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 Men of War

Men of War

	About me                                              aa1
	Rules of Engagement					      aa2

	American Campaign. Mission 1: Arsenal.			bb1
	American Campaign. Mission 2: Armistice			bb2
	American Campaign. Mission 3: Meeting the enemy		bb3
	American Campaign. Mission 4: Disaster in Tunisia	bb4
	American Campaign. Mission 5: Turning point.		bb5

	Russian Campaign Mission 1: Baptism by fire		cc1
	Russian Campaign Mission 2: Evacuation			cc2
	Russian Campaign Mission 3: POW				cc3
	Russian Campaign Mission 4: Moscow is behind us.	cc4
	Russian Campaign Mission 5: The Penal Unit		cc5
	Russian Campaign Mission 6: The last stand		cc6
	Russian Campaign Mission 7: Behind enemy lines		cc7
	Russian Campaign mission 8: Chasing Shadows		cc8
	Russian Campaign Mission 9: Flying Dutchman		cc9

	German Campaign Mission 1: Mercury			      dd1
	German Campaign mission 2: Scorching Sands		dd2
	German Campaign mission 3: Desert Stronghold		dd3
	German Campaign mission 4: To Tobruk			dd4
	German Campaign mission 5: On the way to Tunis		dd5
	German Campaign mission 6: Borg's last fight		dd6

	Bonus Mission 1: The Crossing				      ee1
	Bonus Mission 2: The Crossroads				ee2
	Bonus Mission 3: The Battle of Vernon			ee3
	Bonus Mission 4: The Airstrip				      ee4
	Bonus Mission 5: The Trap				      ee5


About me aa1

Welcome to men of war walkthrough. Since I haven’t seen any walkthrough
in words myself I decided to make my own version.
My pc is not sufficient enough to record video’s that’s why I will write
the walkthrough.

I play a lot of strategy games. My first was
Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun. Afther that I played:
- Red alert 2
- Command and Conquer Generals + zero hour
- Rome total war
- Soldiers heroes of world war 2
- band of brothers road to berlin

After I heard men of war was released I bought right away when I saw the
youtube movies.
 To bad I haven’t seen faces of war in my local area, but thankfully a mod
came out to play the missions of faces of war in the men of war game.

Rules of Engagment aa2

Rule 1: If fighting will result in victory then you must fight!

Rule 2:
Direct control:
-	Only handy if you can inflict maximum casualties in a short amount
of time
-	Or for immediate evacuation of your vehicle and the driver is
-	Tricky maneuvering
-	Or just for fun if you have time for it.


Playing the Campaign

Every mission varies in its difficulty level. Overal it is best to play
Russian/German. (First 2 missions of Russian campaign are easy then it
will get a
bit difficult for the ones with). When you have played out the German or
Russian campagn you might want to start the American campaign.

About easy, medium, hard selection. Well the only diffirence is the
of your soldiers + accuracy.
Easy: soldiers health: 6 times that of the normal health bar
(compared to multiplayer mode),Sometimes you get better equipment (bonus
mission 2)
Guns (tanks, field guns) are very accurate.
Medium: Your soldiers have 2 times the health of a normal health bar,
Guns are less accurate compared in easy.
Hard: normal health level as in multiplayer, guns are slightly less
accurate compared in multiplayer
Realistic: If you are a veteran in multiplayer, won every tournament
and you find none of the online battles challenging, try this mode.


American Campaign. Mission 1: Arsenal.			bb1


-	2 men with a silent pistol
-	1 soldier with m1 grand (rifle)
-	1 guy with some knives.

Your objective is to reach the old church first. After that you have
to take over the HQ and defend it while the resistance will load up
the truck.

The first 3 tactics you have to use very often is stealth, melee
attacks/knive and shooting the lights out.
First swim over the little river to the other side of the riverbank.
From there run 1-2 men over to the bushes near the wall.
There is 1 man patrolling the inner paths between the houses and the
other guard is
walking over the street. First take out the soldier at the inner paths.

**Hint* try to hit the guy when the back is faced to you. With this
you have more
change for a knockout and you have knocked out 90% of there health.
(for grap
body go to the two wheels and press on the hand, then select the body.
Be aware
you need some inventory space to carry the body. It might be handy
to drag the
icon to your action bar (hold right mouse button on the icon and drag
it to an open slot. )*

After knocking him over 2 times grap his body and hide it in the
A scripted patrol (car/halftrack) will drive around the road.
After taking out the first guys silently its now time to take the
other guy out.
Hit him in the back while the 3th soldier on the road is looking
the other way.
After taking him out it might be handy to kill the lights
(direct control > shoot at the light)
Hide every body you have hit.

Note: Don’t give your pistol guys any rifles: They will use it
 when you just press
attack on a target. Once most patrols are taken out you can
cross unnoticed to the little park.

*******Note 2*********: turn your camera 90 degree’s to your
left for exact walkthrough.

Now near your little park there is a streetlight you need to
silence as well 2 soldiers walking around the crossing.
If you haven’t warned anyone, there will not be 2 soldiers
near the motorcycle with mg-34. Might be worthwhile to give
the guy with knives a machinegun you need for later. After
taking the 2 guys out you can cross the road safely. Now walk
towards the church. Silence any lights you see. At the church
there are 2 guards talking + 1 patrolling. If the patrolling
guy is near the other 2 guards, throw a cooked grenade in that
direction for a nice finish. Kill the lights, hide the bodies,
loot the bodies etc etc.
After talking to the resistance you have to take out the arsenal,
raise up the flag for the signal and defend your little fortress
until the loading is complete.

My plan (or their’s) is to walk to the river bank and take the
You only need to finish off 1-2 guards and a light under your
When you have reached the river bank it iss time for the big
Luckly you also get big guns. A
s you can see there are 2 mounted machine guns and a flak-gun
(20 mm) (!) in your reach.
Equip the flak gun right away and blow everything away (it will
rip apart half tracks and light tanks to) that doesn’t like you.
It might be handy to silence those lights and alarm as well.

**************Note***********: To silence the alarm direct control
and shoot on the speaker near the search light.

After you have taken the whole German division with your flak gun,
sweap around your fortress for any lone soldiers.

Equipment that is very usefull: Flag gun in the HQ, 2 mortars(!),
 Mounted machineguns. Ammo boxes. And the half track + flak gun outside.

As you have noticed there are 3 entrances: The main gate (1),
the river side entrance (2) and a little entrance at the road side (3).
First tow your flak gun at the main gate (1). Then take your men and
take the second flak gun. Tow it near your first flak gun.
Now you can
drive the half track. (If you don’t do it in this order the flak
gun gets damaged).
Drive the halftrack in such manner that entrance 3 is blocked so
no infantry can go through that entrance. Equip your men fully
(health kits,
ammo, helmet, grenades etc).
After you have rearmed yourself place the 2 flak guns 10 meters
back from the main entrance and place a mounted machinegun between
the flak
guns. Place a mortar in the middle of HQ.

After you have done your preparations you can raise the flag.
A truck will show up and your equipment will be slightly displaced.
Replace your equipment and let your resistance fighters crew the
2 flak guns and the mounted machineguns. 1 resistance fighter
(or soldier)
 should secure entrance 2 (river side) with a mounted machinegun.
2 of your soldiers should equip the mortar and force fire in front
of the main gate.

******hint**********: To force fire click on the mortar.
Select fire > fire on ground. Place your mouse at the desired

Now this will be a piece of cake as long your flak guns won’t be
blown up (never happened to me). If so you either have placed you
flak guns a
 bit too much forward or its aiming not in that direction if it
might occur. Your mounted MG should take care of the incoming
As long no expert soldier’s dies in this mission everything
is fine.
So after the big slaughter at the main gate, round up the
Germans around the H.Q. Its time to give this truck some “extra” equipment.
Load up some repair kits in the storage truck (12 of them) and
some machineguns, rifles and submachine guns. Dynamite might be
useful to
 (little box in the storage room). After you have equipped the
truck give 1 flak gun some ammo from the other one. Equip every
fighter you have with preferred machine guns, helmets, ammo,
grenades and health kits. You will get them in your next mission.
When you have everyone fully equipped you can drive your truck +
cannon + all your men in the truck and cannon to the meeting point.
There the AI takes over your truck and mission 1 is accomplished!

*******Note********: It might be necessary to help the resistance.
In that case use your big 20 mm cannon to take everything out.


American Campaign. Mission 2: Armistice 			bb2

Main objective:
Persuade the colonel to sign the contract.
Given equipment:
-    	All resistance fighters + soldiers of the previous missions
-	Some extra soldiers (veteran), all round
-	Equipment + ammo you took from the previous mission.

Good thing you have arrived at your second mission.
As you can see your mission will be in the beginning some stealthy.
After you have captured the colonel it will be a big fight. So try to
avoid warning the whole garrison or let
the sound go off when it’s not in the walkthrough. If it might
happen, good luck with assaulting the rest of
the garrison.

*Note*: To capture the colonel it might be handy to simply place
one soldier near his car (not the expensive one).
 When he tries to flee he will come very close to your men >
movie intro will come and the defending mission will begin.
 But before we want to begin with the defending mission it is
VERY handy to mine a few paths. Lets talk about that later.

First take out every lone guard on the outside with melee/knives
attacks + hide there bodies. Move yourself into the base
by the middle gate and from here infiltrate your way and take
all the lone guards you can get (and the 2 guards talking to
each other).
Kill the lights in the mean time. Don’t let the bodies get
detected by other German patrols.
There might be a few shots from the German side as long it’s
not a complete fire fight the alarm might not go off.
Or the colonel will order a man to go and investigate.

After clearing the map a bit you still have 2 points to
concern about:
1: The search lights near the 3 garrisoned barracks.
2: The Germans inside those barracks.

Since we have taken out every patrol you can mine the
middle entrance.
And mine the whole thing from the left building all the
way to the right building
with anti tank mines.Use around 30 anti tank mines and 2
meters further 30 anti personal mines
for this entrance so no vehicle can pass. Then place some
anti personal mines at every stairs
leading to the villa undetected. Place your 20 mm flak
cannon in the middle of the square and let
 your soldiers unman that vehicle, so the flak won’t get
destroyed during your short burst fights.

Once that is done split your troops into 2 groups. Group
1 will surround the left garrison and group 2
will surround the right garrison. Place you soldiers in
such way that they have a clear firing spot on
the doors. Now remember we had about 5 dynamite sticks
taken out of the box in the first mission? You could use them
for a nice beginning on the buildings. Or just shoot the
bastards with a machinegun
and the battle will begin. During the battle a group of
resistance fighters will come from the north to
aid your mission. Mostly after you have killed everyone
at the 2 garrisons the colonel will start to flee
towards the car where 1 of your soldier is hiding near
it. Once he is near your soldier a short movie will begin.
All your men will respawn at the villa and the countdown
starts. You have about 3 minutes. So time is running out.
As you can see your truck of the previous mission is
unmovable. Send in some resistance fighters to your truck and
equip them with every anti tank mine that is left.
Meanwhile group 1 and 2 should clear the machinegun nest near the
garrison. Use your miners to mine the left and right
entrance. Mine the left entrance from building to building.
And the right entrance from building to the big rock
in the garden. Place some anti personal mines at the road only.
It is handy to prepare all of you your defense in slomotion.

Place around 3 soldier at the middle entrance at
the left and right building. (1 middle).
Place around 5 at the left and right entrance.
And the most important of all equip your 20 mm
flak cannon.

Now the first wave will come from the middle and
right. In the middle a light tank +
machinegun halftrack will come and at the right
about the same. If the Germans don’t hit the mines
use your 20 mm flak to finish them off.
Or use an anti tank
grenade to neutralize those Germans.
A few Germans will try to break through the entrance
but once they are through the gate they should be
pinned down by your comrades from all points resulting
in imminent death. It’s pretty easy if you have
organized your defenses well. A few cars with Germans
will come > boom. Trouble points might be that a
half track with a 37 mm cannon at the left side. Or
that a 20 mm light tank will come from the down entrance.
Because previously vehicles have cleared the way for
these guys, he might pass the first defense line.
 But will not pass your 20 mm flak cannon.

During your defending you can buy some reinforcements:
- Supply truck
- resistance troops.

The supply truck holds about 30 anti tank mines,
30 anti personal mines, med kits, ammo for smg,
rifle, machine gun and anti tank rifle ammo + 1
anti tank rifle. It also gives you 2 veteran soldiers.
The resistance troops are about 8 men with no
experience (1 star), composed of smg, 1 machinegun,
1 anti tank rifle, with a couple of grenades and anti
tank grenades. They are excellent in use of equipment
(machineguns) or as crew of stolen/ repaired vehicles.
For the rest they are a bit noobish in shooting the
enemy compared with your veteran soldiers.

Now about the persuading the colonel, during your
defense you hear some fragments of the negotiations.
It might be handy to let 1 guy stand in the building.
Because if 1 German soldier gets near the house
without your
troops near the villa.
He will flee again and die by gunfire.

After he signed the contract it is mission accomplished.

American Campaign. Mission 3: Meeting the enemy		bb3


Here you get some fresh cannon fodder. Your first objective
is to capture the town
by destroying the machinegun nests. You second objective is
infiltrating the German airfield with your
squad and destroy the planes or neutralize the pilots.

******************Part 1: Town clearing*****************
In this mission you will make use of many grenades,
especially in the beginning.
Try to split your group up in half. Each group should
have 2 smg/3 rifles/1machine gunner.
The same rule applies for Group 2. Let 1 group suppress
the enemy and the second group will flank the enemy.
 In this way you should not lose any men because of the
amount of cover that is available in this mission.
First knock out the 2 machine gunners on the right. Most
of the time I had some curious Germans that came from
the north side of the map towards my squad. Take them out
if they come into firing range. Clear the square and
let 1 team move up to the most right of the map. Let them
take shelter behind a building. Now use direct control
on 1 soldier to grenade the right sandbag circle. You need
a couple of grenades to clear that out. Move 3 men of
 that group up to the wall next to the sandbag circle. From
 there grenade the next machinegun nest, let the machine
 gunner take cover at the wooden barrel near the building,
looking against the a couple Germans. Meanwhile walk with
a couple of your troops along the wall, from there grenade
the next 2 machine gunners. If any Germans are still alive
 they will get killed of the crossfire between your machine
gunner and smg’ers. Now equip one of the machineguns and
neutralize the other fortification. Keep in mind that there
are 2 smg’ers on the roof (grenade might be a solution).

Now the only machine gun nests left are 2 in the middle and
 1 on the roof.
First take out the roof section with an anti tank weapon for
a total collapse of the building or a normal grenade for
just the guys above. Then take out the other 2 machinegun nests.
The remaining Germans could run away and an intro-movie
to the next objective will begin.

If you did it right you shouldn’t have any casualties.

There are 2 ways to assault the airbase this:
- The sneaky way.
- The brutal way.

How stupid it sounds but the brutal way is most of the
time easier then the sneaky way. Because once your cover is

blown half the garrison of Germans is warned and will come
to you to teach you some manners.

*******************Sneaky way****************************
How to do the sneaky way: let the convoy of fuel
trucks pass by.
A truck with 2 Germans will stop at the road and
inspect the cargo.
Meanwhile let your squad move up and attack the 2
Once they are dead an icon will appear on the right
of your screen.
First place all you squad members standing next to the
truck. Then let them get in.
It might be possible that 2 guys cant enter because the
truck is full.

From the inside of the base infiltrate your way to the
airplanes, take over the 50 mm tank and blow your way through the airfield.

******************************Brutal way***********************************

This method is fairly simple. Because you have lots of cover
near the city you are going to lure out some Germans.
Just shoot a couple of bullets in that direction and let them
walk towards you. Then let the crossfire begin.
Take out as many Germans as possible but don’t get in range of
the machinegun towers. They are pretty nasty.
Once most of the krauts are lying dead, move your squad up to
the most right side (river side) crawl from bush to bush.
Please do not attack the 2 machine gun outposts. Just pass
them slowly. From here neutralize the guards next to the 50 mm tanks.
 And let 3 men enter the right tank. Let 1 guy repair the
tracks of that tank and while repairing select a HE shell
and take out
the 20 mm flak cannon near the airfield control tower.
Once the track is repaired blow up every airplane you see.
And some krauts will come to towards you. Now take out the
gunners we spared while we passed them. After moving the
junkers 52 scrap metal with your tank you can use the 88 mm
cannon to
take out far range targets! Take out the targets that don’t
please you, especially equipment and vehicles. Once you have
about ¼ of the airfield. Some reinforcements will show up in
form of 3 tanks and an artillery barrage you can use.
Use this special
ability (the barrage artillery) to take out the 88’s at
the outskirts of the base. Meanwhile use your tanks to
take out the other Germans
and move up 1 squad of infantry to the right side to
clear up there every German soldier.

Once everything lies flat on the ground it is mission


American Campaign. Mission 4: Disaster in Tunisia	bb4

If you have played call of duty 1 the American campaign.
Then you will probably know what I am talking about.
The most fun part: the chase scene. In here you begin with an
armored fast moving car.
With a .50 call and rocket launcher on your disposal. Your
objective is to warn a nearby outpost.
But first you have to keep yourself out of enemy hands!
So here you are with a fast car behind enemy lines. Race time!
In here you are only in control of the gun. So it isn’t useful
to press on the movement keys. Just mow down as many Germans
with the .50 cal.
You will race your way towards the outpost with a couple of
I will only explain what to do with the little breaks in the
race. The rest you have to figure out with that .50 cal and bazooka!

----------------------1st break--------------------------

Here you are out of fuel. So you get 3 veteran soldiers only
specialized in SMG.
If possible let them only use SMG.
Its fairly simple if you have taken out lots of the Germans in
Just move your soldiers over the hill to the nearest sandbag.
There let your men take out the 2 men patrol. From here move
up to the pak 35 (45 mm).
Let 1 man equip it and suppress the enemies on the other side.
While 1 soldier will guard
the pack 35 and the 3rd with the fuel will walk towards the
2 trucks (if they are not blown up).
First clear the little perimeter around the 2 trucks
(hint: There is a rifleman in a house near the truck that can be
frustrating if you don’t take him out).

To make your jerry can full; double click on it to equip the jerry can.
Then hold your cursor on 1 of the trucks. You should see the icon
with a water droplet. Click on it and the soldier attempts to fill
the can.

Once it is filled let him take his sub machinegun and let your men
(all 3 of them) run towards your car (FAST).
There jus let the man with the jerry can standing next to the car.
And a cutscene should come.

Here hold your ground with the gun. A second chase route will begin.

----------------------2nd break-----------------------------------

Now the engine is overheated and you are a bit out of ammo
(that is what they are saying).
You have 2 machineguns and a pak 35 (45 mm) to defend your
little outpost. Let 1 man equip the
right machine gun right away. The 2nd the pak gun and let
him hold his fire.
I had some situations that the shell of the pak 35 knocked
out my machinegun nest
and it wasn’t a pretty sight. The first wave will come from
the “north” (above),
2nd will come from the west side (left) with an armored car.
 Just let the pak 40
take out the vehicles with the armored piercing rounds.
3th and 4th wave will come
from the north west (left above). Composed of two 20 mm
mobile flak tank and a machine
 gun halftrack. If you have a break during the waves it
might be handy to run up to the vehicles
to steal some machinegun ammo and divide the ammo between
 the 2 standing machineguns otherwise they might run
out of ammo if these guys are trickerhappy.
After your engineer says the car is ready locked and loaded.
 It is time for you go drive again.

------------------3rd brake.---------------------------------------
Here you are in a little town with a small road block and a
little sandstorm.
Now before you get out of the vehicle shoot over the barrels.
Your mini objective here is to hold your ground while your
engineer is starting to put some dynamite on the roadblock.

So let 1 soldier move up to the left side between the walls
and sandbag and hold his ground there.
The 2nd soldier should pass the road block and let him take
cover behind the sandbags there (sandbag circle right above).
 The 3rd soldier should cover the 1st soldier this can be done
by putting him in the sandbag circle left under.
You have to hold out around 2 minutes. During your defending
you might get out of ammo. After the first wave some SMG
Germans will cross your path > loot there bodies.
And I find it handy to keep an close eye on soldier 1.
He could be shot by the Germans that are trying to maneuver around.

Once the engineer says: This thing is going to blow!
IMMIDIATLY get the hell out of there. Just get away
from the blast as far
as possible. Otherwise its big boom and you don’t want
to lose a soldier here. Loot the soldiers bodies
if someone is
low on ammo (200 bullets per soldier is enough).
The car starts driving again.

--------------4th brake-------------------------------
Now you stop because a pak 40 (75 mm) is blowing you to
pieces if the car continued.
Split your men into 2 groups. Let 1 group suppress the
krauts on the right at the sandbags
while your 2nd group will run around at the right side
of the map. Hide behind the building
near the AT gun and blow it up with a grenade to remove
 the crew. Then sweep your little area
and blow up the AT gun with an anti tank grenade. Then
your car continues again.
You will drive in a small street of an African town.

---------------5th brake------------------
As you know now our engineer will make for us some dynamite.
And it’s up to you to transport
it to the rubble. If you don’t know what you need to blow up.
Please, press o and press on the
binoculars to know where to plant the dynamite.
Now let 1 soldier equip your mighty jeep for covering fire,
 while your two soldiers will move
forward with 1 dynamite stick.

************note**************: Blowing up the rubble.
Walk towards the rubble and let 1 man “take cover” at
the rubble
(you know when you see a white animation) there just
drop your dynamite stick out of your inventory.
Repeat this process 3 times.
Everytime you dropped a dynamite stick a dialog should
show up something like: Right! or ready!
If that doesn’t show up, double click on the dynamite to
“equip it”, use direct control and press the right mouse
button and then drop it out of your inventory.

Once all three dynamite sticks are “in place”.
Your engineer will blow the rubble to ashes.
Then your jeep is ready to move on. Sadly here is
where the mission ends.

Any way mission accomplished!


American Campaign. Mission 5: Turning point	bb5

So you made it across the desert eh?

At this place the entire outcome of the American campaign will be in
the hands of you.
And this battle will be very bloody and with lots of action!

Ok let’s begin. So your soldiers managed to warn a vehicle depot.
At the beginning observe what you have and where to find your mines,
vehicles (the usefull ones)
and where to deploy your troops.

Now it’s the time to prepare your defenses.
And you are going to need your 5 minutes prepare time VERY HARD.
Best thing is to slow things down here because you need massive troop
commanding in a very short time.
 First let everyone mine, including the ones that are in the light
Mainly mine the roads, the 3 entrances and the middle to the left
side of the map.
You won’t use all 150 anti tank mines and anti personal mines.
So to achieve maximum number
of mines let a vehicle look in 1 of the boxes and place everything
in the vehicle. From there
drive up the field and let everybody mine.
When you have 1 minute left its time to evacuate your mine truck
to the right side of the map and
let the driver there mine the right wall (yes the whole right wall,
you will see eventually why).
Equip your 2 shermans, 2 matilda’s and let them guard the 4 entrances.
(1 is now out of the fog of war at the left side).
Just put 2-3 men in each tank because you don’t have enough men (not yet).
Your 88 gun emplacements should be towed a bit back
so they will not be blown up at the 2nd or 3rd wave.
The remaining people should either mine the inner place or
place vital gun
 emplacements on key positions. Your lovely deployable 93 mm
should be on the very right side for heavy waves. Now the
first waves
 will be held off by mines. But the 3rd wave will penetrate
 partially at the middle side.

The first wave is a combination of infantry with light vehicles.
The 2nd wave are about 7-8 Panzer G’s.
The 3rd waves are assault Stugs (tank destroyers 88 mm).

Now once these waves are held off you should get some reinforcements
(fresh cannonfodder!).
These reinforcements are a combination of matilda’s and Sherman’s.
Deploy them immediately where you need some reinforcements.
A 2nd timer will show up you have now 90 seconds to prepare you
defense for the next wave. Here is the time again to mine, repair
 vehicles and put gun emplacements in the right way. Now I think
you have seen the “racket werver”. It is practically a little
Katjoeska with deadly rockets. Use this baby when you get in tight
situations or where there is a large concentration of Germans in one place.

Now the next waves are infantry and tanks (again) but the last wave
is very very interesting but very very annoying. Tiger tanks I,
These babies can wreck your defenses very fast if you don’t take them
out quickly. Best thing is ether move a Sherman tank around
the left or right flank. And try to hit the turret or engine
(turret = for you, engine = boom). If the hit marker is still red at
the back of the turret your gun is to weak (is possible).
In that case your best bet is to get a guy out of your tank
and throw an
 anti tank grenade on the top of that monster. I had a situation
 those tanks survived 2 anti tank grenades! So you might want to
save before you throw. Once you have repelled that attack you
 think its mission accomplished, right? Well hell no its still not!
As again your timer will give you 2 minutes
(*cough* repair tiger tanks *cough*).
And if you have some rockets left of your Racket
werver you might want to use it now. Now these tanks
are just medium tanks/light tanks. You might want to
consider that you have to
place 2 tanks at the bottom or a gun emplacement with
 a machinegun.
Now luckily you have mined the right wall (did you?),
so you will at least hold half of tanks of or at least
some of them stop. If
you even have 1 tiger tank things are way easier. This
baby just need 1 shot to kill a medium tank.
Now an entire tank company will come from the right side.
And ¼ of them will be hit by mines. That means you still
need to stop lots of them.
 Throw everything against them what you got. Once all
those tanks are down (this is a pretty epic fight) its
time for you to reorganize your
defenses and repair everything and make yourself up for
your assault. Now I think you should have at least 4 tanks
over? At worse kind of scenario?
If you did it right you can get even up to 8-12 medium tanks
(English + Germans) with 1-2 tigers (88 mm). Now your assault
should be focused
on the left side of there defense (if you turn the camera 90
degrees to the right).  A nice strategy to distract the tiger
tank is to use 2 tanks as cannon fodder.
Then let 2 tanks move forward and try to flank that bastard.
Take out preferably the turret and repair that tiger tank
if possible.
Now just move up your tanks step by step while they blaze a
way through the German defenses. You will need to take out
the 3-4 tiger tanks.
The rest isn’t a real thread. Once all the Germans are lying
on the ground it is mission accomplished.

Congratulations you have played out the American Campaign!

P.S this mission is very fun to play in coop!


Russian Campaign Mission 1: Baptism by fire		cc1


Given: few men
Anything special: at grenade ^^.


At the beginning you get “ambushed” by a armored car. Walk
with a soldier around (through the bushes) unnoticed and
toss a anti tank grenade on it.
Then loot the bodies of your enemies + friendly comrades for
ammo and health kits.
Then continue to your next objective. There you have to take
as many man as possible
just select your squad and hold your mouse over an allied
soldier. When you see a hand
click on the soldier and try to take as many as possible.
 From there move up to the your heavy tank.
 Use 2 squads to suppress the Germans and let 1-2 men walk
around. And throw grenades at the remaining Germans.
 Repair your tank and now its time to pay those germans a
lesson. A few hints:
- Your frontal armor is your best armor: sides are you weak
points. If there are guns in the fields
 (20 mm and above) try to not expose your flanks towards it.
To turn fast with your tank press R
and point where the front armor has to look at.
- Try not to get grenade by Anti Tank grenades (AT grenades).

Direct control this beast with (End) and blow everything apart.
I saw a 76 mm field gun somewhere in the village. To bad your
men can’t use it so if you need more
shells there is your little ammo box. Let your other men just
take  over and leT them enjoy the fireworks.
You don’t need them Here. After you have clearED the village
you have tO Tak% the hill
 **********Hint: DON’T drive your tank over the bridgE but
take the small pa3s to the right Of it.*******************88
Take the field guns out with youR AP (armor penetraTiNg)
rounds of the tank. Let your infantry squad Take over the
trenches you might
Need them if thE taNk gets damaGed. After you have cleared
up the hill some German tanks will enter the map. Take out
those tanks to.
You might have noticed your heavy tank has blind spot with
the field gun. So drive up or down the hill to adjust that a
After you have blown up everything you see (full trucks give
beautifull fireworks). Its mission accomplished.

In case your tank gets damaged (90% change are tracks)
and there are some infantry crawling around.
Try to clear it with your infantry you hold in the trenches.
 Mostly your tank can take out most of them
but they are smart and camp near your tank where you cant hit them.


Russian Campaign Mission 2: Evacuation		cc2


Well its obvious: you have to hold the trainstation until its complete
with loading.

Walkthrough: Its fairly simple: Mine every crossing and road entrance
And if you have some left in the factory itself at the north entrance.
If you see groups of infantry grenade it yourself.
At 90% things get nasty: 75 mm tanks will enter the battlefield.
And you will see lots of troops will get under pressure (and your pc).
 Your 76mm tank will come in handy.
 Its possible to snipe an 50 mm tank with a anti-tank rifle. But you
have to do that from the side.
The area’s: the factory and the OTHER area can be held very easily
(till the 90%) just mine the roads and crossings there very good


Russian Campaign Mission 3: POW		       cc3


Given: 1 angry Russian
-	pistol + ammo
-	AT grenade

If you skip the movie you will spawn outside near a crate
(right in front of you)
Enter the building again and walk to the south. Right in
front of you are some bushes lay down there. Now this can go 2 ways
(depending on the light tank). The light tank could go to
the forest and drive there a bit. Or it will come to you and drive
rounds on the road while it shoots at the resistance. If
it drives on the road you are a lucky bastard and can throw the at-grenade
right on the machinegun tank (and run then to the resistance).
If the tank does not drive on the road then run to the resistance and
take a look in the crate: there you find grenades + health kits.
Then try to get an grenade on the tank and if you have done that take
out the light armored car with some grenades. Be careful not to draw
to much attention from the Germans. A few grenades to the little
house will make short terms for these guys. After that give your main
guy a machine gun and some health + ammo and talk to the resistance.
Now the group will give you some noobs with guns (really they have a bad shot.)
Experiment in what the best gun is for them. Some get 1 rank
 more for a sub, others with a rifle. After the experimentation
rearm your troops. Your special guy should now hide in the woods.
Set him on
No fire + no movement.

Your resistance fighters will do the dirty work for you.
Now your next objective is to free 3 Russian soldiers out
of a school complex.
Thankfully we can blow half the school building up without
losing your pow’s ^^. Ok take the men at the windows out
with grenades (1 on each side).
Then take the door opening from the schoolyard.
Be carefully here because those Germans have nasty guns.
Let 1 guy with a smg/machinegun crawl very
 careful to the left or right so it has a clear aim at
 the hallway in school. If any Germans pop up (mostly 2 of them)
blow there heads off. Now enter
the school building with a guy first unlock the door
(just click on it) and then run out of the building
with your newly recruited men. Equip your soldiers
 and go to the right side of the map.
From there cross the roads and try to get to the
back of the HQ without getting shot down.
There blow a hole with a AT-grenade into
the building.
And clear the building. Now the only thing that
rests is the outside. To that the outcome are grenades:
lots of them. Cook them and throw them to the Germans.
After you have cleared the whole HQ. You could find
documents (I didn’t found them) and your next objective
is to escape through the woods.
Since your special guy is near the objective point,
simply shoot down the 3 Germans coming up the map that
is close to your objective and then walk towards it.

Mission accomplished!


Russian Campaign Mission 4: Moscow is behind us.	       cc4


The whole point of this is to defend every inch against the Germans
(literally). You have 2 lines.
The 1st line and the 2nd line. While you hold out the 1st line your
Russian comrades will dig in the deeply
frozen icy land a nice comfortable trenchline (that must be hard to
dig at -40 degrees). Good thing we
are in commanding behind a pc in a warm cozy chamber with some
chocolate milk instead of standing on the freezing
battlefield meeting a certain death.

So the first wave will be a mix of infantry and halftracks.
Try to have some tank rifles on your very right and
left flank to shoot at the vehicles side. Hide your snipers
in the bushes and hope for the very best that the incoming
airplanes wont destroy much of your units.
You have a few AT guns. But they wont last very long as
the tanks will try to destroy them. I had a few times
that I
wrecked a tank but I was able to repair it again.
But this will be in a later state of the game.
After a few waves the
artillery pieces will show up. In particular the
German 88mm flak gun. Take a couple of infantry
of your right defense
and walk to the very right of the map hide them
in bushes if tanks will pass them nearby.
In this way you can come to the
side of the cannon. Its might be possible to take
it over but it isn’t worth a peny once the rest of
the German knows they
have some people behind them. So just blow flak up
and if they are alive try to let them retreat.
Once you have defended for
a while a new piece of equipment will show up.
Mobile artillery of 150 mm. Now these vehicles
will wreck your defense line if
you wait to long to take them out. You can do
it 2 ways: Use you pak guns to destroy the hulls
or cannon. A other possibility
is the use of an armored car. This car is has a 75 mm cannon
 + machinegun. It is fast and can shoot fast but
can’t take many hits
 from the front and from the side it is very vurnable. When
using this car its best to fire a shot and then drive backwards
of the range of the German tanks. And repeat this step once the
guns are destroyed.

It’s also a good thing to protect you very right flank with heavy
infantry, at the bridge section.
Hide them in the woods and once the Germans crossed the bridge let
 the fire fight begin.
Use there own mortars to drive them a bit back. (Use this when
they are in cover).
Around this time the 8th armored division of the Russians should
 arrive. Now you can select
heavy tanks to drive them from the battlefield! Once you have
driven them off the first defense line.
You might want to consider repairing some 75 mm German tanks
(If they are not blown up) and add them to your arsenal.
I took the 76 mm tanks. So you can have lots of them and you
 won’t have to trouble if one gets destroyed.
Let your infantry pull with your tanks up to support them.
 Once you have driven these bastards of the battlefield it is
mission accomplished.


Russian Campaign Mission 5:The Penal Unit	       cc5


Finally we get an assault mission in a typical Russian style. First
let the AI clear the mine field for you. Then maneuver yourself to the
left or
right flank.

 I found out that the left flank is very easy to pick off.
At the right flank/middle I had trouble with the machineguns
if you want to assault that.
It is also very hard to assault those trenches without grenade
^^. Your soldiers are poor equipped so when you have
entered the first trench line.
Salvage everything you see where you can’t be blown up. Bodies
and especially crates are lovely items in the beginning.
In this fase you also want to
direct control some soldiers to pull of wonderful grenade throws.
Now once you have cleared the first trench line you get incoming
reinforcements: this
is a combination of 2 light tanks and some infantry. Now those tanks
are a god gift. Try to keep them alive if possible. Now you can use
your tanks to
take out the machinegun posts and take over the trench line at the
right and middle. Now take over the 45 mm pak gun with your infantry.
You should have a
hard time with it. At the pak gun there are a number of crates with the
45 mm gun. Since your tanks are low on HE explosive shells it might
be handy to give
them some shells. Now you next few problems are the 2nd line of
defense. In this line there are two 75 mm pak guns that can give
you some trouble. I found it
handy to leave leave your right wing standing on guard and take
out the 45 mm pak gun at the left flank with the tank or the
captured 45 mm pak gun. Once that
is clear shell the machinegun nests. And move your infantry to
the trench line on the left flank. From there grenade your way
 to the first 75 mm pak gun. It
might be handy to lie down because of the incoming fire. Once
that is down things get easy. You can use your left flank tank
and pak gun to take out the rest
and if you are up to it. Use the 75 mm pak gun to destroy the
other 75 mm pakgun. Once that is down you can use your 2 tanks
to clear up the trenches and take
over and empty Russian 76 mm tank. Also you get two 76 mm tanks
as reinforcements once the church has been secured.
So now you have 3 medium tanks + 2 (support) light tanks + infantry.
And it is up to you to secure the hill.
I find it handy to use the tanks/pak guns to take out the guns
on the hill. Then I used my infantry in groups of
3 to move them from sand bags to sand bags while my tanks are
support them. After you have cleared the hill its
time to prepare you defenses. At the bottom of the hill you can
find additional vehicles (75 mm and 45 mm pak guns, a 20 mm flak cannon)

and in the green box with a red label on it you can find anti personal
 mines. I find it very usefull to mine the road on the right side
(assuming you
didn’t turn your camera at the beginning). Its good to have now 5
men in 1 tank (the big tanks) so your tank will use its anti
aircraft guns. Also place
2 tanks on the left side of the hill and 1 tank on the other.
 Let the a 75 mm pak gun look over the road.
And guard this gun by your light tank (set this
tank on HE shells and let it aim at the woods).
After your allies have crossed the road the German
counter-attack will begin. First a couple of stuka’s will
bombard your position. In theory your 3 flak guns
(2 standing position + 1 flak truck) + anti-aircraft
 guns of your tanks should do the job.
Then some light tanks
+ infantry will come from the left side.
Your 2 tanks should pick them of easily.
The more troublesome part is the right side.
 There they will also attack with infantry
and tanks. The light tank will take out
the infantry in the woods. But a tiger tank will
move from the road to your hill position.
Hold your 75 pak gun fire until it can
aim clearly on the side of the tiger or
the engine. Then take the tank out.
The other German tanks shouldn’t be a real thread.
After you have whipped the division of the
map its mission accomplished (again).


Russian Campaign Mission 6: The last stand		cc6


Here is another defend mission. Only this time it will be at a
bigger scale then before.
In this mission you have also 2 lines of defense. The first
line and the second line of defense.
 Try to defend as long as possible on the first defense line

until your officer say that you have permission to retreat.
 Meanwhile. While you are holding your first defense line.
Buy some AP-miners and start to mine your second defense line in
front of the trenches. Especially the mid/right flank if possible.

Tips on this mission: Stuka’s and infantry will be a big
spending. Try to take out the tanks with stuka’s if your guns can’t
do the job. Also later in game the stuka is very usefull
in order to take out the 600 mm guns. (A shortcut will
introduce them).
I found heavy infantry and smg (especially in late game)
very usefull. And later ingame you can buy tanks. Buy them!
Also when things
 get tight (especially when the 9-10 ship is leaving).
Try to draw a line from the right defense trenches to the shoregun.

The shoregun is best to use when things are clustered togheter.
Especially tanks standing next to each other are an interesting
After all ships left the harbor you will fight for a minute or 2
and then its mission accomplished.


	Russian Campaign Mission 7: Behind enemy lines		cc7


Ahhh here is a stealth mission.

You objectives are to place some explosives on key artillery pieces
and scout the German defense line and if possible find the mines.
Here is stealth the key. Also its very wise to look where to place your
explosives because you will control the very assault army that will
attack in the morning.
Ok I know you have the feeling ok let’s kill (for example) the whole
right wing without being detected.
In that case i have easy acces to the whole right wing, making my
mission easier! I am sorry to say but those soldiers will respawn
again so you have to fight against them any way. It is better
to avoid making huge massacres because if the patrolling will
find it
(or you have to kill them to) they will warn the whole garrison
and you can say bye bye to your stealth mission. Even if you kill all
those patrolling and the warned Germans, you might not get
away with it. There is a script-counter in this level.
If you kill too much Germans it will automatically resolve
in failure. So my advice to you is: plan your route of
attack to the base.
And blow stuff up that might hinder your advancement.
Keep in mind that you also have stuka’s at your disposal
when the assault begins.

The best things you can blow up are artillery pieces,
especially in the back of the map near the base.
You might want to consider to not blowing up the 150 mm’s
close to the first trench lines.
Because those guns can be captured very quickly and used
for your own cause.

about the mines: There are 3 mine fields, 1 near the road block
(anti personal mines + tank mines), 1 row near a mining car
to the other end (you will see it quickly) and the 3th is near
the crossing.
 You must find every mine to get the objective completed.

**********Note*****************: to use the mine detector s
elect your soldier with the mine detector,
Double click on the detector equipment so he will carry it
in his hands. Then go to toolbox > select the rings and
click on the ground.
He will now use his mine detector right away and walk
while detecting mines to that direction

Now the actually assault

Well you have a huge variety of infantry,
(smg’s, snipers!, machinegunners, halftrack
with smg’s, field gun with truck,
and above all tanks!)
Now what I find the most easy part
is to assault the middle and right
wing first.
In the beginning you can give your
infantry some signal grenades. If
you throw this baby near a tank/gun/group of infantry.
Your allied artillery will shred
those bastards to the afterlife. Now these grenades
will be very very handy during your assault.
Especially in the late stage.
So try to keep track who has those grenades and who doesn’t.
During your first assault on the first
trench lines make use of smg’s, snipers
and the zu-37 (20 mm flak gun).
Try to capture the 150 mm in the middle.
You major pain-points will be especially
the flame throwers and some panzers
that will come from the right side of the
map/trench line (if you camera isn’t adjusted).
Take out the
flame throwers with the sniper or the zu-37.
And let your smg squad move up carefully.
If the tanks will show up at the right side 1
smoke grenade will do the trick (evil laugh).

Once the trenchline is cleared its time to
take the upper hills. Now luckly we get some
additional support.
In form of bombers and a T85. Now the first
thing you do is target every artillery piece
in the back of the map that
isn’t blown up. You very special target
should be the mobile rocket artillery (racket werfer).
If you take out this piece of
artillery it will save tons of infantry and
vehicles. Otherwise you will find it out in the
hard way during your assault ^^.
Now once you want to assault the hills try to
concentrate yourself in the middle. Don’t overspend
everything on troops but only
buy when you lost a squad or a vehicle. A little bit
information about the minefield. It’s not very handy
to buy a mine sweeper
for a couple of reasons. My minesweeper performs
around the same as a dirty sewer worker cleans a
 hospital room. It doesn’t get the job done.
Now move up slowly hill upwards. Once the hills
 are secured your final objective is to take out
the base. What will be painful
in the beginning but is pretty easy if you can
knock out the following things. : Artillery pieces
 on the right (if not blown up by the dynamite),
tiger tanks. Now I hope you had some bombers l
eft for this base (you can bomb 5 times total).
Also a little note: during your assault so now
and then a german tank will show up from the
Try to knock off the turret and use it for your
own purposes.

During your assault. Let your allies move up its
infantry while you try to knock out the tanks/guns
/snipers/other equipment.
And if you have your snipers left let them take
cover in crates or behind walls.

If you don’t have any bombers left. But you have
some tanks left.
You could execute this strategy to take out the
tiger tanks.
Now on the left side of the base. There is 1 pak
gun and a Tiger I tank.
While this tiger is busy with dealing with your
allied infantry.
Let 1 of your tanks (it can be even an captured
panzer tank) sneak up from the left side
and drive all the way to until you have cover of
the concrete walls of the base. There turn around >
select a AP shell> and hit the tank from the back/side.
Drive around to the base along the concrete wall
to the other side of the map.
Don’t fall down in the brown river bank, because
your tank wont manage to crawl itself out of it.
Now from here you can easily take out the artillery
 piece and mortar team with he shells.
Then move carefully to the nearest entrance
of the base. Keep an eye on enemy infantry
because one of them has a panzerfaust.
Knock out the pak 34. And then target the
engine block of the king tiger!
Once this monster is down the rest will be
very easy.
Move your infantry up to the cleared artillery
 piece or just straw down with your tanks and
mow everything down in your path.

Once your allies enter the base it is mission


		Russian Campaign mission 8: Chasing Shadows		cc8


Here you get a stealth mission (again). Now one of your
soldiers is hurt badly and you have to find some medical
supplies for him.
Now try not to give regular medkits because it wont help.
You need to have a big pack of medical supplies.
You start of with 2 rifle soldiers and a machinegun soldier.
The problem is that they have the wrong weapons except 1 of
First let the German patrol pass you and then crawl your way
 up from bush to bush to the little “cave”.
From there move through the mountain path undetected towards
 the river. Now here let a 2 men patrol pass your troops.
They will look out over the river. Here you can do it 2 ways.
 Wait a very long time until they walk back or cook a nice
grenade for
 them and throw it between them. Then hide there bodies and
 loot the equipment. Now make your way to the little hut/
 wooden house.
From here set the fire mode of your soldiers on return fire
and cook a grenade for the men near the fire. Take out the
lone soldier
near the house and plunder the big green box near the house.
 There you find your medical supplies for the soldier and
a machinegun ^^.
Now I mention earlier that some soldiers have the wrong guns.
Now one of your soldiers is an experienced machine gunner.
I don’t need to explain what gun a machine gunner needs.
Head back with your package and just stand near the
wounded soldier with you med kit.

Now here a time shift will take place.
It is now dark and you have acquired a 4 soldier.
Notice you now have 3 rifle men and 1 machine gunner.
Move your way towards the wooden house.
Instead of crossing the river towards the
house move up to the little valley/gap.
Where there is a fence. (Before you forget set
fire mode on NO FIRE).
Now a little shortcut will come about who wants
to volunteer and infiltrate the base.
Of course your machine gunner is your perfect guy.
Now the fence is cut down (in the shortcut).
Let your machine gunner crawl. Under no circumstances
begin a fire fight.
Don’t come to close to the engineer repairing the truck.
And pass the 2 talking Germans on the left side.
Follow the officer to the grey building where he
will do his stuff.
There let your machine gunner crawl towards that
building (more specific: in the building).

Here another scene will begin and our comrade
begins his interrogation.
Now let your 3 men squad (lets call it team 1).
Move up to the other side of the road towards the
Take out the 2 talking men at the campfire + the
patrol towards it (1 guy) as silently (1 grenade)
if possible.
Let your men take there positions in the bushes
near the marker of your objective.

Now after the interrogation you want your machine
gunner out of there as save as possible.
And you want your whole squad in the plane.
Let your machine gunner grenade the 2 guys at the
right sandbag (for him). And gun down the left lone
Meanwhile let your team 1 squad blow with grenades
the guards near the airplane. Once most of them are
dead (near the plane) target the
truck (target the barrels) and then let them take
cover there at the wreckage.
While your machine gunner rushes out of the base
towards the wrecked truck.
It might still be guarded by infantry you couldn’t
target with grenades.
Let your machine gunner crawl inch by inch towards
 the plane. And if he has someone in his iron sight,
take him out.
Once your squad is near the plane a cinematic scene
 will start and it is mission accomplished!


Russian Campaign Mission 9: Flying Dutchman		cc9


Ok here your guys are a bit upgraded. Your objective is to
infiltrate the base and capture the submarine. Your side
objective is to use the radio
to call for reinforcements.

Somehow those 3 riflemen and 1 machine gunner have trained

so dramatically that they are now :
- 2 armored SMG
- 1 unarmored SMG
- 1 sniper

Each of them has a silent gun as side arm. Now the first
objective is to knockout the defensive position with the flak 20 mm.
Let the sniper take out the searchlight (or the crew). And everybody
will focuse on the sniper. So let him take cover.
From here let 1 soldier dive in the water and swim to the side
of the outpost here he can crawl itself towards the little beach.
From there grenade everything with your swimmer. And you have a
nice defensive position to retreat to if things get very hot.

Here let your sniper take out the 2nd search light. Now this
time a group of angry germans will come toward you to teach
you some manners.
Its best to let each SMG’er take a rock and defend it with
his life. While the sniper will move towards the left side,
out of the rockformation towards the little hill.
There let him snipe the Germans that are standing still,
while you’re SMG’ers will take out the ones running for cover.
Ones this massacre is done, loot the bodies.
And let the unarmored smg’er take a bazooka.
Knockout the machinegun nest. Then move up towards
the mobile flak 20 mm (the empty one).
And drive this little monster.
Now since you have a relative good vehicle
that can wreck here every vehicle (except the 50 mm tank),
its time to practice your shooting skills. Now knock out
the half track first and a swarm of infantry will come
towards you.
Then another 20 mm flak and an armored car will also pay
a visit. Mostly once these vehicles are down the 50 mm
will comes toward you.
It is better to hide the car now since the 50 mm gun is
very painful for your armored vehicle. Try to lay an
ambush for this tank and knock the tank out with or a
or with the bazooka/panzershreck.  If it is repairable
(turret) then you have another vehicle at your disposal.
But the flak is fine for now.
Kill of the remaining Germans that doenst want to come
towards you. Now at the corner of the base you see someone
 welding something on a panther.
Try to gently knock the turret out with the flak
(if possible). So this vehicle can later server for
your own purposes.
Knockout the rest of the base and once it is cleared
and the vehicles repaired, prepare your men and call
for reinforcements.  You get some couple of soldiers
A convoy will come towards the base. Time for you to
set up the ambush. Let the pak 40 (it is stationed
right next to the armored car).
Take the middle of the road. While the panther will
hide itself in the bushes at the road.
The armored car (20 mm flak) should guard the other
road for incoming half tracks.
Now if you have some men left let him take the welder
 machine and let him carry it towards the submarine.
Before you let him carry the welding machine on the
submarine save before you do anything with him.
I had a couple of times that the welding machine fell
in the water, and that was an unpleasant surprise
when you just hold of the convoy.

*******Here is a little instruction about how to unlock
the door of the submarine. ***

1 Drag the welding machine all the way until it is
standing on the submarine.
2 let the soldier “unman” the welding machine.
3 now press with that soldier on the door (you should
see the unlocking icon)

A script will start and he will start welding. While he
is welding you are in charge of holding off angry Germans.
Once the door is open its time to open the gate.
Meanwhile an armored fortress boat is blocking the
entrance of the submarine.
Lets say this: It is nothing special.
Don’t spend lots of ammo/attention to it.
Just unlock the gate by pressing a switch at the
electrical station (you should also see there the
unlocking icon).
And move your men towards the sub.

Now the final scene will begin. Enjoy the fireworks!
And you have beaten the entire Russian campaign!


	German Campaign Mission 1: Mercury			dd1


Your main objective here is to secure the airfield. You get
a few side objectives’s that when you complete it, the main task
will get easier.

Now you start of with 3 paratroopers with pistols and not so much
ammo. Kill the first 2 Yanks and loot there bodies. Then move up
to the next point of cover.
There you will fight off 3 Yanks.
You might have noticed the white box. Examine this this (press x,
eye icon, press on the box).
Because all of the Yanks you encountered are rifle man it might
be handy to give 1 of your troops a machinegun.
The other 2 will stay rifle for the moment. Now the fun part.
The map will enlarge and you have to deal with a machinegun position.
Crawl around it and throw a perfect grenade on this gentlemen.
Now you can secure the little church. And please look for the
white box again.
There you will find a sniper . Give this sniper to a soldier
and lets call him Fritz. (So Frits = the sniper).
With your Fritz you can now clear the 20 mm flak cannon easily.
 Do not forget to free your brothers in the house...
After you have cleared this area your sub objective is to
rescue the crew/soldiers of the Junker 88.
Use the 20 mm and fritz to suppress the enemy with gunfire
while your main troops will move from cover to cover.
Try to flank them also with a rifle + smg trooper to make
things easier.
It might be worth it to attack the right flank first because
 of the 20 mm flak truck that is standing there.
Also during this rescue some English troops will come up the
 road at your right.
Just put the standing flak (20 mm) at that direction with 2
troops as support.
When the convoy arrives use the direct control to teach these
 Englishman a lesson.
Your 2 rifle/smg will finish the remaining people. In my opinion
you don’t need fritz to take these guys out.
Once you have repelled the attack the map will resize again.
This time your sub-objective is to capture a 93 mm flak gun.
And this gun is what you need very much. Ok let Fritz snipe the
infantry that are standing at the bottom of the hill.
Now this 93 mm gun is very “sensitive” when a German guy gets
near it.
So it might be worth it to grenade the infantry in the trenches
(when you are lying under the sloop of the hill. And then
move a gunner (not a rifleman!)
with some grenades in the trenches.
Let him lie down if you don’t want to see pieces of flesh
flying all over the place.
From this position grenade the crew. Then capture the 93 mm
gun and use it for your own cause!
Also you get a few reinforcements from the beach. Best is to
 drop the mortars that is given to you.
Also you might notice the 20 mm 1 person flak cannon. It’s
best to let fritz to the job. (Move from bush to bush. If
possible snipe him,
if you can’t snipe the gun crew, grenade him). Once he has
done his job let him support the left flank with his favorite
Now there are 2 more gun positions: The other 93 mm gun and
the tank. The 93 mm gun can be taken out with your gun.
Or you let some infantry move up and grenade the whole place.
 Also it might be handy to use your 93 mm to blow a
 group of Englishman close to the 93 mm up with a HE shell.
Neutralizing the tank should be easy because it is not able
drive (tracks are blown off I guess).
At your very right flank you can also capture an 20 mm 1 person
flak. Once you have capture the other 93 mm let
him move up to the very right flank for support
for your troops. At the left flank there is a truck nearby
with 3 machineguns on it. Something else what might
interest you is that behind the big storage building
there is an matilda waiting to make some sausages out of
your Germans. Once that is taken out (and maybe repaired
and captured).
Move your guns up to takeout the 20 mm
 flak cannons and a cut-scene should start.

*cut scene*: you see a plane crash because of the hidden

Move your big guns up again to take out the remaining 20 mm
flak cannons.
A squad of infantry could maneuver around the left flank to
take out the left flak + tank.
Shoot or blow everything up that doesn’t please you. Once the
 enemy is whipped of the map it is

Mission accomplished!


	German Campaign mission 2: dd2


In this matter you must defend the position against the Africa Corps.
You can make use of reinforcements. Now we have to reorganize some of
our troops.
A couple of tips in this mission: the mission is divided into 2 stages
– Defense part 1 and defense part 2.
This is because half the game will be played in a different map while
the mission continues.

Defense part 1

Organizing the defenses:
First there is a mortar team in the middle of the town.
It might be handy to place them behind a building for more chance
of survival.
Second the right flank needs a 88 mm flak gun for some protection
against the yanks.
There is a sniper rifle and grenades in the crate near the mortar
team that might come in handy,
send up 2 men right away towards the big hill right in front of you.

Now that the defenses are ready you can repel the first wave.
The first wave is composed of a few light tanks.
If you want to complete this objective let 1 light tank stick
 to the mountain (left of the map) then
let your armored car (.50 call) take out the tanks in front,
when they are retreating you can take the fleeing cars out
with the tank near the mountain. Same rule applies for the
right flank.
Then the full scale attack will start.

The second waves are composed of an armored car
(sort of halftrack) with infantry. Then tanks will
start to roll.

Spare immediately for a flak 88 mm.
And place it on the hill at the left side.
It can shoot over the whole town with a small change of
being hit by tanks.
Then place at least one 88 mm at the right flank for
incoming yanks.
I used two 88mm flaks because the “matilda” can be a
roblem when it is not shot down.
You might notice some tanks will just drive to you in
full kamikaze mode so when they get very close keep an
infantry with at grenades ready.
After the attack on the right a bigger attack will begin
on the left flank. (replace the 88 mm’s to the left flank
with trucks, repair them if needed)
I hope you have spared some money for flaks because those
babies will be your savior here if done right.
Some tanks will get very close near the very left trenches.
After the left flank attack the British will plant some big
ass artillery guns to wreck your defenses.
I found a good solution to that > Infantry.
Buy a halftrack full of infantry and place them at the left
Let them first walk to the (left) mountains and let them
take cover behind the first buildings.
From there you can destroy 2 tanks + a 88 mm gun.
Then move up to the north. Let 3 men attack the following
targets with AT grenades close after each other in this
particular arrangement.
20 mm mobile flak, 20 mm half track flak, 120 mm cannon.
If you failed to destroy the guns in the back by your
 first group, consider
to use your infantry you sended up in the mountains.
 By the time you have neutralized the cannons fase 2
will initiate.

Here a part of you defenses (I think) have retreated
to an area behind your first defensive line.
Now it is time to hold them out here.
It is better to deploy your guns more in the back of
the map. The left flank can hold its ground on the
green stroke on the hill,
middle will hold the the tanks in town (by flanking fire)
and right flank will just have a look out on a
 small chokepoint.
Either way your 88 mm’s should be in the back.
Also it is easier to take out kamikaze tanks in
this manner.
Your infantry can take cover in the green and
let the waves come towards you.

Now as you notice you can buy now plenty of panzer G’s
(since you have saved them in the previous section by
NOT buying them right?)
Buy them all. And reinforce your whole defense line
with it (I love those tanks). Keep your attention
in the middle to ambush the tanks properly,
the rest should go pretty easy. Once you have defeated
the Africa corpse it is mission accomplished!


	German Campaign mission 3: dd3


In this mission you will assault a town Tobruk.
You are starting with 1 squad of infantry (8 men each).
Later you will get another squad at your disposal.
And very later in the game you have the option to buy more units.
(Try keeping your machine gunners alive please, they might come
in handy later)

First blow up the tank-obstacles in the middle of the road.
To blow them up, use dynamite (that can be found in the crates
near your squad).
Then move your infantry up towards the right flank.
Try to clear the whole right flank (machinegun nests,
gun emplacement and buildings)
and then start to move your way to clear the middle.
(watch out for the valentine behind the building).
Once the middle is cleared,
sappers will move in to clear the minefield.
Start buying panzer’ G’s (try to have at least 4 of them)
and let them hold the middle.
While your infantry move up towards the right flank.
A counter attack may come (armored cars and infantry).
Use your tanks from the square
to take them out from the side (if possible).
Move your infantry up to take out the 88 mm gun of the
british and flak 20 mm. Place those 2
on the beach to repel of attacks from the sea.
Keep buying panzer G’s to reinforce the middle. Once
you have taken out all tanks in the middle
and right. You have the option to buy artillery guns
(YES!). Try to have at least 3, if possible more!
Now you’re the total amount of points is 200.
 And you can earn points by blowing up ships.
When ever the total amount of points exceeds above
the 190: Start buying panzer G’s.
You can take out the big infantry boats right away.
 If you see a supply ship, wait for it until it has
come fully on the map, then blow up the boat
with your artillery guns. Same rule applies for the
fortress boat. Once those boats are down a german officer
will report that ships of the british
will now avoid Torbuk. Now it is time to assault the stronghold.
 Tow your guns towards the square (quickly, use trucks if
you still have them).
And take out the artillery pieces in the fort immediately!
If you are quick you can hit the artillery before they are
even deployed. Once the guns
are take out, start bombarding the fortification where the
gun emplacements are. Move your way into the fortress and
prepare 5 men to move
them into the tunnel. Best thing is to take 2 smg’ers,
2 machine gunners (if you still have 1) and 1 riflemen.
 Equip them well
(helmet, grenades, ammo, health kits etc). Once they are
placed near the tunnel entrance the AI will take the control
 over and a
short movie will introduce. Here you see your 5 selected men
 will run out of the tunnel in the nick of time, before it
is bombarded
by you allied stuka. Now your men are “trapped” behind enemy
lines Your next objective is to secure the full depot.
 Here make use of the light armored car (with the 40 mm).
To repel of the first warned Tommies.
Then it is better to unequip the vehicle and make a run
towards the armored truck with the .50 cal.
Keep this truck alive and take out the other armored truck.
This will be a small cat and mouse game to not get hit by
the enemy truck
and you trying hitting him. Once the truck is down, clear
your area of infantry and equip the light vehicle and
armored truck.
Assault the full depot (just take out the 2 men inside),
let 1 armored truck and riflemen (riflemen > equip the
take up the left gate (where the 20 mm flak is standing)
 and the armored car and a machine gunner the right gate.
Hold of the hordes of infantry. Once you see some allies
it is mission accomplished!


German Campaign mission 4: dd4


In this mission your main objective is to protect the convoy at all

Starting units: 1 full halftrack with infantry, 1 squad of 8 men.

Your first objective is to scout the riverbed. Move up with your
forces towards nearest entrance point.
There you will see Englishmen laying mines and you are interrupting
there tea-party.
Knock out the infantry and let your 2 squads of infantry (8 men each)
move up towards the north-west side of the map,
where the forward outpost of the Allies is standing. During your walk
toward the base let your men gather the mines out
of the inventory of the sappers and mines lying all around but not deployed.
 Ambush the base and try to knockout the radiomen near the jeep.
You have 1 minute to knock this radiomen out before he will make contact
with H.Q. and call for reinforcements.
Then fortify your position with the 2 mortar (75 mm) cannons and 1
deployable machinegun.
The Allies will come from the north and west-north. Let 1 squad
defend the outpost and the 2nd squad should move up
towards the next entrance. During your defending,
let some soldiers mine the main road that is going past the allied base.

Now the allied forces will arrive and run over most of your mines
(happy fireworks!).
A stuka will finish them of but this plane also creates a land slide
 now 1 squad is sitting duck in this position (nothing to worry about)
You also get 3 panzer G’s for support of the convoy. Let them take up
positions at the Far East (right side) of the map. And defend the
entrance right next to the waterfall. Here another allied convoy will
 try to hurt your convoy. Repel the attacks and let none pass you.
If they might breach your defenses they will continue driving towards
 the 2nd entrance where your infantry is awaiting them ^^.

When the entire convoy has made it trough (you can see it with the % of
convoy passed) it is mission accomplished.


German Campaign mission 5: dd5


In this mission you have to defend Tunis. This will be a mainly a
defensive missions where you will get slowly pushed back.
At your first glance you see 1 tigertank on the right, 1 mortar
team in the middle, 2 pak (45 mm) cannons, couple machine gun posts
and infantry spread around the flank.  Well let the Englishmen
come towards you and use only artillery if you see a large group
concentrated on 1 spot anticipate 5 seconds before impact.
Also knocking out mortar teams gives you little break with
the bombartments.
Try to save money for the first pak 40 and let him take place
on the left side of the defense line. So the tiger and the pak
40 can
knock out tanks quickly. It is just sitting out the defenses.
You will eventually get pushed back when tanks will come from
the right
side of the road (near your tiger) by that time your tiger has
run out of shells (to bad).
Let this tiger be your machinegun position/cover when he run
out of shells.
Now when you get pushed back reposition your remaining troops
(if you have some left) and defend the 2nd line of defense.
 Reinforce the points where needed with pak 40’s or infantry
(loot the bodies for additional ammo/grenades). And if you
have the money/points a panzer E.

A little shortcut let you see the enemy is position rocket
artillery. Now the defenses will now be given to the AI and
will take over a small squad of 4 men (2 smg’ers, 1 machineg
unner, 1 sniper). Your objective is to neutralize the rockets
(or use the rockets for your own purposes!). Sneak up your
sniper to a good hiding spot with 2 smg’er as backup.
From there
take out the officer right next to the first artillery piece.
 When the shot is taken. Blow up the truck at the left side and
use the wreck as cover. Let your men go from cover to cover while
making use of grenades. A ranger should come somewhere from
the back. Your smg’er should deal with him (that is guarding the
sniper). Do this quickly because a hidden timer is running.
Once everyone at the little harbor is lying flat your objective is
complete and the AI will take control of the squad and use
the rocket artillery. Back at your defense line you should see an
immense rocket rain coming down on the enemy (beautiful!).
Then hold of the forces for just 10 more minutes (yes a timer will
start). Same story again, take out the tanks and just hold
those bastards in place). Once the timer is on 0, your officer will
 evacuate and it is mission accomplished.

Also you have played out the entire German campaign!

	Bonus Mission 1: The Crossing				ee1


Ok you play here the Allied faction. And your objective is to
wipe the Germans out near the bridge and take over the city.
 You start off with a couple of men.
The important guys are the sniper, machine gunner and the
bazooka soldier.
At the start a German soldier spotted your troops and
2 halftracks full of angry Germans will visit your spot.
At this point spread out your men and keep your important
guys alive if possible. Use 2-3 men to cover each wall
and let your bazooka soldier shoot at hull of the halftrack
once it is in range. Your sniper should be standing a
 bit back.
After the big fight kill of the remaining enemy soldiers
and loot there bodies if needed. If you do this right
you should only
loose 1-2 men (2 under bad circumstances). Now the fun

Now we are going to clear the fortress near the bridge.
And to do this without loses ill will use a hit and run tactic.
To do this we need a sniper, machine gunner and a
submachine gunner with grenades.

Your main objective is to neutralize the pak 40’s
(75 mm field guns) without destroying them so please
do not use tank grenades
against them. To make the tactic work we have to
clear the little house near the bridge.
There is a German on the right side of the house
(if you turn your camera 90 degrees to the left).
Once cleared its sniper time!

	1.Let your sniper stand on the left side of the
house and let him take out a German soldier preferably a
crewman of the pak 40.
	Then run away for cover, so let him run to the wall
of the house.
	2. Now its time for your SMG + machine gunner
to move around the right flank of the fortress.
	And let them take cover behind the big rock.
Since everyone in the fortress is looking at the
place where your sniper
	took the shot your machine gunner (or smg’er) c
an crawl around the back and throw a grenade to the
first pak 40.
	Once he has thrown the grenade let him run
back like hell for taking cover.
	3. Now everyone is looking at the your
smg’er/machinegunner. Now its time for your sniper
 to take the shot again and as always
	run away once he has shot.
	4. Its your smg’ers/machinegunners turn to
do there part. You might want to take out the four
 German soldier in the house:
	to do this throw a tank grenade against the
wall for a nice opening and run back.
	5. Snipers part
	6. Grenade everyone inside the building
	7. Snipers part
	8. Next pak 40.
	9. Snipers part (at this turn I think you
have neutralized a pak 40 with your sniper)
	So now you only have a .50 cal armored car
left and some soldiers.
	10. Grenade the .50 cal armored car ^^.
	Once the Germans will flee it is time set
up your defence quickly. Equip 2 pak guns and move
up to the low wall.

Place 1 pak gun at the right side and the 2nd pak
gun at the left side. Your 47 mm tank could take
out the flak (20 mm) if it is still not destroyed
in 5 seconds.
Otherwise let a pak 40 target the flak. Place your
sniper on the left side and let him take out the
Germans at the left side behind the sandbags.
Once they are down move up some smg’ers to the
left flank and neutralize the crewman at the
150 mm howitzer. If the smg group can’t do it let
your sniper do the job.
Also during your assault a 75 mm tank will appear. Y
our 2 pak 40’s should take care of that. Once the
left side of the map is down,
its time to use the 150 mm’s for your own purposes!
 Each of them contain about 2-4 shells.
So you have around 6-10 rounds for your targets.

Note: Your ally will help you now with the assault.
Best is to assist them from the backline/flank.

Blow up some houses where the Germans take shelter.
If possible try to hit the mobile flak cannon or the
 some German tanks
that will show up as reinforcements in the city.
After a while you will get a Sherman as reinforcements
 but if you did it right you wont have to do much with it.

Finish off the remaining Germans in the city and its
mission accomplished!
*note*: in this mission you have a nice example that
an unoccupied city is a lot flatter then an occupied city.


	Bonus Mission 2: The Crossroads				ee2

-    small tank with a 47 mm. *note* you get this tank on normal
and hard mode, on easy mode you get a kv85, 85 mm cannon
-	sniper
-	machine gunner
-	tank-rifle
-	riflemen
-	smg’ers

This mission is relative easy in the beginning but it can be
hard at the end if you don’t take care of your defenses.
Your 2 objectives are to take the village on the left and a
small fortification on the hill next to the village.

Thinks you have to be concerned about:

-	Puma
-	2 Flak cannon's (20 mm)
-	1 sniper
-	37 mm halftrack
-	Some infantry
-	.50 call truck.

-    88 mm flak cannon
-	mortar
-	2 machinegun nests
-	40 mm pak cannon.

Before we begin this walkthrough let 1 thing be clear:
First clear the fortification then the village.
If you do it the other way the German assault will
begin even
if you haven’t cleared the fortification,
 what might bring you into trouble with organizing the defense.

Ok as always your sniper will
 take the major role in this mission.
You will do exactly the same as in
 the first mission: Hit and run (literally).
In this way you can take out many Germans
 without losing soldiers on your side.
You have to look out for the shells of the 88.
That baby can blow you away once he can fire
at your location. When you have

cleared the fortification with your sniper, crawl
to the sandbag that point towards the village.
From here snipe the German sniper that is standing
 near the 40 pak gun.
He wears a suit with bushes and twigs. Once he is
 down immediately hit spacebar and crawl your way
out the bombardment that has begun.
It might be handy to take out the puma with your
light tank. If you manage to destroy the turret you
 can take over the tank
and use it for your own purposes. If the shell flies
over: no problem, if it hits the ground he will aim
 for your tank.
Once the puma is down things will get messy, a half
 track will come as reinforcements. Just shoot back.
Your PC will tell
you have no chance of penetration (on the half track)
but my first shot was always hull + gun destroyed so I might
consider this a
bug? The only thing that is left is the AA 20 mm flak cannon
and a pak 40 gun. You can do this with the sniper or tank.
It might come in handy to not destroy the pak 40 completely.
Once the village is cleared of Germans its time to organize
your defenses.

You have to hold out the village for a couple of minutes
before reinforcements show up. It might be handy to repair
the puma
and place it at your spawn point. You will use it when
things get tight. Equip the 88 mm at your fortification.
Find the a panzershreck and some bullets and give it to a
rifle men. Let him + a machine gunner hide in the bushes looking
over the road east of the map. Also you search with a rifleman
for the scoped 98k to create a 2nd sniper. The first couple
of counter-assaults will be infantry only. Here your mini tank
will come in handy. At the 2nd assault a 20 mm mobile light
tank will show up. Now you have build in some save guards. You
can use your infantry for it (hiding in the bushes),
your light tank (hit the flank), if it gets tight your 88 flak.
 And as last resort your pak 40. The 3th assault will be a panzer
with some infantry.
During your defending reinforcements has arrived. Let 3 infantry

 lie in the bushes near the river if possible with a bazooka.
Your biggest tank should guard the middle road. And your 76 mm
 tank should drive now forward in the forest (undetected) to the
North side. Your tow gun (76 mm) should also guard the fortification.
Hide your 3th sniper somewhere in the bushes and as always
let him take out as much as possible. Now the last wave will be 4 tanks.
 The biggest and most fearsome tank is on the right side.
Since your tank has driven into the forest it should hit the engine or
hull with full power, knocking out the first tank.
Your 88 mm tank can take out the other tanks. If the tanks stands still
your infantry near the riverbank can come into action
 with there bazooka/grenades. If the enemy manages to take out your 2
main tanks you can use your 88 mm flak cannon and the
 puma you have as backup. If you have screwed everything up and all 6
tanks are camping at the village with there infantry
divisions there is 1 option over. Walk to the road (east side) from
there shoot 1 bullet and run like hell to the north.
Eventually all tanks + infantry will investigate where you have shot.
When everyone is away except 1 tank crawl your way
to the village. And hit it with an AT grenade. Because the tanks are
outside the “village” zone and you are in the zone it
is mission accomplished.

Mission accomplished!


	Bonus Mission 3: The Battle of Vernon			ee3

Here you play as German. And you are in the defensive position.
Main objective: Hold your ground.

Now when you begin you are a bit overwhelmed with the number of units
you have in command. Lets make things clear.

There is an 88 mm cannon on the right. 1 tiger tanks.
1 puma tank and some infantry. Now next to the tiger
there are 2 men
standing wit a pistol. They have some tank blockades.
Use this to block of roads between the houses. There
are also some crates
with anti tank/personal mines. First mine the middle
road + right road with anti tank mines. If there are
 some mines left, mine
also the road near the big rock on the right side.
For anti personal mines: Every entrance to the city,
 especially the middle. Now the equipment: It is best
to have on every street a
pak 40. Place an riflemen on the left flank on a mach
inegun. And place a machine gunner (you have 1) at the
 left side in the garden
behind the sandbags. Your 88 mm should be protected by
some smg + rifle infantry. And the entrance towards it
should be mined 2.
Your tiger tank should be a backup in case things gets
bad for you on 1 flank. The puma will be your infantry
killer in the beginning ^^.
Ok at the beginning place your puma on the right side.
 There the infantry will start to spawn. Kill them all
with your puma. Once it is
done with the killing immediately let him drive back to
 the town and go to your left flank. You will see on the
left side of the map a
infantry spawn coming towards you and 30 sec later the
first English tank will arrive. Here you 88 flak cannon
should do the trick if
the mines didn’t take him out. And the puma for the infantry.
Now the trick is not to lose the puma if possible.
And you will be mainly
bussy on the right flank dealing with the tanks and
controlling the flak when it is needed. After a few minutes
a halftrack will arrive
as reinforcements. Place it near your flak gun 88 mm
 for suppression fire support. Let only 2 Germans stay in the
halftrack and let the
rest reinforce where ever possible. After 15 minutes you will
have the ability to use mobile artillery. Don’t use the artillery
until you have 10 minutes left because then the big tanks begins
to attack. I managed to keep my flak (88 mm) for 20 minutes alive.
After that my tiger tank had to jump in as support. Be careful not

to lose it! When the timer says 10 minuts left you also get 2 tanks
as support. Let the tank with the small cannon support the left flank
 between the houses and the panther should support your tiger/ flak
cannon if it is alive. Some percings will enter the battlefield.
Now these are the king-tigers of the allied faction.
Try to neutralize the turret. Once the turret is down secure the
area around the tank and drive it al the way back in town.
Repair it there and you have 1 additional big ass tank for support!
 I managed to save 1 of those babies on the right side.
Once you have 1 minute left you get 2 tigers as reinforcements you
may start assaulting the allies.

By the time you have whiped them off the map its Mission accomplished.


	Bonus Mission 4: The Airstrip				ee4

Ahhhhhh greetings general, are you ready to begin?

Here you play are Russian and your objective is to take over the
airfield. Your equipment is quite heavy.
Two 76 mm Russian tanks, 1 Russian 88 mm gun, a jeep with machinegun
and a truck full of infantry.
Place all your tanks on the left side of the map and your infantry
should hide in the bushes nearby.
We are going to mess first with your sniper. So first find all
riflemen you have and your sniper of course.
Now first let we gather some more snipers. Because more snipers =
more easy kills like the first 2 missions ^^.
As always I am going to use hit and run tactics. Now the hard part
here is to clear the trenches.
First neutralize the sniper, the searchlight and the riflemen behind
the searchlight in the wooden tower.
After they are dead neutralize the ones behind the sandbags and then
the ones in the trenches.
Then we are going to kill 3 more. They are standing on a metal grid
on a tank (I don’t know who thought
that the Germans will be save there, but it isn’t smart ^^).
 Once they are down
create a hole in the fence with an anti tank grenade.
Loot the bodies but especially
find the scoped kar 98k for 1 of your riflemen. Once
that is done prepare for a big boom!
Let your sniper lie down in the trenches. And make sure
nobody else is near the full station. Throw a grenade
(normal one)
towards the oil drums and enjoy your fireworks!
Now this bad ass explosion also neutralized the pak 40.
The only German that is left is 1 machine gunner on the
left side of the station.
Because of the explosion 1 tank is warned and will drive
around the fuel depot.
Just hide your guys in the bushes until it stands still
and grenade the turret if possible for an extra tank.
Its no big deal if it gets destroyed. Now there is a 20
 mm flak cannon on the far north left side.
Neutralize that first and then lets go back to where you
came from. Loot the bodies for some ammo + grenades + health kits
if you need them.
Lets first neutralize the trenches at the air strip.
First neutralize the puma if it haven’t attacked you.
Also a 2nd German tank could come to your way for a
possible visit. Once the whole trench
line is cleared with your 2 lovely snipers it is tank
battle time. Take all your tanks and move them up the
There are some antipersonnel mines so if you want infantry
support it is wise to let them sit on the tank until they
are on the runway. Use the HE explosive shell to blow away
the 88 mm’s. If the airplanes decide to fly off simply
blow them away with your tanks. Then your snipers can clear
 the infantry in the trenches but a perfect hit with a shell
should do the job 2. Once the 88’s are destroyed move to the
evacuation point with your troops. The evacuation point is from
the spawn point towards the other side of the road.

Watch the fireworks going off and it is mission accomplished.


Bonus Mission 5: The Trap				ee5


Here you play as German. And you will see a convoy of your allies get’s
 captured by yanks in German uniform.
Now it is time to free our brothers!

*Note*: Your officer must be ALIVE to complete this mission.
So don’t use him if you don’t need him. It might be save to let him
drive the German tank destroyer.

Your equipment: You have 1 machine gunner, 4 smg’s with panzerfausts,
 2 ss soldiers, 1 officer.

The trouble points: - tanks (4 of them).

Good thing we have a machine gunner. This baby has a mg-42 75
bullets of suppression fire and is incredibly accurate if fired
in bursts.
Now lets say we will use half of our troops (the rest is in
reserve if things get’s bad). Move up your troops to the road
on your left
side and ambush the patrol there. From there let 2 men move
 to the other side of the road and lure some infantry to shoot
some bullets
near them. The yanks will start to investigate and here is
your change to ambush them. The fun part is that you have
lots and lots of
hiding. So once the yanks found out your position, relocate.
And give them some flanking fire. This should be done fairly
easy. When
all yanks are down in your perimeter, loot the corpses.
Now what I like to do is to neutralize the 40 mm on the left side.
(if it haven’t spotted you).
Let 1 German guy sneak to the back of the vehicle and
throw an anti tank grenade preferably on the turret.
Now here it might
be possible that the sherman’s got your attention and
will park the tanks near your tank and 1 on the road.
If no yanks are
standing near the wall at the farmhouse you can let a
German soldier sneak to that wall and throw an anti-tank
grenade on the
top. Or shoot some bullets towards it and let him drive
 to the field and ambush it there with your troops.
Now once the farm
is a bit cleared repair your main tank destroyer. And
if the 40 mm can be repaired, repair that one too. But
if you can have
a Sherman in possession give the Sherman more priority.
 While your troops are repairing let 2 men swim over the
little river
and knock out the 2 guys near the bridge and the patrol a
long the river. When they have cleared the riverbank let
them crawl
back to the vehicles. Clear the other side of the road so
 the yanks will not throw your tank to pieces. Then move your tank
to the road and hit the slugger on the turret or hull
(that is up to you). The 2 sherman’s on the farm land
will be warned
and will attack your tank. Your tank destroyer should
take them out fairly quickly. Once those tanks are taken
 out, clear
 the village but don’t free the prisoners yet
(or kill all the guards). Don’t be so difficult
 with clearing houses.
Just blow them away if they don’t come out
(with the tanks or grenades).

Repair the tanks that can be repaired. Lay down 10 corpses
 in a row with some smg + ammo + health kits + grenades
on the row at the road.
 Because when you free your soldiers the timer to prepare
 your defenses is starting to run. And you don’t have that
 much time.
Move your tank destroyer in such direction that is has a
 good firing position on the road next to the prisoners.
Put a the Sherman/slugger/40 mm cannon for flanking fire.
 Then grenade the guards and free your brothers.

When the ambush is starting to come > your tank destroyer
will destroy the first tank what will halt the convoy.
Then shoot with your flanking tank on the other tank on the
back or 2nd tank. And then destroy everything that doesn’t
like you. In theory they should be slaughtered in crossfire
 and explosions. If not well you have your infantry and tanks
to finish of the remaining units.

Once the Yanks are dead let your officer move to the H.Q.
(press o and click on the binoculars if you don’t know it)
 let him investigate him. Prepare a jeep for transport and
 when he is finished with investigating let
him move to the bridge
 for evacuation (in the jeep for fast evac).

Then its mission accomplished!

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