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 Midnight Nowhere

Midnight Nowhere

Final Version

Hi, back again for a PC walkthrough, yes i am far from classical sega games but
i will return, i promise. Midnight Nowhere is a clic and point and not a
resident evil like. I have found a french walkthrough on the internet but no
english one, i have done it, as usual playing games that are not played the

Homepage :
E mail :

Final Version :
Seven things are corrected so far :
1) The orange card room which is in fact the red card room,
2) The fax number has been added,
3) The red card room is the room with the computer, the desk key room is the
room where you find the screwdriver,
4) To find the vest that contains a lamp and you need to turn back once inside
the desk key room,
5) The problem with the left tap in the jail,
6) The card to use for the lift is the lift keycard found in the giant fan room
and not the business card of katzman.
7) To enter the lift i forget to mention to move a corpse lying inside the
lift. Then enter.
I think i won't update anymore the guide so good luck to you fellow players and
sorry for the mistakes.

1 Review
2 The about section
3 Walkthrough
4 Small discussion about the scenario
5 Credits

1 Review :

Here we go. No one knows this game, find it at the local store. I like the box.
A resident evil like for my PC in a hospital that sounds great. Unfortunately
once at home i discover it's a clic and point. Bad surprise ! Anyway i must
play it as i have bought it. I am not a fan of this kind of game. I have played
Rise of the dragon and Willy Beamish on my old sega cd, some other were adapted
and i enjoyed them but it's not as fun as a RPG. Here dialogues and
observations are the master key. It allows some very dark humour in Midnight
Nowhere according to the strange idea you can have to exit of the current
situation. You could be surprise, really !

Now about the presentation, it is composed by 3 FMV, opening, ending and
beginning of the game after you press start. They are good for a PC (i prefer
the one on consoles). The programmers have understand that on PC people like
good FMV (call them CG movie or cinema i don't care). The result is correct but
they are still short.

Graphically half of the game is really impressive. In terms of atmosphere only,
imagine that you will play simultaneously to resident evil 1 and 2. In the
hospital it's frightening, you're alone and you see lots of cadavers. There are
lots of rooms to explore but they are locked and you must find keycards and
keys. In the second half you are in a police station. At the beginning it
really sucks when you have to talk to the people, but once they are dead the
atmosphere of terror is back. Unfortunately it is not as good as in the

The animation is what it is. You see a 3D character evolves in a 2D world. He
can interact with lots of things but in fact you won't see anything wonderful.
I really regret you can't run cause sometimes when you search for your way
(without this guide) you have to visit all the rooms to find the details you
haven't noticed.

The sound is attractive in the first part of the game. I simply shut it down
when i arrived in the police station. It begins by an awful country music and
then the atmosphere in other rooms is less good in overall than in the
hospital. I appreciate the dialogues in the game and especially the voice
acting. Perfect english accent (not as in grandia 2 for example) and for
foreigners, i can add that the translation is more than correct. In french i
encounter absolutely no grammar errors. Impressive.

The gameplay is clic and clic. You can give a 20 to it but i found some bugs
with the cursor. The default action to do on an object is all the times the bad
one. If you wish to do some extras or to clic on an item in other way you will
have to do it by yourself. I found also very poor that in the instruction
manual they didn't explain how to combine or to transform some objects. It's
scandalous, i lost 2 or 3 hours on poor riddles cause of this.

In overall i didn't appreciate most of the game. I really hate the scenario.
It's dull, ok good point but the ending (spoiler sorry) is very stupid. It's
not the first time i encounter such terrible ending, it's pretty similar to "
Mary Shelley Frankenstein in the eyes of the monster ". Another great clic and
point where the ending is awful. Usually the ending is not very good because
the atmosphere is not, but by doing this the programmers didn't think to fellow
players that search for hours to solve the riddles. Sorry but i expected more
than the bad ending and the black screen after it to show me how stupid i was
to complete the game. Before i end the test, i would like to mention the only
bug of the game, near the end, to  open the last desk, you need  to play the
event in the good order, you can't go there by your own, else the game will
crash. In conclusion this game is half interesting and is not as exciting as it
sounds. The game is not that hard and will resist you 2 or 3 days maximum but
the quality of the ending and the very difficult scenario to understand greatly
kill the game interest.

GRAPHICS : 16/20
SOUND : 15/20
CONTROLS : 19/20
INTEREST : 12/20

ADK, currently nowhere.

2 The about section :

This section will be in each guide i will product from now.

ABOUT MY ENGLISH : i know it's an awful one, but it's the only one i have.
Correct me if you wish that's the best you can do. I am kind enough to warn
you so don't expect answering to hate mail or to a question like : " Is this
your first language ? ".

ABOUT MY E MAIL ADRESS : Please write to me only for true questions. Most of
the time, i know it by the poor questions i received, you write to me just
because you have seen my name near the faq. You don't want to read my faq but
you want a quick advice. Sorry to say this but i'm tired of these mails.

ABOUT THIS FAQ : This faq is basically dedicated to my own site and to
gamefaqs. If you wish to download it for your own site, ask for the permission
but it's not all misters and misses webmasters. Think to update my faq, because
when i correct my english or post an update with more informations it's on
gamefaqs but never on YOUR sites.
THE RESULT IS EASY TO IMAGINE : i receive questions about things that are in an
update and some people continue to ask me when i will complete the faq of Skies
Of Arkadia...
Conclusion : if you download my faqs, be sure to download the updates as you do
for an emulator. It will work better for everyone.

3 Walkthrough :


The Morgue :

You exit of the cellophane bag. The first thing to do is to exit of this room.
Turn back and find a table with a microscope. Take it. Near this table is an
axe inside a cabinet. Use the microscope on it to break the window (third
cursor). Now you have an axe and if you look closely you can take a part of the
broken glass.

Now go to the fridge on the left of the room. Use the axe to cut the wire and
take it. Examine now the other cadavers. There is inside the further bag a
woman, inside the middle one a guy in leather pant. His tatoo is named "Ariel".
keep this in mind. The last cadaver is a cast member of this eerie hospital.
Use the fourth cursor to move his hand and then cut the thumb with the axe.

You will see a closet near the electric control panel, open the window with the
paper on it. You read a code 654321.

Last thing to do is going near the electric control panel and open it with the
axe. Remove the old wire. Here is the tricky part : open the inventory and
select the broken glass, now choose the fourth cursor. Use the broken glass on
the wire to obtain a "working wire". Use this working wire on the panel to
activate it.

You can exit of the morgue. You have in your inventory :
A microscope, An axe and A thumb.

In the next room, Look at the broken door and then simply use the lift to
access to the upper floor.

You arrive in a corridor full of rooms to explore.

Go to the opposite of where you are and find the only door you can open with
the thumb.


First pick up the ground key on the floor. Second pick up the Desk Key on the
desk and now look at the desk closely. You find a drawer. Open it with the axe.
Read the note and take the blue card. Examine the books and read the one before
the last book on the left to find the red card. You notice a digicode and you
will use it later. Exit.


Go straight and enter another room. On the right is a door, open it. You find a
fax, listen to the message and then push the "auto" button. If you don't set up
the fax on auto you won't be able to use it.
Now go to the desk and read the note. Then choose the fourth cursor to move the
dead doctor. You take his card. Exit. Go back to the corridor.


Advance to the new screen, you see only one door. Open this one with the desk
key. Turn back as if you wish to exit. You find a locker on the right of the
screen. Look at the vest and then search in it for a lamp. Now explore the room
and find a screwdriver. Near the entrance is a part  of the room you can access
(on the left). Read the note on the cupboard, then take the horseshoe. You can


Continue to advance, on the left is a door that you can open with the Red Card.
Look at the screen. Enter the code ARIEL, it's a qwerty keyboard so even the
european must use the azerty keyboard as a qwerty one. The code is "qriel".
Note on a paper the locker code 928374. Exit.


Straight of you is the camera room. Open it with the GROUND KEY. Inside look at
the videorecorder and find a videotape. Exit.

Go back in the corridor to the small office. Near this room is a door you can
open with the blue card.


Examine the sofa and find the remote controller, use it on the TV to switch it
on. Now use the videotape on the videorecorder. Look at the video (it's long).
You see a nurse doing the code and then a guy that looks like the hitman
destroys the electric controle panel. I suggest you note the code 260731. Last
use the screwdriver on the working device to obtain the first battery for the
lamp. Now use the horseshoe on the calendar of Victoria Lollipop and you obtain
a Key. Use it to open the locker of Kolya. You find the circuit breaker. Exit.

Go to the door you see in the video and use the screwdriver to open the panel.
You must use the circuit breaker to switch it on. Open the door by using the
code 260731 on the digicode.

You arrive in a brand new floor full of rooms, yeah !!

You will be less happier when you will understand that only 2 doors open, one
door is in the dark, the cardiologist room (you need a second battery for the
lamp) and the other door is near the chair (on the right wall), what i called
the experience lab. I will let you progress to it (and don't email me saying
you can't find it, i am talking of the lab and not of the second battery).


Inside you find the cadaver of the guy who destroyed the control panel in the
video. Near him is a scalpel take it. You can check the body of the nurse.
Insist a bit and you find the key of her locker. Near her hand is a condom.

In this corridor (after this room), there is one locked door and at the end of
this corridor are the toilets.


Open the tap and fill the condom with the water. Exit.

Go back to the second floor and enter the restroom. Open Lara's locker. You
find in it a... well something specific to the women. Use your screwdriver to
obtain the second battery. Give it to your lamp. You can now access the dark
room of the first floor (cardiologist room).


Curiously the light is on but it's a bug. Use the lamp and with it in your
hand, switch on the light. Now you can search for, in the vest, a SAFE KEY.
Advance near the cadaver and find the ammos. Exit.

Go back to the upper floor again. Use the scalpel to open the locked door near
the Camera room. You reach the fan room.


Your goal is now to stop the fan to go through the way. Throw the condom on the
panel on the other side. Once the circuit are broken, go to the other side. You
find a gun, reload it with the ammos. You find Katzman card : I rename this
card into LIFT KEYCARD (some of you though it was the business card you need to
use). Exit of here.

Go to the camera room and open the safe with the SAFE KEY. You find a floppy

Go back to the small office, enter it and use the digicode. Enter 928374.


Look at the carpet, you find a key below. Look at the table, you find a key
behind a cup. Now use both key to activate the computer. You find a menu named
morgue. You must enter 3 codes corresponding to the number you found on the bag
in the morgue. There are :

Knecht 100001
Lastikova 906090
Belov 270871.

Now examine the newly open wall to understand a part of the plot and take the
pencil and the notebook. Use the fourth cursor on the pencil after you open
your inventory and it becomes a key.

Now go to the red card room and insert the floppy disk. Use the floppy menu and
send the password by fax. It's possible that you need to enter the fax number,
94511, which is on the card you found on Katzman. Go to the doctor desk and
examine the fax. The codes are :



Go to the desk key room. Remember the desk where you take the screwdriver, use
the fourth cursor on the sheet under it to discover a safe. Open this safe with
the key obtained from the pencil. You find a note with a code BJRVR.

Now go to the first floor and to the lift. To enter the lift you need to move a
corpse. It's not so evident, sometimes you can do it with the first cursor,
sometimes you need to use the fourth or the third. Then you can enter. Use the
card of Katzman (not the business card), the lift keycard, once inside and
enter this code 9994. Then enter the emergency code 654321. You access to the
welcome floor.

Advance and you find 2 doors. One is opened but useless. The second door must
be shot with the gun. Enter the office and close the window to cut the head of
the guy. Exit and go to the hall. Move a carpetnear the no head guy to close a
valve. Go to the bathroom now.


Apporach of the girl. Inspect her hand until your notebook becomes green. Read
it to find the code 2000. Use this code on the locker in this room to find the
control panel key of the welcome area.

Go to this panel and open it. Enter the code by pressing the appropriate button
: Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, Red. The button you must push have the inital
letter of each color under it.

Congratulations you can exit of the hospital !!! Now you chat with some cops.
Answer whatever you want (i suggest to say "none of your business to accelerate
the procedure) and you will be arrested. You are now in the jail.



Talk to the prisonners. You wish to cut off the water. Use the tap on the 2
valves. Now the water stops. Try to use the shave but you don't have the blade.
Talk again to the prisonners and they say you must ask to the guard.

The guard answers that you already had a blade and he won't give another to you.

Now try to approach of the big guy, he says you must choose your bed and stop
bothering him while he plays. Apply all the icons on the 3 beds. Each time the
answer is negative. Go back one step and talk to the big guy. You can ask him 3
questions, then you will watch a scene and you will talk to the true leader.

You must find 3 cards with a riddle on it. Look at the radiator and move all 3
cakes. You find the blade for the shave. Look at the bed under the leader and
you find an aluminium wire. Look at the bed of the leader and take the black
wire. Now look at the ground under the card players and take one special card.
Look at the picture on the table, with the blade, cut it to find a second card.

Show to the guy the as. The answer to the riddle is 5. Ask twice for his
glasses and he tells another riddle.

Go near the toilets. Look at the tank. Remove the syphon. Use the lever to
empty the water. Choose the fourth cursor to transform the aluminium wire into
a hook. Apply the hook on the black wire. Use this newly obtained hook to find
6 cards. Look at the taps, choose the fourth cursor to move the one on the left
(It must point to the north so the water can't come and you can use the hook to
fish the seventh card) Use again the hook to find a seventh card.

More details submitted by Sammy :

"Use the fourth icon on the left hand tap to turn it upside down, then use the
hook on the tap to fish out the seventh card."

Now show this card to the leader and answer 44. Next choose one of the six
cards and answer Batman. You obtain the glasses.

Read the last card and show it to the leader. Answer is Balzac. Now talk to the
leader and knock many times on the door.

After the questionning you are being placed in a small cell and everyone is
killed. Take the scissor and the medikit. Use the scissor on the bed. It breaks
but you obtain a cotton. Use the trash as if it was a stool. Climb on it and
look inside the hole to find some blood. Apply the blood on the cotton, it
turns red. Use the cotton on the lock.

Now open the inventory and use the fourth cursor on the broken scissor. Apply
it on the medikit. Use this item to obtain the gun from the cadaver of the
guard. Use the gun to open the door.

In cell 103 you must take the cellular phone. In cell 101 you must take the
knife and exit. In the corridor take the extinguisher. In the first aid kit you
find some ammoniac and some dimedirol.Use the extinguisher on the red button to
open the door.


Take the paper and read the note. Exit.


Take the queue. Look at the door to obtain its code 30461 and go straight.


Examine her desk. You can find the code 8381 and the code FLORALIFE (florqlife
in qwerty). Take the news paper on the wall. Make it slide under the door in
front of you. Use the knife to open it.


You enter the torture room. Advance and find a cadaver with a Magnetic card
inside a pocket. Exit.

Back to Maslova office, find the exit to the toilets.


Open the door, search for a key in the guy. Exit.

Go back to the Pool room and this time exit right.


Look at Salami's desk. Look at Sloidze's one to read hat his code is his intial
letters (AGS). The right order is SQG (in qwerty). Use the magnetic card to
open the door.


Find in it your file and then use the stamp on the white paper to obtain your
fingernail. Go back to Maslova Office and this time exit by the "visible door".


Now use the PC. First, read the e mail. Then use the paper with your fingernail
on the scanner. Use the computer to scan your fingernail. Send the file, Scan
49 to Maslova. Go back to Salami's office.


See the digicode, input 8381. It burns. Use the queue on the left of the door
to open it. Use the computer. select the fourth cursor to navigate into the

For Sloidze, enter SQG, read the documents, exit.
For Kobalska enter ELVIRQ (elvira in qwerty), read and exit.
For Maslova enter FLORQLIFE, receive the mail, save the file on the disk, open
it, exit.

Now choose to go on the net. Choose the first adress.

Choose Karasko and enter 17653007 then STUFF. Read the file about you, a secret
agent man. exit and choose GORIN. Enter 17789006 then ELDORQDO (eldorado) and
open door 30461. While in this section, you must go to the cellular phone
section and reactivate the first member or else you won't be able to call
anyone. You can exit.

DOOR 30461 :

Enter and you find an old buddy in bad shape. Use the ammoniac to awake him.
Use the dimedirol then. Advance to the jail and use the queue to obtain a
cigarette in the bag (four times). Enter Room 1.

ROOM 1 :

Look at the guy. Find a floppy disk, the time of his death (2308, code for
later), a lighter and a paper with a code on it. Go left to room 2.

ROOM 2 :

Use the fax, you have 2 codes now, Kay52 and GKDA25. Take the battery from the
mouth of the guy at the desk. Associate it to your phone. You can now call
people. Find the CD on the hifi system and exit. Back to room 1, exit to room 3
on the right.

ROOM 3 :

Now answer this damned phone, until it stops to ring. Exit to room 4.

ROOM 4 :

The first door can be opened with the small key you found earlier.

ROOM 5 :

You find some cocaine here, exit.

Go back to the wounded guy (whip) and give him the cigarette, the lighter and
the cocaine. He gives you a phone number and die. You can call Stupor at 24343.
He asks you a cartridge code, the one of Belov. Go back to Room 4 and this
time, look at the second door. It's locked, but you can remove the picture with
WC on it. You find a digicode, which is 2308.

ROOM 6 :

Use the computer, input GRDQ25, then choose belov, input KQY52 then 8032000 is
activated. A drawer opens and you obtain the cartridge. Call 24343 and give the
code, Orange and Yellow.

Go back to cell 102, where you begin the second part, and knock on the door.
Talk to the guard. Open the magazine, then go to the word games and give the
answer NEBUCHADNEZZAR to the guard. He opens the door to the final passageway.
use it, climb the ladder and you have completed this game.

4 Small discussion about the scenario :

Ok, i suppose that the scenario stays unclear even if the game is completed.
Why the hero lost his memory ? Probably because he was hurt by the executioner.
By the way who is he ? in fact they are two and they are 2 men working for that
Stupor (a kingpin) and Belov (the mad scientist). The government sent an agent
to stop Belov and replace him in oder to find Stupor. Belov's men began to kill
everyone to make a terror in town (it will even become a reality show to
survive 3 days in this town). Gorin has been hurt too but the bad guys simply
gave him something so he lost his memory and they let him as dead. They were
hoping he will awake while they continue to display the terror in town. That's
exactly what he did and at the end he has been caught and now he knows the same
fate as Belov. The only difference is that it seems to be forever and not for a

5 Credits :

Thanks to Seventh Level who reminds me that you need to enter the fax number to
send the password.
Thanks to Sammy for the details about the tap and the seventh card.
Thanks to lei-wen chia, she reminds me that you need to move a corpse to enter
the lift to the welcome floor.
Thanks to Pierre Fournier for mentioning the error about red card room et desk
key room.

This walkthrough is copyrigthed 2004, ask for permission to use it on your
site. I will probably be back for a walkthrough for Spellforce (PC) and Shining
Soul 2 (GBA).



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