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 Maniac Mansion FAQ

Maniac Mansion FAQ

Maniac Mansion
By Exodist
 __  __             _              __  __                 _             
|  \/  | __ _ _ __ (_) __ _  ___  |  \/  | __ _ _ __  ___(_) ___  _ __  
| |\/| |/ _` | '_ \| |/ _` |/ __| | |\/| |/ _` | '_ \/ __| |/ _ \| '_ \ 
| |  | | (_| | | | | | (_| | (__  | |  | | (_| | | | \__ \ | (_) | | | |
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Title: Maniac Mansion
Developer: Lucasfilm
Publisher: Lucasfilm
Platform: PC
Release: 1988
Genre: Adventure


Document by: Exodist/Ryan Haighton
Document size: 23KB
Document version: 1.000
Document hosted by: Gamefaqs (
Document written: Started 17th May, latest version 17th May
Document © Copyright 2006 Ryan Haighton, DO NOT STEAL, IT IS MY WORK!


This guide is © Copyright 2006 Ryan Haighton, DO NOT STEAL, IT IS MY WORK!
This guide is for MANIAC MANSION, the PC version, made by Lucasfilm in 1988,
if im correct. Please note that it may be compatable with other versions of
Maniac Mansion on other platforms.






Here is my first guide for a SCUMM game. I am planning on writing a guide for
all of them, but it may be difficult. Either ways, im going to write a guide
for all the SCUMM games I can. Good luck to me. Anyways, this is a guide for
Maniac mansion, designed by Ron Gilbert, who also made Monkey island I and II.
This game was the first SCUMM game, thats why SCUMM stands for Scripting
Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion. Anyways, I hope this guide helps you, and
good luck with your adventure inside the Maniac Mansion!

So what makes Maniac Mansion stand out from the other SCUMM games? Well, in
this one, you can choose between a couple of characters, who you want to
control in order to save Sandy. Also, your characters can die a variety of ways
and you can even blow the house up ending the whole game altogether! There
isn't another SCUMM game like it. If you enjoyed this game, you should get the
sequel, Maniac Mansion 2: Day of the Tentacle. Not many people actually know
that Day of the Tentacle is the sequel, but it has it in the manual. DOTT is
more or less it's name.




It has been twenty years since a mysterious purple meteor came hurtling 
out of the sky and made a large crater in the front lawn of a large 
Victorian mansion belonging to the Edison family. Dr. Fred, his wife 
Nurse Edna, and their son Weird Ed were reclusive people who left the 
house very rarely, but the meteor's arrival brought about a strange 
change in Dr. Fred. Now, a local cheerleader has vanished without a 
trace. Dave, her boyfriend, has gathered a few of his close comrades on 
a mission to invade the mansion and save Sandy. Good luck to them.




In Maniac Mansion, you can control many characters. They can do different
things, and some have advantages and disadvantages.

Dave is Sandy's boyfriend, and is certain that Dr. Dred brought Sandy to this
old mansion. Dave is willing to do anything to save Sandy.
WEAKNESS: No skills.

A champion in Physics, and a nerd. He is really good at repairing technical
things, like radios and phones.
SKILLS: He can fix the telephone and radio.
WEAKNESS: He is afraid of the Green Tentacle, and won't go into the same room
as him.

Syd and razor can play the piano. They are listed as one character because they
are more or less both the same, Syd is the boy, Razor is the girl.
SKILLS: Can play Piano
WEAKNESS: Forget to pull the stamps off the package before giving it to weird
Ed, they are useless.

She wants to be a novelist. She is thus incredibly skilled in writing things,
and can write a manuscript in 10 minutes.
SKILLS: Can rewrite the meteros manuscript.
WEAKNESS: The same as Syd and Razor, pull the stamps off the package before
giving it to Weird Ed.

Michael is a great photographer for the college newspaper. He is the only
person that can use the Darkroom too. He can befriend Weird Ed too.
SKILLS: Can get Weird Ed's plans to defeat the Meteor.

A surfer dude, Jeff isn't very good at saving people.
SKILLS: Can fix the telephone.
WEAKNESS: Bernard has his only skill, and he won't have any way of getting past
the Purple Tentacle.




OK, it's time for the guide. When choosing your characters, Dave is chosen and
you can't not have him. He is always with you. For this guide, we will have
Bernard, and any other character you want. The other character (not Dave or
Bernard) will server one purpose, to get the package. That's all.


OK, at the start, we want to get past the Green Tentacle. BUT, Bernard can't be
in the same room with him, so we are gonna have to get Dave to do this. OK,
from the start, go to the left and up the stairs to the porch. PULL the doormat
and pick up the KEY. USE the KEY with the front door, and walk inside. Then,
get your third character and make them stand next to the mail box near the
front porch. Then, switch back to Dave. Don't go into the Kitchen because Nurse
Edna is there. Go up the stairs, and go into the Painting room by going through
the left door. Now, PICK UP the BOWL OF WAX FRUIT, and return to the second
floor landing and open the stell security door. Then go up the stairs at the
end of the hallway. Here, GIVE the BOWL OF WAX FRUIT to the Green Tentacle.
But, he still won't let you past. He's thirsty now. SO, head back downstairs to
the kitchen, and wait for a minute or two. Save, and go into the kitchen. Hope
that Nurse Edna isn't still in there. If so, reload. Anyways, head over to the
fridge, OPEN it, and PICK UP the CAN OF PEPSI. OR, you can go through the right
door, through the dining room, and PICK UP the FRUIT DRINKS at the pantry. It's
up to you which one you want to get. Anyways, go back to the Green Tentacle,
and give him either the FRUIT DRINKS. I have just discovered that the CAN OF
PEPSI makes him burp, so he won't take it. So wait for Nurse Edna to go, take
the CAN OF PEPSI, go through the door to the right, through the dining hall and
take the FRUIT DRINKS. Then give them to the Green Tentacle. Then go up the
next set of stairs. Around this time, Weird Ed might go downstairs because he
is hungry. It will show you first, so quickly HIDE if your in his path, and
wait for the cut-scene showing him getting food from the fridge. Then, wait a
little bit more before going back into his path. Anyways, after your up the
stairs, go into Dr. Fred's room, the first door on the long wall. Then, go to
the left, and walk up the ladder. :) Then, the Green Tentacle will talk to you
(how the hell did he get up here!?). PICK UP the RECORD from the shelf, and
also PICK UP the YELLOW KEY which is on the right most wall. Then go all the
way back to the main hall.


NOTE: Please see the bottom of this PART walkthrough for details on the package

Okay, get Bernard, and enter the mansion. Then switch to Dave to give Bernard
the KEY, YELLOW KEY, RECORD and the CAN OF PEPSI. Then, go to the right and
through the living room and into the library. Click on TURN ON, then search for
the lamp, because the room is in darkness. Once you have turned the lamp on, go
to the other end of the library. PULL the loose panel (it's the last one I
think) and then PICK UP the CASSETTE TAPE. Then, go back to the main hall, and
up the stairs. Go through the door to the right, into the music room. Here, USE
the CASSETTE TAPE with the tape recorder, then USE the RECORD with the
Victrola. TURN ON the tape recorder, then TURN ON the Victrola. Soon, the vase
on the piano will shatter, so then TURN OFF the tape recorder and the Victrola.
PICK UP the CASSETTE TAPE and go down into the living room. OPEN the cabinet
and USE the CASSETTE TAPE with the tape player. TURN ON the tape player, and
then the chandelier will smash. TURN OFF the tape player, and PICK UP the OLD
RUSTY KEY. If any kid is chucked into the Dungeon, you can go down and unlock
the door and let them out. If Bernard is trapped, he can let himself out. :)

NOTE: There's a high chance that the doorbell will ring. When it does, switch
to your character standing at the mailbox, and PICK UP the PACKAGE. Then walk
back to the starting point of the game, you won't need the PACKAGE as Bernard,
and you won't need this character again either! Also, make sure that Dave or
Bernard won't be met by Weird Ed on his journey downstairs to get his package.
Once the cut-scene showing Weird Ed talking to himself, and finding out that
he thinks some one is playing tricks on him, you should be safe to continue.


NOTE: Please see the note at the end of this PART walkthrough for details on
the package part, although it may of already happened in PART 2.

Get Bernard, and go to the main hall. Stand infront of the door with no handle
on it. Then, switch to Dave, and PULL the right-hand staircase gargoyle statue,
then switch back to Bernard and go into the basement. TURN ON the light switch
box, then go to the left. Then PICK UP the SILVER KEY which is next to the fuse
box. Then leave the basement, and make your way up to the fourth floor. Here,
go into the fourth door, the second is Nurse Edna's room, and the third is
Weird Ed's room. Then, USE the Hunk-o-Matic™ to make Bernard stronger. Now go
all the way back to the main hall, and give Dave the SILVER KEY. Go outside,
then PULL the bushes. PULL the grating to open it, then go inside. Walk to the
right and wait at the water valve. Then switch to Dave.

Go through the kitchen, the dining room and into the pantry. UNLOCK the door
with the SILVER KEY and out into the pool. Stand next to the ladder. Switch
back to Bernard, and TURN ON the water valve. After the cut-scene, switch to
Dave, and go down and PICK UP the GLOWING KEY and the RADIO. Then climb out the
pool, and get Bernard to TURN OFF the water valve. Then, get Dave and Bernard
back into the main hall. Give Bernard the GLOWING KEY and RADIO.

NOTE: There's a high chance that the doorbell will ring. When it does, switch
to your character standing at the mailbox, and PICK UP the PACKAGE. Then walk
back to the starting point of the game, you won't need the PACKAGE as Bernard,
and you won't need this character again either! Also, make sure that Dave or
Bernard won't be met by Weird Ed on his journey downstairs to get his package.
Once the cut-scene showing Weird Ed talking to himself, and finding out that
he thinks some one is playing tricks on him, you should be safe to continue.


OPEN the RADIO to get some BATTERIES, and go into the kitchen, and PICK UP the
FLASHLIGHT. USE the BATTERIES with the FLASHLIGHT. Go back to the pool through
the pantry. Then OPEN the gate and go through, and then OPEN the garage (which
you can do with increased strength now). USE the YELLOW KEY with the trunk and
PICK UP the TOOLS. PICK UP the WATER FAUCET HANDLE from the shelf too. Now go
back to the main hall, and GIVE Dave the OLD RUSTY KEY. Then, switch to Dave,
and stand at the basement door. Switch back to Bernard, and PULL the right-hand
gargoyle statue again, then switch to Dave and enter the basement. As Dave, go
to the left and OPEN the fusebox. Then switch back to Bernard.

Go upstairs, and to the left and into the paint room. PICK UP the PAINT REMOVER
then go to the fourth floor. Go to the door at the far end, OPEN it and go
through. Then, USE the PAINT REMOVER and the paint blotch to reveal a door.
OPEN the door, and go through it. This part is annoying, and it's only trying
to find the light. If you find wires, start clicking above it until you find
the light, and TURN IT ON. It's to the left of where your standing. Now, this
part isn't too tricky, but it invloves alot of switching around characters. Ok,
switch to Dave, and TURN OFF the circuit breakers. Switch to Bernard, and TURN
ON the FLASHLIGHT when you need to. USE the TOOLS with the wires and switch
back to Dave. If Dave has been captured by the Purple Tentacle, just use the
OLD RUSTY KEY to get out of the dungeon. Anyways, TURN ON the circuit breakers.
Then have Dave and Bernard meet in the main hall.

This next part is tricky, and you might have to try it again if you fail. First
off, as Dave, GIVE Bernard the OLD RUSTY KEY, and then as Dave still, go
outside and at the doorbell. Now, move Bernard to the fourth floor, and wait
inside Dead Cousin Ted's room. Make Dave ring the doorbell, then switch to
Bernard and wait 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, go into the hallway, and go into
Weird Ed's bedroom. PICK UP the HAMSTER and the PURPLE KEY CARD. Then get out,
and back into Dead Cousin Ted's room. Ring the doorbell again as Dave, then
switch back to Bernard, wait 10 seconds, and get back into Weird Ed's room.
PICK UP the piggy bank to break it, and then PICK UP the DIME and get your ass
back into Dead Cousin Ted's room. Wait abit more, then bring Dave up to the
fourth floor hallway. As Bernard, go into Dead Cousin Ted's bathroom. USE the
WATER FAUCET HANDLE with the faucet, then TURN IT on to move Ted's corpse and
get Nurse Edna's phone number. Then go to the library, and USE the TOOLS with
the phone. USE the phone to ring Nurse Edna, for a good time. :) I'm not sure
if the number is the same, but mine was 2275, so whatever it is, use the
buttons. Then, after the cut-scene, switch to Dave and get into Nurse Edna's
room. Don't worry, she somehow doesn't notice you. You have to be fast about
this, PICK UP the SMALL KEY then get up that ladder. TURN ON the light, PULL
the painting and then switch to Bernard. Now, go into the pantry, and pick up
the JAR, then go to the pool and USE the JAR with it. Then, go all the way back
to the room you used the PAINT REMOVER on the paint blotch, and use the JAR and
CAN OF PEPSI on the plant. Then go inside the hatch that is above the plant's
head. Now, USE 2 DIMES on the coin slot to the left, you can find an extra DIME
in Dr. Fred's room. Then, PUSH the right button twice, and USE the telescope.
Make sure you memorize the number, mine was 0120. This is the combination to
Nurse Edna's safe. So switch to Dave and OPEN the safe. Now, as Bernard, go
back to the library, and call Nurse Edna again. Then, while she is occupied,
as Dave, make sure you have the ENVELOPE, and slip past Nurse Edna. OPEN the
ENVELOPE to get the QUARTER. Then take Dave and Bernard back to the main hall,
and as Dave, GIVE Bernard the SMALL KEY and QUARTER.

Ok, by now, you should of seen a cut-scene of Dr. Fred inside an arcade playing
Meteor Mess. If not, keep alternating between 2 rooms, until you do. Then, go
to the second floor, and go into the arcade, its the second door to the right
after going through the steel door. Now, find the Meteor Mess arcade machine.
USE the QUARTER on the coin box, then the high scores will show up. Find Dr.
Fred's score, it will appear as DFE then a number, note this number, it's the
pass code to the inner lab door. Mine was 8640.

NOTE: I forgot to mention at the part where you get Dave to ring the doorbell
2 times to get Weird Ed out of his room, make sure you get Dave to the entrance
of the mansion, where your other character should be. You don't want Dave being
caught now do you? Also, to break the piggy bank, you must OPEN it to break it
before you can pick up the DIMES.


As Bernard, go back to the main hall. Go to the basement door, and then as Dave
PULL the right-hand gargoyle. Then switch to Bernard, and go into the basement.
UNLOCK the dungeon door with the OLD RUSTY KEY and go through. Then go to the
end and UNLOCK the Outer lab door by USING the GLOWING KEY with both padlocks.
Now try to open the inner lab door, and punch in the code. If you do anything
that makes Dr. Fred send out the Purple Tentacle, the door will be closed.

Make your way back to the front hall, leaving all of the doors open (I usually
do anyway). Now enter the living room, and OPEN the old-fashioned radio, and
PICK UP the RADIO TUBE. Go to Dr. Fred's room and use the RADIO TUBE with the
tube socket. READ the poster to get a number for the meteor police, then USE
the radio to call them. Watch the cut-scene, and stay where you are. Sooner or
later, a police siren will signal the police arribal. After the next cut-scene,
go to the dungeon and PICK UP the POLICE BADGE. Go into the lab, and GIVE the
POLICE BADGE to the Purple Tentacle.


This is the last part, after this, you will of completed the game. Anyways, you
definately have the CARD KEY from Weird Ed's room (I mentioned it as the PURPLE
KEY CARD). Go through into the lab. Ignore Dr. Fred, and go to the end, and
then OPEN the locker, and PICK UP the RADIATION SUIT to put it on. Then, after
Dr. Fred puts the self-destruct system on, USE the CARD KEY with the card key
slot to OPEN the door, and TURN OFF the lever in the next room.
CONGRATULATIONS! you won the game! Press F4 to play again.

Of course there are many different ways to complete Maniac Mansion with the
different characters. BUT, I won't explain how to complete it with all the
different characters. At least you know how to complete it the easiest way, so
why not actually DO THE GAME YOURSELF with other characters.




There are many different items in Lucasfilm/Lucasarts adventure games, and some
can be useless. In Maniac Mansion, there are many items that can be aquired no
matter what character you use. Some items you can only get with certain
characters though. This list tells you where the items can be found.


KEY - Found under the door mat on the front porch.

BOWL OF WAX FRUIT - Found in the painting room.

CAN OF PEPSI - Found in the fridge in the kitchen.

FRUIT DRINKS - Found in the pantry.

RECORD - Found in the Green Tentacles room.

YELLOW KEY - Found in the Green Tentacles room.

CASSETTE TAPE - Found behind a loose panel inside the library.

OLD RUSTY KEY - Found on the chandelier in the living room.

SILVER KEY - Found in the basement.

GLOWING KEY - Found in the pool.

RADIO - Found in the pool.

BATTERIES - Found in the radio.

FLASHLIGHT - Found in the kitchen.

TOOLS - Found in the Garage.

PAINT REMOVER - Found in the Painting room.

HAMSTER - Found in Weird Ed's room.

CARD KEY - Found in Weird Ed's room.

DIMES - You can get 3 in Weird Ed's room, and 1 in Dr. Fred's room.

SMALL KEY - Found in Nurse Edna's room.

GLASS JAR - Found in the pantry.

ENVELOPE - Found in the storage room.

QUARTER - Found in the envelope.

RADIATION SUIT - Found in the Innder lab.


RADIO TUBE - Found in the Old-fansioned radio in the living room.

POLICE BADGE - Found in the Dungeon after the Meteor Police come.


GLASS JAR - Found in the Pantry, it does more things this time.

ENVELOPE - FOund in the storage room, it does more things this time.

STAMPS - Found on the package from the front yard.

MANUSCRIPT - Found in Dr. Fred's room.

CONTRACT - Found in the front yard mailbox after it is delivered.


GLASS JAR - Found in the pantry, does more things this time.

ENVELOPE - Found in the storage room.

STAMPS - Found on the package from the front yard, does more things this time.

CASSETTE TAPE - Found behind a loose panel in the library, it does more things
this time.

DEMO TAPE - Found in the Green Tentacles room.

CONTRACT - Found in the mail box in the front yard after being delivered.


PACKAGE - Found in the front yard after being delivered, it has another use
this time.

ROLL OF FILM - Found in the front yard next to a bush.

BOTTLE OF DEVELOPER - Found in the pantry.

SPONGE - Found in Dead Cousin Ted's bathroom.




Unlike other Lucasfilm/Lucasarts adventure games (apart from Zak McKracken)
there are many ways to kill your characters, and even blow the house up, ending
the game altogether. This can be very frustrating if your near the end and it
seems impossible to stop the house blowing up. Here are the ways to kill your
characters or blow the house up, so you know not to do that.

Many times when Nurse Edna, the Purple Tentacle, or Weird Ed see you, they will
take you to the dungeon. To escape, you need the OLD RUSTY KEY.

If you have Syd and Razor in your team, put the Hamster from Weird Ed's room
into the kitchen microwave, and turn it on. Then, if you give Weird Ed the
Hamsters remains back, he will kill the person that gave him the remains.

When your in the pool, if you refill it when one of your kids are still down
there, they will die.

If you put the Glass jar, filled with pool water, in the microwave, and turn it
on, when you open the microwave, the steam will kill you.

If you show the Green Tentacle either contract for Syd and Razor, or Wendys,
the Green Tentacle will kill you.

If you go into the purple meteor room with out a radiation suit on, the kid
will die.

If you leave the Circuit breakers off too long, a meltdown will happen.

RED BUTTON OF DOOM: Push the red button of doom at the bottom of the pool, and
the house will blow up.

POOL: If you leave the pool drained for too long, the buildup of nuclear water
will blow the house up.

SELF-DESTRUCT SYSTEM: At the end, if you don't turn off the Zom-B-Matic, and
time runs out, the house will blow up.




Q. Is Day of the Tentacle the sequel to this?

A. Yes.

Q. Was this the first SCUMM game?

A. Yes.

Q. What does SCUMM stand for?

A. Scripting Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion.

Q. If one of my kids die, and they have an item I need, what do I do?

A. Reload to where they weren't dead, or if you can't, restart the game.

Q. If I don't have Bernard or Jeff, how do I get into Nurse Edna's room?

A. Just make her send someone to the dungeon, then slip in.

Q. Is this game hard to complete without any help?

A. Not really, it's not the hardest thing ever, but it's annoying when you mess
things up.

Q. Lucasfilm, who are they, I thought they made films!?

A. That was the name of the company, before changing it to LucasArts which make
the games.




1.100 - The first, and FINAL version of the guide, it's finished. If I ever
feel like it, I might add walkthroughs for other characters.




And with the guide complete, thats another brilliant LucasFilm game done. I
enjoyed it much, and hope you did and find this guide useful.

This guide is © Copyright 2006 Ryan Haighton, DO NOT STEAL, IT IS MY WORK!


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