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 Manga Doll City

Manga Doll City


You shouldn't really need this, except that the game came with NO 
documentation in the case, and no installer/setup. Spankee to the 
Assuming you have a PC running Windows 9X, insert the CD and run 
When you get a yellow border, click once on the black center and 
wait. Click again because you're at least 18, wait for the 
picture to scroll (or just click right away if you've seen it too 
many times already) to move on. Two more screens like those, and 
finally the title. Click on it to get a "Loading" overlay, then a 
strange gray and red picture - which again you have to click on 
to pass. You then get to choose between English and French by 
clicking on a flag.
Hint: do you think the people that use the Union Jack speak some 
form of English?
You are now at the main game menu (About/New/Help/Quit). I 
suggest you try out all the others (choose the left option after 
Quit to return) BEFORE you choose New. There's a long slide show 
and a chance to watch the first video (without sound!) inside 
Choosing "Summary" will move you back a level inside the menus.
Now that you're ready for "New", let's work our way through the 
levels starting with "Easy". There's a good reason for this: each 
level has a DIFFERENT slideshow or other reward.

Easy Level:

[Very Easy]
Click on a "bracelet", either one (or for fun, click on her 
first). This first slide show introduces the way all the others 
work: move the mouse pointer up to the top of the window to get a 
popup menu of "Previous Next Summary". This one doesn't, but some 
of them will let you keep the menu up all the time so it isn't 
such a pain to move through the pictures.
At the picture of the catgirl, click on the cat (or for fun, 
click on her crotch first). Another slideshow, click on "Summary" 
to get back to the main menu. You've finished "Very Easy"!

This is actually more difficult than you deserve at this stage! 
Unless you guess correctly EVERY time, you miss out on the full 
Assuming that the images are in the same order each time, here 
are the correct choices for the 14 images (top is #1, middle is 
#2, bottom is #3):
1, 3, 2, 1, 2, 3, 1, 3, 2, 3, 3, 2, 3, 2.
Click on the "OK" at the bottom each time you're right. After 14 
questions, you get 2 pictures in the slide show for each one 
correct, e.g. 6 for 3 right answers. At the end of the slideshow, 
"Summary" to go back to the main menu. If you play several times, 
you will see that the most difficult pictures to get are the ones 
at the beginning, i.e. get 1 right and you see pictures 27 & 28, 
get 2 right and see 25 to 28, etc. And yes, you can get 0 
correct, and win the right to see 0 "very hot pictures". :)
I think you might be able to use "Previous" to see the pictures 
you missed, but with all the answers why bother...

Intermediate Level:

Basically a game of Nim... How do you win? Leave the computer a 
full row plus one each time you play, e.g. first take 3. You want 
to end your second turn with 5 didicks left. And make sure you 
leave only 1 after your 3rd turn. Just repeat this 4 or 5 times 
to get another slideshow. This one lets you click on XXL to 
switch to a scrolling view (drag with the mouse to scroll, menu 
click FULL to return).
This one doesn't have the usual ending screen, just a faint beep 
when there are no more pictures and "Summary" is your way out.
Do NOT click on "Computer's turn" before you've made your first 
move, or you are guaranteed to lose!

[Middle Middle]
The pictures change arrangement each time you play, so you have 
to go by descriptions instead of fixed numbers. The correct 
answers are:
girl with ponytail facing left with tits almost hanging out;
"Banana Dolls"; Ogenki Clinic nurse (standing facing left); 
"Conspiracy". Click on the "OK" after a right answer. Reward is a 
long slideshow of the standard type.

Difficult Level:

Either because of my bad mouse skills or a too-fast processor, I 
had a lot of trouble getting more than 4 at first. You get almost 
no feedback when you try to click on the little things... Listen 
very carefully for a faint click sound when you succeed! I ran a 
lot of time-wasting processes under Windows 95, and used the 
slowest graphics settings available, and was able to get 7 Blubs 
consistently. Spread your Blubs out on the bricks, I think you 
need at least 7 to win. I placed mine on the white between the 
bricks, near the edges of the screen except for one in the 
center, and managed to win this once.

[Very Difficult]
Even more difficult, I got through two screens only once. The 
silly balls fly down so fast... And there's 6 screens in the 
game! ARGGGG! How did I finish? I CHEATED!
   Press and hold down Ctrl-Esc at the rules screen. Then keep 
   clicking or double-clicking the mouse. If you do it right, the 
   screen goes black, release the keys and click once more, and 
   then you hear cheering. It's as if you just won the game. This 
   sometimes can take a VERY long time to work, but I used it 
   elsewhere in the game too.
   It can have strange effects if you use it elsewhere...
When you win, you can click on any of the 6 pictures to see them 
get expanded to almost full screen size. Then go on to the 
slideshow, but note that in the middle of it, there is a secret 
Click on the mouth of the girl on the "Difficult/Very Difficult" 
screen to access an extra level!

"footbridge" game
   Repeat that same Ctrl-Esc trick with the "didick bridge" (aka 
   teuteu) game. I had my best results double-clicking on the 
   picture of the game case art.
You then get another secret, this time to click on the mouth of 
the girl on the "Very Easy/Easy" choice screen for another secret 
Now you can watch either of the first 2 videos with a "Slow/
Normal/Fast" speed control, either now, or from the "Help" 

"falling pieces" game
(run ULTIMA.DXR or get to it "legally")
this is a 4*4 piece picture that is assembled when the pieces 
fall from the top of the screen - move the mouse to one of 4 
positions shown by the hilighted arrow. Unfortunately, the 
picture chosen is random (one of at least 3), and the order of 
the pieces is random too! So I can't see any way to guarantee you 
can win this except extreme familiarity with the pieces - or TO 
Yes, use the same cheat as above, although it fails a lot... But 
eventually you will get a slideshow - first time it is automatic 
and rather short with only 8 images, followed by a much longer 
slideshow of the usual type - except that this one has a 
"SURPRISE!?" screen in it near the end. Click in the yellow box 
to get to a screen that can show the 3rd Ogenki Clinic movie, 
except this one has no speed control, and sound (again) never 
works. And that's it! I was hoping for a master slideshow button, 
but I guess there isn't one...

When you "Quit" (and confirm), you will get a quick view of that 
red and gray screen for a second, and then it will exit for 

If you hold down Ctrl-Esc at the main menu, and double click, you 
sometimes jump into the "New" screen, other times you get a black 
screen. Click on that to get a French (almost completely) text 
screen saying something about copyrights and such. If you 
Ctrl-Esc and double click some more at THIS screen, you might get 
a second screen with more similar stuff. Nothing important, just 
strange that this wasn't put in the "About" or "Quit" screens.

I tried using my "Spoontoons" player ( to jump 
into the various .dxr files:
BYE immediately exits;
CASSE is the Breakout game in French;
GO is the yellow box before the title screens;
GOLD is the "Surprise" inside a slideshow that displays the third 
   Ogenki Clinic movie. Press "Q" to go back out to the 
   slideshow. While in the slideshow, click the "Surprise!?" 
   screen to get to the video player again. The video almost 
   always plays without sound.
INTRO is the title screens;
LAST is the "footbridge" game in French;
LASTA is the "footbridge" game in English;
MGDA is the language choice;
MGDF is the red/gray screen before the language choice;
MOYEN is the "Nim" game in French;
MOYENA is the "Nim" game in English;
OG shows the first Ogenki Clinic movie, as found in "Help";
PROPO is the "About" screens;
ULTIM is the "falling pieces" game in French;
ULTIMA is the "falling pieces" game in English;
VOCASSE is the Breakout game in English;
XXL is the XXL slideshow.

You'll notice that the language defaults to French after a while, 
because some internal variable isn't set properly when you jump 
into the files this way.

If you press Ctrl-w, the game immediately exits! Must be a 
leftover Macintosh key combination. Esc by itself will do the 


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