed form a distance or at close range, its your choice.

L3- This will now function with the left and right side circling

opponents while up and down will cause you to move close or

farther away.




A few items exist in Nosgoth that you can acquire.

Ancient Tomes- There are ten tomes per character throughout Nosgoth,

collect them by simply walking over them.

Bonus Orbs- When struck will offer one of the following:

Health Talisman- Will provide extra health capacity when three are

collected. Twelve in all.

Telekinetic Runes- Will enhance your telekinetic storage with each rune.

.. then others are environmental.

braziers- These metallic urns may be fueled with fire.

Waterfalls- May be frozen with a certain weapon.

Orbs of Light- These may hold the intensities of light or dark.

Soul & Blood Basin- These little pots of blood and blue liquid will

restore Kain and Raziel's Health.

Air Jets- Provide passage to higher areas.

Earth Dials- Creates stone platforms floating in the air.




The reaver for Kain and Raziel is their own weapons of choice. But the

reaver's true use and strength come with a great deal of time and effort.

Kain's Reaver:

Kain's reaver is endowed with the ability to absorb an enemies blood and

thereby strengthening it. The reaver can be charged by feasting on the

blood of victims who are incapacitated. When fully charged, the reaver

will glow with the respective color of it's elemental alignment. This

will strengthen the blows of the reaver and provide the reaver spells

that are very helpful in the game. Note that the strength power upgrade

is only present when the reaver is glowing.

Balance Reaver- The first fragment of the Balance emblem will allow

you to finally charge the reaver blade. The spell will

throw your enemies backward. This emblem is marked with

a skull for its center.

Flame Reaver - This emblem fragment is reddened with fire. It allows

Kain's telekinetic abilities to light braziers. The spell

will inspire hate in your adversaries causing them to

turn on one another. Lasts around five seconds.

Dimensional - This emblem has a green glow to it. It's spell will

Reaver perform a single attack on any enemy on the screen.

Once charged; for a short period of time a simple combo

will hurt all enemies with the final strike.

Lightning - This Reaver will electrify opponents when its spell is

Reaver cast. It is marked with an energy bolt. When powered,

the reaver will fire electrical strings between enemies

close by to the one you attack.

Time Reaver - This reaver is capable of slowing time and is marked

scales to imply it. Release its spell to perform Slow

Time. (Note: you may temporarily slow time while it

is simply charged.)

Raziel's Reaver:

Raziel's reaver is in fact a sentient life form. It thrives on the souls

of it's victims and has done so for thousands of years. It's ravenous

hunger is matched only by its master and will glow with its strengthening

providing a more powerful attack and its own reaver spell. The reaver's

past has been shrouded in mystery, but was created form the breaking of

the original Soul Reaver blade.

The blade may be elementally imbued in only the fonts found in specific

shrines throughout Nosgoth.

Spectral Reaver- This reaver blade is used only in the spectral realm,

the realm of death. it's spell sends out shock waves.

Material Reaver- Similar in nearly every way (with the exception of

it's color) to the Spectral Reaver.

Dark Reaver - This Blade is used to darken orbs filled with light,

and can cloak Raziel in darkness when it's spell is

activated. If simply charged, the reaver will dispell

shades form its blade to attack other combatants, but

only on the third strike of the standard three hit


Light Reaver - This blade can lighten orbs consumed in darkness, and

may light rooms too dark to comfortably see. It's

spell is akin to the first two reavers. The spell

sends a shock wave of light to blind your enemies.

While jst charged the standard combo will blind an


Air Reaver - This blade can activate Jet Streams to make Raziel

float to unreachable platforms. Gusts of wind will

knock enemies backward with this spell and stun them.

Whats more a standard three hit attack when just

charged will provide the same effect on a single


Fire Reaver - This blade is incased in fire and can burn braziers

and perform a devastating fire spell which sends

its victims into a burning frenzy.

Water Reaver - This enhancement allows the reaver to freeze

waterfalls to be used as climbing devices. When fully

powered the reaver can freeze enemies with a burst

of ice or just temporarily shell one with standard


Earth Reaver - With this reaver you may activate the Earth Devices

to create suspended stone platforms. It will also

remove the buoyancy water causes on Raziel in the

physical realm. Use its spell and drive the reaver

into the ground to pulverize footed enemies. As is

expected... this will only strike grounded opponants.

Spirit Reaver - This is the Ultimate wraith blade enhancement. Able

to render any normal opponent helpless with but a few

strikes. Its enhancement is present in both realms and

it's spell will render any normal enemy dead.

Soul Reaver - This is the last reaver in the game, not to mention it

the most powerful weapon ever forged. Who will wield

this prophesied weapon? Raziel, or Kain...?




Kain and Raziel are very similar to one another but certain characteristics

make them independently unique. The experience of the reavers may also garner

certain abilities given enough experience (garnered in usage of spells and

amount of attack.)




Kain's powers are more dominant standing on the ground. His attack speed is

faster while his movement is more sluggish. His nature is that of a vampire

and sucks the blood of victims; sometimes through multiple targets.

His jumping float slows his descent and hinders his forward movement, this can

be quite useful form time to time. Some of his past abilities separate him

form Raziel. Where there are circular red markers Kain may Leap forward to a

great distance with amazing speed. Kain's mastery of telekinesis allows him

to toss a target in any way he pleases.

He may phase through grated barriers with mist. Finally, Kain's evasion takes

the form of mist, and is ground level only.

- A S H O R T B I T O N K A I N -

Kain has acquired many abilities throughout the series and sometimes these

omissions open up many questions. Here is this author's take on it.

In the first game, Blood Omen; Kain had access to many relics as well as spells

and these disappeared in the later games. I see the effort on Crystal

Dynamics' part to keep them in the game.


R E L I C S - D E F I A N C E | S P E L L S - D E F I A N C E


Heart of Darkness - Heart of Darkness |Light Spell - N/A

Slow Time - Time Reaver |Energy Bolt - Telekinesis

Anti-Toxin - N/A |Repel - N/A

Flay - N/A |Inspire Hate - Flame Reaver Spell

Energy Bank - Not Necessary |Control Mind - N/A

Font of Putresce - N/A |Spirit Death - N/A

Implode - N/A |Spirit Wrack - N/A

Pentalach of Tarot- N/A |Lightning - Lightning Spell


Blood Omen 2 is widely recognized as the worst of the Legacy of Kain series

among its fans. This is mostly due to the fact that the producer and director

of the Soul Reaver portion of the series, Amy Hennig; was not involved in its

concept. This being the case however, Amy has drawn some of the finer

qualities of this surprisingly unappreciated game and involved it into

Defiance's in-game abilities and storyline.

Check out The comparisons of Blood Omen 2 versus the original and Defiance.



------------------------------------------------------------| striking

JUMP - N/A - LEAP | similarities


MIST - MIST FORM - MIST | games that must

CHARM - CONTROL MIND - N/A | have taken great




------------------------------------------------------------- in it has been

developed by

different people.

In addition, Kain is also afforded newer attacks as his experience in combat

and spell casting grows. Utilize your spell function and kill as often as

possible to gain these abilities. Assume that each new level will require

twice as many kills and spell casting.


1 Cadaverus Laceration-Will allow Kain to perform a flurry of stab attacks with

the reaver within combos.

2 Infernal Sundering- Kain may perform a similar combo to the previous but

while in the air.

3 Sanguine Censure- A blow that drives Kain's victims in the earth, this

attack gives Kain the opportunity to combo the bouncing


4 Nightmare's Hammer- Similar to Sanguine Censure but developed for the air.

5 Kinetic Shackles- This fun attack will hold your foe in place allowing you

leisure in which to kill.

All of these attacks are performed with a quick jerk of the analogue and the

attack button to perform.




Is naturally a creature of the spectral realm.... the realm of the dead. His

horrible death gave him a unique resurrection, allowing him to shift between

the material world and that of the dead. This distortion in space will open

new ways in which to explore. Within the spectral realm Raziel may not

interact with anything of a physical nature, even water has no buoyancy.

Within the spectral realm Raziel may phase through grated obstacles with mere

will of effort.

Raziel is dominant in the air and his reaver's elemental abilities far outway

Kain's. He dodges with swift jumps to and for. He can even glide with the

ruined tatters of his wings.

Raziel's own telekinetic abilities are far less than Kain's however and honed

to projecting orbs of kinetic force.

Raziel's past abilities have for the most part remained intact. His form of

rematerializing has changed slightly and drained of energy he will always die

rather than shift planes of reality. But now he can shift at will.

For the most part Raziel has retained his old powers from previous games. The

forges for the reavers are now permanant and his telekinesis has changed

just slightly. To date the only ability that has been removed form his powers

is the ability to constrict. For whatever reason Dumah's gift has been lost.

As Raziel's experience and spell casting uses increase, Raziel will develope

new combat techniques. Assume that each new level will require twice as much

experience. These are identical to Kain in everything except appearance

with the acception of the first two.


1 Perforate Carcass- Raziel can dodge roll into his enemies and thrust the

wraithblade in jabs at rapid speed. Not very useful.

2 Phatasmal Tempest- A Hellicopter like attack performed in the air gives

Raziel protection form all sides as well as a dangerous


3 Shatter Spirit- Identical to Sanguine Censure.

4 Empyreal Rending- Identical to Nightmare's Hammer.

5 Stasis Feild- Identical to Kinestic Shackles.



4 - H E L P F U L R E C A P O N S T O R Y L I N E -

(Spoilers for new Players)


Before continuing new players, this portion of the guide I provide for those

who are only interested in the game they are playing now. The story of The

Legacy of Kain is very rich and full of mythology and even if I wanted to recap

it all it would take up the whole of this guide. If you plan on playing/buying

the earlier games I advise you not to read further and skip ahead to the


For those of you who have no intention of playing any of the previous four

installments I will open your curiosity vault for a bit.


The story takes place in the era of corruption. The Circle of Nine, a sorcerer

caste of people represent the principles of virtue in Nosgoth, to each a

pillar. With the murdering of Ariel, the guardian of balance, the Circle fell

into madness.

It was in this world the young Kain was born. Thirty years later he is

murdered by Brigands in the town of Ziegerstulch. Possessed by his own madness

his soul could not rest and it was at this time Mortanius the necromancer rose

Kain form his crypt as a vampire.

Kain killed his assassins but discovered a greater role for himself through the

meeting with Ariel, the murdered wraith of the Balance guardian.

She sent him on a quest to murder the other members of the circle of nine to

purify their corrupted and broken pillars.

Ariel's love Nupraptor was the first. From there Kain fought with Malek only

to fail.

He then sought out the Oracle of Nosgoth in the forzen mountains. There he

found a soothsayer who prophesized Kain's future and sent him to

the Termogent Forest to find Vorador.

Deep within that black forest he found a fate worse than Hell. The vision of

the nature he now represented. A vampire of great power and hedonism, Vorador

the scourge of the circle and the only one to ever defeat Malek sat at his

great table like a God. Vorador offered alliance with Kain as bemused as he

was with Kain and astonishment at his youth.

Kain headed to Dark Eden, a land twisted by the corruption seeping out of

Nosgoth. There he killed the guardians of Nature and Energy while Vorador

destroyed Malek.

form there Kain went to Avernus Cathedral combating demons and worshippers

until finding the Soul Reaver. There he murdered Azimuth the guardian of

dimension and discovered a time machine left behind.

His travels brought him to Willendorf the greatest of all kingdoms in Nosgoth.

There he discovered the ruling King weeping over the soulless vessel of his

daughter. The kingdom would remain in shambles as the legions of the nemesis

swept Nosgoth if King Ottmar would not return to power.

Kain found the girl's soul imprisoned in a doll held by the man Elzevir.

As the princesses eyes fluttered open the king granted the request of Kain's

war on the Nemesis.

The battle ended and the Nemesis won...

Kain used the time streaming device and was transported 50 years into

Nosgoth's past to fight William the Juste, who would become the author and

leader of the Nemesis.

After which Kain returned to his own time to find Vorador dead and he the

last survivor of his race.

He took out his wrath on the Oracle of Nosgoth now revealed as Moebius the

Time Streamer; guardian of time. Severing his head Kain was warned that he

was to die.

With this Kain returned to the Pillars of Nosgoth where Mortanius guardian of

death revealed that he rose Kain to purify the circle. He murdered Anacrothe

and restored the pillar of states. Then turned on Kain himself.

The battle ensued and with Mortanius death; the demon which incited all of

the events which unfolded, came out of hiding. Dwelling inside Mortanius

himself all along, he chalenged the young Kain. Kain triumphed

though only to discover he is the guardian of balance and must also die to

restore the land.

There were two choices to his destiny.... one to save the world at his

sacrifice... or to damn it....


With the destruction of the pillars once more made, Kain sat himself

arrogantly at their base and raised his vampire lieutenants to rule Nosgoth.

The six were named Melchiah, Zephon, Rahab, Dumah, Turel and Raziel.

After so many years of imbalance the world fell into total chaos.

As vampires grow in age they also suffer periods of rapid metamorphosis.

Their powers increase and new abilities are developed.

When Raziel dared evolve before Kain, Kain suffered dread. He tossed

Raziel into the Lake of the Dead to avert a destiny only later to be told.

Centuries afterward, Raziel awakens under a mysterious Elder God, changed

and powerful and beyond death; Raziel goes on a crusade to murder the

brethren who aided in his destruction.

With each one's death Raziel gained new powers. Climbing walls like

a spider, constricting barriers, swimming as no vampire can stand water's

touch, telekinetic projection and phasing through grated obstacles from the

souls of the four lieutenants he murdered. One evaded him.

Within the ancient tomb of the Sarafan Raziel found the truth of his past,

his role as vampire hunter and sarafan. Just like Malek had been a sarafan

priest, so were all of his brothers.

Kain tempted Raziel into a battle that would destroy the ancient Soul

Reaver. Shattered upon Raziel's back, it was liberated as the wraith blade.

From then on, the blade was bonded to Raziel.

Kain escaped into the base of the mountain. In the Oracle's chamber, where

Kain had learned his destiny from Moebius.


Kain leapt into Nosgoth's past with Raziel following closely behind.

Snatched form the sea of time Moebius brought Raziel only hours before the

destruction of the pillars occured; to the Sarafan Stronghold.

Raziel explored the stronghold and found the broken reaver blade which

William the Juste used in his battle with Kain.

That event altered history as Raziel recalled, spurring the annihilation of

the vampire race. The wraith blade bonded to Raziel as it was, willfully

took control and restored the shattered blade before it. Nearly

killing Raziel in the process to heal the blade, the reaver became aware.

At the pillars Raziel listened to Kain tell the story of his role as

balance guardian and the events Moebius had set to render Kain's destiny

impotent. Moved by this story, Raziel allowed Kain to escape.

Within the black forest Raziel met Vorador who apparently understood who

Raziel was, and his purpose. Vorador explained that Janos Audron the

oldest vampire to have ever lived new the answers of Raziel's destiny but

had died five hundred years prior.

Questioning and unsure, Raziel once again sought out Kain. Within Williams

Chapel he found him there with the blade. There Kain took up the Reaver and

explained destiny.

Nothing can be truly changed without the combination of two reavers meeting

in time and space, only then can time be shaped. That was how history was

rewritten when Kain fought William. Placing the sword in Raziel's hand the

reaver became the soul reaver once more. And there Kain told him that this

was the time he was supposed to die. If Raziel truly believed in free will,

he could not kill Kain, or else tell the tale history had made.

Raziel tried in vain and over powered history. Kain vanished once more

and Raziel threatened Moebius into sending him through time again in hopes of

meeting Janos Audron. But the Time streamer's ploys had sent him to two

hundred years in Nosgoth's future.

The corruption from Kain's act had apparently spawned demons and a multitude

of horrors.

Within the forest he found a means to go back in time to the days of Janos.

He searched the mountains and comes upon the Ancient's Aries.

There he found Janos Audron. Janos explained that Raziel is the

Savior of Nosgoth and the reaver had been made for him as his weapon of


Before a lengthy conversation could transpire The eldest Sarafan Warrior

Priests invaded Janos'keep and murdered him. They ripped his heart free

and stormed off. Raziel imbued the wraith blade with the element of fire

and headed to the stronghold of the Sarafan.

There he found the reaver blade placed along his path. Moebius appeared

with Malek and disempowered the wraithblade. Raziel took up the empty

reaver but is locked inside the room. From there he found the Sarafan

Priests, the men who would become his vampire brethren....

He slayed them all with the exquisite irony that though Kain had raised

them defiled from their corpses; he had been the one who murdered them.

Within the largest chamber he found his former self, and renounced his

Sarafan heritage with the death of Sarafan Raziel.

Away form Moebius' staff the wraithblade unraveled around the reaver and

impaled Raziel; and began to drain his power and life into the sword.

With fateful realization, Raziel understood why the reaver had broken on

him... because the ravenous wraithblade trapped in the reaver had always

been his own soul. The entity could not eat its own spirit.

Just before he could be taken into the blade Kain found Raziel, with the

two reaver souls hovering inside and out of the reaver; the climactic

moment of paradox Kain gambled on had now arrived. Kain removed the

blade form Raziel; and caused an enormous paradox.

Something happened in that moment when Kain spared Raziel. Memories

changed drastically in Kain's mind and with sudden awareness he uttered

"My god.... the Hylden!!! Raziel, Janos must stay DEAD!"

But it had been too late, Raziel fell unconscious into the spirit world

and the warning lost.

Raziel stared at the wraithblade bonded to his arm and realized that he

did not escape his horrible fate.... he had merely post-poned it.


And this ends the recap.


5 - W A L K T H R O U G H - P A R T 1


This walkthrough is designed for ease of use and bluntness. At the end of

each section is a list of new enemies and methods on how to kill them. Also

at the end of each section is a quick listing of where the various

power-ups are located and a final list of total items found.

Spoilers are not used at least to the best of my endeavor.

For Spoilers go to the section after the walk through.

Enjoy your Defiance.


P A R T 1: Deals with the first two levels. Certain Power Ups disapear after

the first levels with Kain and Raziel so be sure to get them all

before progressing further.


I - T H E S A R A F A N S T R O N G H O L D - K A I N


Hunt for Moebius


The intro is a quick recap on events that transpired in the previous games

and Kain's reasoning for having done the things he had.

The scene takes place within the stronghold with Kain Searching for Moebius.

Proceed down the corridor to fight your first set of two guards. Keep hints on

during the game. Attack with your standard three hit combo. Drink their blood

using the blood suck button.

Jump on the stone in the right hand corner, jump to the left on top of the

booth and walk along the catwalk jumping the other two booths. Walk right

until you get to a wall with horizontal ridges. These are scalable walls,

climb them when you see them. Once you have move the direction of the analogue

into the fence to go through it (in mist form). (With Raziel and Kain this will

now be called PHASING to prevent confusion with too many terms.)

There will be a short voice over. After which head up the stairs until you

come across a large set of prison cells. Go through the first to find the

first bonus item; a Health Talisman. Three of these will permanently increase

your health capacity.

Go to the third large cell and blast the wall down with a telekinetic orb. This

method will now be called TKing. Proceed through the open way to the water

zone. Climb the piping on the far wall and jump on the vertical brazier of

piping. Now jump left and head down to the scalable wall. Climb up and jump

to the next floor. Now move to the next one and do the same thing. Walk to

the right before the door on the wooden portion of the catwalk to get a

Telekinetic Rune. This will increase your TK gauge.

Now head through the doorway until you reach a small courtyard. TK the guards

right over the wall for a few quick kills or pull them towards you and finish

them that way. Hint: since these are some of the easiest enemies in the game

it is a perfect time to boost the experience of the reaver blade.

Move to the next room and through the gate. Head to the NE portion of Malek's

Courtyard to get your first tome. Head through the south door and its hallway

avoiding the flaming arrows or destroying the machines that operate them.


Once in the main hall grab the Tome on the right hand side before the large

iron gates and then proceed through. Before you can reach the first piece of

the balance emblem you will be confronted by two archer sarafan. Use

telekinesis to draw them off the ledges to fight them one on one. Afterwards

grab the balance emblem's first piece. Marked with a skull it will empower

the reaver to perform its first violent spell and increase it's attack power.

Kill the four sarafan with this new blade.

Head to the right to destroy the barrier and proceed through.

You will see a familiar courtyard again either toss the sarafan off the wall or

fight them by drawing them forward. Now move to where they were and jump up to

the catwalk. Head left and up the stairs for the next TK Rune.

Destroy the pillar highlighted in green with a TK blast and climb up. Phase

through the gate.

Jump down and walk up to the first dummy highlighted in red. Wait a couple

seconds for a hint to come up. Follow these hints. Eventually the dummy

will disappear and you will have to do this with each dummy as they are

highlighted in red. A curtain will burn away to reveal a cracked wall. Smash

it down and get the second Health Talisman. Go through the door. Feed form

the victims if necessary and scale the left wall to destroy the bridge break.

It will be under the gear.

Head out of the room across the bridge kill the guards and head to the blessed

barrier. Strike it and go through it. Jump off the stairs to the ground to

make your descent quicker. Climb out of the hole and head through the doorway.

Hold the jump button over the red marker for a few seconds to leap to the

next ledge. manually TK the stone structures in front of you and then leap

form one to the other onto the next ledge. There jump to the left to the

next ledge and continue in that direction to pick up another Health


Now jump into the backgrounds cliff on the right hand side of that ledge

to proceed. Jump to the ground on the other side past the gondola. Now TK

The red spiral switch above the stone door. These will now be called

TK switches.

A major cinematic will begin and you will be faced with a host of lesser

shades. Kill them all.


- Items: -



1) NE in Malek's Courtyard.

2) Before the iron gate on the right hand side of the Grande Hallway.

Health Talismans:

1) The first large cell in the prison area.

2) The Dummy Test.

3) On the second ledge past the two broken columns in the catacombs.

TK Runes:

1) Above the water zone on the wooden portion of the highest catwalk.

2) The courtyard after the grande hall. Climb the far wall and walk

the stairs.


- Enemies: -


Sarafan Warriors: They vary slightly form one another with pole weapons

swords and axes but remain relatively similar.

Basic combos work effectively but popping them in the

air with a few strikes and an Arial slash followed

by a combo will significantly weaken one. The axe

Sarafan can combo you so watch for them.

Sarafan Archers: They are pestering form a distance but easy prey

close by. Keep them near you and you will have no


Sarafan sorcerers: This caste is weak comparatively to the others but

pose the greatest threat to your person by

spell casting. Eliminate them with basic combos

before any other enemies.

Shades: These will be a common occurence in Nosgoth. TK's

inflict little damage but stun them. use only the

basic three hit combos because they will not pop up

or yield to diverse attacks.


II - T H E U N D E R W O R L D - R A Z I E L


Escape Underworld


Fall from the ledge to the back ground to find your first Tome for Raziel.

Now head left and up the stairs following the wall, climb up to the ledge and

glide to the next one. Then use a running jump/glide to get to the ledge

across the room. Move to the next room.

Glide across the first two ledges and then to the one to the right. There you

will be presented with a test. Eat six souls.

1) On the same ledge.

2) consume form the left hand side of that ledge for another.

3) Jump to the ledge to the right and consume the one there.

4) suck up the one near the middle of the high point of the ledge.

5) Glide across to the roof of the ledge across the room to get the next.

6) Drop to the left to get the last one.

Now go to the next room.

Jump to the ledge there you will find another test. Kill six sluagh and

consume them. Proceed to the next area.

Jump to the first ledge there you will have to race to avoid the mist. Walk

around to the right side and jump to the next ledge. A tentacle will drop to

destroy part of the ledge. You will see this coming as this happens more.

Jump the gap and then glide to the scalable wall across the room. Climb up

and jump to the right hand side. Then glide to the far right. Jump the gap

and scale the next wall. Jump right and to the far right ledge. Jump up

and make a desperate leap towards the high ledge to the right of the end of

the one your standing on.

You will escape; now head to the adjacent room before doing more ledge

jumping. There a small voice over will take place and you can grab the

second Tome.

Now head back and climb the stair part and the ledge right by it. Jump to

the ledge to the left and keep moving until the camera angle changes. Glide

to the next ledge across the screen. Now jump on the wall and to the alcove

where the statue is. See it? Now glide and stagger to the scalable wall.

Climb it and jump to the ledge to the right and then to the next one. Head

through to the next room. Watch the little cinematic and then jump up to the

barred window to phase through it. Kill the archons and your mission is



- Items: -


Ancient Tomes:

1) Right in the beginning on the foreground wall form the first camera.

2) After the race test in the adjacent chamber.


- Enemies: -


Sluagh: These scavengers are easy to kill but tend to swarm

you in packs. They use lunging attacks so be

careful. Try to keep them separated. Use standard


Archon: These baddies will swoop down to attack you and try

to draw your life force away with a band of energy.

To prevent/stop this activity use a TK blast and

jump up using a the three hit standard combo. TK

it again and follow it up with another combo.

This will kill it.


6 - W A L K T H R O U G H - P A R T 2


P A R T 2: Is where most of the game takes place. For Kain that means his

era and Raziel his own. Once the story shifts again it will be

the last time you will be forced to progress so SAVE your



III - S A R A F A N S T R O N G H O L D - 2 - K A I N


Pursue Moebius



Grab the Falcon Insignia form the door and proceed through it.

TK the cracked wall and scale it. Blast the next wall and head across the

bridge. Kill the shades in the next room and go to the top of the stairs of

the prison room. Go through the door. Go through the second cell on the right

to get a TK rune.

blast the wall and climb up then blast the next wall and head to the south

exit. Kill the enemies there and head through the hallway. Go west and kill

the enemies. Scale the wall and phase through the gate. Head to the door

below and kill the few sarafan there. Now place the Falcon Insignia in its

proper place.


Follow the hallway to the Super Jump point. Jump across and look to your

left. Grab the Health Talisman. Hit the TK switch and go through the door.

Grab the tome in this room and drag the stone over the depressed switch. The

statue of Malek will revolve so you can take his shield. Kill the shades in

there and leave.

Fall to the first floor rather than jumping across and head to the door on the

right. You will have to kill some sarafan first. Do so and proceed.


Place Malek's shield in its proper place and head to the door on the right

that has become unsealed. Go to the next door and along the catwalk. Kill

any sarafan that pose to great an annoyance. Go past the opened door along

your path to get another TK rune. Go through the door and head along the

catwalk and to the right to the statue holding Malek's Sword. Now proceed

along the catwalk to get yet another Health Talisman.

Now just head back to the Courtyard and place the sword where it belongs.

The other sealed door will open. Go through it.


Now you will see a room with a large blocked way and a scalable wall, climb

it and destroy the wooden break below the gear. The bridge will lower.

Now head along the bridge and kill the sarafan waiting for you there. Super

Jump to the next scalable wall. Once up the wall destroy that bridge break

in the room and TK the wall. There will be another cracked wall behind it,

destroy the break beyond it. The bridge will lower so head between the two

rooms in the hallway and drop through the whole in the wall. Head into the

room rather than jumping across the bridge. Look for the glittery

Decorative Sword.


Take it up and kill the sarafan. Head across the bridge to the other bridge

room and place the sword in the wall that has one like it. The wall will

open up to reveal a doorway. There at the end of the room you will see a

stone structure, rotate it twice to open up the farthest wall and get the

second upgrade to the balance emblem. This one is endowed with fire and red

in color.

The fires will exhaust. Use manual telekinesis to burn the two braziers on the

right to get a tome. Now extinguish the north flame and ignite the other

brazier on the bottom. The doorway will reopen. Kill the sarafan and head

across the bridge again. Go through the door in the other bridge room. Use

the manual camera angles and TKs to hit the two flames on the pillars. A set

of stones will appear for a walkway to the next ledge. There hit the TK

switch and follow this new walkway; jumping over the gap. Hit the next TK

switch and Jump to the first and then the second stone. form there jump to

the next landing; again do NOT use floating, it will hinder your jumping


Follow the hallway to the door for another major cinematic. Grab the Health

Talisman there and bat flight out of this mission.


- Items: -


Health Talismans:

1) To the left of the first TK door.

2) Past Malek's Sword on the catwalk.

3) The last room after the cinematic.

Telekinetic Runes.

1) After the prison room, the second cell on the right. Phase through

the gate.

2) The catwalk above Malek's Courtyard immediately before entering the

door to the bridge area. It is past this door.


1) In the room with Malek's shield.

2) Ignite the two fires on the right in the room with the fire emblem.




Health: 6

TK: 4

Tomes: 4


IV - T H E C E M E T E R Y - R A Z I E L


Escape the Spectral Realm


Follow along the wall to a doorway and along the path (not an open path) until

you reach a room with a large door and grated windows. Kill the shades that

will appear and phase through the window. Rematerialize through the conduit

there. Open the doors and head out of the passageway. You will encounter your

first vampire hunters kill them to continue.

Now go back to where you started the level. Jump into the window where you

begin to claim a health talisman. (Left window as seen form the outside.)

Now head back through that doorway and through the set of doors heading to the

water. Kill the revenants and go through. The gates will lock.


Now dive into the water and head to the bottom to the adjacent chamber (where

you got the second tome in the Underworld level.) Now swim up and out and

grab the tower with the grab ring. Pull it back a step and climb up to the

ledge above it to get the Decorative shield. Now head back to the other room

on the surface and place the shield in the similar looking statue.

Head to the round room and kill the revenants. Go through the hallway and

shift before the grated door. Phase though it and jump on the center column;

then jump to the other hallway. Rematerialize through the conduit outside.

Kill the hunters and go through the door in the south of this scene. Kill

the few revenants there and go through the next door. Glide to the platform

hanging over the cemetery and get the TK rune in the middle of it. Head

through the doorway to the right and glide across to the next Ledge. Kill

or TK any hunters who get in your way. Now open the door.

Jump the circular stone structures and shift into spectral. Glide across

to the ledge with the door on it. Rematerialize with the conduit. Open

the Door.

In this room jump to the floor below and kill the shades. Now head through

the transporter.


- i Dark Reaver -


Go down the hallway and shift into the spectral realm. Now phase through the

gate. Drop down to the first level and look for a conduit in one of the


Imbue the reaver and break the wall on the first floor for a health talisman.

On the left hand side of the room there are two orbs filled with light; go

darken them with the reaver blade. The gate to the real world will now

open once more. Find the scalable wall and climb up. Then head to the

transporter and leave. Now kill the shades that will appear and then hit the

charge stone until your reaver is powered up. Use the Dark Reaver spell and

pass the gollum securities. Change your reaver and leave.


- Cemetery -


Look for the door down below and head out. Now go back to where you first

entered the physical world (the room with the broken coffin.) charge the

reaver with the stone in that room. Use the dark reaver spell again and pass

the gollum security.


Once you get to a grated passage shift again and phase through the gate.

Look for the conduit in the room then climb the stairs. At the top glide

to the first column platform then shift again. Now go to the next platform

and to the next hall. There a short cinematic will begin. Rematerialize

and take Kain's Family Crest. Walk through the broken gate and head up the

stairs again; this time placing the crest in the door at the top of the


Overlooking the outside again, push the moveable stone tower off the ledge.

Now drag it to be centered with the light shrine but don't push it into the

foreground or background. Now climb the circular stone structure and glide

to the tower you moved. Once there jump to the ledge and open the door

with the dark reaver.

Inside the light shrine, walk to where the steps are heading down and move

as close to the edge as possible. Now using manual TK and camera angles

blast the stone wall that is cracked with the light symbol on it. The room

will fill with light. Now use the scalable wall to the right of the

transporter and climb it. Claim the Faceted Orb and place it where the sun

is shining down. The transporter will now activate.


- Light Reaver -


Once through the transporter, shift into spectral realm and head down the

hallway. form there phase through the gate and head down below. Use the

conduit in the center of the main room. Now imbue the blade. A gollum will

march through; kill it to proceed.

There is a tome in one of the open doorways.

Now look for the cracked wall. Behind it is a scalable wall climb out and

head out of this room. In the rooms nearby, light the orbs to open the

transporter. Then shift into the spectral realm and phase

through the grated door and look for the conduit.

Now transport out of the shrine.


- cemetery -


Kill the shades within the shrine.

Jump down and drag the stone tower four paces to the right (ONLY). Jump up

the stone columns and glide to the tower you dragged. Jump and glide to the

right landing and back into the mausoleum. Use the door to the SE of this

room. Go through the hallway with the stone head back to the crypt with the

large painting in it. To the right of the painting of Kain there is a ledge

to climb up on the wall. Climb up and head right to the door with the dark

orb in it. Use the Light Reaver to open it. There is another TK rune

there. (-Thanks to Nelo Angelo of Nosgothic Realm for that.)

Now head out of the shrine using the dark reaver. Now go back to where you

began the level again and through the door nearby. Go through it (where

you met the first revenants.) Go down the hall until you see a scalable

wall and jump to the ledge to the right. You will see a door with a

blackened orb in it. Use the light reaver to fill the orb with light and

open the door. Beyond it is a health talisman.

Now go back to the beginning of the level AGAIN. There is a pathway (not a

doorway) and follow it to the end to see a large gate and two orbs to each

side of it. Change the dark orb to a light one. Then the light one dark.


- Items: -


Health Talismans:

1) The left window of the doorway looming over Raziel right at the

beginning. You must be in the physical world.

2) Behind the cracked wall in the Dark Reaver forge. (Post imbue.)

3) The hallway between the first set of revenants and the water

zone there is a scalable wall. Climb it and jump to the next

ledge. Use the light reaver to open the door.

Telekinetic Runes:

1) On the platform above the cemetery. It is along the way to the

dark reaver. Before Kain's Mausoleum.

2) Behind the dark orbed door to the right of Kain's Crypt in the

mausoleum. Must have the Light Reaver.

Ancient Tomes:

1) Open doorway in the light imbument room.


- Enemies: -


V. Hunters (fem): These enemies use pole weapons. The female

portion of the caste are very much like the

sarafan types of this kind except they cannot

block. (The wraith blade cannot really be


V. Hunters (male): The males attack like the females except they

throw molotov cocktails form a distance. These

enemies accuracy is lower however. Use the same

techniques as you do on the female version.

Sorceress Hunters: These hunters can empower their allies with

stronger attacks, regeneration and higher

defense. What separates them form their sarafan

counterparts is they can teleport and create a

barrier that will only be destroyed if attacked

with telekinesis first. They can also create

magical barriers that will encase Raziel in a

confined area.

-(Use the same techniques on the hunters as you

would the sarafan.)-

revenants: Regular caste revenants are actually very easy.

They can throw projectile vomit which is slow

and can be cut. As long as you keep attacking

they cannot hurt you badly. Their only strong

point is their stamina. These guys take a


Gollums: These stone monsters provide quite a challenge

in the beginning. Wait for one to strike when

your close then dodge away. Dodge towards them

and slash them with a three hit combo. You can

usually pull off one more combo before they

come out of their dazed state.

Their attacks are all nearly close range.

When in groups get them to kill each other by

dodging between them when they swing.




Health: 3

TK: 2

Tomes: 3


V - T H E P I L L A R S O F N O S G O T H -

In the Age of the Sarafan K A I N


Walk down the steps heading east. Fight the Sarafan if you so choose but it's

not necessary. Watch the short cinematic and head North of the Pillars for a

Health Talisman. Go west of the Pillars and phase through the gate.


Head to the ruins and there you will find a pillar that can be destroyed with

TK. Climb up the broken stub and the to the ledge above for a tome. Jump

across the ledge to the other part. Kill any sarafan with TK tosses or

Slashing them to bits. Follow the pathway beyond here to the pedestal with

the stone disk lying on it.

Head back to the beginning of the level and place the disk by the stone

platform on the ground. Burn the two braziers on the wall and rotate the tower

that comes out of the ground for few times. A passage will open up in the

wall. Continue down the path until you see a wall with a bizarre statue

growing out of it.


Destroy the Head with TK and then hit the TK switch behind it. Jump the

stone ledges on the left side to climb these new ledges to get the Reaver

of Dimension.

Now go to the ledges to the right of the statue and grab the Health Talisman.

Now go all the way back to where you got the Stone Disk and touch the Diamond

symbol on the statue. Now Bat Flight to the next location.


- Items: -


Health Talismans:

1) To the right of the odd looking statue.

Telekinetic Runes

1) North of the Pillars.

Ancient Tomes:

1) The ledge above the ruins to the West of the Pillars.




Health: 7

TK: 5

Tomes: 5


V I - T H E P I L L A R S O F N O S G O T H -

500 Years Later R A Z I E L


Head down to the encampment below. Kill the hunters and then get the Health

Talisman and then proceed further. Kill the next set of enemies and scale the

wall to the right of the screw like pillar. Walk along to the Fire Shrine.

Scale the wall next to the transporter and move the stone dial so that there is

nothing blocking the large stone on the left. Now head down and drag it to

the center and then to the wall with the TK switch above it. Scale the wall

again and rotate the dial so that you can press the stone block to the wall.

Now press it towards the wall and hit the TK switch. The stones gases will

light on fire. Now drag it to the center of the room.


- i Fire Reaver -


Follow the hallway form the transport and out the doorway. Drop to the first

floor and shift into spectral realm. Visit both fenced in rooms to fight a

couple mini-bosses.

Head back to the main room and look for the room to rematerialize. Once you

have; head back to the forge and imbue the reaver with Fire.

Go back to the room you rematerialized in and burn the two braziers there.

Find a room with chairs lining the wall. You can jump up here to the second

floor. There in the adjacent chamber is a Tome.

Head out and to the door to the left. Kill the shades and jump on the pillar.

Now use the camera and TK functions to hit the switch. Quickly light both

fires. The one closest to you and then the one on the other side up the

scalable wall. Go out of this room and to the one to the left. Follow the

Hall out; with the four fires lit the transporter will activate. Leave the

fire shrine.


- The Pillars of Nosgoth -


Follow left to the stone dial and the braziers from Kain's level. Now burn the

braziers with the reaver and rotate the stone tower until the passage is opened.


Head to the pillars and search the area to the east. You will have to kill a

few hunters but a TK rune is lying there. Now head North and jump up the

ledge. Grab the tome and kill the Hunters protecting The Bronze Disc (a

barrier will envelope it.) Grab the disc and head West. Place the disc in

the grated gate and head to the ruins.

Jump the center pillars and shift on the second one. Jump to the right and

rematerialize. Now follow the path outside of it and look to your immediate

right. (Before you fall off of any ledges.) You can see the shrine. Glide

across to the ledge and open the door with the Fire Reaver.

Slide the stone on the left hand side of the shrine room to the right. Lock it

in place by hitting the TK switch while standing in front of it.

Now head to the other side of the room and drag that stone over the other jet

(to the left.) Hit the Air Jet in the center of the room and float to the high

ledge. Grab the Howling Heartstone. Now head back down and hit the TK switch

again. The air will move the stone and then go to the other end of the room

and move that one out of

the way. Place the Howling Heartstone in its place. The transporter will now



- Air Reaver -


Drop through the whole in the floor and head towards the fenced area. There you

will fight a guardian. Afterwards head through the pathway still in the tomb.

Scale the wall and head northward. Pass the next scalable wall instead of

going down and phase through the next gate. There is a conduit there.

Rematerialize and head down the hall. Grab the Health Talisman. Now go back

to the last scalable wall you didn't go down and fight the next guardian.

After he is beaten go back to the imbument room and rematerialize. Kill the

tentacle creatures and go imbue the reaver with the element of air. Head left

of the switch door. Scale the wall to the left of the broken air jet and jump

up to the ledge. Burn the brazier. Now head to the other side of the TK switch

door and activate the air jet. Glide to the ledge and burn the brazier.

Now go to the center of the room and activate that air jet. Glide to the next

room and turn the stone on the left to the Light Reaver symbol. Now rotate the

stone on the right to the Dark Reaver. Hit the TK switch and turn the dark orb

light and the light orb dark.

Now head to the open room on the first floor and scale the wall. The

transporter will activate for your passage.


- The Pillars of Nosgoth -


Head out of the shrine. form the ledge overlooking the water jump left. Kill

the enemies that cross your path and then follow through the ruins all the way

to the pillars. Go north of the pillars and activate the air jet near where

you got the bronze disc. Now glide to the ledge above and head into the



- Items: -


Health Talismans:

1) At the beginning near the camp

2) In the Air Reaver Forge, follow the path instead of

going to fight the second guardian. Phase through the

grated door way. Rematerialize and head down the hall.

Telekinetic Runes:

1) NE of the Pillars in the surrounding area.

Ancient Tomes:

1) In one of the larger rooms in the Fire Forge.

2) Near the Bronze Disc near the ledge overlooking the pillars.


- Enemies: -


Hylden Hunters: Some of the hunters get green glowing eyes.

This doesn't not affect their ability.

Fight as normal.

Giant Hunters: These bastards are strong as hell. These

will be the most irritating enemies in the

game. Use the Fire Reaver and its spell to

kill these giants. Keep attacking while

they flail about. Their attacks are fast

especially for their size. Do not use

standard dodges to avoid them, this can

spell your peril. form a distance they

will launch sledge hammers in your


guardians: These are the original vampire guardians of

the pillars. Their attacks vary but the

basic strategy is to push towards them

attacking and backing off when they start to





Health: 5

TK: 3

Tomes: 5


VII - T H E V A M P I R E C I T A D E L - K A I N


Go down the stairs form this room and phase through the gate at the bottom.

There is no need to fight the tentacle monsters.

Kill the Red Hunters along the way to open the trap gates. In the vampire

shrine area look for a tome overlooking the cliff. Now head left and kill more

of those delightful red hunters. In the farthest room you will find a very

small walkway with the Wheel of Life on a pedestal. Pick it up and kill the

enemies nearby. Head all the way back to the first room after the phase gate.

There will be a large gate there with a circular indention. Place the wheel in

that spot.

Now head down and left. There will be a little area with a couple reddies and

a Health Talisman.

Go further down to the super jump point. Leap across to the transporter.

Leave this first room; the doors surrounding will all close and you must face a

gollum. Now look for a room to the left with a tome in it. Now look for a

place to climb up. Teleport through the fire shrine.

Leave the entry way and go to the door to the right where you had to light the

second set of braziers with Raziel. There is TK rune in here.

Go down and look for the room with chairs lining the wall and climb up. Head to

the teleporter for the Water Shrine.

Now leave this room through the grated doorway. Go to the room all the way to

the left side of the second floor and down the hallway in that room for a

Health Talisman.


Jump to the first floor and destroy the cracked walls. Take up the Rusted

Scales and Carved Stone Skull form each of them. Now go to the door farthest

right and place the relics in the symbols right and left of the larger door.


Enter the room and wait for the camera to change to see the water. Fire a TK

blast at the two braziers above the water at the other side of the screen.

The water will drain now head down and TK the switch. The level the switch

is on will come out allowing you to take the next piece of the Balance Emblem.

This piece is endowed with the power of lightning. A nice bonus to this

weapon is its ability to hurt enemies that are close-by to the one you are


Now head out of this room after killing the shades that appear through the

sealed door. Mow in the mainroom hit the TK switch above that one door. Scale

the wall and kill the Gollum there. Head out of the room to the one on the

farthest right of the second level. Open the seal and face a Fire Gollum. Go

through the transporter and fight the two gollums there.

Go out and look for the scalable wall. Now head up and fight the two Fire

Gollums before heading out of the Light Shrine. Now phase through the gate and

go to the first floor. Look for the transporter on the first floor. Teleport

outside and head almost all the way back to where you got the Wheel of Life.

You will see an odd sealed door. Open it and proceed.


- Items: -


Health Talismans:

1) To the left of the super jump point up one ledge. Look around.

2) Hall in the Water Shrine to the left of the regular gollums.

Telekinetic Runes:

1) The door outside and to the right of the light transporter in

the fire shrine. Where you lit two braziers with Raziel.

Ancient Tomes:

1) Around the Vampire Shrine area in the outside world.

2) One of the rooms after facing the first gollum.


- Enemies: -


Red Hunters: There are two forms of these but vary only

slightly. form a distance One type can

throw little knives. The other is

stronger physically. These guys can't even

block they will be easier than the Sarafan.

Use any technique you like but have fun.

Grande Shades: These bastards are annoying. If you get

lazy just begin to TK them to sap extra

life. They will dodge after a few swings

and use mainly lunging techniques.




Health: 9

TK: 6

Tomes: 7


VIII - V O R A D O R 'S M A N S I O N - R A Z I E L


The most disparing level in this game. Many people have asked me how to get

through the mansion. This level will upset you. Garunteed. But it also will

become the most replayable level in the game. There is enough play-time in

this level to make it a rich playing experience.

Walk up and hit the square button at the large mansion doors. A small

cinematic will begin. Now kill the two gollums. Head back to the mansion and

climb the ruins above the door. Blast the window and shift planes. Now phase

through the window and head down either hallway. Go to the adjacent hallway

midway and look for the conduit. Rematerialize and fight the few revenants.

Now head up the staircase and go through either door. Go down the hall and

kill any revenants you feel necessary. Both halls meet in a room with statues

on either side and a door with a TK switch above it. Equip the Fire Reaver and

TK the switch. Two revolving braziers will appear out of the wall. Burn them

quickly before the puzzle can reset. Now go through to the next level.

This next area will be called the Water Zone. There are three looming

gargoyles a pond and two air jets at the end of the room. Go to the next floor

by activating an airjet and ride to the top. Go into the Fire Door on the left

side. Go all the way down the halls and steps until you reach a small wall

picture. A cinematic will begin; afterwards shift realms and phase through

the grated bars to the right of the picture. Go through the glass window room

and outside. There jump into the background and down the hill. Use the

conduit at the base of the hill and charge the reaver. Equip the Fire Reaver

and stand in the center of the braziers. Use the Fire Spell and light them all

at once.

Head back up the hill and past the green house area you came form. You will

see a circular stone structure with a statue in the center. Climb the pillar

on the left and then up top. Head along to the other side. Destroy the

windowed doorway towards the mansion on what appears to be a second floor.

Glide across and through the doorway. Head down the hall and to the left for a

TK rune. Now head right and kill the revenants.

Burn the two braziers near the fireplace and destroy the cracked wall beyond it.

Now shift realms and phase through the bars. Jump to the ledge to the left.

form there glide to both suspended platforms and to the left ledge. Now jump

to the ledge to the left of that one and use the conduit to rematerialize.

Jump back over to the ledge to the right and go through the door. Follow the

hallway to the next door to enter the Library.


The goal in the library is to light the six dark orbs so equip the Light

Reaver. The locations are listed and how to get them.

1) Nearest the statue.

2) The painting on the first floor looking towards the entrance. Destroy it

and light the orb beyond it.

3) The second floor looking towards the entrance on the right. Follow the

stairs and glide and stagger form the top to get to the next orb. (If you

couldn't see it go to the first floor and use the camera.)

4) The second floor looking to the right. Climb the stairs and pull out the

book shelf that you can drag out. Push it to the side and light the orb.

5) Destroy the table in the center of the room as well as the benches around

it. Drag the tower on the left past the fireplace onto the switch where the

table used to be. The flames in the fireplace will disappear. Light the


6) Jump the scalable wall to the right of the entrance. Climb up and to the

pillar. Hit the TK switch at the end of the room and QUICKLY jump form

spike rail to spike rail all the way to the chandelier. Light the orb.

Now retrieve the Blood Drinker form the statue. Head back to the entrance

and down the hallway.

From there jump off the ledge and fight the three gollums.

Head back up the stairs and go back to the Water Zone. Use the airjets to get

to the second floor and impale the statue on the left side.

Now go to the Air Door. Head down the hall into the water. Shift realms and

phase through the gate on the bottom. Look for the scalable wall and climb up

out of the water. Head left and use the conduit to rematerialize. Now head

right past the blue door to the larger set on the right side. Go down the hall

and kill any revenants. Go up to the next room and jump the first landing;

then to the next one. Scale the wall and jump to the next ledge. Now scale

that one. Glide across to the next ledge with the window on it. Blast it then

shift realms. Phase through the gate and head along the high path to the

conduit at the other end. Rematerialize.

Notice the over looking pillars?

Go to the one closest to the window you came out of and jump to it. Now shift

realms and glide to the pillar to your upper-left hand side. Now jump to the

next one to the other high path. Follow the side all the way through the

doorway and go down the stairs. At the bottom under the stairwell is a conduit

to rematerialize through. Now head through the door on the left side. Kill

the revenants. Now go through the door at the end of the hall.


In this area you will need the Dark Reaver to darken the lighted globes.

You will need to use the Dark Spell for the majority of these tests so make

use of the charge stone. Also any you don't need the spell for will have

an *.

1) * The Globe on the stairs behind the statue.

2) Hit the TK switch above the last globe and glide to the fallen

chandelier. Now wait for it to go up and use the spell. Now cross the

spike railings quickly to the orb on the other side.

3) Up the scalable wall to the right of the windows.

4) Smash the odd looking window form the windows with TK and darken the orb.

5) The fireplace on the other side of the room form the windows.

6) form the entrance jump on the pillar to the left. You will be standing

on a switch that will make some ledges come out of the wall above the

fireplace. Use your spell now and Jump the three ledges to the orb.

Now retrieve the Heart Seeker form the statue.

Head back to the First scene of Vorador's Mansion outside the front door.

Drop to the ground and go back through the first entrance and down the hall

again. Re-use the conduit and go up the stairs. Go down the hall and fight

the gollums just before the Water Zone.

Enter the Water Zone and use the airjets to the second floor again. Place

the Heart Seeker in the right statue.

Go through the Fire Door again and head down the hall. This time the wall

before the grated door will be cracked. TK it and head back towards the stone



Instead of going up again look for another wall to the upper right of the

stone structure that has cracks in it with a blue angel. TK it and go down

the piping. Head down the sewer until your camera changes and you see a

long stretch of water. Hit the TK switch across the water and quickly jump

the rising pillars. This may take a couple tries. At the other end is Half

of Vorador's Crest. Now head back along the sewer and kill the revenants.

Climb the scalable wall inside the large vertical pipe. Head back to the

Water Zone.

Use the airjet to get to the second level and go through the Air Door. Head

down the stairs but NOT into the water. You will see a cracked wall to the

left of the water. Go through now and place the first piece of the crest in

the blue door's symbol. Now go to the large doors on the right.

Use the options menu to change the brightness to HIGH and then go up the

tower to the second floor. Jump up two of the platforms. In this room is a

cracked wall. Now smash it down with a TK (it is easier to locate that way)

and grab the Health Talisman. Now go to the first floor before exiting the

large doors.


Go through the hallway and see the Fireplace with a circular symbol above

it? Destroy the cracked wall beyond it and head down the hallway. You will

see four pillars with symbols on them and a blackish green dial on the floor.

You have to rotate the four pillars to match the ones on the wall.

Note: You must have the symbols facing the center dial. form left to right

the symbols should be AIR, FIRE, EARTH, WATER.

The dial will raise a bit. Jump on it and wait for it to go up. Once it

stops glide to the ledge with the other Half of Vorador's Crest.


Now head back to the last blue door where you put the other piece of

Vorador's crest in the symbol. Place the new piece in it and go through the

door. Use the charge stone and equip the Fire Reaver. Use the Fire Spell

when standing in the center of all the suspended unlit candles hanging form

a chandelier.

The chandelier will raise and the gate to the last spear will open; but

when you approach it the gate will shut. You will have to kill the two

fire gollums.

Now retrieve the Soul Stealer. Go through the exit and head through the

passage you busted down with the TK blast earlier and head up the stairs.

Back in the Water Zone place the last spear in the center gargoyle.

Destroy the three broken walls behind each statue for a Health Talisman and

two Soul Basins.

A portal will open where the pond was below the gargoyles. Enter it to go

to the Water Shrine.


i Water Reaver


Follow the hall and shift realms. Phase through the gate and head down


Fight the two guardians and look for the room to rematerialize inside. Go

back out and look for a Health Talisman in one of the guardian tombs. Now

Imbue the reaver with the element of water.

One room visibly has two fires in it. Extinguish them with the Water


Use the Water Reaver to freeze the waterfall. Climb up and look for the

water fall on the second floor and freeze it. Climb up that one and

Extinguish that fire. Now head to the second floor again and go to the

open door to the left.

Extinguish that fire and shift realms. Now jump to the passage to the

right side and use the conduit in the next room to rematerialize. Use the

Water Reaver to extinguish that flame as well. Now shift realms again

and phase through the gate.

Go right and phase through the next gate. Look for the conduit and escape

the Water Shrine.




Now head back through the hallway away form the Water Zone. Go through

either hall to the main room. See where the hall you walked form before

the first conduit and this room meet? To the left side is a painting. Use

TK to blast it down. There is a Health Talisman behind it.

Now go to the entrance of Vorador's Mansion and scale the wall to the

right of the door. Shift and phase through the broken window and go to

the conduit in the middle of the courtyard. Scale the wall right of the

mansion and use the conduit on the walkway once more. Now head across to

the other walkway via the pillars and shifting again. Go into the room

you got the Heart Seeker form and shatter the painting to the right side

for another Tome. Head back to the room with the Gargoyles in it.

Back in the Water Zone, use an airjet to glide to the second floor with the

gargoyles on it. Go through the firedoor and head down the hill to where

you lit all those braziers.

You will notice little red and green symbols by each brazier. Extinguish

the fires that meet a green symbol. Now go through the door for a short


Go back up the hill all the way to the stone structures again. Jump up the

pillar to the left and go around the top stones. Glide to the window

above and down the hall to the Blue Door. Now you will be back in the

library again.

There is a tome behind the window to the left of the statue. You must

shatter it.

Use the Library Seal on the door behind the statue.


- Items: -


Health Talismans:

1) In the Water Shrine in one of the tombs on the first floor.

2) After the first conduit there are paintings left and right of

the entrance to the hall you came out of. The one on the left

side is breakable after you spear the Gargoyle on the right side.

3) The first tower near the place you get the Silver Half of

Vorador's Crest. Go to the second floor turn up the brightness

and break the cracked wall after getting the Heart Seeker.

Telekinetic Runes:

1) In the room above the stone structures beyond the Fire Door; down

the hall and to the left.

2) Behind the cracked wall nearest the Soul Stealer's Gargoyle.

Ancient Tomes:

1) Behind the glass window to the left of the statue in the library.

Spear the Gargoyle on the left first.

2) The painting to the right of the door in the other spear room.

The gargoyle on the right must be impaled in the Water Zone.


- Enemies: -


Large revenants: These baddies are a bit more durable than their

smaller brethren. They are almost as easily


As with most enemies the Fire Spell works wonders

in a bind. Note that these guys can jump up to

ledges Raziel is standing on.




Health: 8

TK: 5

Tomes: 7


IX - T H E V A M P I R E C I T A D E L - 2 - K A I N


Seek Power Source for Disabled Warp Gate


Walk down to the super jump point and leap across the pit. Follow the walkway

to the right and enter the transporter.

Head out of the first room of the Earth Shrine and go right to the first sealed

door. Go through it and destroy the pillar there. Climb up and to the next



Notice the missing orb by the inactive transporter. You will now face a fire

gollum. Now head to the hall on the right and jump down the hole that's

rounded off with a fence before the next door. Grab the Earth Globe and kill

the shades. Destroy the wall and head into the tomb for a Health Talisman.

Go back up to the second floor past the rounded off hole you jumped through

earlier. Place the Earth Globe in it's designated spot. Head down form

there through the transporter.

Phase through the grated doorway and drop below to the first floor. Kill the

gollums and Red Hunters. Look for the scalable wall and climb up.


Go left to the inactive transporter and take the Sphere of Energy. Kill the

two gollums and phase through the grated doorway. Go left on the walkway

and go through the next door for a TK rune.

Use the Jump point to leap to the other side. Go back through the

transporter and kill the two gollums inside the room. Go through the left

hallway. (The camera angle won't change until you have passed through it.)

And go back to the inactive transporter. Place the sphere in the correct

place and go through the transporter. Kill the Gollum and phase through

the gate. Jump down to the first floor.

Phase though the gate below and kill the red hunters. Break the wall to the

left of the tomb and scale the wall behind it. Head forward past the next

tomb and kill the gollums near the transporter. Now DON'T go in the

transporter instead go to the next hallway right and get another tome. NOW

enter the transporter.


At least in the PS2 version you don't have to TK the switch on the left of

this puzzle. Just touch the symbol. On the right side hit the TK switch

and touch the next symbol. Grab the last piece of the balance emblem to

complete it. This one is marked with scales and endows the reaver with the

power to slow time. touch this last symbol and go through the door. Jump

down to the first floor and exit form the transporter.

Use the Jump point to leap to the other side of the pit. Head back to the

Vampire Shrine where the murals were on the outside world? Go through this

door and watch this very important cinematic. Grab the Health Talisman

before entering the portal.

Once outside the portal in the newer Nosgoth... kill the Grande Shades and

exit outside of the shrine. Head straight out the door to find a bat flight



- Items: -


Health Talismans:

1) After getting the Earth Globe in the next room.

1) Just before jumping through the portal at the end.

Telekinetic Runes:

2) The left of the door form the Dark Shrine.

Ancient Tomes:

1) The hall of the Air Shrine exit past the Gollums.




Health: 11

TK: 7

Tomes: 8


7 - W A L K T H R O U G H - P A R T 3


P A R T 3: Will deal with the Climax of this story. form here on in the

game is linear and will require you saving every once in a while.

You are about to finish the game. There is no more than 2.5

hours of gameplay left.


X - A V E R N U S C A T H E D R A L - R A Z I E L


Find the Heart of Darkness


Head to one of the hallways until you reach a door. Now open it with the Water

Reaver. Head below to fight four gollums. Each one will yield a new stone

platform until all are vanquished. No go up the platforms and grab the

Obsidian Sphere and put it in its placeholder below.

Now enter the Earth Shrine...


- i The Earth Reaver -


Walk down the hall for a TK rune. shift realms and jump to the main room on the

first floor. Fight the guardians.

Go into one of the tombs to rematerialize. Kill the revenants with charged

attacks by utilizing the charge stone. Charge up again and leave this room.

Switch to the Dark Reaver. Now head to the door on the left first but use the

spell only once you arrive there. Use the spell and darken the orb. Now head

to the room just left of there. Use the soul basin and go through the broken

doorway to the right. Freeze the waterfall with the Water Reaver and climb up

to the next floor. Walk into the foreground left. Fall through the floor in

the next chamber. Kill the revenants and use the Light Reaver to make the dark

orb change. The barrier will now be broken.

Go back the way you came and imbue the reaver with the element of Earth.

Use the Earth Reaver on the dial on the ground with its symbol. Three

platforms will appear. Climb them all quickly to the far ledge. Change to the

Air Reaver and hit the airjet. Glide to the top of the screen into the room.

Now rotate the stones so that both show the Air Forge Symbol. Hit the TK

switch and now do the same for the Fire Forge Symbol. Change to the Water

Reaver. Now go into both adjacent rooms and extinguish the fires there.

Now head out of the room to the ledge to the left facing the doorway. Change

to the Fire Reaver and burn the braziers. Now head back to the first floor and

use the Earth Reaver to summon the stone steps again. Jump up the first and

the second and then to the third ledge; and then to the right. Now change

back to the Fire Reaver and burn the two braziers. Shift into the spectral

realm and head through the grated doorway. Now rematerialize in the next room

and exit the shrine.


- Avernus Cathedral -


Change to the Water Reaver and open the door to get back into Avernus

Cathedral. Now go back into the first room and kill the worshippers; don't

bother taking their soul... just charge the reaver with them.


Now use the Earth dial to make steps to the right side of the cathedral.

Jump up all of them and to the left to a walkway.

Grab the Health Talisman and kill the worshippers. Grab the Dark Scripture.

- Note on Worshippers - Certain worshippers have the ability to summon

demons. These guys possess souls you can eat. They are protected by a

barrier that will break with a few telekinetic blasts and a couple combos.

Defeat them as quickly as possible. Demons are pesky and difficult.

Place the scripture in the larger book in the main room. A portal will

open up. Go into it.

Go down the hallway and grab the tome after the first cinema. Now head down

the hall to fight the worshippers that summon demons. Hit them as quickly

as possible to stop this process.

Go down the hall further to the next large room. Kill the next two

summoners. Go to the end of the hall through the main doors.


- The Reunion Battle -


Slash the monster's Telekinetic blasts.

Jump over its large waves.

When it charges, dodge quickly.

Now- How to defeat it. Eventually the creature will begin to scream and a

large drum will vibrate. Hit it with the reaver or better yet TK the

damned thing. Then run over and slash at its head. Repeat this process

until he makes all the drums rings. Hit all the vibrating gongs to kill


- Your TK powers will now be as great or greater than Kain.

Destroy the large pillar and climb the wall for the last cinematic of this



- Items: -


Health Talismans:

1) Above the main room of the cathedral where you get the Dark


Telekinetic Runes:

1) Down the Hall in the Earth Shrine.

Ancient Tomes:

1) In the first large room after the first cinematic in the catacombs.




Health: 9

TK: 6

Tomes: 8


XI - A V E R N U S C A T H E D R A L - P A R T 2


i - T H E A D V E R S A R Y -


Attack the enemy with standing combos and telekinetic waves. Dodge it's

weapon and attack. The creature should die quickly.


ii - T H E T R A G I C H E R O -



Use air attacks on this enemy and telekinetic waves. Use the dropping attack

form the sky to kill it quickly.

Retrieve the Heart of Darkness.


XII - V O R A D O R 'S M A N S I O N - 2 - R A Z I E L


Resurrect Janos


To the right of the starting point in the first set of library shelves is a

cracked wall. Smash it down and go further down the hall. Smash the next wall

and watch the cinema. Head up the next part of the hallway. Open the door.

Now drop down to the Water Zone and go next to an Air Jet below. You will find

another Health Talisman.

Now leave the room . Fight the revenants and go down the hall. Open the door

and head to the right to get a tome. Look for a pillar highlighted in green.

Smash it and climb the broken pieces to the by using the scalable wall to reach

the second level. Smash the wooden barrier.

Proceed through the hall to the next door using the Earth Reaver. Jump through

the broken window and get another TK rune. Go through the blue angel door and

down the hall. Kill the revenants and continue on.

Climb the stairs and go to the courtyard below. Walk into the main entrance

and break the Vorador statue across form the doors with a TK Blast.

Get the Health Talisman.

Head down to the south near where Vorador's Mansion level began the last time.

(Those gates?) Turn to look at the pillar highlighted in green. Use a TK

attack to knock it down. Now use the air jet to glide up to the rooftops

again. Glide to the North Western Pillar and then to the North Eastern Pillar

to the other side.

Destroy the griffen highlighted in green with a TK blast. Climb up to the

fenced in window and shift realms. Phase through it and go all the way to

the bottom. Kill the Grande Archons. Now head down the stairs and use the

conduit behind the barrels at the base of the stairs. Head down the hallway

and open the large doors. Jump into the water and switch to the Earth Reaver

to become heavy. One of the corners has a tome. Shift realms and phase

through the gate to get it. Then phase back and use the scalable wall to

climb above the water and use the conduit. Then jump back in the water with

the Earth Reaver and find the breakable wall. Break it and go on through

Drag the two stones on the right hand side onto the visIble switches. Now

Grab the TK rune.

Head out of the water and down the piping then climb out of the sewer.

Look for the stone structure that led you to the library in the original

Mansion level. Climb the circle of stone and into the window for a Health


Now head down to the crypt and finish the deed.


- Items: -


Health Talismans:

1) Behind Vorador's Statue.

2) The old path form the stone structures to the Library.

3) Water Zone area next to an air jet.

Telekinetic Runes:

1) The broken window near where you got the Heart Seeker.

2) Underwater, drag the two stones in place in the sewers water.

Ancient Tomes:

1) To the right of the door that hangs over the main hall. The highest

point on the stairs.

2) Below in the water with the blue angel door nearby. Must be in

spectral realm. Phase through the gate in the corner.




Health: 12

TK: 8

Tomes: 10


XIII - T H E V A M P I R E C I T A D E L - R A Z I E L


Investigate the Inner Chamber Below


Walk down the stairs and shift into the spectral realm. Kill the Demon and

rematerialize to kill the revenants. Now head to the Vampire Shrine. Place

the Oroborus in the door within the room. Go through the main set of doors.

Walk down the steps and equip the Earth Reaver. Smash the wall under the

water and walk through. Climb the wall and walk all the way down the hall.


- i The Spirit Reaver -


There will be an obstacle preventing you form forging the weapon. Hit it with

the reaver and equip the Dark Reaver. Climb the scalable wall and press the

Dark Reaver in the third forging. Then equip the Light Reaver and press it in

the fourth forging. The ground will shake and the Spirit Forge will descend

another level.

Go down and have the scalable wall directly behind you. Equip the Earth

Reaver and strike the obstacle again. Jump up the wall behind you and hit the

Earth dial. Jump the temporary stone platforms up to scale the wall. Equip

the Water Reaver and put it in the second forge. Then change the weapon to

the Fire Reaver. Place it in the fifth forge. The platform will lower again.

Equip the Earth Reaver and drop down. Make sure a large stone edifice is to

your right when you strike the obstacle again. Now strike it and press the

right arrow to equip the Water Reaver. Swim up to that platform to your right

and jump out of the water. Freeze the waterfall and scale it. Now glide to

the left side and scale the ledge.

Go into the little opening and equip the Earth Reaver again. Hit the dial and

jump the platforms to the last scalable wall. Climb up and press the Earth

Reaver into the first forge. Then equip the Air Reaver and go all the way to

the sixth forge and put it in. Now the obstacle will once again renew itself.

Equip the Earth Reaver again and jump into the water. Strike the obstacle for

the last time. You are now endowed with the most powerful weapon in the game.

Now go all the way back to the beginning where you shifted into the gate.

Shift again and phase through the gate. Then go all the way up the steps

until you reach a stone obstacle. Scale the wall to the left and jump over

the obstacle. Now go to the first area of the Vampire Citadel.


- ii Redeemer and Destroyer -


This boss is relatively easy. Make sure your not in combat mode when you

fight it. If it swoops down jump away form it. Strike it when it's got a

headache. The tornadoes can just be walk around. The shock wave is

unavoidable but the creature can be TKed and held there to be stopped. ONLY

hit the creature when it has a headache. It may summon revenants but with the

new power of the blade it takes a strike to kill them. Use the revenants to

charge the spell. Then Unleash it when the creature has a headache. This will

knock off a quarter of it's life.


XIV - A V E R N U S C A T A C O M B S - K A I N


Kill the Demons and escape the realm. Climb the scalable wall and enter

Mortanius' chamber for a Health Talisman. Head out of the catacombs killing the

demons there (Grab the tome along the way.)

Leave the Catacombs and Bat Flight out of Avernus.


XV - T H E V A M P I R E C I T A D E L - K A I N


In the first room is a TK rune.

Go to the Spirit Forge. Along the way you will pick up the last tome.


- i Crack in the Wheel -


The Eye is protected.

Avoid the tentacles. If one raises slowly be prepared to side-dodge it. If

it sweeps jump over it as it moves left and right. When it comes to a stop

strike it.

When the barrier is removed form the eye run over quickly and strike it with a

three hit combo and follow it up with another.

When the flares follow you side step in the opposite direction of its curve.

(Green flares don't need to be dodged.)

More tentacles will appear later on just use the same basic tactic you did

when it was just the one. (Actually I find it easier with more of them.)

The eye will sometimes randomly burst flares at you so be on the look out.

Four solid rounds of whacks to the big ole' eye should put the monster out of



8 - S P O I L I N G T H E S T O R Y . . . -


Kain found his way into the Sarafan Stronghold to look for Moebius.

Moebius awaited Kain beneath the stronghold in the catacombs; knowing Kain was

searching for Raziel.

Kain tried to intimidate Moebius but his staff dominated Kain's vampiric


Later, Kain found Moebius high in the tower. He tossed the staff from Moebius

and forcefully took Moebius information on Raziel's whereabouts and was

directed to the Vampire Citadel.

There Kain discovered a memory of prophesy where a vampire would face an

adversary of equal strength. In order to enter the tomb Kain had to restore

the Balance Emblem.

Once he did he met the Oracle, an ancient creature who explained Raziel was

not the hero of the vampires, but the adversary. It offers to whisk Kain

five hundred years into the future to fulfill his destiny.

Within the bowels of the nether realm Raziel struggled against the Elder God.

He was starved and imprisoned there awaiting release.

After tricking the Elder, Raziel found his way out of his ward and to the

surface realm. The conduits Raziel had always relied on were deprived from

him; forcing him to search for a way out. He found a fresh corpse and

inhabited it, transforming its tissue into his own.

He discovered the shrines of light and darkness which he used to open his way

to the pillars.

He then questioned the specter of Ariel and discovers himself five hundred

years from the last time he walked physically in the world. Ariel distrusted

him and his origins but told him where to find Vorador.

Raziel imbued the reaver with fire and air and discovered through murals more

of his ancient heritage.

Vampires once warred against a race very similar to theirs eons ago. They

had worshipped a god of fate and banished the non believers into the demon

realm. But not without consequence. The vampires were afflicted with

sterility and a blood hunger.

To sustain their enemies banishment, the vampires called upon nine guardians

to represent the pillars. But as time progressed the vampires began to die

out and humans began to take their place. Unwilling to lose their heritage

the vampires began abducting the human guardians and transforming them into

the new race of vampires.

Among the first to be changed was a weaponsmith named Vorador. He was not a

guardian but the forger of the reaver blade. The blade which became a holy

relic to the vampires. Vorador was the first vampire born into the blood

curse with the Dark Gift.

Eventually the humans turned on their Guardians, lead by Mortanius and


It was said that the hero to the vampires would wield the reaver against his

adversary, a creature of equal power that represented the banished race.

The Hylden's champion would bear a sword of flame and there were two

possible outcomes. Either champion could win.

Armed with new information Raziel sought out Vorador within his mansion.

There he discovered another more chilling mural that spoke of the vampires

immortality, and their denial their god of fate.

Raziel confronted Vorador with the questions of his heritage to which he

responded with vague commentary. Then Raziel was brought to Janos' crypt and

Raziel was sent to Avernus in search of the Heart of Darkness; Janos'own heart.

Kain found himself in the Nosgoth after the pillars' damnation.

He sought out Avernus for Raziel.

Below the catacombs of Avernus Raziel discovered his true origin as the

adversary to the vampire race.

He faced Hash Ak Gik who had possessed his brother Turel. Turel had been

summoned to the past to control the humans and aid the Hylden against his will.

Raziel consumed his soul and found his way above Turel's lair. There he met

with Mortanius who was also imprisoned by Hash Ak Gik but possessed enough

will to explain his story.

Mortanius had used the Heart of Darkness to remake Kain into a vampire. Thus

setting prophesy into motion. He left Raziel with the knowledge that he and

Kain would face each other soon.

Kain arrived at Avernus Cathedral to seek out Raziel. There the two spoke and

Kain tried to reason with Raziel. In the end, the battle was inevitable and

Raziel seeing it that way fought Kain.

Ripping Kain's own heart out, Raziel sent Kain's body into the demon realm.

Raziel returned to Vorador's Mansion only to find the vampire had been taken

by Moebius' mob. He found Janos and resurrected him.

Janos remembered the prophesy but was shocked to discover Raziel was the

enemy. Janos chose to aid Raziel to the vampire citadel for the final

forging of the wraithblade.

Raziel had to fight with the Elder to get him to leave the forge alone long

enough to imbue the blade with the Balance Guardian's of pasts souls.

The spirit reaver was forged and Raziel returned to Janos. The pillars were

destroyed in that instant from the younger Kain and Hash stol Janos' mind.

Raziel tried to kill Janos but lacked the fortitude to finish the job. Hash

punished Raziel by forcing him into the spectral realm before flying off.

Kain awoke in the demon realm. With his heart removed he was still alive

somehow. He battled demons to free himself and headed to the Citadel.

There he found Moebius resurrected from his battle with Kain's younger self

and speaking to some unknown being. Moebius tried to stop Kain with his

staff but with Janos' heart removed from Kain it was powerless against him.

Kain killed Moebius and Raziel was waiting for him on the other side.

Moebius tried to barter his life back from the Elder God he cannot see.

Raziel impaled him on the Spirit Reaver and purified Moebius sight. Now

Moebius understood what he had worshipped for eons... and then Raziel

handed him back to the wheel of fate.

The Elder threatened to drag Kain and Raziel into the bowels of the Earth.

Raziel pleased to see Kain alive, made his decision... he would return to

purify the reaver.

Entering Moebius' body, Kain struck the reaver into Raziel, ignorant of

the fact that it was his first lieutenant he impaled.

Raziel appeared and Kain tried to force the reaver out of him. But Raziel

spoke, healing Kain of impurity and explained that he must enter the reaver

for Nosgoth to be restored.

He ended by saying he would see the true enemy.

Kain attacks the Elder forcing him underground... knowing one day, he will face

him again.


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