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 Might and Magic VIII FAQ

Might and Magic VIII FAQ



The Official Capitalized Plant List for Might and Magic VIII


This FAQ is copyright 2005-2010 by Stanley E. Dunigan (

This FAQ may be posted and used anywhere by anyone as long as it's unaltered,
but always check for the latest version. also has
it, but I can't figure out how to update things on it anymore.

Also, check the Universal Hint System website ( for my
complete Might and Magic VIII hint file. It's not a FAQ-style walkthru, but it
includes a lot more game details than this FAQ does.


This FAQ isn't a walkthru of any sort, but only contains details on the super-
secret "capitalized plants" that MM8 has in it. Several of the trees and other
plants have names that start with a capital letter, like "Tree" instead of
"tree," "Flower" instead of "flower," etc. Each of these capitalized plants will
do something special at least once if you click on them, and if your currently
selected character has a certain number of points in the Repair skill (note that
expert and master status don't count -- only actual points).

NOTE: Some recently discovered capitalized secret items aren't actually plants,
but rocks and secret walls. However, they're really the same sort of thing, so
they're included, too.

If you know of a capitalized plant (or whatever) that I don't have listed, send
me an e-mail at the address listed in the copyright section.


This version adds in the secret unlabeled rock treasure in Alvar that Steanne
McCall wrote in about.


This version adds in a secret crate in Ravage Roaming's Barbarian Fortress that
Alex Urazov told me about.


I added two new secret items (a rock in Ironsand Desert and a wall in Alvar)
that Max Lechte told me about.


Tudor Conman wrote in with a "Rock" in the Ravage Roaming area that is really a
secret treasure chest.


I removed the statement from the copyright section that complained about
GameFAQS rejecting this file (because they finally accepted it!).


I've added two recent capitalized plant sightings, one in Garrote Gorge and one
in Regna.


The creation of this FAQ was inspired by Flemming UpJohn of Arhus, Denmark, who
recently wrote in with one of the best capitalized plant finds yet (the
treasure-chest "Tree" in the Ravenshore area). I'd already decided to never do
another release of my UHS hint file for MM8, so I created this FAQ to list the
specific details of all known capitalized plants.


NOTE: If you ever open up one of the secret items that I say has an artifact
item in it and you don't find an artifact, it's because you've already "caught
your limit" of artifacts on your current playthru. I'm not sure what that limit
is (though it's fairly high, like 50 or 60 or something), but it's the only
reason you wouldn't get an artifact when you should. Such artifact limits have
existed since MM6.

*** Dagger Wound Island
^^^ Repair skill required: 3 for the first one, and 5 for the second one

There are two known capitalized plants in this area. The first is a "Palm tree"
that's very close to the caravan wagons where you start the game. Click on it to
get a single cheap reagent or empty potion bottle.

The other one is the "Flower" that's near the cluster of four treasure chests on
one of the small islands that the teleporter stones can take you to. It's about
halfway between the chests and the nearby huts. Click on it to get a one-time
prize of a randomly generated level 1 treasure ring. It can be up to +5 in
power, so you'll want to save your game before clicking on the "Flower" and keep
restoring and trying again until you get something really good.

*** Ravenshore
^^^ Repair skill required: none for the first two, and 3 for the third one

This is rare three-plant area. One of them is a "Tree" which is in town. It's
behind Reaver's home, east of the giant crystal. When you click on it, it'll
find the first potion it can in your inventories (it goes in a left-to-right,
top-to-bottom order), empty the potion out of the bottle, and hand you back the
empty potion bottle. In other words, it's a stinkin' drunk! It can be useful if
you have potions you don't want and are desperate for empty bottles, but don't
let it slurp up your best potions!

Another one, brought to my attention by Flemming UpJohn, is the real prize. Find
the large bridge that crosses the river a ways north and west of the town and
look for another "Tree" along the river's shore just west of the bridge's south
end. It's one of those droopy willow-lookin' trees, and you'll probably get the
attention of several dire wolves as you hunt for it. But it's mega-worth it
because it opens up like a treasure chest and has a genu-wine artifact item in
it! The artifact is randomly chosen when you first sail to Ravenshore from
Dagger Wound Island, so you might want to save your game right before sailing
and then restore it if the artifact you get isn't something you can use right

David (penguinmaestro) wrote in to say that there's another "Tree" just NW of
the scuzzy, dirty NW section of town. In particular it's the closest tree that's
NW of Jack's Hovel. It, like the "Palm tree" on Dagger Wound Island, just gives
a single cheap reagent or empty potion bottle when clicked on.

*** Alvar
^^^ Repair skill required: 7 for the first one, 5 for the second one, and none
    for the third and fourth ones

Yet another two-plant area. The most useful one is a "Pine tree" that's up on a
mountain near the very NW corner of the Alvar map. Search for it by going west
from the ogre camp that has a cauldron. When you find the tree, click on it over
and over to get lots of Boost potions. They have no power rating and are
therefore useless to drink as is, but you can have an Alchemy grandmaster mix
them with other potions (including catalysts to give them a power rating), or
just sell them in town to make money. There's no limit to how many Boost potions
you can get from this wondrous tree!

The second "Pine tree" is in the wasp-infested mountain-top area that's SE of
town. Find the local obelisk up there, then head directly SE to find the magic
tree. It works just like the "Flower" on Dagger Wound Island -- it gives a one-
time treasure of a level 1 ring.

There's a slightly different sort of secret in the back of the Ogre Raiding Fort
that Max Lechte told me about. Use the Fly spell to fly around to the back wall
of the fort building itself (not the brick wall surrounding it) and click on its
approximate center to access a trapped treasure chest with a random artifact
item in it. Remember that the artifact is chosen when you first enter the Alvar
region (and when you first enter it after it regenerates). If you don't have the
Fly spell, you could go around to the back of the fort and use the Jump spell to
jump over the surrounding brick wall. Then, when you want back out, walk around
to the side of the fort to get teleported to its front door.

Another different kind of secret was discovered by Steanne McCall. Find the
little Elemental Guild tower at the SW end of town and walk right up to its
door. Turn around so you're facing east, then move toward the three small rocks
you can see ahead. The nearest one can be clicked on to reveal hidden treasure
(but no artifacts, unfortunately). Note that the treasure rock is trapped.

*** Garrote Gorge
^^^ Repair skill required: none

There's a trapped treasure chest disguised as a small "Flowers" object just NE
of the Arin Residence in town. Unfortunately, this treasure chest only contains
cheap items -- no artifacts. (Someone wrote in with this one, but I lost the
name. Sorry!)

*** Ironsand Desert
^^^ Repair skill required: 3 for the first one, none for the second one

The only known special plant in this region is the "Cactus" that's SE of the
troll village. In particular, it's a short ways SE of Sethrc Thistlebone's home.
It's one of the stubby cacti with four pieces sticking out -- not one of the
taller, straighter ones. When you click on it, it'll give you one cheap reagent
or empty potion bottle, like the "Palm tree" on Dagger Wound Island.

Max Lechte wrote in about a certain secret "Rock" in the Ironsand Desert that
acts like a trapped treasure chest with a random artifact in it. As always with
that sort of thing, the artifact is randomly generated when you first enter the
region, and again when the region itself regenerates. To find this rock, first
find the cyclops camp with two treasure chests. It's up on a hill that's very
close to the southern-most shore of the lava lake (the horizontal shore part
before it starts curving up north again). The "Rock" is on the side of the hill,
a very short distance directly north of the two treasure chests.

*** Murmurwoods
^^^ Repair skill required: none

The "Tree" in this area is a ways north of the village, and is pointed to by a
bunch of small stones set in the ground. If you've fully explored the area, you
can see the large arrow that the stones form by looking at the area map. When
you click on the "Tree" that the arrow points to, it'll check the currently
selected character's inventory for any of the ten kinds of gem in the game. If
it finds one, it'll trade a specific item for the gem that depends on the gem's
type -- see table below. (NOTE: Someone wrote in with this one a long time ago,
but I forgot who and can't find the e-mail. Sorry, but thank you very much,
whoever you are!)

Gem        Trade Item       Comments
Zircon     Citrine          Citrines are worth 500 gold more than Zircons
Iolite     Walking Boots    The boots are worth much less than the Iolite
Citrine    Amethyst         Another good +500 gold value trade
Amber      Swift Potion     The potion is worth 250 gold less than the Amber
Amethyst   Emerald          The third and last in the +500 gold value line
Topaz      random item      The items vary widely in type and value
Emerald    Apple            The most useless and costly trade  **NEVER DO**
Sapphire   2,000 gold       Sapphires are worth exactly 2,000 gold, anyway
Ruby       Rejuvenation     The potion is worth 250 gold less than the Ruby
Diamond    Horseshoe        Diamonds are worth 3,000 gold, but the skill points
                            you can get from the horseshoes can be more useful

*** Regna
^^^ Required Repair skill: none

William Chen wrote in to tell me about a "Tree" that's right between "Gifts of
Regna" and "Burnkindle's Spoils" in the Regnan town area. It just gives one
Telekinesis magic scroll the first time you click on it, and that's it.

*** Ravage Roaming
^^^ Required Repair skill: none

Tudor Conman wrote in to tell about a "Rock" in the Ravage Roaming area that is
a disguised treasure chest. Sure, a rock isn't exactly a plant, but it works
just the same way as the secret plants, so I figured I ought to include it. To
find the "Rock," start at the Church of Eep and move over the water a bit east
and north. The "Rock" is fairly easy to see on the large south-pointing
promontory of land that's NE of the church. It works a lot like Garrote Gorge's
"Flowers" item, except that the treasure here is a bit better (though still no

Alex Urazov told me about a special open crate (as opposed to sealed crate)
inside the outer walls of the Barbarian Fortress that always contains an
artifact item. (As usual, which item you get is randomly chosen when you first
enter the region.) Alex said that in different versions of MM8, the open crate
jumps from one pile to another, but when I played it's always among the eastern
stack of sealed crates within the low fence inside the fortress' outer walls.
You may have to be flying to get up to where you can reach it.

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