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 Max Payne

Max Payne

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Max Payne full walkthrough!

Part 1 The American Dream - Prologue

Objective: Save your loved ones
You start in you house, there is a syringe with a big "V" tattooed on the 
wall, someone has broken in! Go into the living room and pick up the ringing 
phone, it is a woman who is clear to have some nasty ideas in her mind. She 
hangs up before you know what's going on.

You draw you Beretta and rush upstairs (you can also find a Pump-Action shotgun 
in the wardrobe in the living room). You hear people screaming, guns firing, 
Michelle and the baby crying. The door to the bedrooms through the bathroom 
is blocked, when you try to go another way, two men in green charge out and 
fire at you, they are shouting about something is coming and who is gonna 
die... You have no choice but to kill them. Inside the bedroom, you find your 
daughter dead. Holding your tears, you quickly go into the other bedroom and 
the one last man down. Michelle is there lying on the bed with blood stains, 

Investigation told that the killers were high on a new kind of drug, Valkyr, 
V. After the funeral, you decided you join the DEA to pay those drug dealers 
back. Three years has passed, two months ago you got to know that a mob-boss 
in the Punchinello crime family, which is New York's worst Mafia family, Jack 
Lupino, was trafficking. You had no fear, you went undercover and infiltrated 
the group, trying to find the source of the drug.

Part 1 The American Dream - Chapter 1 Roscoe Street Station
Objective: Find Alex
One snowy night, B.B., one of the only two people in the DEA who know you're 
working undercover (the other one is Alex), calls to ask you to meet with 
Alex at the Roscoe Street subway station, because something urgent is going 
on with Jack Lupino. After arriving at the station, you found no one on the 
platform, you have to look for Alex.

The platform is empty, the gate is locked, but you find a dead body (there 
was one time I saw thing "dead" guy standing there in good shape... bug?)in 
the room opposite to the gate. (Open the lockers to find some Beretta Ammo 
and painkiller. I won't mention hidden ammo again, since they are in fact 
not that "hidden". By the way, you can jump off the platform, but the train 
can kill you). You return to the platform and find the gate opened, and two 
guys with Desert Eagles are coming (see how they find cover? Good time to 
try some headshots). Something is wrong, you need to find Alex fast.

You find the control room on platform 4 locked, a code is needed to open it. 
Go on to find more bad guys on a platform under maintenance. In the room on 
the right another dead guard is found (push him and he'll fall), you realize 
that some kind of a crime operation is going on here. The way to the tunnel 
is blocked by a locked gate, you need to find another way through. (If you 
shoot at the gas tanks, you can have the guys behind the gate cooked.)

An old train without power is on the track. (There is a room beside the train 
with some ammo.) In another room a guy is about to kill a guard. Stop him 
and the guard tells you that these guys are junkies and are killing people 
in the station. To call for help, he needs your help to get to the control 
room one floor up. (I've tried not shooting the bad guy and see if he would 
kill the guard. He wouldn't... Max is just too attractive a target I guess. 
If you shoot the guard, game's over.)

Go back one floor up to platform 4 and the guard opens the door for you, but 
the unlucky man is shot right after that. No time to be sorry, you enter the 
control room and find the phone broken, but fortunately the power control 
panel is not. Use it to send power to line 2, you can see the old train powered 
through the security camera. Go back to the old train and use it to crash 
the blockage to tunnel. The train can't go further, you exit from the front 
door and go into the tunnel.

More guys pop out from the dark, you shoot them all and go up the stairs. 
(If you haven't "used" the gas tanks yet, you can use them now, though I thing 
they are even harder to target than the junkies.)

Part 1 The American Dream - Chapter 2 Live From The Crime Scene
Objective: Find Alex
Behind the metal door is the abandoned part of the subway station, still no 
sight of Alex yet, but more bad guys are around. (Remember to break the small 
boxes for ammo.)

You follow the only path, on the way you hear the sound of a should-be explosion, 
the whole room shakes for a moment. You find a bomb mounted on a old, jammed 
door, missing the detonator. Go on further you find a wall already blown open, 
the way leads to the safe of the Roscoe Bank!

You enter the main room and have all robbers dealt with, then you hear the 
phone ringing. It is deputy chief Jim Bravura from the NYPD. You are now 
undercover and being caught in the middle of a crime scene, it will take more 
than a little chat on the phone to clear things up.

You operate the vault control panel and search vault A and C. You find that 
the robbers came for Aesir Corporation bonds, Aesir's recent success is 
well-known. There is no way out in the bank, you return to the jammed door 
with the detonators found in vault C. (There are 3 trouble makers as you return 
to the door, one of them use grenades. They will block you with a chair when 
you go up the stairs. Try to rush up to them. You may also shoot dodge pass 
the chair, that looks cool.) Use the detonator on the door and run away.

Behind the door is again the Roscoe Street station. Alex has just arrived, 
but he doesn't seem to know anything more than you do. You tell him that it's 
probably Lupino's men doing the robbery. By then a guy in raincoat shoots 
Alex at the head (of course you don't see that), Alex's gone. There is nothing 
you can do but to run and find out what's going on later.

Still some remaining robbers, but your shoot your way to the exit. (If the 
gate is closed, use the door control in the box office.) Outside, police is 
arriving. Lupino has taken what he wants and leaves you to pay the bill, you 
decide to find Lupino for a talk.

Part 1 The American Dream - Chapter 3 Playing It Bogart
Objective: You cover has been blown, escape from the hotel
Lupino's hideouts are a crappy hotel and a slum block of tenements. You go 
to the hotel first. The mobsters Finito Brothers run the hotel. Lupino is 
not there, but he has been expecting you, the Finito Brothers draw their 
weapons at you. (The Finito Brothers aren't hard to kill. One is armed with 
a Sawed-Off Shotgun and the other a Desert Eagle. The one in behind will often 
shoot the on in front to death... Just move around, shoot dodge aiming at the 

There is a letter on the table saying that a drug deal of V is going to take 
place in this hotel. A guy named Rico Muerte is coming to do the job. On this 
side, it's Vini Gognitti, Lupino's right-hand man in charge. The Finito 
Brothers have been ordered to treat Muerte well. Muerte is in room 313. The 
V-deal also means the hotel would be better guarded than usual, harder to 
get out from, maybe you've come at a bad time. Gangsters soon rush in for 
their bosses, you kill them all and find the elevator not functioning, doors 
locked, you have to walk your way down. The news on the radio says you are 
the one who killed Alex, seems like you've gotten the whole city's guns after 

Break the glass windows and make your way to the 3rd floor hotel rooms. (You 
can find junkies in the toilets, you can ignore them or shoot them, they do 
fight back and drop weapons. There is a guy watching TV (not for long though, 
since you kill him), you may stay to watch the program, kinda interesting, 
or you can turn the TV off/shoot it if you find it annoying, but you can't 
watch it if you turn it off and on again half way in the show.) Go on through 
the locked exit (shoot the lock, btw, turn the TV in room 306 on and it will 
blow up and hurt you). Watch some TV to find that you're now really famous. 
You can also find a dead body in the room (switch the vibrating bed off or 
Max will say something about it).

In room 313 there is no Rico Muerte but a trap. You find a letter from Angelo 
Puchinello, the big boss, himself to Rico Muerte. Seems like everyone has 
known about you secret for some time. (I'm not 100% sure if the trap is meant 
to kill you, or Vini Gognitti instead...) Return to the little lobby where you 
come from, people come out from a room. You enter the room and shoot at the 
boiler, it makes a big hole on the floor and falls to the 2nd floor. In room 
216 you find the diary of a hooker named Candy Dawn. You check the wardrobe 
and find the secret room where she had the video-recorder to tape her clients' 
"deal" with her (and blackmail them with the tape).

Finally, through the secret passage you reach an elevator that's working.

Part 1 The American Dream - Chapter 4 The Blood Veins Of New York
Objective: You cover has been blown, escape from the hotel
The elevator goes all the way down to the basement of the hotel. No news about 
you on TV, only the weather. (Boxes on the shelves can also be broken for 
ammo.) You find the way after clearing the blocking boxes in the next room 
(shoot at the gas tank on that's lying on the and watch it dance!). I the 
boiler room is a dead body tied to a chair, on the floor a comic strip on 
the newspaper. You pick up the baseball bat and go into the kitchen (you may 
want to use bullet time here).

You reach a big room with doors leading to the bar and the restaurant (can't 
enter anyway), but you need a key to get to bar. You find the key on a table 
in the room where the V-deal is taking place. In the bar you find Rico Muerte 
and a women (could that be Candy Dawn?) "playing". Muerte draws his gun and 
makes for the run, more guys coming for support, even the women is shooting.
(This part can be a bit hard, try throwing grenades into the bar or lure the 
guys out. Going in is not a good idea unless you rush in before the supporting 
guys come out from the inner room. The women is well covered behind the bar 
and she is tougher than an ordinary gangster... even Dual Berettas can stop 
her from firing back.) After taking care of them you chase Muerte down. (He 
is armed with an Ingram and with his trousers down to his feet... Use Dual 
Berettas, move left and right when firing and he should be dead in seconds. 
Shoot dodging is not advisable since you'll be taking many bullets from the 
Ingram when you get up.)

You find a telephone switchboard in the backroom of the reception. Gognitti 
is on the line, talking to a dying gangster, not believe that you can cause 
so much trouble. Well, you will show him later. The only way to go is upstairs. 
>From the club you find the way to the roof. Shoot the glass and drop down.
(4 guys will come it, one of them has an Ingram. Try to take cover behind 
the boxes and get them one by one.) You push the button at the reception and 
leave this crappy hotel through the exit. (The exit is operated by a timer, 
bush the button at the reception and the door will open for a while, not forever, 
so move it.)

Part 1 The American Dream - Chapter 5 Let The Gun Do The Talking
Objective: Find a way to Lupino's office on the top floor
Failing to find Lupino in the hotel, you go to the tenement buildings. Before 
you enter the buildings you see them blow up, someone has gotten there before 
you. You see Vladimir, the head of the local Russian mob, leaving the scene 
in a black Mercedes Benz. The car almost bumps into a lorry carrying fuel. 
The lorry tips over and explodes, turns into flame and blocks your way back. 
Then you see more explosions in Lupino's buildings. It is probably a mob war, 
seems like you're not the only one after Lupino. Anyway, now your cover is 
blown, you need to do no trick, just find the man, and let the guns do the 

(Before entering Lupino's tenement, you can go to the Pawn Shop and find an 
Ingram in shelf in the second room. The newspaper 
headlines are all about Alex's death, the Valkyr-related crime and you. The 
front doors on the buildings are all locked, but you find the way in through 
the backdoor. (You can find a shotgun in the back of the van in the alley, 
and if you shot the van so the alarm is sounded, guys will come up from the 
building to get you.)

Inside the building you find junkies and explosions. There is no way out, 
so you shoot the gas tanks and they blow the way out for you. You go on until 
you find a phone ringing in a corridor. It is guy called Alfred Woden, he 
knows you're there, and he says so do the police. You try to ask questions 
but he tells you that he'll contact you again and hangs up. Things just get 
a twist again when they seems to be lightened up. Outside, Bravura and his 
men have arrived, you need to be hurry. Then you reach a big hall with a locked 
door. Inside one of the reachable rooms you shoot the lock on the door and 
find a letter on the counter. The letter from Gognitti explains why the 
Russians are after Lupino's men (because Lupino's men hit them first). You 
also find a key on the shelf.

By then the police rush in (don't try to fight them, that's a waste of bullets), 
you go to unlock the door and go upstairs. When you reach the 3rd floor an 
explosion ruins the stairs, you have to go to find another way (jump to the 
other side on the balcony). Finally you jump out a pair of broken windows 
in a kitchen and find the emergence stairs.

Part 1 The American Dream - Chapter 6 Fear That Gives Men Wings
Objective: Find a way to Lupino's office on the top floor - Catch Vini Gognitti
Even the emergence stairs have been destroyed by the bombs, to get the Lupino's 
office, you need to go for the joining rooftops. You go downstairs to another 
building (you can shoot the two men beside the fire, but they'll fire back. 
Jump onto the fire and watch Max does the "fire dance".), but you can get 
behind the door of Luigi's Laundry pretending to be the pizza boy. So you 
go to yet another building full of junkies (try not to fight near the junkies 
because as they get shot, they shoot you! Even it's not you who shot them. 
By the way, if you trigger them off, they will start laughs a while later, 
very spooky sound that is). You find a guy who can get you in the other building 
(also a big window, which you can jump out).

You return to that Laundry with the guy, he says the password "John Woo" and 
you can get through after finish them all (if you shoot the guy with the 
password too early, game's over). Inside the room you see boxes of bogus bill. 
You go on and use the elevator to go up. You enter the only room and finish 
the guy coming out from the toilet, watch TV to see the report on the hotel 
mess, then jump out to the roof through the window. (Try to open the toilet 
door and the guy inside will ask you to wait... btw, do you notice that he is 
armed with only a lead pipe? Settle it like a man, fight him with the pipe.)

You travel on the pipes leading to another building, another bunch of bad 
guys waiting (also another TV with a program showing, this one is even more 
interesting, try not to break the TV during the fight). Jump out from the 
window and proceed to first building you've ever entered. You go in and another 
explosion destroys the stairs leading up. Then you find two guys trying to 
disarm a bomb, you watch and see them blow themselves up (shoot at them or 
somewhere near them and the bomb will explode, walk up to them without firing 
will also activate the bomb, so just stay back and watch). The doors are lock 
but with a little push on the door you find the way.

The broken ceiling leads you one floor up. You hear a man roaring behind a 
door, from the vocabulary you know that's Gognitti. You get him in the stomach 
but he manages to escape, leaving a group of people to entertain you. (This 
is also tough. Don't shoot dodge and dive right into the enemies fire, instead, 
crouch behind the cover and use anything fast, e.g. Ingrams, Berettas, just 
don't use shotguns to kill them. Again, the man at the back often shoots those 
in front to death before you see it.) On the table left an unfinished letter 
>from Gognitti to Punchinello. It seems like Lupino has gone mad because of 
V, and Gognitti is in fear and trying to inform the big boss.

You follow Gognitti's blood and chase him all the way until he jumps off the 
roof onto a train. You follow his way. (Stand next to the satellite dish, 
wait for the next train and jump, it may take a few tries though.)

Part 1 The American Dream - Chapter 7 Police Brutality
Objective: Catch Vini Gognitti
You are stilling follow Gognitti, you need know where Lupino is.

You jump off the roof and travel to the building on the other side on the 
pipes again. Jump from roof to roof like Gognitti did. You see him went down 
the stairs in a building (hey, you can stand on the boxes without covers!). 
Finish the guys coming up as you go down. Follow Gognitti's path and get rid 
of everyone in the alley (wait for the guy with Ingrams to stop firing before 
rushing out). Then you see Gognitti going up in an elevator (not sure if that's 
also called an elevator...). Push the button near where the elevator should 
be to sent the elevator back down, then travel up. (In the container beside 
the van is some ammo. Under in the "hole" below where the elevator should 
be is a dead body of a cop, you can find ammo and painkiller there. Jump up 
using the boxes in the darker part back to the ground.)

More gangsters ambushing on the roof. (When you fight the two guys ambushing 
behind some boxes, another guy will throw grenades at you from further away, 
try to retreat to the roof outside and wait until there is no more explosion 
before charging in again. Be careful when doing shoot dodge on the edge of 
the roof, you will often fly off the roof and land on the street below.) You 
find gangsters with drug and money under a glass window on the roof. The door 
to the inside is blocked, you have to do it the SWAT way, descending from 
the sky. After dealing with the two guys, you go down the stair and enter 
the room. (Here is another, more fun solution for this situation provided 
by Gimme. "But if you look towards the left of the gangsters, you will notice 
some gas tanks... shooting those from the roof will result in the gangsters 
panic and the gas tanks will shoot through the room killing them all which 
is much fun to watch from above...")

Watch TV about the latest news on you. Go into the bathroom and you hear people 
outside trying the set up an ambush. Ambushed or not, you finish them all 
the same way. (This group of gangster got Ingrams, shotguns and grenades. 
Use grenade yourself if possible.)

You leave the next building and see Gognitti having no way to run (finally)and 
decides to fight back(great).You clear the place from gangster and confront 
Gognitti one on one. (Gognitti will only come out from behind the bins when 
you've killed all the gangsters, though you can always rush to fight him before 
that if you want to. It is saver to shoot the gangsters from the roof than 
going down the stairs, because there are quit a number of them, you can have 
good cover on the roof. Kill anyone who tries to come up from the stairs first, 
then finish the rest the way you like, go down the stairs when there is only 
one or two left. Gognitti uses a Desert Eagle, not a big deal. The safest 
way to fight him is a pair of Ingrams, though I prefer the Desert Eagle, which 
is cooler I think.)

Finally, Gognitti and you can sit down and have a "talk". The exhausted guy 
tells you that Lupino is at Ragna Rock, his private nightclub. You leave 
Gognitti to his fate and head to Ragna Rock.

Part 1 The American Dream - Chapter 8 Ragna Rock
Objective: Face Jack Lupino and make him pay
Ragna Rock's front door is closed, but you find a lever that opens the door 
behind in the box office. Inside the room you find a book about mythos and 
Ragnarok, the end of the Viking world. Seems like Lupino and the junkies are 
always reading things like these. The next room is a bar with many bad guys 
to kill. (Beware of those one floor up, one of them will throw Molotovs.) 
You proceed to another bar through the Disco. You find more books about occults 
and the infernal, horror video games and ouija boards. Lupino must be really 
into these things.

Push the button beside the gate and go on upstairs. You reach the balcony 
facing the stage (use the control panel to play some special effect on the 
stage, go to the little corner of the balcony in the far right of the balcony 
by walking on the rack outside the walkway for some Ingram ammo.) Leave the 
balcony, go upstairs again and enter the room. Many gangsters are there with 
their V, you just lay them down one by one. You search the room find the way 
out, avoid the trap and go up the stairs until you reach the roof. Before 
you go to the other side of the roof by the rooftree, you have the remaining 
guy downstairs handled.

Walk along the frames and you reach another part of the building. You proceed 
downstairs until you've reach the stage (stand behind the drums and "use" 
them to see Max showing off a bit, also step on the guitar and use the mic 
for fun). You use the control panel on the other side of the stage and open 
up a passage. In the backstage backdrops are blocking the way, you go up the 
stairs and use the 4 levers to move the backdrops. Then you go all the way 
up behind the backdrops and enter the room.

(Use lever 2 and 4 to open up the way if you really can't get it right. The 
man behind the backdrop will go upstairs after throwing a grenade at you. 
If you fight him from afar, you may see him fall off when he reaches the broken 
part of the runway. One piece of the wood at the broken runway will break 
after you've stepped on it, you can jump back though.)

Part 1 The American Dream - Chapter 9 An Empire Of Evil
Objective: Face Jack Lupino and make him pay
Behind the door is Lupino's secret Sanctum, you see three dead bodies on the 
floor. You find torn pieces of a letter from Puchinello to Lupino, threatening 
to send the Trio, Puchinello's henchman, to clear him mind if he doesn't do 
it himself. From the notes written by Lupino about deals with the devils 
scattered on table and on the stand in the middle of the room, you know Lupino 
has already gone crazy, no doubt.

Leave the room and you start to hear Lupino roaring about this deal with the 
devil. You follow the only way up and find the big hall, more than a dozen 
of gangsters start to come right at you. (They come from upstairs, try to 
find cover and wait for them to come down. Be careful not to got blocked by 
the tables when moving around. There may be one or two of them not coming 
down, go out and shoot them down. There are plenty of replenishments in the 
hall, make use of them.)

After finishing them all, the curtains move to the sides and Lupino is there, 
doing his spooky talk. Then he and two other guys start to fire at you. You 
do you best to bring all of them down. (Jack Lupino is armed with a Sawed-Off 
Shotgun and a couple of Molotovs, the two with a single Ingram and a Sawed-Off 
Shotgun. After you've dealt with the two gangsters, Lupino shouldn't be too 
big a problem, though one shot from him will hurt you real bad. Find painkillers 
around the room if you need to.)

As you're bumping Lupino full of bullets, a woman appears behind you with 
her gun at you face...

Part 2 A Cold Day In Hell - Prologue
Objective: None
You think the lady is Lisa Punchinello, Angelo Punchinello's wife, but she 
turns out to be Mona Sax, Lisa's twin. Mona tells you that it was not Lupino 
who set you up, not when he's head is all messed up inside. Instead it is 
Angelo Punchinello you should be after. And Mona herself also want to get 
Angelo Punchinello for her sister's sake since the guy is a sadistic 
wife-beater. You've settled your differences with Mona and it is time for 
a drink, a drink that makes you faint. Mona says it's all because she doesn't 
want you get Lisa killed. It is the truth? Who knows...

Then you have the nightmare that is always with you for 3 years...

You find yourself in your home, the one you had three years ago, you can hear 
a baby is crying. On the wall is that V with the syringe. You wander in corridors 
that look the same, until you reach the living room. You hear someone talking 
but still you're in your house. You look at your photos taken with Alex and 
with Michelle, the good days had slipped away. You go up stairs. The door 
in the bathroom is suddenly blocked. You go into the bedroom, you see the 
baby's bed, but suddenly it's goon. 

You hear someone talking again, but you're still in the strange place. You 
follow narrow path until you finally get to the bedroom. The baby is there 
but then she's gone, the toy bricks move by themselves. You open the door 
to the other bedroom and find another long corridor. You see yourself tied 
to a chair, a guy is talking again... You find Michelle's diary on the table. 
The sorrow of not being able to save your family is great, you feel guilty, 
you murdered them...

(Oh... it's even scarier then Silent Hill, thanks to Michelle's cries... OK... it 
is a maze, it looks a bit tougher than it actually is. If you want to whole 
map you can ask me, but here I'll just tell you the fastest way to reach the 
goal. In the first part, walk until you've come to the first crossroad, turn 
left, then left again at the next crossroad, go on and turn left (no choice), 
turn left again and go all the way on, and no-choice left and you're there. 

The second part, don't fall, walk on the white line, when you jump it will 
be like low gravity, be careful. Leave the corridor part and step on the white 
line part, stop at the very first right turn (no choice). You should see a 
turn of another road a bit further away on your left, that's far but you can 
jump to there. Upon landing there should be only one way to go. Walk up to 
the first right turn, you should see another road on your left, jump to there 
and bingo. You can however take another route without doing long jumps (still 
have to jump though), but I don't waste time dealing with that here.

Part 2 A Cold Day In Hell - Chapter 1 The Baseball Bat
Objective: Blow the mobster death row - Find Niagara and teach him a lesson 
Finally you are awake. The guy standing in front of you with his baseball 
bat is Frankie "The Bat" Niagara. He leaves the room for a cold drink after 
having enough "fun" with his bat and your head, but he promises he'll return 
to finish you off later. Well, you have a different idea after broken loose 
>from you bond.

You are back in the basement of Lupino's hotel, with all your weapons taken 
away from you (the painkillers are gone, too). You pick up the baseball bat 
with you own blood on it and it's time to fight back. (Break the lock on the 
cabinet to get a couple of painkillers. Since you only have a baseball bat, 
you should first kill the guard who's traveling alone, take his Desert Eagle, 
then try shoot dodge headshot the others. A trick here is to lure them to 
the door which you come out from and stay behind the door and out of their 
sight, use the baseball bat to hit them as they try to turn and squeeze though 
the door. You can kill many of them this way.)

(Here is an alternative way to deal with the guys when you 
have no gun. "You wait for the single guy and the group of two after him to 
walk past you and then follow them around the corner, but stop at the opening 
to the center room. Once you get there, wait for an enemy in a black coat 
to walk over to the other two ememies in the far right corner and turn 
around. Then wait for the closest thug to turn his head away from you and 
dive by quickly. Then proceed to run into the room on the right of the hall 
where you can get supplies [guns, ammo and 1 painkiller]. After 
that its a slugfest with the bad guys. 

Another tricky way: If you time it right, you can manage to enter the room with the supplies 
without anybody noticing it, and you can even reach the lift without anybody
shooting you. This way you can save much ammo.

As you cleanse the basement you find another newspaper with a comic strip 
on it. Beside the newspaper many dead bodies lying in the sewer. (Don't forget 
to break boxes for ammo!) You proceed upward using the elevator and reach 
some kind of a warehouse. You leave the place through the alley and back to 
the main street. There are dead police in the street, you enter the hotel 
again from the front door to find Niagara (in fact, the street is blocked 
at both ends, you got no way to go.)

You hear a gangster talking on the phone behind a door, Punchinello has gotten 
Mona, and she has been sent to the Trio. The news on the radio says that you're 
dead in Ranga Rock. It is Punchinello's trick, he wants you dead, not caught 
by the police. Now the police think you're dead, Punchinello has plenty of 
time to finish you off, he sent to Niagara to do the job, but he didn't know 
"the bat" is now in your hands.

Niagara was not lying, he's drink at the bar. (Before that, go to the toilet 
and find a guy in a Star and Strip pants.) Not much catching up to do, you 
have Niagara and his men all killed. (The bar again. Use grenade to drop the 
enemies' number if you want. There is a guy behind the bar aiming right at 
the door, but you can kill him with a headshot. Niagara is armed with Dual 
Ingrams and he'll come out for you after a while. Have your own Ingrams ready 
and send him bullets non-stopped.)

After pay-back time you leave the hotel. The black Mercedes you saw at the 
explosions of Lupino's tenement finds you before you find Punchinello. 
Vladimir has come for you, with an offer you can't refuse.

Part 2 A Cold Day In Hell - Chapter 2 An Offer You Can't Refuse
Objective: Find the cargo ship "Charon" 
One of Vladimir's men, the captain of the cargo ship "Charon", Boris Dime, 
has turned to Punchinello's side. The ship is loading with lots of firearms. 
If Punchinello gets his hand on the ship, Vladimir has lost the match. Vladimir 
wants you to get his ship back, and maybe also teach Dime a lesson. If you 
do that for him, he will let you take whatever weapons you want on the ship, 
weapons that you'll need on your way to Punchinello's place. Sounds simple, 
you're in. The ship is docked at Brooklyn Riverfront, you'll need to find 
your way through the maze of containers.

You make your way in from the front door, like you always do. You find the 
switch to the front gate in the guard station. You enter warehouse 4 but he 
stairs leading up has been destroyed. Go the only way to warehouse 5, you 
use the elevator to go up and use the lever to remove the cargos blocking 
the door (when you try to break the boxes outside warehouse 5, it's very likely 
that you'll hit the oil tank and blow yourself up, so it's not recommended).

You reach the large area where containers stack up as high as buildings (search 
the corners to find ammos in shelters). There is not way out, so you climb 
up the hoist and use it to lift a container to open up a path (jump up to 
the controller. Once you've gone under that container it will drop and you 
can't go back). You go on and suddenly the huge carrier (or whatever it should 
be called) behind you starts to move towards you (it won't stop once it's 
started, even if you've kill the guy up there). Fortunately, you find an opened 
container to hind. The carrier crushes right outside the container, you go 
out and go on. You come across yet another carrier. This time you kill the 
guy up there and the machine stops, the container is lifted (The carrier will 
stop at the small contain on the ground, but you must shoot the guy anyway).

On the next walkway a guy pops out from a container. Inside you find a sniper 
rifle, a briefcase of money and a note with the word "mayor" on it. Someone 
wanted Rico Muerte to assassinate the mayor, but it doesn't look like Mafia 
stuff, too cold and too to straight forward. The bridge to the other side 
is lifted and you can't find the control. You cross the river using the ship 
in another path but still the way is blocked by wire gauze (shot the lock 
on the gate to enter for ammo).

You look around and a poster on the wall catches your eyes. Wheel blocks. 
You shoot the wheel block on the other side of the wire gauze and the truck 
slides down the slope. You retreat to the bridge and find the truck crushed 
on the bridge and the bridge is lowered. Many gangsters come firing at you 
suddenly, but you manage to stay alive. In the room beside the crushed truck 
you find a computer, someone has been keeping an eye on a storeroom somewhere. 
You search around the room and find a hidden door beside the notice board 
on the wall, behind is that storeroom. (Thanks to Carsten for information 
about this hidden storeroom!) After taking all you can carry, you enter the 
warehouse ahead.

Part 2 A Cold Day In Hell - Chapter 3 With Rats And Oily Water
Objective: Find the cargo ship "Charon" - Win the ship back for Vladimir - 
Take the weapons in the hold - Meet Vladimir on the bridge
In the warehouse more guards are patrolling. (This part can be tough. They 
got everything, Ingrams, shotguns, grenades... It is hard to avoid grenades, 
you may have to try many times. Sometimes it's better to retreat than go forward 
when you see a grenade. Don't worry about ammo low, there are plenty of 
replenishments in this room. You can jump to an opened contain from the second 
floor, inside is some ammo and painkiller. From now on the enemies seems to 
be much tougher, even a short-ranged shotgun shot may not be able to kill, 
try using other faster weapons.) After hundreds of bullets dropped you find 
the way out on the second floor.

You go out and a carrier is just coming for you. You control it to move around 
the place taking down anyone you see with your sniper rifle. (Your goal is 
the warehouse on the opposite side, but you should check all the guard posts 
for ammo and for fun). You reach another warehouse on the opposite side and 
have all the gangsters taken care of. You find a locked room on the first 
floor that you can't enter, so you go back to the second floor (another opened 
container full of ammo here). You enter a room where you can see the cargo 
ship outside through the window. You also find the switch to open the locked 
gate on the first floor. (Here is a secret place submitted by Josh. 
In the warehouse building before you board the cargo ship Charon, there's 
a room on the first floor that is locked. Here's how you can enter it. Go 
to the second-floor room that is directly above it (the room that has the 
switch for unlocking the cage you go through to exit the building). The floor 
of this room is grate-like (i.e. you can see the locked room beneath you). 
See those propane tanks against the wall? Shoot them, and they'll explode, 
opening the first floor door. Now you can enter, and you'll find some Sniper 
ammo and other stuff.) You return to that room and go out to broad the ship 
"Charon". If you fall into the sea you'll drown.

You kill all the guys on the deck and enter the control room (you can find 
some ammo on a stack of white cargo on the right flank of the ship, you can 
also play with the wheel). You pick up the ringing phone, it is Angelo 
Punchinello. You go down to the hold after pissing Punchinello off on the 
phone, you'll have a talk with him after you have one with Boris Dime first. 
Dime is there in the engine room with another bunch of bad guys. You enter 
the inner room to find Vladimir's cargo after finishing all the troublemakers. 
Vladimir tells you to make yourself at home and grab anything you like, and 
you're glad to do so. (Dime is a problem only because he's tough, you can't 
stop him from firing even with Dual Ingrams. He uses a Sawed-Off and some 
Molotovs, time right and shoot dodge with Dual Ingrams should do to job. 
However, the other guys are really annoying. Bomb them, lure them out, and 
if you're lucky enough, Dime might have them killed for you using his Molotovs. 
Head back upstairs after taken all you can carry in the inner room and the 
mission is finished.)

Vladimir thanks you for a job well done. You wave your friend goodbye and 
head for Punchinello alone.

Part 2 A Cold Day In Hell - Chapter 4 Put Out My Flame With Gasoline
Objective: Escape the flame - Find a way out
Even with all the guns, it's not easy to get to Punchinello himself. You decided 
to use the cargo ship to make a deal with him. He tells you to meet him at 
his restaurant. You know the man may not really show up, but you've got no 
other choice.

You enter the restaurant and find nothing, it's quiet inside, too quiet. But 
suddenly there are explosions everywhere. Fire starts do devour everything 
in the restaurant. Punchinello wants you dead so badly that he is willing 
to waste a whole restaurant on you. Thank him later, now you got to run.

(Turn the brightness setting up a bit will help you see the way. Turn right 
instead of going forward at the start, then go straight into the double doors 
behind the bar. Go straight on and through another double door. Turn right 
in that room, go beside the falling shelves and make a U-turn heading for 
the door at the corner (or if you're fast, just go between the shelves). In 
the corridor, stay in the middle. When you enter the big hall, turn left and 
go straight to another short corridor. Turn right just after you've entered 
another hall. Go straight until you hit the wall, turn left and jump over 
a few seats. Turn left again and go straight, head for the few steps of stairs. 
Follow the only way to go and enter the door. Go straight and enter the door 
on the right. It is tough in the kitchen. I suggest you to wait for the two 
shelves to fall then jump over them. You have time to find a path in the fire. 
Turn left and a gas tank will fly right towards you, avoid it but don't retreat 
or you'll get blown up. Jump over the shelves to the other side of the kitchen. 
Leave via the only door and there will be no more flame.)

You manage to find you way out in the restaurant. There are gangsters waiting 
in the kitchen but they're not a big deal compared with what you've just 
overcome. You find replenishments in the kitchen and go down the stairs. The 
whole restaurant is on fire, you have to find the way out in the sewer. The 
sewer is filled with gangsters. You use every mean to clear them all and find 
a staircase leading up.

Outside, you meet Vladimir again, he can bring you to Punchinello's manor.

Part 2 A Cold Day In Hell - Chapter 5 Angel Of Death
Objective: Take care of the Trio to get to Punchinello - Find out who the 
killer suits are working for.
Inside Punchinello's manor would be the Trio, Vince Mugnaio, Pilate 
Providence AKA "The Big Brother" and Joe "Deadpan" Salem, it won't be an easy 
fight. However, luck has just turned your side. Someone has left the manor 
leaving the backdoor opened and had the guards killed. You guess it was Mona 

You start in some kind of a basement or storeroom (the two plastic containers 
is filled with petrol, you know what to do). You search around and find the 
stairs leading up. You find some Tarot cards in the room behind the door, 
though you're not really interested in fortune telling stuffs.

In the next room you meet the first of the Trio, Providence. You kill him 
and two gangsters, then yet another two gangsters come in from where you've 
been. (Providence is armed with a single Ingram, the other two gangsters with 
a Saw-Off and a Pump-Action. If you manage to throw a grenade into the room, 
it should kill one or both of the two gangsters. When there is only one or 
two or them left in the room, go in and run toward the side of the table, 
just don't let them have the cover.) You retreat and go through the once-locked 
door. More guys ambushing. In the next room with a piano (you can play it), 
a guy is hiding behind the plant. Two more guys for you to kill in the room 
with the bar (they will come for you once you've triggered them off).

You go up the stairs in the next room. The door with cracks on it won't open, 
so you enter the room on the other side. Salem is inside, of course you have 
him killed (double Ingrams again. It's a bit difficult to throw a grenade 
at them without getting hit, but you should try. When fighting him, just 
remember not to shoot dodge and you'll be fine.) You return to the hall and 
find the other door opened. You go there but it's blocked again. When you're 
heading downstairs again the door blows up. The guy inside the room is using 
a M79! You kill him from afar (use sniper rifle on the other side of the balcony 
if he hasn't already blow himself up.)

You proceed to find a women lying dead on a bed, you don't know if that's 
Mona or Lisa. (Jump into the bathtub and watch the water splashes.) You go 
deeper into the room and receive a phone call from Alfred Woden, he tells 
you that an armed helicopter has just arrived at the manor. In the next room, 
Mugnaio is waiting (he should be alone if you've shot all the other guys from 
downstairs some time ago. His Sawed-Off Shotgun shouldn't give you too much 
trouble). You finish him and two more guys in the next room off, and before 
entering yet another room, you hear Punchinello begging for help.

You kick the door open, the man's there. He tries to talk it over, mentions 
someone, a woman, from up high, from the government or something, you are 
not in the mood to listen. But before you pull the trigger, a group of men 
in black come in. They kill Punchinello before you know how and the next is 
you. You do your best to get rid of them (another tough fight, you really 
need some luck here. It helps if you're armed with the Colt Commando when 
you enter Punchinello's room. Move around, don't shoot dodge when there are 
three of them or you'll be dead in no time. Just do you best.) 

One tough and tricky way:When Punchinello dies and the three guys come 
in the room simply shoot dodge away from them and fire an m79 round as far 
into their corner as you can. With any luck you should kill all three of 
them and only take a little damage yourself.

You try to leave the manor, but more Killer Suits are waiting. There is no 
chance for you to escape, you drop you gun. A woman, who seems to be their 
boss, approaches you, seems like she wanted both Punchinello and you dead.

Part 3 A Bit Closer To Heaven - Prologue
Objective: None
The woman mocks you and gives you an injection, which is an O.D. (overdose) 
of V. She doesn't put a bullet in your head but leaves you to die with the 
V burning in your brain. Everything turns green. You faint.

You find yourself in Punchinello's office, but the next room is the lobby 
of your house. You hear Michelle starting to cry and beg. There are many candles 
around the place. You go upstairs and enter the bedrooms. Suddenly it starts 
all over again, you're in Punchinello's office, but the walls are on fire 
(you won't get burn). You find a letter on the table. "You're in a graphic 
novel" is written in curve handwriting. You pick up the phone, someone is 
saying senseless things on the phone. You think it's just a prank call, though 
the voice sounds familiar. You exit the room but it starts over again. Another 
letter on the table, "You are in a computer game, Max." You don't feel good 
about it. Another phone call, another prank call (though in fact that's Alfred 
Woden calling to help you, you just can't hear him with the V in your head). 
You leave the room again and you're in your house. The V and the syringe are 
still on the wall. You go upstairs and find a maze, again.

(This time you walk so slowly, and can't really jump too far, save once a 
while so you don't need to do all the walking again if you die. Walk out of 
the room and enter the narrow path part, the only way to go is to fall one 
level down on the right-hand side. Then follow the path, make one jump, then 
follow the path turning right. At the end you should see platforms one more 
level down. Jump down to the one on leading right then follow the path. You 
should be turning left, making a jump, turning left again before you see two 
platforms to jump to in front of you. By now you should also see the goal 
further on the right. Jump twice and you're there.) 

You find the cradle at the end of the maze. Michelle is crying out your name, 
begging you to stop. The next thing you know is you are standing in front 
of yourself. You fight yourself (no choice of weapon here, and though there 
is no health indicator, you can still get killed). You look at Michelle, and 
remember her trying to tell you about a strange letter she'd received the 
day the nightmare started. The killer is smiling behind you, he looks like 
you. You didn't have the time to talk to her in the morning, then you never 
had the chance.

Part 3 A Bit Closer To Heaven - Chapter 1 Take Me To Cold Steel
Objective: Look for the mystery woman's hideout
Slowly you awake from the nightmare, you've made it through somehow. The only 
thing you remember is the woman saying "take me to cold steel", and that's 
your only clue. It took you some time to regain your strength but you finally 
got yourself to Cold Steel Foundry outside the city. The remaining V in your 
blood keeps you a bit high, you find you way in without fear. The woman doesn't 
know you're still alive, the element of surprise is in your hands.

(You start with only the melee weapons and the Beretta, no painkiller.) You 
make you way in through the glass window on the roof. There are laser security 
systems. You shoot at the sensor on the wall to blow the whole thing up. (You'll 
meet plenty of these things from now on, don't stand too close to the sensor 
when you blow it up. The sensor can be on either side of the wall.) In the 
next room you find some weapons and listen to the radio, the storm is not 
over yet. You leave the room and use the sniper rifle to take down the guards 
downstairs (find a Colt Commando on the shelf on the far side of the balcony, 
open all the containers downstairs for ammo, more ammos in the room with 

You open the gate to continue (a guard throws a grenade out from a room! The 
way to deal with this without taking damage is to shoot dodge to open the 
door and start firing as soon as the door's opened). You pass the room with 
the furnace and another guarded room to reach the room with two "rivers" or 
lava-like things in the middle. (Use the Sniper Rifle to take down those 
well-covered guys. You can push the button on the bridge to open up the way 
or just walk outside the fence.)

You continue on the second floor and through a guarded corridor (many of them 
use grenades, charge in with the Colt Commando before they have the chance 
to throw) to a storeroom. You find a walky-talky in a room with two guards. 
Seems like they're getting ready to destroy any evidence and leave.

Part 3 A Bit Closer To Heaven - Chapter 2 Hidden Truths
Objective: Look for the mystery woman's hideout - Get to the elevator named 
You finish the coming guards off and find reports on the table. They are running 
some kind of secret operations, probably about chemistry, since an escaping 
chemist has been locked up somewhere according to the reports. You're closer 
and closer to knowing what is actually going on.

You kill the guard in the next room and use the wheel on the wall to stop 
the gas leakage. The bridge below suddenly exploded when you're traveling 
on the one above. In the next room there are a lot of laser sensors but they 
can't stop you (you can shoot the middle one and all of them will go off, 
you may take some damage though, or just jump over them). More sensors for 
you to shoot in the room after crossing the bridge (jump up to the box and 
shoot, you shouldn't take any damage this way). With a little timing you go 
pass the shooting flame unhurt. Shooting flame blocks your way to a door and 
the gate behind you won't open. However, you see something sparkling behind 
the gate and you give it a shot, the gate opens. You use the wheel in the 
room to stop the flame and enter the next room.

You know you've triggered something as you open the door, so you roll back 
to see fireworks in a safe distance. You finish the guards in the control 
room and near the container but you find no way out, not until you shoot the 
oil tanks on the derrick car blocking a door in the corner. Two guards waiting 
behind that door, you dispose them and continue to the next room. More 
explosions. You kill the guards and jump to the second floor. (To get to the 
second floor, stand on the wire gauze covering and jump onto the broken slope.)

You kill all the guards you see and open the gate using the controller in 
the control room. The monitor also shows you the gate to the door D-6 is opened. 
You enter the next room and kill the guards from above (avoid walking on the 
parts which the floor is metal bars, enemies are able to shoot you from below 
and you won't even see it. Ammo is in containers). The gate in the room won't 
open, so you try to have some fun with the crane at the control panel (If 
you stand anywhere too close to the crane when it is activated, you'll die, 
let alone standing between it and the gate. But you can jump onto the blocks 
the crane is holding, looks like you're riding the crane to crush the gate, 
looks cool. However, say, when the crane is moving forward, and you touch 
the crane part standing on the front part of the block, you'll die. And vice 
versa. Hope you understand what I'm saying. Try it out yourself, see Max's 
blood splashed on the crane.) GROSS!!

Go through the broken gate to a room with flame shooting out from the sides. 
You travel across the room using the cart while shooting the sensors on the 
walls (or you can walk there if you like, but you have to open the gate manually. 
Either way, don't get burn by the flame). Upon reaching the other end of the 
room, the gate opens and guards are waiting, you shoot them down and jump 
out of the cart to avoid getting crushed by the burning metal on a coming 
cart. Behind another gate you find a lever controlling the valves in the 
previous room (you can go back and pick up the Sniper Rifle from a dead guard).

Enter the door behind the first gate, it leads to the room where a bridge 
was blown up previously (take cover and "snipe" them down). The switch on 
the broken bridge is not functioning well, but you manage to jump over to 
the other side of the half-connected bridge (or again, there are place for 
you to walk on each sides of the wall, just jump up there). Open the gate 
and you reach the elevator D-6. You wait for the elevator and kill the guards 
inside as the door opens. You get in and go downward.

Part 3 A Bit Closer To Heaven - Chapter 3 The Deep Six
Objective: Find a sign of Ms. Valkyr and her plan - Get out of the bunker 
before it blows up
The elevator takes you down to some kind of a secret laboratory. You see two 
killer suits killing a guard and activate the self-destruction sequence. Soon 
after that they notice you as use the panel in green to open the door (any 
panel in red means the door won't open, don't waste time trying).

You quickly finish them off and search around the place (I recommend you to 
go out and fight them, though the door is not bullet-proofed, you'll tend 
to hit the metal part of the door, but they wont'...). You find a military plaque 
on the floor in the middle of the room. The V and the sword remind you of 
the V and the syringe on the wall of your house. "Project Valhalla" on the 
plaque. V for Valkyr, V for Valhalla, the project has something to do with 
the drug Valkyr. You can't stop the self-destruction sequence on the computer 
here, so you leave the room through the "processing" door.

You hear guards retreating in the room (you can kill them now, or watch them 
leave and kill them later. See the gas tank on top of two red containers at 
the corner? Wait until the three guys are about to reach the door, then hit 
it with the bat, you've got a rocket launcher.), you go where they're heading 
to. Before entering the laboratories, you find a panel requiring a PIN code 
to operate at the test-subject cells (turn right when you see the laboratories). 
You find the code 665 on the computer screen in the laboratories, but you 
can't seem to get through the air lock alone, you need another person to operate 
it for you. You return to the panel and enter the code. The elevator's door 
opens and you reach the cells.

You find the chemist mentioned in the report you read early in cell B7 (and 
a junky is in B1). He can help you get through the airlock. On your way back 
to the airlock two guards almost get the chemist killed (if he gets killed, 
game's over, no matter who pulls the trigger), but you make sure they won't 
try that again. (The chemist will operate an elevator that you can't use. 
If you wait outside the elevator and the chemist will go alone, you need to 
use the one you used to get here to go back. The chemist will come out of 
the door of block-A when you get there. Btw, another junky in cell A6.) You 
enter the airlock and he gets you through (then he'll run for the exit, but 
soon you'll hear him getting shot, very sad).

You see retreating guards shooting a scientist behind a window but you fail 
to help . There is shooting flame 
blocking the way in the next room but you just get around by jumping over 
the cupboards on the side to reach the elevator. The doors open and you find 
yourself in a room full of laser sensors. You shoot the way clean and finally 
get to know the secret about the project.

Valkyr is actually a drug designed to enhance the stamina and moral of troops 
by the U.S. Army, but the result of the research was not satisfactory. The 
project is terminated 4 years after its start, but someone has decided to 
carry on unauthorized. Michelle and your daughter's deaths were not just an 
accident. The junkies were test subjects who were given double dosage of Valkyr, 
and sent to your house on purpose three years ago. It was an experiment, but 
why your family? Ms. Valkyr owes you more than an answer.

You reach the storage by the elevator and find yet another airlock. You go 
in but the computers blow up. You're trapped and the self-destruction 
countdown has started, the whole place is going to blow in 30 seconds. Before 
you give up you fire at the laser sensor outside the room through the window 
(stay away from the door). The explosion opens the door you. You rush to the 
elevator leading to the surface storage. You can see explosions below in the 
elevator (don't stand in the middle of the elevator or you'll fall!), and 
as soon as the doors open, you head straight out of the place.

The whole factory is burning down, but you are not in the mood to watch the 
scene. There is only one thing left for you to do, find Ms. Valkyr.

Part 3 A Bit Closer To Heaven - Chapter 4 Backstabbing Bastard 
Objective: Make B.B. pay for Alex's death
When you're having a cop of coffee, thinking how to find Ms. Valkyr, B.B. 
calls you. He wants to talk to you about the news headlines you've just made 
in the last two days, 2:30 a.m. at the Choir Communication's garage. If he 
doesn't call, you may not be thinking about Alex's death again. You find him 
at the meeting place, looking as glamorous as usual. It turns out he is really 
the backstabbing bastard who shot Alex. He tries to talk you over but fails, 
now he tries to take you down.

B.B. gets into a black car and runs away, leaving bunches of thugs to deal 
with you. You chase him all the way down while killing dozens of gangsters. 
(There isn't much for me to say here. Just man after man, kill them all using 
any technique you know and retreat for ammo and painkillers not taken before 
if needed. Stay covered when the van is shooting crazily at you. You may 
probably die a lot here, but you'll get it through finally. You may try using 
the M79 and the Sniper Rifle in some occasions. Search around the car park 
for ammo. In level 4, a van's back door can be opened.)

In a room on the 3rd floor, you listen to the news on the radio. So, they 
know that you're still alive and kicking but Punchinello's dead, that's old 
news. The van crashes on the 2nd floor, that's good news. (You can climb to 
the back of the van in light blue for some ammo). B.B. car also crashes on 
the 1st floor and it's time for him to pay. (This is really a bastard. He 
throws grenades and he carries a Jackhammer. Find the chance to shoot him 
to death with Dual Ingrams once and for all.)

You make sure he's dead before picking up the payphone. It's Alfred Woden 
again, he just seems to always know where you are and has plans for you. He 
asks you to go to the Asgard Building, he has information about Ms. Valkyr.

Part 3 A Bit Closer To Heaven - Chapter 5 In The Land Of The Blind
Objective: Escape Nicole Horne's assassins 
So, Alfred Woden happens to be a one-eyed man who is probably having even 
more secrets to hide then Ms. Valkyr. He and his colleagues form what they 
called the "inner circle", sounds like the X-files to you. They are a group 
of people who are involved in the early stage of project Valhalla. He tells 
you that the Ms. Valkyr is actually Nicole Horne, the president of Aesir 
Corporation, and she is "influential" in the city. She is also a key figure 
in the project. After the project had been terminated, she refused to quit 
and continue the research in her own way. Woden and his men want you to take 
her out for them since it's not "convenient" for them to do so. They will 
provide you with protection afterward in return. You're going to get her anyway, 
but before you know more about Woden a group of killer suits rush in, shooting 
anyone inside. It looks like you have to leave early without saying goodbye.

You jump out of the window and land on a place that is surrounded by buildings. 
You need to find a way out of this place. A staircase leads down to the basement 
with guards, sensors and gates. You find the way back to the main building 
and enter the room with monitors. You see the supposed-dead Alfred Woden stands 
up among his dead colleagues. You don't know what's the man's plan but you 
know he might had well been talking crap with you.

You leave the room and open the doors with green keypads besides (red means 
it won't open). There are guards on each floor but you manage to get to he 
office at the top. You listen to the radio, Jim Bravura is not being very 
supportive on the news. (In the office, the sensors are always around the 
corners, it's better to jump over them and shoot them from far. Behind a set of 
two sensors is some ammo.)

>From the corridor you enter where seems to be Woden's office. A tape on the 
desk with a letter explains partly why Woden wants Horne out. He probably 
wouldn't believe a little "fun" with Candy could bring he some much trouble. 
You also find the blueprint of the Aesir Corporation's headquarters on another 
desk, it should become handy when you get there. The TV program tells you 
a bit how powerful Aesir Corporation is at the moment. Now you're at the top 
you need to go down. You reach the front door on the ground floor but the 
doors are locked (go through the metal detector to trigger the alarm, but 
on one will come for you). So you have to go down to the basement again.

After clearing all the laser sensors and guards, and enter the only door.

Part 3 A Bit Closer To Heaven - Chapter 6 Byzantine Power Game
Objective: Escape Nicole Horne's assassins 
You come to a place that seems to be a file room. On the desk you find 
information about the Inner Circle. They have been the man pulling the string 
behind the curtains in many occasions. What Woden wants is ultimate power, 
not partners.

You find the door to the slop leading up not opening. However, when you shoot 
the sensors on a cabinet, the row of cabinets fall and make another way up. 
You go the stairs behind the door on the second floor and reach a small library. 
Again you make use of the laser sensors to help you go up. Killer Suits pop 
out to attack you in the corridor, you have them killed and enter the pressroom. 
Through the pressroom you reach a circular corridor, you're at the top and 
you need to go down. When you reach the ground floor you hear people talking. 
Two Killer Suits in the room where Woden and his men were (these guys have 
lightning reflex, you'll probably take some damage. Then you can play with the 
notebook computer on the table).

Outside, guards and Killer Suits try to have you killed. It is a tough fight 
but it doesn't kill you. (Try running around and get some good look at where 
exactly the enemies are before shoot dodging around the place. Once all of 
them are dead the music will change.) Then you leave at the front door like 
you always do.

Part 3 A Bit Closer To Heaven - Chapter 7 Nothing to lose
Objective: Find a way up to Horne's penthouse suite
Slowly you walk to the Aesir Corporation Headquarters, there is no hurry. 
The building has high-tech security systems, mercenaries and weaponry, but 
you walk right in, there is no fear because you've got nothing to lose.

You go in through the metal detector and guards start to come for you, the 
kind of welcome you've expected to receive. (Many of these guards carry 
Jackhammers or Colt Commandos, make sure you kill a guard during a shoot dodge 
or you're pretty dead as you get up. The Jackhammer or the Colt Commando should 
probably be your choice of weapon now, either of them should help you killing 
a guard in a single shoot dodge.) They want you to have some exercise and 
so have the elevators locked. You try to go on but guards are shooting grenades 
>from above. Explain to them what is a sniper rifle made for and continue. 

A tip: The punks who are shooting grenades at you from above, on the higher 
difficulty level they're nearly impossible to take out. The grenade people 
are MUCH more accurate and they can actually reach you with their 
grenades. But magically, if you don't look at them, they don't shoot. So 
after killing those initial three guards with a nice M79 blast of your own, 
walk BACKWARDS down that stretch and they won't shoot. Just make sure to 
turn around in time to catch the two heavily armed guards that come through 
the door.

You find the escalator, though it's not moving, you can still use it to go 
up. (There is a set of two laser sensors halfway up, you can either bomb it 
afar or just jump the lower escalator to the upper one, bypassing the sensors. 
Remember to search each floor thoroughly for painkillers and take the M79 
ammo from the dead guys who shot at you previously.)

You reach a corridor with laser sensors moving up and down. (Jump over them, 
walk under them, just do it with some timing. Halfway through the corridor 
a guard will come shooting at you, so have you weapon ready.) It may be tricky 
but not tricky enough to stop you. You clear the floor and finally there is 
an elevator you can use. The doors open and Mona is inside, with her gun 
pointing at you, again. Horne orders her to kill you through the speaker, 
but that's not what Mona has in mind. She tells you that Horne wanted 
Punchinello dead because she wanted to cut her ties to the Mafia, and now 
Mona is probably on your side.

Suddenly more Killer Suits arrive and Mona gets hit as she pushes you away. 
She is dead. You kill the coming men and push the elevator button again. Mona's 
gone when the doors open, only her blood remains there. You enter the elevator 
and go up. As the elevator starts to move you find laser sensors all over 
the walls above. You quickly shoot them all before the elevator gets blown 
up. (You have to shoot at the side that has a circle in red to make it explode. 
Using a M79 may make it easier, but I would rather save M79 ammo for later 

The elevator reaches the top and you go out to killer anyone you see (don't 
waste bullets shooting the guys on the second floor, use grenades.) You use 
the computer to unlock the elevators to the mainframe in the security room. 
Right after you've pushed that button, more Killer Suits come up to get you. 
You have them dealt with and take the elevator to go down again. Halfway down 
the building a helicopter appears outside the elevator and it starts to fire 
at you. The elevator is damaged and stops. Just before you got killed by the 
machine gun, you jump out and fall into another elevator (don't for get to 
push the button). You use it to continue your way down.

The elevator stops at a room full of computers. (This part can be tough. Sneak 
out from the elevator and use a grenade or M79 to kill the two guys on the 
left, then retreat into the elevator. Quickly change your weapon and get ready 
to kill a guy on the right. In the room, find cover and kill the two guys 
one by one. After you've destroyed one of the three "blue things", a guard 
will come in. And there will be guards waiting in the elevators.) You have 
the guards killed and shoot the three blue things that seem to be computers. 
All security systems are breached. You take the elevator up heading for the 

The elevator takes you to where seems to be Horne's office. (Tough fight again, 
just try to use grenade or the M79 to kill a number of them all at once.)
On the desk you found Horne's personal computer, full of data and records 
of her dirty businesses. You've seen enough, you shoot at the computer and 

Part 3 A Bit Closer To Heaven - Chapter 8 Pain And Suffering
Objective: Catch Nicole Horne and end this 
After a final ride of elevator, you reach the top of part of the building. 
Nicole Horne is there waiting. She tells you that your wife had to die because 
she got to know something she shouldn't, but you don't think that's an excuse. 
She also says that it's ridiculous that you've made this far and so close 
to your goal, but you believe that there is nothing more ridiculous than her 
trying to lift herself a bit closer the heaven with drug money.

There is not much for you to talk about, Horne runs and leaves four Killer 
Suits to handle you. (Very tough again... Either charge right in or retreat 
at first to avoid the grenade. Then you're on your own. Try to shoot dodge 
into some cover, leaving yourself open will mean instant death.) They come 
so close to killing you but you have the finally victory. Horne then sends 
the chopper to fire at you from outside the windows. You quickly take cover 
behind the sculpture and the chopper finally leaves after hundreds of bullets 

The annoying voice sneaks to you again and two more Killer Suits come out 
of the doors. You kill them and yet another colleague of them comes to bother 
you from the elevator behind the doors. You drop him like the others and search 
the penthouse for an exit. You try to find hidden buttons in the room full 
of books but you can't. Instead you find a rack outside the fence of the balcony 
(on the left side). You jump out and walk to the other side of the penthouse 
ignoring the chopper.

You find nowhere to go but up the stairs. The place is full of Killer Suits, 
it takes you some time to clear them all but you have no choice. (Again, you're 
on your own. Use whatever you have in your hands. Try your best, it's not 
the toughest fight.) You use the button at the corner of a desk to open a 
secret passage leading up to the roof.

Horne manages to escape your bullets and waits behind the gate for the chopper 
to take her away. You are mad but you notice that one of the cable holding 
the tower in the middle of the roof has disconnected because of the strong 
wind. You quickly shoot at the connecting point of the cable at another corner 
to cut it off and the tower shakes more vigorously. You aim at the third one 
but suddenly a group of Killer Suits arrives. You quickly take them out and 
shoot at the third cable. The cable is cut off but the tower is still not 
falling. Horne is about to get away! You calm yourself down and pick up the 
M79 from a dead Killer Suit, aim at the tower and fire.

There are totally 2 cables you need to handle before shooting the tower. 
One is on the right-handed corner once you've got out of the elevators' hall. 
After cutting this one, the killer suits come out. Then the second cable on 
the left-handed corner, the one behind a gate, which you can't get pass, not 
the one leading to the chopper. Be sure you've shot 2 cables before working 
on the tower, ok?)

(The group of people coming put after the second (first if you don't count 
the one that's already cut off in the cut scene) cable is cut off is very 
hard to deal with. But here is a trick. Since you won't die during a shoot 
dodge, just shoot dodge forward jumping right towards them and fire the M79 
in the closest possible range. This can kill all four of them at once. Anyway, 
if anyone of them manages to stay alive after that shot, you're probably dead 
since you'll have no health left. You can use any gun to finish the tower 
off, but it makes more sense using the M79. Btw, if you wait too long and 
without shooting the cables, the countdown to the chopper's takeoff will start 

The tower starts to break at the bottom and falls right on the chopper. The 
frame below the chopper fails to hold the added weight of the tower and breaks, 
the whole thing starts to fall onto the ground. The chopper lands first, then 
the rack crush on it. The chopper explodes. You walk to the edge on the roof 
to take a good look at the flame below. It's all over, and the cops arrive.

The cops take you down to the ground and into to car back to the office. You 
see Alfred Woden standing in the crowd. He has got want he wanted, he's the 
winner. And so are you.

The end of the game.
So, the game is over and you can now play it again in a higher difficulty 
level. Beat it again will unlock an even higher difficulty level.

At the end of the credit, they say Max Payne's journey has only just started, 
and more will follow. Can there be some more sequels? 

The Secret Finale 
If you manage to beat the game in the hardest difficulty, you'll be brought 
to the secret final mission. 

"In case you don't know, the finale puts you in permanent bullet time, with 
about 20 Jackhammer toting guards all coming at you. Your ammunition is 
extremely limited and if you can get there, there's on M79 shell 
waiting. Here's the trick. 

Gather all the ammo and stuff, obviously. Then start running out. You'll 
be in bullet time the entire level, and it's soon clear why. Guys start 
streaming out of two entrances in the back of the level- and they all have 
Jackhammers. See that computer thingy directly in front of you? What 
you'll want to do is move to one side of the area to the left or right, but 
do not move forward NOT in front of this computer. So come out of the 
opening area, then just strafe left or right, and stay there. Constantly 
use the left/right arrow keys and the spacebar to roll side to side. If you 
can do this without accidentally jumping, your chances of getting hit are 
much slimmer. If it works out in your favor, all the guys streaming in will 
stop 5 feet in front of you, guns blazing- probably hitting each other in 
the crossfire. This is when you make your break. Using nothing but side 
rolls, roll your way behind that computer and to where the guys streamed out 

You'll be in a short corridor, with an alcove in the center. Hurry into this 
alcove and mysteriously no one will follow you. Whenever you step outside 
of the alcove and start to go back to the main room however, guys WILL come 
in from the *side that you entered*. So take a tiny step out, wait for someone 
to come in, then step back to the alcove and play Shoot And Strafe with your 
Beretta which now conveniently has unlimited ammo. For those of you who want 
a little more fun, try to get 5 or 6 guys in the corridor at once then let 
loose with a Molotov cocktail. Try to aim it right at the entrance and then 
continue to stand out in the hallway, more guys will walk right into the 
fire, oblivious and will also go down. Enjoy your sense of pride and walk 
into the secret final room that awaits. 

Ankush Mahajan 


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