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Everything in this guide was made by me. Please do not use without permission.

LEGOLAND is a game based on the real LEGOLAND parks 
(currently 4, Denmark, Germany, England and California) and 
Roller Coaster Tycoon. Don't get me wrong though, it is a completly 
different type of game.
The money system wasn't given a name, so let's make one up! 
LEGO and GOLD equals LEGOLD! 
(Okay, I didn't really make it up, 
it was on the LEGO website somewhere) 
You can move the camera by moving the mouse to the side or corner of 
the screen that you want to move to. 
The last thing you should know is that no matter how hard you try, 
you can't minimize the game window so I recomend 
printing or leaving this guide up on a laptop next to you or something 
like that.

1- Intro
2- Starting a game and Menus
3- Tutorials
4- Things to Remember
5- Level 1 San Francisco
6- Level 2 France and Belgium
7- Level 3 Washington D.C.
8- Level 4 New York
9- Level 5 India
10- Level 6 Holland
11- Level 7 London
12- Level 8 Italy
13- Level 9 Sydney
14- Level 10 Egypt
15- Free Play


When you open the game, an intro movie will play inviting you to be a 
new LEGOLAND Park Manager Trainee.
It also introduces some staff members: 
Jonathan Ablebody the Park Manager, JP The Park Mechanic, 
Rosie Brickolini the Chef, Bob Longtree the gardener, and 
Professor Voltage the... Professor.
Professor Voltage then introduces his new invention, a time machine. 
He hops in, dissapears, and comes back, which for some bizarre reason 
causes the whole park to colapse. 
If you want to, you can skip the intro by pressing the space bar. 
Now its time to play!

2-Starting a game and Menus

After the intro, create a new game by selecting one of the boxes 
and typing in your name
(Or whatever you want to call yourself) and clicking on the go button.
You are now at the main menu, consisting of several randomly placed circles. 
In this guide we are going to cover story mode, so click on the bottom 
circle to get started.


Before we can do the fun stuff, we have to finish all five tutorials. 
Some things to remember:
These are just tutorials, don't spend a lot of time on them, the real 
fun is later.
I won't go into a lot of details about the games mechanics since our Good 
friend (Who you'll feel like killing several times later on) 
Jonathon Does a good job explaining everything, 
so make sure you read carefully.

Like I said, Jonathon explains everything well, so it would be pointless 
for me to repeat it all. 
Below are a few tips to help you finish these quickly.

Lesson 1
If you need to look at the briefing screen again, click on the notepad next 
to Jonathon
who is at the lower right hand side of the screen. 
Just do everything he says, and when he tells you to connect the toy shop 
to the park entrance, instead of building a toy shop like you would think 
he's telling you to do, no matter how much path you use to try to connect it, 
it won't advance you in the level. Actually, just slightly to the left of 
the entrance is a toy shop which is the one you need to connect. 
After your done, jonathon will dissapear and a picture of him walking 
out a door apears in his place. 
Click this to finish the level.

Lesson 2
To free the gardeners (All clones of Bob) just click on them to pick them up, 
and click again where you want to drop him. On another note, if you get board 
it can be very entertaining to repeatedly pick them up and drop them, 
as they say "Woo Boy!" when you pick them up in high pitched LEGO sounding 
voices. When Jonathon says to plant some trees, he really means 
plant 10 trees.

Lesson 3
After you finish the first few tasks, you will be treated to a movie 
showing the professor "accidently" creating the spider ride. 
In this tutorial you will also be introduced to power plants, 
but there are a few things they don't tell you. First of all, always build 
powerplants away from the rest of the park when you can, because they 
don't need to be connected to path. Second, the bar at the top of the screen 
next to our money meter is the power meter. The only time you need to 
build another powerplant is when that meter gets low, 
which very seldom happens. Soon we will also learn about those wierd 
green pathes on the ground. For a sneak preview, think of Rock Raiders.

Lesson 4
Not much to say here.

Lesson 5
The final tutorial level is fairly simple and you get to see another movie, 
this time showing the professor going back in time to the wild west. 
You will then have 2 ride menus- LEGOLAND and Wild West. As an extra little 
Easter Egg, if you move over to the west wall of the park, you will see a 
smiley face made of that green stuff! It's the coolest thing ever! WOOHOO!

Now that that's all done, on to the first real level!

4- Things to Remember

Ok, so not quite yet. First a list of things to remember during each level

1.You get 10 LEGOLD for every LEGO minifig that enters the park.
2.When clicking on the minifigs it will almost always say that they are sad, 
but it really just depends on how long they have been in the park. 
One time I trapped 2 people in the park, and while they did say they wanted 
to go home, they also had huge grins on their faces.
3.Get everyone out of the greenhouse and plant "a wide variety of plants". 
This is the main area I've messed up in most on some levels.

5- Level 1 San Francisco

The first level is fairly easy. It will say you are low on money, but 
don't pay attention to that, there is plenty for this level. Start by 
building a power plant in one of the far corners of the park. For this level 
you should only need 1. Get out several mechanics and gardeners before you 
forget- if you don't your park could end up in chaos. The next thing you 
should do is build everything in both the LEGOLAND and Wild West Menus. 
As you do this, remember to plant each type of plant about equaly. It doesn't 
need to be perfect, but like I said earlier, plant variety can get to be a 
big pain if you don't do it from the start. The Reports call for a large 
Driving School, but a small one works just as well. You can also use the 
cross walk piece to make places where people can go through to other parts 
of the park. After everything is built, you will be shown a message 
that says everyone is hungry. After you finish reading it, press ok to return 
to the park. Every 10 minutes Mr. Bimble the Park Inspector will give a report
on how you are doing. You have a total of ten chances, so on this 
level you have way more time than you need. The requirments include a 
"Large" Driving School, all rides need to be connected (most of the time they 
will be connected automaticly), and a variety of food stores. 
on the first report you are likely to have low scores on food because not 
much is available to you at the moment. The only other thing to check is 
how you are doing on scenery, and try to make the improvments 
before next time. Anyways, after you get the message about hungry 
visitors you will get the octopus cafe and a boatload of new western items.
Build the Wild west stuff first, then build the octo cafe. After that is 
built, you get a few more restraunts. Build them too, and you get the 
final item of the level- a barrel. At least it counts as scenery. 
Continue to put in more scenery if the last report said you need a 
wider variety. If you get a perfect score, then you finish the level!
If you need\want to you can save your park first so that you can work 
on it more later. Click on the door to complete the level.

6- Level 2 France and Belgium

The first thing you will notice is that there is a broken bridge. 
For now we will have to build in the small area currently available. 
Once again, start with a power plant, and then build all the LEGOLAND 
rides in as small of an area as you can. Make sure to get out 
some mechanics and gardeners too. After all the rides are in, you get the 
driving school and some more scenery. Build the driving school as small as you 
can too, because there is still more to put in here. 
After the driving school is complete, you will get western rides and scenery. 
Build all the western stuff, and any western scenery should go by the rides
so you can find them easily later. On the log flume ride, make 
it as small as you can too. finishing this ride should activate the bridge 
and you will be prompted to build a spinning barrels ride on the other side. 
A couple new western items will be unlocked, and you will be putting 
them across the bridge too. You will then be treated to another movie, 
similar to the one with the professor in the wild west, but this time he 
goes to medevil times and of course, brings back some castle themed things. 
Jonathon then tells you to put castle rides where the western rides 
currently are. In other words, delete every wild west item 
(including scenery) and you will recieve a few castle attractions. 
Build them all on the other side of the bridge, and you get the 
roller coaster. In this level, the whole coaster is flat, so it won't be easy 
getting the required number of 4 people to ride it. Your reward is two more 
pieces of castle scenery. The only thing left is getting everything up to 
Mr. Bimble's expectations, and you will finish the level.

7- Level 3 Washington D.C.

This is a different sort of level, and also the easiest in the game. 
There are hedges around every ride, blocking them off from visitors. 
All you have to do is find the part of the hedge that is erasable, 
(usually right in front of it) and connect everything to the entrance. 
That's all! Level finished with no Mr. Bimble.

8- Level 4 New York

Because you didn't really build a park in the last level, you get 
2 minilands to put in your park! Start by building the new crystal 
power plant on some crystals. This will start a movie showing how the 
professor discovered the new power source. You won't ever want to use the 
standered power plant much again, this one has more than 5 times as 
much power! Once again, build everything in the LEGOLAND menu. 
This will unlock scenery on this level. Put ten flowers in the hedge area 
and the three fountains (two of which you just unlocked) as well. 
Next you need to put all of the Western themed rides in the area surrounded 
by cacti, and though you will now have castle items, build the log flume 
first. After all the castle items are in the area surrounded by trees, 
you should build the roller coaster. This time you will have raised track 
so you can build a much cooler coaster, but the only way to go 
back down is connecting it to the station. Jonathon will tell you that 
some of the gate money has been lost and that it is under one of the rides. 
I will spare you from that pain though, and tell you that it is always under 
the Octopus Cafe. Meet any more requirements that you haven't finished on 
Mr. Bimble's reports, and you will be finished with the level.

9- Level 5 India

The land you will be building this park on has a huge area in the middle 
of everything that is blocked of by broken bridges. The only Items you start 
with are some plants. Put 5 of each in the hedge area at the entrance, with 
5 hedge sections too for some wierd reason. After everything has grown the 
LEGOLAND items will be available again, and remember to start with a 
crystal power plant (though the normal kind will still be there in the menu, 
I still don't recomend using it, and it doesn't count as a ride, attraction, 
or scenery). Try to build everything as close together as you can, 
because after it's all in, you unlock the driving school which requires 
a bit of space. Build all the Western items in the area marked by cacti, 
then build the log flume wherever and how big you want it to be, since 
completing this unlocks the middle of the park where you should put all of the
castle stuff, including the roller coaster which now has a raised and 
lowered piece, so you can have more than one hill now. A couple new pieces 
of scenery will be available after your coaster is complete, and now you just 
need to satisfy Mr. Bimble to finish the level.

10- Level 6 Holland

This is arguably the hardest level, or the most anoying at least. 
When you enter the level you will watch a movie of the professor going to an 
Adventurers themed area. (Mostly based on the 1998 product line). 
Afterwords, build 3 small power plants, as the crystal one isn't available 
yet and the small ones are required to go on. Build all the rides in every 
menu, but don't worry about scenery yet. After all is built, you will 
recive a few Adventurers items. Build a garden of shrubs to recieve even 
more adventurers items. The bridge will now be fixed, and you will be asked 
to build a roller coaster over there. Put 10 of each of the three oak 
tree types around the coaster to continue. Then Aliens 
(This game gets wierder every minute) will abduct everything in your park 
except the roller coaster. Build a Log flume where all the rides used to 
be, and then you will get a couple new rides. Build everything else again, 
and about half of your park will be abducted again. Luckily that is the 
last you'll see of the aliens in this game, and all you need to do now 
is rebuild the park and this time put in scenery. After you meet Mr. Bimble's 
requirements, the level will be over.

11- Level 7 London

Start with a small power plant on this level. When you've built everything 
and put scenery around it, you will be told that it is too hot and you have 
to put the mechanics away. After you find them all and put them away, 
you get to build a water area for the visitors. This will trigger 
another movie with the professor retrieving Inca rides. Like when we first 
got castle, we have to delete all of the western rides and scenery 
before we can use any. Remember that the shrub is classified as western too. 
Build your new stuff, pass the appraisals, and on to the next level!

12- Level 8 Italy

This level is similar to level 3, but this time your putting the rides 
in the hedges. Arrange them like this:
|                |                    |
|     Castle     |      Carousel      |
|                |                    |
|                |                    |
|  Helicopters   |    Spider Ride     |
|                |                    |
And you've finished another level!

13- Level 9 Sydney

This is just a routine level, but you only get the rides a few at a time 
and you need to put them in (this includes scenery) before you can get the 
next batch of stuff. Please Mr. Bimble and we will go to the last level!

14- Level 10 Egypt

The final level starts with a Jurassic Park like intro with the 
proffesor creating a dinosaur from DNA he found in a Crystal. The dinosaur 
is about to attack him when... the screen goes white and we begin 
to build our park. First build all of the new dinosaur items under the 
LEGOLAND menu in the hedge area. Build everything as Jonathon tells you to, 
satisfy Mr. Bimble and... The dinosaur is about to attack the professor when 
he shoots it with his duplicator Ray. A Female Dinosaur Forms and the two 
fall in love, Making for a very corny finish. They go rampaging through the 
park together and the construction workers make their footprints into 
swimming pools. After the movie, you recieve a certificate with 
Kield Kirk Christianson's signature and your name on it. 
Print it if you want, and you've completed he game!

15- Free Play

After you've unlocked something in a level, it is available in 
Free Play Mode. Sadly, you have a limit on how much will be available to you. 
This is indicated by a bar that fills up as you add rides or scenery to the 
list. Minilands take up the most space, and plants are almost nothing. 
Rides that you can customize (Driving School, Roller Coaster, etc.) take more 
than other rides, and you have to add each Sub part of a ride seperatly. 
When you start you will have a very large map to build on and you have 
no money or power limits (so don't watse your precious meter space 
on power plants). There are no objectives here other than have fun!

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