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 Love Chronicles - The Spell

Love Chronicles - The Spell

Version 1.2 8/24/12

          . |`|/| .         

Love Chronicles: The Spell
A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
AKA The Lost Gamer (
Copyright 2012

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Walkthrough
  002a. Old Man's Cabin
  002b. The Blacksmith's Lodge
  002c. The Fisherman's Hut
  002d. Castle Gates
  002e. The Garden
  002f. The Cook's House
  002g. The Mill
  002h. The Farm
  002i. The Throne Hall
  002j. The Princess' Chamber
  002k. The Witch's Den
003.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the game called Love Chronicles: 
The Spell, for the PC. The full name of the game is Love 
Chronicles: The Spell: The Mystery of the Cursed Kingdom, 
which is slightly long. To contact me about this guide, use 
my email address at

Thanks to jgs for the ASCII art of a maple leaf, seen at 
the top of this guide.


When you start the game, you can choose between two modes, 
one of which is easier than the other.

The game starts with a prince, who dreams about a kingdom 
in turmoil. He decides to go visit the kingdom, in hopes 
that he can rescue it from its problems.

Click on the Old Man's Cabin to go there. 

002a-Old Man's Cabin

Click on the front door here. The old man is inside, but he 
doesn't hear the prince's knocking. The prince decides 
he'll have to use the doorbell.

Click on the doorbell, which is on the roof of the house. 
You'll need a ladder to build it.

A hidden objects challenge starts! You want to find the 
various tool parts, which are scattered throughout this 
screen. Press the hint button in the upper/right if you're 
ever stuck on one. Click all of the tool parts, and the 
tools will be built.

One item part in particular is tricky. You need to click on 
the window for a closer look, so you can pick it up. This 
gives you the pliers. You can use the pliers on the tree 
stump to get nails.

Once you have everything, you can use the hammer on the 
ladder pieces to make the ladder. Put the ladder on the 
corner of the cabin, and you can now pick up the doorbell. 
Use the doorbell on the door, then click on it to ring it.

The person inside the cabin doesn't answer. Click on the 
door to open it, then click on the doorway to go inside.

Click on the old man. The prince figures that he is asleep. 
The prince decides to make some tea in the meantime. Pick 
up the various tool pieces on this screen.

Click on the shelf for a closer look. Pick up the matches 
on the middle shelf, then examine the book in the 
lower/right. This is a puzzle. Rotate the various rings 
here, in order to form a full picture. When a ring is in 
the proper position, it will lock into place. Once you're 
done, the book cover slides off and you can pick up the top 
of a spoon.

Two of the tools cannot be assembled here. Go back outside. 
They're all flowers, so pick up the seven flowers here. Use 
the bucket on the water barrel here, in order to fill it 
with water.

Go back inside the house. Time to make the tea. Put the 
bucket of water into the cauldron, then put the two flowers 
inside. Use the matches on the firewood below the cauldron 
to start a fire. You now have some nice tea. Use the spoon 
on the cauldron to stir it.

The old man wakes up. He asks you to find two cups. Pick 
them up, then use them on the cauldron to get cups to tea. 
Use the tea cups on the old man, and he tells the prince 
about this kingdom. It was cursed by a witch, who was upset 
because she wasn't invited to a feast in honor of the 
princess' birthday. The witch put everyone in the kingdom 
to sleep, except the old man.

The princess has to be saved, before all the maple leaves 
on the magic tree disappear. Pick up the maple leaf here. 
The old man's cabin is now disenchanted! The spell no 
longer has any effect. Leave this cabin and go to the next 

002b-Blacksmith's Lodge

Click on the door to see that it needs a handle. You need 
to find two items to build the door handle; one is on the 
window ledge and one is by the barrel. Use the handle on 
the door.

Uh oh, the gutter blocks the door! You'll have to find a 
few things to fix this problem. You need a halberd, a 
crowbar, a saw, some logs and a piece of tin. To get the 
head of the halberd, zoom in on the area above the coal.

Once you have the items, it's puzzle time. See the log near 
the stump? Use the saw on the log to get the remaining 
three logs. Now, use the crowbar on the anvil to lift it 
up, and use the logs on the anvil to roll it to the right. 
The anvil is now under the gutter.

The halberd can reach from the anvil to the gutter, so use 
the halberd on the gutter. The halberd is now propping the 
gutter up, which looks kind of unsafe.

Try using the door, now that it's unblocked. Uh oh! The 
hinges are rusty. Use the dull piece of tin on the whetsone 
(the gray thing on the stump) to sharpen it. Use the sharp 
piece of tin on the rag (on top of the barrel) to get a 
rag. Use the rag on the bucket to soak it in oil, then use 
the oil on the rusty hinges of the door. You can now go 

The blacksmith is asleep, as you might expect. Click on 
him, and click on the knife above his work area. If you can 
finish the knife he was working on, you can wake him up.

Let's start by getting items which will create a fire under 
the work area. Pick up the coal box, the two pieces of the 
bellows, the two pieces of the key, and the stone (half of 
a stone and flint).

When the key is done, use it on the drawer behind the 
blacksmith. It breaks. You have to use it on the tools (on 
the wall) to fix it.

This is a puzzle. You want to use the three grinding tools 
to make a key which matches the one you want. If you make a 
mistake, you have to restart the puzzle.

It is possible to solve the puzzle, using only the left two 
files. Start with the leftmost file. From left to right, 
file the teeth of the key twice, twice, four times, and 
once. You don't file the rightmost tooth.

Now, use the middle file. File the second-from-left tooth 
once. File the two right teeth once as well. That's the 
solution to the puzzle.

Solving the puzzle gets you the key. Use the key on the 
drawer behind the blacksmith to open it. Pick up the flint 
which is inside the drawer.

Those are all the items you can get inside here. Go back 
outside. Build the shovel by picking up the handle by the 
door and the head which is right of the barrel. You have to 
zoom in to find it.

Put the coal box by the pile of coal. Click on it to note 
that the box is broken. Pick up the two planks of wood 
here, then use them on the coal box. Use the hammer on the 
coal box to nail the planks onto the box.

Use the shovel on the coal, and the coal box is filled. All 
right! Go back inside.

Use the coal box on the furnace, then use the shovel on the 
coal box to fill the furnace with coal. Use the steel and 
flint on the furnace, and use the bellows to start the 

You have more items to find, which are gloves, a hammer and 
some tongs. The parts are all on this screen. Zoom in on 
the open drawer to find the bolt for the tongs. When you 
have everything, use the tongs on the dagger. The prince 
fixes the dagger, and the blacksmith wakes up.

The blacksmith wants water and fresh air. Pick up the door 
handle here, and half of the hook. Use the handle on the 
window to open it and find the second half of the hook. Use 
the completed hook on the tea kettle.

The tea kettle is empty. You need to fill it with water, by 
returning to the old man's cabin. Either click on the tea 
kettle to go there, or go backwards twice and use the map. 

Use the tea kettle on the water barrel. Go backwards to 
reach the map. Return to the blacksmith's hut. Go inside 
and give him the tea kettle. He thanks you and says that 
the knife he was making is for the fisherman. And since 
this location is now disenchanted, that's your next 

002c-The Fisherman's Hut

Go to the fisherman's hut and click on the door to learn 
that the fisherman is not home. Click on the right side of 
the hut. The key to the hut is inside the paws of the 
sleeping cat.

Click on the fisherman, and the prince figures that the 
fisherman will awaken if you make fish come to the water 
with fish food.

Go back to the hut. We need to get the key from the cat, so 
pick up the pieces of the mousetrap here. Also pick up the 
cheese (in the basket) and the birdcage (in the broken 
canoe). Now, use the trap on the barrel (near the mouse), 
and use the cheese on the trap. When a mouse comes in, use 
the birdcage on the mouse.

Go back to the fisherman and use the mouse cage on the cat. 
The cat wakes up, and you can now get the key. Go back to 
the hut and use the key on the door. The prince tries to 
force the door, even though it's the wrong key. The sign 
then falls loose.

Zoom in on the sign area to find the key to the door. Then, 
return to the Blacksmith's Lodge and pick up the crowbar on 
the tool shelf in the back. Return to the Fisherman's Hut 
and use the crowbar on the loose sign. Now, use the key on 
the door to get inside.

Time to make fish food. Zoom in on the upper bunk near the 
top of the screen, where you can get a can of barley and 
part of the burner. Then, zoom in on the desk in the 
lower/left to get the second burner part. Zoom out and pick 
up the third burner part, which is near the corner of the 
desk. The burner will assemble itself by the desk.

You can't make dry fish food, so go outside and go near the 
fisherman. use the can of barley on the water to get it 
wet. Then, go back inside the hut. Put the can on the 
burner to get fish food.

Pick up the fish food, then go to where the fisherman is. 
Use the fish food on the water. The fisherman, who is 
apparently a lazy fellow, agrees to catch a fish, if you do 
all the work for him.

Give the knife to the fisherman, then pick up the shovel 
pieces. Go back, to the outside of the hut. Use the shovel 
on the dirt left of the stump, and pick up the tin can 
inside the canoe. Use the tin can on the dirt to get a can 
of worms.

Pick up the pail handle here, then go inside the hut. Pick 
up the four parts of the fishing rod here, and the parts of 
the pliers. One part is on the desk.

On the back wall, there is a cupboard. Open it for a 
puzzle. In this puzzle, you want to put all the hooks in 
their proper locations. Right-click to rotate a hook. When 
a hook is in the right spot, it becomes highlighted. Finish 
the puzzle to learn that a hook is missing.

The missing hook is in the mouth of a fish on the wall. Use 
the pliers on the fish to get the hook. The tacklebox is 
now complete.

Return to the fisherman. Give him everything: the pail, the 
can of worms, the tackle box and the fishing rod. He 
demands that you build him a bobber.

There are six things here that can be used to make a 
slingshot. One is inside the tree trunk. Pick up all six, 
then go back outside the hut. Use the slingshot on the sign 
beneath the seagull. This gives you a feather. Pick it up.

Go into the hut. Pick up the corkscrew, then use the 
corkscrew on the wine bottle to get a cork. The cork stays 
in the lower/left part of the screen, instead of going into 
your inventory.

Use the seagull feather on the burner in the lower/left to 
get a burnt feather. Use the feather on the cork to get a 
bobber. Go to the fisherman and give him the bobber.

Now the fisherman demands that you get his boots. Go back 
to the front of the hut again. One boot is in a trap, and 
another boot is under a barrel. Use the corkscrew on the 
barrel to empty it, so you can pick up the boot.

Pick up the iron bar near the stump and use it on the trap 
to get the second boot. Go behind the hut again and give 
the boots to the fisherman. The fisherman leaves.

Go to the front of the hut and talk to the fisherman. He 
claims that he needs salt to preserve the fish, and salt 
can only be found at the Castle Gates. Since this area is 
disenchanted, that's your next destination.

002d-Castle Gates

The guard and his dog are both frozen. Click on the 
mechanism on the right side of the screen, which controls 
the gate. The Prince figures if he can open the gate, the 
guard will come back to life.

The various items the Prince needs shows up at the bottom 
of the screen, as usual. Two things you need are inside the 
little hut on the left.

You can find all the items here, except the handle and the 
plate. To get the plate, you'll have to go to the 
Fisherman's Hut; the plate is in the ceiling area. Return 
to the Castle Gates, then use the plate on the dog. The dog 
comes to life when it sees the plate with bones in it.

The handle is being protected by the dog. You need to 
distract him. Go back to the Fisherman's Hut, where a bag 
is on the room. Go to the area behind the hut, where the 
cat is. Use the bag on the cat, then go to the Castle 
Gates. Use the bag on the dog. The dog will chase the cat, 
leaving you free to get the handle.

Use the cogwheel, chain and handle on the mechanism here. 
The gates partially open, before a cog falls and breaks. 
The guard wakes up, and he says that you can use the glue 
recipe in his house to fix the cog.

Leave and go to the guard's residence. A cannon is blocking 
the entrance, and you need to fix the wheelbarrow in order 
to move the cannon. Start by picking up all the items on 
this screen, which are planks, roof tiles, a branch and 
wood parts.

Use the two planks on the ladder to get the ladder. Use the 
ladder on the right side of the building. Use the roof 
tiles on the area with broken roof tiles. Use the branch on 
the attic door, to open it. Inside the attic door is the 
final part to the wheelbarrow wheel.

Use the wheelbarrow wheel on the wheelbarrow, then use the 
wheelbarrow on the cannon which is blocking the front door. 
The cannon moves aside, and you can now go in the building.

Click on the recipe, which is in the middle of the screen. 
The Prince decides that he's too tired to pick up the piece 
of paper, and he wants to have a meal of bread and water. 
Pick up the bread here, then go outside.

Clearly, the easiest way to get water is to use the water 
barrel at the Old Man's Cabin, but that's too far to walk, 
I guess. Instead, the Prince needs to go through the 
trouble of fixing the well here. Find the bucket pieces, 
the pulley and the long rope (which is near the firewood).

There is a hook hanging from the top of the well. Use the 
pulley on the hook, then use the bucket on the hook. The 
well's rope breaks, leaving the bucket at the bottom of the 

Try using the long rope on the well, and Prince notes that 
he needs a much stronger thing to carry his weight than the 
weak pulley that can't even hold a bucket. Click on the 
wheelbarrow/cannon duo on the left to move it to the well, 
then use the long rope on the wheelbarrow.

Click on the well to go inside. Pick up the bucket, the two 
maple leaves, and the triggering device which is where the 
missing stone should go.

Leave the well and go back in the house. Now the Prince is 
refreshed, and he can look at the piece of paper with the 
glue recipe. It's written in invisible ink!

Pick up the matches near the logs by the fireplace. Use the 
matches on the candle on the mantelpiece. Click on the 
candle, then use it on the recipe. You have a challenge, 
where you must move the candle all over the page to reveal 
the recipe. A meter at the bottom of the screen tracks your 

The glue recipe isn't too difficult. Pick up the mortar and 
pestle on this screen, then go outside. Take the pitch from 
the tree. You have the ingredients now! Use them on the 
bucket to mix them together.

Return to the Castle Gates. Use the glue on the broken 
cogwheel, then use the cogwheel on the mechanism. To start 
the mechanism, click on the puzzle by the statue's base.

This is a tricky puzzle. Five nails are randomly located on 
the board. You need to find all of them, move all five 
holes on top of the nails, and move all five holes (in the 
reddish belts) on top of the nails.

The guard is almost ready to open the gate. He just needs 
his gun. Go back to the Guard's Residence and go inside his 
house. Click on the butt of the gun here, and you see all 
the gun parts you need to get. They're all on this screen, 
and bullets are on top of the dresser.

Once you have the gun parts, use them all on the gun. I put 
them on the gun randomly, but some people have told me they 
had to put the parts on the gun in a certain order. In any 
case, build up the gun, then go to the Castle Gate and give 
the gun to the guard. Also give him the triggering device, 
then click on the mechanism.

The Castle Gates open, this area is disenchanted, and you 
can go forward to the Garden.

002e-The Garden 

Click on the gardener here, who is frozen. The Prince 
figures that if he fills the empty container with flowers, 
the gardener will wake up.

Click on the paper in between the gardener's knees. It's 
part of a painting. Pick up the five other parts on this 
screen (one is in the flowers in the lower/right), then use 
them on the gardener's painting. The Prince puts all the 
painting scraps on the ground in front of the statue. Click 
on the scraps for a puzzle.

This is a jigsaw puzzle. Put all the pieces together to 
form a picture of flowers. There is a dull yellow curtain 
on the right, whereas the curtain on the left is dull red. 
The flowers themselves are violet.

Go left and click on the flowers near the base of the 
statue. You need some items to move the flowers. Go back 
right, and pick up all three items here. That'd be a 
trowel, flowerpots and a watering can. The head of the 
watering can is left of where the finished flowers will go.

Go back left. Use the flowerpots on the flowers to get 
them. This disturbs a nearby ghost, but she doesn't prevent 
you from getting the flowers. Go back right and use the 
flowers on the container by the fountain. Use the watering 
can on them to make them look nice.

The gardener wakes up. Talk to him, and he says to follow 
the lanterns. Click on the right side of the screen to do 
so. This takes you to a raised bridge and a frozen 
musician. Click on both these things, then go backwards.

Talk to the gardener. He says the nightingale's song will 
wake the musician. He also says that you need to get rid of 
the water in this fountain to lower the bridge.

You have some items to find here. Sunflower seeds are on 
the sunflower, and the two pieces of a pickaxe are here. 
Use the pickaxe on the door (on the fountain) to start a 
pipe puzzle, in which you must connect all the pipes, so 
that no water leaks out. Solve the puzzle to drain the 

You can now look in the drained fountain. There are music 
notes on the wall here.

Go to the left part of the garden here. You can pick up a 
branch on the right and a rope near the base of the tree on 
the left. Now, click on the birdcage, which takes you to 
the Fisherman's Hut. The cage is in the area at the top of 
the screen.

Return to the garden. The nightingale is near the statue. 
Put the birdcage on the ground, then use the branch to prop 
open the door. Use the sunflower seeds as bait, and the 
nightingale falls for the trap.

Pick up the birdcage, then go right twice. Use the birdcage 
on the musician to wake him up. Talk with him to learn the 
most popular song in the kingdom. Go left to the empty 
fountain, and zoom in on the musical notes. Use the song on 
the musical notes to play the song and lower the bridge.

This location is now disenchanted! The Prince has access to 
the area near the castle. He starts by going to the Cook's 

002f-The Cook's House

Click on the cook, who is frozen. The Prince decides to get 
some salt himself. Zoom in on the windowsill in the 
upper/right, then pick up the salt.

Go to the Fisherman's Hut, and give him the salt. He says 
he will prepare the fish for the Blacksmith shortly. In the 
meantime, he says that the Cook has a special recipe.

Return to the Cook's House, and go up the stairs to the 
left. The five pages of the recipe are in this room. One is 
in a cubby hole on the right part of the screen. Once you 
have all the recipe pages, the ingredients for the cake 

Go back downstairs. The door in the lower/left leads to the 
basement pantry. It's locked now. Pick up the knife in the 
drawer near the cook, then use the knife on the door. You 
can now access the pantry.

You can get some items in the pantry, but not many. Two 
items are on the shelf in the upper/right, and one item is 
on the green bag in the middle of the screen.

Click on one of the locks on the left. The Prince decides 
he doesn't have time to find all the keys here. He'd rather 
let the Blacksmith make him a master key to open every 

Return to the Fisherman's Hut. He is done with the fish. 
Pick up the fish and get the salt from the Fisherman. Then, 
go to the Blacksmith and give him the fish. In return, he 
gives you the master key.

Go back to the Cook's House and go to the pantry. Use the 
master key on the locks here to learn that most of the 
drawers and things are empty. One has an item you're 
looking for, while another (the topmost one) is broken.

Go upstairs and get the fireplace poker. Go back downstairs 
and use the poker on the broken lock. The door opens, 
revealing an empty bottle. Use the bottle on the wine 
barrel in the lower/right to get a full wine bottle.

The Prince is unable to finish the cake, because he can't 
get the other ingredients yet. The location is 
disenchanted, so he can move on to the Mill.

002g-The Mill

Click on the Miller, who is frozen. Some millstone grinding 
should wake him up. Pick up the grain flail (left of the 
miller) and the millstones (right of the miller). Then, 
click on the door to go inside. Pick up the bundle of wheat 
on the right side of the screen.

Go back outside. There is some clear ground near the 
Miller. Put the millstones there. Use the wheat bundle on 
the millstones, then use the grain flail on the wheat. The 
Miller wakes up, and he agrees to let you use the mill to 
make flour for the Cook's food.

First, you'll need to shore up the weak waterwheel. Pick up 
the five planks on this screen, one of which is near the 
wheelbarrow. Use them on the wooden pipeline above the 
waterwheel. There are some cracks in the pipe, so we'll 
need to use tar to cover them up.

Go inside the Mill. Here, pick up the parts for a hand 
scythe, a barrel, and half of a flax brush. Use the barrel 
on the tar barrel here to get some tar, then go outside. 
Use the tar on the wooden pipe to fix it. Uh oh, you need a 
flax brush to apply it!

Pick up the grain brush (on the wheelbarrow here). Now, use 
the hand scythe to cut the flax plant in the lower/right. 
Use the grain brush to sort through the plant trimmings to 
get flax. This is added to your half of the flax brush to 
give you a full flax brush. Now you can use the tar on the 
wooden pipe to fix it. 
Go back inside. Now that the water is running smoothly, the 
gears are moving. Click on the broken gear to see it needs 
some planks. Click on all five planks here (one is in the 
lower/right corner) and use them on the middle gear.

Now the Mill is in working condition. Ask the Miller where 
you can get some grain. He says the King's Storeroom is the 
place to go. Head to the Castle Gates and ask the guard for 
the key to that room. He gives it to you. Now, go to the 
King's Storeroom and pick up the grain, which is out in the 
open, in the lower/middle.

Go back to the Mill. Go inside and use the bag of grain on 
the feeding slot, in the upper/left. We need something to 
prevent the grain from getting mixed up with the bad flour. 
Go back outside, and zoom in on the darkened area under the 
Mill. A paper cone is here.

Go back inside the Mill. Use the grain on the Mill, and the 
Prince will catch the falling flour in the paper cone. Now 
go outside and ask the Miller about the other ingredients. 
He says the Farm is your next location, and this location 
becomes disenchanted! 

002h-The Farm

In this chapter, the Prince will do a lot of moving from 
location to location, but the good news is that he'll 
finish the cake! This cake will wake up the cook AND the 
king, so you know it's important.

Click on the rooster here, who is frozen. The Prince 
figures that sunlight will wake it up, which is usually the 
case with roosters. Click the mirror icon to go the Cook's 
House. The mirror is upstairs, inside the closet. Now, 
return to the Farm and use the mirror on the rooster to 
wake it up.

Go inside and click on the milkmaid. She's asleep, too. I 
wonder what will wake her up.

Leave the farmhouse, then go right. This leads to the barn. 
The chickens are awake, now that the rooster has crowed. 
Click on them and on the cow. The Prince decides he needs 
to get things to feed them.

Get the pitchfork on the far left side of the screen, and 
use it on the hay. Then, pick up the three flowers here, 
one of which is hidden under the stairs. Finally, go to the 
Mill and pick up the grain which is inside.

Return to the barn. Use the flowers on the cow to wake it 
up, then use the hay on the cow to feed it. Use the grain 
on the chicken to feed them. Now the animals are happy and 

Leave the barn, then go inside the farmhouse. The milkmaid 
is awake now. She agrees to help you get the ingredients 
for the pie. She goes to milk the cow, while you set up the 
butter churn.

On this screen, pick up all three parts to the butter churn 
(one is in the window), as well as a jar to store the milk. 
Go outside and talk to the milkmaid. She gives you the milk 
and butter. She also gives you eggs, provided you woke up 
the hens and fed them.

The milkmaid tells the Prince about the final ingredients. 
Plums are in the Guard's Residence, so go there and take 
the plums from the tree. The final ingredient, apples, are 
in the farm cellar.

Go to the farmhouse. Here, find the ring of the cellar door 
(on the far right, as part of a towel rack) and a lantern 
(under the laundry line on the left). Use the ring on the 
trapdoor, then use the lantern on the trapdoor. Pick up the 
apples, and the cake is done.

Well, kind of. We still need to cook it. Go to the Cook's 
House, and open the oven. Prince learns what he needs next. 
Pick up the cooking tray and the empty bag of coal on this 
screen, then go to the Blacksmith's Lodge. Go inside, and 
use the bag on the coal box to get a bag of coal.

Go to the Old Man's Cabin and pick up the kindling for the 
fire. Now, return to the Cook's House. Use the cooking tray 
on the upper portion. Use the kindling, coal and matches on 
the lower portion to start a fire, which cooks the cake.

Go upstairs and get the fan. Go back downstairs and use the 
fan on the smoke. The Prince wafts the smoke towards the 
Cook, and the Cook wakes up. She says that only a few more 
ingredients are needed to turn this cake into the King's 
favorite cake.

Return to the farm and talk to the milkmaid. She will get 
you some cream, if you get the bowl and spoon from the 
house. Go in the farmhouse, and grab the bowl and spoon. Go 
back outside and give them to the milkmaid for some cream.

The milkmaid tells you where to get the other ingredients. 
The pine nuts are harvested by the miller. Go to the Mill 
and talk to him. He says the squirrel trades pine nuts for 
walnuts. Go to the King's Storeroom, then get some walnuts. 
Return to the Mill and give the walnuts to the squirrel in 
the upper/right, in exchange for pine nuts.

Most of the remaining ingredients are in the Doctor's 
Quarters, a new location which opens up. Go there.

Outside of the Doctor's Quarters, there is a beehive on the 
right. Click on it, and the Prince realizes this is where 
he can get honey. Take the beekeeper's hat and mask here. 
The Prince needs a few more things before he can get honey, 

Go inside. The Doctor is mysteriously absent. Maybe the Old 
Man knows where he is. In any case, get the vanilla sticks 
from the cabinet, and the three parts of the bee smoker.

Go outside. Use the smoker on the beehive. You can't do 
this, without the beekeeper's hat and mask in this area. 
The bees go away, and the Prince needs something to scrape 
away the honey.

Go back inside and get the scraper. Go outside and take the 
bucket from the inside of the fountain here. Now, use the 
scraper on the beehive, and you have a bucket of honey.

Go to the Old Man's Cabin and talk to him. He says that he 
is the Doctor, and he is in love with the Princess. He also 
explains how to get the rose oil, which is a mixture of 
olive oil and roses.

Go to the Garden and talk to the gardener. He is tired, 
even after the hundred-year nap. Take the garden shears on 
the ground and use them on the roses in the lower-right. 
Now you have roses. Go to the King's Storeroom to get olive 

Return to the Old Man's Cabin and give the olive oil and 
roses to the Old Man. He makes the Rose Oil, which is the 
final ingredient. The cake should be finished now!

Return to the Cook's House. Give her the cake. She asks you 
to get some utensils. Go upstairs. Grab the three frosting 
cones and the cake knife (in a cubby hole in the 
upper/left). Now, go downstairs and give them to the cake.

The Cook wants you to decorate the cake. Click on the cake 
in the lower/right for a decorating puzzle.

In this puzzle, you can put rose decorations on the cake, 
by clicking. I'm not entirely sure how clicking controls 
the puzzle. A simple left-click gives you a small rose. 
Clicking with the left and right mouse buttons at the same 
time gives you a large rose. I couldn't figure out how to 
make a medium-sized rose, however, so I was stuck on the 
puzzle. Some people say a double-click works fine, but it 
did not work for me.

In any case, follow the picture on the left. All the white 
roses are small, while all the yellow roses are large. The 
red rose in the middle is large, and all the other red 
roses are medium. If you ever make a mistake, use the cake 
knife to scrape it away.

Once you're done, pick up the finished cake. This location 
is disenchanted!

002i-The Throne Hall

Time to wake up the cake-loving king. Go to the Throne Hall 
and use the cake on his royal majesty. He says that a new 
gown will awaken the sleeping queen.

Go to the Seamstress' Quarters and click on the seamstress. 
Ironing should wake her up, seeing as she fell asleep right 
next to an iron. Pick up the iron, the sheet and the ladle 
(hidden left of the fireplace).

Put the sheet on the table in front of the seamstress. Use 
the ladle on the water pitcher (above the fireplace), then 
use the ladle on the sheet. Use the iron the sheet to 
awaken the seamstress. Talk to her, and she says she needs 
fabric and thread.

Go to the King's Storeroom and pick up these items. The 
three spools of thread are all on shelves that you can zoom 
in on.

Return to the Seamstress and give her the thread and 
fabric. She complains that her scissors are too dull to 
use. I suppose that can happen if they go unused for a 
hundred years.

Pick up the scissors from the yarn basket on the table, 
then go to the Blacksmith's Lodge. Sharpen the scissors on 
the whetstone, then return to the Seamstress' Quarters and 
give her the sharp scissors.

She asks the Prince to cut the cloth for her. Click on the 
cloth for a puzzle. It's simple; all you have to do is run 
your mouse over the chalk outlines. No clicking is 
necessary. Follow along the entire pattern, four times, to 
get the four pieces of cloth.

The Seamstress needs starch now. Go to the farm and talk to 
the milkmaid. She says starch comes from potatoes, and she 
gives you a bag. Go to the Doctor's Quarters, and click on 
the vegetable garden in the far right.

Pick up the shovel here, by the bench on the left. Use the 
shovel on the vegetable garden to get potatoes. Use the bag 
on the potatoes to pick them up. Return to the farm and 
give the potatoes to the milkmaid in return for starch.

Go to the Seamstress' Quarters and give her the starch. She 
finishes the Queen's Gown. Return to the Throne Hall and 
use the gown on the Queen. She wakes up, and she says that 
music will disenchant the Princess.

We met a musician in the Garden, as you may remember. Go 
there, then go right and talk to him. He says he'll play a 
song if you get the instruments from his music room. The 
music room opens up as a new location. Go there, and get 
all the instruments and a phonograph. The violin bow is 
inside the piano, and the phonograph horn is in the 

Return to the garden and give the instruments to the 
musician. He plays a nice song, which is recorded on the 
phonograph. And this location (the Throne Hall) is 
disenchanted, even though you're technically at the garden 
right now. All right!

002j-The Princess' Chamber

Go to the Princess' Chamber. She is asleep in her bed. Put 
the phonograph on the desk next to her bed. The music wakes 
her up and...wait, no, she's still asleep.

Return to the Throne Room and ask the King for help. He 
suggests performing a royal salute to wake her up. 
Basically, this means you need to set some fireworks off. 
That should get her attention!

Go to the Castle Gates and talk to the guard. He sends you 
to his residence, where you can pick up a hacksaw and 
special gunpowder.

Now, go to the Belfry Tower, a new location. Here, you can 
get a cannonball from the cannonball box. Use the hacksaw 
on the cannonball, and the Prince puts the special 
gunpowder inside.

Pick up the halberd, which is leaning against the wall. Use 
it on the lock of the locked chest to open it. Inside is a 
wick. Use the wick and cannonball on the cannon, and 
fireworks go off.

Wouldn't you know it? The Princess is still asleep. Go to 
the Throne Room and ask the King for advice. He is out of 
ideas, and he tells you to see the Old Man. Go to the Old 
Man's Cabin. He believes that the witch who cursed the 
kingdom has the ability to awaken the Princess.

And the Princess' Chamber is now disenchanted, even though 
the Princess is still asleep! All right! Time for the final 

002k-The Witch's Den

Go to the Witch's Den, which is away from the castle. Click 
on the door to learn that black magic prevents the Prince 
from entering.

Go back to the Old Man's Cabin and ask him for help. He 
says to get five books from the Royal Library, a new 
location which opens up. Go there, and use the magnifying 
glass on the books here. The five books you need will glow, 
when viewed through the glass.

Return to the Old Man's Cabin and give him the books. He 
will come up with a list of ingredients for a counterspell. 
The candle wax is here, so pick it up. Go to the Throne 
Room and talk to the King and Queen for two more 

Go to the Royal Library. Pick up the dust bag here. Click 
on the dust (on the books on the table in the lower/left), 
and the Prince realizes he needs a dust sweeper. Pick up 
the handle for this device from the shelf.

Go to the Seamstress' Quarters and ask her for thread for 
the dust sweeper. Then, go to the Farm. In the barn, you 
can get three feathers from the chickens. This finishes the 
dust collector, so return to the Royal Library and use the 
device on the books on the table to collect the dust. 

The final ingredient is mushrooms. Go to the Witch's Den 
and pick them.

Once you have the ingredients, return to the Old Man's 
Cabin. Use all the ingredients (minus the dust bag) on the 
cauldron on the fireplace. Then, pick up the cup next to 
the old man, and use it on the cauldron to get some of the 

Return to the Witch's Den. Put the cup on the tree stump, 
then use the bag of dust on the cup.

If you haven't done so already, examine the shining thing 
on the second floor. Then, go inside the Witch's Den. Click 
on the area leading to the second floor, and Prince 
realizes he needs a ladder.

Go back outside, and pick up all the pieces of the ladder 
here. Then, go back inside and use the ladder on the 
ceiling. Climb to the second floor and look out the window 
to find the glowing thing: the sphere of equilibrium.

The ghost in the garden wanted this. Return to the garden 
and give it to her. She thanks you, and she explains that 
only true love's kiss can wake up the Princess. Of course, 
true love is mutual, which means we have to find someone 
who the Princess loves, and who loves the Princess back.

Go to the Throne Hall and ask the King who the Princess 
loves. The Prince suggests the Old Man, who loves the 
Princess, but the King dismisses him.

Go to the Princess' Chamber. Her diary is inside a box on 
her clothing dresser, and the key to the diary is in a box 
by the foot of the Princess' bed. Also inside the box is a 
locket, containing a picture of the man she loves. Use the 
key on the diary to confirm that the man she loves is the 
Old Man. Or, that is, she loved him when he was young. 
right before she was cursed.

Return to the Throne Room and tell the King about this. He 
agrees to let the Old Man awaken the Princess, provided 
that the Old Man become young again.

Go to the Old Man's Cabin and talk to him. He says that 
there is a book in the library that will make him young, 
but only someone approaching their love can get it.

Go to the Princess' Chamber, and take the locket from the 
chest by the foot of her bed. This locket will have to 
represent the Old Man, who can't be here himself. Go to the 
Royal Library, and zoom in on the area behind the ladder. 
Use the locket on the book, in order to pick it up.

Return to the Old Man with the book. Give it to him, and he 
curses. The witch stole the last page of the book, with the 
most important ingredient!

Return to the Witch's Den. Go upstairs and click on her 
book, by the large chest. If you get the correct 
ingredients for a potion, then throw the potion in the 
fire, you can get the last page of the Old Man's book.

Pick up the five ingredients here on the second floor. One 
is in the treasure chest, one is in a pot, and another is 
inside the potions chest. Now, go downstairs and outside to 
collect the three mushrooms. These are all the ingredients 
for the potion.

Go back inside. Use the mushrooms on the mortar and pestle, 
and the finished potion goes in the Prince's inventory. The 
only thing left to do is start a fire, so gather all the 
firewood (and the hay) here. Use the firewood and hay on 
the over, then use the matches on the oven. Once the fire 
is ready, throw the potion in the oven.

Go upstairs. The last page of the Old Man's book is in 
plain sight on the floor now. Pick it up, then return to 
the Old Man's Cabin. Give the book to him.

The magical ingredient that the Old Man needs is 65 maple 
leaves. Hopefully, you've been collecting them all 
throughout this game. There are two leaves on every screen. 
The journal in the upper/left keeps track of how many 
leaves have yet to be found in each location, so if you're 
missing some leaves, go to the locations the journal 
indicates and search there.

Once you have all the maple leaves, give them to the Old 
Man. He becomes young again, and he awakens the Princess 
with true love's kiss. They get married, there is a big 
celebration, and the Prince leaves afterwards. Everyone is 
sad to see him go.


This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2012.  If you want 
to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions 
under general information).

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