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 MTGO Customization Guide

MTGO Customization Guide

Game Version:
Guide Version: 3.0
By: Jake Zahn
Date: 09/05/2006

				Table of Contents

   Part 1
   Part 2


This guide's basic purpose is to show you how to cutomize the MTGO client for 
your viewing pleasure. None of the changes listed below will change what other 
players see.


Any websites wishing to post this guide may do so as long as credit is given 
and no content is altered in any way.


I am in no way, shape, or form, responsible for any damage, to your computer or 
yourself, that may occur as a result of acting upon the information contained 
below. This document is for informational purposes only.


Version 1.0 - 11/09/04
	First version
	Format complete
	Playmat info and links complete
	Frames section started

Version 1.3 - 11/17/04
	Started fleshing out the general section

Version 1.5 - 11/24/04
	Updated General section
	Updated Background section
	Added new links
	Fixed version typo
	Some minor formating changes
	Fixed numerous minor spelling errors

Version 2.0 - 07/15/05
	Fixed game version typo
	Finished General section
	Updated the Cardpics/Damage/Counters folder sections

Version 2.1 - 08/12/05
	Added link to the New Frames files

Version 2.5 - 09/27/05
	Updated for 9th and Ravinca

Version 2.7 - 02/12/06
	Updated for Mirage and Guildpact

Version 2.9 - 05/11/06
	Updated for Visions and Dissension

Version 3.0 - 08/11/06
	Updated for Coldsnap


First I'll start with the most easily customized portions of MTGO: The playmat.
For those of you that don't know, the playmat is the image that you play your 
cards on.


The first thing to know about the playmats are that they are located within the 
"Playback" folder in your main MTGO directory. The second is that they are in 
the file format ".PNG". Almost all imaging software can view and edit .png 
files, the most common and simplest to use would be Paint.

Now, after browsing through your available backgounds you'll notice that they 
are all either named "scale###" or "tile###". 

Files with the "scale" prefix will be automatically resized to fit whatever 
player format you happen to be playing in. For instance: If the file's pixel 
resolution is too high, it will be cropped to fit. If it's too low, it will 
be scaled up to fit.

Files with the "tile" prefix with be multiplied a certain number of times 
(depending on the current format) to fill in the playmat area. So you'll get a 
checkerboard-like effect (This also happens to be the default setting; meaning 
that any playback name that doesn't start with "scale", will show up tiled).

The numbers/letters after the prefix are just as important. For another player 
to be able to see your playmat they have to have the picture, with the same 
name, located in their playback folder. If they have another picture with that 
name, it will show whatever picture they happen to have. If they don't have a 
picture with the same name, it will show the "scale01" file.


Here is a list of the various pixel counts your image should have, depending 
apon which player format you want to use.

2-Player: 658x200
4-Player: 580x380
6-Player: 200x200 (I think)

These are for the "scale" prefix. The Resolutions for the "tile" prefix are a 
bit sketchy and open for debate. However 140x140 seems to make a nice amount of 


So, you've decided to use a custom background and want others to see it. Well, 
there are two places to put them so far. Either the "Background" thread on the 
Wizards message boards, or one of the sites in the Links section. I attempted 
to get some up on fileplanet, but they were rejected for unknown reasons. So 
these few places will have to do untill an actual MTGO Modding webpage appears.

Also, I've put together a little compilation of various Playmats I've picked up.
You can get it here:
56k Warning: It's ~34 MB at the moment, and likely to grow.


As most of you have probably noticed, from 8th Edition onward, all cards have a 
new frame. You may also have noticed, that if you play lands from pre-8th and 
post-8th together, that they don't look right together. Or maybe you just 
dislike the new frame. Lucky for you, this can be fixed. Sorta.

The problem with doing this is that the art on the newer sets doesn't fit in 
the old frame. I did some work to alleviate this issue, and the results are 
quite nice, you can get the files here:

If you want to muck about with the Frames yourself, the most important thing 
to know is this: After altering a file, use the "Resize" command. Keep it the 
same size, but make sure you open up the resize window and hit "Ok". If you 
don't, for some reason, the client will crash when it tries to open the file.

In case anyone is wondering, I used XNView and Paint to make the New Borders 

				Part 1



This cannot be stressed enough. If you don't back up this folder, and something 
goes wrong, or you want the old frames back, your only option is to re-install 
the game.

Now that thats been done, go into your *Main* frames folder (not the backup), 
and find the following files:

8amrkbg.tga +
8amrkgw.tga +
8amrkrg.tga +
8amrkrw.tga +
8amrkub.tga +
8amrkur.tga +
8amrkwb.tga +
8bmrkbg.tga +
8bmrkbr.tga +
8bmrkub.tga +
8bmrkwb.tga +
8cmrkbg.tga +
8cmrkbr.tga +
8cmrkbu.tga +
8cmrkgw.tga +
8cmrkrg.tga +
8cmrkrw.tga +
8cmrkub.tga +
8cmrkur.tga +
8cmrkwb.tga +
8cmrkwu.tga +
8ED_PT_a.tga ~
8ED_PT_b.tga ~
8ED_PT_g.tga ~
8ED_PT_r.tga ~
8ED_PT_u.tga ~
8ED_PT_w.tga ~
8gmrkbg.tga +
8gmrkgu.tga +
8gmrkgw.tga +
8gmrkrg.tga +
8grayffl.png *
8hmrkbg.tga +
8hmrkbr.tga +
8hmrkgu.tga +
8hmrkgw.tga +
8hmrkrg.tga +
8hmrkrw.tga +
8hmrkub.tga +
8hmrkur.tga +
8hmrkwb.tga +
8hmrkwu.tga +
8lmrkbg.tga +
8lmrkbr.tga +
8lmrkgu.tga +
8lmrkgw.tga +
8lmrkrg.tga +
8lmrkrw.tga +
8lmrkub.tga +
8lmrkur.tga +
8lmrkwb.tga +
8lmrkwu.tga +
8lszslff.tga *
8pamrkbg.tga +
8pamrkgw.tga +
8pamrkrg.tga +
8pamrkrw.tga +
8pamrkub.tga +
8pamrkur.tga +
8pamrkwb.tga +
8pbmrkbg.tga +
8pbmrkbr.tga +
8pbmrkub.tga +
8pbmrkwb.tga +
8pcmrkbg.tga +
8pcmrkbr.tga +
8pcmrkgu.tga +
8pcmrkgw.tga +
8pcmrkrg.tga +
8pcmrkrw.tga +
8pcmrkub.tga +
8pcmrkur.tga +
8pcmrkwb.tga +
8pcmrkwu.tga +
8pgmrkbg.tga +
8pgmrkgu.tga +
8pgmrkgw.tga +
8pgmrkrg.tga +
8phmrkbg.tga +
8phmrkbr.tga +
8phmrkgu.tga +
8phmrkgw.tga +
8phmrkrg.tga +
8phmrkrw.tga +
8phmrkub.tga +
8phmrkur.tga +
8phmrkwb.tga +
8phmrkwu.tga +
8plmrkbg.tga +
8plmrkbr.tga +
8plmrkgu.tga +
8plmrkgw.tga +
8plmrkgr.tga +
8plmrkrw.tga +
8plmrkub.tga +
8plmrkur.tga +
8plmrkwb.tga +
8plmrkwu.tga +
8prmrkbr.tga +
8prmrkrg.tga +
8prmrkrw.tga +
8prmrkur.tga +
8pumrkgu.tga +
8pumrkub.tga +
8pumrkur.tga +
8pumrkwu.tga +
8pwmrkgw.tga +
8pwmrkrw.tga +
8pwmrkwb.tga +
8pwmrkwu.tga +
8pzmrkbg.tga +
8pzmrkbr.tga +
8pzmrkgu.tga +
8pzmrkgw.tga +
8pzmrkrg.tga +
8pzmrkrw.tga +
8pzmrkub.tga +
8pzmrkur.tga +
8pzmrkwb.tga +
8pzmrkwu.tga +
8rmrkbr.tga +
8rmrkgr.tga +
8rmrkrw.tga +
8rmrkur.tga +
8umrkgu.tga +
8umrkub.tga +
8umrkur.tga +
8umrkwu.tga +
8wmrkgw.tga +
8wmrkrw.tga +
8wmrkwb.tga +
8wmrkwu.tga +
8zmrkbg.tga +
8zmrkbr.tga +
8zmrkgu.tga +
8zmrkgw.tga +
8zmrkgr.tga +
8zmrkrw.tga +
8zmrkub.tga +
8zmrkur.tga +
8zmrkwb.tga +
8zmrkwu.tga +

Now the naming scheme is relativly obvious, but for those who can't see it:

"8" & "8ED" = 8th edition and beyond
"p" & "ffl" & "ff" = Foil
"frm" & "fr" = Non-Foil
"a" = Artifacts
"b,g,r,u,w" = The 5 colors
"c" = Colorless
"z" = Gold Cards
"bl" = Basic Land
"l" = Land
"ml" = Multi-land (aka: Shivan Oasis)
"PT" = Power/Toughness box
"s" = No clue
"flip" = Flip cards
"mrk" = Guildmarked Card
"hmrk" = Gold Guildmarked Card
"lmrk" = Guildmarked Land
"gray" = Seems to be just a generic frame
"un" = The promotional Basic Lands from Unhinged.

You'll also notice I put a few symbols up:

"~" = These are the little square around the Power/Toughness section of the 
      cards. If you don't like the square, delete these.
"*" = These new frames have no old frame equivelent. Delete at your own risk.
"+" = Guild cards from Ravinca.

Now that that's out of the way, here's the fun part: Delete all the files 
that don't have a "~" or a "*" symbol after them, those are optional.

You did back up your frames folder, right? Good, continue.

				Part 2

Now go into you *Backup* frames folder and find the following (left-hand collum)

affl.png	------------->	8affl.png
afrm.png	------------->	8afrm.tga
battle_p.png	------------->	8lrwmlff.png
battle_r.png	------------->	8lrwmlfr.tga
bffl.png	------------->	8bffl.png
bfrm.png	------------->	8bfrm.tga
caves_p.png	------------->	8lwbmlff.png
Caves_r.png	------------->	8lwbmlfr.tga
gffl.png	------------->	8gffl.png
gfrm.png	------------->	8gfrm.tga
grayfrm.png	------------->	8grayfrm.tga
lbblffl.png	------------->	8lbblffl.png
lbblfrm.png	------------->	8lbblfrm.tga
lbrmlffl.png	------------->	8lbrmlff.png
lbrmlfrm.png	------------->	8lbrmlfr.tga
lcblffl.png	------------->	8lcblffl.png
lcblfrm.png	------------->	8lcblfrm.tga
lgblffl.png	------------->	8lgblffl.png
lgblfrm.png	------------->	8lgblfrm.tga
lgwmlffl.png	------------->	8lgwmlff.png
lgwmlfrm.png	------------->	8lgwmlfr.tga
llano_p.png	------------->	8lbgmlff.png
llano_r.png	------------->	8lbgmlfr.tga
lrblffl.png	------------->	8lrblffl.png
lrblfrm.png	------------->	8lrblfrm.tga
lrgmlffl.png	------------->	8lrgmlff.png
lrgmlfrm.png	------------->	8lrgmlfr.tga
lsbslffl.png	------------->	8lsbslff.png
lsbslfrm.png	------------->	8lsbslfr.tga
lsgslffl.png	------------->	8lsgslff.png
lsgslfrm.png	------------->	8lsgslfr.tga
lsrslffl.png	------------->	8lsrslff.png
lsrslfrm.png	------------->	8lsrslfr.tga
lsuslffl.png	------------->	8lsuslff.png
lsuslfrm.png	------------->	8lsuslfr.tga
lswslffl.png	------------->	8lswslff.png
lswslfrm.png	------------->	8lswslfr.tga
lublffl.png	------------->	8lublffl.png
lublfrm.png	------------->	8lublfrm.tga
lubmlffl.png	------------->	8lubmlff.png
lubmlfrm.png	------------->	8lubmlfr.tga
lwblffl.png	------------->	8lwblffl.png
lwblfrm.png	------------->	8lwblfrm.tga
lwublffl.png	------------->	8lwumlff.png
lwublfrm.png	------------->	8lwumlfr.tga
lzblffl.png	------------->	8lzblffl.png
lzblfrm.png	------------->	8lzblfrm.tga
rffl.png	------------->	8rffl.png
rfrm.png	------------->	8rfrm.tga
shivan_p.png	------------->	8lurmlff.png
shivan_r.png	------------->	8lurmlfr.tga
uffl.png	------------->	8uffl.png
ufrm.png	------------->	8ufrm.tga
wffl.png	------------->	8wffl.png
wfrm.png	------------->	8wfrm.tga
yavi_p.png	------------->	8lgumlff.png
yavi_r.png	------------->	8lgumlfr.tga
zffl.png	------------->	8zffl.png
zfrm.png	------------->	8zfrm.tga

Copy them, and paste them into a new folder. Convert the files that need to be 
converted and rename files as directed (right-hand collum). Finaly, move the 
newly renamed files into your main frames folder.

Presto! You now have old frames on all your new cards. If you ever get tired of 
this (or sick of the art not lining up), just copy the files in your *Backup* 
frames folder and paste them into your main frames folder.


It is possible to replace just about any image you see with one of your 
preferance. From the chatroom background, to the color of the dice, to 
appearance of the buttons. In essence, "skinning" the MTGO client. I will list 
the exact files to be replaced for each possbile change, in folder order. Any 
file with a blank after it coresponds to an unknown image in-game.

1. Anims folder
This folder contains all the images for the start of the match die rolls. 
Changing these files will allow you to change the color of the dice.

2. Backgrnd folder
This contains all the different background images.

botbrdr.png =
botbrdr.tga =
chain.tga =
dropdown.png = The drop down choices background, including the area you type 
galvback.png = The chat window/chart-view background.
galvtil2.png =
galvtil3.png =
galvtile.png = The player list window background.
gravback.png = The graveyard background.
menublue.png = Most of the right-click backgrounds. Your "hand" in-game.
menubrwn.png = The background used for the "Cancel" button.
menudkgr.png = The dark strip separating the chart and the chat window in 
	       chart-view, and the trade window outside border
menugold.png = The background used for the "Draw a card", "Ok", and "Reveal 
	       hand" buttons.
menugr.png = Trade window cards wanted.
menultgr.png = The background behind your cards in the deck editor section.
menupink.png =
menupop.png = The background for challenge player and most reaction pop-ups.
menupurp.png = The card sort menu in card collection and trade.
menured.png = Trade window cards given.
popup.png = This is the background for system announcements.
sidbrdr.png =
statback.png = Statistics window background.
tab01.tga = The black space around the tabs.
tab02.tga = The black space around the tabs.
thrshsld.png =

3. Borders folder

bottom.tga = Bottom border of most windows.
cornerll.tga = Lower left border of most windows.
cornerlr.tga = Lower right border of most windows.
cornerul.tga = Upper left border of most windows.
cornerur.tga = Upper right border of most windows.
lside.tga = Left side border of most windows.
rside.tga = Right side border of most windows.
top.tga = Bottom border of most windows.
ttlbar.tga = The naming plate at the top of each window.

4. Buttons folder

These are all the different buttons and button images, both pressed and 
unpressed versions.

btn01cd.tga  = Center of buton, pressed.
btn01cu.tga  = Center of buton, unpressed.
btn01ld.tga  = Left side of button, pressed.
btn01lu.tga  = Left side of button, unpressed.
btn01rd.tga  = Right side of button, pressed.
btn01ru.tga  = Right side of button, unpressed.
btn02cd.tga  = Center of button, pressed.
btn02cu.tga  = Center of butoon, unpressed.
btn02ld.tga  = Left side of button, pressed.
btn02lu.tga  = Left side of button, unpressed.
btn02rd.tga  = Right side of button, pressed.
btn02ru.tga  = Right side of button, unpressed.
btn03cd.tga  = Center of button, pressed.
btn03cu.tga  = Center of butoon, unpressed.
btn03ld.tga  = Left side of button, pressed.
btn03lu.tga  = Left side of button, unpressed.
btn03rd.tga  = Right side of button, pressed.
btn03ru.tga  = Right side of button, unpressed.
btn04cd.tga  = Center of button, pressed.
btn04cu.tga  = Center of butoon, unpressed.
btn04ld.tga  = Left side of button, pressed.
btn04lu.tga  = Left side of button, unpressed.
btn04rd.tga  = Right side of button, pressed.
btn04ru.tga  = Right side of button, unpressed.
icncancl.tga = Cancel button image.
icndelet.tga = Delete button image.
icnenter.tga = Enter button image.
icnexp.tga   = Export button image.
icnhelp.tga  = Help button image.
icnimpor.tga = Import button image.
icnload.tga  = Load button image.
icnmedit.tga = 
icnnetdk.tga = Net deck button image.
icnnew.tga   = New button image.
icnnext      = Next button image.
icnno        = No button image.
icnok        = Ok button image.
icnprint     = Print button image.
icnsavas     = Save as button image.
icnsave      = Save button image.
icnstati     = Stats button image.
icnyes       = Yes button image.

5. Cardpics folder

This folder contains all the various card and product art. Unfortunatly, all 
of the art for the current sets is in .pig format. And I have not been able 
to find an editor that open this format.

6. Cards folder

This contains the image for the 'back' of the cards.

7. Cardsets folder

All of the expansion symbols are located in here.

8. Counters folder

countblu.tga = Image for a blue counter.
countgre.tga = Image for a green counter.
countlbl.tga = Image for a turquious counter.
countora.tga = Image for an orange counter.
countp1.tga = Image for a +1 counter.
countpur.tga = Image for a purple counter.
countred.tag = Image for a red counter.
countyel.tga = Image for a yellow counter.

9. Ctossani folder

These files are for the coin-flip animation. If you're good enough at image 
editing you can replace the american quarter with the coin or your choice.

10. Damage folder

Now this is an interesting folder. This contains all the various colors that 
the avatar picture will flash, depending on the color of the damage source. 
If someone figures out how to change existing avatars, or make new ones, this 
folder will have to be altered as well.

01blk.tga = Serra Angel avatar 
01blu.tga = Serra Angel avatar 
01grn.tga = Serra Angel avatar 
01nut.tga = Serra Angel avatar 
01red.tga = Serra Angel avatar 
01wht.tga = Serra Angel avatar 
02blk.tga = Elf avatar 
02blu.tga = Elf avatar 
02grn.tga = Elf avatar 
02nut.tga = Elf avatar 
02red.tga = Elf avatar 
02wht.tga = Elf avatar
03blk.tga = Paladin avatar
03blu.tga = Paladin avatar 
03grn.tga = Paladin avatar 
03nut.tga = Paladin avatar 
03red.tga = Paladin avatar 
03wht.tga = Paladin avatar 
04blk.tga = Treefolk avatar 
04blu.tga = Treefolk avatar
04grn.tga = Treefolk avatar 
04nut.tga = Treefolk avatar 
04red.tga = Treefolk avatar 
04wht.tga = Treefolk avatar 
05blk.tga = Goblin King avatar 
05blu.tga = Goblin King avatar 
05grn.tga = Goblin King avatar 
05nut.tga = Goblin King avatar 
05red.tga = Goblin King avatar 
05wht.tga = Goblin King avatar 
06blk.tga = 
06blu.tga = 
06grn.tga = 
06nut.tga = 
06red.tga = 
06wht.tga = 
07blk.tga = Tiger avatar 
07blu.tga = Tiger avatar 
07grn.tga = Tiger avatar 
07nut.tga = Tiger avatar 
07red.tga = Tiger avatar 
07wht.tga = Tiger avatar 
08blk.tga = BoP avatar 
08blu.tga = BoP avatar
08grn.tga = BoP avatar 
08nut.tga = BoP avatar 
08red.tga = BoP avatar 
08wht.tga = BoP avatar 
09blk.tga = Fallen Angel avatar 
09blu.tga = Fallen Angel avatar 
09grn.tga = Fallen Angel avatar 
09nut.tga = Fallen Angel avatar 
09red.tga = Fallen Angel avatar 
09wht.tga = Fallen Angel avatar 
10blk.tga = Goblin avatar 
10blu.tga = Goblin avatar 
10grn.tga = Goblin avatar 
10nut.tga = Goblin avatar 
10red.tga = Goblin avatar 
10wht.tga = Goblin avatar 
11blk.tga = 
11blu.tga = 
11grn.tga = 
11nut.tga = 
11red.tga = 
11wht.tga = 
12blk.tga = Lich (?) avatar 
12blu.tga = Lich (?) avatar 
12grn.tga = Lich (?) avatar 
12nut.tga = Lich (?) avatar 
12red.tga = Lich (?) avatar 
12wht.tga = Lich (?) avatar 
13blk.tga = 
13blu.tga = 
13grn.tga = 
13nut.tga = 
13red.tga = 
13wht.tga = 
14blk.tga = FTK avatar 
14blu.tga = FTK avatar 
14grn.tga = FTK avatar 
14nut.tga = FTK avatar 
14red.tga = FTK avatar 
14wht.tga = FTK avatar 
15blk.tga = Dwarven Warrior avatar 
15blu.tga = Dwarven Warrior avatar
15grn.tga = Dwarven Warrior avatar
15nut.tga = Dwarven Warrior avatar
15red.tga = Dwarven Warrior avatar
15wht.tga = Dwarven Warrior avatar
16blk.tga = 
16blu.tga = 
16grn.tga = 
16nut.tga = 
16red.tga = 
16wht.tga = 
17blk.tga = Wizard avatar 
17blu.tga = Wizard avatar 
17grn.tga = Wizard avatar 
17nut.tga = Wizard avatar 
17red.tga = Wizard avatar 
17wht.tga = Wizard avatar
18blk.tga = Cyclops avatar 
18blu.tga = Cyclops avatar 
18grn.tga = Cyclops avatar 
18nut.tga = Cyclops avatar 
18red.tga = Cyclops avatar 
18wht.tga = Cyclops avatar 
19blk.tga = 
19blu.tga = 
19grn.tga = 
19nut.tga = 
19red.tga = 
19wht.tga = 
20blk.tga = Lithatog avatar 
20blu.tga = Lithatog avatar 
20grn.tga = Lithatog avatar 
20nut.tga = Lithatog avatar 
20red.tga = Lithatog avatar 
20wht.tga = Lithatog avatar 
21blk.tga = 
21blu.tga = 
21grn.tga = 
21nut.tga = 
21red.tga = 
21wht.tga = 
22blk.tga = Eagle avatar 
22blu.tga = Eagle avatar 
22grn.tga = Eagle avatar 
22nut.tga = Eagle avatar 
22red.tga = Eagle avatar 
22wht.tga = Eagle avatar 
23blk.tga = Elephant avatar 
23blu.tga = Elephant avatar 
23grn.tga = Elephant avatar 
23nut.tga = Elephant avatar 
23red.tga = Elephant avatar 
23wht.tga = Elephant avatar 
24blk.tga = 
24blu.tga = 
24grn.tga = 
24nut.tga = 
24red.tga = 
24wht.tga = 
25blk.tga = 
25blu.tga = 
25grn.tga = 
25nut.tga = 
25red.tga = 
25wht.tga = 
26blk.tga = 
26blu.tga = 
26grn.tga = 
26nut.tga = 
26red.tga = 
26wht.tga = 
27blk.tga = Erhnam Djinn avatar 
27blu.tga = Erhnam Djinn avatar 
27grn.tga = Erhnam Djinn avatar 
27nut.tga = Erhnam Djinn avatar 
27red.tga = Erhnam Djinn avatar 
27wht.tga = Erhnam Djinn avatar 
28blk.tga = Braids avatar 
28blu.tga = Braids avatar 
28grn.tga = Braids avatar 
28nut.tga = Braids avatar 
28red.tga = Braids avatar 
28wht.tga = Braids avatar 
29blk.tga = Grinning Demon avatar 
29blu.tga = Grinning Demon avatar 
29grn.tga = Grinning Demon avatar 
29nut.tga = Grinning Demon avatar 
29red.tga = Grinning Demon avatar 
29wht.tga = Grinning Demon avatar 
30blk.tga = 
30blu.tga = 
30grn.tga = 
30nut.tga = 
30red.tga = 
30wht.tga = 
31blk.tga = Phage avatar 
31blu.tga = Phage avatar 
31grn.tga = Phage avatar 
31nut.tga = Phage avatar 
31red.tga = Phage avatar 
31wht.tga = Phage avatar 
32blk.tga = Scion avatar 
32blu.tga = Scion avatar 
32grn.tga = Scion avatar 
32nut.tga = Scion avatar 
32red.tga = Scion avatar 
32wht.tga = Scion avatar 
33blk.tga = Akroma avatar 
33blu.tga = Akroma avatar 
33grn.tga = Akroma avatar 
33nut.tga = Akroma avatar 
33red.tga = Akroma avatar 
33wht.tga = Akroma avatar 
34blk.tga = Karona avater 
34blu.tga = Karona avater 
34grn.tga = Karona avater 
34nut.tga = Karona avater 
34red.tga = Karona avater 
34wht.tga = Karona avater 
35blk.tga = Forgotten Ancient avatar 
35blu.tga = Forgotten Ancient avatar 
35grn.tga = Forgotten Ancient avatar 
35nut.tga = Forgotten Ancient avatar 
35red.tga = Forgotten Ancient avatar 
35wht.tga = Forgotten Ancient avatar 
36blk.tga = Two-Headed Giant avatar 
36blu.tga = Two-Headed Giant avatar 
36grn.tga = Two-Headed Giant avatar 
36nut.tga = Two-Headed Giant avatar 
36red.tga = Two-Headed Giant avatar 
36wht.tga = Two-Headed Giant avatar 
37blk.tga = Elvish Champion avatar 
37blu.tga = Elvish Champion avatar 
37grn.tga = Elvish Champion avatar
37nut.tga = Elvish Champion avatar
37red.tga = Elvish Champion avatar 
37wht.tga = Elvish Champion avatar 
38blk.tga = Royal Assassin avatar 
38blu.tga = Royal Assassin avatar 
38grn.tga = Royal Assassin avatar 
38nut.tga = Royal Assassin avatar 
38red.tga = Royal Assassin avatar 
38wht.tga = Royal Assassin avatar 
39blk.tga = Bosh avatar 
39blu.tga = Bosh avatar 
39grn.tga = Bosh avatar 
39nut.tga = Bosh avatar 
39red.tga = Bosh avatar
39wht.tga = Bosh avatar
40blk.tga = Platinum Angel avatar 
40blu.tga = Platinum Angel avatar 
40grn.tga = Platinum Angel avatar 
40nut.tga = Platinum Angel avatar 
40red.tga = Platinum Angel avatar 
40wht.tga = Platinum Angel avatar 
41blk.tga = Viridian Zealot avatar 
41blu.tga = Viridian Zealot avatar 
41grn.tga = Viridian Zealot avatar 
41nut.tga = Viridian Zealot avatar 
41red.tga = Viridian Zealot avatar 
41wht.tga = Viridian Zealot avatar 
42blk.tga = Arcbound Overseer avatar 
42blu.tga = Arcbound Overseer avatar 
42grn.tga = Arcbound Overseer avatar 
42nut.tga = Arcbound Overseer avatar 
42red.tga = Arcbound Overseer avatar 
42wht.tga = Arcbound Overseer avatar 
43blk.tga = Raksha avatar 
43blu.tga = Raksha avatar 
43grn.tga = Raksha avatar 
43nut.tga = Raksha avatar 
43red.tga = Raksha avatar 
43wht.tga = Raksha avatar 
44blk.tga = Etched oracle avatar 
44blu.tga = Etched oracle avatar 
44grn.tga = Etched oracle avatar 
44nut.tga = Etched oracle avatar 
44red.tga = Etched oracle avatar 
44wht.tga = Etched oracle avatar 
45blk.tga = 8.5 Tails avatar 
45blu.tga = 8.5 Tails avatar 
45grn.tga = 8.5 Tails avatar 
45nut.tga = 8.5 Tails avatar 
45red.tga = 8.5 Tails avatar 
45wht.tga = 8.5 Tails avatar 
46blk.tga = Seshiro avatar 
46blu.tga = Seshiro avatar 
46grn.tga = Seshiro avatar 
46nut.tga = Seshiro avatar 
46red.tga = Seshiro avatar 
46wht.tga = Seshiro avatar 
47blk.tga = Higure avatar 
47blu.tga = Higure avatar 
47grn.tga = Higure avatar 
47nut.tga = Higure avatar 
47red.tga = Higure avatar 
47wht.tga = Higure avatar 
48blk.tga = Ink-Eyes avatar 
48blu.tga = Ink-Eyes avatar
48grn.tga = Ink-Eyes avatar
48nut.tga = Ink-Eyes avatar 
48red.tga = Ink-Eyes avatar
48wht.tga = Ink-Eyes avatar 
49blk.tga = Sakashima avatar 
49blu.tga = Sakashima avatar
49grn.tga = Sakashima avatar 
49nut.tga = Sakashima avatar 
49red.tga = Sakashima avatar 
49wht.tga = Sakashima avatar 
50blk.tga = Oni avatar 
50blu.tga = Oni avatar
50grn.tga = Oni avatar 
50nut.tga = Oni avatar 
50red.tga = Oni avatar
50wht.tga = Oni avatar
51blk.tga = Hell's Caretaker avatar 
51blu.tga = Hell's Caretaker avatar
51grn.tga = Hell's Caretaker avatar 
51nut.tga = Hell's Caretaker avatar 
51red.tga = Hell's Caretaker avatar
51wht.tga = Hell's Caretaker avatar
52blk.tga = Maro avatar
52blu.tga = Maro avatar
52grn.tga = Maro avatar
52nut.tga = Maro avatar
52red.tga = Maro avatar
52wht.tga = Maro avatar
53blk.tga = Frentic Efreet avatar
53blu.tga = Frentic Efreet avatar
53grn.tga = Frentic Efreet avatar
53nut.tga = Frentic Efreet avatar
53red.tga = Frentic Efreet avatar
53wht.tga = Frentic Efreet avatar
54blk.tga = Loxodon avatar
54blu.tga = Loxodon avatar
54grn.tga = Loxodon avatar
54nut.tga = Loxodon avatar
54red.tga = Loxodon avatar
54wht.tga = Loxodon avatar
55blk.tga = Stone Sisters avatar
55blu.tga = Stone Sisters avatar
55grn.tga = Stone Sisters avatar
55nut.tga = Stone Sisters avatar
55red.tga = Stone Sisters avatar
55wht.tga = Stone Sisters avatar
56blk.tga = Rumbling Slum avatar
56blu.tga = Rumbling Slum avatar
56grn.tga = Rumbling Slum avatar
56nut.tga = Rumbling Slum avatar
56red.tga = Rumbling Slum avatar
56wht.tga = Rumbling Slum avatar
57blk.tga = Teysa, Orzhov Scion avatar
57blu.tga = Teysa, Orzhov Scion avatar
57grn.tga = Teysa, Orzhov Scion avatar
57nut.tga = Teysa, Orzhov Scion avatar
57red.tga = Teysa, Orzhov Scion avatar
57wht.tga = Teysa, Orzhov Scion avatar
58blk.tga = Nekrataal avatar
58blu.tga = Nekrataal avatar
58grn.tga = Nekrataal avatar
58nut.tga = Nekrataal avatar
58red.tga = Nekrataal avatar
58wht.tga = Nekrataal avatar
59blk.tga = Chronatog avatar
59blu.tga = Chronatog avatar
59grn.tga = Chronatog avatar
59nut.tga = Chronatog avatar
59red.tga = Chronatog avatar
59wht.tga = Chronatog avatar
60blk.tga = Lyzolda avatar
60blu.tga = Lyzolda avatar
60grn.tga = Lyzolda avatar
60nut.tga = Lyzolda avatar
60red.tga = Lyzolda avatar
60wht.tga = Lyzolda avatar
61blk.tga = Momir Vig avatar
61blu.tga = Momir Vig avatar
61grn.tga = Momir Vig avatar
61nut.tga = Momir Vig avatar
61red.tga = Momir Vig avatar
61wht.tga = Momir Vig avatar
62blk.tga = Haakon avatar
62blu.tga = Haakon avatar
62grn.tga = Haakon avatar
62nut.tga = Haakon avatar
62red.tga = Haakon avatar
62wht.tga = Haakon avatar
63blk.tga = Diamond Faerie avatar
63blu.tga = Diamond Faerie avatar
63grn.tga = Diamond Faerie avatar
63nut.tga = Diamond Faerie avatar
63red.tga = Diamond Faerie avatar
63wht.tga = Diamond Faerie avatar
life0000.tga = Life gain animation.
life0001.tga = Life gain animation.
life0002.tga = Life gain animation.
life0003.tga = Life gain animation.
life0004.tga = Life gain animation.
life0005.tga = Life gain animation.
test2.tga    = Picture of dwarf avatar.

11. Deckedit folder

This folder contains all the images found in the Deck Editor/Collection 
sections of the MTGO client interface.

arromenu.tga = The drop-down menu button.
arrowdn.tga  = Down scrolling button.
arrowlft.tga = Left scrolling button.
arrowrt.tga  = Right scrolling button.
arrowup.tga  = Up scrolling button.
artatab.tga  = The "Artifact" tab on the card sorter menu.
artatabd.tga = The "Artifact" tab on the card sorter menu, pressed.
binder.png   = This is the image for your binder.
bindtab.tga  = Active left side "Binder Tab".
bindtabr.tga = Active right side "Binder tab".
bndtabld.tga = Unactive left side "Binder Tab".
bndtabrd.tga = Unactive right side "Binder tab".
closebt1.tga = The "Close" button.
colotab.tga  = The "Colorless" tab on the card sorter menu.
colotabd.tga = The "Colorless" tab on the card sorter menu, pressed.
cycledn.tga  = Decrease the number owned/for trade in the sorter/binder.
cycleup.tga  = Increase the number owned/for trade in the sorter/binder.
deckback.tga = This is the "Sideboard" section of the deck editor.
enchtab.tga  = The "Enchantment" tab on the card sorter menu.
enchtabd.tga = The "Enchantment" tab on the card sorter menu, pressed.
foretab.tga  = The "Green" tab on the card sorter menu.
foretabd.tga = The "Green" tab on the card sorter menu, pressed.
helpbt1.tga  = The "Help" button.
instab.tga   = The "Instant" tab on the card sorter menu.
instabd.tga  = The "Instant" tab on the card sorter menu, pressed.
islatab.tga  = The "Blue" tab on the card sorter menu.
islatabd.tga = The "Blue" tab on the card sorter menu, pressed.
landtab.tga  = The "Land" tab on the card sorter menu.
landtabd.tga = The "Land" tab on the card sorter menu, pressed.
lpagedn.tga  = The "Previous Page" button, pressed
lpageup.tga  = The "Previous Page" button.
minibt1.tga  = The "Minimize" button.
monstab.tga  = The "Creature" tab on the card sorter menu.
monstabd.tga = The "Creature" tab on the card sorter menu, pressed.
mountab.tga  = The "Red" tab on the card sorter menu.
mountabd.tga = The "Red" tab on the card sorter menu, pressed.
plaitab.tga  = The "White" tab on the card sorter menu.
plaitabd.tga = The "White" tab on the card sorter menu, pressed.
rpagedn.tga  = The "Next Page" button, pressed
rpageup.tga  = The "Next Page" button.
scrollm.tga  = 
sideback.tga = This is the "Current Deck" section of the deck editor.
sorctab.tga  = The "Sorcery" tab on the card sorter menu.
sorctabd.tga = The "Sorcery" tab on the card sorter menu, pressed.
swamtab.tga  = The "Black" tab on the card sorter menu.
swamtabd.tga = The "Black" tab on the card sorter menu, pressed.
tabltile.png = 
viewgrap.tga = the "view spreadsheet" button
viewsprd.tga = The "view cards" button.

12. Decks folder

Where your decks, including precons, are stored.

12. Draftdecks folder

Where any decks you draft are stored.

13. Frames folder

This is covered above.

14. Freepop folder

These appear to be some form of trailer, perhaps the pop-up that accompanies 
the free trial version of the game.

15a. Icons Folder

This is another fun folder, it contains all the in-game avatar icons in their 
various states of health. As well as multiple other icons used in Duel Mode.

0tatus01.tga = Opponent's Untap phase marker icon.
0tatus02.tga = Opponent's Upkeep phase marker icon.
0tatus03.tga = Opponent's Draw phase marker icon.
0tatus04.tga = Opponent's Pre-combat Main phase marker icon.
0tatus05.tga = 
0tatus06.tga = Opponent's Beginning of Combat phase marker icon.
0tatus07.tga = Opponent's Declare Attackers phase marker icon.
0tatus08.tga = Opponent's Declare Blockers phase marker icon.
0tatus09.tga = Opponent's Combat Damage phase marker icon.
0tatus10.tga = Opponent's End of Combat phase marker icon.
0tatus11.tga = Opponent's Post-combat Main phase marker icon.
0tatus12.tga = 
0tatus13.tga = Opponent's End of Turn phase marker icon.
0tatus14.tga = Opponent's Clean-up phase marker icon.
arrow.tga    = 
arrow1.tga   = 
arrowb.tga   = 
avat0100.tga = These are all the icons for the various avatars. The first two 
Etc.	       numbers in the name list the avatar number, which can be 
Etc.	       matched to the coresponding avatar in the "Damage folder" 
Etc.	       section above. The second two refer to the damage state, they 
avat6104.tga = range from 00 (Healthy) to 04 (Skeletal).
blkman15.tga = Spreadsheet view collum sorting arrow.
bluman15.tga = Spreadsheet view collum sorting arrow.
brwnb.tga    = 
button01.tga = Signifies an unchecked box in the settings window.
button02.tga = Signifies a box in the settings window that is being clicked.
button03.tga = Signifies a checked box in the settings window.
cancel.tga   = Cancel button icon.
chain.tga    = 
clrman15.tga = Spreadsheet view collum sorting arrow.
colsrtdn.tga = Spreadsheet view collum sorting arrow.
colsrtup.tga = Spreadsheet view collum sorting arrow.
copy11.tga   = Copy marker icon, medium.
copy14.tga   = Copy marker icon, mid-sized.
copy17.tga   = Copy marker icon, large.
copy7.tga    = Copy marker icon, tiny.
copy9.tga    = Copy marker icon, small.
dddown.tga   = 
ddup.tga     = 
draftar1.tga = Circle on the table when your drafting.
draftar2.tga = Circle on the table when your drafting.
draftarl.tga = 
draftarr.tga = 
drftaro2.tga = 
drftarow.tga = 
drftdotr.tga = 
drftdotw.tga = 
error.tga    = 
flashb11.tga = Flashback marker icon, medium.
flashb14.tga = Flashback marker icon, mid-sized.
flashb17.tga = Flashback marker icon, large.
flashb7.tga  = Flashback marker icon, tiny.
flashb9.tga  = Flashback marker icon, small.
grnman15.tga = Seems to be a reminent of an earlier game version.
grvhlarg.tga = Large Graveyard icon.
grvhsmal.tga = Small Graveyard icon.
help.tga     = Help button icon.
iaccount.tga = Account menu tab icon.
iadv.tga     = Advanced menu tab icon.
ianal.tga    = Analysis window tab icon.
iappear.tga  = Appearance menu tab icon.
iblocked.tga = Blocked window tab icon.
icolle.tga   = Collection window tab icon.
idisplay.tga = Display menu tab icon.
idraft.tga   = Draft window tab icon.
iduel.tga    = Duel window tab icon.
ieditor.tga  = Deck Editor window tab icon.
ifind.tga    = Seems to be a reminent of an earlier game version.
iformat.tga  = Format window tab icon.
ifreet.tga   = Beta Server tab icon.
igameply.tga = Gameplay menu tab icon.
igames.tga   = Games window tab icon.
ihist.tga    = History window tab icon.
ilimited.tga = Limited Deck Builder window tab icon.
import.tga   = Import button icon.
ionlin.tga   = Replaces the Sign In tab when you sign on.
ipref.tga    = Seems to be a reminent of an earlier game version.
iprivacy.tga = Privacy menu tab icon.
iprob.tga    = Probabilities window tab icon.
iprofile.tga = Profile menu tab icon.
iratings.tga = Ratings window tab icon.
isearch.tga  = Search button icon.
isideb.tga   = Sideboarding window tab icon.
isign.tga    = Sign In window tab icon.
iskins.tga   = 
isound.tga   = Sounds menu tab icon.
itour.tga    = Seems to be a reminant of an earlier game version.
itrade.tga   = Trade window tab icon.
itradebg.tga = Trade window tab icon.
iusers.tga   = I assume this is an Adept-specific menu tab icon.
ladmin.tga   = I assume this is an Adept-specific menu tab icon.
life01a.tga  = Seems to be a reminant of an earlier game version.
life01b.tga  = Seems to be a reminant of an earlier game version.
life02a.tga  = Seems to be a reminant of an earlier game version.
life02b.tga  = Seems to be a reminant of an earlier game version.
life03a.tga  = Seems to be a reminant of an earlier game version.
life03b.tga  = Seems to be a reminant of an earlier game version.
life04a.tga  = Seems to be a reminant of an earlier game version.
life04b.tga  = Seems to be a reminant of an earlier game version.
life05a.tga  = Seems to be a reminant of an earlier game version.
life05b.tga  = Seems to be a reminant of an earlier game version.
life06a.tga  = Seems to be a reminant of an earlier game version.
life06b.tga  = Seems to be a reminant of an earlier game version.
load.tga     = Load button icon.
loptions.tga = Seems to be a reminant of an earlier game version.
manahllg.tga = 
manahlsm.tga = 
manalarg.tga = The large version of the layout above your avatar icon.
manasmal.tga = The small version of the layout above your avatar icon.
mstore.tga   = Card Shop button icon.
new.tga      = New button icon.
ok.tga       = Confirm button icon.
pbend.tga    = Game replay "Skip to EoT Phase" button icon.
pbnturn.tga  = Game replay "Next Turn" button icon.
pbpause.tga  = Game replay "Pause" button icon.
pbplay.tga   = Game replay "Start" button icon.
pbstep.tga   = Game replay "Next Phase" button icon.
print.tga    = Print button icon.
purpb.tga    = 
redman15.tga = Seems to be a reminent of an earlier game version.
save.tga     = Save button icon.
saveas.tga   = Save As button icon.
statisti.tga = Statistics button icon.
status01.tga = Your Untap phase marker icon.
status02.tga = Your Upkeep phase marker icon.
status03.tga = Your Draw phase marker icon.
status04.tga = Your Pre-combat main phase marker icon.
status05.tga = 
status06.tga = Your Beginning Combat phase marker icon.
status07.tga = Your Declare Attackers phase marker icon.
status08.tga = Your Declare Blockers phase marker icon.
status09.tga = Your Combat Damage phase marker icon.
status10.tga = Your End of Combat phase marker icon.
status11.tga = Your Post-combat Main phase marker icon.
status12.tga = 
status13.tga = Your End of Turn phase marker icon.
status14.tga = Your Clean-up phase marker icon.
stop.tga     = Marker for stops you have set on your turn.
stop2.tga    = Marker for stops you have set on your opponent's turn.
tabarowl.tga = 
tabarowr.tga = 
tutablu.tga  = Blue Target Arrow.
tutared.tga  = Red Target Arrow.
white.tga    = 
whtman15.tga = Seems to be a reminent of an earlier game version.

15b. Trophyrm folder

I assume this is where the image files for the Trophy Case feature would go
if the feature was working.

16. Kickimgs folder

This folder contains the various graphics that make up the Kicker Screen.

17. Mainmenu folder

A bunch of images that appear to be from an old game version.

18. MTGOThemes folder

Nothing usefull here.

19. Playarea folder

These seem to be rather minor parts of the Dual interface, including the round

20. Playback folder

This is where all your Playmats, or Backgrounds, are stored.

21. Prefs folder

I'd guess these are arrows used on the Settings menu.

22. Roombms folder

The .TGA files in here are all the "ground" and backgrounds for each room 
(Casual, Draft, Premere Events, etc). I havn't figured out how to open 
the .RLE files yet.

23. Scripts folder

Bunch of executables with unknown functions.

23a. Images folder

These images are from the in-game tutorial.

23b. Prefs folder

Bunch of unknown configuration files.

24. Sealeddecks folder

This is where the decklists for any Sealed Events you entered will be saved.

25. Signscrn folder

A few images from the old sign-in screen.

26. Sounds folder

All the various sounds used by the game.

27. Symbols folder

This folder contains all the symbols you can make in the in-game chat.

28. Webhelp folder

This is where you get taken to whenever you press the little "?" button 


Q. Does this violate the CoC?
A. Adding new playmats does not. However, altering the other image files can be 
   seen as a violation

Q. Why didn't you mention Avatar editing?
A. At this time I'm not sure if new ones can be added, or the base ones altered.


As you've probably noticed, there are numerous blanks in the general section. 
Any help in identifing these files would be greatly appreciated.

A basic reskin of MTGO
Customization/Help site
A few custom backgrounds
Site devoted to creating an Angel themed MTGO client
The MTGO message boards
My thread about backgrounds


Please notify me of any errors that may have appeared in this guide.
I will also answer most questions about this guide.

I can be reached by E-mail or AIM
AIM: Offkorn69

I can also be contacted on the MTGO message boards.


All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.


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