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 Might and Magic 2

Might and Magic 2

General informations:
You start at the inn of the town Middlegate with 6 prerolled or your own 
characters.  I myself used the characters that came with the game and put 
them in this order:
Sir Felgar (knight) - Terwin III (paladin) - Sure Valla (archer) - The Hermit 
(robber) - Gene Eric (cleric) - Cassandra (sorcerer).  When I got hirelings I 
put them in slots 3 and 4 unless clerics and sorcerers which I put in slots 5 
and 6.
M&M2 contains 60 16x16 square mazes, which are divided in 5 towns and 
their caverns, 20 outdoor mazes, 4 castle mazes, 6 castle dungeon mazes, 16 
caves and the 4 elemental mazes.  To help you get around and raise your 
character's abilities, be sure to take advantage of the secondary skills.  
When you get hirelings, take notice of their skills, so you can change those 
of your characters if you want to.  Remember to MAP everything and write 
down any hint you get during your progress plus the exact location of 
these.  Also note, that drinks and food recipes can sometimes offer much 
help if you use them properly.  Remember to check in at an inn to save 
your status if you get new vital information or complete a task and so on.  
Some hints are more important than others like hints on special battles, 
interleaves, keys and a few more.
1. Middlegate - the beginning.
Start exploring Middlegate.  Go to the blacksmith and equip your 
characters.  Be sure to equip the fighters first.  Find the locations of the 
tavern, Otto Mapper, Track and trail, Edmund's expeditions (the last three 
provide some vital secondary skills), Lock and key, the temple, the mage 
guild, the training hall and the Arena.  Raise your characters up to level 
three by fighting and then visit Nordon at 10,2.  Accept his quest and go to 
the cavern at 8,15.  In this cavern are many clues and hints, but to solve 
Nordon's quest you need to go to 0,7.  Return the goblet to Nordon and get 
your reward.  Follow his advice and visit his sister Nordonna at 1,2.  Accept 
her quest as well and resque Sir Hyron and Drog in the cavern at 0,15.  
Return to Nordonna to learn about your first hirelings and the secrets of 
the well at 15,15.  Follow her advices.  It is up to you if you want to take 
the hirelings before or after donating at each of the five temples (don't 
forget the temple at Middlegate) but note that if you rest with the hirelings 
you have to pay them.  After getting the castle key (which is vital to get 
into the castles, give it to your robber) you are ready for next town.  Of 
course you should finish exploring Middlegate and its cavern first.
2.  Sandsobar
Here you should begin finding the usual places - the blacksmith, the inn, 
the tavern, the training hall, the temple and the mage guild.  Here are also 
good secondary skills for your robber.  Explore the slums carefully and note 
hints about Nature's day (of course you can spare a dime for some poor 
beggars, don't you).  Don't worry about the graffiti at 11,3.  You can explore 
the cavern at this point if you like but perhaps you'll need more strength to 
finish it.  When you have had enough of this town for now its time for 
3.  Tundara
Start as usual finding the same places as before.  A little wall-bunching is 
needed to find all the locations.  You can try your strength against the 
frozen animals if you like but don't go to the region between the inner and 
outer wall yet unless you are suicidal.  Of course you can try your luck at 
the cavern.
4.  Vulcania
Here are some good secondary skills for your fighters.  As before, this is 
mainly a exploratory trip but don't forget the statues at the town square.  I 
wouldn't go to the cavern without the Levitation spell if I were you.
5.  Atlantium
Don't waste your hard earned money - this is an expensive town!  Later, 
when you have earned so much that you don't know what to do with it you 
can take advantage of some fine secondary skills and so on but at this 
moment you should look at the statuaries located at the east and west 
walls.  The cavern is not meant for beginners!
6.  Your first trip to the outer world
Now you are ready to start exploring the outer world.  I strongly 
recommend you start from Middlegate with 2 characters equipped with the 
secondary skills Mountaineer and Pathfinder.  A crusader and a navigator 
could also come handy.  When you leave town you will first meet your 
guardian pegasus and hopefully will discover his name later (it is not vital 
but try to take a linguist to C3).  If you have done as I told you and written 
down all hints you will be now know what you want to look for this time.  
(Later on as your party gets stronger, you will of course explore every 
single square in every single maze in the game).  You will by now have 
heard about Castle Xabran, Lloyd's Beacon, Castle Pinehurst, Queen 
Lamanda and many more.  So lets start heading north to find Corak's cave 
at C2-5,11.  You can go there through the woods if you have 2 pathfinders 
but try to find the path.  Enter the cave and get the spell Lloyd's Beacon.  
You should be able to finish off the northern half of the cave this time but 
unless you've got admit 8 pass found in the cavern below Sandsobar you 
cannot enter the southern part and its not to be bothered with this time 
Back to the surface, go back to the main road and walk north to Castle 
Woodhaven.  Enter if you have a crusader and visit Lord Hoardall at 9,11.  
Accept one of his quests if you like but note that if you do, you must 
complete it to be offered other quests at Castle Woodhaven or Castle 
Hillstone.  So, I wouldn'd bother with any other but the Lord's quest, which 
you have plenty of time to solve.
Now leave the castle and find your way to Tundara.  (This first outdoor 
tour is very much like the guided tour around the towns; you are learning 
your way around).  Trail your way back to C1 and try visiting 1,1 to get 
another quest, which as most of the quests in this game, can be solved 
anytime you like.  Go back to Square Lake and take the trail that crosses 
the river below the lake.  Follow the river soutwards until you find a weird 
dude walking on the river.  Here you should be able to get the spell Walk 
on water by now.  Go back to the trail and head east until you see a sign 
pointing north to the Luxus Palace Royal (queen Lamanda).  Don't go there 
yet.  Instead backtrail to C2 and take the path that leads south at 14,4.  
Follow that path to the woods and turn east.  Walk on to D3 and turn at 
13,3 to the south.  At the end of this road is Castle Hillstone where you find 
Lord Slayer at 5,2.  If you accepted Lord Hoardall's quest you can do 
nothing here by now, else you can accept Lord Slayer's quest.  Go back and 
turn east at 13,10 (D4), which will take you to Sandsobar.  Now go back to 
the Square Lake and explore the east side of the lake.  You will find castle 
ruins and later you should be able to determine which castle this is and 
how to get there.  Now it is time to find the way to Vulcania (maybe you 
will have some nice fights on the way, I will wait meanwhile...)
Ahh, back already?  Now we will take the road that leads to castle 
Pinehurst on the west side of the lake (come on, you know which lake).  
Don't bother with the circus until between days 140 and 170 (see part 11 
of this walkthrough).  At 14,7 at A2 you will find some wagon tracks; this is 
the way to Sarakin's Mine, a good place to get rejuvenated - but only when 
you are a lot stronger than now.  Go on to Castle Pinehurst and find Lord 
Peabody at 4,3.  Accept his quest (and this is a vital one for the solution of 
the game).
7.  Getting stronger
If you think I forgot about the road to Atlantium you're wrong!  I expect 
you to find your way to the island as you grow stronger.  Now it is time for 
you to raise your characters.  This you do by exploring the rest of the town 
caverns, the outside world and the three castles already located.  
Remember to take every hint and every location of anything you learn 
about.  Battle in the Arena, The Monster Bowl and the Colosseum if you like 
using the appropriate tickets.  As I told in the beginning, take special notice 
to hints on keys, queen Lamanda and the triple crown battles.  If you 
stump upon new hirelings or informations about those, you should free 
them and change hirelings as they will almost certainly be stronger (and 
more expensive) than Nordonna's sons.  Don't miss the location of Mount 
Farwiew at D2-7,0.  Also, on your way you will find some encoded 
messages in three colors; green, yellow and red, and the three clues to 
these messages, the green, yellow and red interleaves, are located at three 
different places.  If you have problems decoding these messages, the 
solution is written at the end of this walkthrough.
8.  Lord Peabody's quest
Worried about day 93?  Well, there are two ways to to get Natures Gate.  To 
have your own clerics learn it go to C3-1,9.  Note the old druid's food and 
let your cleric order it at the proper tavern.  Go back - and you've got it!  
The other way is to free the two captives at Native's Cove at B4.  Explore 
the area and don't give up until you succeed.  These two hirelings will 
probably be your best so far (after I got much stronger and freed the 
prisoners at Sarakin's Mine, I used them mostly throughout the end of the 
game).  Go back to Lord Peabody and get your reward, the license to use 
the time machine!
9.  Queen Lamanda
Now you should be ready for Queen Lamanda.  Go to Luxus Palace Royal 
defeating Mandagaul on your way and visit the queen at 7,13.  By now, you 
should know that you have to win the triple green key battle, the triple 
yellow, the triple red and the triple black.  Start by buying three green 
tickets at Middlegate and the green key at Lock and Key Ltd.  Win the 
three battles at the Arena, the Monster bowl and the Colosseum.  Then go 
to castle Woodhaven and free the bishop of green battle from his 
imprisonment with the green key and collect your reward.  Repeat this 
process for the other color battles.  The bishop of yellow is in Castle 
Pinehurst, the bishop of red is in Castle Hillstone and the bishop of black is 
in Luxus Palace Royale.  Now go back to the queen to find out that she still 
demands some more deeds to be done before you can get an audience.  
Time for more strenghtening.
10.  Castle Xabran
This is a good time for exploring this castle from the last century.  You 
know now where it is and how to get there, don't you?  In this castle, you 
should be able to find complete information about the locations of all spells 
and all hirelings.  Here are also 4 vital objects for completing the game, the 
four elemental discs.  Also, in each of the other four castles, is a vital
object for your main quest.
11.  The circus.
By the way this is not a necessary task.  Go to the circus, then to D3-7,13 
with a cupie doll.  Follow the old man's advices and then return to the 
circus to raise the ability you like.
12.  The druid's cave and Murray's Resort Island.
To get most out of the island, you should buy at least one guided tour from 
the agency at Middlegate.  But go first to the Druid's cave to get a lot of 
information, much strenght and at least one spell.  Don't forget to finish off 
Horvath and only then go to Murray's island.  Explore the cave (if you have 
problems defeating the stone golems, then just skip them for now) to find 
the power oil and some information on your quest and then try to visit 
Murray.  To do this, you must head the signs on the way to his room.  He 
will offer you a quest, accept it and return after finishing it for your 
13.  The plus quest.
Now you should be ready for the long and somewhat tedious quest of the 
jurors on Mount Farwiew.  If you, for instance, start out with the knight's 
quest, you go to Middlegate Inn and get rid of all other characters but 
knights and robbers (remember, robbers can help in all quests).  Then go to 
all inns and collect all hirelings that are knights and robbers.  Equip them 
and take off to defeat the dread knight.  After that you go to the mountain 
to confirm your deed and then back to Middlegate to train your characters 
some 10 levels!  Repeat this process for all the characters you plan to use in 
the final quest.  If you are not using barbarians and ninjas, you don't have 
to finish their tasks.
After you have had all your favorite characters gain their plus, you gather 
them together again and visit queen Lamanda.  She will accept them as the 
stalwart band to rescue her father from the battle with the mega dragon, 
which happened last century.  Remember, to get her goodwill, all your 
characters visiting her must have won the triple battles and finished their 
plus quests.
14.  Some more training and money-making.
Now you are almost ready for the elemental planes but I assume you are 
getting low on money.  No problem anymore!  Your characters are so strong 
by now that they will have an easy riding in the dragon's dominion at D1, 
where a lot of money can be collected (I'm talking millions of gold each 
time you visit the cave).  Just don't bother with the ancient dragon until 
you have discovered the secrets of the desert at E2.  Underways, don't 
forget to visit the nomad's cave at E3 for a lot of information.  And the 
gemmaker's cave at E1 should also be visited at this time.
15.  The elemental planes, the orb and king Kalohn.
Now it is time to get the four elemental talons.  To do this you must have 
the four discs from castle Xabran.  I will not give you the excact locations of 
the talons but don't leave the elemental planes until you have found the 
red messages as well (3 of those at earth plane and 2 at the others).
After collecting the 4 talons, you go for the elemental orb.  It is located in 
Dawn's cave (D4 3,8) at 10,15.  On the way you must defeat the orb 
guardians and to get the orb, you must possess the fluxer, the todilor, the 
radicon and the capitor.  To escape from the cave with the orb, you must 
give it to a hireling and then dismiss that hireling.  He will return to the
inn you last checked into and wait for you there.
Now you visit your friend, lord Peabody, and use his time machine to get to 
era 8.  Go one step north and voops!  You are watching king Kalohn the 
vanguished preparing for the battle with the mega dragon.  The king will 
ask you for the talons and the orb.  Accept his request and you have 
changed history!  The dragon is defeated and the king thanks you and asks 
you to see him at Luxus Palace Royale.  Go there and get information on 
your final quest.
16.  The final quest.
The Square Lake Cavern is a very difficult one and you should by all means 
have finished off the dragon's dominion first to get get a BIG raise on your 
hit points (defeat the ancinent dragons, then explore the upper right half 
and then the lower right half of the cavern).  When you at last after a great 
effort have killed the evil threat, you'll have to solve a cryptogram in 15 
minutes.  This changes each time you get there but the solution is always 
the same:
The answer is always PREAMBLE as stated, so encode PREAMBLE according 
to the cryptogram and its solution ... and you have saved Cron!!!
When you arrive at Middlegate, don't forget to train your characters a LOT
for the sequel.
P.S. If you find out how to get to squares 7,6 - 9,6 in dragon's dominion, 
please email me!
The solutions to the colored messages:
Fe iuteeustj ceetuFi virs ri sAb aaoritrs
oaivaoc eehuwhss naeTeno aoacs bciltsth k
rcnil ot,eerh i Mtrwrl uopptl.Readlh het.
 hdd bmr   yirdao v.a gpfprea orn  ew ia
For each individual to become true, see the jury which resides at Mount 
Farview. Travel in groups of appropriate class. A Robber can aid all others 
with their task.
Ifti ecuul Wbu, es md.wife t ye.In Ts conoed Came  y
 pcsnhs d int yoe an Hldd heou Dnehoacolw , iresstou
er yangata ddou to wiserby t arir ugid. thgocu tat t
sooucemekeumn'caysho hne aoy tnkLih , Wior bs o isru
na'd, es ab t n  t cutss t, ip fmionnothouacanratily
l  lwi y cprfeofo an i irehe frotscew  tghk d iscs h
stikthouhaizelfean bn s e. gorm  p iithilytople  wat
ate  c snces br  oe thdw Fiv fthoot  irs s taythhied
istoirhoe., adthldhae aroresree l.was t athe gosch.
If personal statistics you'd like to enhance, with circus games you should 
take a chance. Win dumb prizes, but don't feel bad, you can offer these toys 
to an old man who can be had. His hut in the wilderness is dwarfed by a 
tree. For the toy, he gives you a tip for free. Drink from the Inner Limits 
pool. Though once it was acid, now it is cool. With thirst now thoroughly 
sated, go back to the Cicus and play games to raise those statistics which 
you truly hated.
Tane seCre d  Con.lidch ay.encCe avenb.ingtswthe tomus
ociolu owoneBol Neiuamayl Re whcal ts S fr or lap tt h
 entioTn , woosxt,tll fu eqithon hro avom ahaurr
rt n irmuithwse th y lfidue thsbeughae desh Tgeost ied
iwrs vist Arlume pisoll este Qe s tinthtruehemetswhly
goneryp fena  tartn tthes aueeneeme de cti n ricaicfix
hgs lolir, Mao y mdhair tn n s n.wit deon pvis tgh . J
t, ng.estonsnbeustit periauo tO  h TOadandasio feyoVC
 th Th  bterd w spveasonndihe nTralor K gest ind u 
To right ancient wrongs, the solution is very long. The Triple Crown must 
first be done, with Arena, Monster Bowl and Colosseum to be won. Next, the 
party must split individually so that each may fulfill their personal destiny. 
Request an audience with the Queen so the Chosen One can be seen.  Travel 
through time with Talons and Orb. Save the dead King from destruction and 
get the password. Then visit the lake geometrics to find passage to that 
which you must hurriedly fix. JVC

Bjorgvin R. Leifsson


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