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 Let's Meow Meow!

Let's Meow Meow!


By Ecchifan

Please note that this walkthrough is for the English translated version of 
the Japanese pc game, "Minna de Nyan Nyan."

Let's Meow Meow! is copyrighted by Yamitsu Communications, and distributed by  All rights reserved.  For more information on this game, 
please visit


1. Introduction

2. Walkthrough--general information, detailed walkthrough.

3. Contact info


Version 1.0	11-11-04    Complete walkthrough published at

Let's Meow Meow! is an adventure game where you, as Ibuki Takao, is granted 
your wish for a cat girl from the Cat God, and your life is changed forever.
The characters in this story include:

Ibuki Takao--you're a botany student at Kaibara University.  You love cats.  
You feed strays at the park, and take them to the vet when they're sick.  The
Cat God is impressed by your love for cats, and grant your wish for a cat girl.

Nanami Aoba--your childhood friend, and the daugher of the landlord.  Since
you live alone at the apartment, Nanami looks after you like an older sister.

Mikan--the cat girl promised you by the Cat God.  Mikan works as a maid at your
apartment.  She's a fast learner, and a hard worker.  Her dream is to have a

Hanabi--the sexy and mischievous bunny girl.  Although she comes off as haughty
and proud, she is also shy at times.

Futaba--the young cat boy butler to Hanabi.  He cleans up her mess, and is a
devoted servant.

Shinju--the dog girl police officer chasing after Hanabi.  She is polite, 
respectful, and reserved.

Koboshi--an android cat girl soldier also after Hanabi.  Shinju is her superior

Kohaku--a cat shrine maiden.  A mature, elegant, and full figured woman, she
can still get embarassed by you. 


1. General Information

Let's Meow Meow! can be divided into two parts.  The first part is the general
path that you go through without deciding which girl to aim for.  The second
part starts with the first of three character selections, with the third 
selection limited to the choice of the previous two characters selected.  In
a sense it's easy to decide which girl to go after.  However, the choices you
make after the third character selection could lead you to a general bad 
ending if you make the wrong decides involving the girl.  There is an ending
with every girl except Kohaku.  Since this game doesn't experiment with
homosexuality, there is no ending with the cat guy Futaba either (although you
DO have an interesting scene with him).  Once you achieve all the endings with
the girls, you can unlock the harem route.

2. Detailed Walkthrough

Part I

Please make the following choices:

a) buy them

b) as long as you want

c) live together

d) cheer her up

e) looks great

f) I'm an idiot

g) talk

h) felt happy?

i) tell her

j) a little tired

k) you're good

l) apologize

m) [SAVE HERE!  Please save as SAVED GAME 1] 
  ---Character Selection 1 (choose Mikan, Nanami, Hanabi, Shinju, or Koboshi)

At this point, Let's Meow Meow! requires you to decide which girl to go after.

Part II

1. Mikan Route

m) select Mikan

n) what did you do

o) Character Selection 2 [note: you could choose anyone and it wouldn't affect
                          the outcome of the game.]

   --select Hanabi

p) shouldn't ask

q) Character Selection 3 [note: choices are limited to Mikan and whoever is
                          chosen at Character Selection 2.  Please save as
                          SAVED GAME 2 BEFORE selecting a character.]

   --select Mikan

r) you're beautiful

s) tell her

*****************Kohaku Interlude (Begins)************

As you continue past decision (s), you will reach a point where Kohaku suddenly
appears at your apartment.  The decisions provided in this walkthrough will
lead to her sex scenes.  These decisions involving Kohaku will appear in every
girl's route (Mikan, Nanami, Hanabi, Shinju, and Koboshi).  When the other 
routes are discussed later on in this walkthrough, please refer back to this
set of Kohaku decisions for Kohaku's Interlude.

k1) help her

k2) actually

k3) wait

k4) say yes

*****************Kohaku Interlude (Ends)***************

t) do it

u) be honest 

v) wait

w) trust her

x) eat her

y) Character Selection 4 [note: when you select a character, you will have a
                          small conversation with her.  You have to select and
                          speak with every character before the game moves on 
                          to the next day.]

Once the ceremony is performed and the group returns home, the game will go
directly to the character's ending.

2. Hanabi Route


q) select Hanabi

r) forgive him

*******Kohaku Interlude*****  

[note: please refer to the Kohaku decisions in Mikan Route.]

s) don't be silly

t) be honest

u) one more time

v) make Hanabi understand

w) tell her

x) praise her beauty

y) select everyone

3. Shinju Route


m) select Shinju

n) feminine

o) select Koboshi

p) apologize

q) [note: please save here as SAVED GAME 3 before making a selection.]

   select Shinju

r) comfort her

*******Kohaku Interlude*****  

[note: please refer to the Kohaku decisions in Mikan Route.]

s) afraid to make love?

t) be honest

u) you're so pretty

v) kindly ask her

w) how about you

x) why dressed like that?

y) select all

4. Koboshi Route


q) select Koboshi

r) trust Koboshi

*******Kohaku Interlude*****  

[note: please refer to the Kohaku decisions in Mikan Route.]

s) pull the plug

t) be honest

u) make her work again

v) sounds complicated

w) I'll help you

x) What are you worried about?

y) select all

5. Nanami Route


m) select Nanami

n) jump on you

o) select Mikan

p) what did you do

q) select Nanami

r) tell her everything

*******Kohaku Interlude*****  

[note: please refer to the Kohaku decisions in Mikan Route.]

s) ceremony

t) be honest

u) declare your love

v) eat their strawberries

w) fan Nanami

x) please listen to me

y) select all

6. Harem Route

In order to access the harem route, you have to achieve all five girl's
endings first.  Then start a NEW GAME, and follow any character route.  After
Kohaku decisions, you will be asked who you love the most.  You should make
the following decisions:

h1) I love all of them [note: key decision to unlock harem route!]

h2) I said that


Please direct all comments, questions, corrections, etc. to Ecchifan via 


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