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 The Lion King

The Lion King

                             ##### #  # ### 
                               #   #### ##
                               #   #  # ###
###### ========================================================== ######## 
  ##      ####  #######  ###    ### ###   #### #### ####    ###  ###    ### 
  ##       ##  ##     ## ###     #   ##  ##     ##   ####    ##  ###        
  ##       ##  #       # # ###   #   ####       ##   ## ###  ##  ##          
  ##       ##  #       # #   ##  #   ####       ##   ##   ## ##  ##    ####  
  ##    #  ##  ##     ## #     ###   ##  ##     ##   ##    ####  ###    ##  
 ######## ####  ####### ###     ##  ###   #### #### ####    ###   #######  

** 1. - FAQ Information                                                      **

Game:                                          The Lion King
Platform:                                      DOS/Windows (PC)
Genre:                                         Action
Author:                                        TimmyTheRabidTurtle 
Last Updated:                                  Friday, 5th December 2003
Date Created:                                  Saturday, 10th May 2003 
Current Version:                               Version 1.0
FAQ Size (.txt format):                        35kb
Guide Type:                                    FAQ/Walkthrough

** 2. - Table of Contents                                                    **

                           1. - FAQ Information
                           2. - Table of Contents
                           3. - Version History
                           4. - Introduction
                           5. - Controls
                           6. - Enemies 
                           7. - Walkthrough
                           8. - Frequently Asked Questions
                           9. - Cheat Codes
                          10. - Bug Toss
                          11. - Bug Hunt
                          12. - Outro

** 3. - Version History                                                      **

Version 1.0  - Added some questions to that section.

Version 0.97 - Changed the section dividers slightly.
             - Added walkthrough for level IX, Simba's Return.

Version 0.9  - Added the walkthrough of level X, Pride Rock.

Version 0.87 - Added ASCII Art.
             - Added another level of walkthrough.

Version 0.84 - Document created.
             - Added FAQ Information.
             - Added ToC.
             - Added Introduction.
             - Added Controls.
             - Added Enemies.
             - Added Walkthroughs.
             - Added Cheat Codes.
             - Added Bug Toss and Bug Hunt.
             - Added Credits & Copyright Info.

** 4. - Introduction                                                         **

Disney's The Lion King is, in my opinion, the best animated-movie of all time. 
This game, the only PC game to be released for the exact storyline was released 
in 1994. As a kid, I found this game very entertaining. I would recommend this 
game for any who wish for a game for their kid(s). The Lion King is of the 2-D 
action genre of games. Not too complicated, there are only a small amount of 
levels which might be difficult. There are three difficulty settings if things 
get too tough - Easy, Medium, and Hard. 

** 5. - Controls                                                             **

For the windows version of this game, go to the button 'Keyboard' at the top to 
change controls. There are two configurations which I think are the easiest to 
find and manage. Here they are:


Jump: Space                             UP
Claw: Ctrl             Directions: LEFT    RIGHT
Roar: M                                DOWN 
Maul: Right Shift 

For the first, Place your right hand index finger on the left direction arrow. 
Place your right middle ringer on both the UP and DOWN directional arrows. 
Place your ring finger on the right arrow. Place your left hand index finger on 
the CTRL key, and your middle finger on the Right SHIFT button. Put your ring 
finger on the Alt Button and your pinkie on the SPACE BAR. This is my most used 


Jump: D                                      UP
Claw: A                     Directions: LEFT    RIGHT
Roar: S                                     DOWN 
Maul: Left Shift 

Like the above place your right index, middle, and ring fingers on their 
respective keys. Place your left index on the D button, your middle finger on 
the S button, and your ring finger on the A button. Put your pinkie on the LEFT 
SHIFT button.

Also, while Simba is a cub, run and press down to execute a roll. While he is 
an adult lion, press a directional button and down to execute a throw.

There we go - we're ready to play ?.

** 6. - Enemies                                                              **

Porcupines only appear when Simba is in his childhood. The look vaguely like 
hedgehogs - brown with spikes on their backs. There are two ways to defeat one 
of them. You either have to get close to it and roar at it until in flips and 
then jump on it, or roll under it and then jump on it. To roll, run and then 
press down.

The easiest enemies to kill, they're green with some horns scattered about 
them. Kill them by jumping on them. They only appear in Simba's childhood.

Vultures take to the air when Simba comes near. They swoop down at regular 
intervals in attack. To kill them, jump on them while they are swooping. Again, 
these only appear while Simba is a cub.

Frogs, green in colour, only appear in the Hakuna Matata level. Jump upon them 
to kill them. They attack by jumping around and spitting green saliva at Simba.

Spiders move quickly with agility. Kill them by jumping on them. They also only 
appear in the Hakuna Matata level.

The Wildebeast only appear on one level, level four, The Stampede. They are 
grey with horns, and you cannot attack them. They do not intentionally attack 
Simba, either. Mainly just passing by...

Hyenas are grey with black spots on them. They appear a few times in Simba's 
childhood, but are more common in his adulthood. They are defeated by jumping 
on them when they are tired (childhood), or by just scratching the heck out of 

Panthers being grey with spots only appear when Simba reaches adulthood. They 
deal damage furiously with scratches and mauls. Panthers are defeated with 
about six or eight hits and are extremely common throughout the last few 

Monkeys stay atop ledges lobbing nuts/rocks (?) down on poor Simba as he passes 
through level seven, Simba's Destiny. Brownish in colour, the can be defeated 
by roaring at them or slashing them.

Scar is littered throughout the game, but you only get to face him at Pride 
Rock. He is tough to kill. Scar attacks with slaps and scratches. Being an 
outcast of the pride, Scar wants to become king, and therefore Mufassa, the 
king and his son, Simba are his most despised of enemies.

** 7. - Walkthrough                                                          **

I - The Pridelands
II - Can't Wait to be King
III - The Elephants Graveyard
IV - The Stampede
V - Simba's Exile
VI - Hakuna Matata
VII - Simba's Destiny
VIII - Be Prepared
IX - Simba's Return
X - Pride Rock 

                                  IT STARTS...

                           ** I - The Pridelands **

Run to the right and jump on the ledge. Get the bug and kill the lizard below. 
Jump on the next rock and jump on the lizard below. Roll under the porcupine to 
the right and continue up the rocks. Kill the lizard on the ledge and jump the 
chasm. Destroy the porcupine and being careful not to hit the blue bug on the 
next ledge. Kill the lizard on the next ledge, and then jump on the blue bug. 
Jump onto the final ledge, making sure to get off quickly before the bug 
explodes or kills you. Jump across the gap and destroy all enemies until you 
reach the top. Kill the two lizards and roar at the porcupine and then jump on 
it. Touch the save point and kill the blue bug on the next rock. 

Kill the two lizards to the right and jump over the small ledge. Look down to 
see where the porcupine is. Time yourself right to get the extra life and so 
you don't get hurt by the porcupine. Roll under it and you will fall down a 
bit. There will be another porcupine here. Look down before you go down to that 
ledge. Get the bug and then the Circle of Life (continue). Return to the level 
that the second porcupine was at and roll at the leftmost wall. Return to the 
top of the level. Go to the cluster of trees on top and go the leftmost tree. 
There will be a Bug Toss bug if you look down and if you jump off the edge (not 
too far) there will be another cluster of trees with some more bugs on them. Go 
to the topmost ledge and get the continue point. Get the yellow bug on your way 

You will face a hyena here. How long the hyena lasts depends on your difficulty 
setting. If on easy, it will die after one hit. If on medium, it will die after 
two, and if on hard more, it will die after three hits. To hit the hyena, evade 
its attacks until it starts panting. Then, it is vulnerable. Jump on the hyena 
while it's in this state.


                       ** II - Can't Wait to be King **
                             [Roar at the monkeys]

Swing on the rhino's tail and jump onto his head. You will be flicked into the 
air and placed, by monkeys, on a giraffe's head. Jump to the next giraffe and 
to the next and so on until you reach the end of the crossing. Be quick because 
soon enough the giraffes will tilt their head's back and you will be dumped 
into the water. Once across, jump on the rhino's head and wait until you are 
thrown onto a ledge. Jump up the tree a roar at the pink monkey at the top. 
Return to the bottom and climb up the tree to roar at the pink monkey just 
above the rhino. Jump on the rhino again, and soon enough you will fall on an 

This part is pretty tough the first few times. You must race along on this 
ostrich while paying attention to the signals given on the right side of the 
screen. Jump over the pink elephants and duck below the ledges. The forth will 
be tough. A double jump. This is the part that gets me. You must get the 
ostrich to jump over the elephant then you must get Simba to jump over the 
ledge. I actually think there's a glitch in this part. Oh well. You must time 
it precisely. The pattern is UP, DOWN, UP, DOUBLE JUMP, DOWN. After jumping 
over it, you will be hurled onto a giraffe and you will automatically get a 
restart point. This part, as crazy as it is, is to jump onto a bunch of hippos 
and rhinos to get across the water. If you try for long enough you can just 
jump onto the first hippo and Simba will climb onto his nose. Get the Circle of 
Life and then swing yourself onto the giraffe's head. Jump over the giraffe.

Yes, that's right ANOTHER one of these fucking things. Bastard ostriches. This 
time, there's no signals either! Grrr... And it's longer too! The pattern: Up, 
down, up, up, down, Double jump, down, down, up, double jump. You will arrive 
swinging on a rhino's tail. Jump on its head. You will get an extra life. Roar 
at the pink monkey nearest the ground and touch the restart point. Jump on the 
left rhino's head. You will arrive across the water. Roar at the monkey. Go to 
the root of the tree and jump across the water on the logs, getting the 1UP 
while you're there. Jump on the left rhino's head. You will arrive eventually 
at the top of the left tree. Get the bug, roar at the monkey, and roar at the 
monkey nearest the ground. Jump on the left rhino and you will clear the level.

                      ** III - The Elephant Graveyard **

Right from the start, two hyenas will appear out of the giant elephant skull. 
It's kinda tough to beat them on hard mode. Once you defeat them, however, a 
pass will open up to the left. There will be a bug along the spine. Take it if 
you need refreshing of your health status. Make sure you don't take the purple 
bug though. It's harmful. Jump across the gap and onto the ledge. Defeat the 
hyena and start making your way across the larger gap by swinging on the bones 
overhead. You will find yourself on a ledge with a vulture. It will swoop 
every-so often to attack you. Jump on it to kill it. Depending on the 
difficulty how many times, of course. Roll at the pile of bones underneath to 
get the health, assuming you need to be refreshed, of course. Be careful 
running along the spire though. It will fall away after a second or two, so 
don't dwell. Jump to the next ledge.
Defeat the next vulture and go across the ledge. Defeat the next vulture. Climb 
up the hangings. Defeat the vulture and go to the next ledge, bouncing off the 
elephant tissue. Climb up these ledges too. Touch off the restart save point. 
Climb up the ledges quickly, as there is hot liquid on its way up to kill you. 
Run across the section of bones once you get to the top. Run across all the 
bones, ignoring the vultures for the moment. When you reach the bit of elephant 
tissue, get the circle of life and jump back onto the bit of tissue. Keep 
running, ignoring the vultures any hyenas. You should soon have your path 
blocked. Quickly dispose of the hyenas and exit the level. You will notice Scar 
watch your escape.
                            ** IV - The Stampede **

I can't really write much of a walkthrough for this level, I can only give you 
a few tips. About the level: this is the level for the stampede from the movie, 
in which (SPOILERS) Mufassa gets killed. Just avoid getting trampled by the 
buffalo when they run off screen. Beware of the rocks too. Jump over them. You 
are usually given signs to where they are. This level is short enough. 

By the way, if a buffalo hits you you will loose 75% of health, and if you fall 
over a rock you loose 25% of health. Therefore, if anything must hit you, get 
hit by a rock.

                            ** V - Simba's Exile **

Jump down off ledges and climb underneath the overhang to continue. Kill the 
lizard nearby and drop to the ledge below. Get on the plant and fall to the 
ledge below that. Kill the hedgehog nearby and race to the edge. Hang off that 
ledge and get down to the next. Kill the three exploding blue bugs. Stay near 
to the edge and drop to the below slant. A rock will come rolling after you. 
Run along the passage and roll the hedgehog when you dome to him. Swing across 
the ledges and jump across the gap. Kill the lizards, watching out for the 
porcupines. Do the rock-rollage revisited and continue, past the thorn jumps. 
Swing across the gap again. Touch the restart point. Evade the porcupines. Jump 
down onto the ledge. This, of all swinging parts, is the toughest. The sixth 
rock seems to be invisible, or else impossible to grab onto. The best way to do 
it is to jump so that you are close to it and not on it so that Simba will 
swing on the edge. Clear the remaining jumps and continue on your way. There's 
not much else to do here. Simba will soon run into the large amount of thorns. 
This is a version of Banzai, Shanzai and Ed chasing Simba out of the gorge. 

                           ** VI - Hakuna Matata **
                                 [No Worries]                     

Jump off the ledge, making sure to go to the right of the two slants. Jump the 
two gaps and onto the raised ledge. Jump high and to the left to grab onto a 
rock. Climb up the hangings and run to the right. This next part isn't too 
hard, but make sure to get the extra life. Get the bug too if you need the 
health. Touch the save restart point. Jump on the two frogs and across the gap. 
Take out that frog too. Fall down the ledge to the right, making sure to hold 
the RIGHT button all the way down. 
     You will fall on a ledge halfway up the waterfall. This part often screws 
up many people's games. You must climb up the waterfall on the logs, which fall 
downwards. You must act quickly and without mistake. Many tried are often 
required. When starting, wait for the nearest log to come down. It's the 
easiest to start off to. Eventually you will land on a log fallen across the 
waterfall. Run to the right and take care falling down the ledge patterns. Look 
down before jumping. Touch off the restart save point. 
    You will come to a ledge with a giant ape on it. He will be sitting down 
eating a banana. You must jump on him to hurt him. He is the boss of this 
level. If you jump near him he will swing his arm back, and he will often throw 
rocks back often. It is tough to beat him. Once you jump on him a few times he 
will move deeper into the level. Soon enough he will go to the very top of the 
level and accidentally kill himself.

                          ** VII - Simba's Destiny **                       

This is the first to have Simba as his adult-self. The music is pretty cool too 
:) Jump onto the ledge and take out the panther. Jump on the rock and onto the 
main ledge. Slash the nettles and jump up the ledges. Run through the flat 
watching out for the monkeys and slashing the nettles. You will soon enough 
land on the upper half. Run to the left. Soon enough you will come to a 
monument where panthers will emerge from, one at a time. Just keep slashing and 
you will prevail. Jump down through the ledges and knock down the boulder, 
using claw. Climb onto it and onto the ledge. Jump on the boulder and take the 
Circle of Life, which is hidden in the overgrowth above. Then, knock down the 
next boulder, using maul. Jump across the gap, onto the rock, and across to the 
otherside. Take the bug and carefully ascent up the ledges, being careful not 
to be hit by the monkeys. Take out the panther and continue.
      Next, you will come to another of the places where a large amount of 
panthers come out of. Seven panthers appear out of it. After, a suspiciously 
looking baboon, named Rafiki, will tell you to follow him. A rock will fall out 
of the sky when you happen to run down the next path. Just keep running and it 
will stop at the end. Kick some more panther-ass and then knock the rock down 
using jump and scratch, being careful not to fall under the boulder as it 
passes down. Knock down the suspended boulder and jump through the briers onto 
the rock and onto the swinging ledges. Climb up the ledges and knock down the 
next rock using slash. Jump onto the rock and jump onto the ledge with the 
monkey on it. You will soon come across another of the panther-grounds. After 
kicking all ass, Rafiki will again beckon you to follow him. Follow him down 
through the ledges. Simba will wear a constipated look while his father, 
Mufassa, asks him to "take his place in the circle of life" old school. Word!
                           ** VIII - Be Prepared **

Run to the right, dodging the drops of lava and taking out the two panthers. 
Watch out for the bat and jump over the magma-gyser. Kill the hyenas, bats and 
panthers in the next section, making sure to jump over the pillars of lava. 
Kill the hyena and panther and continue on your way. Take the bug. You should 
need it by now. The next part is a little tricky. You see the stalagmites on 
the roof of the volcano? When the lava stops flowing through the left most, 
jump in the air and slash like crazy at the stalagmite. Soon enough, it should 
fall down. When it does, jump through the gap. Touch off the restart point and 
drop onto the slab of rock which will take you through the lava.
      Try and get onto the ledge to swing for the 1UP. Wait until you reach a 
jump. When you do, quickly run through the area, ignoring the hyena and 
panther. Crouch down at the edge to time your jump. You will reach the end of 
the lava patch soon. Kill the bats and continue on your merry way. A rock will 
soon chase you down a path. Don't jump too far off the edge as there is lava 
there. Kill the panther swiftly and ascent (and descend) the ledges nearby. A 
trench will soon enter your sights and you will have to crouch while your 
magical slate of rock takes you through to the other side.
      Kill the two panthers. Keep running, touching off the save restart point. 
The next part is just a waiting game. Stay on the leftmost volcano-gyser-thing 
until the one just after it ejaculates (that's what I like to call it ^_^). 
When it does, jump across to it. Continue this process until slaps of rock have 
fallen on all the lava-shoots. Jump on the last of the rocks (leftmost) and you 
will complete the level.

                           ** IX - Simba's Return **

Run to the right and you will find three caves. Choose the third cave with the 
yellow thing next to it. In this level, you must kill any hyenas before you can 
enter a cave. Defeat the hyena nearby and enter the only cave Kill the next 
hyena and climb up the ledges. Kill that hyena and go to the cave below. There 
are two hyenas below the other door. Kill them both and enter the cave you 
DIDN'T come from. There are two hyenas here. Kill them both and enter the third 
cave. Kill the next two hyenas and enter the nearest cave. Kill the two other 
hyenas and enter the lone cave. Climb up a little bit, kill the next hyena and 
enter the first cave. Kill the other two hyenas and go to the right of the 
screen to complete the level. 

                             ** X - Pride Rock **

You will meet Scar here when you run to the left. Continually slash and claw 
him, making sure he doesn't attack you. If you get to close he will jump on you 
and slap the hell out of you. He will sometimes jump over you, so then quickly 
turn around and return to slashing him. Soon enough he will get bored and will 
run off. Run to the left of the string of rocks and swing across the two ledges 
onto the platform with some hyenas on them. If you die, by the way, you won't 
have to fight Scar right from the start again. Anywho, climb up the succession 
of ledges until you come to an area with many hanging ledges. Climb along the 
top row until you find two hyenas. Kill both and continue. 
        You will find yourself having to swing across ledges from the bottom of 
Pride Rock. Make sure you swing back inside on the last one. Scar will be here. 
Keep clawing him until he leaves again. He will leave quicker this time. Follow 
him to the right. Drop down to the next ledge and kill the hyena, swinging 
across to the next ledge to take out the other two hyenas. Climb up the drop 
ledges. Jump through the section of ledges. Watch out here, as lightning 
sometimes strikes the ground setting it aflame. Take out the hyena on the 
topmost ledge and jump to the very top of Pride Rock.
        Scar appears again. This time, no matter how much you claw at him, he 
will not die. What you must do is scratch the hell out of him until he no 
longer fights back and licks his found, then get him within range of the left 
edge of Pride Rock and throw him over the side. I have no idea what the exact 
keys are to throw, but I just mash jump, down, up and scratch. It gets the job 
done after a while of trying. Once you throw Scar off, the end arrives, it 
starts raining and then the credits roll. Super.        

** 8. - Frequently Asked Questions                                           **

Q: WTF? Simba changed to a large lion. How?
From levels 7-10, Simba will have matured into his adult form, just like in the 
movie. He can now use the slash and maul features, though he cannot roll. Also, 
he's a little slower when grasping onto ledges. His sound for getting attacked 
is now "Uuuuh!" instead of "Ow!"

Q: How do I defeat Scar at the last battle on Pride Rock?
The above walkthrough tells you all. Anyway, just slash the shit out of him and 
follow him when he runs to different parts of the level.

Q: Where can I find a copy of The Lion King for PC?
*Looks around* No idea... I got my copy about eight years ago...

Q: What's the highest score for a bug toss?
In the windows version, I believe the highest score is 99, as the Bug Toss 
exits then. I have reached this a couple of times.

Q: Do the Bug Hunts end once you have retrieved all the bugs?
They don't seem to...

** 9. - Cheat Codes                                                          **

At the title screen quickly type 'dwarf' to enter cheat mode. In cheat mode you 
can recover your health by pressing the H button and skip the level you're 
currently on by pressing the L button.

There is another code, which I believe I discovered. While in cheat mode, you 
can press the Q button to skip the level and engage in a Bug Toss level bonus 
afterwards. If you press the W button, you will skip the level and engage in 
Bug Hunt 1. Pressing E will skip the level and engage you into Bug Hunt 2, 
while R transports you to Bug Hunt 3.

Also, during gameplay, if you press any of the number keys along left side of 
the keyboard, you will be transferred to that particular level. For example:

Number         Level Skipped To

 1              The Pridelands
 2              Can't Wait to be King
 3              The Elephant Graveyard
 4              The Stampede
 5              Simba's Exile
 6              Hakuna Matata 
 7              Simba's Destiny
 8              Be Prepared
 9              Simba's Return
 0              Pride Rock

Note that if you die in a level which you transported to, you will be returned 
to the level which you should have been on if you hadn't skipped.

** 10. - Bug Toss                                                            **

Bug Tosses, in my humble opinion, are the most original mini-games ever to 
grace to PC screen. You take the place of Pumbaa who must run about underneath 
a log to try and catch bugs, which Timon drops down onto him. There are some 
1Ups and Circle of Lifes to be found, too. The game itself is simple, though it 
will take a lot of practise to get to 99 bugs caught. 

To get to a bug toss, you must either catch a red and blue bug in the game, or 
follow this method, which I devised. Type the cheat 'dwarf' into the title 
screen. Press Q on each level to get into a bug toss. If you press Q, the game 
will act like you completed the level and got the correct bug to engage in a 
bug toss.

The bugs will take the form of power-ups that you will find during normal 
gameplay. On occasion, however, Timon will drop a poison bug. These look either 
purple and black, or a black spider with a red X on it. If you collect either 
of these bugs, the mini-game will be end. The game also ends if you miss any of 
the GOOD bugs, which Timon drops. By the way, its ok to drop the poison bugs.

To do well at this game, you must have quick reflexes. Without them, you won't 
get more than 25, WITH LUCK. If you are put in a tough spot, and you believe 
you won't be able to get any of the combination of bugs, which have been 
dropped, then press the 'jump' button. Pumbaa will let out a belch and the bugs 
that Timon has dropped will leave the screen. You only get one belch per game. 

Often, Timon will take a break from throwing bugs at you. Use this moment to 
take a position in the centre of the screen. He will soon start dropping bugs 
again. He sometimes will drop fast-dropping bugs, and slow dropping bugs. Use 
your judgement to figure out what order they should be collected in. It's tough 
to explain this game. You'll understand all when you see it.

** 11. - Bug Hunt                                                            **

Bug Hunts are a different kind of mini-game played between levels, assuming you 
get the correct bug during normal level-play. You take the place of Timon the 
Meercat who, as the name suggests, hunts for bugs. Again in 2-D you must 
navigate your way through the maze to collect the bugs. There are three 
different mazes available. The game will end when you touch one of the Black 
Spiders, which litter the levels. Jumping is the only feature, which causes 
problems. The music, which is featured in the game is also pretty annoying. I 
think so, anyway. Bug Hunts, I like not.

** 12. - Outro                                                               **

Thanks to everyone who assisted in the creation of this guide, and to all who 
contributed to the development of the game. Particular thanks to Atom Edge for
the ASCII art at the beginning of the guide. Feel free to distribute this guide
as you please, I hope I have been somewhat useful or entertaining throughout
this meandering guide. 

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